1. Uriah Awe says

    LOL….i got it! thats how u ask a woman out! 😀 LOL

  2. Jakob Dahl says

    Mmm….Bacon! ♡

  3. ifra ahmed says

    ↕ LOL

  4. ghamgeen muhammedzai says


  5. Joe Martinez says

    Perfect for breakfast time!! 😉

  6. ghamgeen muhammedzai says

    yeah dear why not

  7. Viktoriya Konovalenko says


  8. Jennie Guzman says

    Wait a second my lover bacons cheating on me with you….sunuva

  9. ghamgeen muhammedzai says

    ok dear

  10. Mark Corson says

    It's the best….yumm:-)

  11. ميدو الكبير says


  12. jalal FIJRY says


  13. ghamgeen muhammedzai says


  14. fahim Badr says

    this forboden in in islam

  15. Jonathan Moore says

    Bacon! #Sweet.

  16. Daniel Mikhaylov says

    dont tease me

  17. Hajji Abdelilah says


  18. john hancock says

    cool ya here for Breakfast then

  19. Lorin Olsen says

    On this final weekend before the election, I'm always glad to know that there are certain subjects that unify each and every American – except those pesky vegetarians…or those that shun pork.  Oh, OK.  THis subject unifies most Americans.

  20. Dona Lyn Gumapac says

    i love becon……

  21. Steve Fournier says

    Oddly I love cooking bacon and often will take a picture

  22. Joel Beck says

    + Amanda Blain this is pork kryptonite.

  23. jaemin lee says

    look so yummy

  24. Stephen Connor says

    Wow Amanda, words fail me.

  25. jeff jare says

    If only I were 6 months younger lol. + Amanda Blain  Any gurl who loves bacon would have my heart!!! It's true and it's love. Must be a Canadian thing. Have a great weekend!! <(^~)>

  26. Bron Barry says


  27. Roman Fischer says

    All American goes fat, ugly and stupid!

  28. Joel Beck says

    + Roman Fischer have you not looked at your profile picture? I ask, as the folks it it are exactly what you describe of Americans.

  29. Dwayne Hing says

    Must.. find… bacon……[email protected][email protected] crap!! need to go to the store!
    Amanda Bacon… I mean Blain… damn you…. damn you all!!!


  30. jay dawge says

    I want a bacon hoodie. Anybody out there w/ mad skillz on photoshop? make a bacon print hoodie so we can see how it looks. Go ahead, I dare ya, I double dare ya.

  31. ali kumayl says


  32. Roman Fischer says

    show me ur eys ; )

  33. jay dawge says

    How about a bacon cam, have a hidden cam on a busy street and just give bacon to random people passing by. Sounds cool to me random bacon drive by LOLapalouza

  34. Mike Madachik says

    Just ate bacon and this made me want more!

  35. Jason Dragoo says

    I so do love bacon! And so does Ron Swanson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc6PMCx36Qw&sns=em

  36. Alex Vazquez says

    I <3 Bacon

  37. Dony Setyawan says

    LOL… 😀

  38. Kate Marie says

    Is this the yr of the bacon? Or what. LOL

  39. Disma Putra says

    LOL 🙂

  40. Thomas Mims says

    Hehe. The bacon references were slacking as of late. Thanks for bringing it back! 🙂

  41. jandre silva says


  42. 于钺 says

    it's my favorite!!

  43. Disma Putra says

    Excited! 🙂

  44. Dustin Schmidt says

    Bacon is the cats meow!

  45. Disma Putra says

    🙂 Top 10 Picture In Google+ . 🙂

  46. jandre silva says


  47. Robert Maurer says

    i could use some of that rt now

  48. prasanna kumar says

    nice creation

  49. suvam shah says

    nice creation

  50. Belvy Ofori says


  51. reuben Birch says

    aah i cant wait to eat dat greasy pig….   mmmm Delicious

  52. Pramod Shreyas says


  53. Deauhvian Pope says

    – . MM , I LOVE baconn (:

  54. Megan Waddilove says

    i love pigs but i love bacon better

  55. jandre silva says

    estar precisando de nós, irmão ,liga ; CONSTRUTORA JANDRECONSTRUÇÕES LTDA; se pensa em construir, qualidade e rapides , nós temos para sua obra

  56. Ryan Ng says

    I don't even get it

  57. Sebastian Vasquez says

    Hey Amanda. Can you share some of that bacon?

  58. Addison Hebert says

    #bacon !!!!!!!

  59. Amanda Blain says

    I love people who comment about how american this post is.. when it clearly says I am Canadian … 🙂

  60. Nick Paterakis says

    Should legally be in everything.

  61. Alexa Kovács says

    szia amada blain

  62. jandre silva says

    porque vocé não entende, nem fala portugués….irrrrrr

  63. Eric Chilton says

    Behold the power of bacon

  64. jandre silva says

    hdhdfjdg  gfsxfgvbyu

  65. Niamh O'Hara says

    I hate bacon

  66. Printhaban Selvaraj says


  67. jandre silva says


  68. Mitchel Morel says

    still a better love story than twilight

  69. ifra ahmed says

    + Mitchel Morel naa it aint, twilight is awesome

  70. Catrina Murray says

    Right!! I love bacon!!

  71. Hoàng Ngọc Ngô says

    love bacon!

  72. Alan Rife says

    I always thought Canadian bacon was round ?

  73. Trần Văn Tuấn says

    minh thix cai nay hjhj

  74. Ally Owen says

    bacon bacon i need bacon i want bacon bacon bacon

  75. Komzia Xiong says

    GOsh  that pictures dang GOOD

  76. Komzia Xiong says

    You .. Look… HOT  O.O

  77. Elias Chari says

    I like this

  78. Rhyan Narciso says

    i love bacon….

  79. Ally Owen says

    me toooooo

  80. Arif Hazmos says

    you extremely beautiful lady

  81. jandre silva says


  82. Ally Owen says


  83. Matthew McCarthy says


  84. Ally Owen says


  85. shayla swee neey says


  86. Ally Owen says


  87. Dave Lohman says

    Canadian bacon rules 🙂

  88. Ally Owen says


  89. Soren Wagstrom says

    bacon 😀

  90. Matthew Clift says

    better love story than all the twilights

  91. Paula Giménez says

    hahahaha,mmm… BACON!!! 😉

  92. Maddy Perennity says


  93. Matthew Clift says

    nom nom nom…bacon!!!

  94. Rory B.N. says


  95. Ong Chi Hang says

    Still a better love story than Twilight.
    Bacon makes me think of Epic Meal Time.

  96. Joseph Murphy says

    better than twilight is right

  97. Cooper Dykes says

    awesome bacon

  98. Kaitlyn LaMore says

    Sadly, I cant eat bacon….:(

  99. Doris Lim says


  100. Lee Anderson says

    Mmm love it with brown s

  101. Ann Nettey says


  102. Lee Anderson says

    I would hate it if i couldnt eat bacon sorry to hear ya carnt eat it

  103. Nova Roberts says

    You are obviously not alone, Amanda. In the past few years I have seen bacon flavored popcorn, gum, candies, etc as well as bacon scented candles. As for Roman Fischer's post, I'm an American.

  104. Gwyn Bennett-Williams says

    mmmm, bacon ¦)
    i'm a purist – bacony bacon would do – ice cream etc is better in other flavours 😉

  105. Rebecca Schofield says

    Bacon, Kevin Bacon.

  106. Angela Andrushchenko says


  107. Abhishek Shah says

    I love Mutton 🙂  Bacon is also amazing at the time of breakfast

  108. Austin Deaver says

    You guys are funny.

  109. Sarah Durbin says


  110. mary guerrero says

    bacon yum yum ! <>)

  111. Leann Wright says

    lol me too

  112. Julia Goolia says

    BACON IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Michael Jordan says

    HI im Michael jordan The best basketball player the world has ever seen

  114. Akaydeh Livingston says

    st (so true)

  115. Haley Peterson says


  116. Billy Skovran says


  117. Donald Duncan says

    I'm naked no bacon here

  118. RoChelle collins says

    love bacon

  119. Casamaro White says

    i love bacon

  120. Tony Broniec says


  121. Sam Hoekstra says

    me love love bacon

  122. Alberto Chumillas Fernandez says

    I kown someone calls "Baicon" that sure give u some.

  123. Georgi Kaua says

    Love bacon!

  124. Grace MacSween says

    Hahahaha! This is sooo true xD

  125. jenny burnor says

    thats funny because my cousin wanted to bacon for halloween so thats pretty funny right there by the way hahahahaha

  126. Lauren Byker says


  127. jandre silva says


  128. Eric West says

    a blackman weakness

  129. Felipe Perez says

    Toma Bacon!!!!

  130. Asif Sheikh says

    Now a days we are facing shortage of Beef Bacon in Saudi and Bahrain……

  131. Bob Bergerson says


  132. Jenny Pham says

    Oh gosh…. I think I'm drooling…..! ^^

  133. renee konstantinos says

    lol skip the egg's just give me bacon !

  134. Ron Brackett says

    O yea

  135. Layba Zaman says

    yuck 😛

  136. Gerard Jones says

    That's Crazy, to Love Food, Why to Eat to Much?.

  137. Arthur Steele says

    i love bacon 🙂

  138. Glen Barney says


  139. Marc Belley says

    Yay #BACON! We're trending.

  140. William Furby says


  141. JASON BACON says

    Love a bit of bacon ♥♥♥

  142. Sydney Von Arx says

    bacon and I, not me and bacon

  143. Susanna Maybe says

    awesome BACONNNNNN

  144. Hondo Arredondo says


  145. Jessica Berge says

    🙂 I like tht

  146. Phillip Ryan says

    A Woman after my own heart

  147. Nagy Petra says


  148. briana crabtree says

    hi amanda its briana

  149. Lizzie Roxzz says

    BACON ME!!!

  150. Kian Hughes says

    and you lost me at $4.99

  151. วนิดา เอี่ยมสมบุญ says

    wow ''c''

  152. Jason Burak says


  153. luiz noronha da costa says

    I like bacon

  154. Abdullahal Mamun says

    nice pic

  155. Michael Jordan says

    Im Michael Jordan and i aprove Bacon

  156. manuel santiago says

    dats why u fell off when tryn 2 come back dat pork is no good, flavor is gggreat

  157. david olsen says

    anyone who doesn't love BACON is nuts!!!!!

  158. Jorge Antunes says

    Just had a BLT

  159. Rudi Brits says

    you can never have too much bacon


    Bacon is very dangerous to our health if a cook failed to boil it upto to the require degree celcius. There/4, since, prevention is better than cure, I don't eat bacon again ( since I've no time 2 cook it myself). Thanks

  161. Paige Robinson says


  162. Kaitlyn Buckley says

    OMG BACON!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Birgit Platschka says

    What I wouldn't give for Bacon right now…!

  164. Morgan Abbou says

    Yummy #bacon  🙂

  165. prashnat patel says


  166. kelifi moncef says


  167. Samson Mahoko says


  168. Megan Waddilove says

    errrrr……………ok that is totally normall NOT

  169. Megan Waddilove says

    errrrr……………ok that is totally normall NOT

  170. jelani boyd says

    It actually has another meaning to it, but I'm not telling.

  171. Abraham Hirales says

    Mmm do u liked mmm good

  172. Abraham Hirales says

    Mmm do u liked mmm good

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