1. Jin Kisaragi says

    I can't wait for Killzone shadow fall

  2. TLEMçANI TAREK says


  3. Shannon Adelson says

    Angry Birds: Star Wars

  4. Victor de la isla says

    Angry birds

  5. Robert Partridge says

    Semi-patiently waiting for + Valve to come out with Half-Life 3

  6. Jean-François Simard says

    Battlefield 4 and The Simpsons Tapped Out lol

  7. Eduardo Marcelino says


  8. Danial Hallock says

    I'm alternating between:

    Path of Exile, Limbo, Hoard, and Mini Moto Racing.

  9. Alex Hakobian says

    Testing the pre-alpha build of Shroud of the Avatar in between a bout of Arcanum, with occasional doses of Team Fortress 2 thrown in for good measure.

  10. Doug Buck says

    Black flag, really loving it.

  11. John Smith says

    I don't play the games on the game boxes

  12. Amanda Blain says

    I'm patiently waiting for + Valve to come out with Left4Dead 3 (please please) … + Robert Partridge  hehe 🙂

  13. Robert Partridge says

    That would be nice as well + Amanda Blain … I'm such a die hard for Gordon Freeman though.  It gets a bit frustrating at times.

  14. Dominic Phillips says

    Just finished the main story line in GTA IV, it was…ok.  Looking forward to?  Hmm, tough one.  Dragon Age 3?

  15. Dave Kiser says


  16. Adrian Wells says

    Need for Speed: Rivals on PS4 is my current game of choice.

  17. Javier Rodelgo says

    I love gears of war …….really…

  18. Joshua Obu says

    Too Fun to play

  19. Monika Schmidt says

    "Springfield" 😉

  20. Tony Harris says


  21. Kevin Bowie says

    On my phone I'm playing, Pool with friends, UNO with friends and Dead Trigger 2. When I get home tonight I'm going to play my 3 free Fallout games that I got from GOG(dot)com 🙂

  22. Palani Bang says

    The Last of Us, GTA IV, Battlefield 4 for PS3. (All online) Never upgraded yet to PS4 …lol

  23. David Litster says

    Ingress all the time.

  24. Steve Uhlman says

    GOW is the best!

  25. Wayne Freire says

    Does ingress count?

  26. Ronnie Boadi says

    Mario uses his fist to break those blocks…. :p

    I'm hooked on gta v right now

  27. Isiah tyler says

    Call of duty: ghosts

  28. Stuart Duff says

    Watchdogs and ESO are my desperately needed things at the moment.

  29. Felix Zhang says

    StarCraft hots

  30. Amanda Blain says

    head.. fist.. whatever.. dies from turtle.. 🙂

  31. Joe Sylvester says

    Right now I'm having a blast playing Dead Rising 3 co-op with my overly protective big brother.

    I get a kick out of purposely putting myself in ridiculous situations and watching him try to save the day!

  32. Vanessa C says

    Contrast for ps4, and somehow I'm always drawn back to a little black ops2. In between I'm playing another round of the walking dead, great game FYI.

  33. João Morais says

    League of Legends.

  34. Jonathan Moulton says

    I am currently derping around in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It is a good game but can be annoying at times. I am looking forward to Dark Souls 2 in march. It will be the best thing since indoor plumbing and I will play it almost exclusively from release onward.

  35. Mario A. Escamilla says

    Do Facebook games count? I'm ashamed to say I haven't got time these past few weeks to play anything not on FB or my mobile phone… I just got the chance to finally finish The Walking Dead season one on my Mac (I had already finished it on Xbox).
    I've downloaded all the Xbox free games and played absolutely none of them.

  36. Richard OHearn says

    Star Wars pinball.

  37. Roberto P says

    Sleeping dogs pc

  38. Damien Welbes says

    Im playing COD Ghosts on safegaurd:p
    I cant think of anything I like better I mean ive played gta5 and it was really good! But this is pure gold

  39. Damien Welbes says

    I want to play the new dragons dogma:p

  40. JimTom Rizbiz says

    Koopas! They're not turtles!

    And I rationalize it by believing they have poisonous skin that kills on contact.

  41. tony salinas says

    Diablo 3 on PC… wanna play WoW again… old addictions are hard to quit… 🙁

  42. Jez Fairclough says

    Playing Minecraft 🙂  And Xcom

  43. Edward Holland says

    Call of Duty… The lag… Starting to regret buying this.

  44. Francis Xavier says

    Farcry3 and Hitman Absolution.  Kinda gave up on GTA 5 Online because it is full of BS and hype.

  45. Paige D'Winter says

    Pc and TV are b0rked so I'm stuck with Mino Monsters, Alchemy, and PvZ2. 🙂

  46. Orlando Alexander says

    Last game I played was uncharted 3, not playing anything until I upgrade to the PS4 hopefully last of us will be ported over. Right now I'm playing mobile games like Plants vs Zombies 2, Angry birds go, Candy crush and Scramble.

  47. Fatas ism says

    Hi Amanda ??? working hard ? Yes me to !

  48. Steve Sakamoto says

    Bioshock Infinite. I'm a bit slow off the mark. 🙂

  49. Dustin Schmidt says

    I'm playing a few games on PS4 right now including Knack and Assassins Creed (I know not exclusive). Heck I'll probably end up playing both after the bar tonight 😉 Happy Friday everyone!

  50. Theo WolF says
  51. Rich Kretzschmar says

    + Amanda Blain I am playing The Nutcracker Mega BAllet with the Multiplier 5 digit hand of ADvent numbers which in the mobius rings of Alchemy intertwine the birthdates of + Sandra Annette Bullock and + Rich Kretzschmar with another 5 digits.  So from Left to Right the string reads discombobulated from 4/21 & 7/26 1-64 (64217)  If I win a significant amount tonight I plan on prepaying a Naked Lunch at Bess Bistro Reservations.  Otherwise I'll keep listening to the Blue T(ang)O {Templar Order of the Taurus=Ox on the MP3 player with + angelinejolie052 and await Sadie Hawkins Day and see what happens to Higgs Bowson.

  52. Julian Salamanca says

    Assassin's creed brotherhood

  53. Xhamira Delgado says

    Started Halo 4. I haven't played it yet. =P Also, Samurai Gunn is on Steam and I'm excited to play with some friends. =]

  54. Hanley Wilcoxen says


  55. Daniel Asare says

    is a good game

  56. Rob Blaich says

    Injustice Gods Among Us and Battlefield 3.

  57. Jon Lewis says

    Playing Forza 5, Killer Instinct, and AC4. All outstanding.

  58. William Furby says

    Torchlight and Fable III. Finish COD: Ghosts campaign over Thanksgiving.

  59. Abhinav Pathak says

    And still was and is the most loved game.

  60. Ricardo Cunha says

    for the 10,000th time.  He uses his fist 😀

  61. Abhinav Pathak says

    Oh what I said has already been mentioned and agreed upon

  62. William Whoric says

    Battlefield 4. Looking forward to Dying Light, Titanfall and Destiny.

  63. devasia mathew says

    Hey Amanda, how are you? Last week l didn't see you. Bye

  64. Rick Ramo says

    You know Luigi Mario passed away Dec 5, 2013. RIP Danny Wells age 72.

  65. Donagh Reardon says

    Every hero has a tragic flaw.
    Achilles had his heel.
    Superman has kyptonite.
    And so Mario has a severe turtle allergy

  66. Martin Jones says

    Must be allergic to turtles!

  67. Abhinav Pathak says

    Health adivsory: no character in this movie promotes the use of turtles, turtles are cause cancer

  68. Gregory Degreat says


  69. Gene Bower says

    Ghost and BFn.

  70. Phillip Ryan says

    Just finished Tomb Raider, The newest one and mostly done with Mass Effect 3

  71. Rich Kretzschmar says


  72. richard bennett says

    Don't play video games religiously, read Latin definition of Nintendo

  73. Tim Hunt says

    Assassin's Creed Black Flag on the PS3, Skyrim on the PC, and Elder Sign on my phone.

  74. Jave'l Brown says

    Borderlands 2 on the 360 waiting for Destiny on the Xbox One

  75. Efafacatarina Arpaia says

    CARINO   CIAO  + Amanda Blain

  76. Allen Mayles says

    Battlefield 4, 3, Splinter cell, Cod4, Texas holdem anywhere I can find it.

  77. asmui izma Nasution says


  78. Jeff Chapman says


  79. Ali Adnan says

    A cartoon dialogues

  80. John Brow says

    EVE Online – the cruelest and most mind-bending MMO on the planet, chess (via ICC) and I'm also going to do some Doom 2 since the anniversary of Doom occurred recently.

  81. Timmothy Courey says

    Batman: Arkham City for the 360. Received it from a friend on Black Friday as a gift.

  82. Michael Francis says

    I've been on a Skyrim kick lately.

  83. Carlos Hernandez says

    GTA SA on my iPhone 😀

  84. Henry Clavo says

    I love Gears of War. The only reason why I bought an xbox 360. I would only play Gears of War and then wait a couple of years for the sequel until the last chapter.

  85. richard bennett says

    d'rather reada bad book thn playa good game.     c can in e 1 pro gra must,, bedr off de ad !i

  86. Craig Fifield says

    cod ghosts #lemming

  87. James J says

    dead rising 3

  88. Junaidi Jamari says

    Clash of clan…

  89. Mostafa Bensari says

    booo. 2014

  90. Glenn Westberg says

    Arkham City, LBPK and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

  91. Jason Pillow says

    Hearthstone =)

  92. Pedro Sanchez says

    Thank you Amanda, that is cool, will let Lougie know.

  93. Carl Vines Jr says

    Lol your a nut

  94. Carl Vines Jr says

    Hay amanda have you ever read the binding contract that all the people sign by agreeing to the terms and using there apps the rights you give up I had someone violating all my civil rights recording me and my voice in conversations thought it was homeland security at first watching me but it was the company I work for using the governments system just to torture me because i loved .but I am going to bite back watch and see

  95. salvador bahia says


  96. kmilo prea says

    Ascension gow

  97. Doug B says

    Borderlands 2 and Metro Last Light….

  98. nabil alafifi says

    NICE to play dead space 2 or 3 . CALL of duty modern warfare 2 and 3 . CRYSIS 1 2 and 3. also nice to play GTA. Nead for speed hot pursuit

  99. Ryan Perry says

    Playing Starbound (beta)!

  100. Wayne Randall says

    Playing Scott Pilgrim vs the World $2.50 on Xbox. $6 will get you the game and both DLC packs.

  101. Avi Sivan says


  102. Grant Bennett says

    Dying to try Titanfall.

  103. Ali Saeed says

    ya, just like superman where he can hit by a bullet in the eye and dont blink while stabbed with the small piece of krypton and goes down…. so enjoy the game dont mess with the man………

  104. Federico D'Abbraccio says

    Halo 4

  105. Julius Bolding says

    Throwback….Age of Empires III:Asian Dynasties. (In surround sound)

  106. jimmy potts says

    gta 5 again

  107. Thomas Hawk says


  108. James McBride says

    Bought a PS3 to catch up on the exclusive titles.  Started on the God of War series (yes back to the original).  But also picked up GTA V for the laughs.  Good times.

  109. Utsab Gyawali says

    Warcraft II frozen throne and dota 2

  110. Craig Steinhoff says

    Metro:Last Light and State of Decay

  111. JOE PRUITT says

    Bioshock… A little late to the party, but I love this series. Gears rocks too

  112. RAHUL TIWARI says

    Nice dear

  113. Declan O'Reilly says

    Indiana jones and the emperors tomb

  114. Matthew Cadman says

    The Last Of Us…..i nearly cacked myself when i first got attacked by one of the infected.

  115. Rabindra Chandra Mondal says


  116. Moath Omar says

    FIFA 14 …PS3

  117. Olav Folland says

    Dune II was just released on Android.  Basically the first of the modern real-time strategy games (i.e., the first to incorporate keyboard and mouse) and as much of a time-suck as it ever was.  The gameplay is sooo much nicer with a touchscreen though.

  118. Junior Amaya says

    im playing bf4 in ps4 its awsome

  119. Bruce Sesma says

    Amanda I'm not really playing any games right now the I'm trying to open up my Buisness soon enough but I'll catch you soon have a wonderful day talk later

  120. Regan Gassaway says

    Skyrim, round 2.
    Finished everything with character 1.  Everything.  Level 81.  All DLC. 
    And yet somehow I've already found new stuff.  I love this game.

  121. Brandon Williamson says

    he actually uses his fist to break the blocks…

  122. Greg Gilbert says

    Xbox cod Ghost plus assassins creed black flag

  123. Paul Louiseize says

    Unfortunately I am still on a computer based system and am only on Call of duty Modern warfare 2

  124. Joseph Rafail says

    Look like me exactly lol

  125. Mark McKinney says

    Gta 5. I can't wait for Titanfall

  126. Ishaq Shittu says

    Am playin angry birds

  127. Eduardo Diaz says

    Building a MAME cabinet. So I guess old school.

  128. Medara Udo-umo says

    One man army is my favourite

  129. chris lowe says

    I played Krampus this early and very chilly am! I scared my son so bad he started crying. ……best video this year……

  130. Ken Bowers says

    Starbound 🙂

  131. mohamed husni says


  132. khaled khalidou says


  133. Werner Klausen says

    Fable 2 on my 360 and The Secret World on PC.

  134. Vickor Robinson says

    league of legends

  135. uche olise says

    Halo 5.0n my xbox

  136. John Okula says

    Rocksmith 2014

  137. Charlie Haynes says


  138. Sonlian Vualnam says

    Angry birds. .lol

  139. ebrahim kutty says


  140. habib aslani says


  141. Randy Campell says

    ''',"hq Nic

  142. Muupy Mupy says


  143. abdul akbar says


  144. Melody Gates says

    Playing Defense Grid. The release of the 1st Fable for xbox 360 😉

  145. Venance Matuba says


  146. Muupy Mupy says


  147. Sheikh Yasir says

    i love play games

  148. Zack Howard says

    Is no one going to correct the fact that Mario doesn't break bricks with his head? He uses his first. Some Mario fans we got around here. :/

    As far as turtles go… I got nothin'



  150. abdul akbar says

    gv m ur email

  151. Amil Wood says

    I know right  Mario is backwards.

  152. Sheikh Yasir says

    —–Original Message-

  153. Sheikh Yasir says

    —–Original Message-

  154. Abba Abdulkadir Bg says

    I need your email please send to me

  155. Tom Dimino says


  156. Sheikh Yasir says

    Hallo …g..
    —–Original Message-

  157. Anat Everywher says

    Super Mario Bros for the WII #obsessed

  158. shahid hayat says

    i'll try

  159. Danny Moreland says

    Do you like video games then danny

  160. paola valcas says


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