1. Yesenia Lazo says


  2. John E. Bredehoft says

    Back when software actually included user manuals, the user manual for SimCity included an appendix that discussed the reality of city planning.

  3. Brett Bjornsen says

    Well, I know I'm pretty much ready for any zerg infestation, zombie outbreak, or intergalactic diplomatic crisis, to name a few things…

  4. Corrado Topi says

    + Amanda Blain As long as the developers had the correct information in the first place and did not make it up along the way ….

  5. mick mochan says

    yup too right

  6. Hannes Rothe says

    I learned pretty much about history from the early civilization games 🙂

  7. Guus de Swart says

    Denk niet ha ha

  8. Amanda Blain says

    Quest for Glory taught me lots about mythology with their funny stance on things.. it was great 🙂

  9. Luigi Castellitto says

    Yes! 😀

  10. Yifat Cohen says

    lol! and navigation, and aiming…

  11. Ashton Gellar says

    go ezio!

  12. Robert Kitzmiller Jr says


  13. Kimberly Unger says

    There's a sh*t ton of stuff I know because, when it popped up in a game I said "That can't be right" and went and looked it up.  Google is my vice 😉

  14. Anastacio Guerrero says

    Tetris has all the answers to life.

  15. Michael O'Reilly says

    I have all sorts of history knowledge from video games, + Amanda Blain, and lots from Saturday morning cartoons, as well, back when there were Saturday morning cartoons…

  16. Ted Okatcha says

    Assassin's Creed…Titan Quest (mythology), even Age of Mythology spin-off of Age of Empires did wonders for me :). I really could go on and on… Skyrim in itself can even make people go brush up on Norse mythology.

  17. Eran Kriegshauser says

    I read an article where a 12 year old boy and his sister were hiking and came across a moose. They played dead to avoid the moose. Where attain this knowledge? World of Warcraft…level 30 Hunter feign death skill.

  18. deus exMachina says

    I know almost every Battlefield weapon used by the US and Russian armed forces.  Thank you BF, BF2 and BF3.

  19. Jeff Chapman says

    and they say violent video games have no redeeming value…..

  20. James Misel says

    I learned alot of words from their adaptations into Pokemon names…

    And, as + Hannes Rothe said, the Civilization games…

  21. Slavo Herman says

    They may easily get some historical facts wrong in the games, but sometimes it is enough to throw some spark, awaken the interest – and you can go on from there yourself: Google, Wikipedia, anything…

  22. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    I learned how to pack things in to crates REALLY tightly by playing Tetris… does that count? =oP

  23. Chris Aultman says

    Contra on the Waterfall Level.
    It taught me that you can't trust anyone. Not even your best friend.

  24. Adrian Martin says

    + Amanda Blain …love the success kid meme! …Metal Gear Solid taught me all about how conspiracy theories from the real world can make for one helluva jaded soldier…lol

  25. Richard Armstrong says

    ZORK!!  loved that game it may even have taught me to read hahahah 🙂

  26. Zeke Stockbridge says

    I learned where all of the touristy/historical spots in LA were and how to drive to them from playing LA Noire.

  27. Tosapol Bonfoey says

    ooo sim city, i look at it like this , if  city planners cant even figure out sim city how can they figure out  a real life one?

  28. Mauri Kassick says

    Alpha Centauri, SimCity, Civilization, Sid Meier's Pirates, … my whole childhood was filled with games, and they taught me a lot. They made me curious and interested on a variety of subjects that I don't think I would otherwise.

    Games with great music make young music students to try and replay those tunes; and some reproductions on Youtube are very good! Others create upon those pieces, expanding them.

    And even the new games that put a greater emphasis on "action", like Mirror's Edge and Assassin's Creed … they are inspiring kids to try out physical activities like Parkour.

    Video games help kids because they're fun. And they make learning fun.

  29. Pete Karas says

    The games I played didn't help, road racing and rally racing and I ended up at the drag strip?

  30. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    Did anyone here play nethack? I learned a lot about the Tolkien cannon from that… buuuuut it never helped pass a test, so I s'pose it doesn't count. =oP

  31. Jamie Russman says

    Civilization Revolution

  32. Jonathan Moore says


  33. Clayton Reeves says

    pharaoh did that quite a bit.

  34. Nicoletta Degli Innocenti says

    e sei messo bene allora vai.. 🙂 e più che altro è messo bene il tuo professore se hai preso la sufficienza
    sorry for the English-speaking people but I HAD to say it in Italian

  35. ellyse faulds says


  36. Aaron Engler says

    how about the Carmen San Diego games??

  37. Gatto NineNineNine says

    I improve my poor english language !…

  38. Cara Schulz says

    Sharing that with my son.  I was talking about a historical person and was surprised when he knew who it was.  Yeah, Assassins Creed.

  39. bruce bryan says

    Thats cool,great history lesson- and a great game!

  40. Nazily Zaza says

    I learned more about WW2 thx to FarCry 3 so yeah

  41. Junius Jones says


  42. Christopher Li-Reid says

    if you get your history lessons from video games – you need to stay in school.  🙁

  43. Amanda Blain says

    Guess you havent been in school lately 🙂

  44. Christopher Li-Reid says

    apparently not because people are getting history lessons from age of empires and learning to play dead around moose (they're more scared of you and unless they have young around will bolt)

  45. dillon whittier says

     I went to franklin high school last year i have a job now

  46. Karl W. says

    The point is not really about learning from games, but more about playfully/unconciously learn about things from games. Which gives more impact to the brain ? Sitting down memorizing names of characters in a historical event, or you unconciosly remember because you reenacted the assasination event in a video game.

  47. Allen Hildebrandt says

    Xenogears.  Xenosaga.  Lots of science and physics, religion and philsophy, psychology and eschatology in both the original (Xenogears) and it's three "Pre"quels (Xenosaga).

    People hated Xenosaga because there was more plot than gameplay (A lot of passive cutscene watching).  I love games that are nose deep in lore.

  48. Christopher Li-Reid says

    true – i will admit to that provided the information is correct, otherwise we'll have more annoying americans to listen to brag about how they think they won world war 2 😛

  49. Kyle Lees says

    so godamn true

  50. Shamar Roby says


  51. Amanda Blain says

    that is indeed the point + Karl W.  🙂 spot on

  52. gamal agamy says


  53. brian james says

    Sounds like something my so would say.

  54. Gus Fring says

    yea same with the crusades and the revolutionary war

  55. Neill Ruddy says

    Brilliant, just started playing the games on pc after being a hardcore rts and ommorpg/rpg gamer. Great games!

  56. Michele Flores says

    Ha so very true!

  57. shlomo tuttle says

    that game is epic

  58. Bobby Donald says

    deffinitly ie amm da bes wit spellin wit maario teeches typping

  59. Tyler Yohe says

    Just wanted to say how awesome it is to hear people saying this stuff.

    My dev team brought in 4 PhDs for our #scibehindscifi panel in hopes of using our games sci-fi to do the same with science that assassin's creed did with history (fingers crossed).

    lol btw – how has no one mentioned Oregon Trial?! Building hatred for dysentery and cholera since 1981. 🙂

  60. Monika S says

    had that test last semester in world history – stayed up all night cramming in multiplayer 😉

  61. Lucas Speer says

    mw2 has helped me on russia

  62. Ramón González says

    I recently heard about  http://www.gamesforchange.org/ and I think they are creating something great. what do you think + Amanda Blain ?

  63. brenda trejo says

    that funny

  64. Isaac L says

    I keep telling my parents. 🙂

  65. Tyler Yohe says

    + Ramón González G4C is pretty cool.  Something else to check out if you're into the entertainment that strives for getting the facts right – check out the 'Science and Entertainment Exchange'.  Its an organization that pairs the ent industry up with scientists, etc.

  66. Justin Rens says

    When I was in Florence and Venice I could actually find my way by remembering the game. Odd I always found towers

  67. Alex Kellogg says

    Don't need to know the American Revolution. I have Assassin's Creed 3.

  68. david hargrave says

    I keep telling my teachers…

  69. Jim flechter Monasque says

    What a kid!!!

  70. Jimbo Rizza says

    I credit rpgs for having developed higher reading and writing skills growing up!

    I can't read anything without the FF1 battle tune playing in my head as a side effect, though!

    There is always something to learn, as long as one doesn't believe he already knows it all.

  71. sophiarose westcott says

    i don't play video games, but i'v been all over italy.

  72. Karen Atool says

    that is weird

  73. Anthony Solik says

    Age of empires. History.

  74. David Navarrete says


  75. Jack Helmik says

    LOL!!! ITS TRUE! I DID IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
    and it is kinda weird .-.

  76. Jack Smith says

    I never played Assasins Creed. This makes me feel bad,.

  77. Hannah MacLean says


  78. Ryan Miller says

    true story

  79. Ryan Light says

    Final Fantasy VII taught me the most important lesson about marriage.

    No matter how much materia you try to add to your armor & sword, you will ALWAYS lose to an angry wife. I used to call my ex "Sephi-Wife" after the game's main baddie, Sephiroth.

  80. Jonathan Harbour says

    Civilization series helped with history

  81. milesofgo oglecensoring says


  82. Monika S says

    Most important thing AC taught me: where there's a tall building and an eagle, there will be a haystack > leap of faith! (hasn't failed me yet)

  83. Christopher Ballenger says

    Minecraft helped me with geology.

  84. Joshua Lawrence says

    Yea all the cheats you need

  85. Nick Zazzaro says

    oh yeah all those WW2 games im an historian

  86. Christopher Rowley says

    Skyrim taught me about dragons and magic. Deus Ex taught me all corporations are scum. And Postal taught me it's ok to go crazy as long as Bin Laden gets his head stuck up an elephants ass in the end.

  87. Bubba Franklin says

    yes but no

  88. Noah Hill says

    I know all about the American revolution from playing AC3.

  89. Thomas Girdlestone says


  90. ROBERT ISAACS says


  91. Nick Zazzaro says

    age of empires and rise of nations! history lol

  92. Joshua Lawrence says

    What about minecraft

  93. Conor Flynn says


  94. Trey Barrett says

    Nis pic

  95. Monika S says

    Minecraft taught me that broken legs can be healed with porkchop

  96. Tally H. says

    Yeah? What about minecraft?

  97. A Grimwolf Sheffield says

    lol no way that sounds fun!

  98. count cook says

    I want to by the first Mario game

  99. Gato Surplexus says

    Super Mario Bros taught me about history.  Rpg's taught me poems.  Xenogears had so much history in it, it was incredible, I still have not been able to finish it yet.

  100. Joshua Lawrence says

    Pork chop heal legs aaaaahhh no-_-

  101. Hector Serrano says


  102. Ben Benard says

    I wish these games (Assassins Creed) were around when I was in school!

  103. Silvher Silmeros says

    ^_^ nice… also u!

  104. Alex Gant says

    Yup ur right

  105. Naj'ee Carter says

    Lol… I may be able to learn a little something something

  106. Gabriel T says

    + Ingress is a far better history lesson for all…

  107. Mariah Mccluskey says

    I love your kids

  108. Courtney Pratt says


  109. Turiyan Gold says

    How to spot a child predator dungeon master?

  110. Andre Jones says

    Wow Lmao

  111. Andrue Gonzales says

    that's funny

  112. Justen Robertson says

    The trouble is when you don't know the difference between what is a fictional element and what is a historical element. Apparently a lot of Dan Brown fans have this same problem. 🙂

  113. Sulieman Mansouri says

    Sid Meier's civilization.

  114. Joshua Moser says

    I remember passing history tests by playing Age of Empires…

    Though Oregon trail was misleading as to the prevalence of dysentery.

  115. choic rufus says

    there most be a solution working together

  116. Robert Soyars says

    When I was 7 or so, I remember getting "Kid Icarus" for Nintendo.  Instead of calling your life "health" or "life", it was called endurance. I had no idea what that meant, so I learned what the word was. Kid Icarus also taught me what an eggplant was. That's when I learned they are just as horrible as pickles!

  117. Brenden McCarley says

    This is too funny!!!!!!!

  118. Anjo Cerdeña says

    Age of Empires! My poor memory had a lot of help when AOE had me remember all those 'heroes'.

  119. Justen Robertson says

    + Joshua Moser "Though Oregon trail was misleading as to the prevalence of dysentery." hahah, seriously laughed out loud at that.

  120. Joshua Garcia says

    dude lmao are u serious about AoE? never played it but i thought AC was the most accurate game…lols u should write the creators a thank you letter…

  121. Stuart Adamson says

    Skool Daze. Enough said.

  122. Žiga Pirih says

    Actually, games aren't that good at teaching you facts. To dispute Skyrim guy first: Skyrim? That aren't dragons, that are wyverns. Not to mention overly simplified magic, which is even greater moot point:  If magic actually existed IRL, it would be more like Java in the best case scenario (regarding simplicity), but it's more likely that it would be like C and most likely something like BASIC or Assembly. Skyrim got everything wrong.

    Anyway, Sim City (4 Deluxe) was pretty awesome — I figure people don't like having an army base or a federal prison in their city. Minecraft taught me that punching a tree few times will get you a cubic meter of wood a few things, too (Although it's mostly trollscience). Eragon taught that in unlikely case that game maker approaches me with an offer to make a game after my story (if I ever finish it) I should refuse it.

    Also — that's a bit off-topic — Assassin's Creed increased my eagerness for reading Alamut (book on which AC is really vaguely based on).

  123. Sam Pack says

    Some games do have good history in it.. Ac3 L.A Noire etc. Because in school history, I know for a "fact" they don't teach u all history. America is full of lies & twists. = fact.

  124. Michael Brokate says

    Total War Empire, Civ 3&4, and Age of Empires 2&3, and to a degree Blazing Angels

  125. Raul Robles says

    I would ace that test!!!

  126. Lisa Johnson says

    Total war screwed me up a bit because APPARENTLY egypt and the holy land was never owned by the Scotts.

  127. Michael Brokate says

    + Lisa Johnson Which one were you playing?

  128. Aaron Atenco says

    Que bebe

  129. Gavin Doughtie says

    + Taylor Doughtie

  130. Raj kumar Choudhary says

    Nice baby

  131. Peter Kadlečík says

    this 😀

  132. Mike Onofre says

    + Amanda Blain funny

  133. Daniel Amador says

    playing Diablo games all my life, i am now an expert on ancient medival weaponry

  134. gavin leaning says

    + Aaron Atenco bet its happy days for u Aaron.just got on face book to day just to see what all the raves about and look for my family in southathrica u no what i mean bud hows life.hope u have a greet new year.all the best to u and your family.

  135. Allen Hildebrandt says

    + Sulieman Mansouri Civilization? I'm ashamed.  Everyone knows if you mention Cid Meier you mention ALPHA CENTAURI.

  136. Brett Jones says

    Video games & history… I'd say Medieval Total War II. It would show screens as you progressed through the campaign that mentioned a historical event for that year. Also the map showed the different regions of Western Europe, some of which I still remember.

  137. Darryl Shaw says

    Hh j j

  138. stephen proctor says

    seen kid on facebook

  139. David Evans says

    Imagine how much you're going to learn about Iraq and WMDs, from playing Modern Warfare!!

  140. Jacob Morales says


  141. Claudio Oliveira says

    true! hahaha

  142. Tiffany Zink says


  143. Christian binning says

    lol lol lol ha ha

  144. Tory Wright says

    That's what I'm talking about.

  145. peyton hebert says

    lol that so cra

  146. Ronet ikbal rakasiwi says

    lolo haha

  147. Cash Wilson says


  148. etiene potgieter says


  149. Addie Perkins says

    revolutionary war-assassins creed III

  150. Philo Adrovia says

    If you're learning just as much history in your video games as you are in school, I'd advise you to get a refund. Your teacher is failing you.

  151. Sebastian Vasquez says

    Pac man

  152. Whitney Davis says

    Lol tht Funny 😛

  153. Kyle H says

    so true

  154. Brian Tenaglia says

    Railroad Tycoon 3

  155. Adrian Flanagan says

    I'm pretty sure I could fly a stealth fighter, and launch maverick missiles. It's possible I'm kidding myself.

  156. Malcolm K says


  157. amethyst o'day says


  158. Lucas Sharon says

    Wish Call of Duty gave out answers to exams

  159. arkom worasiangsuk says

    Yes. I did it.

  160. shailender singh says


  161. Alfredo Rivero says

    True fact

  162. Mike Boner says

    yes   XD

  163. Chris Dennis says

    +_+ God mode achieved.

  164. Seth Dickens says


  165. Jared Persinger says

    I learned about the revelotionary war (in depth) and then I played assassins creed 3 and it just helped me remember it

  166. porf remigio says

    yeah also GTA VCS helped me with East of Eden

  167. feri hartanto says

    ACCCUUnNNn ! yeeaaahhhhh….

  168. Ghosty Kips says

    This goes way back before video games. I developed a serious interest I medieval Europe and feudal Japan from playing Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s, for example. That said … Sid Myer is my hero. 🙂

  169. Jabari Broughton says


  170. mitch semenuk says


  171. Colleen Oster says

    lol- Funny!!!

  172. Clyde Vil says

    haha, fuck.

  173. Hayley Stocker says


  174. Ftlqed Buster says

    Never fight a ninja turtle, wacko drivers get even crazier when you stick you head out the window, "stoP ITTT!", then ramming parts off their car.  Tech tree's only go so far, and then your star trek 6.

  175. Hayley Stocker says

    cool sounds ligit

  176. Jeff Ehrhart says

    Gonna have to get that game now.

  177. Hayley Stocker says

    i havent played that game ever

  178. Jarratt Richardson says

    It's because of the gnaws we love to play, we want to learn more about it. For example, I read all there is to read on Italy from people to buildings in AC2/B/R and about the Revolutionary war in AC3. Even out of the game I'm interested in some non-fiction TV programmes about that era because of the games I play because I want to know more about it. (I also like to learn about other games I play but the AC series was the best example).

  179. Hayley Stocker says


  180. Martin Omander says

    Railroad Tycoon 2 taught me basic corporate finance (stocks, bonds, when to issue each, when to get out of debt, when to buy back stock). It also taught me to draw really straight lines. The trains went faster that way.

  181. Hayley Stocker says

    awsome straight lines

  182. Jasmine Mauras says

    wow……… just wow!

  183. Hayley Stocker says

    i know

  184. Matthew Dey says

    Oregon Trail, learned lots from that game. Was actually my main motivating factor behind learning to read. Lots of good memories. Much of what I learned from Oregon Trail was something I saw again in American History.

  185. Ethan Price says


  186. Hayley Stocker says


  187. Kenny Rodgers says

    No reason learning can't be fun…IF the writers/developers are dilligent in developing the games. Perhaps this is what is currently missing in our educational system!

  188. Terry Looney says


  189. Alex B says


  190. Jim Shepich says

    I learned to speak comprehensible language from video games.

  191. Ethan Price says


  192. Yongjoon Kim says


  193. Harlan Rose says

    Mario Kart taught me how to drive. xD

  194. Adithan K says

    Play gta 4 and visit the manhattan…god, you can survive there without a guide…

  195. Zyshonne Brown says

    Lol very funny that would be awsome if the had a test where u had to play video games

  196. Jenna Al-Naji says


  197. Hayley Stocker says

    that would be awsome

  198. Calvin Newcomb says


  199. Eric Smith says

    The Civilization series got me through tons of sticky spots…Like when I needed to know that Emperor Abraham Lincoln built the Pyramids.

  200. ira caraballo says

    One son of mine posted in his social nets that he was studying hard for a history exam, and people wanted to see his studying books and manuals, after that he posted a photo of him playin #assassinscreed number 3

  201. Scott Baker says

    Learned tons about 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, and animation from Second Life (if you can call that a game) and all of the above have helped me immensely in my day to day work.

  202. Hayley Stocker says


  203. Shrey Dalal says

    that kid is a stud

  204. Marco Meijer says

    Messing around with redstone in Minecraft taught me logics and computer architecture.

  205. Jak Bindon says

    So True 😀

  206. Guillermo Villa says

    haha. who doesn't like assassin's creed

  207. Cameron Hardin says

    SCORE! xD

  208. Zach Zhou says

    Call of Duty helped me with military rankings.

  209. TOM ADAMS says


  210. Samkit Siyal says


  211. josue chacon says


  212. James Coker says

    I learned a ton of history from video games! I think the leading contributors were Civilization, Uncharted Waters, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. These games have helped me many times in life.

  213. Christion Terrell says

    cool next time put him in the assassin   creed  suit

  214. nathaniel jackson says


  215. Leonerd Kirk says

    I did the same thing w Metal Gear 3

  216. Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences says

    🙂 Love the image. 

    While of course a lot of games take some liberty with some historical accuracies, we loved Company of Heroes and Civilization.

  217. Chris Knutson says

    I swear I passed half of my vocabulary quizzes in school thanks to D&D.

  218. Anthony Su says

    Minecraft taught me that if you punch trees you can do amazing things 🙂

  219. vadim paripa says

    yeah right

  220. miriam rankin says

    lol i love minecraft me and my freind ar buliding a hotel lik 80 stories hi  and its called white dress hotel!-on creative

  221. William holden says

    yeah right

  222. Wahyu Ajiprabowo says

    Soooo true! And help me with perfect english score in elementary school….haha

  223. Halo Twohundred says

    so true i love minecraft

  224. Kenneth Bell says

    I learned zombies are squishy.

  225. Caleb Hamus says

    i HATE minecraft

  226. yDanelle Pingleton says

    Incredible pizza

  227. Elwilton Eligon says

    They helped me to learn english!

  228. tony wise says

    gamers rule

  229. Dixon Lopez says

    they helped me to learn a little italian!

  230. mohdyasin chhote says

    very nice dear

  231. Kyra Awesomer says

    omfgee so true.  i guessed who assassinated Lorenzo's family cuz of that.
    i was the only one that guessed that.

  232. Anthony Su says

    Age of Empires III taught me all the military types of boats, cannons, troops, etc.

  233. Nanda Linn Aung says

    ahah,.. it's world civilizations subject for us

  234. Anthony Su says

    Minecraft taught me that you shouldn't get near creepy people, or they might explode. 🙂

  235. Viju Kantah says

    Medal Of Honor taught me the World Wars and weaponry.

  236. Alex Cate says

    Holly shit today I had a test that was set up for us to fail to prove a point it was on the colonial time I got an A+ because of assassins creed 3

  237. John Catuira says

    Freddi Fish, Putt Putt, and the rest of the Humongous gang taught my daughter pattern recognition and critical thinking. To this day she credits those games with helping her become valedictorian in 8th grade AND high school, honors college at her Uni. BTW she's going to law school next year.

  238. Ung Luyna says

    Nnbnnnbbbnn JJ JJ. Áàà in this email is not be in yh

  239. Anthony Anselmino says

    ACIII helped me with my early america quiz

  240. adam lopez says

    hahahaha thats so funny

  241. thedarkcrystal man says


  242. Anthony Anselmino says

    I be like `teach, I play ACIII. I got dis.

  243. Alberto Hernandez says

    I can think of several new vocabulary words I learned through playing video games. Later, when I came across them in "real life" I'd have some sort of epiphany once I realized the significance of the terms or context in the game.

  244. ehsan ali says

    very nive

  245. Sam P. says

    Hahahahah that's exacticaly what happened to me last year!!! XD

  246. Jez Hopkins says

    The kid wil go far…

  247. Pieter Uys says

    How to drive a GTR really fast!

  248. Tyler Phillips says

    I've learned so much from Metal Gear and Splinter Cell alone about the art of camouflage and sneaking it's dumbfounding how much of it applies in real life.

  249. Sam P. says

    +Tyler Phillips I know right (I love splinter cell)

  250. Sheryar Ahmad says


  251. Anthony Angeles says

    To save a princess lol.;-)

  252. Locklan haynie says

    That's hilarious

  253. Thunder turtle says

    Age of empires series

  254. Sam P. says


  255. Utkarsh Ganesh says

    Hahahahaah! You bet kids will learn a lot trying to research out plots of the games to better understand the story

  256. Josh Cope says

    very educational indeed

  257. Deedee Novak says


  258. Samir Ahmed says

    + Narciso Reyes – so true. And now, American history!

  259. Jackson Brassfield says

    No Playing Black Ops No Wait Even Better Halo 4 No It's The Best One Of All Lady Lover 127

  260. Jay Doiron says

    I saw this picture of boy who said, "back off, devil! I belong to Jesus. "

  261. Jack lester says

    what the heck?

  262. Mikol Aspinwall says

    they need to put manuals back in games, i mean the madden 13 user manual is in the game now i mean !?!? D:<. Now I can't even sit around and read the manual like I used too like I could with madden 11

  263. Vlad Lukin says


  264. Mashal Khan says

    i would say age og empire was the most informative….helped me alot with my history….hahahaha…awesome games

  265. Jacob Lua says

    dats funny

  266. Naomi Inak says


  267. andrew kim says

    True dat kid true dat :3

  268. Joel Shanahan says

    GOOD 1

  269. Logan Swapp says

    The Total War series is great for history and geography.

  270. Sandeepa Fernando says

    Age of Empires is also awesome in teaching history 😀

  271. Vinod Bhosale says

    lol……games on other subjects must be made
    great way for teaching history, geography, science

  272. Omar Zobair Hamidy says

    uh hahaha, cool

  273. Mariah Mccluskey says

    What you doing.

  274. Garrett Clark says

    im him

  275. Jesus Zozaya says

    Lol funny

  276. Vyomsarit Singh says

    Video games can educate my friends, it can

  277. Saumya Mathur says

    History lessons by AOE and the Rise of Nations are pretty common.

  278. Rodney Bunkley says


  279. Oswald Polanco says

    If you want to learn Greek mythology play God of war.

  280. Bill McGuyer says

    uber cool

  281. Dorian Hight says

    Is that baby Patton Oswalt??

  282. Becca G. says

    Assassin's creed definitely !!! Love that game!! Made me interested Italian too! I teach myself the language now.

  283. Michael Vaughan says

    Whoever marries you is one lucky guy!

  284. Stephen Sunuquaye says

    Hi lets be friends

  285. thris aann says

    tak bloleh

  286. Brendan McNamara says

    Where in the world is carmen sandiego?

  287. Mohd Hakim Ishak says


  288. joseph king says

    I can believe that.

  289. Renchu Raju says

    nice beauty

  290. Lars Franke says

    RPG called Lionhart for Renaissance. A nintendo game Legends of Arcadia with Greek Mythology. 'Caesar' a very early 90's RTS about roman history and military tactics. Anno about history and economics. All games in ethics, philosophy and language (english

  291. subramaniam v. palaniandy pillay says

    Growing up to b? ?????,?,,

  292. Tamizh Vaanan says


  293. Anahel Suriel says

    Dont forget God of War show you a lot about mythology and gods

  294. Federico Cesaroni says

    I believe, + Christopher Li-Reid and + Nicoletta Degli Innocenti, that the real point is that often video games can ignite a spark of curiosity about something we would have never payed attention to. This may lead to buy books and gather information about that topic thus learning to discern fictional facts from the actual events and, why not, we could even become fans of that very topic. And it all started witha a video game. I mean…today I am a big fan of the "Arthurian cycle", I've read many books about it (including Thomas' Malory "Le mort d'Arthur") and it all began with an old point and click game from Sierra 😀

  295. Kevin Alonzo says

    Hey I got an A in American history last semester due to AC3. There's no shame in admitting that.

  296. Phoebe Phillips says

    That is so funny xxx

  297. Ong Chi Hang says

    + Kevin Alonzo luckily you didn't play the washington dlc lol.

  298. Kevin Alonzo says

    + Ong Chi Hang I was gonna ask my teacher about that though. There are rumors saying that GW once thought about doing that but rejected the offer.

  299. sindy j.b says

    Learning English, My English improved significantly playing Legacy of Kain:soul Reaver game one of my top favorite games ever .

  300. François Dionne says

    The things I knew thanks to age of empire

  301. François Dionne says

    The things I knew thanks to age of empire

  302. Timothy Bloomquist says

    its just amazing how they do that to u . . . . and somehow u learn from it??

  303. Becca G. says

    + Michael Vaughan

  304. Becca G. says

    LOL i think you were talking to me. thanks if you were!

  305. Harbinger LaPhoenix says

    Total Win

  306. Sean Reney says

    Age of empires 2, I learned a lot about the post Roman world from nations to technologies used

  307. qazwsx xswzaq says


  308. Fatmata B. says

    Uncharted…those explorer dudes….
    God of War…those Greek dudes

  309. CB says

    Don’t forget Mario is Missing!

  310. valentina guzman jimenez says


  311. Shawn Glenn says

    That's is funny

  312. Rudolph Liggins says

    that kid is kick ass:)

  313. santa jony says

    bodygared wwE

  314. Jeff Banks says

    Tab oz bet

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