1. Amanda Blain says

    + Cameron Silva .. ha!

  2. MECH Jones says

    Wow, time flies.

  3. ?? says

    do not know…i am still young!


    cool & i wish u c'd check on African Heroes like Nelson M.

  5. Brenda Shively says

    #hi LOVE that movie #awesome

  6. Trevor Stasik says

    Sloth love Chunk!

  7. Philippe Reinhart says

    The photo is too small!

  8. Amanda Blain says

    Then watch the video + Philippe Reinhart O_o

  9. Robert Duke says

    And I still watch this movie!!!

  10. Bob Dunmyer says

    I remember showing my kids the Goonies. Didn't want it to be lost in the next generation. My daughter was a little scared at some parts, but loved it. Great movie!

  11. sandeep moun says

    Nice my dr

  12. Casey Krenek says

    Hopefully this means a Goonies 2, now that would be even more awesome

  13. Bearman Cartoons says

    My two degrees of separation is that I am friends with Chunks cousin. My wife didn't get this movie poor girl.

  14. Elisa Tammela says

    They can't wait until tomorrow when they foreclose on all the… whallever you call it!

  15. Sean Loughran says

    Very Cool, what made you think to find this? Where did you find it.
    Goonies is a classic in our home.

  16. Aaron Delaney says

    i love this film. Christmas is not Christmas until this has been on TV.

  17. William Johnston says

    + Amanda Blain I'm older than you And for the life of me I can't remember this group

  18. Akbar Chandra says

    The scene in the cave!

  19. Ken Simeon says

    That was an awesome find. Now I'm off to order the DVD from Amazon.

  20. nghi dao van says


  21. Bearman Cartoons says

    The Goonies was a movie not a musical group + William Johnston

  22. William Johnston says

    + Bearman Cartoons Told you that I had never heard of them

  23. Alicia Reyes says


  24. Amanda Blain says

    + William Johnston you've never seen the goonies? Oh my! Go rent it.. classic 80s childhood flick.. great movie…

  25. Robert Beier says

    No wonder my knees hurt so much…I'm older then I thought!

  26. Roger Navarro says

    Good times

  27. Kichu Kishor says


  28. Erick Wright says

    One of my favorite movies as a child!!!

  29. Daniel Dryland says

    Wow, that movie seems like a life time ago lol

  30. Beecher Dale says

    Vintage Goonies

  31. Kichu Kishor says


  32. tori vega says

    my mom has the movie the goonies and i loved it so much!!!!!

  33. Amanda Blain says

    + Kichu Kishor you really need to have a look at this post… https://plus.google.com/107982618909749811163/posts/jQUMeJikAGt

  34. Stephen Milburn says

    Fantastic.A favourite of mine and my kids.

  35. Kichu Kishor says

    what ,iam only 14 dont get me a big deal

  36. Jake Kern says

    Holy Wow…

  37. Kitty Zulfi says

    me too i'm only 13……TT

  38. Kichu Kishor says


  39. Matt Bailey says

    One of the best movies EVER!!

  40. Jay Taylor says

    I do feel old… Thanks.
    All things considers, they are holding up pretty good!

  41. Kris Moulton says

    I just watched this the other day! I cant get enough of it…GOONIES FOR LIFE!

  42. mariya mansoon says


  43. andres jose varela rivas says

    me facinas

  44. Lee Cordero says

    Oh wow! The Goonies! I need to watch this again. Childhood memories. =D

  45. Stephen Milburn says

    Sorry,had to pinch this photo for my FB friends.

  46. Janet Sittler says

    Goonies never say die….

  47. Lee Cordero says

    + Janet Sittler , that "never say die" got me on an 80s mood. Never say die…Iron Eagle!

  48. Janet Sittler says

    + Lee Cordero me too….can watch that movie over and over….

  49. chloeeleanor bffchic says

    bff chic say never die goonies!!!!

  50. Meron Shoptaw says

    This was the favorite movie of my childhood! Thanks for posting this!

  51. Matt Waddell says


  52. Jacquelyne Howell says

    Never heard of it

  53. chour hassan says


  54. claudio galvao says

    Wow we are old 🙁

  55. Stephen Milburn says

    We never grow old if we carry our youth with us.

  56. Nimrat Randhawa says

    hey I watched this movie!

  57. Kenzie Pomponi says

    nice pic

  58. Ayisat Adegbindin says

    cool! i love love love that movie!!!!!!!!!

  59. rafael roman says

    One of my favorite movies

  60. Cameron Silva says

    Hey You Guys!!!! haha. nice one, + Amanda Blain.
    Can't believe I didn't know that the mom on Raising Hope is from the goonies.

  61. Andrew D says

    Love that movie! Who was Chunk?

  62. lino mario sergio cunha says

    it!s good!

  63. Scott Murff says

    I feel as though a casket should be somewhere in the picture, but I'm just guessing. Perhaps I'm wrong.

  64. Janet Sittler says

    + Andrew D Chunk was played by Jeff Cohen…was most memorable character….

  65. Ayisat Adegbindin says

    ikr to Janet!!!

  66. Marijan Dzima says

    Wow… It's such a trip down memory lane… I haven't thought of The Goonies for such a long time, and it still feels as if I had last seen it yesterday… 🙂 Great share, + Amanda Blain . Tnx.

  67. Brigid Björklund says

    Is it just me or did Chunk get kinda hot?

  68. Mark Palmer says

    How cool!

  69. Josh Carr says


  70. Nadeen Cummings says

    Thats soo cool!

  71. Mikel Petty says


  72. Dorothea Kibler says


  73. Naomi Ruffin says

    great bunch

  74. Alexander Fuentes says

    Hola naomi como te va que me cuentas de nuevo

  75. Alejandro Villanueva says

    Good enough for me!

  76. Gabriella Amodei says

    Omg the Goonies is the best movie!

  77. anthony valentin says

    Damn this really does make me feel old.

  78. dylan damon says

    Dude i fell old now but this movie is freakin awesome!

  79. Amanda Blain says

    Sloth was actually a football player with 5hrs of make up. He unfortunately has since died.

  80. Jeremi Shearon says

    I watch that movie over and over again. 🙂 Commentary, too.

  81. Eric Aguilar says

    Wow! Do I feel old.

  82. Eric Moore says

    Pretty cool the actor who played "Sloth" also played most of his NFL career with the Oakland Raiders.

  83. Carlos Silva says

    hoooooo my 20 years

  84. Dane Carstens says

    I feel way too old now 🙁

  85. Just W says

    I love the 80's

  86. Mike Lowrie says

    Thats awesome!

  87. Kelline Pickett says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. I just now realized that old Martha Plimpton from "Raising Hope" was the wacky chick with the pixy cut on "Goonies." cool new info!!!

  88. nghi dao van says


  89. Just W says

    Baby Ruth?????????????

  90. Hollie Carter says


  91. tori vega says

    nice faimley

  92. sandile nkambule says

    Wow nyc it wz my favourite movie evn nw i lyk it

  93. Deyanira Villalta says

    Best Group Picture EVER!

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