This is an Atari Cake, Yes a Cake!

What was your first computer gaming experience?

Atari was also the first computer thing I ever did… followed by a C64…

I seriously don't think I ever beat a single game on the systems… but it never made it any less fun… how times have changed.

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This is an Atari Cake, Yes a Cake!

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  1. CEZAR GARCIA says

    this is awesome!

  2. alexis celis says

    ja genial

  3. M. Sean Kaminsky says

    did it taste like pacman popsicle?

  4. Jeff Leger says

    One set of grandparents had an Atari, one had an Intellivision, and we had a Colecovision….so we pretty much covered all grounds. Then we got a C64. I was pretty hooked on that Smurfs game for Coleco. Used to hate sliding those plastic cards into the keypad thing though!

  5. Gareth Morgan says

    Playing Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum. Good times 🙂

  6. Matthew Antwi says

    NES cake?

  7. Josh Kashif says


  8. Alvaro Amorim says

    Foi aí que tudo começou!!!

  9. Sara Eleta Reid says

    NES "Blaster Master" and "Mario 1"

  10. robert mikinka says

    That is one awesome looking cake. At the time Atari was awesome. I still have mine. Its hilarious to hook it up once in awhile and see the graphics.

  11. Jan Wildeboer says

    Atari 400, a ZX81 with a hand soldered 16kB expansion. Later on a 800XL and finally a 1040STf before I switched to Linux on a 386 🙂

  12. will silverbac says

    my first system i ever got.

  13. Simona Gary says

    Very cool…

  14. Ernest Zak says

    One of my first computer games was trying to land an Apollo LEM on the moon which was a DOS program. For some reason, it was alot more fun back in those days.

  15. Davy Joos says

    I also had an amstrad once.. and a c=64 and an zx 🙂

  16. Ken Nagrod says

    Atari was my first experience too, but the first one I owned (as in parents owned) was Colecovision with the Atari adapter. C64 was my first computer.

  17. Sean Thomas says

    I hope there are more like you + Amanda Blain that I just haven't met yet(so far my roommate is the only one who has had a commodore64, and she was hesitant to admit it).. I can't remember what kind of atari I had, but comodore 64 was what I was into. Newer than that, but maybe the best, was sega mastersystem, I was just thinking the other day how much quality how packed into so many of those games!

  18. Nina Pelletier says

    Coleco vision was my first gaming electronic gaming experience (if you don't count that 4 color light up Simon game) I loved mouse trap and the zipper game, I think it was called Dr. Pepper.

    After that it was atari – I played pole position so often we had to keep buying new joysticks, the rubber on those things wore out quickly!

  19. Jan Wildeboer says

    Balloonacy and Gyruss were my first games on the Atari 400. And a self-written fishing game.

  20. Billy Spelchan says

    Most the arcade games were designed to go on forever so you couldn't beat them. My cousin had a 2600 while I decided to get a commodore 64 thinking that I could make my own games. I still remember typing in games from magazines like compute and ahoy. Great fun.

  21. Lord Parker says

    Love it… Shame to eat it

  22. Lambert Schlumpf says

    Zaxxon on Commodore 64!

  23. Amanda Blain says

    Ha! Pole position and Maniac Mansion! Awesome…

    I remember Impossible Mission… Stay awhile.. stay foreveeeeeeeer!

  24. Brian Dillree says

    pong….used to play for hours lol; then I got the atari system. Wish I had kept both of them now.

  25. Jan Wildeboer says

    I still have a hand drawn map of Impossible Mission II. Took me a week to get it done 🙂

  26. Cameron Silva says

    Galaga FTW!
    those were the days. 3 Lives per game, no continues.
    Eating that cake would have been one thing I finished with that system.

  27. Anacron Allen says


  28. Christopher Hill says

    I can't remember which was first – the Apple IIc we used for games with the tiny green monitor (One on One – Dr. J vs. Larry Bird) or the Atari 2400 we had…

  29. Charles Bodman says

    Good ol days of gaming

  30. Erick Wright says

    looks tasty

  31. Eli Fulton says

    that was my first console… i remember River Raider.. that game was SUPER HARD…

  32. Christopher Hill says

    Just for fun, I looked back for a screen shot…wow!

  33. Porter Woodward says

    Get your invisible dot for Adventure to walk through walls! See the glowing golden text… Pitfall, and Pitfall II The Climb for Quick-claw.

  34. akif riaz says

    my old memories…Atari

  35. Christopher Hill says

    PITFALL – I spent hours playing that – I kicked ass!

  36. Scott Schneider says

    My first gaming experience was Atari was well followed by Vextrex.

  37. Jay Dee says

    Apple iic green screen. Even Radio Shack had the Tandy Knock off ether way it was a word processor. Lots of reading No graphics
    Oregon Trail was about the only game.

  38. Naren Mangtani says

    Ha! Mine was a Atari too! WAY BACK! Don't remember the model but didn't look like this. I have a post on my profile too where I mentioned it to one of my friend who used to come over a lot to play this.

  39. Scott Schneider says

    Oregon Trail was the shiznit. So was Montezuma's Revenge and Sherwood Forest.

  40. Tim PAULING says

    Jeez that's perfect. Until I read it was a cake I just thought it was an old ATARI. You've done a perfect job

  41. Christopher Hill says

    Au contraire, + Jay Dee – see my link – that was basketball on an apple iic. If you dunked right, you could break the backboard glass…and watch is slowly fall to the ground. There was a little robot sweeper that used to come clean it up, if I recall!

  42. chris hollins says


  43. Dj Epix says

    is this a cake?

  44. Gossip Gab says

    Now I miss my Atari…

  45. Hammad Fauz says

    That was my first console. :')

  46. Yas Mean says

    Ohhhh my wedding cake is chosen! Now all i need is the groom.

  47. Amanda Blain says

    + Scott Schneider Totally played montezuma revenge the other day in a hangout… i was forever alone in the moment .. as everyone thought i was crazy… Montezuma's Revenge: Featuring Panama Joe for the Apple II

  48. Luis MartĂ­nez says

    I had another one by cartridges, but I don't remember its model

  49. chris hollins says

    its a place to play alot of games when i was young

  50. Jay Dee says

    + Christopher Hill takes me back forgot about that one. Come a long way in 30 years. I still remember
    10 print"whatever";
    20 goto 10

  51. Michael Q Todd says

    Geek food

  52. Brad Trnavsky says

    I had an Atari 2600 and I was a Pitfall MASTER! I also loved Frogger and Missile Command! But seriously… who could forget Star Wars?

  53. Ryan Vega says

    The 2600 was actually my first video gaming experience. Awesome cake!

  54. Alejandro Lopez says


  55. Paul Junior says

    i wana play!

  56. Candice Hanlon says

    I still own one of these. My kids love it!

  57. Luis MartĂ­nez says

    1st "computer" haha, Spectrum 48k

  58. Joey Marley says

    The detail is awesome! 😉

  59. chris hollins says

    its cool like it

  60. Christopher Roberts says

    cool cake my mom would be impressed

  61. Luis MartĂ­nez says

    + Candice Hanlon If our kids could to know how we enjoy with a computer, having met all its evolution until today … But could not even imagine, and that makes us a privileged generation.

  62. Andi Drew says

    Our parents got us Intellivision

  63. Kenna Austin says

    Wow so realistic

  64. Sebastian Speed says

    thats awesome

  65. Nina's Cleaning says

    thats really cool!!

  66. Michael Chandler says

    I live in New York City and wouldn't have room for something like this. Where the heck would I put the monitor? If the monitor is the tabletop, where the heck would I put my coffee cup? I'm sorry. Brooklyn tables are not for frivolity.

  67. Oles Lozovyy says

    I'll never forget those days, my father got me one from Germany it was 1989 ))

  68. Alex Zinovenko says

    I received my Atari in 1978 and played it to no end. the Activision titles i always thought were superior to the Atari released titles. Then the Atari 400/800 XL computer series got my attebtion and I was hooked on Infocom's titles.(text adventures)
    I look back on those days with a lot of fondness.Good times. BTW, I like the Atari cake photo.

  69. Kenny Magee says

    Back in the early Atari days, did the games actually have an ending? I remember playing the 2600 and never "beating" any game. But had a total blast playing them all.

  70. Hannah McNeil says

    I feel so young…..O.o

  71. Henry Hernandez says


  72. Morvarid Dabirashrafi says

    but lets talk about first generation of a game when computer had not come yet,yes TV Game,just two white dots in a dark screen of TV!

  73. Hannah McNeil says

    Older Generation People: "Yes, sure lets do it!"
    Younger Generation (like me): "O.o"

  74. Luis MartĂ­nez says

    + Kenny Magee ,there were no end in those games. It was a bucle which increased its velocity till the madness. But I remember that in my dreams believed when I'll reach an imaginary stage, another world full of perfect graphics and totally interactive will come, but never appeared. :)))

  75. Luis MartĂ­nez says

    LOL, + Morvarid Dabirashrafi , Tennis?.

  76. Dennis Chirchirillo says

    That is so kool lol

  77. Christopher Marks says

    I remember playing the Atari. I would say my first video game experience I actually remember would be playing the two person Pac Man game table. The original NES would be the first home system we had. I even remember playing the original Sega. Yes, there was a system before Sega Genesis.

  78. SIDNEY SOTELO says

    Yo lo tuve era genial!!!

  79. Gabriella Aguillon says

    + wally aguillon look at this!

  80. wally aguillon says

    Woah this is so cool good post

  81. Gabriella Aguillon says

    I know right lol

  82. Steve Tose says

    atari 400 at my cousins' but my first was the atari 2600
    I think there should be at least one of those controllers with a stuck button jammed inside : P

  83. Steve Sakamoto says

    Love it! I used to be a Kaboom! junkie. Missile Command, too.
    I didn't really get into gaming again until the original NES…things kind of went downhill from there.

  84. Luis MartĂ­nez says

    Atary 2500 (console VG).Spectrum 48k (computer casette). Spectrum 128k (computer casette). Amstrad 250 (computer diskette). Pc 286 (HD 8MB). PC 386 (HD 20MB). PC Pentium 1 (HD 80MB 156MB RAM). PC Pentium 2 (HD 100×2 MB, 516MB RAM). PC Pentium 3 (HD 300MB, 3modules x 516MB RAM). PC Pentium 4 (HD X, 4GB RAM) and lastest Pentium d
    ual 8Gb RAM, HD don't know how… All extras updated, when money lets me. (plattforms. Master system, Mega drive, Nes, Super Nes, Play Station 1, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Play Station portable. Nintendo SD.

  85. Luis MartĂ­nez says

    Then we speak about cosmic trash. Lol

  86. Krystyn Chong says

    So awesome! Wow!!

  87. Jose Munoz says

    Wow I remember having 1 of those…. old school

  88. Nicolai Imset says

    First for me was moonlander and dragon chess on the Commodore Vic20 with an amazing 5kb ram and a 1 Mhz CPU it ruled the world…

  89. Luis MartĂ­nez says

    LOL, + Nicolai Imset ,Fantastic. Now when I think in all of theese machines, to my mind come a photo. a pen-drive.

  90. Rob Le Blanc says

    Wow, neat!

  91. Fredrik Lans says

    Oh, nice. This was the first video game we ever had. Bring back some good memories…

  92. Sohil Chaki says


  93. Leslie Barnor says

    Atari….. my first game

  94. David McVey-Moore says

    mis blonde your hot

  95. Jamie Roszel says

    Awesome. I think i still have an atari somewhere.

  96. monaya ASP says


  97. Raza Mehboob says

    nice art and AwEsOmE work

  98. micayla harris says

    u speak pac man

  99. Chidubem Ezejiofor says

    Wow, you've all had nice gaming experience

  100. joe saucedo says


  101. abdul hadi safari says

    yeh babs and still changing day by day..

  102. Euroglaze FC says

    The count on – commodore vic 20 owns

  103. JD Frazier says

    owned one.god that makes me ancient

  104. Rob Braxton says

    If Atari's Pac Man looked anything like the ones on this cake, they wouldn't have had to dump a million cartridges out in the desert!

  105. Tyrone Freeman says

    Had one when i was kid

  106. Dean Holyer says

    So did I, then I bought an Atari Computer in 1979, and it had better games.

  107. ân nguy?n says

    i like it :d

  108. Justine King says

    That is awesome!

  109. frank roberts says


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