1. Travis Lawall says

    And carry a power strip in case the hotel, motel or inn has only one outlet  with a lamp already plugged into it.

  2. el Ansari says


  3. John Ennis says

    I am doing this in anticipation of #Iaasic  

  4. Andrew Delorme says

    I wouldn't know that feeling.

  5. Brian Peters says

    Don't forget the adaptor for the outlets as well.

  6. John Mink says

    + Travis Lawall I always do!

    + Amanda Blain spare batteries are your friend  too;)

    oh, and enjoy your trip :p

  7. Sean Martin says

    This is why I find all this stuff about mobiles so short sighted. If you aint got access to electricity, you're essentially fucked.

  8. Citizen Dave says

    I wish I had that problem. I'm so overdue for a lengthy road-trip?? ????? 

  9. ibu singh says

    u need 2 pay electric bill….

  10. Randy Hunt says

    And bring the chargers with you!  Oh, and the manuals, and the discs if its an older laptop.  Just pretend your a Boyscout and be prepared.

  11. Roger Glover says

    Props to + Allie Brosh, creator of this meme and artwork. Who has been absent from her excellent blog "Hyperbole and a Half" for FAR, FAR too long.

  12. John Mink says

    + Sean Martin I dunno…my phone lasts way longer than my desktop without an outlet 😉

  13. Daniel Fontaine says

    Safe Travels!

  14. Derek Wright says

    Have fun + Amanda Blain 

  15. Kevin Lechner says


  16. Gary Rudd says

    I resemble that remark!

  17. Kevin Lechner says

    I love how the laptop is smaller than the kindel

  18. Luis Valencia says

    Yep, that is about right. #awesome  

  19. Brian Peters says

    Don't forget to prepay all credit cards, utilities, rent or house payments and on and on………
    Other than that.
    Bonne Voyage

  20. Allie Rambles says

    So true! Lol!

  21. Christopher West says

    and dont forget to pack them lol

  22. Ebonee Mitchell says

    So true so true lol

  23. Kevin Lechner says

  24. ?????? ??? says

    just relax and listen silence

  25. Andrew Konietzky says

    OR just bring some USB cables. 😉

  26. Dustin Schmidt says

    It's so true. I feel like I'm displaying my collection whenever I go away. Almost like a museum.

    Enjoy your trip!

  27. Dave Sparks says

    I hear ya. Been charging up my GoPros for the races this weekend.

  28. Greg Hickman says

    It's funny because it's true!

  29. Glenn Caldwell says

    VERY true. I've got a huge road trip starting saturday and I've already setup my area to put everything on Friday night to do just this 🙂

  30. ronny juliarto Usman says

    Now look like life was become electrical life ….

  31. Brian Peters says

    + Amanda Blain Must be getting late. Bonne nuit mon cheri.

  32. Vaibhav Yadav says

    Hey Amanda, welcome to India..: -)

  33. Bobby Corrigan says

    + Amanda Blain you're so cool!

  34. Ali Hashemi says

    Funny !!!

  35. Elvi Indriany says

    Lol ! that's right..!

  36. Brian Peters says

    Remember, no poutine in India.

  37. Aaron Coakley says

    don't leave home without this (and cables) http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11940727

  38. Devin Agustin says

    Yep… that'll be me in a couple of days!

  39. selena gomez says

    Do u have Twitter ?
    Please follow me on Twitter >> @AtikaRahma77

    . Thanks before 🙂

  40. Jean Tam says

    Buy a brick too. They're tiny and things like a cellphone can get three full charges off of it.

  41. Florence Gamiao says

    Yep, that's me, too.

  42. Pratama Suprih says

    is okey..

  43. Donato Santoli says

    lol this is me tonight

  44. Soroosh Amirghofran says

    So true

  45. David Horvath says

    happy travels, so many cables to remember. Don't forget to pack the 3DS you think you will use!

  46. Darsh Gohel says

    i don't know.

  47. Arun Maharaj says

    did it two days ago

  48. mohamed naamy nasir says

    Nice drawing and true fact for 75% of people.

  49. Susan Suarez says

    Yes, this is our house….

  50. Nikolay Stoddard says

    Dang, I am going to go on a long trip day after tomorrow… Thanks for reminding me to charge me Camera and MP3 player! 

  51. pramod kedare says

    iam is very poor man in indi you want this frands lik.

  52. Aalia Khan says

    Haha that is the first instinct! 

  53. Jon Furner says

    Oh jeez. The camera is the only thing I didn't bring. And I left one of the charges behind. Good thing I have spares!

  54. munna meadhi says

    its nice

  55. Jie Wei says

    So Damn true!!!!

  56. ajitesh ray says


  57. Vijay Babu says

    Usually I never forget to recharge all my electrical n electronics before leaving for a holiday……
    Anyhow thanks for advice……

  58. Rex Silvester says

    u fully charged ur electricals…..but u missed electical device….while going night trip,,,,,

  59. abhishek meti says


  60. Plat fuse says


  61. martin bemrose says

    very funny lol

  62. Tariq Moghul says


  63. nankya joan shantal says


  64. Alexander Molina says

    It's true!

  65. Chandana Jayawardane says

    Hope scientist can make very tiny "Nuclear Battery" which can make power for years. 

  66. Ben Dominguez says

    Soooo…not to be analytical, but why is the iPad smaller than the camera? And why is the laptop smaller than the Kindle?

  67. Jabbar Abdul says


  68. Navneeth K says

    The picture states it all 😉

  69. kartik singh says


  70. Ariella Baskin says

    Or a thunderstorm…

  71. darpan dedhia says


  72. Sagar Bansode says

    & enjoy the the trip

  73. priyadarsana danuska says


  74. Scott Attula says

    There's always that one that I forget to charge. Damnit. 

  75. yakub mansuri says

    ? ? ? ?

  76. AngreZ Sekha says


  77. Chris Benham says

    or a hurricane

  78. jd picchietti says

    I only being two USB wall warts with me and there are only three different cables you need to bring anymore

  79. Daveyon Mayne says

    The only thing, for me, that needs charging is my camera. If its a business trip then I'll charge all communication devices.

  80. Neil Alan says

    It is slowly getting easier to charge everything now that USB is becoming ubiquitous

  81. Jeff Lim says

    Before family trip: charge 4 cell phones, 2 iPads, 1 iPod Touch, 3 camera batteries, 2 walkie-talkies, 1 GPS… not enough plug points in the house!!!

  82. Chris Benham says

    Jeff Lim, you should just carry a generator with you for all that

  83. Kasra Malmir says


  84. Bwalya Chisukulu says

    I always do this just before the weekend.

  85. Bobbi Prewett says

    what a waste of time,, biach

  86. Roman Stoner says


  87. SMA AHMAD says

    i do this when i go on a trip 😛

  88. sonu butt says

    sexyyyyyyyy ladyyyyy

  89. abhishek meti says

    fine who u r

  90. abhishek meti says

    Me fime

  91. Ch Kapo says

    so true

  92. Shael Miah says

    try to charge yourself…. 

  93. Leonard Ngwenge says

    great president ready to lead the world to a new direction

  94. Esc. Alex Joseph says

    Good luck! 😉

  95. Sakthi Kumar says

    Good i agreed pa

  96. Nobilangelo Ceramalus says

    The charge of the mobile Blain.

  97. Naved Bhati says

    right dear

  98. brama nathan says

    without power we all out service

  99. Ndi Farhan says

    banyak bener 

  100. Alexander Courtness says

    Meh, decent solar charger, usb lead and my galaxy s3 is all i need… you people are crazy. Haha.

  101. Pankaj Mehta says


  102. venkat nelli says


  103. Gary King says

    i cant beleave with all this technology we still have to charge anything..a battery should last for years by now

  104. Brian Nokes says

    Yep; that's true for me!

  105. Margaret Lee says

    Now dont blow a fuse 🙂

  106. Pauleene joie Miranda says

    yah ryt! :))

  107. Probir Baidya says


  108. kamrul Islam Gazi says


  109. laljo jose says

    u r ryt..

  110. Perwaiz Khan says

    oh  yeh

  111. Anthony Agbemava says

    Not so easy at all

  112. Norbert Mindzak says


  113. Poonith Girish says

    Good luck…

  114. Yannick De Backer says

    I guess it's time to wish you a great trip in that case? 😉

  115. Cosley Robert says

    good luck

  116. deepak maurya says


  117. Martin Goulbourne says

    Ammanda – your profile pic and this look very similar… Is that you?

  118. XE Wavvez says

    Then you get on the plane and go $#!T I left my (insert peice of technology here) in my room on the charger! 

  119. Sourabh Agarwal says

    Funny but So very TRUE.

  120. David Yamada says

    Lol! So true…..we are enslaved to modern gadgets in our survival just to make day-to-day decisions. Happy trails!!!

  121. vaibhav keni says

    best of luck

  122. john ajal says

    dats some true shit right there

  123. jai prakash Tiwari says

    its true……

  124. zeeshan ijaz says

    hahha great man

  125. Brock Tanken says

    Why take all this?
    You have a smart phone for doing most of this,
    Just dont forget your battery charber!
    If your phone does not have good enough pixels,
    When will someone release a way to change the pixels internal of the phone,

    I believe just in the camera part of the phone,
    There is a market for the changeable pixels!
    If I want 2mp, vs 18MP,
    I want a way to change it!

    Your smartphone has a flashlight,
    But needs more flash,
    Once again,
    that should be built around the previous market!

    Your phone has games,
    But should be better,
    And maybe next year it will be!

    Mp3 player,
    I picked up a 64GB micro sd card for $50,
    You need a book,
    Maybe bring a tablet,
    But your phone can do this,
    Just pick up a google play gift card!

  126. Jignesh Chavda says


  127. marcel paulus says

    i think the kindel doesnt need too be charged

  128. Abhishek Chaudhary says

    i do this quite often 😉

  129. Bryan Bautista says

    True story.

  130. Don Sobotor says

    Before a storm as well, Jack.

  131. Ben Dunwell says

    lol me 

  132. Charles Cross says

    Sure makes the case for multi function devices and a standard for chargers!

  133. Cheryl Ann MacDonald says

    Oh too funny and me 🙂

  134. Wilma Agosto says

    Lol, so true.

  135. Ganesh Pathare says

    ha ha ha ha haaaa

  136. Path Unsolved says

    hmm, someone should invent WI-Fi Charger 🙂

  137. md rony says


  138. Hitesh Sachdev says

    hey i made a drawing of this, which can be seen on my facebook account…

  139. Ujang suhardi says

    hellow iam indonesion


    Thats very good you can add me up lets chat

  141. Jhelanilou Babao says


  142. Nova Najwa says

    Good tip~ =D

  143. Viji R says


  144. Pratik Makwana says


  145. shobhit baj says

    yep…me too..!!

  146. sakshi bhargava says


  147. Satyam Gangisetty says

    this is satya

  148. Sayyed Ali says


  149. Alyssa Gabriella says


  150. Mike Larson says

    So true

  151. Mukunda Dev Adhikari says


  152. Solairaj Paul says

    ya thats correct

  153. Rosie Westhrop says

    Phahahaha!!!! Lol

  154. saddam khan says

    yeah dats true

  155. Irene Oreta says


  156. cami Kyle says

    LOL 🙂

  157. Katrenia Aria says

    ~Absolutely true~

  158. amanda roberts says

    i double like this!

  159. Moris Keel says

    me before I leave for sure

  160. melina escobedo says

    lol awsome xD

  161. Sanduni hasanga says

    true, true

  162. Gareth Wearn says

    Haha Irony shows it's face, protect the environment buy more eletrical gadgets.

  163. Dheeraj Gupta says


  164. Nick Kearns says


  165. Raya Ofier says

    HAhaha!!! so damn true

  166. Abid Abagh says


  167. VinceMCO Wall says

    This is so true!

  168. Timothy Lau says

    just get Galaxy Note 2 or 10.1 to fix this stupid problem

  169. aanshi taneja says


  170. Derek Fletcher says

    Been there! need an extra case to pack all chargers!

  171. Jamie Cast says

    Totally me.

  172. Naman Kiani says

    Simply have a  multipurpose car charging adapter. 

  173. Jean Gomon says


  174. Sam Parnell says

    Or try not taking any electronics. Somehow I got through childhood with only books and clothes on trips. It is possible to live life and have new experiences without "electronic aids". 

  175. greg p says

    Hey wait don't all your devices use the same charger or solar powered ! ..oh wait that is the stuff of scifi and future or is it !

  176. Martin Tupy says

    so true

  177. amrith abraham mathew says


  178. Grym Digger says

    Hey Sam try being Hearing Impaired and wear hearing aids, without them you cant hear sh#t, wanna know what its like? plug up your ears so that you can barely hear even the loudest noise then walk try communicating with the world how are you gonna hear the life guard yelling shark or the truck beeping its horn for you to get the hell outta the way..Technology is the new God bow down peasants!

  179. Ellison Musimuko says


  180. ayman nader says

    Amands Forgot hybrid car

  181. Nathan Humphries says

    Haha, awesome.

  182. Brian Klippel says

    Is this from + Matthew Inman comic?

  183. john hussain says

    haha…. rigth

  184. Cruzer Edwin says


  185. Chuck Norris says


  186. Rajneesh Kumar says

    hahaha true

  187. Dennis Jakobsen says

    Why not just bring ONE Android device? solves all your problems!

  188. Tazein Mirza Saad says


  189. SANDIP BISWAS says

    power plus

  190. Samuel Vella says

    Best thing to do. I do it.

  191. annette fowler says

    hells yeah

  192. Sana wahab says


  193. nour el houda jojo says


  194. Amir Sa says


  195. Graeme Duncan says

    Have a good one!

  196. Marvi Pitafi says

    yes true

  197. jacob don says


  198. Victoria Holland says

    That was me last night as well. Now it's a game of "Collect All the Cords!"

  199. shahaji jadhav says

    one of nice thing

  200. Emily Canning says

    couldnt live without them

  201. Cherie Chung says

    hahahaha. so true

  202. sara jedrzejewski says

    lol so will

  203. Godfred Osei says


  204. Hasan Azeez says

    That makes my go crazy!

  205. izaque pereira says


  206. Rosny Phin says

    Sure,I've already set up before 1day

  207. Kathy Colobong says

    That was me last year before my trip to Italy. Another tip, make sure you download all updates too! They take longer than charging. 🙂

  208. Dayam Michael says


  209. Amir Sa says

    hahaha , true story!

  210. Ronnie Davis says


  211. Nozer Master says

    Good one…!!! Yes we all tend to do this…!!!

  212. zaid sheikh says

    yes we all use to do like that

  213. Kamran Awais says

    ofcourse we can't live without it

  214. Haddougui M says

    so true

  215. amanda rhea says

    This is so my husband

  216. luz pimentel says

    Kool this picture I like

  217. arbind kumar says

    but without electricity how can we charged our needy things

  218. Zishan Mustafa says

    in pakistan

  219. Juan Aluma says

    that is soooo true!

  220. Hamza Köksal says

    Guten aben amanda.
    Melde dich :-))

  221. uros ukss Milenkovic says

    Yes Masinkes Healt

  222. Quinton Reddick says

    So me

  223. Larissa Queiroz says

                                                                                                                           OI  TODO  BEN

  224. James Annon says

    wait D&D and running?! heaven? or just dreamong….

  225. Nicholas Dee says

    and THEN…. make sure u take all chargers…and switch off all power outlets . . . .

  226. Bob Guinn says

    I do that weekly even when I don't go anywhere. Bob

  227. Fadi Kahhaleh says

    Thats why I got myself a 150Watt car charger (12V to 110V) 😀

  228. Ibouroihamadi Youssouf Jeanclaude says

    for choower

  229. umer mughal says


  230. jiang wanjun says


  231. jiang wanjun says


  232. DIAWARA Ibrahim says

    you know change is obligatoire

  233. azad chaudhary says


  234. soufiane rigal says

    facebook tamy  is     soufiane vs massari

  235. Gonzalo Camacho says

    Hola preciosa feliz día

  236. Khimoud Salem says

    après 3 min bommmmm

  237. Brock Tanken says

    + Grym Digger
    I had my right ear blocked for a week,
    Too much earwax, but I can understand the feeling!
    A cute girl came up to me, and I had no idea what she was saying!

  238. Sheldon Thomas says

    Nash man, I simple charge my girl tabi, my tablet and I have camera, laptop, iPod and everything in one.

  239. Mark Carlson says

    True dat.

  240. Doris Lim says

    + Amanda Blain, I'm doing that right now… LOL

  241. william franck zodehougan says

    hello! Amanda Blain.l'am William Franck ZODEHOUGAN. l live in BENIN at COTONOU, a french country.l have a MASTER in management organisation at our national university of ABOMEY-CALAVI. l want to be a manager, an enteperner, a hight business man and l have a lot of projects. l'am very happy to learn of you because you are abusiness woman and l can learn a lot from you. please l would like you to write to me.I'am 35 years old and my e-mail is: [email protected].   Bye bye and at soon.

  242. natalia bermudes asevedo says

    hola amanda estas muy hermosa pero esque ami solo megustan las nenas bonitas como tuuuuuu

  243. Taylor Christie says


  244. joginder singh says


  245. albaron albaron says

    every trip i also same 

  246. Jn Edner Caristide says

    I think each trip has its own sensation.

  247. filipe boladao says

    kkkkkkk e fd

  248. jignesh pandya says

    wow its beauty

  249. Mohamed Ben Ali says

    Wided ben.akl

  250. Diego Araujo says

    lelele lele lele seute pegar vc vai ver lelelelele lelele vc ja mais vai me esquecer

  251. Mohsen Babaei says


  252. Zainab Batool says

    So true…

  253. Rachel Plate says

    i agree if we dont i will die!

  254. shvan luqman says


  255. Benjamin Anthony says

    If not before one is back you will be cut off.

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