1. Gordon Baldwin says

    in a heartbeat.

  2. andy gowrley says

    Yeah why not I bet the power and the beauty of the Fall would take your mind of any worries.

  3. Jimmi Fitch says

    It must be amazing to stand up there….I don't think I could to be honest haha

  4. Chaosof Order says

    Greaaaat !!!

  5. Aaron Coakley says

    Without a doubt I would be out there.

  6. Chris Worth says

    Yes but I would probably loose the contents of my bowels in the process!

  7. Samira Kamaei says

    It's a scary place.

  8. Paul Nguyen says

    Looks very nice, but it must still fell fear when stand that

  9. bruno careme says


  10. Tanveer Khan says


  11. Martin Glastetter Jr says

    whoa that looks pretty awesome, yeah I would check out the views

  12. rajendra pradhan says

    wow very nice pic…

  13. Naoaki Maeda says

    Of  corse I would.

  14. asim ali says

    its beautifull

  15. Sami Haahtinen says

    I think I would most definitely go there. The only question in my mind is who built that thing and how insane were they?

  16. anjela smith says

    Very dangerous but interesting place.

  17. behzad soleimani says

    very nice

  18. Artemis Entreri says

    Without even a second thought 😉
    then again self preservation was never one of my "strong" traits.

  19. Simon Wilks says

    Imagine what it would have been like to help build it.

  20. dknaidu dileepkumar says


  21. James Ehni says

    + Amanda Blain considering I wanted to learn how to wing suit I'd walk out and lean over the rail.

  22. Dimas Aji says

    amazing place.
    it look good place to visit

  23. Heike Hus says


  24. Summer Hakim says

    aWESOME .i LIKE  IT.

  25. Martin Watson says

    I would most definitely not walk out there! I got severe height-a-phobia.

    I must say that this is really beautiful though.

  26. Kevin Smith says

    thanks to share, really amazing 

  27. dinidu liyanage says

    eye caching but legs might trembling

  28. Thomas Power says

    yes but slowly

  29. Aaron Coakley says

    I would be out there.  I can't say it would be a casual walk in the park.

  30. Mari Sio says

    so dangerous

  31. Shayna Cady says

    what a nice photo..

  32. Christopher Koslowski says

    awesome 🙂

  33. Patrick Wong says


  34. Ben Rodick says

    Going with the flow???

  35. Candace Tackett says

    Absolutely, wearing depends and a life jacket. 🙂

  36. JEFFREY JAMES says

    That will be a great experiance to watch the falls from that spot. You ever been there? + Amanda Blain 

  37. Gopal Kidambi says

    That's one amazing spot!

  38. Yasir Almootori says

    this vere beautiful…l'm from iraq no good english

  39. Sanju Kr says

    amazing….wonderful awesome….and hindi gazabwa,,,tajubua,,,,,fat gayli…

  40. John Mlotha says

    After praying to God…….

  41. Waleed hasan says

    where this place is situated?

  42. Julio López says

    My country is amazing. Unfortunately our goverment doesn't care about our land and many of my people neither does u.u

  43. Ram Chandra Regmi says

    wonderful !!!

  44. Deepak Goyal says

    Beauty with horror……

  45. vishal malekar says


  46. Vinay Kumar says

    Wow. Probably but might not look down …

  47. Mbuyazi Wellington says

    It looks amazing i would love to go there and walk out

  48. Christopher Lemon says

    Absolute. And I would love it! 🙂

  49. chonticha mattiyomgaw says


  50. Hani Abbas says

    Totally. Awesomely Beautiful.

  51. shima raziei says

    its very nice

  52. Slavo Herman says

    Only if someone nice would be holding my hand. (Maybe someone like you, + Amanda Blain :))

  53. Cameron Silva says

    looks like fun.

  54. Bryon Carter says

    I've jumped from mpving cars and planes. I just might jump frpm "out there" 😉

  55. Michael Whitby says

    Why not…

  56. Lori Peters says

    once i a lifetime view.  Sure

  57. Fani Ragoussi says

    i think i'll…pass…haha!
    Wonderfull though…thnks!

  58. Thanh Nhan Nguyen says

    It's very beautiful. I want to go there, but I can't

  59. Jacques Lecleire says

    Oh yes !!!

  60. Pieter Pretorius says

    That really looks scary

  61. Abu Abdullah says

    Wow Great view .
    Always beautiful post the beautiful, thank you Amanda.
    Be sure I will visit soon.

  62. Sunil Maurya says

    very scary

  63. joabe sameke says

    I already live in Brasile and very good.

  64. shima raziei says


  65. Prometheus Duke says


  66. Amanda Blain says

    + JEFFREY JAMES nope never been.. but looks neat 🙂

  67. Daniel Nicolae says

    sari de sarit da nu i ca Niagara acolo mai aveai ceva sanse

  68. Doc Black says

    It probably looks a lot scarier from above like that, than it does when you're actually standing on it. At ground level it's probably just like walking up to the railing at the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. 

  69. Scott Murff says

    And then a wild Hurricane appears!!

  70. Mohammad Azam Nawaz says

    yes if You invite me on your pocket money,hahah

  71. juan miranda f says

    Gracias Amanda por este lindo  paixaje.eeeeeeeee

  72. houmed gaba says

    waaw it looks fucking gd

  73. Joey Varacalli says

    That is gorgeous and yes I would definitely walk out there

  74. Ivan Weiss says

    Definitely, been there

  75. Rohania Manggis says

    i love to walk out there but its so scary … !!! 

  76. Carlos Cevallos says

    oooh how beautiful this landscape

  77. Preetam Gosain says

    nice yr

  78. Erik Overland says

    Been there, and it was incredible!

  79. Kabaalu Leviticus says

    Looks nyc.

  80. Afghan Monster says

    I'd love to walk there

  81. sanjay koul says


  82. Christina Webb says

    I mean sure I'd walk out there, but I wouldn't get too close

  83. Pradeep Kumar Bhatt says


  84. Th? Anh Ph?m says

    wow…its so amazing

  85. Kavinda Ekanayaka says

    looks gr8…..

  86. ASunny Sorout says

    ain`t that something!

  87. praveen arora says

    how beautiful, i wish ….

  88. Supriyadi a says

    anugra yg terinda

  89. elx mashur says

    wow… keren banget, mengagumkan…

  90. Th? Anh Ph?m says

    Skywalk of SouthAmerica

  91. Bryon Carter says

    +Christina Webb , i'll take the dive, you upload the pictures if i don't survove. Deal?

  92. Yasmin Raheel says

    I can only wish to be there beautiful creation of lord .Subhanallah.

  93. Bhavesh K says


  94. Ashu Siraj says

    it is amazing

  95. juan miranda f says

    Amanda thanks tell me your Contri,

  96. Asha S says

    Wah amazing………

  97. Mahesh Me says

    ITS  so…….Beautiful .

  98. Ryan WONG says

    sure… that must be a awesome experience to me…

  99. sam knight says

    awwwwwwww being proposed there to that would be amazing

  100. Rasheed Khan says

    Only… V can wish

  101. Komal Dewangan says


  102. Trong Nguyen says

    ??? ????,?? ?? ???

  103. Ch. M Naeem Arif says

    Wah Amazing

  104. Marianna Iovino says

    yeaa now that is scary lol

  105. Sana Sheriff says

    nice very interest

  106. Manish Chandra says

    amazing. it's terrific

  107. Jeff Cuinha says

    Hi sexy!!!

  108. Sk. Azhar Hossain says

    nice one

  109. Jonathan Ross says

    Stunning. It must be amazing to stand there

  110. Dastagir Chiknale says

    nature creation are always b'tful and full of surprises

  111. Neeraj Bhajennawar says


  112. Ashraf Newigy says


  113. Nitesh Soni says

    dangerous…meeting point

  114. ugin michael says


  115. bailey Willingham says


  116. ANIL KUMAR says


  117. Alexander Jones says


  118. mani umani says

    OMG its very nice place    <its real ?

  119. O. D. Lingo says

    why not? there's a bunch of people on that platform.

  120. chandresh kumar Sen says


  121. Mike Minor says

    Sure! You one live once….or twice….or

  122. Sunil Gandhi says

    when lot of tourist r going to see that lovely fall, why not we ? thanks for sharing beautiful scene. 

  123. Sandeep Chaudhary says

    nice place…

  124. Akshay Hilli says

    Its mind blowing… !! Can any1 let me knw frm wher it is??

  125. Arlene Adkins-Zell says

    I would roll my wheelchair out to the end, grab the rail, stand up and look down.

  126. Mian Rameez says


  127. Tauqir Ashraf says

    OMG a place of paradise

  128. sam knight says

    more power to u arlene
    just becareful!

  129. Jeremy Phares says

    I would not walk out there after seeing this view. I'm sure in person it is much less intimidating; so, I would probably walk out.

  130. Rene Gerstenberger says


  131. Settybalija Lokesh says

    super place

  132. Ruangnam Sreevanich says

    Good …. let me share,thanks

  133. Khushalchand Sood says

    This is the most wonderful & lovely Gift of God and nature to us. We should protect it & enjoy it with thanks to "Almoghty & Nature".

  134. Rajkumar Chauhan says

    Allow me to hold your hand & lets walk together 😉

  135. Kazem Bigdeli says

    So  beautiful

  136. Alik Griffin says

    It depends on what the building codes of Argentina and Brazil are. 🙂

  137. Andrew Gamble says

    the noise would be the intimidating sound – I just dont trust their contstruction skills!

  138. Prashant Dhaware says

    nice natural view……..

  139. mickles awesomeperson says


  140. Daxesh Rana says


  141. Mohan Raj Bellie says

    chance less picture

  142. Max Pote says

    of course!

  143. Surender Chaudhary says

    yes i shall

  144. Balbir Singh says

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! where do u get one from

  145. rajeev chauhan says


  146. mani umani says

     can not not be too far

  147. Pinchas Shaul says


  148. ladoke akintola says

    yes i will,it will be fun

  149. Anna Doyle says

    no i would not. beautiful but im afraid of heights! 

  150. Shaswat Doctor says


  151. Suraj Chapagain says

    wao its beautifull…

  152. Roger Parkinson says

    There was a tragic case near where I live (NZ) where a platform like this collapsed and quite a few people were killed. It turned out the platform had not been built to regulations. Every platform in the country was checked after that, but I always look underneath before I climb onto these things.

  153. anas khan says


  154. mohamed elsheikh says

    yes,i like it

  155. Hassan Quraibah says


  156. Deven Sunpedia says

    wud love to be

  157. Gage Lankford says

    heck no!

  158. Daeseob Moon says

    So cooooooool

  159. Dany Jones says

    Wow what a view! Great!

  160. Nikki Love says

    Been there. Done that 🙂

  161. Luca Piccardi says

    that structure is completely discordant from the actual beauty of the falls, they would never allow anything like that for example in the niagara falls, that slab of concrete somewhat pisses me off. i'd rather enjoy the waterfall from the bottom (or far away from the top) and i would take away that structure.

  162. Dee Ryklief says

    Love it 

  163. srikanth bollaboina says

    that is the proof which shows god grater than human beings

  164. Milen Kouylekov says

    Been there. If you don't go you will miss a lot.

  165. Ivan Stoychev says

    this is a place worth visiting 😉

  166. Erik Lawrenz says

    Yes I would!!!

  167. Wayne Rydzak says

    What a comment! Cheers'!

  168. Abhishek Singh says

    wow i m thinking of them who has done this miracle.. well done!

  169. Johan Westenburg says

    Of course.

  170. Mohammed Ahmed Marfanie says

    very Beautyful Place

  171. Gurjeet Singh says

    Very Great Moment 

  172. John Charles Russell Bell says

    Now I have to

  173. Jordan Gill says

    Gotta experience everything at-least once. so yes, yes I would!

  174. Prateek Kelkar says


  175. Rick Malstrom says

    The observation deck at the Grand Canyon is… well, worse! You can see right through the bottom of it! Not for me, thanks.

  176. Shane Rodgers says

    Base jump

  177. IC Light says

    Looks like the perfect spot to strap on a speedo, and swan dive majestically into the next. Perhaps a portal lies at the bottom?

  178. Manuel Magbanua says

    wooo..amazing nature…love it..

  179. Gopi Sakthivel says


  180. Avinash Gaikwad says


  181. masi bn says


  182. Yermia Riyadi says


  183. Gnanam Sekar says

    nice place

  184. salman ansari says


  185. paul wright says

    Hell yes

  186. Vijendra Paliya says


  187. Mohd Arifuddin says

    hi, very nice place where is this

  188. Julie Yoshioka says

    let alone the nature, how on earth they built the observation place on the water fall?

  189. simon sengendo says

    amazing nature ))i will take visit one time 

  190. bala chandar says


  191. Muhammad Wajdan says


  192. Yannick De Backer says

    I've been there, it's just amazing, the force of nature, the beauty, I could have stayed there and appreciate it all for the entire day, the rest is as worthwhile though 🙂

  193. Nieves Perea says

    increible foto!!!!! impresionante

  194. Ajay Verma says

    very nice..

  195. Kiran Shinde says

    very nice,..

  196. Akshar Kallega says

    wowowowowwww… wr is ths pls ……. madam ….

  197. Marcelino Gonzalez II says

    I sure would! It looks so adventurous!

  198. MOH NASRUN NASIR says

    nice place… where is this????

  199. Anjanette LaRosa says

    Maybe I'm not seeing it like others are but this doesn't seem scary at all. Is it on a steep slope or what? That's the only way it would be scary

  200. Shaukeen JuTT says


  201. Eli Rivera says

    love the pic

  202. Shawn Clark says

    Very beautiful area. There is another viewing area just below that but you get soaked going to it from the spray of the waterfall. The thundering of the water is fairly overwhelming.

  203. Adeel Javaid says

    very nice

  204. Hokage Konoha says

    that bridge is one way ticket to hell!!!!!

  205. Shabir Khan says


  206. Sahdevsinh Jadeja says


  207. Chris L. Little says

    Absolutely. Just imagine the sound of all that water crashing down. That's the sound of nature putting life into perspective for us…

  208. amory samory says

    Really nice

  209. Jobeth Palacio says

    I'd go w/ a rope attached to me and the main building

  210. Menka Rai says

    Wow like heaven

  211. ali shadmehri says

    so nice

  212. Somashekhar Adlimath says


  213. Asfund Yar says


  214. Chirag Singh Yadava says


  215. imu mahmud says


  216. sahil rashid says

    nice click.

  217. iqbal sheikh says


  218. Mayuri talaviya says

    it's realy awesome place ……

  219. William Meredith says

    Yes and yesterday. I owe it to God.

  220. Raja Khan says

    nice and deanger

  221. Shamshad Khan says

    Amanda u r realy looking so sweet and preety

  222. Sukumar Belose says

    mind blowing lok at athe waterfall pleazure to watch. sound of that water when it is follwing down &atmospiear amazinggggg

  223. Lal Al Buloshi says


  224. shiza nawaz says


  225. rakesh goswami says

    lovelly pic

  226. gyanender sahpathi says

    No doubt i'd love to be there.

  227. Gerard Laumen says

    yeah would go out there 🙂

  228. sri hari says

    waaw very nice,where this location

  229. Lee Turner says

    I'd walk out for sure!

  230. Hardik Gentle says

    WOW this is awesome and terrifying… still i would love to walk till the edge…

  231. Hasan Mahmud says

    So much

  232. RAJA FAHAD says


  233. Mohammad.H L says


  234. Anthony Luce says

    Hats off to those who built that platform.  Never mind walking out on it!

  235. Andrew Olson says

    Definitely. Why pass up the opportunity?

  236. Lilit Grigoryan says

    definitely, wonderful place ! 

  237. Jack Raiden says

    I'd walk on that with A parachute!

  238. Hussain Basha says

    Its so nice view

  239. clever Zingoni says

    i love the pic too

  240. Mahesh Yemekar says

    h r u
    nice image

  241. RANJAN KUMAR says

    Amazing fall and place,,,,wow…

  242. Richard Mandula says

    thats breathe taking 

  243. Waheed Maqsood says


  244. syed ahmed says

    It looks like a bit of a risk.. but worth trying

  245. Zafar Mughal says

    It must be amazing to stand there,Its realy awesome place,

  246. Khaleel bin rafeek says


  247. Jun Perater says

    di ko kakayanin. hehehe

  248. Surendran Chamunni says

    It's amazing only for healthy hearts.

  249. tengkorak muzx says

    interesting place..

  250. niyazu deen says


  251. imran mughal says

    wow amazing

  252. Usman Tahir says

    awsome place to stand

  253. corbett varma says

    Wow so gud.mind blowing…

  254. Usman Tahir says

    would that i can go there and enjoy the beayty of nature

  255. vineet shukla says

    nice place.. would u like to go with me….

  256. Syed Bukhari says


  257. Pramod Khatri says

    really beauti and amazing

  258. Sales Medicare says


  259. Denis Simon Mwangi Manyeki Kanji says


  260. Armin Schulz says

    maybe yes

  261. Rajendra Yadav says

    nice yarrr

  262. Muhammad Riaz says


  263. Rainer Reitz says

    …should be possible to touch down with a heli, just in case 😉

  264. Raj Bipte says


  265. Samuel Kinuthia says

    Woah..ok,that kinda gives me mixed feelings.the beauty is amazing but then again,that height……………

  266. jyoti ranjan says


  267. Sveta Iz says

    Big No.

  268. Adil Ali says

    nice one

  269. GAD AKOREDE says


  270. Sharon Gordon says

    Awesome… I couldn't go there tho..to scary..

  271. Jez Fairclough says

    That would be amazing.  Would love to try the one at the Grand Canyon as well.

  272. karthikeyan logananthan says

    Very nice one

  273. Allen Huntington says

    Amanda not sure how or paths have crossed, But I thought I would reply to your email to at lest be considerrent, and let you know you have a friend in Fairbanks Alaska. God Bless You.   Allen

  274. Pratap chavan says

    it would be terrible to stand there but i would love to.

  275. Ayaz Mahmood says

    Great Pic

  276. Madan k.c. says

    wao Just Immagine I like this where is this 

  277. Nirmala Prakash says


  278. pardeep baath says

    very nice water fall

  279. Sava? Cilve says

    no way…

  280. Bhadra veer says


  281. Darren Landford says

    Looks beautiful. I'd be up there.

  282. Gustav Ohene-Ntow says

    why not? this would be naturally awesome!!

  283. Rudy Batz says

    Sure if they allow me to bring a parachute along with me just in case.

  284. jayesh panchal says

    wow. relly so nice place

  285. Mohd Faez says

    such a great place..Subhanallah

  286. Anup Kumar says

    its great

  287. Nesher Amir says

    Imogene the ad for workers of the building company: "strong hands & back, can swim & fly very well"… 

  288. tay ruben says

    yh i would

  289. james ogle says

    YES I would!  Looks like a great place to overcome Vertigo.

  290. marygael cruz says


  291. Jared Broker says

    I just might be dumb enough to go out there…

  292. Wahidur Rahman says

    nice place!

  293. Vivek Mohan says


  294. isha katyan says

    nature's beauty

  295. ANISH MATHEW says

    I want to free fall from that place…

  296. Kunwar Singh says

    very vice

  297. Hu?ng Ly? says


  298. Harshada Datar says

    lovely spot

  299. malcolm pilsworth says

    why not. best view is at the end

  300. Bradley Anderson says

    probbably not

  301. JEFFREY JAMES says

    ya looks neat. Thanks + Amanda Blain  for sharing this with us. I count this place in my list 'Places I like to visit'. Want to see the places I like to visit? Go  http://pinterest.com/JEFFREYphotog/places-i-like-to-visit/ 🙂

  302. Shaikh Delowre Hosain says

    O nice photo

  303. Otome Opuoro says

    Yes I would. Even alone at night.

  304. Timo Ketonen says

    Wow! Been there, amazing place.

  305. Haluk ÇET?N says


  306. vikas jangid says

    so sweet places,

  307. trevorjohn corr says

    me fore shore send a pass wow ice cream to top it off ur own cool

  308. Yuka Kojima says

    Thats wonderful

  309. Shafarose Stafani says


  310. Jay Mora says

    Nice View

  311. Naatchi muthu says

    wanna see it from there,,,

  312. Andrey Semenov says

    Great view!

  313. kuldeep kumar Saini says

    wow!!!! wht a place 

  314. Yusni Amaliah says

    Wow, so scare actually, but really fantastic..

  315. Lubabalo Mbaba says

    Hell No…. that is Extreme… i might as well go Benji Jumping

  316. BONGIWE JANNET says

    nyc pc but i wnt

  317. Chloe Chen says

    wah so pretty place …

  318. alecks mirando says


  319. trevorjohn corr says

    bangy jump to depends deepth free flyt back shot what a 8wonder ths world swee as lol brng ip man here of a mankind

  320. Iuliana Diaconu says

    frumos locul 

  321. Mark Folkerts says

    I would jump off that.

  322. Biruk Tesfaye says

    A natural blessing to visit!

  323. Laura Johnson Marshall says

    no way so scary

  324. abanx ganteng says


  325. Kanak Dalal says


  326. asqalan khan says


  327. Holger Gräbner says

    fantastic shot, from the heli ?

  328. B. Alex Thompson says


  329. Jakie-ul Hassan says

    i am felling the fear….

  330. Amjd Hmadi says


  331. Sandra Phillips says

    there no way id walk out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    lasandra phillips

  332. ANIL VAGHASIYA says

    SHU CHE 

  333. ram b says

    wow amazing what an a place

  334. Jerry Leonardo says


  335. trevorjohn corr says

    a room with plenty viwe what a rush a him n her twhen bangy jump cool

  336. Anuj Swai says


  337. Sibi P says

    No.. It's scary..

  338. mia medovich says

    dang that looks like a long jump…weee…

  339. Mark Milligan says

    Awesome, would walk out there for sure

  340. abel amegashie says


  341. Israel Magalit says


  342. kuldeep kumar Saini says

    what a place

  343. Adam Faux says

    Without hesitation! 🙂

  344. Christine Daniels says

    wonderful ski diving

  345. Shubhankar Sharma says

    Apparently, close view of a half-cut brown snake, crawling in midst of the hairy scalp of revered Shiva(Hindu Lord who is visible my profile picture), from which flows the sacred milky streams of the river Ganges. That is how it looks to me…

  346. PIYUSH KUMAR says

    nice place

  347. talal alqahtani says


  348. Wilma Agosto says

    That looks beautiful, but scary

  349. ibraheem mherat says

    Very nice

  350. Richard Holmes says

    I have! Amazing place, take an umbrella!

  351. Gary James Marshall says

    Jump ln argentina land in brazil,cool..

  352. Tony Mas says

    Walk out there? I want to put on a sugar-glider suit  and fly across those borders on a wing and an adrenaline rush, someone will…

  353. Chiisana Sokushitsu says


  354. Reza Nosratabadi says

    hooray, yoo hoo

  355. mia medovich says

    that looks like a looong jump…weeee

  356. tyrone cassidy says

    Gotta go there.

  357. Siddhartha Reddy says

    great view

  358. knox j says

    Would you?

  359. Fahim Yaqoob says

    Wow that is amazing border control. (im not racist )

  360. Lucas Kwashie says

    beautiful site

  361. shubham parasar says


  362. deepak baby says

    where s it

  363. Augustine Woo says

    Been there. It's beautiful, and not the slightest bit scary. Not sure why people think it would be scary!?

  364. nawab dilli says

    omg ,,,,,,,,,

  365. shashwat gupta says

    amazing place….

  366. shivakumar gugulothu says

    so great view

  367. Daniel Selby says

    Maybe for a look then a quick retreat. It would only take a slight tremor and your toast!

  368. Augustine Woo says

    In fact I just realise my profile pic was taken there!!

  369. Scott Whipple says

    Question is did anyone die building it.  That would be my deciding factor.  I freaking hate, HATE heights

  370. jesse huizar says

    I would probably crawl, lol

  371. Lauri Ranta says


  372. chathu Jayawardana says

    when i had a chance………nothing to talk about it.i'll take it.my beautiful mother earth.

  373. Rishi Kumar says

    very beautiful pitcher

  374. Steven Hughes says


  375. sree varma says


  376. Ishita Kansara says


  377. M Ehsan Haider says


  378. Dinesh Chandra says

    nice & beutifull

  379. RaldZky Angligen says

    wats.. dat?..

  380. Ahmed Majeed says

    its great

  381. Deepak Kaushik says

    looks is very asm bt whr is ths

  382. Bjorn Beheydt says


  383. xasir rougher says

    opes so beauty ful

  384. Ram Gopal says


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  406. Salim Bhanu says


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    want to go now!! can you get there from Russia….hahaha

  408. shafeek shahul says


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    With no hesitation! What a thrill it would be to stand there and look over; to see and feel the thunderous power of the water crashing below. 

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    Very beautiful !

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  479. Hitesh Kumar says


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    verey nice

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