1. Dav Fish says

    That is REALLY cool!

  2. Jennifer Thomas says

    does it come with the view?

  3. Brenda Curtis says

    I would never, ever leave there.

  4. rhonda johnson-paschal says

    i want it now

  5. Michael Buttler says

    wow .. that is breathtaking ..

  6. Vahid Scrat says

    oh It's my dream

  7. Vahid Scrat says

    I want:(

  8. esteban perez says

    el mio tambien

  9. Wilvin Magallano says

    you got it sister! >.<

  10. sonu pawar says

    oh its realy a creative idea awesome think how relaxe that when bath

  11. Alicia Borley says

    i could probably stay in there forever.

  12. arnaud derollez says


  13. Madarar Uchiha says

    ohhhhh i like

  14. Kristoffer Sorensen says

    Don't show this to + Carrie K Sorensen … whoops.

  15. Trisha Standard says

    We can dream…

  16. Linda C Tidwell says

    I'll take one also.

  17. Isaiah Coffey says

    My entire body would be wrinkled because I would never exit that haven!

  18. Konstantin Klein says

    weird….. ocean is 10' away.
    sitting in a sup bowl and being rained at.
    can someone explain this to me.

  19. Donna Jordan says

    Oh my God!!!!! I want to be there forever!

  20. George Kozi says

    get in line Amanda….

    I wonder…. where do you put the champagne glass when you're in that?

  21. Arthur Eppley says

    hope the bowl isn't heated…. looks like a big bowl of soup lol

  22. Harfy Poirot says

    nice ^^

  23. dale connor says

    that just neat

  24. David Thompson says

    just the rain head is super expensive/shower head. some systems can be controlled to make you feel you are actually in the rain.

  25. Rita Boyer says

    That is paradise!!!!

  26. Dennis Bechtel says

    lovely shower &bath is it real? or is it photoshopped?

  27. David Thompson says

    its real and its super expensive!

  28. Paolo Bergamaschi III says

    parquet in the bathroom? not a good idea.. a part from that, i'd like something like that πŸ˜‰

  29. Kai Wen Franklin says


  30. John Hiley says


  31. Rebecca Schofield says

    I would put this to good use!

  32. md.muzahidul islam biplob says


  33. Trenton Wright says


  34. Joe Roeder says

    How wonderful that would be after a hard week of work!!

  35. shahab Gorji says

    where is that shower? i want it ………………………………..

  36. Khaled Hadjidj says

    Nice photo…………………………
    and very good shower………….

  37. Andreas Schiffmann says

    This is the right place too relax:)

  38. Suzanne Catty says


  39. Skye Delaney says

    How wonderful that would be if you didn't have to work at all? + Joe Roeder

  40. Jermetras Watson says

    If you want it, then go and get it. Set it as a goal of yours, do not think you can not have it…work towards ways that can help you achieve the things that you want. Also be patient when trying to achieve your golas. Beleive in yourself, and not let any one deter you from reaching your goals. Always think positive, now go and get what you deserve.

  41. Sean Dunn says

    hope you don't have a stalker.

  42. Mellie B says

    When Santa brings it, let me know, and I'll bring the wine πŸ˜‰

  43. Kimberlin Fuenmayor says

    -Gue encanta πŸ™‚

  44. Loren Parker says

    No shower curtain? It's gonna look like the place played host to a pack of bathing seals when you stand up and wash your hair…which brings me to the other curiosity — it's outdoors. Now I can understand a simple stall shower outdoors to rinse off after a dip in the ocean….but whole a bathtub? <LOL>
    That showerhead is awesome –especially compared to the drizzler I am currently using. I wonder if Santa might have two of those in his bag.

  45. Elena Corona says

    amazing lounge

  46. Scott Bergman says


  47. Charles Bodman says

    Sweet I'll take it.LOL

  48. Neiy Rodriguez says


  49. David Thompson says

    you guys think thats cool, look up the kohler ,k3900 numi toilet!!

  50. Jon Emmett says

    now thats pretty cool

  51. Adina PSA says

    This is beautiful…I presume this is in some tropical paradise? Lovely view and shower. Probably not best suited for winter but if you own that then I'll also presume you have a 2nd one indoors. πŸ˜‰

  52. Dennis Bechtel says


  53. Carlos Jaen says

    Amanda? Do NOT ask Santa. Didnt your mom tell you not to trust fat guys who sit young cutiepies on their laps to promise them a bunch of stuff they wont upkeep? I have done that at the strip club, but thats another matter.

  54. Hans Giesholt says


  55. David Thompson says

    i just posted the numi toilet so you guys can see, comes with own remote!

  56. Dennis Bechtel says


  57. Alessandra Amaral says

    adoraria entrar nesta banheira,que chuveiro bom,,,kkk

  58. PJ VanderKooij says

    Wow, a shower that I doesn't require me to duck to get my hair wet!

  59. David Thompson says

    this remote is perfect Dennis!

  60. Mari Arellano says

    I want one too!!!

  61. Sophie Kinsella says

    very beautiful

  62. Gabriella Aguillon says

    + wally aguillon yes please lol

  63. Karen T. says

    Looks like paradise!

  64. Sun-Nya Morrissette says


  65. Joe Lerdal says

    christmas is not for a while

  66. Tenela Ashok kumar says

    it`s nice

  67. Christine Miller-Allen says



    me encanto

  69. seyed morteza mir mazloomie says


  70. Juan Cristobal Moreno Santillan says

    good… very good

  71. ember mccauley says


  72. michael lee says

    Call me pragmatic, but when I look at that I see something to clean every night.

  73. Feroz Bakht says

    Now I know which shower to use in dreams.

  74. Iris Arndt says


  75. Ross Howard says

    I want one wow

  76. Edwyna Lewis says

    This is the perfect ahhhh moment…

  77. Ron Bird Jr says

    Me as well Santa….

  78. Christine Evans says

    I wonder how much water it holds? It looks cool, but it would consume a tremendous amount of water if filled and emptied daily.

  79. Thomas Stowe says

    + Amanda Blain <3

  80. Tatianna Goulart says

    Must be nice

  81. Marilyn Driesen says

    Life is just unfair! πŸ™

  82. Judy Thomas says

    work hard, that's what I want for Christmas

  83. Tynicia Thomas says

    Im in love πŸ˜‰

  84. brittany hall says

    i want one =)

  85. Tyas Beliebers says


  86. ssssssss4ever Go says


  87. Luis Lara says

    I like it

  88. Juan Cristobal Moreno Santillan says

    me I company you in this?? jeje

  89. Pat Nweke says

    Amanda, its really cool. But i womt advice you to wait for santa to get it for you.. Just come over.

  90. chika-jessica ikwuetoghu says

    Love this!

  91. ANISH MATHEW says

    Awesome..I would have lived in this pool without clothes whole my life.

  92. Pat Nweke says

    i like it

  93. Tyas Beliebers says

    hey hey…., chat with me

  94. Jameron McClain says

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Ntharotep Dragon says

    It looks cool but reminds me of a bowl of soup…which could ruin a bath…

  96. vijender kumar says


  97. Monika Sawant says

    i want it!!!!!!!!!

  98. Lionel LaCorbiere says

    This is truly [email protected] Blain

  99. Sylvia a.m says

    me 2

  100. Andrew D says

    Amazing! Now imagine it's raining outside. You jump in there, turn off the light except for maybe a few candles, and enjoy the view. Let the water fall on you as if it's raining on you.

    Who wants some?!?! Lol

  101. megan diamond says


  102. dorian mohammed says

    Oh lord I wish lol

  103. Pedro Paulo says

    Oooohhhh…. O.o.. I wannnt… yes i do..!

  104. pryanka kaushik says


  105. Whitney Hadley says


  106. Minhaj Ahmed says

    Wonderful!! another great way demonstrating how we can waste a whole lot of water!!

  107. Faye Goode says

    Really love this :>)

  108. Renae Martin says

    I might give up my husband to have that bath! lol

  109. Ne Chick says

    That is Sweet!

  110. Elvia Watkins says

    i want this!!!

  111. maiano guillaume says

    Windy. I'd say, glass walls, please.

  112. Jonathon Sifuentes says

    i want to smash my girl in there …_with Hector ramerez

  113. olauyi olakunle joseph says

    This is cool and lovely

  114. Gene Bowker says

    sweet =)

  115. roy montgomery says

    wow how nice is that.

  116. Abdus Salam says

    cool, like one as well

  117. Donovan Farley says

    whoaaaaaa! sexyy

  118. maiano guillaume says

    + David Thompson Where I live, if you want to feel like you're under the rain, you can just go outside.

  119. Paul Castillo says

    woow where is that located?

  120. Emily Gill says

    wow that is sweet

  121. Samuel Adams Arnold Jr. says

    ok honey

  122. Delaney Bird says

    that is awesome

  123. Coty Edwards says

    that looks so beautiful

  124. Ashka Saxena says

    simply WOW !!!!

  125. mecala showalter says


  126. salih ibrahim says


  127. Soumo basu sarbadhikari says

    santa is busy!

  128. jerrnard smith says

    u fine

  129. andrea karen del prado says

    so cool!

  130. Mark Herndon says

    That is pretty neat

  131. John Strobel says

    How did you get a picture of my bath?!?!

  132. mariam alamoudy says

    that's a nice shower!

  133. bilal khan says

    seems to say lolzzzz

  134. Austin Kowalczyk says

    thats awsome

  135. Nehemiah Negron says

    Just one question: Where's the shower curtains?

  136. samantha stuart says

    "All I want for Christmas is Th-at"!!!!!

  137. Nicola Losacco says

    Se nè gradisce una anche da queste parti, con mare a vista. Grazie

  138. Jamal Porter says


  139. Shanni Woods says

    i want one!

  140. Bhanu Bajpai says

    Such a cool shower…

  141. peter matthew says

    thats nice Fx Hot Bot.

  142. Tijo Tharakan says

    Hi, santa pls help me and her with the same bath tub

  143. Aakanskha Mahajan says


  144. sharif uaddin says


  145. shannon blake says

    thats awsome i whant it lol

  146. Perr Mittelstaedt says

    Minimalist cool with a fantastic view !

  147. Rajya Wardhan says

    you can not be alone there

  148. nick c says


  149. Jomo Fisher says

    Looks adding a dash of salt to a bowl of soup

  150. Katie Cochran says

    that is so cool

  151. Xhamira D. says

    If there's something that keeps the water at your desired temperature, that would be the ultimate win and ultimate [email protected][email protected]

  152. Luis Fajardo says

    Hi, santa I want one too. I have been a good boy.

  153. Arunam Gupta says


  154. Iris Ruban says

    I want this for my birthday!!

  155. Kevin Wang says

    that looks cool

  156. Malik Robinson says

    whats this

  157. Maurice Johnson says

    Its a human soup bowl πŸ˜€

  158. cheryl flanagan says

    and it doubles as a great punch bowl for a crowd! πŸ™‚

  159. Kyle Chavez says

    that is so cooooooooooooooooollllllll

  160. Benjamin Brown says

    to me that is the same thing

  161. Valerie Ski says


  162. Araceli Sandoval says

    If only!

  163. Helene DeLillo says


  164. Jamal causey says

    me 3

  165. JamieRenee Landis says

    Dang! me too!

  166. mustafa bayan says


  167. Beola Moore says

    Love it!

  168. Angel Naylor says

    I sure hope that's a cautioned off private beach…Imagine the reputation it'd get amongst the horny locals!

  169. Marchon Van Vooren says

    how beautiful!

  170. merci Schuster says

    woooow im speechles

  171. CHAD SOLER says


  172. Muhammad azkia murtada says

    I want

  173. Victor Kubiliun says

    That looks amazing!!! i want two!!! LOL

  174. Mark graham says

    wish i had a view like that

  175. xanthia abram says


  176. Mamoor Masoomi says

    I wish to be there in that tub….

  177. Nadine Soleiman says

    That should be one of the world's seven wonders… scratch that! Not one of those monuments match up to THIS!

  178. Ezzeldin Rafat says

    WaaaW! πŸ˜€

  179. Ashkan Dolati says


  180. ravikumaraan nair says

    wanted to have also..fingers crossed

  181. Cynthia Cale says

    Very very very nice … amazing.

  182. Sanjita Chatterjee says

    I want that too.

  183. Raise Muhammed says

    I would like to bath…

  184. Damilka Rosario says


  185. Julian Powell says

    Its been photoshoped

  186. Deanna Cushman says

    me too πŸ™

  187. Queen von says

    Geez, wouldn't that just SUCK? You'd look like a PRUNE from spending so much time in the water–and there goes your social life…down to 2, max! I could live with it!

  188. Olthia Mentor says

    Indeed beautiful I belive no santa can give you this but Jesus.

  189. aziz almaadeni says


  190. Taniji Rogers says


  191. Hemant Sinha says

    wow lovely

  192. Gabrielle Brooks says

    Oh WOW…….. I need one of those…….. It looks so relaxing.

  193. Bobby Metzinger says

    Santa: I want the house next door to this.

  194. Brittani Rombach says

    WOAH! So cool!

  195. Kevin Partner says

    Pity about the apartment just out of shot on the right…

  196. Ian Lynch says

    the small faucet pumps java from *bucks too…thats all i need..and no more jonesing (never really thought to spell that word!) for me, pun intended.

  197. Lizzy Stark says

    Thats awesome!

  198. Brendhan Givens says

    That is brilliantly beautiful, and it looks relaxing.

  199. Alivia Orvieto says

    awesome looks so cool but u probs need like a million dollars to own 1

  200. Vineet Semwal says

    if santa really has this shower ,he will keep it for himself πŸ˜‰

  201. Tony Paul says

    God will help you to take bath in the beach house with your nice dream

  202. Tidiane diallo says

    trΓ©s beau!!!

  203. Vance Lyles says

    This is amazing. Now I'm thinking…what if this was a hot tub instead of a bathtub, but still had the rain shower.

  204. shendona Moore says

    love love love!!!!

  205. Martin Reyes says

    I must have it!!! =)

  206. Charmaine Gladfelter says

    Wow I wish I was there I'd be the cleanest person ever lol!! πŸ˜›

  207. Kartik Sangolgi says

    wow nice…………:)

  208. Mike Cecchini says

    Really ?? You're gonna stand out there bare arse and take a shower ?

  209. Rasheed Brown says

    that is cute

  210. Rudrik Gandhi says

    love it

  211. J B Tait says

    It looks like an onion soup bowl. Maybe going to make a huge meal?

  212. Jennifer Alvarado says

    Thats so amazing i have that but over my pool shower hot tub and in my living room pool<3 πŸ˜€

  213. Wilma Smith-Tempel says

    I would want it! It'd be like sitting in a giant tea cup.

  214. John Ek says

    Wow! That's awozing! Yes it's a new word. smashup of wow and amazing. Feel free to use it. Agree on Vance that it should have a hot tub option!

  215. Terry Payne says


  216. Darren Jordan says


  217. Rjvgurung Lamichaney says

    Wow nic1

  218. Micah Davis says

    wow thats paradise ;D

  219. Deja Redwine says


  220. melissa hurtado says

    hahaha i wishh πŸ™‚

  221. Deja Redwine says

    that is cool i want one

  222. joy arisa says


  223. Hitesh Sahu says


  224. Alicia Reyes says

    that is so gorgeous.

  225. Bruce Baxter says

    Looks nice but I don't see enough power to get the shampoo out of my hair…

  226. Sathya Pramodh says

    It's very nice!!

  227. Janelle Jackson says

    that is awesome!!!! teleport me rite now! πŸ˜€

  228. Tom Cook says

    One problem. Where does the soap go?

  229. AH HM says

    nice idea

  230. Manish Dhruva says

    yeah, mee too! πŸ˜€

  231. Kate Griffin says

    Woooow nice

  232. joy arisa says

    how are you

  233. Sis Chandler says

    coool!!!! i want a thing like that

  234. Angel Lontine says

    lol oh wow i want one to lol

  235. Alfa Koi says

    wow,,,i like it,,,where ist,,,,

  236. Julia Carter says

    Me too Santa! Lol

  237. Lil Prodigy says

    SO cool

  238. jim riley says

    i want that

  239. Frank Merchant says

    I'm not a bath person but I could become one with that tub. Be great for nice romantic evening with that special someone.

  240. Paul Parry says

    done some work for Santa the other day, he says your on the naughty list so you've got no chance LOL!

  241. Ayoo' Mucci says

    me to doee

  242. mulweli munyai says

    wooooooow beautifull man what a shower

  243. Liz Nemeth says

    Blissful yes, but hard to look at this and not also think water torture

  244. Rob Noble says

    I bet that tub gets a lot of gritty sand in the bottom of it.

  245. Davide Agosti says

    what is this, a mug?

  246. Amjad Waheed says

    I would love this view from inside the tub.

  247. Catherine Mitchell says

    OMG that is awesome! I want one of those too please.

  248. rhiannon lindsay says

    omg its mine

  249. Anu Kern says


  250. Mayur Dhawale says

    what a place man

  251. Antonette Johnson says

    This is so relaxing, and were is this place I must

  252. Nim Boon-ampol says

    There are plenty of this in Thailand.

  253. Jona Dersha says

    my good

  254. Dustin Harper says

    + Rob Noble – I think that's something I'd put up with for the view. πŸ˜€

  255. kynnita cartwright says

    me 3

  256. Arianna Lindquist says


  257. Tina A says

    After you are done visiting Bobby's house, please come to mine pretty please, I SO need this ! !

  258. Mayank Katela says


  259. Lattoya Matthews says

    then Thailand it is….

  260. Buhun hiZbullah says

    Ho, ho, ho,….. Let's go there

  261. Safa Butt says


  262. Kim reid says

    one word: AWESOME!

  263. Stuart Loria says

    It looks like a bowl of soup

  264. lyssa bell says

    santa dont forget me

  265. Anastasia Castillo says


  266. xykeria franklin says

    lol meh to

  267. zeeshan khan says

    what a luxurious bathing tab..enjoy

  268. Khaled Shakshuki says

    it is very nice view for shower give relax and new mode

  269. Vishwadai Bhaggan says

    I want everything in this picture!!

  270. Anil Das says

    Where is that?
    I mean, building something like that into a Hawaiian timeshare wouldn't be too hard, but I want to know where this is to see if I can book a vacation.

  271. Min Soo Kim says

    if santa is dead???? πŸ˜€

  272. Merlin Hsu says

    But after the ocean level rise couple of feet and the bowl bobbing in the wave that will be really awesome.

  273. ian McMillian says

    I will buy you a beach house-Ian</I.>

  274. Luc Jansen says

    Until somebody else walks on the beach.

  275. Dauda Oloyede says

    This is marvellous, can i get one

  276. Suguna devaraj says


  277. Max Roald Eckardt says

    Man imagine that warm rain when it's cold and rainy outside…

  278. Lavern Clark says

    A very good girl!

  279. Stefan Ekman says

    Amanda, you might get an invite to visit Santa for a bath πŸ™‚

  280. asim riaz says

    beautifull pic

  281. Ren Zen says

    seriously, what is the # to book it for the Mother's day?

  282. David Thompson says

    indeed Maiano! i grew up in Belize, i know what your are saying !!

  283. carly quicks says

    can i please come and live there with that kind of bath!?!!

  284. Erin Leete says


  285. ayaz m ziyad says

    that some serious luxury

  286. vaishika raj says

    dats soooooo cool!
    i do ANYTHING to get that thing!

  287. Mark Bartlett says


  288. Marc Ericson says

    I can picture me and the missus getting cosy in that! Or even just myself with whoever wants to join me.Just keeping my options open…

  289. Meghna Datta says

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its very vvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wow

  290. Yoosaf Abdulla says

    If Santa had one I am not sure if he would give it away!!

  291. jeanette taylor says

    il ve it

  292. Ridzuan Syahlan Ran says

    His Fun…,,,

  293. Robby Simpson says

    Adams and Eve's original thought.

  294. Shawn Chen says


  295. F.U F.U says


  296. December Stewart says

    oh that is asome

  297. Tobias phillips says

    Shower Tub = SHUB

  298. Grant Leonard says


  299. Greg Small says

    that looks fucking beast

  300. brian stoll says

    Shower Tub Next to Beach = SHUBNEACH

  301. Hiran Muthukuda says

    I don't know about the shower but the beach…….I tell you I had this holiday in Srilanka's Trincomalee Beach (Marble Beach) I have never seen anything like that total empty beach with a waist height water, absolute paradise.You must forget the shower and take a dip there next Christmas

  302. tiffany grumbles says

    niece.if only this was mine!!

  303. Elisha Hopkins says


  304. destiny eagle says


  305. Daniel Molina says

    if everyone here put a little money on the place. i bet we could all share.

  306. Harry Poll says

    that is so cool

  307. Vikas Magotra says

    now that's amazing!

  308. Larry Waitsman says

    I will take two – One for the Wife & One for the – – – –

  309. Sherron Copeland says

    Ok I'll admit it, first thing i thought about when i seen this is the amazing sex I'd have inside of it.

  310. Em Youthdrama says

    yeh sounds cool

  311. an?l anar says

    I'd live the rest of my life on that. ?????

  312. Em Youthdrama says


  313. Edwyn Campbell says

    ive already boght it so yeah you cant get it no more

  314. Edwyn Campbell says

    i mean i already bought it

  315. Salem Barcus says

    ehh not that nice…………….. people could see you bathing so…. id like more privacy. im not a nudist (not saying its wrong to be one, just saying I am not 1)

  316. Michael Scattareggia says

    I would love to see you in it.

  317. Edwyn Campbell says

    plus she's been a bad girl

  318. Simon Peter Njoroge says

    coolest shower I've seen yet

  319. Dede Holmgren says

    Sweetheart, that is absolutely, 100% amazingly beautiful!!! But I guarantee you that it is approximately tooooooooo expensive, correct??? HELL YA. YA, it's one of those fukin products that just simply made for the "Rich snobs" that can afford and enjoy it!!! Must be nice!!! Maybe in my next life we'll be able to afford it, but ya never know, just keep that beautiful smile on your face though cuz ya never know if you'll win the lotto or something!!! πŸ˜‰ – Love ya, Dee

  320. himanshu khandelwal says

    its wonderful

  321. Tariq Aslam says

    very nice

  322. Francisco Di Maria PeΓ±a says

    Hi Miss Amanda Blain, my name is Francisco Di MarΓ­a PeΓ±a, i'm from
    Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela, i read your articles and i think that they all are so interesting, end i cew thet you are a beautifull girl, can you please share more comments with me, so please my E-mail is : [email protected], don't forget it, thanks a lot, thousent kississ
    to you.

  323. Donna Fisher says


  324. Ethel Sundman says

    that is sooooooooo awesome

  325. Tyeisha Brock says

    true that true that

  326. Martin Libby says

    0.0 I def want!!!!

  327. Luis Moreno Calvo says

    bueno yo tengo una duda, si te quieres baΓ±ar desnudo, pues menudo palo si eres vergonzoso.

  328. manish sinha says

    very very but seriously .

  329. Paul Tomei says

    Boy that's some tough living for sure!

  330. Luis Flores says

    + Amanda Blain Are you on thefancy.com? They have AMAZING things there, not to mention some really beautiful destination suggestions!

  331. Tony Stark says

    good place . . .

  332. Sunitha Yadav says

    not nice πŸ™

  333. Ryan Cole says

    you must share (only the tub)

  334. Christi Martin says

    Love It….every girl needs one of these!! Lol so breath taking ^_^

  335. kazuia yi says

    Only a woman would ask for such things.

  336. Jemma John says

    wow this is very nice… ..i shall put this is my house…

  337. Emmanuel Babatunde Ogunbodede says

    Nice bath, nice viwe.

  338. albertina simon says

    i love it were u get it

  339. sheela garg says

    feels to deep in

  340. Andrea Marconieo says

    thats now on the wedding list

  341. Wendy Dobbs says

    I so want this…..

  342. Maria Lubanovic says

    this is too awesome for words!

  343. RuthandPerry Mistry says

    Amazing, terrific view and amazing shower

  344. Ayesha Khan says

    Oh !!!! this is so cool –i just feel like jumping into it –what a fun :)))

  345. kevin armstrong says

    I'm due for a bath soon better start saving

  346. Geordy Ewing says

    thats nothing like a view from alaska

  347. Brian Budde says

    That would be quite nice.

  348. goldy-ann George says


  349. KM Othus says

    I want it and the view too!

  350. benjamin valle says

    ( Β° 0 Β° )

  351. Daniel Petroski says

    This is nice but wouldn't it be timed? lol I mean you can't just relax for however long you wanted because it would overflow and ruin the wood.

  352. mojtaba mahdavi says

    needs money. with money you have honey.

  353. Emmanuel Babatunde Ogunbodede says

    Nice bath and best viwe

  354. ogutu kennedy says

    Very nice….

  355. Bo Thart says


  356. Louise Nicholas Wade-Ferrell MIKALCO says

    Yes that's my idea of bathing/showering with a view! <3

  357. Garrett Cramer says

    That's so awesome, but I'd scare the beach goers.

  358. malak naalwa says


  359. Jesus Cervantes says

    aww..why can't I have one

  360. donald mwase says


  361. Fazlul Karim says

    I like the post

  362. Adam Grimes says


  363. December Stewart says

    i know right

  364. khaleel shiak says

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  365. Srinu Reddy says


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  367. DanielDaniel MengistuMengistu says

    wow i like it

  368. Teoh Guan-Teong says

    wood flooring?

  369. Umair Ahmed says

    + Amanda Blain Do you know why he is not bringing this for you?If Santa bring it for you then you'll waste all your time taking bath.

  370. Morvarid Dabirashrafi says

    I wish i could take a shower in such beautiful place right now!

  371. Dr. P.K. Sharma says

    Hi SWEET HEART Amanada !!! Can we be a Very – Very SWEET , REAL & A TRUE LOVE n LOVELY NICE FRIEND , SWEET HEART ???

  372. Michael Rankine says

    That is the most fabulous shower I have ever seen. I hope santa gives you it indeed.

  373. iyanna craig says


  374. Renee Harris says


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  376. love angle says

    i mean hot tub srry

  377. Arigbede Moses says

    I never knew Santa was into interior decor and real estate. Looks like that bags gonna be heavy this year.

  378. shawn Baker says


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  380. Nelson L says

    so i can eat noodles from this…hmm…interesting…

  381. RANBIR KHARB says

    ok like you

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    I bet i could find a place for that in my apartment!

  385. mackenzie fetzko says

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  388. Brie Stampfler says


  389. Brie Stampfler says


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    is this a pool or a bath or a jacuzzi?

  391. Mac Atomic says

    why I don't believe that you been a good girl πŸ˜‰

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    Where is this?

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  394. Maurice Osogbo says


  395. WenDee G says

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  396. Euro Maestro says

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  399. Emilian Stetz says


  400. ashley thompson says


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    Gorgeous …it must cost at least $20000.00

  404. jessica rhoades says

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    I could live in there!! (im just kidding bout that) lol

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  412. Arslan Ahmad says


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  433. Abdul Rehman Butt says

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  434. Jeanette Selk says

    wonderful!!!! Where is it????

  435. Sis Chandler says

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    πŸ™ so but maby i have some were to put it ya i do but my mom wont let me how much does it cost

  436. Oscar Castillo says

    i fucking want that right now πŸ™‚

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  438. salih ibrahim says

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  442. Shannon O'Reilly says

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  443. Steve Roth says

    If you want rainfall shower head check my "room with a view"

  444. Awon Abbas says

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm nice

  445. Brie Stampfler says

    that looks like a cup that has tea flowing into it.

  446. Jalisa Murphy says

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  447. Najwa Fathimath says

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    if i had that i am sure they would miss me a cupple days from work

  449. Vijay Kumar says

    Bathing in that shower tub is like to take a bath in heaven….

    Can get relief 4m all tensions and could be relaxed for the time

  450. Shane Burress says


  451. Amy West says

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    That is massive

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  463. Kelline Pickett says

    I'm not one to be impressed with "stuff," but this IS awesome!!!!

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  465. Lovely A says

    people soup!

  466. ryan bayudan says


  467. Anil Das says


  468. Andrew Cotterill says

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  469. syko hamoksha says


  470. Stuart Potterton says

    now that is quality!

  471. Chadlany Samson says


  472. salih ibrahim says

    am invite you ———– come ghourgada egypt

  473. Naeem Muhammad says


  474. Erica Mathews says

    Putting this on my with list… Very relaxing.

  475. Wayne Leachman says

    I like this wish I was there.

  476. Amy Ewart says

    Looks like a big tub of gravy from the Chinese shop round the corner .

  477. Jamil Ahmad says

    Woah that is cool

  478. Tashi Tobgay says

    Cool! Hope we don't get suffocated by the shower.

  479. Ck Fang says

    good view…

  480. Tatum Corbin says


  481. Johnson Aphaoba says

    i like this…….

  482. Krystal O'quinn-Knapp says

    Love it

  483. Justin Valois says

    Unfortunately that showerhead is now ILLEGAL.
    the DoE will not allow it. and if you have more than one showerhead in your shower, well, they can only use a COMBINED 2.5 gal / min now…. say goodby to that handheld wand.

  484. Olivia Hal. says

    woaah! i do not even have space for the tub

  485. MUHAMMAD AIJAZ says

    Wow What a Similarity

  486. Jamil Ahmad says

    But where is the temperature controller

  487. Valentin Fedulov says

    ?????????. ?????, ? ???? ????? ????? ????!

  488. manjul singh says

    feel like diving into that big tub of milk for a milk-bath a'la cleopatra

  489. brittany maynard says

    wowwwww i wish i could have a tub/ shower like dat i would never want to leave the shower/tub. i would be heaven and i will never want to leave my house.

  490. Jamil Ahmad says

    And + Tashi Tobgay the name is drowned not suffocated

  491. michael cooper says


  492. J.J. Martin says

    Amanda Blain from Toronto by chance do you know Simone Hamilton
    in Toronto ?

  493. chichicho chichicho says

    Wow! Where can I find this place?

  494. PJ Rosenberg says

    Please Santa.. Bring me this awesome shower, bath, beach house and toss this hot girl name + Amanda Blain inside of it.. I have been a real bad boy! No seriously….

  495. Christina Cardona says

    whoa, absolutely beautiful!!!!

  496. James Scrimgeour says

    so coolo the new generation oftaking a bath

  497. Jennifer Morrill says

    love love love this !!!

  498. Sunit Kumar says

    really very cool

  499. hannah harrison says

    livin luxury πŸ˜€

  500. michael cooper says

    wtf im so over ur views and wants. how do i get rid of this crap..?

  501. Kagome Redmon says

    i want one

  502. Bella Spector says

    amazing view πŸ™‚

  503. jim cole says

    Totally Sweet

  504. Qiairh Sheffield says

    Too cute,i would love one

  505. Jeff Carlson says


  506. Emil Pop says

    Just the beach house would be enough for me!

  507. Joletole Jr. says

    I WANT IT!!!!! NOW!

  508. Babatunde Imam says

    This is beautiful, cute it 'll probably fit in my dream Home. Baba show me the way

  509. john duff says

    i see me naked in that!! hahaha! needs more headroom for casting the fishin pole!!!! way cool photo! agreed i want one too!

  510. snehasish bose says

    Yeah..it is really awesome..don't give up hope for this..

  511. Terry Casales says

    All I can say is Wow!! Talk about a dream image! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  512. Ryleigh Gaige says

    I want that tub! That would be like taking a bath and a shower at once! LOL!

  513. Hilda Aurish says

    Looks like a giant mixing bowl where's the giant. Love the view.

  514. Roopak Karulkar says

    Mother of Bathrooms!

  515. umer khan says

    very good view

  516. Bharat Boricha says

    very nice funda

  517. Ruttledge Roland J. says

    that is SO inviting

  518. fofo alotaibi says

    ? ???? =)

  519. Setven Miller says

    looks cold

  520. dhandaria dharamsingh says

    u r good girl amanda

  521. david porter says

    looks refreshing

  522. Oscar Agudo says


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