1. Anthony Liggins says

    this is nice

  2. Siamak Manzarpour says


  3. Danial Hallock says

    I'll trick myself into thinking that this is a resort or something; surely no one family owns this pool.

    Oh, to be born into money… /wistful sigh

  4. Malotte Edward says

    Nice place to relax!

  5. Frank Nemecek says

    The worst part is that someone is yet to invite me over. How rude!

  6. Wallie Hawkins says

    A little jealous of that someone somewhere

  7. Aaron Wood says


  8. John Maguire says

    Ummmm, + Amanda Blain how did you get past security and into my private indoor pool with a camera? I haven't even had a chance to share my own pics it on G+ myself yet lol

  9. Joseph Hughes says

    I'm betting + Mitt Romney would let you rent this from him

  10. Appleseed Humanity, Inc. says

    Meh. No rubber duckie!

  11. shahab Gorji says

    why not ? i have one king of that pool  
    (in my dreams)

  12. Trevor Sharp says

    Well… it isn't me 🙁

  13. Tim Miller says

    It looks like those foundations under the columns take up most of the pool.

  14. Michelle Price says

    I wish I was the owner..

  15. Aaron Wood says

    LOL + John Maguire, we must share the same contractor.

  16. javier mondragon says

    a beer is missing on that picture

  17. Marcy Massura says

    So funny. We looked at house today that had an indoor pool. I kept sorta laughing and thinking how weird it would be to actually be the kind of owner of an INDOOR POOL. 😉

  18. Marc Jansen says

    I recently discovered Million Dollar Rooms on HGTV, and they showcase insane places like this all the the time.

  19. Philip Dobson says

    looks commercial to me, maybe a spa. the fire alarms on the walls are commercial, the venting looks commercial. The multiple TVs say 'entertainment stations'. I would say a commercial entity likely owns this.

  20. Amanda Blain says

    Everyone owns this pool…. but me 🙂 hehehe

  21. Motavis Jones says

    I like the look but I couldn't swim in a straight line :/ 
    I know I could take a nap though hehe

  22. Aaron Wood says

    + Amanda Blain, #NOPOOLFORYOU ! 😉

  23. John Maguire says

    No way + Aaron Wood! You have the same one?! I'm suing that contractor for breach of contract. He promised I would be the only one to have this indoor pool design. Now I'm going to have to demolish it and rebuild another…oh well, just chump change

  24. Annika O'Brien says

    That place is in Vegas!

  25. Edward Lew says

    Where is the jacuzzi?

  26. Amanda Blain says

    who cares + Philip Dobson someone somwhere still owns it right … ? 😛

  27. Mohammed Aglan says


  28. John Maguire says

    Wait a minute + Aaron Wood, how about we have a live hangout on air…you go first and prove that this is "your" pool and I'll go second. But if you go first and don't have a pool then it proves its my pool and I won't have to show anything lol.

  29. Charles McCloud says


  30. Drew Jones says

    A client I had in Newport Beach had an indoor pool in his place, good times!

  31. ben halcomb says


  32. teagan ashworth says

    That's so awesome

  33. Aaron Wood says

    + John Maguire, my webcam is busted and I spent all my money on the pool! You better go 1st while I get my cam fixed. lol

  34. Chad Hunter says

    I have two in my apartment, you mean you don't?  😛

  35. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    I hope there are skylights at least

  36. hugh smith says

    What did monty python say "you lucky lucky [email protected]#t"

  37. Kevin Moore says

    ….only two Chad?… 🙂

  38. Douglas Harry says

    I want a pool that goes from inside to outside.

  39. Brandon Jackson says

    Would love to party there!

  40. Edward Lew says

    Where is the dry sauna?

  41. Maribeth Gabrinao says


  42. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    Honestly, it's not a good pool. It's pretty obvious it wasn't built for laps, but even for a party pool, the columns obscure view and their foundation take up too much space. They should at least build tables into the columns and maybe add a bar.

  43. ??? says

    It's really life

  44. Christopher Hewitt says

    or they are extremely proficient in 3d modelling and mentalray/vray.. this is way too cool to be real

  45. John Maguire says

    Well + Aaron Wood you can ask + Amanda Blain my webcam doesnt work on my desktop either so I can only use my Galaxy Nexus phone cam (hence the nickname mobile guy)…however I dropped my phone in the pool – more proof its a pic of my pool lol

  46. Chuck Fresh says

    Been there

  47. Edward Lew says

    Where is the steam room?

  48. Jason Dreyer says

    Can only imagine. Bet they hardly use it too.

  49. Frank Crislip says

    It remind me of a roman bath house.

  50. Philip Dobson says

    + Amanda Blain , sorry, I just mean there's no need to covet it, you just need to figure out where it is and then go there.  🙂

  51. Steven Lopez says


  52. Edward Lew says

    Where is the diving board?

  53. Philip Dobson says

    + Douglas Harry , There's one at the Sheraton in Toronto across from Nathan Philips Square. It's really fun in the winter because you can swim outside while it's snowing then swim back inside and never have to get out of the pool, and never get cold. 🙂

  54. Samuel Hon says


  55. Jasmine Lopez says

    is thiz a place called a condo, or some place to hav a condom??  🙂   ha

  56. Yudi Saksono says

    it's awsome 

  57. Edward Lew says

    Where is the life guard station? LOL

  58. nur amalina nur says

    wow……so amazing.suitable for couple

  59. Guillaume JOVER says

    I don't like when somebody take a picture of my house without my authorization 😉

  60. Karen Blair says

    Wow nice pool

  61. alfonso davis says

    Thats sick

  62. Lyndon Fagan says


  63. Ali Rivera says

    wow thats like wow

  64. Mary M says

    It's just concrete and water, material things will never give a person what they  really want…

  65. Shahryar Munawar says


  66. Leidy Madrid says

    wouuuu muy hermoso me encanta !!

  67. mackenzie wilcox says

    i want that as my room

  68. zhongyang do says

    my dream

  69. Lola Black says

    Someone, somewhere, has too much money for their own good while millions of people, even American citizens, struggle to survive.

  70. Fred DaVoudi says

    Needs some sky lights to let the sunshines to come through. Very nice but still humid and smelly. Prefer the out door pools.

  71. Jazevox Jazevox says

    thats my indoor pool

  72. Jazevox Jazevox says

    in my dreams….

  73. Minoo Maani says

    It is nice, but no reflection of the sky in it!

  74. Edgardo Casas says

    and these things make people . . . happy. .??

  75. caitlyn mckinney says

    Mary M,YOU NEED TO SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!

  76. trevor harralson says

    Why is my pool on google+ delete this picture or I will sew you, my dad is a lawyer so delete it or he will personally call the police and that will look up your account and track where you are! ????

  77. Justin White says

    It doesn't look very safe.  The pillars in the middle would make free swimming awkward.  (Well more those huge bases than the pillars themselves)

    Looks pretty though, and +1 + Minoo Maani 

  78. Amanda Eng says

    what will you sew her? a cross stitch picture?? LOL

  79. Isha Balouch says

    It just seems impossible! Pools like this are made just to satisfy those rare people that actually have money to buy it.

  80. Waheed Habib says

    its a really dream house

  81. Brian Aldrich says

    The owner isn't very tan though…

  82. trevor harralson says

    + Justin White it's really there for like a seat. But this really needs to be taken down!

  83. Antonio Hodge-Grande says

    Don't want it, don't need it.  

  84. Paul Plate says

    What if what I want is a pool? Then concrete and water is what I need. I sure would like to try out the material life. I am sure I could be very happy!

  85. trevor harralson says

    And + Brian Aldrich duh it's inside

  86. naszerene anne says


  87. Cindy Ward says

    Wish it was mine<3<3<3:-V:-V

  88. Freeman Spirita says


  89. Paul Plate says

    + Justin White when you're rich, who swims. You hire people to do that. You just wade around looking cool. Sipping beverages.

  90. Lil Quin says

    i wish i had that

  91. Robert Leland says

    I wanna indoor pool.

  92. Boopathi Raja says

    semma swiming area very nice

  93. Jenny Tan says

    luv it

  94. altiair ibn-la' ahad says

    Ur not the owner of that pool trevor

  95. Shalexus Washington says

    that is a cute space i would love to live there

  96. hailey giesbrecht says

    love it

  97. Kayla Tinsley says

    hey! thats my pool! no joke. its in my house!

  98. Cindy Ward says

    I live in southwest Nebraska its.105 i want to get in there and stay till september!

  99. altiair ibn-la' ahad says

    + trevor harralson not ur pool

  100. mani shahid says

    its dreaming place

  101. Sod Oscarfono says

    * meanwhile about 4 million other "someones, somewhere" are starving and living the most terrible life imaginable.  yay capitalism

  102. Ndra cj says

    waw…….. so cute……………

  103. Max Rupplin says

    Yeah my private pool aboard my private yacht.   I always tell the help to leave a bowl of strawberries on Fridays and Sundays.  Think this must be Saturday by the looks of it.

  104. Alok Ranjan says

    awesum dud …much expected lately

  105. ram basnat says


  106. Andrea Mortiboy says

    wow awesome

  107. Reanna Ruddick says

    I'd like to be that person

  108. Matt Lorts says

    + Danial Hallock Mo money mo problems

  109. Sorna valliappan says

    great infrastructure……………………..

  110. Carroll Carter says

    Awesome, there is aGod in Heavenw who has smiled on you.  What a blessing

  111. Joyce Garriga says

    Fancy. I can  imagine swimming into those things in the pool. Haha

  112. Harrison Murbi says

    + Amanda Blain Climate Change …. 

  113. Julius Barnes Iii says


  114. Alvaro Tobaru says

    it's kinda dream!! 

  115. Jordyn Davis. says


  116. Ali Alkanas says

    This is my pool bb

  117. Devyn Waldron says

    dude thats awsome

  118. Isabel Smith says

    OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! dream house 😀

  119. Kerry Williams says

    Must be nice to have this. (?)

  120. Bill Collins says

    Bet they don't appreciate it like the rest of us.

  121. Jenny Sweet says

    I couldn't have that.  I'd never leave 🙂

  122. Abigail Lakeman says

    nice it is a blessing

  123. Alianna Rosiles says

    for mee thx so much jk. jk lol

  124. Marty Osten says

    Amazingly formal yet compartmentalized for those personal moments. 

  125. Jacinta Lin says

    jaw drops open

  126. Karen Cyr says


  127. Marty Osten says

    Now let's move it to Bequia. 

  128. varun sharma says

    its awesome

  129. Rodela Roddur says


  130. Reanna Ruddick says

    Dang a lot can happen in ten minuets

  131. Vivek Bagal says

    nice place

  132. Som Veacha says

    Hi Amanda doing?

  133. starla gonzalez says

    that is my dream pool

  134. Colton Smith says

    A little too much for me 🙂

  135. oscar sullivan says

    an indor siwwming pool wow that must been a forture.

  136. Tom Giblin says

    Very nice it would suite me fine

  137. william beckett says

    It's Not Mine

  138. Kaushik Patel says

    Its great

  139. Vincent Chapman says


  140. Ali Jan says

    i dont like indooor swiming pooool

  141. Ethan Nguyen says

    i wish i had that! 🙂

  142. muthu pavithran says

    wow ………………………………………………………………..!

  143. khaled elsherbaji says

    wonderful just for a few dayes….

  144. Clayton Billion says

    I'll take that in a heartbeat! #MasterBedroom  

  145. Dan West says

    That's freaking awesome!

  146. Aravinda Prakash says


  147. Glen Hillman says

    Yep and I bet someone else cleans it!

  148. Puc ca says

    nice but outdoor is better.

  149. Aravinda Prakash says


  150. Corey Dubois says

    wow if only if only

  151. ronald palaganas says

    wow thats really cool !

  152. Irene Lin says

    wowza!!! but i prefer outside 😛 XD

  153. Eve Eden says

    how can you swim with those pillars and steps in the way? 

  154. Akeem Young says

    Aye, keep posting pics of my house and your cut off!

  155. Akhmad M. Noval says


  156. Doug g says

    Meh!  Indoor pool at Kutsher's.

  157. David Romano says

    Nice bottle of wine with a nice girl and some lite music. Just sitting in the middle of that enjoying every moment.

  158. David Romano says

    Nice bottle of wine with a nice girl and some lite music. Just sitting in the middle of that enjoying every moment.

  159. David Romano says

    Nice bottle of wine with a nice girl and some lite music. Just sitting in the middle of that enjoying every moment.

  160. Patrick Armstrong says

    So beefy a roof. They couldn't have free-spanned it? The pillars are hardly what I would call style points. (My man-cave shall have such a pool.)

  161. Ali Basrah says

    I'm the owner!

  162. Ihab kunnath says

    nice designing 

  163. mawar berduri says

    so nice…:)

  164. emily alamillo says


  165. Helmi Christian says


  166. meet anjane says


  167. meet anjane says


  168. wei yu says


  169. Lanka Lakmali says


  170. ??? ??????? says


  171. shan e hider syed says


  172. shan e hider syed says

    One day I willll

  173. Nidhi Agrawal says

    wow so cool………….

  174. Deborah Jackson says


  175. Eve Perez says

    Wow awesome!

  176. Samer Dawod says

    Only Rich ass hole can afford this 🙁

  177. Super ganu says

    Amazing and luxurious

  178. Flossie Kubic says

    Tony Stark probably does. 🙂

  179. Layni Marshall says

    In my dreams I do

  180. Sonny Jimenez says

    There are a few homes here in Greater Houston area that have indoor and outdoor pools…  Land/Homes are cheap here compared to the rest of the country.

  181. Honey Gupta says

    real nyc architecture……..

  182. Michael Watson says


  183. black stars says

    i just say "WOW"

  184. Shajiswamy Narayanan says

    Marvelous swimming pool, I wish to swimm…..

  185. Karunya Velan says

    wat a pic

  186. Rami roberts says

    Yes it would be amazing to have that pool!!!

  187. Livy Clapp says

    Makes you wonder what the rest of the house looks like

  188. Eliza Peppel says


  189. Joe Daugherty says

    Yeah, thats mine! Lol

  190. Angela Polychronis says

    My grandma had one and gave (GAVE) the house to my druggie uncle

  191. Christian Espinal says

    It's ugly

  192. Gyan Prakash Shaw says

    I can only dream.

  193. Kobby Dankyi says

    This very beautiful

  194. RAVI RAI says

    Awesome picture

  195. Zoe Wulfers says

    That would be awesome

  196. sashi kanta senapati says

    lovely place  

  197. fahad silongan says


  198. samson gaikwad says

    nice place 4 weekend

  199. Daniel Schiller says

    Well yes i can!


    wow nice interior

  201. alexandra nevarez says


  202. briana holmes says

    nice picture

  203. virtue abidoye says


  204. Wahyudi Santoso says

    So nice .. so sweet..

  205. Colin David Smith says

    This indoor pool owns someone,somewhere…

  206. Ahmad Eltanany says

    money deliver money. 

  207. aftaj khan says

    nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice  verynice  room i like it

  208. Michael Swartout says

    That would be nice, to relax in. Not much room for swimming.

  209. Alex Masse says

    Someone owns this indoor pool somewhere… :O It's so pretty!

  210. Rae Jones says

    Lucky them.

  211. Avalancha Alexander says

    stop lien girl lol

  212. chiragrpatel chirag says


  213. Arun Trivedi says

    Nice place

  214. Chelsi Bug says

    OMG….I have to get this!!

  215. Lennart Marklund says

    It's funny when a 3d-render is realistic in lighting and materials, but unrealistic in scales and design.

  216. Kat McG says


  217. Scott Newman says


  218. Franklin Ford says

    Yeah, me!

  219. Amanda Harden says

    Is it Batman?

  220. Brandon Arsenault says


  221. Farha Akbar says

    I wish that someone would be me

  222. Wissarut K says

    vacation day is here 🙂

  223. shivam srivastava says


  224. parsav shah says


  225. Khairunnisa A.baharudin says

    Pool?? Indoor!!!! Who's that amazing person? 🙂

  226. Terence Roberts says


  227. I'm Gay says

    Lets go skInnydIpping

  228. Jennifer Williams says


  229. Irfan Ahmad says


  230. Miftakhul khabibi says


  231. wub wubs says


  232. Khairunnisa A.baharudin says

    Terence Robert, I'm so suspicious!! Is it your house?????

  233. Haroon Yadgari says

    nice house

  234. ????? says

    omg! awesome

  235. Hannah Ward says

    I want it! I wonder what the rest of the house looks like…

  236. John Biaggio says

    Those columns look like a hazard.

  237. Gyan Singh says


  238. laxmi narayan says

    beautiful ,very nice .

  239. john gury says

    Somewhere in the land of the istock photoshoped image someone owns this luxury pool.    http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-3531194-luxury-pool.php

  240. Linda Beaumont says


  241. Rafael Paz says

    me want

  242. AATIF KHAN says

    very nice

  243. Lina Jaramillo says

    It looks beautiful, but I prefer outdor pools…

  244. Imtiaz Hamid says

    realy great

  245. Trang Pham says

    Nice! but outdoor prefer…

  246. ?? ??? says

    ????? ????? ????? ????? ??????? ?? ??? ????? ????? ???? ???!

  247. Zoe Nim says


  248. Frank Marotta Jr says

    Jeez, that looks like a level from Tomb Raider or Twilight Princess. Hint: the gold key is under the second pole!

  249. Tonya Nicole says

    that would be a graet place to live at

  250. yose aldo says

    Without proper ventilation system, this room will be too humid because of too much water vaporation.

  251. Sarvat Surti says


  252. Daniel Falardeau says

    Too much luxury for one hand!! Spread this $$$

  253. Asmat Alam says

    nice pic

  254. ashawnte campbell says

    that is so tight

  255. Hoda Balla says

    THAT IS SO AWESOME! I wish it was me though, Oh yes I do agree + Lina Jaramillo!

  256. Datubo Ibrahim says

    A good wish, nice POOL, isn't it? Hardwork will ……….hardwork will………..keep your faith high but work hard…..

  257. caprice hernandez says

    looks cool I would dive in there

  258. Megan MacGregor says

    I WANT!!!

  259. Sterling Perry says

    Visions of my deams to will come to pass.
    Remember its all in the mind set so DREAM ON IN COLOR AND NOT DOUBT.

  260. Matthew Brady says

    It looks "clinical", and those pillars are a bit of a nuisance, aren't they?  

  261. Deshmukh Nani says

    what a pool & nice photo

  262. asyaari saini says


  263. Mizlieyzam lieyarh says

    nice place..

  264. mohammad iqubal says


  265. abel hall says

    Nice pool but theres no room to swim in it

  266. Siam Bright Bright says


  267. Joe Nguyen says

    It's a beautiful room, however I feel a bit sad for that outdoor furniture. They don't get the sunlight and weather breezes like they were meant to be when the designer imagined it.

  268. Justin Fondriest says

    they probably run a hedge-fund or are on the board of directors for a big bank.

  269. Stella Hanfakaga says

    ummmmm wierd i dont think the furniture is a living thing man!!! ^

  270. Dave Horrocks says

    It's mine. It's nice.

  271. zahid nadeem says

    Wow……one of the dream.

  272. shakeel ahmad says

    very smart

  273. Simon Arlen Andrew Sinclair says

    Very Opulent

  274. Bert Chavez says

    Someone, here… Will own this… Me:)

  275. yogi st says


  276. austen sarikey says

    love to be there

  277. zahid nadeem says


  278. ashu tosh says

    I guess Yes….it is…well with in d reach of imagination atleast …..:-):-)

  279. Sujith VN says

    Its a horrible pool.. where is swimming space here??

  280. zahid nadeem says

    R u there

  281. Alice Kim says

    love it

  282. Jack Brokly says

    Wow the view is sooo relaxing

  283. Mukesh Rajpal says


  284. Krishna Pal says

    i will made more than this in my home in my country……..

  285. Lou Arguello says

    Used to be mine. I got bored with it. Decided I needed something better. 😛

  286. Azib Khan says


  287. HENRY CHAVEZ says

    I have two those pools in my house and a big bank roll

  288. Corbin Harris says

    Lots of show, hardly any go. But the show is enough to melt one's mind off.

  289. Nitin Joshi says

    was thinking same dude!!!!!

  290. Rodolfo David García says

    Yo quiero estar ahí!

  291. sridhar mohan says

    nice architecture

  292. Olivia Eden says

    Wow! That is so nice! I just wish I had the money

  293. Rebbecca Morgan says


  294. xi yang says

    Someone, somewhere doesn't have this indoor pool

  295. Julia Hale says

    Is a place that inspires the imagination…..

  296. Urvakhsh Sidhwa says

    Thatd be anyoying if u just want to properly swim

  297. Berl Dixon says


  298. Merle Reine says

    + Danial Hallock I wasn't born into money, I earned it.

  299. Alvin Chang says

    Still prefer outdoor more.    People from Taiwan said, some motel in Taiwan provide this kind of indoor room.   U spend $60~80, then you could enjoy the luxury room and the pool for 2 hours.

  300. Marina Soun says

    Beautiful nas!!

  301. Gigi Campos says

    I don't know if I like the large poles or whatever in the middle of the pool. I'd like to enjoy a swim not trying to avoid hitting stuff.

  302. Harpreet Arora says

    Awesome……like a heaven to get relaxed….

  303. Ryan Mandarino says

    Wow, I feel more relaxed just looking at it. 

  304. jimmy bays says

    Wish It was me

  305. Alexander Bourlotos says

    Gigi, those are probably necessary for support.  Looking at the architecture, the beam through the center are air vents.  It's more than likely necessary.  Much like the reason there are beams in a lot of basements, or excess walls.

  306. Jazmine Cain says

    someone somewhere… needs to be my friend 

  307. Sergio Morales- Villalobos says

    I hate 1 percent lucky people

  308. Ted Guy says

    hate pools not eco sound

  309. William S Walker says


  310. Corrie Roberts says

    i bet even the apples in the pic tast good

  311. Camryn Orlando says

    It looks AMAZING!!!! I wish i had one!!!! 😀

  312. Farhad Ali says


  313. Jane Mbira says

    Byutiful i can picture ma self swinning there bt wht about the post

  314. Frank Jones says

    It's so pretty, I might even get out of it to pee.

  315. briana morones says

    that is kool! luv it

  316. Chris Lalonde says

    …..Great arquitecture.  I'm sure insures privacy  fom paparatzis.
     It's obious that whom owns this hidden indoor paradise is  either a celebrity and, or has some wealty bank accounts !.
     I would  prefer a natural setting for this kind of 
     " By the pool side relaxation".

  317. Sonu Manicam says


  318. Chantelle Felix says


  319. john moses says

    wow that is pretty awesome

  320. Fabio Jungle says


  321. dechen dema says


  322. Erik Collett says

    It should have a sign: "No Diving" or perhaps "Mind the underwater dias".

    Other than D&D, where do you really find a Dias?

  323. Uday Kumawat says


  324. steven carroll says


  325. Prachi Prakash says


  326. Dhanraj prajapati says


  327. Okoya Abiola ayoka. says

    This is beautiful

  328. Gus Mercenary says

    Nice pool. Would have been better without the two center columns.

  329. Joslynn Perez says


  330. Wardah Maharudin says

    damn beautiful…

  331. Maulesh Patel says


  332. Tiana Glover says

    wwwwwoooooooowwwwww ……that cool as 🙂 that ok cause my uncle is dan carter lol 🙂 🙂 xx

  333. Sahin Salim Dhanani says

    love it…..

  334. Liivian aLonzo says

    trip ko yan.. ! haha

  335. bintara mario says


  336. Oak Morandin says


  337. Akhilesh Meeshi says

    it just looks like my bathroom.

  338. Chris Lalonde says

    …..Great arquitecture.  I'm sure insures privacy  fom paparatzis.
     It's obious that whom owns this hidden indoor paradise is  either a celebrity and, or has some wealty bank accounts !.
     I would  prefer a natural setting for this kind of
     " By the pool side relaxation".

  339. Asma Sarguroh says

    so nice

  340. Emily Narinsky says

    must be rich

  341. Suyana Wh says

    Amazing full.. I like this..

  342. Morene Williams says

    It's beautiful…breathtaking..

  343. Saeid Goudarzi says

    this is nice

  344. Zargham Abbass says


  345. Nylah Ansari says

    Not trying to brag but my indoor pool is bigger than that. No joke.

  346. Aqel mubarak says

    woww…cantikk nyee…huhu..

  347. Raja Tariq says


  348. Falguni Bhavasar says


  349. Nanu Sathya says

    wow excellent place amanda….

  350. E. Anthony Bradley says

    I want this!!

  351. Justin White says

    i want to be there

  352. omid rahimi says

    yes. nice

  353. muhammad ijaz says

    Amanda please like my page and plus it

  354. Alex Chen says


  355. Mark Richards says

    That's my pool! How did you get beyond my bodyguards?

  356. Mike. Montoya says


  357. Ryan Sanderson says


  358. Jean Collins says

    i want that now

  359. Boris Jacquin says


  360. Jesse Izaguire says

    Looks like pool party waiting to happen..

  361. Masud Khan says

    awesome, beyond imagination $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  362. Sunshine Tiki says

    The party possibilities.

  363. Precious Metal House says

    This is very nice.

  364. Emilio Don says

    Ugly! Nothing beats the way I see the south African coast!

  365. snehal sawant says


  366. Naty Victa says

    im am dreaming..to b there one day!! (sigh)

  367. ali martin says

    I'd do a lot for a klondike bar, but i'd give anything for that damn pool!!!

  368. Susan Jones says

    Amazing + Amanda Blain 

  369. Rachael Koonce-Castro says

    Lucky one

  370. guruji gawande patil says

    Amazing yar.

  371. Aziz Hakimi says

    i would never wanna be here…(i sleep walk) dangerous for me ;P

  372. daniel njagi says

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  373. Alicia Chery says

    I wish I was that someone.

  374. Lynnette Asudi says

    Lovely and very beautiful

  375. le'ana reid says

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  376. Tim Undheim says

    Ownership IF it was transferred from what looks like a sketch to actuality 🙂

  377. Payal Mittal says

    i wish…wohh!! its just beautiful but i would rather like to hv apple juice instead of raw one ;D

  378. V Purna says

    cool………….soo nice

  379. Naty Victa says

    U right!! Emilio im frm south africa! But.. Thats really awesome!! Lol

  380. Alex Valdez says

    probably a hotel

  381. Cheyenne McClelland says

    that must have cost a fourtune $$$$

  382. Bhuvnesh Jain says

    Only u and me.

  383. Amanda Blain says

    Amazing how many people in this thread own this pool.. 🙂

  384. Dinesh Choudhary says

    Woww nice place my dream it

  385. Neal Cleaves says

    I dunno… if you're going to spend the money at least make a pool you can dive into… and a deck area that is bigger than the length of your chairs. Just sayin'.

  386. Naveen Pakala says


  387. stacey enriquez says

    wow its amazing..and hope i can go there,,hehehe^.^

  388. anandakumar chalil says


  389. Geoffrey Puipui says

    Wish i was there relaxing & enjoying ma beer…hahaha?

  390. Nico Potgieter says

    mmm … not me .. !!

  391. Andrew Bearington says

    thats awesome

  392. gaurav vishal says


  393. Cian McIntyre says

    That's a nice pool and all but it's not incredible, why is this picture trending? =/


    how sooo good place

  395. Simon Sanderson says

    All I see is the potential for kneecaps smashing into the sharp tiled corners and the water becoming stained with blood when you are trying to swim a lap

  396. Brian Onyango says



    How gorgeous

  398. Jonard Gregorio says

    how i wish i have one. so relaxing. give me one lol 😀 😛

  399. jessica plunk says

    I would live there!!!!!!!

  400. Sarang Gotmare says

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  401. Waqar Ahmed Baig says

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  402. carly llyn says

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  403. ???? ??? ??? says


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  408. Ashley Ceceno says

    i dont know who owns it but Ice and Cocao spent the week there

  409. craig mcmanus says

    i would just like the fruit bowl it looks snazzy !!!

  410. Todd Mekulski says

    not me!

  411. suranga rathnayaka says

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  421. Amber House says


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  428. Mohd Obaid says


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  431. niaz ali says


  432. Ishan Khan says


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  434. Rijin Richu says


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  443. Amreen Hani says


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  451. Gopi Sakthivel says


  452. Rehan Ali says


  453. Zhuijun Bao says

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  454. Michaela Archibald says

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  455. Attaporn Saetang says

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  456. Du Pham says

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  458. aleena noor says

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  459. Charles Addor says

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  460. Ruth Tan says


  461. rizal musa nayan says

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  462. Ranadhir Sinha says

    simply magnificent

  463. Ronak Shah says

    Woww gr8

  464. Ahmed Jumah says

    The worst thing is if the owner can't swim….LoL

  465. adeel qureshi says


    [email protected] add me

  466. Daniel Jackson says


  467. Shahbaz Rafiq says


  468. Richelle May Jalit says

    that's the obsession of having a lot of money… relaxing pool!

  469. Prasanta Mohanty says


  470. John Harry says

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  471. danduvinay kumar says

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  472. micahia cook says

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  473. mark statham says

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  474. Mohsin Abbasi says


  475. Ken Fairmont says

    simple but elegant

  476. ASunny Sorout says

    its not that exiting

  477. Arif Qureshi says

    wowww!! its nice Amanda.

  478. jeadyl silagpo says


  479. brar ram says


  480. s.ranjith Singh says

    without girlfrnd.

  481. zahid malik says


  482. Abirami Jothi says


  483. Timothy Bacon says

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  484. Ahmad Eltanany says

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  485. Kanch Luspriya says


  486. garima singh says

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  487. sparsh chandra says

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  488. Aravind Honey says


  489. Deven Sunpedia says

    Pool doesn't seem to be gud, it has pillars in between.

  490. july worther says

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  491. cristian ramos says

    i wish i had it

  492. Taha Mounir says

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  493. Sheryl Burns says

    heaven on earth…

  494. vithal bariya says

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  495. Subarna Manandhar says

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  496. Akindoyin Oluwole says

    Gosh, that's wonderful.

  497. jeez people says


  498. Cindy Romero says

    That is so awesome!

  499. Gary Dark says

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  500. Subhasish Chakraborty says


  501. CARLOS Lopez says

    That right there is something to look into for my house

  502. Wilma Agosto says

    Nice, yes i can imagine. Awsome.

  503. Pasha Otroda says

    i wanna live their

  504. zoran srbin says


  505. Rituparna Jena says


  506. rakesh savaliya says


  507. Pravesh Rana says


  508. mackenzie wilcox says

    awesome wish i had it and i love it so much that i wissh my sis would bye that house

  509. Lance Cozad says

    Oh goody. More reasons to not go outside except to go to work.

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