1. emrah oguz says

    Oh ye perfec+

  2. Angelica Ammy says


  3. Melissa Bryan says

    There's still the possibility they would have been too heavy and made the wood sink…. What bothered me more was that with that entire ship sinking, that was the only piece of wood?

  4. Tega Otojare says


  5. Don Goldsmith says

    You KNOW that EVERYONE did…but that would have killed the storyline!

  6. Kenny Laidlaw says

    The problem was Jack couldn't get on without spinning it and both ending up back in the drink. Not that they couldn't both fit on to it.

  7. Amanda Blain says

    + Melissa Bryan yup… NOTHING ELSE NEAR BY FLOATING AT ALL … silly Titanic storyline… ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Jimi Forge says

    I never even thought about this!

  9. Karin Nelson says

    I still consider myself lucky that I never saw the movie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thalita dias de sales says


  11. Alireza Mohseni says

    I think the problem was rose's selfishness ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Moronkeji Oluwatoyin says

    I hope to watch it

  13. Thalita dias de sales says

    Hello I am Brazilian and I found this super fun photo

  14. Caleb Lawrence says

    Wow… that is a fail. He could have fit on but the problem was is that it starting sinking. It was not a question of room but weight…

  15. Jonathon Barton says

    Yes, but…Leonardo…
    I didn't care.

  16. Jimi Forge says

    + Amanda Blain here's another one http://roflrazzi.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/9fd92f24-d689-42b0-8e83-ad9d50aa06dd.jpg

  17. Alireza Mohseni says

    But let's be honest, which one of us was thinking about this during seeing the movie first time?

  18. Alireza Mohseni says

    + Jimi Forge good one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Amanda Blain says

    Please see + Melissa Bryan 3rd comment in + Caleb Lawrence …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Rajiv Khabale says

    in India & was gr8 to see it

  21. Elizabeth Ward says

    hhahaha too bad the movies wicked depressing and this post is hilarious

  22. Don Goldsmith says

    What was the point of the 3D version??? Jack STILL dies!
    ( sorry for the spoiler!)

  23. Ron Whitmire says

    I wonder if that's what would happen if there was ever a real-life Titanic? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Jimi Forge says

    + Ron Whitmire *FacePalm!

  25. N.J. Derosier says

    Yea it was depressing, but the love was completely REAL.

  26. Liz Stevens says

    Wish I could plus ten this! lol Yah, soooooo sad that Rose's huge dress took precedence over Leo's life. <sigh> Killer fashion for sure. Oh and not to mention she had that huge chunk of "ice" (aka "Heart of the Ocean" diamond) in her pocket!!! No wonder the board started sinking…greedy bee-yatch! ;'P

  27. Demeatrus Robinson says

    Come on people! It is a movie for crying out loud. lets factor in the age of the person telling the story. Don't you think for one minute he would have saved his self if there was enough room on the ark.

  28. Christopher Lira says

    Hai + Amanda Blain I hav wood built for 2. marry me yes?

  29. Elisa Tammela says

    + Christopher Lira not enough hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  30. N.J. Derosier says

    Naw, naw if he would of tried to get on both would of died. When she was giving him enough space to get on, she would fallen into the water, and knocked him out with wood he was trying to use to get up on. So he did the noble sacrifice. Let her live, by him dying. That's what the whole movie is about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Marvin Ostrega says

    they were not evenly balanced.



  33. Liz Stevens says

    No, she killed him to keep him from squealing about her stealing that diamond! Actually, that's why she sunk the ship…didn't you know?

  34. Taylor Hickey says

    well they didnt have cards with them.. plus he just wanted her to be okay

  35. Demeatrus Robinson says

    I like your creativity are you planing on making a movie or perhaps write a book about this myth

  36. Genaro M Bustinza C says

    posturas de camasutra para puritanos

  37. N.J. Derosier says

    Who me lol?

  38. Max Lanz says

    Buoyancy is an issue too. The added weight could have sunk the door.

  39. Megan luedloff says

    That's what I always think!!!!!!!

  40. Robert Evans says

    The size of the door has little to do with weight, buoyancy, and the water itself. He could have gotten up there, but then they would have been in the water if the door stayed afloat at all.

  41. Patrick Ryan says

    its ok he end up in the ocean in the titanic just to be washed ashore in the movie inception

  42. Tung Nguyen says

    what's this?

  43. Matt Sirrine says

    I would think that the weight of both of them would make whatever it was she was floating on, sink. Thats what I thought at least.

  44. Jesse Soria says

    she was self fish and he was to much of a push over that he ended up drowning

  45. Ciara Horan says

    No, they might've been able to fit but then it could sink or it'd be so heavy water could still go on the board and they'd both freeze.

  46. Alex F. Lazo Vรกsquez says

    she was selfish indeed. and fat actually. Thats why she could withstand the cold more than Leo. Like whales.

  47. moshe dimawala-adormeo says

    Try doing in the open ocean. ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. Jesse Soria says

    nawwwww they were able to fit

  49. Madison Babcock says


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  51. Nanda Linn Aung says

    my 15 yrs old mysery solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Scott McDougall says

    You sure that the plank would not have sunk?

  53. Andrea Berry says

    OMG…I laughed SO HARD!!! Too funny!

  54. NOVA Ponamareff says


  55. LiDeeUh Gilmore says

    Actually it wasn't a question of whether or not they could fit it was the question of being able to both get on there without sinking it and whatnot.

  56. Joseph Weglarz says

    if you recall, he tried to climb on,
    but it would not support both of them, FTL!
    a solid floor and a piece of floor resting on top of water
    do not react the same way in reality

  57. Scott McDougall says

    It was in a movie, what can you expect!

  58. Scott McDougall says

    Also, where would they find a deck of cards on a chunk of wood in the middle of the ocean?

  59. Jesse Soria says

    based on a true story

  60. Hanna Benson says

    He couldve just gone and found another support thing and swim it over to rose- despite the ice cold water.

  61. Chris Anthony says

    I am still amazed by how many people think this was just a movie. +1 hilarious

  62. Bob Cloninger says

    Survival time in water that cold (28 degrees Farenheit, -2.2 degrees Celsius) shuts down your brain in minutes, knocks you out and then kills in 15-45 minutes. An untrained person dropped in water that cold has almost no chance of survival. The silly part of that scene was his being able to talk.

  63. Hannah Boback says


  64. Jenna Miele says

    Selfish bitch.

  65. N.J. Derosier says

    Man, this is scary, on how pesimistic we all are. Most of us wanted both of them to die, lol. P.S.the post with the girl, being like a whale, was LMAO!

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  70. robin srivastava says

    A Drowning love story….. Not Again

  71. Aaron Brown says

    So it was roughly about 2:30 AM when the titanic sunk. I think if they were both on the board and it sunk to the point where the legs were covered. The combined body heat of the two could have kept them both alive until first light, if they both stayed awake. It was only an hour and a half later the Carpathia arrived. That was a very very very long time in that cold but the chance of survival would have been greater for the both of them.

  72. Jason Taylor says

    the truth hurts

  73. Jason Taylor says

    i guss

  74. Ava Riley says

    Yes, yes I did LOL

  75. Steven Bohnel says

    The best part is when they're playing cards

  76. zach dale says

    yes very much haha

  77. Bryan Kolozvary says

    It's not if they could fit, it's if they would sink with Jack's full weight or not. (turns out yes)

  78. Susan Urlacher says

    hahaha totally ๐Ÿ˜›

  79. Bobby Huiskamp says


  80. Jessica Babulal says

    this is sooooo Hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Aylana Soto says

    they should have done that

  82. courtne humble says

    i know right there was so many was lls

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  84. Karunanidhi Yadav says

    it's very cool

  85. Zaria Marshall says

    thats so ture lol

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  87. kisha diejuste says

    wats up peeps!

  88. Bozo Cozmos says


  89. Myles Josato says

    the director wasnt so smart

  90. Demetrice Smith says

    I totally agree!!! I've been saying that ever since i was a kid. I bet Jack was thinking the same thing..

  91. Amy Kulaga says

    omggg so cute

  92. Evan W. says

    + CaptainSparklez Exactly what I'm talking about

  93. Jasmine Willey says

    They look exactly the same as the people in the titannic and that is a sad show…

  94. Rachael Ringer says

    titanic is a movie.. not a show lmao

  95. James Galloway says

    So funny

  96. Lorena Terry says

    what's the point of this picture??

  97. joaquin fernando caztro maziaz says


  98. Taylor Carlson says


  99. Liliana Delgado says

    Now I feel bad for the boy who drowned…He coulve lived.

  100. Shehan Dewundege says

    Has Mythbusters got onto this yet?

  101. Mbali Smith says

    omg this read my mind!!

  102. Sonia John says


  103. Julie Rodriguez says

    Hilarious! ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Sabreen Mostafa says

    lol but you have to understand their situation they were freezing , the boy wanted the girl to live, and plus the ramp would be able to support both of them.

  105. Frantz Elan says

    x>105 people don't know about buoyancy.

  106. Serena Costodio-Fenion says


  107. Gabby Gonzalez says

    Hahah that's funny

  108. Graciano Valmores says

    The problem is weight and balance not surface area! Lol

  109. nancy montana says

    super funny:D……..HAHAHAHAHAHA

  110. John Stewart says

    You mean her weight he he he. Just teasing she's pretty great

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  113. haykal ole says


  114. Helen Amvrosiatos says


  115. Sachini Mpa says


  116. Sachini Mpa says


  117. Aleksandra Petrovska says

    I'm pretty sure that they tried something like that.

  118. Broden Grover says


  119. Katie Puls says

    so true!!!!!!! but then it wouldnt have been sad. i like sad movies……

  120. Gavion Chandler says

    You know… I liked the first time it came out. Good movie… but why! WHY DOES EVERY MOVIE HAVE TO BE REMASTERED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND THEN PUT INTO 3-D? WHY?!!!!…. oh yeah… 'Where's the money?'

  121. Brandon Timmons says

    There's one fatal flaw, buoyancy.

  122. Brett Bethke says

    Jack tried getting on, but the door tipped over. Fail on whoever makes this joke.

  123. amer ahmed says


  124. Erueti Foster says


  125. Richie Chyi says


  126. Michelle Evans says

    Love this!

  127. Muntoo Meddler says

    + Brandon Timmons From what I saw, the door probably has sufficient 'buoyancy' to hold up multiple Roses.

    Maybe the problem was stability? (But not really.)

  128. Pramod Surve says

    nice poses…

  129. Sandra Gutierrez says

    Too late ๐Ÿ˜›

  130. Sarah Young says


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  132. kristine p says


  133. Nanise Nacaginivalu says

    wat r they tryin to show us???

  134. Paul Williams says

    I dont get it.

  135. Igor Telyatnikov says


  136. Leeanne Johnson says

    LOL Guess problem solving is not the best performed in freezing water….

  137. Ryan Andrews says

    Prob better off, odds r jack was only interested in a quick lay. Would've ditched her later….

  138. Tanay Reddy says


  139. Arsh Darksbane says

    Truth: He wanted to die.

  140. Paul Williams says

    now I get it, kinda lame. I mean, if Jack could fit on the piano top, why didn't he? No, he has to be gentlemanly and freeze to death. dumb.

  141. Alex Tapia says

    Hahaha that's just hilarious!! I do believe both of them could have been on top of that thing ๐Ÿ˜€

  142. Lennox Fenderson says

    My point exactly!!! You know how many years I've been saying this. I'm glad someone went and did the field research. kudos to you two

  143. Nathan Tableman says

    I can live my whole life and never hear about 4 things again: Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Mt. Everest and Titanic. I wish I could put a whole life filter on those terms…

  144. Alik Griffin says

    He wasn't thinking clearly. He was in 34 degree water lol.

  145. Clarice Patel says

    not the space.. its the weight; they could have sank it together . . movies are metaphorical.. just enjoy the every way you could.

  146. zennia chininta says


  147. Chance Anderson says

    after watching it in 3d i would say stability would be an issue but if they both were side by side with wise with their legs in the water they could have used their legs to propel them to the boats and saved both their live but then undermined the climax of the plot, or maybe i'm just over thinking this.

  148. Bennett Bennett says

    Haha I know right?!? There is the entire ship sinking and theres only one piece of flippin wood that's the size of a couch, which, according to them, only ONE person could fit on! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  149. Edwin Tan says

    Errrrrr…..do you know how cold the water was? Hypothermia would have sent in minutes.

  150. James Fitzgearld says

    OBJECTION! Notice how it is just a plank of wood. If he were to sit on it with her, it would pretty much sink.

  151. Carlos Andres Lincango says


  152. Austin Rohrer says

    Damn it rose you promised not to let go and you do just so you don't get wet you spoiled woman

  153. Samantha North says

    of course the makers didnt think about that, they couldnt make a 2-3 hr movie just about a giant boat sinking, they had to make ppl cry

  154. shobair abidi says

    ^I concur. however the cold salt water might be able to result in enough buoyancy to support both of them. But under normal circumstances, they would've both sunk.

  155. Tin Man Lee says

    I never understood that part either haha.

  156. Robert Colon says

    Let the bitch drown you just met her

  157. Lydia Bohlen says

    it would have took the dramatic-ness out of the movie… people weren't as smart as they are now back then

  158. Chris Marrero says

    "no, jack.. it's much smaller then it looks from in the water… you just.. stay there. "
    I love the one of them playing cards on it. LOL.

  159. Nashta Natalia says

    the re-actment is such a fallacy, i bet they wouldn't be so carefree under the same circumstaces of the original situation…reinacting the situation

  160. Derik Bernhardt says

    is anyone really sad that he died?

  161. Eve Robinson says

    + James Fitzgearld was it just wood cus I thought it was one of the lifeboats…

  162. McCoy Tibbitts says

    Derik not really cause they didnt really die

  163. Adisak Pengnum says


  164. Lydia Bohlen says

    lmmfao not that they playin cards!

  165. Eric Lee says

    Bouyancy… that's all i gotta say…

  166. Courtney House says

    Haha wow

  167. Ignatius Sands says

    All I can say: What a bunch of overachievers.

  168. Mai Vu says

    that is too funny

  169. Jordan Bowser says

    Haha! I did think of that actually.

  170. David Lish says


  171. Nivruti Tayde says


  172. Jason Lariz says

    I guess my understanding that weight and not space was the issue kept my mind from going there.

  173. Lav Saradva says

    it may be….

  174. madhusudan sharma says

    right jason…space was not the issue

  175. Michele Hamilton says

    he wouldnt have been able to be on it…it was the weight thing!!!!

  176. Jamie Yeung says

    oohhh god tht looks wierd

  177. Kinsly Joseph says

    LOL! I think the issue was getting up there in the first place…

  178. Ariel Suero says

    jejeje love makes them stupid!

  179. chelsea block says

    i dont get it…..

  180. Sashe Petrovski says

    + chelsea block its about the guy could of lived if she made some room on the floating door…

  181. James Lynn says

    Also shared body heat :-/

  182. Peter Dyce says

    could 'have' lived.

  183. Zi gu says


  184. Renneth Tom says

    it will capsized..

  185. butholezwe maphosa says

    Have u ever gone rafting?the raft tilts even when its empty its a matter of getting on.

  186. Gulit upadhyay says

    Do you know what Rose n Jack say abt it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ :p https://plus.google.com/115446339400547718357/posts/88a8FDLfH9T?

  187. omprakash saran says


  188. Lee Carraher says

    and this tests buoyancy how?

  189. M. Awais Q says


  190. Amit Suri says


  191. Dimitrius Misirlakis says

    so Very true 0_0

  192. Rafa Ponissi says

    Ja ja , buenisimo

  193. Nicholas Thurel says

    Yeah but he didn't like her, knew she had the necklace in the pocket and his greed would take over and he'd steal the jewelry for money and disappear to Mexico to get away from the US gvt. He'd end up drinking tequila all day and our happy end would be … a bad end ๐Ÿ˜‰

  194. Michele bay says


  195. butholezwe maphosa says

    Have u ever gone rafting?the raft flips even when its empty, it was a matter of getting on.

  196. Erica Moody says

    Lol this is funny … although it does come to mind that the piece of wood would've kept flipping over … and plus the movie was even create because Jack died for Rose ๐Ÿ˜‰

  197. Christopher Caro says

    I never would have figured that out…no way thats some sort of higher math or something. Actually I would have said, hey bitch get off the wood you had the chance to take a lifeboat but you f* didnt so my turn to live.

  198. Brad Hman says

    My gf at the time was so pissed when I stood up laughing and cheering when he sunk to the bottom…….and when the guy dinged off the propeller

  199. Yvonne Ruiz says

    Too funny

  200. Javier Herrera says

    that's hilarious!!!! i actually thought about it when i first saw this movie in the 90's…she could've saved the poor guy

  201. Erica Moody says

    + Aaron Brown makes me think :/ … so very true.

  202. Stacy S says

    Fit != Float and Fit does not imply stable, but its a movie, someone had to kill him off, if not the water, it would have been the trained monkey with a gun.

  203. Daniel Thankgod says

    lol soooo true why didn't he get on with her sometimes i just hate love



  205. janet cisneros says

    Lmao so true! But I definitely agree with + Melissa Bryan now… Lol now im even more mad than before after all these yrs…haha Thanks.Lol

  206. bendang amen says

    hi may i jump in?

  207. ??? says

  208. Rozashi Shiela says

    ha3..it's just a story anyway..

  209. Amees k s says

    and how that helps for a dramatic end?

  210. jillian ely says

    Definitely thought of it

  211. Tarique Razzaque Ahmed says


  212. Kevin Sutherin says

    =) Add me~

  213. babul ahmed says

    good morning

  214. Alessandro Marandola says


  215. Oran Alexander says

    That end wasn't Dramatic. It was stupid. But then again.. words loose their meaning and take on new ones.. so.. yes your right that's smart and being stupid is being Dramatic now these days. Oops..

  216. Ram Prudhvi Nandam says

    wow keka

  217. Maximillian Padgett says

    literally some dude made a joke about this on his YouTube video i watched 30 min ago

  218. Wajdi Sahawneh says

    ya it may fit. But can it hold out the surface as well…?

  219. Matt Andrus says


  220. syed mudasir says

    good one

  221. Syd Pfarr says

    Love it haha

  222. rasiq hameed says


  223. MAHI JANGID says

    better than movie

  224. sam ali says


  225. Jayy Nagar says

    its all about weight…

  226. Muhammad Ali says


  227. Rykiel Morales says

    He committed suicide?!?!?!

  228. Saadiya Suleman says

    Commonsense wud tellya that it aint abt the space but abt the weight!

  229. Classefied Concrete says

    They could fit but they would of sink…. dont try to be a smart ass…

  230. Muhammad Ehsan says

    tahts nice

  231. Usman Shabbir says

    wah je

  232. Afaq ahmed says

    realy nice work out

  233. Dipak Salve says


  234. Mannix Romero says

    He would've fit but it would've sunk a bit more freezing them both. Then again, their combined body heat should've kept them alive. Tough call but you make a valid point.

  235. Dane Wisdom says

    lol.. ok this needs to stop DWL… the buoyancy and balance proved too difficult an obstacle. they would have ended up in the water at some point and struggling would tired em faster n they both could have died. Thats the story n im sticking to it

  236. Mehul Shrimali says

    hahaha very funny….!!!

  237. jacob schneble says

    1 word " buoyancy " . although they could have both fit on said door. the door would not have been able to float with their collective weight .

  238. nancy montana says

    Hahahahaha……i cant stop laughing:D….VERY FUNNY

  239. boo Jay says

    That bottom left one is impossible.

    Where would they get the cards?!?

  240. Mannix Romero says

    I'm trying to figure out why they didn't swim towards other survivors and huddle with them. Just sayin'.

  241. cyrus corbeta says


  242. IDA KH says

    I Thought about it! I said it!

  243. morgan thomas says

    wat this is crazy

  244. Bonns Joseph says

    Maybe Rose wanted the space for herself

  245. Sushil Chavan says


  246. carlos iraheta says

    Actually that wooden door couldn't support both their weight…. that's the reason he only let her on it…

  247. nghi dao van says


  248. Amanda Blain says


  249. sai deepak says

    its about the weight not space you dumbo

  250. Suberu Jatto siyaka says

    Jack has space to enter the wood but has no strenght to lift himself up and rose too cannot carry him He den told rose to take care of the baby since rose was preginant for jack, He sercrefy His life for the unborn bady, do to the love rose has for jack she refuse to enter the first the cano and she jump from it. Is a through story it happen in 1912 and I believe in that love.

  251. khushal mistry says

    its to late dear

  252. Selvin Smith says


  253. KARAN KHANNA says

    having fun

  254. Asparuh Panovski says


  255. Kamran Syed Tahmeed Subhani says


  256. Kajrri Nafde says

    but it wouldnt have taken their weight right?

  257. karen elena says


  258. vini lucardie says

    haha..its fun

  259. Dev Sharma says

    Ya Karna Se Ho ga

  260. Kunal Balwani says


  261. Aaron Mokhtar says

    My brother told me someone actually mathematically proved that the plank would not have been able to hold both their weights. I don't care cause I still think this is funny.

  262. Alice Chan says

    different between on "Water" & "Flat Floor"

  263. Carrine Sibanda says

    I thought they could take turns being out of the water.

  264. Erna Joensen says

    Somebody did the real math and came to a different conclution http://9gag.com/gag/3902990 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  265. Swarupsinh Jagadale says

    trying to save life….

  266. emmanel naeto c says

    hahahaha yeahh they could have be together

  267. sami hasan says

    nice couple yar.

  268. Bibin Thomas says


  269. shauna coffer says

    Hi myname is shauna coffer be my friend please but the picture is cool

  270. Jasper Tan says

    playing cards…

  271. Tayfun Bacakci says

    Haha cool

  272. Alex Amigo says

    Cutie! HAHAHAHA!

  273. anthony diaz says

    Analyzing a 15 year old movie.. Seems to be the only thing we remember besides "…I can see the statue of liberty already!!…"


  274. anish sadanand says

    true bt on water…… may not

  275. YuFeng Yang says

    Dumby Rose OTL

  276. Nanda Linn Aung says

    jack died of hypothermia becasue he had sex in the cold in someone else's car, so his body temperature went down fast.. and his ammune difficiency was low.. besides, who would like to stay together with the woman who murmurs near your face all the time. So, i think he decided to die.. LOL

  277. Patrick Meyer says

    Wow, Jack knows how to pick 'em!

  278. Warren newman says

    got to also think of the weight spread out on that flimsy thing

  279. raymond kipchumba koech says

    I hvnt wached it yet. but from rumours i had it great

  280. Menel Guria says


  281. Bapu samajotthan sansthan says


  282. Suriya Diya says

    nice try

  283. Natalie Jackson says

    hahahaha .. Jack Dawson wasnt thinking much, was he? lol

  284. Michael Comia says

    Actually as I remember from the movie Jack tries to get on the wood plank with Kate and in doing so almost tips it over with her on it. At that point Jack quickly abandons the idea of getting on. Go watch that scene again and tell me if I'm wrong.

  285. Myoe Zaw Phyoe says

    That's a great thinking? ๐Ÿ™‚ Whatever, i love the scene, Jack telling Rose his last words with his shaking voice and expression of Rose. So romentic….

  286. Darius Ratliff says

    He would have tipped the wood over.

  287. Alfred Brandon says

    Saw an awesome meme where Jack tells her if only she had stayed on the life raft he could have used the door… Women.

  288. George Pttinson says

    bang tidy

  289. sudip bajracharya says

    Its funny. But did anybody thought that
    the fault could be of direction team, maybe the wood was not big enough for 2 in real life story.
    And it was funny about mentioning to get another wood from that broken ship, well if that happens in real life, you will try to find your gf or loved one first with all energy left in your body and you will not be able to really swim in cold ocean for another wood after that.

    So thumbs up if you think some stories should be kept only in books.

  290. mistry naresh says


  291. JIJU Vaniyangat says


  292. pawan jayaswal says

    oho!!!!!!!!!! wat a possibility…….

  293. Emrah Bilgin says

    he would have turned the plank over trying to get on it..

  294. KC Manivannan says

    nice pic……….

  295. Katwere James says

    Thought the idea was that he had 2 stay in water for the wood not to flip

  296. Nur 'Athira Faisal Sabri says

    Katwere James is right!

  297. David Jazbec says

    Would fit but not float.

  298. kayes rasel says


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  303. Bongeka Dube says

    Realy funny

  304. JJ Adams says

    ive never seen the movie???????????

  305. ????? ??????? ? ???? says

    I'm not having an argument but according to physics, if Jack will join Rose on the floating wood, they would already sink underwater because of their weight and the density of the water. (I forgot my source)

  306. Jennifer Meredith says

    Yes that part of the movie always bothered me!

  307. Randy Auguste says

    Nice they could have so do one of these

  308. Anurag Wagh says

    If you really think they could have fit then you should have tried this in cold water in ocean and not on the solid floor

  309. Roberto Aguirre Maturana says

    Next time make a video doing the same thing, only on a table floating on near freezing water for a couple hours…

  310. hina aslam says

    i think may be the piece of wood was not enough strong to hold them both together …………………..this scene make me cry…hope it was strong enough.

  311. Pranav Chavan says

    Yes,they cud have fit easily..but cud d plank possibly stay afloat ????

  312. Afroj Ahmed says

    titanic came for the 2nd time i told my if this time they dont see the iceberg then they deserve it…lol

  313. Demoun Boykin says

    They knew about the iceberg but they kept going ahead with there plans…

  314. Thulani Mkonto says

    lol..yea. lover boy was to sweet..to die

  315. Lauren Ricciardella says

    James Cameron should have just made the board she is on smaller, then people wouldn't have thought Jack could have gotten on too.

  316. Hareesh Ballal says


  317. sadeesha kawyanjalee says

    kk hm

  318. Rosendo Arizpe says

    They could fit, but it wouldn't float.

  319. Marie Binder says

    I never even thought about this!?

  320. Maria John says

    -Lol! I agree ๐Ÿ˜€

  321. Andrew Davis says

    stupid titanic old people

  322. Laura Griffin says

    sure they could fit but it would've sank from the weight of them both especially b/c of her very heavy water saturated dress!

  323. Chuck Wai says

    rose is too fat

  324. Chris toe pher Trenholm says

    Fat people float ..should have used her

  325. Manju Manohar says

    if Jack tried to get on, neither jack nor rose wud hav come alive..

  326. Violeta Ramirez says

    Why are you so mean about Rose and her weight? The movie is accurate, in that time women were beautiful and real!! Not skeletons without flesh!

  327. TERI BLAY says

    Lol,yea, I thought that at the time

  328. Andrew D says

    They had to let Leonardo die somehow. So they used this way.
    He could have gotten trapped in the bathroom. Lol

  329. thersea segon says

    Starting this fall. Street crime chalk outline school.

  330. Mitchael Boyd says

    I am thouroughly amazed that this glitch in the on-screen production of this story has created enough interest that @ least 3 people have taped off a section of area and taken multiple photo's to demonstrate their theory regarding the glitch. I'm even more amazed that so many people have posted their thoughts about it. What I find absolutely ridiculous is that I wasted at least 5 minutes reading these post and sharing in my amazement……..LOL!!!!

  331. kakashi hatake says

    hahahahahahahaha lol dat is so funny imagine rose and jack playing card whilst everyone else is drwoning

  332. Georgia Clark says

    8===D ~~~~~

  333. Matt Burns says

    Even if the door or plank or whatever wasn't buoyant enough to support them both, why couldn't they have taken turns? It's not like Rose was really staying dry on the raft. They should have taken off their clothes (which would only have weighed them down in the water, and kept them cold and wet on the raft), and taken turns in the water while looking for another bit of wreckage. Problem solved.

  334. Gregory Holmes says


  335. Lolli Stewart says

    sooooooo true

  336. Simmy-j Harrison says

    much attitude and serious performance,interesting!

  337. manish verma says

    i wanna join it………

  338. Aaron Klomp says

    Epic fail…Weight was the issue. Rose was lucky that piece of wreckage held up her fat ass anyway.

  339. Pablo Herrera says

    I don't believe the weight was the issue… He clearly sank after being dragged out of that part of the ship, so it was supporting his weight I think

  340. amber sutton says

    lolz epic fail ๐Ÿ˜›

  341. Paul Wooding says

    It was just a metaphor for DiCaprio's career. He sank right down to the bottom and has only recently floated up and resurfaced.

    If only Rose had hung on to him

  342. Crissy Cay says

    [email protected] the l8St on DiCaprio.

  343. Bill Huff says

    It's kinda funny how if you look at DiCaprio's two most famous movies, Titanic and Inception – At the end of Titanic, he drifts off into the Ocean, and in the beginning of Inception, he washes up onto a beach.
    Blew my mind.

  344. Crissy Cay says

    @ Bill Huff,lyk what's been said it was lyk a metaphor,his sinking and resurfacing.

  345. Crissy Cay says

    @ Bill Huff,lyk what's been said it was lyk a metaphor,his sinking and resurfacing.

  346. Amean Abdelfattah says

    Good job

  347. Hussam Jan says

    Weight issues ?

  348. Raymond Anguiano says

    i like jake he was fine in the movie

  349. Jessica Bramhill says

    titanic was not a fake!!!! its sunk on my dads bday date"!!!!!

  350. Edwin Muir says

    yes, they could have fit on the board, but then the board (or what ever it was) would have had to carry a heavier load, they would have both got wet and died from hypothermia. Logic and the science of gravity and buoyancy aside, one person living and one person dying makes a better love story.

  351. Beto Vega says

    It's about buoyancy, the thing wouldn't stay afloat woth both on, it's not a matter of room…

  352. chris soto says

    i agery with Edwin Muir

  353. Mike Queripel says

    She could have at least given him the lifejacket.

  354. pedlo pazuzu says

    they would fit but the door would sink

  355. Tyler mellor says


  356. Kacey Tuttle says

    didn't see it the first time not going to see it in 3D. but hey i recomend We bought a zoo

  357. Oluchi Ovike says

    I think they will fit

  358. Travis Elmer says

    Haha a perfect fit

  359. kisha diejuste says


  360. Matthew Mac Isaac says

    The only part of Titanic that was good was DiCapreo sinking like a rock. Too bad it was only a movie.

  361. Frank Goad says

    Love it. Sharing.

  362. kiyanosh partovi says

    very nice

  363. Tawanda Bratcher says

    Very cute but I got stuck…..

  364. ryan malia says

    That would be so annoying 2 have 2 just sit there

  365. Jolly King says

    haha… Atleast I had to admit it…

  366. anwar brhane says

    it is nice

  367. yahya hossini says


  368. monaya ASP says


  369. Muhamed Adel says

    women the half of men

  370. Hiep Hoang says

    hello.i think they will fit

  371. Gabes Shigwedha says

    they can make it

  372. Amit Saxena says

    In Indian movies , if scene was like that both actors must have done sex to transfer the body heat to each other…You can check some Bolloywood movies where male partner gives the body heat to strange girl.. and than his actual wife drunk his blood in whole movie..

  373. Mario Wilson says

    I do not understand anything.
    What is it, can you explain?
    My e-mail
    [email protected]

  374. Afroj Ahmed says

    bollywood love story sucks
    it's always has been about girl
    the boy leaves everything for the girl
    what about his mother who brought him up all this days
    it really sucks and that pic is a punch for the movie…lol

  375. lekhotla comence says

    i find it not fair that only the boy must die..it jst ruined the romance.why must he die not leka ey..

  376. Hiba Fatheen says


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