1. Sze Liu says

    Awesome! Luv Mario Kart!

  2. D. Square says

    No Mario. ;(

  3. ASH LAW says


  4. Jennisha Simmons says


  5. Zariya Glover says


  6. fattaneh arjmand says

    I WAnna it ,maybe …For have fun day !
    ??  ??? ?? ?????? ?????? ???? ???? ????? ?? ??? ????? !

  7. John Stoddart says

    SO awesome!

  8. Jamie Taylor says


  9. Taylor Suratt says

    Double Dash is still the best, although multiplayer on the N64 is a lot of fun too.

  10. Katie Wright says

    I need to do that, too. Mario Kart Wii, Wahoo!

  11. George Kozi says

    lol + Amanda Blain my bike looks like this:  http://www.lammertdevries.nl/assets/easy%20rider.jpg

    not quite the same, but not far away… and no… I don't have a mustache…

  12. Jay Cantu says

    too funny

  13. James Mapley says


  14. Victor Luiz S B says

    kkkkkk  very fun. ( Mario Kart ) 🙂 I LiKE

  15. Hannah Sibson says

    hillarious LOL

  16. Janne Petkovski says

    So Amanda,  you are in the girlfriend social… Could you hook me up with a girlfriend like ….. say… you! 😉

  17. Ellyssia Mills says

    lol thats cool, is peach……a MAN?

  18. Ricardo Detroit says


  19. Pablo Tavarez says

    hahahahah xD tan pasao

  20. amiraca goode says

    so who's going to win

  21. Stacy Stutz says

    My sister and I love to play that together… she kicks my tail every single time 😉 

  22. Aaron Brown says

    So the question is did the guy playing peach, win or loose the roll?

  23. Alex Zinovenko says

    My bets are on Peach to win!

  24. Ricardo Detroit says

    haha yea

  25. Ricardo Detroit says

    i like that game too

  26. Rob Elliott says

    Hell the princess is looking rough

  27. Sarah Gregorzewski says

    princess is winnig

  28. ASH LAW says

    r .. o  … u .. g … h

    No, that's not how you spell 'pretty'.
    + Rob Elliott , you are doing it wrong. 🙂

  29. Rob Elliott says

    I think I need another beer then + ASH LAW

  30. ASH LAW says

    Yes Rob, do try to catch up, we are on the fourth round.

  31. Abby Israel says

    i wish i could have been apart of that race I love this game!

  32. Thomas Fritts Jr. says

    Looks like the Princess needs to bleach her roots!

  33. Sarah Gregorzewski says

    i love the princess

  34. Rob Elliott says

    Sorry Ash. It is only 6.30 am here!

  35. Jennifer Lambert says


  36. ASH LAW says

    Rob, the sun is past the yard arm here.
    You can have the next one for me 🙂

  37. George Davis says

    Yoshi FTW!

  38. Khalia Sulker says

    thats funny lol

  39. Amanda Blain says

    Yeh.. Yoshi Rocks… But the girl in me often picked princes… 🙂

  40. Abby Israel says

    i liked peach but she was so slow i felt like they always cheated for mario lol but of course i was being competitive

  41. toton jon says

    interesting .

  42. Rigoberto Islas says


  43. Michelle Bruner says


  44. era iris says

    funny sht ha

  45. Madison Todd says


  46. Emily Manning says

    Several fatalities reported today on Rainbow Row, but still at record lows for the month

  47. jordanna ponici says

    thats super cool!

  48. Taylor Lee says


  49. Julia swan says

    lol thats hysterical

  50. ndidi agbogu says

    That looks so weird

  51. Margarita Ramos says

    OMG thats so cool!!!!!

  52. Avery Erbland says

    lol mario kart………. weird O_o

  53. Madison Schulmerich says

    i just cant believe how un-embarrassed they look

  54. tisa byng says

    how come princess peach looks like a dude?

  55. Madison Schulmerich says

    for one, cuz he is one and two becuz he's being a dork

  56. Julia swan says

    lol right

  57. Avery Erbland says

    wonder if they do that a lot..lol

  58. Madison Schulmerich says

    if they did that's a strange hobbie……

  59. Camri Turnquist says

    haha nice lol

  60. Tara Shaw says

    hahahaha PEACH IS A GUY!!!!

  61. Avery Erbland says

    they probably did it cuz it was a dare..lol

  62. Zoe Jarvis says

    Peach is a guy? D:

  63. Stephany Hampton says

    This is some really weird yet still funny stuff you guys are posting…lol

  64. Madison Schulmerich says

    man, if it is that's a pretty risky dare

  65. Julia swan says

    haha rightt

  66. ndidi agbogu says

    Everyone follow me

  67. Khalia Sulker says

    so funny

  68. Avery Erbland says

    lol i keep on thinking wat ifs…. lik ewat if that was us……..creepy:P

  69. Madison Schulmerich says

    all i have to say to that is O_O

  70. Stephany Hampton says


  71. suryakanta das says

    its nice to ride…

  72. Stephany Hampton says

    Who are you talking to?

  73. Chelsea Rachel Medina says

    Hahaha thats so weird. The horror!!!! Why is princess peach a guy. =D

  74. Feri Lukmana says


  75. Nancy Chang says

    I loled at Princess Peach

  76. Stephany Hampton says

    That's what I'm sayingv.v

  77. Julia swan says

    me too i was o my gosh! lol

  78. Madison Schulmerich says

    for one, Chelsea like i said hes being a dork

  79. Stephany Hampton says


  80. Lili Griffin says


  81. Chelsea Rachel Medina says

    And shes winning or is it he??? °.°

  82. Stephany Hampton says

    I know that's right he sure is being a dork

  83. ndidi agbogu says


  84. Helen Sun says


  85. Khalia Sulker says


  86. Helen Gilmore says

    ROFL Love it….so does my son 🙂

  87. Stephany Hampton says

    Smh….whoever these people are. They have to be lowlives and have nothing else to do but embaress themselves

  88. Nancy Chang says

    It seems like fun! 😉

  89. mia Cmurphy says

    Cool I love toad

  90. Stephany Hampton says

    By driving down a new york street like that..that is so retarded to think there supposed to be adults0.o

  91. alaker carson says

    umm what

  92. briana morones says

    haha thats funny

  93. Jay Cantu says

    I did add Mario RX to my Wii recently along with Mario 3. How innocent those games were compared to so many games now where your aim is to kill people, zombies, or aliens

  94. Lili Griffin says

    why are you being so rude + Stephany Hampton 

  95. Audrey Liao says

    AWSUM!!!! 😀

  96. Nancy Chang says

    I guess some people are just like that, they want attention. + Lili Griffin 

  97. leezzy Mc Ananama says


  98. Yesenia Portillo says

    Wow! Those people know the true meaning of chilling out and JUST having fun in life! ?Awesome!!!

  99. Lili Griffin says

    oh well i think its pretty funny anyone who is hating on this must be jealous + Nancy Chang  

  100. Andrea Romero says

    I would totally be in that race if I was able to!??

  101. Jay Cantu says

    Well said Yesenia…good for them

  102. Lillabelle Becky says

    Thats awesome!

  103. London M Jhonson says


  104. Rosie Williams says

    + Amanda Blain tht is so true but y is princess peach a guy?

  105. Lili Griffin says

    thank you +jasmin tomlinson,+Yesenia Portillo,+SaRa Beara,+Helen Gilmore 

  106. Erica Salas says

    Thats sad. Really sad.

  107. Sophie Bredhauer says


  108. Sarah W. says

    Um… Haha?

  109. Semaj Mcdonald says

    Lol that's cool

  110. Bethany Walls says

    loll haha this is sopmething me and my friends would do.xD

  111. Hannah Arado says

    Princess Peach…is a man?!

  112. Sarah Feng says

    something i would do.

  113. Hannah Zeilbeck says

    are they at delfino square???

  114. Afifa Bhatti says

    i'm now scared of princess peach

  115. Aura Gochenour says

    what the heck! mario cart?

  116. Niecey Jay says

    i wanna play

  117. Becky Liddell says

    asdf this is awesome

  118. Kit O'Brien says

    Omg that would be AWESOME!!!!!!

  119. Kaitlin Tzefakes says

    haha SO true.

  120. Susan Suarez says

    Gives me an idea for Comic Con!

  121. Alison Green says


  122. Leonicia Grijalba says


  123. Treyson Hooker says

    are they real life mario kart

  124. Anjali Tom says


  125. Jill Thurston says

    I wanna play also.

  126. Rund Sharif says

    HAHA! So funny! Is that a guy in a princess peach costume! If anyone was in a princess peach costume I think it would be a girl ha so Funny!

  127. sarah isawesome says

    peach is just a guy in a wig and toad is not a midgit in that picture…
    still pretty funny thought

  128. Ary Gray says

    I would totally ride Yoshi! 😉

  129. Jimmy Robison says

    Baby mario!!

  130. Janalyce Lane says

    OMG princess peach is a man!!!!¡!!!!!

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!

  131. Alex Elliott says

    You meant by Wii was N64……..right?

  132. Margarita Ramos says

    wierd but fun and funny

  133. Per-Morten Fagerdal says

    I think the princess looks better on the video game 🙂

  134. Loving Findingme says

    Ha ha Ive got to show this to my little boy tomorrow he's mario mad x

  135. Jaden Pickrel says

    lOve it!!!   LOL!!!!!!!

  136. iriana shell says

    OMG crazy but, hahaha funny!

  137. Sonny Kirkendall says

    What these guys couldnt find one female in the world that wanted to be a princess.

  138. Caitlyn O'Leary says

    so un cool

  139. Khoi Tran says

    Let's throw real turtles at them!

  140. Mara Mascaro says

    ehm. is peach a guy?

  141. Valarie Ponce says

    Looovee it.

  142. Manuella Betaille says

    Mario cart is a fun game – I really enjoy playing it with my kids except they never let me choose the character I want  🙂

  143. Caleb Pfeifer says

    is peach a dude!!!???

  144. Serena Parris Ferrell says


  145. Tia King says

    Peach looks so fake and barbieish

  146. Moira White says

    Peach is in the leaaadd ;D

  147. Sudeshna De says

    Uhh maybe cause peach is a man

  148. Thomas Mason says

    Fake. Toad isn't that tall in real life.

  149. Emily Pierce says


  150. yonathan kebede says

    id be mario!!

  151. Denver Johnson says

    i swear i thoght i had all the pics of me and my freinds  one of there b-days deleted lol 😀

  152. Lilly Campbell says


  153. Jackie Blunt says


  154. Marian Wyatt says

    LOVE!!!  I heart Toad!!!

  155. Mohammad Noman says


  156. maisha foyez says


  157. bernice diaz says


  158. Keisha Montalban says

    Wow.. that was fun

  159. Mark Carlson says

    Luv Mario kart on line international.

  160. Chuck Kuykendall says

    I'm always the Mushroom Guy, you know, what's-his-face.

  161. Sharlene Parentila says

    Why is a guy princess peach

  162. Madison Hogan says

    thats sick

  163. Macey Carroll says

    peach looks like a guy

  164. Regina Truitt says

    That looks like fun

  165. Maia Washington says

    +Chuck Kuykendall toad? lol

  166. Margarita Ramos says

    lol right

  167. karrien mansukhani says

    LOL so cool

  168. Lindsey Geisz says


  169. Kristen Ward says

    my brothers currently collecting all kinds of Mario sh*t…have 2 admit, he's got cool stuff!

  170. JASMIN TAYLOR says


  171. Matthew Panzer says

    #lookslegit … holy &%$#! Princess Peach is a guy!

  172. Jonathan DeJong says

    luv u peach; not letting the fact that you're a transvestite get in the way of ur fabulous racing fun ;P mario must be so proud :)))))) <3

  173. Elias Mejia says


  174. Jess Van Cleef says

    Where's DK? 😮

  175. Kaili Shorey says

    lol peach is a guy and it looks a little wrong

  176. Margarita Ramos says


  177. Margo Studer says

    pfft so not original that's my life every day

  178. Sandy Hernandez says

    Where's Daisy? She would beat Peach!

  179. Morgan Rouse says

    lol but toad looks odd

  180. Pauletha Tassin says

    I would totally join them. ^_^

  181. Tanara Hills says

    is peach a guy in this pic

  182. Vera Wolf says

    what …there are no female gamers willing to play "peaches" part? lol

  183. Michael Poku says

    lol at princess

  184. Amber Ray says

    omg hilarious! haha there's a guy dressed as a princess… awkward…

  185. Monica Antunez says


  186. Danielle Johnson says

    omg wow amazing i want to join

  187. Margarita Ramos says

    princess peach is wierd 

  188. raevyn riles says

    That's cool

  189. Riley Valdez says

    LOL 😀 That is awesome! What's going 2 happen 2 the wii when the wii u comes out though?

  190. Aldo Watler says

    Lol epic!

  191. Evalynne Gelinas says

    Is that Princess Peach a man…

  192. Christoph Schnellbächer says

    I wish there was one of them about to throw a banana on the picture 🙁 But still hilarious! 😀

  193. catrina peck says

    cool i would totally be in that race 😉

  194. Hannah White says


  195. victor reiiez says


  196. Riley Valdez says

    ROTFL! 😛

  197. saiqa khan says

    i agree that its a fun game

  198. Susie Herrera says

    awesome now thats a race

  199. starr shelton says

    not peach she is a he in dis pic lol

  200. Hikaru Dunham says

    mario cart!!

  201. Margarita Ramos says

    lol right 

  202. Inez DePonceau says

    When I saw Princesss Peach thought this was literally a DRAG race… No pun intended!

  203. Amanda Blain says

    Mind blowing that the "princess peach is a dude here" is the most commented feature… 

    PS.. I have mario kart on the WII. Get with the times.

  204. Ruyana Dassu says

    ahahahah!!!!! its a beautiful nightmare coming true!

  205. Sophia Stana says

    I luv Mario Kart! but do you notice a dude is Princess Peach?

  206. Elaine Rose says

    lol Mario kart

  207. Layba Zaman says

    haha, that would be fun tho 

  208. mike meyers says

    CIRCUS IS IN TOWN. no, its just my family

  209. MacKenzie Quick says

    that is what i was going to say 

  210. Abbie IE Wagner says

    i want to play!!

  211. Kayla Lucas says

    If they have a worldwide contest for that i would DEFINETLY sign up for it…

  212. Tiyauna Byrd says


  213. Bethany kim says

    wow that is pretty cool

  214. faith Kichens says


  215. Murphy Ma says


  216. Gabrielle Marin says

    WOW!!! Love How Princess Peach Isn't Even A Girl!!!!

  217. Pattullo McCallum says

    Lol! I <3 Mario Cart!

  218. Pattullo McCallum says

    oops Kart

  219. isabel walles says

    what the hell

  220. Sarah Richey says


  221. Daren Maltese says

    YESSS! I LOVE it!

  222. Sophie Shelbourne says

    Crazy. I wonder who princess peach would be?!?

  223. meggen ducusin says

    thats awesome! 

  224. Olivia Parra says

    lol! that is soo funny!

  225. zulkiflie md salleh says

    wow!! game characters came to live…

  226. Olivia Parra says

    how ironic, i kept lookin up Mario & Luigi sparta remixes on Youtube & i was talking about video games. & then i saw this picture! LOL

  227. Robert Froese says

    I woulda been rollin' on the ground laughing my butt off if I saw this in the street!

  228. Vicky Toledo says

    in real life it doesn't look so fun…or good quality… ;D

  229. Olivia Parra says

    gotta agree with Robert.

  230. Ariana Cardona says

    l to da ol lmfao

  231. Jennifer Bennett says

    Is it just me or is it kinda sad that none of these guys had a girlfriend willing to dress up, so we've got a drag princess?

  232. Kumar Raja says


  233. Keshia Bressler says

    My son asked why is Princess Peach a guy, lol.

  234. Olivia Parra says

    i would be dying from laughter if i saw that! this is just freakin hilarious!

  235. Olivia Parra says

    who wouldnt be laughing if they saw this?

  236. Alanna Heck says


  237. Mikayla Orrico says

    Haha so true

  238. Na Hee Won says


  239. alenka drokina says


  240. Stephanie Slaughter says


  241. Alyssa Wilson says

    I'll bet that drew a lot of eyes.

  242. Jessica Wright says

    why is PP a guy?

  243. Elise Vandersnick says


  244. Yadira Muro says

    Yoshi and toad!

  245. julia gentile says


  246. Ashlee Vasquez says

    it looks soooo real lol

  247. Gabby Mathews says


  248. Avianna Williams says

    why is PP a dude and not a gal

  249. Jared Harborne says

    that is funny tee-hee!

  250. daneillia wright says

    Hhhaaaaahhaaaa like fa real y is pp a guy

  251. Sara Stebbins says

    what I would do to see this, says yoda

  252. Anneke Vosburgh says

    wow very interesting………..I think.  Maybe a little disturbing too.  lol

  253. Tim Calhoun says


  254. Isobel Todds says

    My teacher Mr.Brown would LOVE that picture! lol he loved mariokart with all his liddo heart.. 😀

  255. matti davis says


  256. Georgia Wells says

    Awesome… Imagine the people who are driving normal cars reactions!!

  257. Anna May says

    I like the princess peach dude in the front…… haha

  258. Maira Juarez says

    Ha! Love this. 😉

  259. Natalie Scher says

    Mario Parade! lol 🙂

  260. Tierra Garvin says

    Shouldnt peach be a girl not a man??????????

  261. mila chodak says

    lol love it

  262. Arnie Borg Saballo says

    nice 🙂

  263. bri markes says


  264. Moeez Raza says


  265. Louie DeAngelis says

    Mario Kart on the Wii sucked! Timed battles? What's that about, donkey? MKDD FTMFW.

  266. Zoe Dorsey says

    Mareo mareo mareo

  267. Aj Hasan says

    Princess Peach is SO a dude!

  268. Lynne Kang says

    LOL. Peach is a boy 😛

  269. Micah Mercil says

    Haha, kids loved it.

  270. Jezreel Martinez says

    I want to try this lol

  271. jessie diaz says


  272. Will Brown says

    They really should have got a lady to be in the princess peach suit.

  273. marissa addison says

    ilove mario kart on the wii

  274. Puji Suripto says

    I was have

  275. Asia Karriem says


  276. Shannon Olivia Sharp says

    Yes!!! Love it!!! My sons favorite!! For Halloween he wanted me and his lil sis to be a Mario character, me, princess peach, of course!!! I love him so much!!!! Makes me feel so good… A child's unconditional love…. Nothing like it 🙂

  277. Afifa Bhatti says

    yoshi's tail is GONE! and he got a growth spurt

  278. Bill Anderson says


  279. Eduardo Evaristo Roman says

    Lol, so freaking funny!

  280. Carmen Hokum says


  281. Abdulla Belhoul says


  282. Shichiro Shinobi says

    man-peach? o – o

  283. Julia M. says

    A guy is dressed up as princess peach

  284. vuli bale says


  285. Katie Claytor says

    is princess peach a man?!

  286. Norma Lee says

    Love peach!! Lol too funny.

  287. Saiko Shiroto says

    I never knew peach was a man lol

  288. Daniel Hernandez says

    Ugh I knew it. Princess peach is a man

  289. Carlyn Tan says

    Ha ha that is funny!

  290. Emily Rosenberry says

    just what i was thinking. mentally scaring.

  291. Rehman Tahir says

    o what a cycling yar

  292. Olivia Jackman says


  293. Jonathan Mayer says

    This is what console games do to people…

  294. Shannon Podolski says

    Y is peach a boy that's just wrong

  295. Carmen Hokum says


  296. cassie hersman says

    haha love it 😉

  297. Jennifer Hutcherson says

    peach is a guy?

  298. Vivi comesetumorireoggi says


  299. Emily Caton says

    Some people have way too much time on their hands!

  300. Matt Baughman says

    new level

  301. Prashanth Pawar says

    nice activity .

  302. aixa burgos says

    Toad is too big and princess peach needs to shave her legs lol

  303. Olivia McClain says

    I love how Peach is wearing converse. 😀 <33333

  304. Kira Sheldon says

    is that a man in a dress????? O_O

  305. Alexis Tadiello says


  306. Lili Arbo says


  307. Mohamed Shokr says

    Can they blow bombs in real life looool 🙂

  308. Lydia Floyd says

    i never knew peach was a man

  309. Jonathan Kingsley says

    tmc: too much cosplay! really funny tho

  310. Julia Popew says


  311. Faith Brack says

    wow thats scary

  312. Carly Pinto says

    That's fricken awesome…but a woman needs to play peach!!

  313. Yuik Shoma says

    That's so funny I love gocarts. 😀

  314. Ford Maudsley says

    wow and bananas would go flyin everywhere to

  315. Abria Parrott says

    yoshi yoshi

  316. Joe Moreno says

    Where is this in front of? Looks like the Stock Market from Dark Knight Rises I think.

  317. Simone Foster says

    that is one of the most coolest things i've ever seen

  318. Fallen Angel says

    amazing i would love to do that one day lol

  319. Stephany Hampton says

    How do you reshare?

  320. Kira Dread says

    LOL Is that peach a man?! Mario Cart sure brings back memories. xD

  321. Dominic Maca says

    Needs more blue shells….

  322. anna norton says


  323. Zeri Deemy says

    Hahaha kool ???? REALLY KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  324. Carmen Hokum says

    click the curvy arrow under the picture

  325. M. Z. Buschman says

    mariokart is the best

  326. Rose Brownadut says

    I would think because he's just peachy. LOL

  327. Katherine Nehrbass says

    Peach is a cross dresser apparently

  328. Melanie Siacotos says


  329. Lili Arbo says


  330. Christine Magdongon says

    Makes me want to play Mario Kart Double Dash again. This is super awesome!!!

  331. Gio Kim says


  332. Jlynn Vallecorsa says

    It looks like men are women and women are men

  333. Alejandro Benavides says

    Not sure if posted, but I think this is more like it.

    Real Life Mario Kart!

  334. Tiffanie Arias says

    PEACH IS A SHEHE!!!????? i knew it all along

  335. Jennifer Barr says

    very funny!

  336. Merpati Putih says


  337. Fallen Angel says

    lol i would be dasiy

  338. Connor Cook says


  339. Mahal Schroeder says

    peach looks very hot lol

  340. Alex Foster says


  341. Nicole Andrade says


  342. Luz Mascorro Ramirez says

    indeeed she does ^

  343. Jack Stalnaker says

    hahaha just like remi gallard or somthin

  344. daisia stillwell says


  345. Ivy Fuller says

    lol cool!!

  346. Jerry Vance says

    That would be so sweet

  347. Mary Larkin says


  348. Jason Chen says

    Wow !

  349. LexiH Hermes says

    What in the world!

  350. Sarah Mather says


  351. Mollie Ban says

    that is amazing.

  352. deane schure says

    is it delfino square

  353. Olivia Parra says

    Peach's butt is huge

  354. Danasia Sneed says

    thats funny

  355. Briana Winkworth says

    I love that peach is a dude…and are those converse?

  356. Anita P.M. says


  357. shannon carr says

    u guys see that peach is a guy to, right?

  358. Carlo Green says

    Wish I could have been there. My kids would have loved to see Mario and gang.

  359. Gianna Scoma says

    creepy! lol

  360. Chloe Cloudywillow says

    Rofl! So funny that Princess Peach is a guy! Luv Mario Kart 😀

  361. Mabrouk Riadh says

    hallo ai want to make a relationship with you,this is my e-mail: [email protected]

  362. jason byas says

    My daughter loves this pic. LOL

  363. Agrayan Gupta says


  364. RagingTaryaki Man says


  365. mia ayala-mojica says


  366. Gaby Anderson says

    + shannon carr 

  367. Gaby Anderson says

    I ?Toad

  368. sam stephens says

    he probley got out of the shot lol hahaha must suck for them

  369. Jamie Long says

    Love Mario kart

  370. Rena The XV says

    People who are able to cosplay are soooo lucky…

  371. Iris Palmer says

    i love maro cart and this is really  funny!!!!

  372. Richelle Phillips says

    Pfft XD

  373. Jane Huang says

    lol is that a guy in the princess peach costume?? teehee so cute.

  374. Taylor Halberg says

    LOL…looks kinda fun! luv mario!!

  375. Justin White says

    the princess is fugly

  376. Nadia Etzinger says


  377. Karen Montejano says

    That's cool

  378. Benjamin Torres says


  379. Liza Kim says


  380. zaini imanda says

    wow bravoo

  381. Cianne Smith says

    mario karts go!!! 🙂

  382. Mackenzie White says

    hell yea

  383. chris cis says

    Amanda would make a much better princess

  384. Ryanel Sanchez says

    Mario Kart 64 is the best of them all!

  385. Ally George says


  386. David Adank says

    This is hilarious 😀

  387. Mary Babinchak says

    heh heh, it's true tho

  388. Shin Yen Low says

    how do you ride this stuff??
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    I use to like playing.that game.

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    And I wouldn't mind being Princess Peach either 😉

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