Scientific Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Keeping with Today's Caturday theme… This made me laugh… A lot.. 🙂 But remember Internet .. It's all in fun. Dogs are cool too…  no need to hate…:) Which is your favourite Cat Vs Dog moment? For me? Cat cosplay hat. 😀

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  1. Art Guerrero says

    Lol balling! idk man i didn't see those cats holding any money dogs still in the lead ha jk

  2. Clarence Andringa says

    Dogs are embaressing on the beach, always sniffing where a man wouldn't dare to

  3. Amanda Blain says

    + Scott Mills 😀

  4. Alex Middleton says

    Hilarious 😀

  5. Nettie Collis says

    Ha ha ha now that was funny! Normally I love cats, however mine seems to be suffering from some kind of personality disorder and is currently doing my nut in. Free to a good home…wear a hard hat!

  6. Cindy Ward says

    Thats the funnest video i have seen today! It's full of smiles! Thank you + Amanda Blain !

  7. Maria Valeriano says

    Também preciso de um banho desse

  8. Eric Maes says

    Hahaha these dogs are drunk. That was pretty funny though, "scientific proof" haha. Clever.

    Team #dog!!! ?

  9. Eric Maes says

    Hahaha these dogs are drunk. That was pretty funny though, "scientific proof" haha. Clever.

    Team #dog!!!

  10. Daniel Junior says


  11. brian james says

    My wife says all this is true and she wants another cat.

  12. Anis Fellahi says

    haha I like that.

  13. Richard Lincoln says

    A cat licks its entire body to give itself a "bath", then proceeds to hack up a collection of said "dirt/furr/and whatever else it licked off itself" wherever it deems necessary to piss you the f off.

    Not to mention, they lounge around like fat useless politicians and do nothing, only moving when it benefits them.

    Sorry, having flashbacks of the cat my mom had when I was younger.


  14. Edward Williams says

    What you got there is a 'rich cat'! Cat vs Dog? I like them both.

  15. Sam Steinberg says

    im a dog person, but cats r still cute!

  16. Nakia Jackson says


  17. Jeffery Sanders says

    100% FACTS.

  18. Thomas P Johnson says

    I think that whole thing was written, and produced by a cat.

  19. Paige Robinson says

    Not true I love doggies!!!

  20. lahcene ferdi says

       n (ont-ILS pas, juin Immunité Plus Grande Qué Les Chiens?

  21. lahcene ferdi says

    Ce logiciel-traducteur, décone

  22. Paige Robinson says

    What does that mean + lahcene ferdi

  23. Raul Berrios Rivera says

    LOL ! I love it.

  24. lahcene ferdi says

    je sais pas ! il y a mélange;français et anglais

  25. Paige Robinson says

    LOL ohh!! OK!!

  26. Paige Robinson says


  27. lahcene ferdi says

    j’espère que le commerce ,va bien  chez 'Amanda!

  28. L.I.N Young says

    Dogs are capricious,dogs are hypocritical.And cats are elegant & mysterious

  29. Jonathan Moore says

    Holy crap! Did Mr. Whiskers rob a bank?!!

  30. james oetjens says

    dogs are dum funny cats are scared funny

  31. Eric K says

    All my dog wants to do is make me happy, and that makes him happy.. That works for us..

  32. Emma Rose Fletcher says

    That is hilarious!

  33. Terri Evan says

    I love both!

  34. hand itchy says

    that's not true.girls are better than dogs.

  35. Wrigley Richards says

    Nope, Dogs are better

  36. Zack Hood says


  37. Mark Carlson says

    Love them both.

  38. Tara Mulder says

    This is just as awesome every single time I watch it.

  39. Samer Deef says


  40. youssef rachidi says

    nice belle

  41. Jean-Michel Thompson says

    You can't scientifically prove dogs are better it's a matter of opinion.

    In my opinion, I like dogs a lot better. Much more affectionate and active.

    Cats hate me, so I hate them.

  42. Lori Alexander says

    Very funny

  43. Rayara Justina says

    Boa noite galera durma com deus. bjs de RAY

  44. Kathy Kaleta says

    this is great.  love cats. 

  45. Kathy Kaleta says

    this is great.  love cats.

  46. Shayna Coleman says

    Very funny.

  47. Camille Shim-Marinos says

    I grew up with cats, as my parents were alergic to dogs nor had the patience for one. I loved my cats and had 5 throughout my childhood. However Ive only now been a dog owner for 2 years and i am in love. Dogs give so much more warmthful love than a cat can anyday, and they are a lot more intelegent. Their sacrafice is that u need a sitter when you leave, as opposed to cats being independant in a better way. But overall Id have to say dogs are a better friend/pet. Whereas a cat is only a pet. Dogs>Cats

  48. KittyKat Y says

    Super Great, thank you for posting this!

  49. Michaella Blemur says

    u better save that money

  50. Marie Ortiz. says

    This is an Ode to cats! Love it

  51. Rahmad Fajar Riyadi says

    mighty cat,,, 🙁

  52. Benedicia Godoy says

    Some cats & dogs are cute. But i'm a bunny person. (>'.'<)

  53. Rahmad Fajar Riyadi says


  54. samantha garcia says

    hahahaha that is so funny!!!

  55. Rachel Park says


  56. Marie Ortiz. says

    Hey is Caturday! Cat rules

  57. tati morales says

    dogs woop woop

  58. Ana Gonzalez says

    dog are way better

  59. Annabelle Young says

    yea, dogs are way better!

  60. Marie Ortiz. says

    Lovely Cats!

  61. Kip Vidrine says

    At least they were singles and not 20s 50s and hundreds

  62. dani ramdani says

    emmm wow

  63. luiz gustavo oliveira says

    That was very funny……….

  64. Marie Ortiz. says

    Meow meow love cats!

  65. Kip Vidrine says

    I have a dog who literally eat a document that I needed from my attorney research I will probably never see again but I might be able to get a copy back.

  66. Kip Vidrine says

    oh my dear, I have no problem with any feline or canine, and only have a
    problem with their diet. When they choose to eat official documents that I
    need or those documents are cash as they showed in that photo, that's what
    I have a problem, I will reach down into their throat and pull it all out.
    I'm just kidding, I will let the doctor knew that, wink wink

  67. erik hariyanto says


  68. Sharlet Lau says

    both are awesome the end but cats are more mature than dogs in some ways…

  69. Kip Vidrine says

    Cats dont care, lol

  70. aLFAH TM says

    Dog's have a Master,
    Cat's have a STAFF.

  71. Kip Vidrine says


  72. Yung Kyei says

    Me i wil go cat. Dog i hate em.

  73. tuti furwanti says

    how to proof it?I don't know how to different its…

  74. Kip Vidrine says

    Depemds on dog. Most tho need attentino. Cats can just be by themselves

  75. Cien Mason says

    here are some HUmans so bored that devolving into Anthropomorphism has become such a pastime to their distracted lives.
    step away from the animals.
    Anthropomorphism is cruelty to animals.

    otherwise a good video.

  76. tuti furwanti says

    I want to that better than cat…

  77. Sharon Emrick says

    Oh fuck.. That's funny as hell.. I have to share..

  78. Joey Kuciauskas III says

    Dogs eat cats. This is funny!

  79. Gregory Garner says

    Once again it's proven, pussy does control all the money

  80. Raef Mootassem says

    By understanding the role of Cats and Dogs in nature we com to realize that both are important to humans. Cats are more for indoors and dogs are for outdoors.

  81. Kwame Obeng Adjinah says


  82. Billy Brewer says

    I like dogs better but that was funny. And had some good points

  83. Andrew Macintyre says

    I've watched all of this series.All funny !

  84. Aishwarya Sud says

    I love dogs and hate cats but that was hilarious!!!!

  85. Aditya Nanda Putra says


  86. Marianne Sansum says


  87. gregory foster says


  88. Lianna Hernandez says

    Noo really

  89. Kamaya Bell says

    Nall baby…

  90. mohsen ganji says


  91. Ian Enright says

    If you check my post on dogs, I can't see a cat doing that!! Cat are allright thought.

  92. Avery Kral says

    Oh for God's sakes, how far will you go to defend cats?  😛

  93. hendrik hermawan says


  94. Niklas Werner says

    fick mich

  95. Niklas Werner says

    amanda blain

  96. omar adrianzen timana says

    Ola preciosa como estas, soy omar

  97. Mohamed Dabo says

    WoW it's amazing and true ^_^ ?

  98. Geary Chalmus says

    I like this… lol

  99. neri beita says

    sin palabras

  100. omar adrianzen timana says

    Ola quien eres causa

  101. Esha Moris says

    Funniest video I've seen ever… And that's y I love cats????

  102. John Alexander Hernandez Garcia says

    Hola AMANDA

  103. samantha garcia says

    i like cats cause there cute i like dogs cause there smart and i dont like cats cause they have dirty mouths i dont like dogs because they eat cats

  104. omar adrianzen timana says

    No soy amanda

  105. Danny Alvens says

    That`s a shame… pimpin the dog out like that…….terrible!!

  106. neri beita says

    soy neri y vivo en Costa Rica

  107. neri beita says

    hola solo ablo spa'ol

  108. neri beita says

    no entiendo ingles

  109. Alesia Richardson says

    Too funny.  You guys did a great job.  how much fun you must have had.  We must rescue all these annimals we can theat do not have a home.

  110. Robinson Rodriguez says


  111. Andre Luiz Almeida Da Silva says


  112. van cuong cao says


  113. ithania pelaez says


  114. kiran kumar says

    cat operating so funny

  115. Bardhul Shehu says

    Thats why I keep my cat inside and the dog outside! 🙁

  116. Rudi Brits says

    cats are the best!

  117. oussama allouche says


  118. Alex Nani says

    this is too much give same

  119. Rich Smith says

    'Cats in Bomber Jackets' rule for me, any day of the week…

    NO self-respecting cat would ever need of look for proof of her superiority… they have always been and doubtless will remain, my second favourite animal.

  120. hihidolly R. says

    …I rest my case

  121. Stecija Pele says


  122. Ray Snoke says

    I ROFL'd.

  123. Fathali al-shaibi says

    Hi: You can come to Yemen for tourism , known new things and eat fresh Honey . I well give you free, ok , no spend many . bye bye.

  124. Jorge Gomez Martins says

    Estas muy buena

  125. Amy Guzman says

    ugh dogs r better no need 4 video just true

  126. Juscelino Brito O. says

    You is an girl beautiful!

  127. Margaret Prontzos says

    I was in a terrible mood until I saw your video, thank you Amanda.

  128. Lakshan Fernando says

    AI lay ck

  129. Thaslim Thasli says

    n9 gud

  130. Allen Kimble, Jr says

    I resent the implications of the remark at hand!  For starters, unlike the cat above, I'd take the money he or she is eating and deposit it in to high yieald, interest bearing what-cha-macall-its. 

    — Vinny the Pug— 

  131. Allen Kimble, Jr says

    I resent the implications of the remark at hand!  For starters, unlike the cat above, I'd take the money he or she is eating and deposit it in to high yieald, interest bearing what-cha-macall-its. 

    — Vinny the Pug—

  132. celly barillas says

    i like

  133. Zakariya Apple says


  134. Ioanna V. says


  135. Ioanna V. says


  136. Riet Vossestein says


  137. Claudio Hernandez says

    Eres muy linda…

  138. Claudio Hernandez says



    yes it is true

  140. Madhukar Prasad says

    ha ha good 

  141. Madhukar Prasad says

    ha ha good

  142. jonub jonubi says

    ??? ???? ??????
    ?? ????? ?????? ???
    ?? ?????? ????  iran

  143. Samad Shahbahrami says

    ???? ???? ?????? ????

  144. Oskar Haeger says

    And cats carry a disease that makes you like cats. What's not to like about that? That's like a cheat code for life. A true love-bug.

  145. Oskar Haeger says

    And cats carry a disease that makes you like cats. What's not to like about that? That's like a cheat code for life. A true love-bug.

  146. Leena Pekkalainen says

    Heehee – a good one! 🙂

  147. Hetile Mabunda says

    very funny!

  148. Andrew Lawden says

    you called , what can i do for you ? x

  149. Crystal says

    OMG I just died laughing at this… my freakin face hurts… and I got an unexpected overwhelming sense of joy and love and sadness at 2:34… since that’s my cat who has since passed away to cancer (awful) whom I love a miss very much… and that’s my baby boy who is not a baby anymore and I love more and more everyday and want to leave work now and go see him… but still miss baby boy. so cute. ;o) lol but then I continued watching after reminiscing for a moment and continued to laugh my ass off ;o)

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