1. Brendan Richard says

    The ending is a little cruel…but it's an awesome video! If you like portal check out: http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/222422/super-mario-bros-with-a-portal-gun/

  2. Margie D Casados says

    Watch it.. I wanted her to escape.. 🙂

  3. Andreas Knüttel says

    How geeks propose with Portal XD

  4. Amanda Blain says

    Maybe there will be a real movie soon 🙂

  5. Lee Clarke says

    Cool short, makes me want to try out the game. A full movie could be interesting as well…

  6. Brett Bjornsen says

    There's a couple of these live action portal short films around… it's all awesome. Would love to see a feature length movie sometime.

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