Which You Tube Shows Do You Subscribe To or Regularly Watch??

Hi Internet!  Do you have some YouTube stars, shows, channels that you watch often? What are the MUST SEE EACH WEEK for you? Which do you find to be a 'cut above' the random viral videos… Who makes GOOD video content?

I find my YouTube watching rather lacking, and somehow I'm always missing the next great show, series or vlog. Which do you think are awesome? Link them(Full link pleaseeeee).. Mention them… Share them with me… let me learn,laugh, grow too…. 🙂

I don't mind self promotion if you think your stuff is good.. but hopefully you will link to some other good stuff too… :)

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Which You Tube Shows Do You Subscribe To or Regularly Watch??

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  1. fabrizio alcaro says

    Newbworks Dwarven

  2. Natalie Dombrowski says

    + maddie nifong loves chestersee

  3. Umar Chaudhri says


  4. Robert Misner says

    Mr + ze frank is basically the best YouTube person ever. He's got all his videos on his G+ page, watch one or two and then subscribe from there.

  5. Panah Rad says

    numberphile http://www.youtube.com/user/numberphile?feature=CBAQwRs%3D  I like them a lot.

    Also VSauce: http://www.youtube.com/user/Vsauce?feature=CBAQwRs%3D

  6. Marques Brownlee says

    I like to think my own videos are pretty good… 😉

    Also check out + Lamarr Wilson's comedy + news show. It's awesome. http://youtube.com/Wilsontech1

  7. Cory Westgate says

    I am into e-sports, so HuskyStarcraft is a major reason to visit YouTube for me. I also try to catch sxephil's Philip DeFranco show. TheraminTrees and his brother QualiaSoup do some interesting vids as well.

  8. maddie nifong says

    I like:
    And charlieissocoollike

  9. Jennisha Simmons says


  10. Arnold Hall says

    Iike to watch smosh

  11. Daniel Junior says

    MysteryGuitarMan + Joe Penna and + Philip DeFranco 

  12. Dwayne Auernheimer says

    um – none really

  13. Craig Chamberlin says

    Other than myself? Lol. + Chris Pirillo soldier knows best and Tinkernut

  14. Kena Herod says

    Curious to know from others. I look up stuff on youtube but don't subscribe to or watch anyone on a regular basis.

  15. John Evans says


  16. Craighton Miller says

    + Amanda Blain you're killing me, YouTube is camel cased there's no space. 

    And I've got my own YouTube channel with weekly tech content:


  17. Ryan Pierce says

    + Marques Brownlee Aside from the shameless self-promotion, your videos are actually pretty good. I like.

  18. Ryuuie Ryuu says

    + Marques Brownlee's videos are pretty damn good. 😀 Actually he, + Justine Ezarik, + Luan Legacy, and + Miles Jai  are the only ones on YouTube that I watch on a regular basis as of late.

  19. Chris Read says

    Chris Pirillo
    Wheezy Waiter

    They pretty much do daily content and have good production quality.

  20. Jennisha Simmons says

    MIKE RELM!!!!!!

  21. maddie nifong says

    And the vlogbrothers

  22. Amanda Blain says

    See already half the people mentioned seem regular to everyone else.. and i have no idea who they are… GIVE ME THE FULL LINKS SO I CAN LEARRRRRN.

    And fine i fixed the name…. 

    I don't mind self promotion if you think your stuff is good.. but hopefully you will link to some other good stuff too… 🙂

  23. Ricardo Blanco says

    + H+ The Digital Series + Paco Almaraz

  24. Jennisha Simmons says


  25. Jennisha Simmons says


  26. Jennifer Bailey says

    I watch Pixiwoo!  http://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo?feature=results_main

    My son loves, loves, loves, Wheezy Waiter  http://www.youtube.com/user/wheezywaiter?feature=results_main

    My daughter and son both watch Tobuscus  http://www.youtube.com/user/tobuscus?feature=results_main

    My daughter also watches PewDiePie  http://www.youtube.com/user/PewDiePie

    lol 🙂

  27. Stephen Vujevich says

    + Toby Turner 

  28. Jennifer Bailey says

    Oh also, really love Lisa Eldridge http://www.youtube.com/user/lisaeldridgedotcom?feature=results_main

  29. Jennisha Simmons says


  30. Malte Degener says

    I'm not regularly watching that many YouTube videos, to be honest. I either search for a certain video if I need it or just watch videos popping up at my stream or at forums. However, the YouTube channel I enjoy the most would be + GameTube and + GameStar's channels; I really like their videos. 

  31. Corry Robb says

    + Craig Benzine aka Wheezy Waiter & + Shay Carl are the best!

  32. Tyler Karlsson says

    Two Best Friends Play, and Bro Team Pill

  33. Kristin Moran says

    Tabletop on + Geek & Sundry .

  34. Patrick Flavin says

    Tech blogs, Phill DeFranco, Sourcefed

  35. Shane Puff says

    Nerdist (many, not all) and Geek and Sundry (many, not all, Table Top chief amongst them)

  36. Wesely Hudson says

    cabbie chronicles

  37. Gordon Wallace says

    I like the TableTop series by Wil Wheaton.. GeekAndSundry I believe is their YouTube channel / website.

    Because I then read the comments and noticed you wanted the link:

  38. John Hansen says

    io9's We Come from the Future. 

  39. Kevin F says

    Two Best Friends Play

  40. Christopher Rizzo says

    Hodge twins.

  41. Jeff Angcanan says

    + Christine Gambito 's 
    "Happy Slip"

  42. Mark Ferrasci says

    I have a full list of music related subscriptions from stars and input from fan's that post quality video's.  Also social networking brand and marketing, tech etc.. Here are a couple. List is so long I would be here all night.

    Brian Solis:  Does a great interview segment on social marketing branding, from some of the top heavy hitters in industry, company's and brands all over the net.  


    The Mahogany Sessions:  Great music blog covering artist from the U.K. England and Europe etc..  


    Grace Potter & The Nocturnals:   Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Stars (Official Video)

    Just a few examples that I have in my collection. 😉

  43. Grant Lanning says

    Eli the computer guy, and Nikki pixel! Gotta have my weekly geek news

  44. Andrew Konietzky says

    Nerdist, Geek & Sundry are my MAINS, and a few others I dabble in.

  45. Jarvis Emerald says

    Shaytards! :)p

  46. Gus K says

    miranda sings is the only talented person on youtube.

  47. Debapriya Sarangi says


  48. Ernesto Laracuente says

    Ray William Johnson and Peter Chao

  49. Ernesto Laracuente says

    …….I forgot Team Yin is about Bigfoot vids

  50. Jason Brabander says

    I like the music videos from + Peter Hollens + Lindsey Stirling and + Pomplamoose 

  51. ingrid salazar says

    weaat  forgot  perra

  52. James Boddie says

    The Guild

  53. ingrid salazar says

    quisiera  uno

  54. vanessa garcia says


  55. LeAnne Westvang says

    Highly recommend The Brothers Riedell. They are truly amazing.

  56. Gabby W says


  57. Jack Hurley says

    VICE mag with  + Suroosh Alvi  and + shane smith 

  58. kendrick ras says

    epicmealtime is the way to go,every tuesday is a new episode

  59. ayman nader says

    I like to watch on youtube all kinds of new cars and all the new mobile phones

  60. polly smith says

    Jaden smith  

  61. Dusty Haynes says

    My secret guilty pleasure is the wing girls but they rock. V-sauce is good for videos that may blow your mind

  62. Ernest Mecca says

    charlie mcdonnell

  63. Eli Bro says

    I do enjoy many game commentaries such as the Creatures of Creature Hub but i also like other things like RWJ and Vsauce.   🙂

  64. tom highsmith says


  65. Michael Guzzo says

    matry schwartz – guitar jamz

  66. hiroyuki tsuji says

    But no log in (_😉 my youtube

  67. Dale Woodall says

    Can I just say to those shameless self promoting……. THANKS now I something new and fresh to watch 🙂

  68. Wu Sylvia says

    many interesting videos~~

  69. Frank James Bailey says

    I wish more people would watch MY show, The Frank Video Show! (hint hint….LOL) But I personally watch sxephil's Philip DeFranco show, RWJ =3, V-sause, and Laci Green's Sex +!

  70. Jacob Young says

    Rooster Teeth

  71. Jeremiah Bright says

    the hodge twins

  72. Hailey Nguyen says

    Natalie Tran  http://www.youtube.com/user/communitychannel & Ryan Higa  http://www.youtube.com/user/nigahiga

  73. Rob O'Quinn says

    Tabletop on Geek & Sundry.
    David Mitchell's Soapbox (short but fun).
    Minute Physics.
    Scam School w/ Brian Brushwood (on Revision 3).

  74. ??????? ???? says


  75. Mike Cherry says


  76. Jon Woodland says

    Geek and Sundry:
    Written By A Kid
    The Guild


    " La mesure de l’amour est d’aimer sans mesure. " 

  78. Jose Ramos says

    You butilful

  79. Joe Avery says

    + Sassi BoB and + Azrienoch Jeff Smith but they don't post enough anymore.

  80. lukman hakim says

    LOVE u manda 😀

  81. gulzar ahmed says

    you are so much sweet.

  82. Roland Mendoza says

    EPIC MEAL TIME !!! the best besides random stuff and music videos and how to beat a game when im stuck.

  83. Richard Nicholl says


  84. Leviathan Jeanis says


  85. Raymond Jones says


  86. Ivar Songe says

    i discovered it recently. sci.fi series H+ Digital Series

  87. Annika Cannon says

    Concept but only interrsted for specific info. Dumb question.

  88. Conrado Dominguez says

    i would like to know about you ,i wonder if you would?

  89. Stephen Janes says

    Anything that RoosterTeeth produces is my number one. I also enjoy Machinima series and Nerdist Industries.

  90. Scott Carlin says

    TomSka and JennaMarbles. But, I'm not much of a youtuber.

  91. Ashwin Vairu says

    2 n 1/2 man.

  92. Amanda Blain says

    This is a super awesome list people… I will check them all out.. I appreciate it 🙂

  93. Lamarr Wilson says

    + Marques Brownlee You're too kind, my friend. Too kind. You're one of the few actual "tech" channels I watch; FULL quality at its best. 🙂


  94. Larry Joe says

    + Amanda Blain A new favorite channel of mine is Glove and Boots. Although not a weekly thing, it's still worth checking out.
    The Pee-wee Herman Blog

  95. Andi Maulana says

    yes, i Iove it

  96. Adnan Akdemir says

    Turkweb.tv is popular with top TV content over 2.000.000 viewers everyday)))

  97. ASARE WILLIAM says

    i watch TIM WESTWOOD TV always on YOUTUBE.

  98. Ainal Saidin says

    I am not even a casual gamer but for games+side-splitting humor you can't go wrong with the RoosterTeeth ( http://www.youtube.com/user/RoosterTeeth). FailsOftheWeak, AnimatedAdventures, RedvsBlue and loads more shorts.
    Also I fall back on Youtube sometimes for TWiT shows ( http://www.youtube.com/user/twit)

  99. Phil Prior says

    CynicalBrit http://www.youtube.com/cynicalbrit
    Mostly for the "WTF is?" review shows, beta gameplay vids and the occasional MailBox. (Did a lot of entry level SC2 commentary at one point too)

    Husky StarCraft http://www.youtube.com/huskystarcraft
    For the StarCraft2 commentary.

    Press Heart To Continue http://www.youtube.com/PressHeartToContinue
    For "Gaming Newz", saves me reading the gaming press on a dozen other websites. Dodger does a good job aggregating the info.

    Geek and Sundry http://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry
    "Tabletop" is excellent if you like board games and geek celebs. Production values are really high for a web series too.
    "Written By A Kid" is great for both kid cuteness and the Making Of videos. I love La Munkya.
    "Sword and Laser" can be good with the right guest author.
    "The Story Board" on their Tuesday Night Hangouts playlist is fantastic if you're into writing, but it's pretty new.

    Corridor Digital http://www.youtube.com/corridordigital
    Sam and Niko's output channel is full of FX vids, most of which reference gaming in one form or another. Watch this for VFX and editing inspiration.

    FreddieW http://www.youtube.com/freddiew
    Ditto for Freddie Wong.

    SixtySymbols http://www.youtube.com/sixtysymbols
    Science from the University of Nottingham, UK. Has a half dozen sister channels with similar academic content produced by Brady Haran ( http://www.bradyharan.com/)

    Minute Physics http://www.youtube.com/minutephysics
    Makes science easy to digest.

    TEDTalks http://www.youtube.com/ted
    For the Big Ideas people sharing their ideas.

    @Google Talks http://www.youtube.com/AtGoogleTalks
    Google are pretty privileged when it comes to guest speakers, it's nice that they share. Talks from authors, activists, filmmakers and more.

    The RSA http://www.youtube.com/theRSAorg
    Again a Big Ideas lecture series. UK focused, but still worth a look, especially for the RSA Animate pieces.

    ThePianoGuys http://www.youtube.com/ThePianoGuys
    PomplamooseMusic http://www.youtube.com/pomplamoosemusic
    DowdenBoy http://www.youtube.com/dowdenboy
    The Lonely Island http://www.youtube.com/thelonelyisland
    For the music and the humour.

  100. philip dvaid says

    what is the letest over there

  101. Berlin Friswell says

    Community Channel

  102. Charles Compton says

    Phil Dafranco * spelling on that!

  103. Brandon Thompson says

    Pittsburgh Dad, and Classic Game Room, are among my subscriptions, both local Pittsburgh channels that have become pretty huge.  MaxProud is a good guy who does great bass guitar reviews.  Also Daniel Tidwell, a guitar player who covers video game music in the metal style. 

    Also, check out my beer review channel – YayForBeers.  🙂

  104. chong steven says

    You are my friend

  105. Abubakar Usman says

    O lord make our grv beter than ourhouse

  106. Dániel Marlen says

    Wilsontech1 by + Lamarr Wilson  –  http://goo.gl/M9lmn (fun tech)

    + Armando Ferreira –  http://goo.gl/dNHZ1 (all about Android)

    + Geek & Sundry's vlog on every Monday by + Felicia Day –  http://goo.gl/kx8HG

  107. Conrado Dominguez says

    i think it is good

  108. Mark Delp says

    Two words: Epic. Meal. Time.

  109. Marc Velez says

    I watch OtakuASSEMBLE during Game of Thrones season. His Game of Thrones recaps are hilarious.


  110. Mia Freid says

    Glee,falling Skye's,new girl,and game of thrones

  111. Richard Page says

    Well none yet. Just getting in toall this

  112. Lauren loversparkles says

    raccoon3003  http://www.youtube.com/user/raccoon3003?feature=results_main 
    acoinster898  http://www.youtube.com/user/acoinster898
    Nigahiga  http://www.youtube.com/user/nigahiga?feature=watch
    mymusic  http://www.youtube.com/user/MyMusicShow?feature=watch
     Brittani Louise Taylor http://www.youtube.com/user/BrittaniLouiseTaylor and
    Ellen  http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEllenShow

  113. Elijah Hewer says


  114. Gracie Tecala says

    Jenna Marbles
    Finn and Jack Harries
    The Slo Mo Guys
    and yea

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