Would You Stand On This Bolder??

The Kjeragbolten boulder is a huge rock wedged between two rock faces more than 1,000 meters up between two cliff faces in Norway.  Supposedly, the rock got stuck there sometime during the last ice age. Today it's a happening spot to get your picture taken. No safety nets, no hand rails…. Would you walk out for the photo opportunity?

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Would You Stand On This Bolder??

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  1. Omar Naser says

    ummm probably not 😮

  2. Rob Michael says

    I totally would.

  3. Joe Husted says

    NO!!!!!!!! Lol

  4. Ray Ellen says


  5. Todd Faucett says

    Never get me out there!

  6. ayonna thomas says

    heck no….i aint killing myself 4 no one xcept my closest family….

  7. kripa singh says

    I would love to. Who's paying for my travels? 😉

  8. desiree jordan says

    nooooo wayyyy the thought of it makes me think i`ve already fallen   ..

  9. sarai adaluz batista rausseo says

    Sumamente HERMOSO!!!!!

  10. ayssa alvites carbonell says


  11. Ayoub Khote says

    I'd do it!

  12. Steve James says

    Bring a pocket knife

  13. Leo Deegan says

    Dang, I probably would chicken out

  14. Mike G says

    That is awesome! I would sooo do that!

  15. Alex Boyce says

    🙂 Yes!

  16. Linda Plue says

    I would! It's not true that no man is an isle. 😉

  17. ayonna thomas says

    i wouldnt..

  18. Frank James Bailey says


  19. Craig Chamberlin says

    I'm pretty sure I'd be paralyzed + Amanda Blain, but it would be a once in a lifetime experience I couldn't turn down, if given the opportunity.

  20. connie waters says

    That would be a big NO!

  21. Lam Nguyen says

    Sure, but you would see me hugging the rock face down, just because I love it so.

  22. Shaun McLane says

    hell yeah I would!

  23. Tony Miller says

    Yes I would.

  24. Linda Plue says

    I put it on my "Bucket List"

  25. ayonna thomas says

    mmmm yall crzy…

  26. ?aura ?awrie says

    No way would I stand on that. How do you get down to it anyway? That part would almost be worse.

  27. Elvie Smith says

    Hell no!

  28. Baptiste Wicht says

    Oh yes, I would. Looks awesome.

  29. Jorge Arias says

    HELL NO….

  30. Anthony Stevens says

    Not enough money on the planet to make me do that. [shudders at the idea]

  31. Dale Howson says

    Hell Yeah i would!

  32. rammolo zaid says

    Im already standing in a more dangerous place "planet earth"

  33. Barry Davidson says

    I might take a hammer to the rock a couple of times to see if it jiggled. But being like 'Wile E. Coyote' I'd probably get out on the rock before remembering to use the hammer.

  34. AJ Mitchneck says

    Wouldn't know till I got there. I might consider it though.

  35. Amine Belkhir says

    perhaps in my dream

  36. Ounr Truan says

    wooow, of course!

  37. Dennis Rogers says

    Make a great Olympic diving platform-back 2 1/2 with 45 twists!

  38. Omar Naser says

    if i was drunk maybe bcoz i would probably forget i even did it :-p

  39. Paul Wallace says

    that is me lol

  40. Chris Lord says

    Not a chance, I wouldn't have to fall – a heart attack would get me first!!!

  41. bogoss Hamza says


  42. Gregg Sakauye says

    If I walked out there the boulder would choose that moment to take a swim.  Pass.

  43. Teresa Hammond says


  44. evans mwangi says

    yeah would be fun

  45. CJ Guest says

    Definitely yes

  46. Steve Howe says

    Count me in

  47. Ray Ellen says

    Lets just say if that was me on the rock, I'd be laying down on my stomach, sprawled out like a tree frog … It wouldn't make for a good photo anyway, so no.

  48. Sean Havins says


  49. Joe Husted says

    + Amanda Blain would you stand there lol

  50. Gareth Evans says


  51. mayra roggiero says


  52. Prasanth G Narasimha-Shenoi says

    I wish to but how i may not reach there,with my salary

  53. jhessyca lourranne says

    Quee top

  54. krasly weng lang says


  55. Jewel Fryer says


  56. Mr SteG says

    Oh yea .. I'd have a picnic on there, then base jump down for a relaxing swim in that glorious looking water. 😀

  57. Bill Spicer says

    Hell NO!!!!!

  58. ayonna thomas says

    hell no is ryte…..

  59. Brendan Farrell says

    In a heartbeat, without a second guess, and wearing a parachute

  60. Brittany Pettway says

    I would walk out for the photo opportunity because it will be fun to do and it can be a unforgettable moment.

  61. Eddie Chaplin says

    I would stand there, but I'd make my peace with God first.

  62. Rebecca Elgin says


  63. Randy Hunt says


  64. Nick Deuel says

    127 hours

  65. CJ Guest says

    Thanks + Amanda Blain for adding to the bucket list 🙂

  66. John MacLeod says

    With my luck, the planet would hiccup right then.

  67. jeff jare says

    Without a moments hesitation!! NOT afraid of heights.

  68. King Prince says

    There is no way possible I would just stand there I would cross it lol

  69. Bethowen Martins says

    Judgment I have no way come close to this stone 🙂

  70. Steve Uhlman says

    when I was younger, yes I would. Now that I'm older, and considering what happened to Aron Ralston in Blue John Canyon, Utah… No I would not.

  71. Matthew Stone says

    Yes, but only so i could say i pee'd off of it. 🙂

  72. Miskinak Periwinkle says

    There is no way.. no how.. nu uh.. not a chance. 

  73. Phil Nolan says

    Not for me. One strong gust of wind and you're done.

  74. Amanda Blain says

    And yeh… i would totally stand there…. 

  75. Ambra Vanderpool says

    <~~~Adrenaline junkie. You couldn't get me off of it 🙂

  76. Ayodele Okeowo says

    I would stand on it but no jump or run on/over it

  77. Jeff Mueller says

    I haaaaate heights, but I would totally venture out on that. Too cool!

  78. Mike G says

    Another place in Norway that I would like to stand.  https://plus.google.com/109456146066308931031/posts/QE2pETUbcUP

  79. redouan abdat says

    tres  bien  vue

  80. Aws Al-Samarrie says


  81. Ernesta Paznokaite says

    I was here!!!

  82. Lars M. Hansen says

    I wouldn't. But my sister did … 

  83. Issaias Rodriguez says

    uuuuf  it's dangerous

  84. Rob Dean says

    Cool, yeah, I'd do it, if I had spare underwear with me..

  85. Seth Perkins says

    A would do it… but I would check my shoelaces about 20 times before stepping out.

  86. Amin Ibrahim says

    no way 

  87. Stuart Duff says

    Yeah go on then…

  88. Houcine ELkhouch says


  89. Valentine Burda says

    I would like to be there too!..

  90. Amanda Throckmorton says

    Only If you did it 🙂 Than I would tie a rope to you to the rock and hope that you both land on the floor of the ocean.

  91. Jeff Holley says

    I'd do it. But then i've already had my picture taken up here…

  92. Carlos Esteban says

    No way. I am feeling dizzy just looking at the picture!

  93. Slayde Van Wulf says

    I would jump up & down on it!

  94. Chantal Gilbert says

    Oh my! I would be paralysed with fear and then topple over, and then die. No thank you.

  95. Icilma Thornhill says

    That's Amazing!!!

  96. Matt Mak says

    Only if a bear was chasing me.

  97. Mark Wolfskehl says

    Heck no!

  98. Alan Lepofsky says

    How windy is it? 😉

  99. Terry Poulin says

    If I was single, yeah — looks stable enough. Having a a Firefly…no, she'd be too hurt if I slipped off like a moron.

  100. Santosh Kumar says

    omg !!!! 

  101. Andrew Konietzky says

    Um… NO.

  102. jenson woodie says

    Looks like 127 hours all over again.

  103. Nicolé Reneé says

    + Patrick Di Fruscia is a photog on here… and he's got a pretty cool pic standing on it as well…  

    Looks kinda fun/scary at the same time…  

  104. Andrew Wilkes says

    No way he's much bolder than me !!

  105. Mike Scheffler says

    Hell no

  106. paulina rivera says

    God no!  :/

  107. Sherwin Seno says

    no way!!!

  108. Trent Pflug says

    yes i would:)

  109. Ben Coleman says

    I'd go up behind him and shout BOOO!

  110. giovanny santiago says

    hell yea yolo

  111. semira adedeji says

    Noooooo way…….
    Lyk heeeeelllllllll NO!!!

  112. Pavan Nowlay says

    I wish i could be… Stand at edge of that rock

  113. mj bosco says


  114. Brandon Joselson says

    no thanks lol

  115. Twizzy Harris says

    hell noo

  116. Tony TSAudioVisual says

    if you pay for the trip I'll Do it :o)

  117. Danton Steele says

    referencing that sexy song by the roxette lookalikes it seems, that I would have sex with amanda blain maybe.

  118. steven mccluskey says

    im not that sure

  119. Terrie Moore says

    Not for all the money in the world!

  120. Philipp Mingoa says

    The best place to commit suicide. It would pass for a "sad accident."

  121. Richard Carpenter says


  122. Mohammed Al-Muhanna says

    someday one of those negligent asswholes is going to be like AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa tiiiishh and I'll be like HAAAA HAaaa Haaaaa 

  123. Stanley Morris says

    I'm probably stupid enough to do so

  124. khayyam riaz says

    Yes. I love this type of adventure.

  125. Rocky Petty says

    I would. lol

  126. Hannah Roberts says

    No… I'm too chicken, and knowing my luck, I would be – as they say – the straw that broke the donkey's back!

  127. Michelle Price says

    I would do it just to know and say that I did it, but then quickly get out of dodge.

  128. Marlene Ferrari says


  129. Oz Khan says

    I see a group photo going all sorts of wrong here.

  130. Mitchell Godfrey says


  131. Fabio Selvatico says

    sounds like a wile coyote typical scenario

  132. Leonard Suskin says

    It looks scary. I would,if I were bolder….

  133. Bob Plansky says

    Holy sweaty palms

  134. Jarold Espiritu says

    Hell no.

  135. Pearl Lombardo says

    No way!

  136. AJAY KUMAR JHA says

    Yes I can

  137. luiz gustavo oliveira says

    Amazing place…

  138. Avaz Avazov says

    I would

  139. Cody Martin says

    that looks awesome as fuck, i would do it

  140. Salem Majed says

    yeah i will do it

  141. Jeremy Wright says

    That is what photoshop is for

  142. Rene Suarez says

    I would

  143. James West says

    its over water

  144. Liam March says

    i would

  145. Mouhassa ss says


  146. Jaqueline Ruiz says

    i wouldn't but it is amazing

  147. Prateek Jaiswal says

    i think yes

  148. Alexander Hill says


  149. Nikki Han says

    tht looks like fun

  150. Tommy Vargas says

    The beast in me would say "jump your crazy ass out there!" Then, the logical me would say "are you f%$&in nuts?"

  151. Nikki Han says

    jk i hav terrible balance… i would die

  152. Howard Suissa says

    I dare say a quantum singularity would occur in my pants due to puckering should I step out on that boulder.
    So No.
    In order to save the planet from collapsing into a black hole, I will not go out on the rock…

  153. Caesar Mendoza says

    That's it Norway…of course!

  154. Edward Bartel says

    + Amanda Blain I don't know if you can stand on it "bolder" But I would love to. Stand on that boulder at some point in my life. There are vids of people jumping off that area in "squirrel suits" – now that's crazy!

    Search for the Red Bull BASE Jumping team on YouTube if you want to get a rush…

  155. Ben Rowan says

    me to

  156. Sydney Van Nest says

    + Amanda Blain I am foolish enough to do just that, actually. 😉

  157. Jaime Adrian Araya Ortega says

    quiero  ir…………

  158. Christian Orpinell says

    My hands sweat thinking about being that guy in the picture.

  159. Inderraj Nagar says

    very good

  160. Debayan Mukherjee says

    Awesome adventure…….

  161. Dennis Young says

    Yes I would, it takes nerve.

  162. UDAY BHASKAR Ravi says

    Yes, probably, with a bit of insanity

  163. Alexander Courtness says

    Sure, why not 🙂

  164. Jamie Robillard says

    I have to admit, noway I would be able to resist.

  165. Andrew Cole says


  166. cameron styles says

    I like it

  167. Fouad M. Sarraj says

    Oh ,,,, great olace

  168. Mary Catherine Willacker says

    haha yup + Andrew Cole 

  169. Dennis Pan says

    Yes I would

  170. George Ford says

    In a heart-throbbing heartbeat

  171. Brett Snelgrove says

    OMG, no way, that looks like my worse nightmare. Fantastic image and more power to folks willing to step out on to that blouder but you can count me out.

  172. Sunil Singh says

    good job

  173. Nick Carroll says

    I just added a new item to my bucket list!

  174. Moose Parker says


  175. Geoff Dobbs says

    not sure i could do that

  176. Rune Idland says

    It's 1h drive from where I live. It's not as scary as it looks, but a beautiful trip. If you ever in Norway, don't miss it. In summertime you can watch hundreds doing base-jump from the cliff in the back of the picture. 

  177. lawii mwangi says

    No i wouldnt stand on that bolder!! because its practically standing  between a hard rock and the deep blue sea!!!

  178. Fang Ride says

    It looks like she got a little bit lucky

  179. grant johnson says

    Not without a diaper.

  180. teen gohan says


  181. Aysu Melek says

    That's amazing I would love do go there!!!

  182. raul salazar says

    I will,if your on my side

  183. Jason Gardner says

    I would love to

  184. Charles Greene says

    I wouldn't stand where this photographer did to take this photo. 

  185. ahmed kurdi says

    i cant do that

  186. Aysu Melek says

    Would love to go there***

  187. Ricardo Ruiz says

    no thanks, not enuf money in the world to get me to do that…

  188. Joseph C. Miller says


  189. ?????? ?????? says


  190. Chad Long says

    It would have some beautiful view.

  191. Ken Starks says


  192. Michael Smith says


  193. Sharkie Richards says

    No way in this world would I do that.

  194. Rahul Vikhe says


  195. gabriel sousa says


  196. Johnny Payan says

    noooo way my hands are sweaty

  197. Natalie Jackson says


  198. David Acuna says

    you've got to be kidding me!!!

  199. Ron Arouas says

    oh hell no!

  200. Andrew Macintyre says

    I Would,without a doubt. Brill' pic it would Be. I luv Heights !

  201. roy daniels says

    crazy..don't put your God to a foolish test. if you know it can kill you ..don't do it !

  202. Musab Uddin says

    i believe in taking challenges rather than just saying

  203. Gawtham Ravivaruman says

    seems legit

  204. David Acuna says

    I will have to take a bull's implant to do this!

  205. Nikolaus Pavan says

    That's Amazing. Definitely on my to explore list!

  206. pravin boralkar says


  207. Jesus Gutierrez says

    piece of cake!

  208. pradip tarafdar says

    Me 2, No…

  209. Punitharajan Rajan says


  210. Shadab Ambat says

    i would ^_^

  211. Travis Whitmore says

    i would do it 

  212. Vasilis P. says


  213. evans machipisa says

    over my dead body

  214. Bharath Raju says

    It's really Trilling….

  215. Michael Bruin says


  216. Joel Wilson says


  217. Dumisa Jele says

    Am raring to stand on it! Insane but exhilarating!!!

  218. Ruben Failma says

    I would

  219. Keith Gates says

    Uh no…..

  220. monte lee says

    No. But i would stand on that boulder. I know. Smart ass me

  221. Cosmo Peridot says

    I wouldn't stand on it. 

  222. Jr Montanez says

    sure y not. if i did fall then i can claim to be the last who stood there!

  223. Vaik Manukyan says

    No way

  224. Brandon Schutt says

    wow……… no way would i do that… only if you payed me a substantial amount of money… >:- D $$$$

  225. Anasse Benslimane says

    Yep! Will do: it is still there thousand years, why itl will collapse with me within a second? And + you have a beautyfull landscape just above your feet, so just die in peace if it will happen and fall-down with the ancestral rock.

  226. stephen dickinson says

    no not me longgg drop down

  227. Steve W says

    No way

  228. Don ferrari says


  229. Kevin Runnels says

    Sure why not.

  230. Aaron Curtis says


  231. Sven Törnkvist says

    Been there, done that. Really.

  232. Jose I Alanis says

    Yeah hell yeah I would do it!!!!!

  233. Fang Ride says

    Mabey if i had a f#%king parachute

  234. carlos romero says

    Idk it gives me the hibbi jibbis just looking at it .. lol..lol

  235. Declan Dowling says

    Probably would try anything once

  236. Jose I Alanis says

    Where is this place anyway?

  237. Daunay Renee says

    Amazing. Exactly what being reborn into life should be… (not xtian!)

  238. Alan James says

    I would too. Couldn't be any more risky than jumping out of an airplane

  239. Bee Hill says

    Hell yes!! What a great shot that would make. Cool!!

  240. Najlaa Metwally says

    i wouldn't stand on it…my life is dear to me…:p

  241. Ryan Rouse says

    I have wanted to do that so bad! I actually tried to hike to it with my cousins from Norway and was not in the best shape and couldn't make it there. 🙁

  242. Nicholas Pappagallo Jr says

    looks safe as can be 

  243. Larry Jenkins says

    You would be asking to be featured on Vacations Gone Wrong.

  244. Jeremy Tregler says


  245. Jose I Alanis says


  246. Sab Kuliev says

    With the parachute , yea !!! :))

  247. Patrick Hains says

    Yes I would

  248. Pramod Hosalikar says

    thats a class photo

  249. Tim Goldsmith says

    Oh hell ye, would SH1T myself though lol

  250. Amit K. Tiwari says

    Scary.. but Fun! So, Yes!

  251. David Maples says


  252. David Still says


  253. Niti Kupatavetin says

    You're assuming you would even get me anywhere NEAR that rock…

  254. Lisa Tomlin says


  255. saw yoshue says


  256. Ivan McKinney says

    JEEEeeeeeezzzz!!!! It could GO at ANY time!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  257. Stephen McGee says


  258. Greg Henin says

    OMG scary!

  259. Mark Shirley says

    Damn straight I would.

  260. Ben Rowan says


  261. Shon P. says


  262. Shon P. says


  263. David Maples says

    R ! V c v cc CV . .
    VB tv . VB v

  264. APPIAH-KUBI Charles says

    Hmmm, won't try it

  265. Tamoor Khan says

    Masha Allah

  266. Luke Rhodes says

    Have you seen the movie 127 hours

  267. Jon Packard says

    hey Dave,
    You're Grimlin had nothing on this babe… Just kidding!

  268. Chris Clement says

    I would in a heart beat…  That is an amazing view!

  269. Kevin Stock says

    Do head stand on that !!!

  270. Kieran Sunderland says

    If it wasn't windy then sure, looks stable enough!

  271. Tim Lumley says

    O ya

  272. John Holmes says

    Hell, I'd not only stand on that, Id jump out on to it. If it's been there for thousands of years, the likelihood of my jumping on it dislodging it are slim to none.

  273. Nick Blenkarn says

    No !

  274. Marge Gentry says

    not me not in this life! LOL

  275. elizah markwood says


  276. Lars Callahan says

    Bolder than what?… Lolz! Spelling joke, y'all. ;-]

  277. Phillip Ottesen says

    only if you pay me a billion dollars. 

  278. Cynthia Jones says

    yes I would…

  279. Paul England says

    i would.

  280. Jeff Chapman says

    sure.  It's wedged in there pretty good.  it'd take a massive seismic event to caue any issue.

  281. Jonathin Ramos says

    Hail Na!

  282. Edwin Cruz says

    Definitely yes I'm a risk taker

  283. Richard Rooplal says

    I'll even jump on it 😀

  284. John Voice says

    Not a chance

  285. Luis Rivas says

    i'll jump up and down on it someday haha

  286. Kenny Asllani says

    That's is nice ,

  287. Liam Agnrew says

    if i got money

  288. Steve Kim says


  289. Pavan Samudrala says

    Since the cliff below the rock is narrow compared to the width of the rock, I will…

  290. David Wilks says

    Yes. Handstand

  291. Naveen Choudhary says

    ya……b'cos "DAR KE AGE JEET H"

  292. Shivinder Grewal says

    Yes Ofcourse

  293. Barry Anders says

    Looks pretty solid if you ask me. Like a little natural bridge.

  294. Jon Packard says

    I forgot to mention that it takes about 20gallons of fuel to make this run and they have to totally rebuild the engine between every run. Were talkin about 300 mph from a dead stop to finish with parachutes. And I thought it was cool to ride in corvette to and from the races. 

  295. Torrence Ross says

    With out question, I would take the shit out some photo's on the crazy floating rock!

  296. Elliot Venes says

    No, definitely not.  

  297. Brandon Harden says

    Awesome [=)

  298. Torrence Ross says

    Might even do a couple of tastefull nudes!

  299. Chris Staten says

    My knees are paralyzed just thinking about it!

  300. Sammy Lopez says

    Umm how about no I might just be the rest of the weight for it to fall down lol

  301. Legato Coolio says

    bolder ;D

  302. Alain Theberge says

    No, I'd be thinking about an earthquake and wouldn't enjoy the moment.

  303. Jeremy Parish says


  304. Uchiha sasuke says

    lol id totally stand on it  and dance on it jump off maybe lol

  305. Steven Phillips says

    I could just photoshop me on there and call it good!

  306. Arron Nie says

    SH#$ i would so do dat!!!!!!!!!

  307. hasmukh patel says

    Www gujrati song in

  308. Dustin Montgomery says

    stuck in a rock and a hard place

  309. Yasmin Dawoud says

    Yolo! literally the meaning of YOLO!

  310. Arron Nie says

    i no scared of a stupid rock! I Wanna Picture Fuc… Yeah

  311. Isaac Baxter says

    omg i couldnt do that

  312. Matthew Horne says

    your hot

  313. moya marumo says

    I SOOOO WOULD!!!!!!

  314. Joshua Albino says

    Insane that dudes #brave

  315. Keith J Davies says

    not too bloody likely.  Even with handrails and a safety harness.

  316. Austin Rex says

    Yup, I'd do it.

  317. michael prudhomme says

    + Barry Anders famous last words ^_^ but i would get on it too

  318. abel adan grada says

    This postcard is beautiful

  319. Berwyn Duckett says

    Hell no

  320. chaz jones says

    Hell yeah .

  321. Hugo Geffrard says

    Look safe to me, I would.

  322. phobia. mycro says


  323. Shekhar Suman says

    I dnt wana repeat 127hrs

  324. Rowena Jacobs says

    how about No.

  325. Keegan Rowlands says

    I haven't done it but you get the idea that it's harder than it looks

  326. David Sarachman says

    At first I thought it said "Would you stand on this beholder? and I was like "Hell no, I try to avoid standing on anything with 11HD" #dnd  

  327. Prodina Hikevali says

    i kinda like the adventure, but this look a bit scary for me………..

  328. Anthony Farley says


  329. Clàudia Montero Diaz says

    He's you?

  330. Jignesh Dave says

    Hell No

  331. Sterling Leavitt says


  332. sambhu jaiswal says

    great pics

  333. Azariel Malach says

    Yes I would! Not time to fear in this life!

  334. aqsa palastine says

    waw!!!!!!!! I like it.

  335. ???? ?????? says


  336. Glenndalf The Magician says

    Yup….right after two fat guys tested it and then got off.

  337. Brigit Hakanson says

    I'm in, if I could find someone willing to take me there…

  338. Aaron Torres says

    No life is too sweet!

  339. Harley Fisher says

    no way!

  340. Matt Honour says

    Looks fun

  341. Lucy Rachel says

    No I wouldnt, I have virtigo

  342. Bill Hartzer says

    I would rather photoshop myself into that photo.

  343. Gopi Nath says

    lovely place and amazing pics

  344. aqsa palastine says

    hhhhhhhh   please take me one too!!!!!!!

  345. Julian Owens says

    uuh no, one of those stupid moment caught in a video when the boulder falls through.

  346. Bernard Roper says

    Photoshop is the answer!

  347. Omar Asad says

    Someone believes in living life on the edge 🙂

  348. Jaeger Cormack says


  349. sakusakusakura nyo says

    No way

  350. Joseph Tg says


  351. Andrew Junicic says

    So how many dead bodies are at the bottom

  352. Rosaline Phillips says

    That is amazing, but I probably couldn't even get close (lol).

  353. Mikaela V Taylor says


  354. Marcel Veronesi says

    I would do capoeira on such a rock and shout with glee

  355. Michael Accardi says

    No Thanks

  356. eyang jagara says

    this is very-very good

  357. Elod Balazs says

    Oh yes..Oh Yes..Oh Yess….!

  358. William P. Mello says

    If I can't step down, it's too tall for me! 🙂

  359. Daniel Azemard says


  360. Ben Lundquist says

    scary much?

  361. Robert Wier says

    No way

  362. Bailey Jackson says


  363. Amina Lawan says

    No i can't

  364. Rutger van der Eijk says


  365. Kertley Veira says

    Too scared. Beautiful site but I don't think so.

  366. josh Ron says

    wowwwwwwww  crazy

  367. Ted Leonard says


  368. Ali Raza says

    This is dangerous

  369. Rosemary Lalonde says

    I would

  370. Odi Kosmatos says

    If I was on it, I'd feel like jumping up and down to see if I could…

  371. ryan corpuz says

    Hell yeah

  372. Tobia Kazmer says

    Absolutely! Thats gorgeous 😉

  373. John Gregs says

    Cool! I would try that! 

  374. Jonas Gryder says

    I trust the  boulder not to go anywhere, but I wouldn't trust myself not to get vertigo climbing down to it 🙂

  375. Eamon MacDonald says

    Maybe but i think i would stop just before i steped on and be like "WTF I'M I DOING"

  376. Samar Alghanim says

    This is Maricel from God, it wonderful credible "thanks God"

  377. daley stephenson says

    yeah i would step on it 😛

  378. Robert McCleary says

    No way!

  379. Scott Fisher says

    I don't know about stand, but it looks like a sweet spot for a mid afternoon hiking nap! 

  380. michael gaffney says

    i would laugh if she fell

  381. Chad Egeler says

    That guys crazy! Definitely not me!

  382. Akhmad Asfihani says


  383. Chad Faul says

    Maybe. Only if no wind present! lol

  384. Supreet Singh says

    explanation of bravery

  385. cody retzlaff says

    heck no

  386. toni Lindsey says

    I feel a road runner moment coming.

  387. Tim Jager says

    Oh yeah! 

  388. Connor Taft says

    No Way

  389. Sara Wilson says

    HELL no

  390. Ashok Sharma says

    I would love to be there…

  391. jeremy smith says

    most definitly your not living life if you dont go stand on it for the pic!

  392. Peter Heathcote says

    Not me.

  393. John Rochette says

    Just for a second. But sure why not?

  394. Sayed Fierro says


  395. gulnur saglam says

    Stupidity! I wouldn't.

  396. Trace Windham says


  397. Denise Garcia says

    I would love to test my faith in this way… 🙂

  398. Jason Sandlin says

    Yes I would! Wow that is awesome!

  399. Paul Meyer says

    Totally .  Not.

  400. tawfiq tayh says


  401. Tom Laudon says


  402. Mark Cardena says

    You couldn't pay me. Lol

  403. Jorge Juarez says

    I'm afraid of heights. I would definitely not stand on that boulder. I'm not sure I'd even be on that mountain,

  404. FREYA R says


  405. Toby Holcomb says


  406. David Mossman says

    Not without a safety harness. I hate heights!

  407. Aaron Johnson says

    Hell no

  408. Angie Bailey says

    I would love to!!

  409. Michael Salazar says


  410. Jason Broadley says

    If I did, it wouldn't be for long… I'd probably pass out or die of a heart attack within a few seconds (that is, if I didn't do so before even setting foot on it). I think I'll just stick to admiring the photo. 😉

  411. johnie jenkins says

    Yes i would.. Somthing you would never forget..

  412. Nelly perelly says

    i so would

  413. billy Arnold says

    I would

  414. Robin Ruffin says

    Yea sure you only live once!

  415. Enerst Lushaba says

    I can't do this yo yo yo yo

  416. Oscar Castillo says

    check this out + Dayana Cruz te tiras la foto or not 😉 lol

  417. Stephen Connor says

    Hey Amanda, as a Stonemason that's a must do, kind regards.

  418. Oakley Courtois says

    nope lol

  419. July Parrocha says

    127 hours!! imagine this thing will get stuck with your hand in the canyon!! LOL

  420. Louise Leamen says

    No way. I don't like heights. This guy is braver than me.

  421. Bandido Bandit says


  422. Diego Holzman says

    I can say I would, but it's really just about going there and seeing it yourself. Me: I think i'd be waaay to scared to do that.

  423. Dayana Cruz says

    + Oscar Castillo. Tiii! With a rope around my waist lol.

  424. Samir Kamal says


  425. Andrew Park says

    Sure, what could possibly happen? 🙂 There is only a 1 in 1 million chance that something bad will happen. Oh wait, 999,999 people taken a picture on this rock.

  426. Autumn Starostin says


  427. Alexander Fishkin says

    + Henrik Bentel, this is awesome

  428. John Munro says

    I'd jump from it.

  429. Kelly Brown says

    Wish it was me in that pic.;-)

  430. Santos Subramaniam says

    this is awesome

  431. Beatrice Macias says

    Yes, I would

  432. kiran khan says


  433. Mark Perrella says

    Rock dingle-berry

  434. Carlos Salim says

    Nice 🙂

  435. Spencer Knight says

    That's a picture I don't need.

  436. Asad Bhatti says


  437. Hannah Harvey says

    Awesome!!!!! I love it

  438. Tami Curtis says

    OH NO!

  439. Darrell Darner says

    I know someone I would encourage to walk on to it for sure.

  440. Dana Thornhill says

    Absolutely. You should see the cliffs ive MTBd

  441. dhon rafael sierra says

    i wanna bring my wife there and ask her to stand there…so I can push her..hahahaha..joke..ilove ths kind of place….

  442. Michael Law says

    Not me Thank you.

  443. Randy Jensen says

    That's a long dive!

  444. Victor s says

    + Amanda Blain. Yes i would it would be a such a thrill just yo be there

  445. Steve Vlahos says


  446. King Lucaz says


  447. Lloyd Henry says


  448. tristin thatcher says


  449. Edward Carbajal says


  450. Sean O'Reilly says

    In a heartbeat

  451. Ebubekir u?ur says

    vaovvvv very beatiful

  452. Ali Obaid says

    No I afraid

  453. Rieme Frank says

    for a million dollars 

  454. Suprapto Anggoro says

    So, crazy! I better not do that.

  455. Reni B says

    Finally I learned the location of this bucket list-worthy spot. Will update you after having hugged the rock. 😀

  456. Matthew Panzer says

    nope. i'd end up tripping and falling 1000 meters to my death. splat.

  457. Faheem A says

    Maybe on a day when I feel like taking "The Plunge"or when I want to feel like I am between a rock and a hard place

  458. Howard Samson says


  459. Damien Knight says

    Sure, why not. Far worse ways to die than simply being awesome.

  460. Glen Porter says

    Been in worse places

  461. abdelFattah Amalou says

    Historic place natural…..i need to visit this place but not now again in futur….for to contemplate and to feel the relaxation because a nature for me is a need crucial in this life….besides i will to see this rock and lake…mountains……finnaly proud spot…..*-abdf***–am**-..

  462. kaleb bickers says

    hell yeah

  463. Andreas Falk says

    I think that my monitor will break. So no thanks.

  464. John Binda says

    why not?

  465. Henry Stark says

    no i would not!

  466. Nomeneta Saili says

    And then an earthquake 🙂

  467. Ashley Woo says

    omg! i would not want to stand on that thing~!

  468. jose camberos says

    Lindo paisaje

  469. Cullen Fair says

    YES! and get that gut feeling

  470. Kevin Davis says


  471. Jeff Savage says

    + Jonas Gryder Right?

  472. Jay Smith says

    Sure. Great photo op.

  473. Ahmed Shawky says


  474. Mae Chapman says


  475. Julian Garcia says


  476. Tu Derrick Hoang says


  477. David Brightbill says

    I wouldn't even go up the mountain   #afraidofheights  

  478. Mrinal Saurabh says


  479. Jonina M says

    OMG what if the rock suddenly just unwedges itself and falls down?! :O

  480. Kumar Gandharv says

    I wud definitely wana try smthng lyk dis

  481. James Billings says

    I'd love to see what kind of action scenes I can make happen! My heart just stops at the idea of hanging out there.

  482. Andrew Cotter says

    why cant your name finish with 'm' just for funzies

  483. Wilson Yabann says

    going dizzy by just lookin at the picture!…………phobia!

  484. Andy Carr says

    + Amanda Blain I take a couple of months off G+, I come back and you've been circled by nearly 2 Million people…… #HeadBlown

  485. Martyn Stubbs says

    of course I would!! n`t lol.

  486. Ryan Leanna says

    No i would not!!! only it ws right by the ground then sure!!!

  487. Mauri Kassick says

    I would!!! I always wanted to know where pictures of it were taken!
    THANKS!!!! 🙂

  488. Adrian Alleyne says

    I would have to be madd

  489. Billy Pfaff says

    If some one paid me hell yea

  490. Kyle Narwhals says

    I feel like If I didn't do it, I would regret it forever

  491. Q Javed says

    No, that looks abit too dangerous

  492. Kelby Mann says

    And base jump off!!!

  493. Jesse James says

    Awesome picture.!!:-$

  494. Billy Pfaff says

    Would u do it with your eyes closed 4 three sec?

  495. James Hetfield says


  496. Daryl Vanterpool says

    I'm down to go up…sent ticket request to ?..great pic!

  497. Mohammed Ashruf Hussain says

    Feeling lightweight

  498. bah gando says

    Ou my God

  499. Rob Bikel says

    They say you only regret the things you don't do; e.g. [as I plummet to my death from dangerously photogenic rock] "I really regret not staying away from this rock…"

  500. Roberto de la Isla says

    And… I would jump up and down on it.

  501. Emily Davies says

    ok…. i don't know about that.

  502. Roland Davis says


  503. Joshua Lathan Sr. says

    Wile E Coyote taught avoid this pictured situation.

  504. Luis E. Vasquez says


  505. Jaswinder Singh Cheema says


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