Regret Nothing… You Wanted It Once

I firmly believe this and hold people accountable for their actions. We all make decisions based on our unique life experiences. Sometimes we make mistakes and change our minds. That's life. Understand that you chose something, because of who you were at that specific moment of time. When you admit your mistakes. .. you can then grow as a person.


Regret Nothing... You Wanted It Once

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  1. stephanie wanamaker says


  2. Jay Rombach says

    Well said + Amanda Blain !

  3. Kirk Jordan says

    But can't I regret that at one time I was an idiot?

  4. Jeremy Dahl says

    regret can often be self-pity in reality

  5. Baby Angel says

    that's so true..

  6. Logan Cate says

    This is how I live. It's worked great so far.

  7. nancy drew says

    how true………

  8. Lucian Lancaster says

    yeah thats exaclty why I don't want so much anymore…. wanting screwed me over completely

  9. Fitsum Gebremedhin says


  10. Roger Keulen says

    + Amanda Blain # tags don't work when pasting text. So if you type in a editor than you have to redo your hash tags.

  11. Joydeep Chakraborty says

    + Amanda Blain That's very true.Couple of weeks ago I was so pissed up with my job that I wanted to take some leave, but on second thought I continued so that I can take leave when needed, indeed. Now see what happened, I had an accident and for the last 8 days I am home.Doctor advised me to take rest for another week. See what I wanted and how I get it..Ha Ha 🙂

  12. Magdalena Georgieva says

    DA qrno e uchim se ot jivota i ot greshkite si kogato si gi priznaem vsicko stava po lesno 

  13. Jason Millanaise says


  14. Roger Keulen says

    + Magdalena Georgieva Sorry, but even google translate doesn't get it.

  15. Rodrigo Cayoja says

    I think the  same!!!

  16. Louie S. says

    Love it. I live my life this way, no regrets only lessons learned.

  17. Paul Hartzer says

    I think regret is usually precisely because we know we did something we wanted to do and it was something we feel now we should have known not to do. If I punch someone in the stomach in a fit of rage, should I NOT regret that error?

  18. Steve Moss says

    Not sure I agree entirely! Certain medical conditions can make one more indecisive and impulsive! It may be the case that decisions are made based on feelings that can swap and change back and forth frequently and regardless of foresight!

    Additionally, our physiological systems have had a much longer time to evolve, than our cognitive ability and our capacity to think abstractly! So it makes more sense that we might react to a situation based on a chemical impulse, rather than considering it logically!

  19. Adam Santo says

    Well said. Do I have something to add? No, because I'll end up wanting to say something different. Plus, my phone might auto correct my typing and that could turn out bad.

  20. Carlos Aguilar says

    i love it!!!

  21. Josh Burkhead says

    One word: Cancer.

  22. José Luis Pizarro Feo says

    So true…

  23. Tammberly X says

    SOOOO……..TRUE !! ~ t ; )

  24. Artur Trzebunia says

    If the "-1" existed, it would be appropriate for this post. Should people who cheat, lie, commit crimes, take advantage of others to get ahead, etc. never regret their actions b/c that's who they were at that time and that's what they wanted to do?

  25. salas bachiri says

    yes offcorse

  26. Josh Burkhead says

    + Artur Trzebunia Amen! "AIDS. I can't regret having it because it was exactly what I wanted." 

  27. Hamza Zahid says

    Sometimes we are compelled to do something that we dont want to do.. so after that, we regret our weakness, that we were actually convinced to do that.

  28. Binh Nguyen says

    I agree! You make your decision to the best of your ability with the info you have at hand…no regrets!!!

  29. Krzysiek Derkowski says

    Can't agree, you should feel regret as long as it forces some feedback of self realization it should help you improve and grow as a person. I don't think you should dwell on regret, and spend your life in self loathing regretting past decisions but to say never regret anything is just an empty slogan… 

  30. RuamJit Jr says

    make you point and dont look back

  31. Nathanial Lattimer says

    Thank you… after reading this.. I just got over something i've been regretting for 2+ years…

  32. Nicholas Kelly says

    I really doubt anyone "really wanted" to commit manslaughter running over someones loved one. I do doubt they wanted to commit the act of manslaughter, however. I then would say that they regret the act of speeding/driving drunk, etc.  Not to be a downer but I believe regret prevents/aims to stop us from preventing the same mistakes twice?

  33. Artur Trzebunia says

    + Krzysiek Derkowski I agree!  You shouldn't dwell on your mistakes. Acknowledge them, admit them to those whom your mistakes have hurt, and move on.  That's the process of regretting.

  34. Sanelise Gogela says

    that is wisdom thank you,i give you my blessings

  35. Gus Bustillos says

    This is my take, what's done is done! Let's move on and strive yo be a better doer.

  36. Michael Johnson says

    The problem is sometimes we make decisions with out all the facts.

  37. Chris Jones says

    I like this idea somewhat, but in reality, there are times where people do things and that is extremely far away from what they wanted. 

  38. tony escobar says

    I regret not eating that slice of key lime pie with raspberry sauce. Some thief ate it!

  39. Amanda Blain says

    Sometimes internet.

  40. Tawfiq Elahe says

    I dont believe this if i need any thing i find it or i find  a alternative if not find any thing that means u r ended,so embrace it.

  41. Amanda Blain says

    And no people do whatever when they wanted. Bad, crimes, and cheating. Their brain said do this now. Regretting does nothing. Admitting fault and moving on does. Why are some of you bringing up illness as a result of how this is "not true". You don't choose illnesses people… ugh.

  42. Chris Jones says

    People may have done what they wanted, but it wasn't exactly what they wanted to do at the time. At face value it may have been just that. However, no one should dwell on their regrets to the point to where they forget to live. That would be bad.

  43. Rajendra Sakore says

    Great Thought !

  44. Sejal Shah says

    don't agree with it

  45. Alok Mohan says

    This is true…people want not to have someone in their life but after some moment..they regret…but actually regretting does nothing…the time which has passed has passed..we can never recall time…that's true…I liked this one…

  46. Rajendra Sakore says

    We may have different opinions.but we may come across this situation….

  47. Laurie Poulsen says

    Regret is a good thing if it prevents me from making the same mistake. Constantly dwelling on a mistake is what holds a person back. Living in the past is like being dead. I tend to be cryptic. I know what I mean, but putting it in to words is another thing.

  48. Chris Jones says

    + Laurie Poulsen  I couldn't say it any better myself. I have often times had great, deep thoughts. My problem comes when I try to put them into words. Like there is a barrier between my brain and the words of man.

  49. Ida Thomasdotter says

    I do think it's a little more complicated than this. I, for one, have done a lot things in the past that I really didn't want to do, even at the time. But having said that, I actually agree with you, the idea of regret or dwelling on the past is as futile as it's human. But I also believe that regret, when it flares up, is a good thing: tells you that you've grown and developed since the time you now regret!

  50. Paul Hartzer says

    + Laurie Poulsen Yep, exactly. Maybe people in this item have differing definitions of "regret"? For me, if I feel bad about something I've done five minutes after I've done it, and use that "feeling bad" as a motivation to make amends, that's regret. So, yes, is thinking about that thing I did twenty years ago, that I can't do anything about, that I can't fix, that doesn't affect me in the here-and-now, and THAT sort of regret is just plain pointless. But the first kind? I don't even see how someone could feel motivated to make amends if they don't feel some regret.

  51. ash lester says

    Correctamendo girl!

  52. teimour alizadeh says

    hi amanda

  53. Al Washburn says

    I couldn't disagree more…for example, a number of years ago there was a girl I was hanging out with one night and I think I misread signals – I think she wanted me to make a move and it wasn't until much later that I realized it…by that point she had a boyfriend (one that she's still seeing) and I'll likely never find out how interested in me she was.

    So I'll forever regret that night, but at no point was it "what I wanted" I was just too slow to pick up on things.

    The one that got away…

  54. Priya Das says


  55. Hayes Starns says

    True news and very inspiring… 🙂

  56. Vien Huynh says

    I guess so…

  57. Brad Irvin says

    So very true + Amanda Blain – thank you for posting and have a great day 🙂

  58. Caroline Boroughs says

    U wanted it until u realized what that actually meant.

  59. Craig Viar says

    So don't regret killing a family while drunk driving because you wanted to do it? If you do not regret a thing then you will have no remorse. You become unloving uncaring.

  60. Isaac Kirkland says

    Maybe it was something you just settled for because you were too LAZY to obtain what you really wanted.

  61. Hamilton Kulchetscki says

    Oui…..Nom…,je ne regrete pas rien…..

  62. Craig Viar says

    Oops someone already used that one.

  63. Tori Price says

    yup… very true

  64. Linus Sphinx says

    Regret is what keeps you from being stupid twice.

  65. Victor Odogwu says

    Wise words

  66. Hafsah Matadar says

    So very true.

  67. Avery Axford says

    that is so true  

  68. Harvey Saxelid says


  69. Sheila Luster says

    That is Sooooo True.

  70. aron mubayiwa says

    yep life experiance comes 4rom those mistakes

  71. Nathan Daniel says

    regret is very normal if its not overregrated or underregrated

  72. Layba Zaman says


  73. Abel Hernandez says

    I hate this quote bc it basically promotes the idea that if you want it then it's okay, no matter what it is. So every serial killer shouldn't regret their past bc at one time it's what they wanted? I call bullshit. Regrets are there for us to learn and grow from, the idea is to not be stressed out about regrets bc you can't change the past.

  74. Ryan Chase says

    Do you believe this is true of marriage?

  75. ravi kumar says

    Agree by dis msg

  76. Nicholas Kelly says

    + Abel Hernandez Exactly. Regrets have their purpose. For those of us whose transgressions are minimal, this is a desirable notion.For those of us whose transgressions are severe, this notion is unrealistic.

  77. Floyd John says

    I agree, except when graffiti is what you want to do….


    mistakes are human so we need to accept and change.

  79. Nadeeka Jayarathna says


  80. nadia fairy says


  81. N. Santiago Barros says

    Deep thought, I like it

  82. Meg Riley says

    i agree

  83. Liam McGowan says

    I agree 100%. Life is what you make it. No regrets. Be positive.

  84. Richard Cleary says

    Could not agree with you more.

  85. Nicholas Kelly says

    Agreed, I like the philosophical tone. Beats any soap/reality tv/video game. period. Unless Ill see a tv show  that will make me regret this sentence!

  86. Nicole Martinez says

    OK people I am sure this is more relationship related….not to be taken so literal ….killers or sick people! Seriously!?! It's a quote to make people feel better! Love it + Amanda Blain

  87. Juma Kemvince says

    fabulous what a thought?It's amazing

  88. David Harvey says

    Never regret, never learn.

  89. Nicholas Kelly says

    + Nicole Martinez you're probably right. But there is not regret in philosophy!

  90. Nicole Martinez says

    + Nicholas Kelly Probably?!? No I am right!

  91. Nicholas Kelly says

    + Nicole Martinez I'll take you're word for it! But seriously, I think you're right. It's an inspiring message meant to uplift, not offend.

  92. lucas faragoza says

    i think its ok to have regrets.  no regrets means same mistakes.

  93. Jack Guo says

    I guess the amount of personal growth is correlated with the amount of regrets.

  94. Nicholas Kelly says

    I agree, but are there not mistakes you never wanted to make?

  95. Niri Farry says

    I can still have had the wrong intention when I was purposely doing what I did….which makes me regret

  96. Paul Hartzer says

    + Craig Viar The drunk driver presumably wanted to drink too much alcohol (on some level), and presumably wanted to get from one place to another using a car, and hence drove. What he didn't want was to hurt or kill some people, but there were two things he DID want to do, and did, that combined to create something he regretted.

  97. Madison Gibbons says

    im totes sharing this!!!

  98. Keith Lunders says

    I Get it!

  99. Bobby Sahijram-Dansingani says

    Love it! So true!

  100. Andrew Gilbert says

    Unless it was some you did when you were drunk.

  101. Paul George says


  102. Rejin Rajendran says

    Why do they sent the criminals to prison to do time to regret for their deeds; they are not supposed to regret; so, ionize them. LOL

  103. victoria kitty says

    so true

  104. honey nicdao says


  105. Marlene Salmon says

    it is also how you learned what you now know

  106. Jal Fernandez says

    you're right,,, learn from your mistake And understand it!,Because (we OR you)., are the one who make's a decision in (you're OR our)., daily lives,,, What's Right For You or What's Right For As !!!???, its up to you,,,THAT's you'RE LIFE!!! heheheheh,'-)

  107. Luke Davies says

    To regret something is not a fault or weakness, it is a sign that we have learned from something we know we could have done better… But at the same time, it's these mistakes that develop us as a person, and are actually beneficial, so the regret has to be a balanced one. Why spend any time at all dwelling on the past (other than to learn from it)? We only move in one direction through time…

  108. andrej pavlovic says

    We try to do what we think it is best.good or bad decisions makes our lives unique

  109. Pam Gilbert says

    Regret is like looking through the review mirror. If you're always looking back, you can't be looking forward. It's more important to acknowledge & take ownership of the mistake, correct it, don't repeat it and move forward.

  110. Amber Jefferson says

    i know thats right

  111. karim benbakhta says

    cest bien

  112. JOHN CARTER says

    yes thats right

  113. kiah moore says

    i dint regret anything in my life

  114. Puji Suripto says

    pasti laaah….!!'?"..

  115. Adele Qian says


  116. moe tower says

    it is

  117. Marissa Clements says

    cant get much truer than that

  118. Abigia Ayana says


  119. Mikaela Tyree says

    that's so true

  120. Elian duran ozuna says


  121. Jadyn Eckenrode says

    thats awesome 😀

  122. Vineet Semwal says

    nice thought but the description of it is just awesome !
    a sure +1 worthy 😉

  123. Dharneesh D says


  124. Francisco Duarte says

    I always tell people that…

  125. Maryam Hussain says

    so true life leads it way

  126. Johni-Amber Mitchell says

    So true

  127. Andrew D says

    I'm sure we do things in life without thinking. And sometimes we do stuff with thinking. I'm sure we regret the things we do WITH thinking.

  128. Lashanda Davis says

    i live by that saying

  129. Yuvaraani Naidu says

    true true!!

  130. Matt V says

    I regret my whole life.

  131. Preeti Thakur says

    even i start regretting my life. Wish there cud be some restart button

  132. jawad arif says

    your that thought give me a new aspect, thanks

  133. Cheryl Ann MacDonald says

    Understand that we all make mistakes and sometimes even if we do not make a mistake….it is all a part of the journey of learning & adapting. So not being too hard on yourself is very important! Great post + Amanda Blain 

  134. Claire Schmaltz says

    And when you have something that is a consequence of your actions that impact your life in anyway, you wanna tell me not to regret something? Without regret there is no lesson learned. I regret what I wanted at that time and learned that I didn't really want it after all.

  135. sierra drummond says

    each day i put a smile on my face and dodge whatever junk the world throws @ me.

  136. Laurie Poulsen says

    William Ernest Henley’s poem “Invictus.”:

    Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.
    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate;
    I am the captain of my soul.

  137. Laurie Poulsen says

    + Preeti Thakur, each new day is a start button!

  138. Uy Tran says

    It'll depend on how you get it.

  139. Samer Dawod says

    Big Wrong

  140. Juti Maradi says


  141. Lauren Gemmell says

    well you can regret wanting it!!!

  142. Tom Masri says

    + Amanda Blain I’m 60 years old with a body of 35 years old and with a mind of a child. How could I regret things when I’m full of regretful actions?  I’m a published author and without my regretting I would have never written a word. Life is your testimony of your regretful past. Live it. Twins in Arms by Tom Masri

  143. Jace Henson says

    Getting aids was not what I wanted ._.

  144. Jace Henson says

    add me if you agree :d

  145. Firoz Khan says

    Hi hello

  146. Panu Honka says

    Sometimes in life something happens that is not what one wants, and there is no way that when a decision that lead to that event was made, one could have never known that that specific decision leads to that. Regreting it won´t make any difference though, but it may teach a person not to do the same decision in same kind of situation again. 

  147. Abudeen vm says


  148. Elena Bennett says

    true dudee

  149. Major Bee says

    Like the quote.. I didnt like the medium.

  150. Nikki Hicks says

    Um ii think you should regret the bad things, especially if they affected another person or people

  151. Bryana Portales says

    true that

  152. Michael Huskey says

    Yup, I tell that to every cold blooded serial killer. Never feel bad about mistakes. it may push you to change them. Makes a lot of sense.

  153. Michael Huskey says

    While you guys are playing the wise king, Imma go get something to eat. Try not to rule too hard.

  154. Michael Huskey says

    Might as well not regret being a rapist, cause you wanted that sweet thang.

  155. Liliana Coman says

    yes …. I agree …life is not white and black …circumstances and happening might lead u to make choices at a particular moment that later u might not be proud of ….not the best….but when u come to terms and accept for what they are …… u bring a new level of awareness and strength for future choices…. learning is our purpose and will lead our path…… 🙂

  156. Christris Reisinger says


  157. Craig Steinhoff says

    Simple but true

  158. Paul Hopper says

    Not true and very stupid. If you don't regret anything you've done then you can't learn from your mistakes. So, if at the time I wanted to kill someone, so I did it, you are saying I shouldn't regret my decision? 

  159. Amanda Blain says

    Ha this post kills me… I'm glad my little motivational quote causes so many of you to express your outrage for all the killers, drunk drivers and rapists you all know…. ? INTERNET YOU KILL ME ha!

  160. Etop Philip says

    Yes you know what's up

  161. Raylena Aguilar says


  162. Ron Johnson says

    Wise words for the masses to help remind us everyday that its not our fault for being human.

  163. terry gormely says

    amanda! take a step into the real  world darlin!!!

  164. Constance Moore says

    True and sad…that why we regret it – it was someone we now know was no the person we wanted to be and if could change it i agree to disagree.

  165. Tachina Johnson says

    I was thinkin the same thing. Jk. Be ohhhh so true!

  166. Rob Elliott says

    + Amanda Blain like it.
    I've never made a mistake when it comes to my life actions. because every single decision i've made in my life was the correct action at the time. why, because that's the decision i made. 

  167. Wilma Agosto says

    Like it, so true

  168. Pravin Prakash says

    so true

  169. Samantha Lyden says

    i think your pretty  amanda blain and those zombie images are sort of scary to me i am only 11 my name is samantha

  170. Josie Dryden says

    I don't regret things I've done, but do wish i could change some of them & had made some better choices. What doesn't kill u makes u stronger. There's a reason 4 everything we all go through

  171. Pravin Prakash says

    you are so true wise we can go back in time to change thinks so that we could have a sweet life now

  172. Samantha Lyden says

    what i do not get what your saying

  173. Pravin Prakash says

    hope to go back in time and change thinks………………………..

  174. Samantha Lyden says

    oh ok any thing

  175. Pravin Prakash says

    thanks lol

  176. Carlos Valverde says

    …it's called existentialism. I'm existentialist and always responsible for what I do. No regrets, never.

  177. Michael Huskey says

    Amanda, I never expressed outraged, but used those examples of how ignorant the logic of your wise quote was. Sometimes regret is helpful. Shows you have a conscience.

  178. Michael Huskey says

    Carlos, regret is a sign of something perhaps, I need to change.

  179. Rafael Romero says


  180. Joe Pecoraro JR. says

    What about consequences?

  181. James Morgan says

    Been There Done That as Frank Sinatra Sang Regrets iv had a few but then again to few to mention 

  182. Joshua Cizek says

    I love that sayin! Kinda opened my eyes to a new way of lookin at things i've regreted!

  183. Panu Honka says

    You may regret that you didn´t kill someone.

  184. Panu Honka says

    This morning my mother found a little bird fledgeling from a composting toilet. It was alive. There is no way that it could have got there by itself because it´s closed. The toilet is outside and is not locked. Some pretty stupid people.

  185. Susmita Bhowmik says


  186. malcolm washington says

    Hey y'all if y'all want 2 meet or hang out here's my number 941 623 2349 text me or call me

  187. Jean Tam says

    There is no such thing as failure if you learned from it. Took me years to live by this.

  188. Michelle Dunn says

    I think you can regret alot of thing in your life that you did not want.that abuse from that man,are your child fall sick,you lose a love one,and so on,did we ask are want that at one point.

  189. Kelly Hoffer says

    Why not Why try why not why try why not

  190. Ejaz Ahmad says


  191. Jordan Strable says

    So true

  192. Abel Hernandez says

    I would be way of people who don't have regrets bc it means they have no conscious. These people would hurt you and not think twice about it.

  193. Abel Hernandez says


  194. ?????? ????????? says

    ??? ???????! ? ??? ???? ?????! ? ??? ?????????? ???????? ??? ????? ??????. 🙁

  195. DICKSON NALAMI says

    it is no need to cry over spilt milk

  196. Nathan Daniel says

    no wonder why they say girls are smarter than guys!!!

  197. krister studsgaard says

    haha its true. thumbs up for that!

  198. Junaid Zaman says

    agreed so true.

  199. Konstantin Oleksishin says

    false! 😉

  200. Konstantin Oleksishin says

    here's scenario: man wanted to have an affair. He had an affair. He lost his wife and kids.
    Conclusion: "never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted"
    I don't think so.
    verdict: false and simplistic cliche

  201. Amanda Blain says

    ugh.. if someone had an affair they were unhappy with their marriage.. it doesnt make this "less true" … did you read what i wrote at all? 

  202. Artur Trzebunia says

    + Amanda Blain Being "unhappy" doesn't mean it's ok to break up your family and hurt those who are closest to you. Maybe you're defending your argument because you like to live in the moment, and that's great, but your actions have lasting consequences even if the moment has passed. There is truth to 1/2 that statement – "…you wanted it…" – but I disagree with the "…never regret anything…" Just my opinion, and a great topic for discussion!

  203. Juan Manuel Barreto Talledo says

    Con tu permiso Amanda, mientras te leía, me gustó esta foto-mensaje y la tomé nomás.
    With your permission Amanda, while reading your profile, I like this photo I took just message.

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