1. Florian Rohrweck says

    yep 🙂

  2. Frank Merchant says

    I can't help but think that poor little guys last thought was: oh swEET GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  3. David Moralez says

    Where I work, switch the developer with tester and know you're talking! 😉

  4. Billy Spelchan says

    Your picture fails to show the cliff in the opposite direction.

  5. Kelly Allen says

    OMG!, that is exactly how I feel. It's hard to be a developer.

  6. Sean Patrick says

    What is that thing?

  7. Cordell Lawrence says


  8. Sean Patrick says

    LOL, looks like a wet rat…hope they enjoy.

  9. Paul Gatling says

    + Sean Patrick dinner…

  10. diane swan says


  11. Drew Jones says

    It has become life lesson #363456243523

  12. John Howard says

    Sean Patrick from the picture, I am guessing a snack.

  13. basma Umoh says

    (funny).not always easy but a lil more effort can bring a good result.

  14. Stephen Jennings says

    So true!

  15. Qiu Yun Luo says

    very true???

  16. Margaret Hester says

    ohhh + StillmanAdam 

  17. Manojkumar Muralidharan says

    A developer's life ! So true 

  18. ryadh benammar says

    It deppend on developper's knowledge !!

  19. Jim McCloskey says

    …only sometimes?

  20. Ashlyn Beynon says


  21. Josh Kowalski says

    Thanksgiving came early this year guys

  22. Dennis Reed says

    As a former tester, why is it that every time we got a new build it was always available Friday at 5pm?

  23. altagracia corporan says

    que abusadores son

  24. David Hallum says

    Glad the tester is represented!

  25. David Hallum says

    + Dennis Reed That is soooo true! I was supposed to have a build today….guess what?! It's been postponed…imagine that. I wonder if it will be ready by tomorrow at 5?!

  26. Stuart Arnett says

    economic developer in today's climate? same thing! LOL, thanks.

  27. Ronald Czik says


  28. Bella Hoffman says

    wow funny

  29. Alvin Quidem says

    Even though I'm sure this isn't the case in the picture,  I kind of saw the tester as trying to get to the developer and save the day by letting them know all the bugs in the software so that they can fix it before the managers and clients get to them.  See + Amanda Blain , the helpful tester to the rescue. =)

  30. Daniel Mitchell says

    Yep when something goes wrong its the devs fault, if the project is successful the manager gets the praise

  31. Zain Usmani says

    Creative team 🙂

  32. Paul Dorchak says

    I try to be nice to my developers but sometimes they lack in the communications department

  33. Amanda Blain says

    Noted.. high amount of vocal testers following me here 🙂

  34. Donnie Patterson says

    I feel ya

  35. Paul Dorchak says

    I'm hoping to move into business analysis soon

  36. Paul Dorchak says

    I do have all the respect in the world for my devs

  37. Joshua Pritt says

    Funny because it's true!

  38. Daniel Mitchell says

    + Alvin Quidem the testers are trying to be the first to the scene so they can tell everyone about the DEFECT!! When the bug makes it into production (ie the tester didn't find it) the picture will show the testers lying down asleep and the managers and clients in the lead.

  39. Layba Zaman says

    Hmmm, I don't know

  40. Steve Sutherland says

    Haha, funny but so true!

  41. Kirk Ford says

    Honey badger don't care.

  42. Isa Clinton says


  43. Steve Cole says

    The Developer needs to go independent and get a backer (an Elephant).  Tigers don't match up to Elephants.

  44. Jim Beardsley says

    Very true, of course — but i always thoht of myself more as a tortoise.. proud, very calm, very patient, always analytical, confident, wise, tough shelled (impervious to all the hype, and teeth? what teeth?), intimately aware of everything that trips-up everyone running around, always accused of being too slow, and very nearly always right.

  45. akshat sharma says

    I hear you. Add design to the pack.

  46. Kishan Lingampally says


  47. Alvin Quidem says

    Yeah, I was throwing testers a bone there + Daniel Mitchell .  Most of my testers are pretty much asleep and don't seem to find easy to spot bugs.  I rely more on my automated unit tests to save me.  When a bug is found after release, the testers are usually right with the clients and managers complaining to me on how could we have shipped with such a known bug.  I've learned to just take the brunt of it and just SMH.  As a developer, you will rarely win that fight.  =)

  48. singavarapu john paul says

    good concept

  49. Alexandre Pina says

    great,… interesting point of view.

  50. Nelson James says

    Add anyone creating something. There's no patience for creation in the business world. Even though that's one of the most essential parts of business.

  51. Trisha Samseli says


  52. Daniel Mitchell says

    + Alvin Quidem all so true. What makes it harder for me is that we are still 10 years behind in the land of .Net 1.1 and visual studio 2003 and our badly written software (written well before i was there) has no automated tests at all. Every minute change is potential for new bugs.

  53. Paul Bennett says

    lol well Nelson, aint the developer the one creating?

  54. Antonio Tangarife says


  55. James O'Brien says

    That's the truth

  56. Patrick Armstrong says

    Perhaps the bird is sitting on a patch of quicksand, and just LOVES tiger eyeballs for lunch.

  57. Joe Szweda says

    Ugh…I once was a developer. I never saw clients. I was the tester. I also figured things that the managers couldn't. So in the spirit of taking pride in what it is I did (or attempted to do), and adding value to things, and trying to remedy issues before they became problems, I got FIRED!

    That's one of many reasons why I don't bother with that line of work anymore. It's a game of one upsmanship, and when you do what 5 managers and directors tell you to do as they tell you, that's no good either-and you get fired for that too. (shrugs)

  58. James O'Brien says

    It's not the easiest job in the world, that's for sure.  I just took a year off from burn out.

  59. James Barrow says

    + Brian Strader Look familiar?

  60. Joel Watson says

    Where is the designer, sitting in the tree, safe from danger, laughing himself silly?

  61. T.Stephen Gaunt says

    The only hope is that in the ensuing pandemonium, the "developer" will be able to escape with just a few feathers missing…….but probably not.

  62. Iris Wang says

    lol 😀

  63. morgan cioth says


  64. Alvin Quidem says

    All I can say about that + Daniel Mitchell  is RUN far far away from that project.  There is no way to know what ripples a small change may make.  My guess is the designer didn't document the design flow much and isn't accessible to ask questions to because they decided to try other "pursuits".  To relate your situation to the picture, the tigers have already eaten one developer and are looking for seconds. lol

  65. Fermin June III Alegro says

    the tester isn't a tiger its internet explorer 6.  much more horrifying than a tiger.

  66. angel anwar says


  67. Kaitlyn Greenwood says

    omg that is so awesome. 😀 lol 🙂

  68. Dwayne Hoy says

    Sums it up perfectly

  69. Leonardo Armero Barbosa says

    jajajajajajaja it's true

  70. Ebenezer Edwards says

    couldn't agree more

  71. Donald Petty says


  72. Taylor Wackford says


  73. Carlos Rojas says

    Oh gosh! The pressure XD

  74. Miguel Martinez says

    Really good I like it

  75. Wissal Aboulwafa says


  76. Santonious Lee says

    oo shit see i told the rabbit wrong turn dame it 

  77. daisy ortega says

    dont get it

  78. Sherry Ziegelmeyer says

    Not just developers – publicists, graphic designers, actors, the list goes on . . . LOL

  79. Tiger Crouching says

    What is it? a rabbit? I can fend off tester easily… but others…

  80. Mamun Hossain says

    They are hungry

  81. George Rapko says

    I'm a tester but I don't like squirrel.

  82. Daniel Mitchell says

    + Alvin Quidem haha yes very true. No docs, nothing. We are currently working on a project in .net 4 to re-write some of  it (it's like heaven being able to use new tools) there have been many misunderstandings about cost (budgeted for before any estimates!) and delivery time frames and the constant threat of the project being cancelled and all our development being outsourced to India as a result.

  83. Donald Campan says

    lol perfect.

  84. Jason Halliburton says

    That's a dead duck,Lol

  85. Will Song says


  86. Vince Manayaga III says

    + Daniel Mitchell Yep when something goes wrong its the devs fault, if the project is successful the manager gets the praise…Amen to that!

  87. Primož Vovk says

    Haha, indeed 😀

  88. Mark Stewart says

    so true for even us techs

  89. Vahid Eghbal says

    It is probably thinking to save them from death!!!

  90. Paul Hemmings says

    I just shared this picture with my fellow developers. They agreed.

  91. Susan L Smith says

    This is true for nurses, too

  92. Zaka Peter says

    fly away bird!!

  93. Abdulmajed Bawzeer says

    yes Ihave seen it in real life

  94. skansa s a says

    One at a time or all together!! I'm not scared!! (stupid bird)

  95. Gabe Trout says

    (Aaand this is why I'm going for analog and power systems instead of the more digital side of the situation xD)

  96. Nicholas Hodges says


  97. Jason Halliburton says

    Playin possom won't work this time I smell blood,l Let's gettem!!

  98. Anubis De León says

    Poor little developer!!!

  99. Luke Painter says

    looks like a turkey now, wait til ya get closer…

  100. Ricardo Ferro says

    I don't feel like like that [when it works perfectly that is].

  101. Rick James says

    He's fucked

  102. harmony torres says


  103. isabel loewe says


  104. Roy Lyons says

    And where is the cm team in all of this?

  105. Matt Meacham says

    if you are working for google its the other way around… thank god :o)  ( so i have heard, don't quote me on it )

  106. Sorin Alexandru Stuparu says

    He he he, try to be freelancer, you'll be the developer, the tester and the manager 😉

  107. Michael Kostrikin says

    Yes. :'(

  108. Eric Shechtman says

    I think it's a lot harder to be a tester than a dev. Being on the QA team is notorious for being God-awful.

  109. Leticia Soares says


  110. nikki williams says

    what the???

  111. Aamish Qazi says


  112. Jason Chen says

    haha !~

  113. yugi ramrayka says


  114. Nguyen Yui says

    It's so fun :))

  115. Rehan Arshad says

    somehow I agree 😉

  116. Sami Bajaj says


  117. Sami Bajaj says

  118. Sami Bajaj says
  119. Sami Bajaj says
  120. Sami Bajaj says
  121. Sami Bajaj says
  122. Sami Bajaj says
  123. Sami Bajaj says
  124. Chad Mosley says

    + Joe Frey haha

  125. Richard Johnstone says


  126. Mellissa Carrier says

    Not a bad advantage…lol

  127. CRH H says

    Run Developer Run!

  128. Jonghyun Seo says


  129. Fofo Bolaños says

    + Genaro Guerrero :-p

  130. Zon Petilla says

    LOL, I say get rid of the middle-men and just have the client eat the developer right away. 

  131. Faisal.M Siddique says

    its up to them

  132. Hal Cooper says

    When it team programming there is another developer there to eat you alive.

  133. Joseph Brindle says

    As a fellow developer, I can definitely say it feels a little like this, yes.

  134. Hal Cooper says

    Nothing is moving because scope is frozen.

  135. Kentaro Masuda says

    How very true!

  136. ?? says

     Very Good!

  137. One Take says


  138. Royal Gowtham says


  139. John Beland says

    Typical – no customer in sight!

  140. John Kim says

    I cracked up!

  141. Kamaksha rathore says


  142. Dustin Kick says

    Shouldn't the developer be riding a broken bicycle called "Development Environment"?

  143. Sari Kawasaki says


  144. daniel green says

    Holy hot developer

  145. Christian Bautista says

    Never felt that way.

  146. Oscar Tong says

    so true …

  147. Bree Nowak says


  148. Mitchell Pereira says

    ok, didnt see that coming

  149. Marie Miller says

    Oh and here I was trying to feel hopeful. Can google+ detect sarcasm? If not…Yeah, that's great! I love the fact that an animal has been put up for the slaughter for the sake of a good photo-post.

  150. Todd Maroney says

    oh this is so true… try it with one foot in the UI pool and the other in the developer pool. You get torn by the tigers on the developer side, and scavenged by the marketing hyenas on the other side…

  151. Andrea Stagi says

    Ouch, true story :

  152. Connor Smith says


  153. Ramilo Holter says

    can someone save the poor mousy,… from a pack of wild furry kitty…

  154. Dennis Reyes says


  155. Karen Banegas says


  156. Wade Johe says

    Lmfao…SNAFU LOL

  157. alen chesnut says

    haha no one will get this

  158. bethany falmer says

    Chuckles, why do I get the feeling that appetiser's last thought wasn't " you don't see a tiger all day in this zoo and then how many come running when I drop in to say hello?!"

  159. Chris Goodwin says


  160. Chris Goodwin says


  161. Chris Goodwin says


  162. Jerome Paul Esteban says

    I work in game development and this is way too true.

  163. Joseph Alviani says

    This is so true

  164. shailesh joshi says

    very nice….

  165. Kimy Hernandez says

    ha i never even thot of it that way

  166. Safeer Aln says


  167. Safeer Aln says


  168. Safeer Aln says


  169. FreeNew Bie says

    developer should be tiger 

  170. Priyom Dutta says

    i think its hard to be a devloper

  171. Ryan Morales says

    sometimes it really feels this way

  172. svin pham says

    danger is everywhere

  173. ramsey forton says


  174. Kacey Stevenson says

    Time to go underground..

  175. kamol ler says


  176. kamol ler says


  177. Manish Bhatt says

    as they come closer, will fly (change the job)

  178. Sek Huat Peh says

    is true…. 

  179. Samantha Cheng says

    Oh. It must be hard……..  I like tigers.  😀

  180. Sincerely George says

    Sad but true

  181. Sincerely George says

    Sad but true

  182. Joseph Colletti says

    so true

  183. Eric WC says

    Yes but developers rule when they get it right!!! Oh I'm just a businessman… lol

  184. Mark Peterson says

    developers Developers DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS!!!

  185. BT Onedem says

    Wondering why there's no end user in this picture? — they've been eaten already 🙂

  186. Isaac Campos says

    Wow this is so true

  187. Joppy Sugianto says


  188. Javier Ferreira says

    Amanda que hermosa y delicada mujer que eres me gustaria tener una charla con vos me interesa mucho

  189. ???? says

    1 buc anh that dep.

  190. Zeynab Idris says


  191. Zeynab Idris says


  192. Zeynab Idris says


  193. Zeynab Idris says


  194. Paúl Moreno Mora says


  195. Raju Middya says


  196. Juan Torres says

    true story

  197. Marie Binder says

    really true!

  198. Veronica Lealasola says

    lol…. yeup

  199. christopher castro says

    so true

  200. Ahmed Abuanda says


  201. abdul abdul says


  202. Luc Labonté says

    lol, love it!

  203. Issima Caldwell says

    thats a good thang

  204. Alfredo Eduardo Valdés Matta says

    this is true

  205. Fan Kpop says


  206. hawra jassam says


  207. Mua s?m says

    Ha ha. I'm Developer.

  208. Stacey Crutcher says


  209. Bradley Tremelling says

    Is that a honey badger?
    They don't know what their in for!

  210. Carlos L.M. says

    jajaj epic.

  211. Mark Campos says

    i think its a mongoose bred

  212. Stan Livshin says

    lol i am the manager … but this is soooooo not true!!!!

  213. alexis bianco says

    lol thats awsome

  214. Ralph Cloud says

    on a good note that's a Guinea hen they will all leave w/a full memory.

  215. Veronica Ferguson says

    lol i would be the client and i want anything

  216. manuel valdez says


  217. Mohamed Morsy says


  218. manuel valdez says


  219. Gavin Unrue says


  220. Gabe Zimbric says

    I feel that same way too. People rushing me on getting the final touches on a product!!

  221. jd scott says

    Amanda is kinda hot

  222. Peetasha Sawangarom says

    My job now seems precarious according to this post! lol.

  223. manda divakara says

    Funny and True

  224. Frank F.Simon says

    Ya nice one

  225. Frank F.Simon says

    Ya nice one

  226. Frank F.Simon says

    Ya nice one

  227. Frank F.Simon says

    Ya nice one

  228. Frank F.Simon says

    Ya nice one

  229. mitesh sanghrajka says

    This is really so stressful

  230. Zachary Hardy says

    ha, looks cool. lol

  231. tuan vo says

    hi Amanda. may i know you? i mean  can i make friend with you?
    my email is [email protected]

  232. Elyzsabeth Ahne says

    Developer? Proofreader/Copyeditor, too!

  233. Agung khoiri says


  234. Rona W says

    Haha xD the food system 

  235. glea gubaton says

    nicely put hahaha

  236. Andre Bell says


  237. Fitri Salh says


  238. Gavin Veitch says

    So true 🙁

  239. Gavin Veitch says

    So true 🙁

  240. Gavin Veitch says

    So true 🙁

  241. Eronisha Banks says

    Run developer Run LOL

  242. Chinthapally Raj says

    Its  Fentastic

  243. Ankush Teotia says

    bakvas hai sab

  244. Lord Bablu says


  245. Seth Muscarella says

    If that's a homey badger, he's got nothing to worry about.

  246. Adden padilla says


  247. molly heinzler says

    ha ha!

  248. rajesh dillibabu says


  249. Ammar Shbair says

    nice observation

  250. Renielen Quiman says

    poor developer LOL

  251. Faith Peterson says

    haha fuunnyy!!!

  252. Joel 'Senpai' Farris says

    Ok, that's funny! And so true! (Circled)

  253. Pratyush M.R. says

    tigers don't hunt in groups 

  254. Rose Brownadut says

    I guess it would depend on what you're developing! LOL

  255. Kalyne Oliveira says

    Ok, that's funny!

  256. Mohd Yusoff Alias says

    hahaha i like it. a new managment circle

  257. DANIEL BORJA says

    Amanda quite support your idea about the world but unfortunately nobody on this planet is concerned about what is happening around us and any time we lose our planet, beginning with the death of the animals.

  258. Liana Troshin says

    not enough of the developer

  259. christine christen says

    "No I Want World Peace" !!!!!!!

  260. shabeer m says


  261. Kath GM says

    true that =)

  262. matthew lane says

    fuck the tigers

  263. Landon Knauss says

    @matthew That's a whole other NSFW photo (Rule 34)

  264. Mary Panfil says

    hahaha. nice

  265. Roy Mercadian says


  266. steven williams says

    rather be the preadetor then the prey

  267. Abdul Ghafar says

    Aww.. So True.. It's always like this.. That's my everyday life 😀

  268. Maximiliano Ramírez says

    ajajaja I'm the tester

  269. Ann Fauzia says

    am I the tester? lol

  270. Sonu Gupta says

    so sw like

  271. Steadroy Thompson says

    lol > i can relate

  272. Rajneesh Kumar says

    his vry funny

  273. Tom Warne says


  274. Tai Tran says


  275. A J Lomo says

    I wonder which one is gonna eat him, :O

  276. jesse kazarian says

    thats cool

  277. Rajavel Thilagaraju says

    poor thing

  278. Jorge Márquez says

    True, it's really how it is, stress me up just looking at it lol, nice one

  279. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    love my manager for this reason – and I'm my own tester, stick that in your african pipe and smoke it

  280. Li Rainna says


  281. Kay Dellinoe says

    Life is hard in a business!

  282. Ginhinio fastboy says

    i dont agree sorry 

  283. Tim McCleerey says

    There are even more managers than devs! B-)

  284. Sarah Young says

    And why would that be???? btw cute pic

  285. Angel Leung says

    not a developer myself, but it definitely reflects how I felt this week.  Too many expectation, cannot breathe, just want to do something completely crazy and reckless.  🙂

  286. Frank Chircop says

    I totally agree with Kay.

  287. Sushobhan Anand says


  288. mohammad fareed says

    nicee. lol

  289. Bardi Harborow says


  290. Saqib Khan says


  291. ep rajashanthi says

    it shows the reality of life. always something is chased by somebody.

  292. GRISHMA PATEL says


  293. Paul Alfred says

    Again +Amanda Blain  you`re so ridiculously smart  and funny all at the same time … What other talents do you possess : >)

  294. Lacie Beavers says


  295. MIKE KIDD says

    Its the nature of the beast.

  296. MIKE KIDD says

    Its the nature of the beast.

  297. MIKE KIDD says

    Its the nature of the beast.

  298. Swapnil Jadhav says


  299. Ganesha Trengginas says

    oh my..what a poor developer

  300. Jorge M Ramirez says

    Except no developer is that skinny. Least none of the ones who've made comments so far.

  301. Matej Prochazka says

    use SCRUM! 🙂

  302. Faruq Sandi says


  303. Asif Naeem says

    hahahahaha…. 100% Agree….

  304. dayal info says

    kevu kaka
    Yes It is….

  305. Revathi suresh says


  306. Ritesh Kumar says


  307. rohit bhanda says

    Creativity at its best……

  308. aakash choudhary says


  309. Devadas Athiparamabathu says

    best creations

  310. uttam kumar says

    true to developers life

  311. Vaibhav Yadav says

    Z Jus Christ!! One developer is being follows by 6 clients, 3 Testers and 3 Managers.. how the hell Software Engineering is a very good profession.. 🙂 … Somehow it is.. yes and of course yes.. 

  312. Gabriel Araujo says

    or IT Support 

  313. Diasporic Literature says

    The secret is to use logic…

  314. Charles Blaze says

    poor dude

  315. Soumit Ranjan Jena says


  316. aakash choudhary says


  317. ?? ??? says

    + ???? ?????? 

  318. Walter Wesson says

    hahaha lol

  319. Sandeep Karhana says


  320. Ahmad Bilal says

    that's so funny……

  321. amp erial says

    Not if you work in a proprietary, closed company in which nothing is enforced which in turn, becomes a ** product.

  322. Vikas Patel says

    its true in IT compny…

  323. Jack Russel says

    hahahah that's reality

  324. Alwin Lim says


  325. Svasti Dutta says

    LMAO!!!! =D

  326. Justin Pederson says

    You forgot patent trolls 😉

  327. Regan Bates says

    Love tigers

  328. Panneerselvam Periasamy says

    s !!!bug !!! hahaha!!!

  329. pratik prajapati says

    u must be leader of the team hahahahha

  330. Tracy Burney says


  331. Jaya Kumar says

    Good Thoughts…

  332. anas schweigen says

    its good

  333. sunny balhara says

    its fact

  334. Alan Tran says


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  337. vinoth Kumar says


  338. vinoth Kumar says


  339. Atul Kumar says

    lovely yaar

  340. kanani dhaval says

    very good

  341. saurabh dixit says

    such hai 

  342. Himanshu Bhatia says

    reality …..

  343. Dimuthu Perera says

    they are hunting us…

  344. hank suszko says

    A 'Pride' dictionary. term for a "group" and/or family of Lions newer acronyms. available upon request?

  345. Zahid Butt says

    Poor developers!

  346. Nikhil Pareta says


  347. dasaradh Rammm says


  348. kshitij nashik says

    nice pic

  349. Sateesh Kumar Kanteti says

    Good One

  350. Tiffany Mathis says

    cool! tigers are awesome

  351. Jono Scaife says

    That's pretty much any job where you have a boss or a couple of them. managers make me laugh, without them people could actually do some work. 

  352. Nomeneta Saili says

    Really?. Not me. They have no option but to listen to me lol!. 

  353. Yadav Gangula says

    right happenes to developers .. but cool

  354. Joseph Martinez says

    all those tigers for that Lil piece of shit, yeah he is about to be develop into some food

  355. Amreet Kaur says


  356. Robert McGhee says

    Thats a lot of tigers

  357. Louie Palacios says

    So ture..



  359. NiShAnG Ad says


  360. Sharon dharani says


  361. Roland Scheithauer says

    So you better run and get yourself out of there…. 

  362. Gibson LesPaul says

    Challenge Anticipated… Challenge Accepted

  363. Hashem alDhaheri says

    1 vs n
    That's Braveness 8)))

  364. ranya ahmed says

    poor thing lol XD

  365. Fred Celio says

    oh Paleez my heart goes out to the poor little developer who knows it all and never gets it right the first time … works as designed … no [email protected]$%!

  366. Ben salapka says

    ha lol

  367. Devette Campbell says

    Get ready to battle or run!!!

  368. manu rembo says

    Haha lolest

  369. Jan Coleman says

    I can relate to this!!

  370. jagadesh jagan says

    nice baby

  371. Nelson Mackole says

    ooooooooh scared 

  372. Pradeep Vizag says

    wht a management…

  373. Harpreet Kaur says

    the developer is the one that has to invest their mind into the given project and sometimes have to take in harsh criticism and brunt when surrounded by unsatisfactory individuals, however the developer is the one that can bring into any chosen project or anything.

  374. Alex Ford says

    Yeah but sometimes I feel like my department deserves it. We treat the tigers like idiots where I work and then wonder why we're always victims.

  375. Harish Rohaj says

    Oh really. Agree.

  376. ???? ???? says

    May good

  377. Sean Chitwood says

    I kow everyone feels like they get the short end of the stick, but really devs, when testers say your code is wrong, replying "Yer doin' it wrong" is not a good healthy response.

  378. Chakari Young says

    Talk about back against the wall

  379. Aj Zaad says

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  380. sreehari v.s. says

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  397. Bharat Jangid says

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  398. Isabel Crist. Acosta R. says

    like every day looking for opportunities in a politic society.

  399. Sant N says

    haha…i can imagine

  400. Aprilian Wahyu says

    can`t say anything but agree on this one 🙂

  401. Kristin Milton says

    And somebody expects me to administer the system that results…

  402. Wilson Javier Forero says


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  410. syed shahazad says


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  412. Tristan Baker says

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  413. Gregory Ma says

    Poor developers… I am proud of you! 

  414. Mohit Nain says

    developer always caught from all sides. . . 🙁 

  415. Harianto Harianto says

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  429. majid afzali says

    Hello ,

  430. rahul jadhav says

    perfect baseness
    and perfect team work
    is called company

  431. Nikhil Deshmukh says

    It's All About,
    Term "BUSINESS"………..

  432. erica mann says


  433. sheema nazeer says

    o what a great social management.

  434. ramone simms says

    good work poto size each.

  435. Christopher Lombard says

    It's the feeling that I get from my clients.  my clients are the testers and the managers too, so I'm surrounded by all of them… lol

  436. Ji?í Chura? says

    I Can't agree. 
    The true is quite different. 

  437. gathenya patricks says

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  451. Mohammad Adnan says

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  452. marija marelic says

    Haha, i know someone who can relate to that + Miro Klarin

  453. marija marelic says

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  455. marija marelic says

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  462. yen kumaran says

    who gets the most food (salary)

  463. Muhammad Umar says


  464. Vladimir Zolotykh says

    It's a pity we don't see the face of the "developer", it'd add much to the picture. Nevertheless, the picture is brilliant.

  465. Subramanyam Dumay says

    very nice and funny

  466. Rinal Purba says

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  467. Faheem Ullah says

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  468. charles kafka says

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    finally doveloper will gone.

  474. Luca Piccardi says

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    i m tester


    True Amanda

  492. Atoshi Khadatkar says

    bechara developer 😛

  493. Sujith Menon says

    I'm a developer and it sometimes feels like that.

  494. sanches ben says

    knowing that you manage and the boss is just the best

  495. tomoe cookes says

  496. Kevin Paul says

    Universal fact!

  497. Kevin Paul says

    Universal fact!

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    Re-shared! 😀

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  506. Amelia Nguyen says

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