No one forgets this day. It changed so much in the world in regards to the USA. Flight controls, Border controls, Immigration controls, Fear, Security. Is the world a better place with all the security we now have? Are we safer?

On that day… I was afraid… But I remember the sense of strangers coming together, community, family…. I remember strength. I remember courage. I remember love.

#NeverForget911 #WorldTradeCenter     #TwinTowers  
(This picture is from the New Jersey September 11th memorial, 'Empty Sky')


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  1. Cole Smith says


  2. Albert Raj V.M says


  3. Kevin Flynn says

    I hate @NYC for taking off my shoes at the airport.

  4. Michael Rutherford says

    There are many stories of strangers coming together on 9/11. But this one about the little Canadian town of Gander, always get's me. In the wikipedia article, there's just a paragraph about it and I'm sure there's much more written elsewhere.,_Newfoundland_and_Labrador

  5. Amanda Blain says

    Thats a GREAT example + Michael Rutherford …. Proud Canadian moment 🙂

  6. Cole Smith says

    Hey Amanda

  7. Michael Buttler says

    Unfortunately I don't think we are a lot safer, but we had to give up a lot of freedom.

  8. Augusto Gomes says

    One of the most troubling moments of this century. Not to forget, no matter where.

  9. Raleigh Burke says

    I was in AP Psychology class in High School. They put my school on lockdown as I was only 2 hours from DC…those images will never leave my mind.

  10. KANISHKA BOSE says

    One of the Darkest days of human race.

  11. Amanda Blain says

    I was working sales at a popular mall in Ottawa(nations capital) at a cable company store. The entire mall came and crowded by my tvs.  I had to watch it for hours, every broadcast…. for 8 hours… It was a lot of negative ongoing depressing terrifying news.

  12. KANISHKA BOSE says

    + Amanda Blain  very terrifying scene…we also saw it on TV.

  13. david almy says

    No. We're not. And I do NOT believe it was an inside job. I do know that there are people all over the world that want nothing but to destroy America. I also noticed there is an anti-Christ – anti-God element spreading. Especially from the left. Be warned. The ego is very clever. The ego is chaos.

  14. Daniel Nign says

    I was driving to the office with the radio off. When I got to the office there were TVs going and I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like I was in a bad dream. To see the Twin Towers collapse was so surreal I still can't believe it.

  15. J.J. O.G. says


  16. Arman Davoodi says

    Lest we forget lost innocent souls and brave firefighters…

  17. Hiroshi Hasebe says

    I'm praying together. so don't mind.
    Please let me read my article after you. I have been to NY memorial park in 2010, 2011 with white rose at 9.11. My heart is as same as you. I hope the eternal peace. In Japan, same, 3.11 Disaster happened. we'd like to recover quickly, however it is very difficult. we have lots of something to do. We continue to do, never give up. Keep in touch for each recover the mental care. 

  18. Gucci angel says

    dont wory guys god z in z in contro may dere souls rest in peace

  19. Carlos Balderas says

    I understood why some changes were made, but are we really safer? I'm not so sure. 

    I was getting ready for college class, and I saw the WTC smoking. I had hear about planes going down in D.C. and PA. I knew it was no accident. Then later, they showed clips of each aircraft hitting each tower. I had greater difficulty in concentrating on my work for at least a week.

  20. Altenor Zanho says

    Alguem ai fala o meu idioma?

  21. Frank M says

    No, you're not really safer, but the fear mongering is paying off for a lot of people who make a ton of money off it.
    Between the fear and our responses (please, Government, keep me safe, I'll give up my rights and money for you), the terrorists have won by definition.

  22. Pablo Sanchez says

    Kien estsss

  23. serena presacco says


  24. sajal khan says

    hey amanda how r u..nice y
    our pic..i like it..?

  25. Ackland Michael says

     Are we safer? i like your question that every one need to know
    were you are

  26. sajal khan says

    u r a r
    eally so cute..i like it.. love u..

  27. Louis Geri says

    what happened on this day again? i forgot.

  28. jordan robinson says

    that is one nice view

  29. luck alimardani says

    very nice

  30. gregory contreras says


  31. Aravindakshan Raghavan says

    very nice something unbelieveable.Feels  this sought of seen familiar with dreams only

  32. Karen Sebastian says

    Speaks volumes

  33. Aravindakshan Raghavan says

    when subjects comes

  34. salman pakravan says


  35. Aravindakshan Raghavan says

    hello have a nice day

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