Social Networking In Place Of Being Social..?

I find one to many businesses and their social media people could learn a thing or two from this here ironic comic.. 🙂

One of the main purposes of social networking… is the social part. You need to be real. You need to not sell your product all the time. This goes for musicians, business owners, bloggers, web designers, you tube stars, and social media experts…  You need to be interesting and provide value…. Just like you do in real life to make friends… err gain fans.. err followers… err.. people.

Stop self promoting non-stop. No one likes non-stop commercials.. Not even you… So why does your gplus, twitter, facebook fan pages have nothing but advertisements about how great you and your company are?


, Social Networking In Place Of Being Social..?

  1. Joe Rochinski says

    You've said this much more nicely than I ever could.

  2. Julie Schippnick says

    I have a product, it is called myself and my friends are my customers. Obviously, I'm not selling a real product but I try to think it this way… so I always want to meet new people, learn new things and have people learn about me. Can't do that if you're not social!

  3. Stephanie Van Pelt says

     She's from Canada, it's second nature. 🙂

  4. Tony Grimes says

    Nice one..

  5. Sohan chaudhary says


  6. Petrina Kappas says

    This is true.  Have to remember it is 'human beings' you are selling to…so be human to. 🙂

  7. rajesh mani says

    its correct!

  8. tellana roane says


  9. Sharmistha Boral says

    its about emotions..may it b personally or through network..its just getting connected…:)

  10. Anna Martinez says

    LOL So true.

  11. Winchelle Jane says

    Wow, this one's nice! It made me think 🙂

  12. Ali Atwy says

    Yea, everybody has a motive..

  13. Dillon Cepeda says

    The hand written letter and genuine convo has been categorized as being endangered in my book… sad so sad

  14. Grace Gil says

    Completely agree!!

  15. Sharona Jones says

    yes absolutely

  16. Josue Alved says

    Boa noiteamigos d todos os contnentes moro no brasil manaus amazonas falo apenas portguês

  17. Michael Hodge says

    Timeless in thought. We all live in a yellow submarine.Hm…Group Hug.:)

  18. Michael Dalton says

    Good example of a logical fallacy.

  19. Enrique Valdez says


  20. javier lopez says

    Ah, social media, everyone's friend and nightmare, another example of a good idea gone wrong, showing people what's trendy, and destroying what we knew as the internet, oh well.

  21. Xee Chou says

    I think the social networking just goes it's way

  22. Bruce Williams says

    Make it worthwhile by interacting it with your home business. At least you're gaining something out of it.

  23. Xee Chou says

    Hey man, you just misunderstood me. Social networking should go in it's way
    without our control, everything just gonna be all right. It's an idea from
    Tao in China, called "govern by doing nothing that's against nature".

  24. nhat linh Tran says

    Hi Amanda,
    I'm nhat linh. I live in Viet Nam. Do you know Viet Nam?

  25. Xee Chou says

    No, a nice place, eh?

  26. Gavin Belarmino says

    Well put

  27. Lovance Joseph Johnson Jr. says

    life is to enjoy, not just parting but planing for the further ,time come to those who jump the gun,Yes,"selling yourself" to add on selling yourself short, again get to know your so so,so the two of you can biled an understanding of likes an dislike..

  28. Xee Chou says

    You got really really serious about this. In fact I dont know exactly the
    "selling yourself". I do think most people work with it just fine, that's
    most important.

  29. JosMan MC says


  30. Xee Chou says


  31. Helene Torrinha says

    Ok. I agree and disagree at the same time! Who don't like a good life and achiv WHAT she can offer you! To like good thinks don't impossiblit you to at the same time to make other things like solidarity! You, yourself Amanda you are a technician lover and you make publicity of your stuffs! So explain me the contest because I don't understand it!

  32. Amanda Blain says

    i dont promote "my stuff" at all  … I have posted about girlfriend social perhaps 4 times in over 18 months of several posts a day…. Thats the point.

  33. Julie Schippnick says

    Yeah, so that means others can promote it! 🙂

  34. Teerathanes Tongpunt says

    I don't know , but might be he's working at Microsoft or other company who did not invent android operating system , I don't like android ,You know Why? cause it's andro + id ,

  35. Teerathanes Tongpunt says

    So pls , Becareful to your online activity

  36. adam heno says

    Well said luv… There r the days when its raining, or when u just want some tail……or just can't hey enough….mmmmmmm, I'm sorry where was I?

  37. NELSON HUI says


  38. adam heno says

    We do at times get distracted of what we know is right, just pointing out the exception days to the norm.

  39. Tehseen Shaikh says


  40. Gourav Sahare says

    thats why i hate social networking 
    people use it as real world

  41. miracle elijah says

    Everything in life has the 2 sides the good and the bad

  42. Alan Harvey says

    It can take youover

  43. miracle elijah says

    if you give yourself away

  44. Jonathan Moore says


  45. Vernon Laviolette says

    nice one

  46. Angga Nugraha says


  47. Sammi Khan says


  48. Rhyan Narciso says


  49. Thein Lin Aung says


  50. raviteja vaddi says

    ha ha ha

  51. Olivia Tsui says

    Well said. Totally agree with you .

  52. Olivia Tsui says

    Well said. Totally agree with you .

  53. Barbie Pink says

    lol but it never happen to me

  54. Barbie Pink says

    lol but it never happen to me

  55. Serge vandeBeek says

    Let's pull the plug! No more (anti) social networking. Take off your pyama's, take a shower, putt some clothes on and go outside! Meet people, great everyone you see (avoid being stabbed or hospitalised for insanity) and smell the roses!

  56. Serge vandeBeek says

    Let's pull the plug! No more (anti) social networking. Take off your pyama's, take a shower, putt some clothes on and go outside! Meet people, great everyone you see (avoid being stabbed or hospitalised for insanity) and smell the roses!

  57. Kongminkiong Kiong says

    Oh no,no,no,i push the wrong on me,ha,is,that's correct,that's they use me my,online to advertise.they stuff.sure really bad ideas they have.

  58. Emil Marjan says

    That's funny

  59. Don Barlow says

    I think I know a few that fit the mold. As for me I'm social but never leave the house without my Xoom tablet, my grandson gets embarrassed ,lol

  60. 王青 says


  61. Nancy Madore says

    Crazy, isn't it?

  62. Don Barlow says

    Yes' its insane

  63. Ken Reynolds says

    I would definitely much rather have a conversation than push an agenda. Getting the conversation started seems to be the stumbling block for me, though.

  64. Jonny B Good says

    Less is more (sometimes).

  65. Alex Foday says

    Hi my name is Alex. I will like to talk please write me back thanks

  66. adam heno says

    Actually, I guess I'm the Lukky one. Getting things started is the easy part. Walking her home with her friend's is Standard Issue. Now really and truly enjoying every moment, well, thats what superstars are made of.

  67. Adrian Martin says

    I agree with your comment earlier…this post makes great conversation! There is a sense of mystique that can be provided without posting about ones trade or business. I am like you– I post 99% content about everything BUT what I do… We have "About" pages for info on that for people of interest…an avatar can rouse interest without being obnoxiously forward as well. If someone wants to see my face, they can find it through intrigue. However, there are those that are proud of their accomplishments and what they do and I refuse to shun them for their hustle. Some folks don't want to post about generalized inspirational quotes, silly banter or current events to appear worldly–some just want to be known for what they do and willing to take less than a little bit of followers for it. Some just want to show their worth. If we don't like it, we can always uncircle them…or leave their posts and complain. I'm just sayin'. Awesome post…keep up the great content!

  68. joanna joson says

    lol i would totally say that

  69. ALi Mohammed says


  70. Hector Gomez says


  71. Don Barlow says

    I know that can be hard, I make it a point to always look them in the eyes
    and say what's on your mind. Most people can handle that and it gets easier
    each time. I also learned at a very early age to keep my mouth shut if I
    didn't know what I was talking about, listen and learn.

  72. Mahdi Toofan says


  73. Helene Torrinha says

    I'm sorry girl If I don't understand! My mistake 🙁

  74. Payton Geall says

    LOL that is ossm ya maaan whut whut you peese homies

  75. Mark Wolfskehl says

    I saw something else in the picture. I like to call it "anti-social" networking. If you want to be social, you've got to meet people in person. We've all become shut-ins.

  76. Muhindo Geofrey says

    Its sunday

  77. Muhindo Geofrey says

    Its sunday

  78. mark moore says

    Very nice to hear .

  79. mark moore says

    It should be a platform to share our cultural values. Meet different people across the world because you never know where you will end up someday.

  80. aditya singh says

    wow nyc…….
    but lots of people even now dont know d real mean of socialasim or being a social animal.

    love to here nd meet diff kinds of peoples of diff thought………..

  81. Miriam Sagmeister says

    wow nice

  82. Ronald Walker says

    Lol :)<3

  83. nika bushelashvili says

    you are beautiful.

  84. Raju Chougule says

     sure beautiful…. ?

  85. 卢树国 says

    you will loving

  86. Reeve Thorpe says

    Soon we will not be able to get out of the house. Because every thing will be available to us by pressing/clicking a button or a link. We lost our human instincts as human, even to bring up a child you have to read from a book these days to know your child better???

  87. Sarath Denipitiya says

    love is beautiful words

  88. Raju Chougule says

    completly agree

  89. Mensima Margaret Efua says

    is perfectly true

  90. amanda rushlow says


  91. Dirk Talamasca says

    Right on! Use your keywords in a conversation with me and get kicked to the curb!

    Go herd cats passionately over there! kick

  92. Celso Cojom says

    Hello girl

  93. Jaya Ekanayake says

    You are a beauty queen .I love you.Good luck.

  94. Mensima Margaret Efua says

    not bad at all……….

  95. Mensima Margaret Efua says

    not bad at all……….

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