1. Emma Eeyore Åström says

    Complete win!

  2. Mikael Guggenheim says


  3. Vilayna Lasalle says


  4. Emil Eldhose says

    wow good

  5. Todd Zimmermann says

    Slightly more modern than my high school memories but… picturing comm tech/electronics in high school, b&w Macs, a C64 for backing music + blurry green, really blurry/nasty brown/orange, and a decimated Apple IIC hooked up to a crude CNC router. Flashbacks aren't always bad… Thanks 🙂

  6. Armando de la Cruz says

    Great. Thanks for sharing this post. So, that flatbed is a crude CNC router? + Todd Zimmermann

  7. Todd Zimmermann says

    + Armando de la Cruz really don't know, it seems so familiar though… at least the sound. Going back to '87-89 so things are a little fuzzy 🙂

  8. Vitaly Stockman says

    Sad song by retired equipment, crying and singing about how good old times were. Great work.

  9. Richie Macangus says

    back to the future

  10. Aaron Malakai says


  11. william gordon says


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