1. Christopher Lira says


  2. Carra Riley says

    that's creepy… would never be able to sleep!

  3. Khurram Jamil says

    nice πŸ˜› I like it πŸ™‚ …

  4. Cendy Bellyone says

    wOw.. its dreaming nice πŸ˜€

  5. eka bellina febianty says

    i won't buy it ever !!!!!

  6. Timothy J. Holloway says

    I LOVE IT!!

  7. Amanda Blain says

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/91367315/never-sleep-alone-duvet-cover <— buy it here for 100$ .. custom made πŸ™‚

  8. Dennis Troper says

    that's just crazy!

  9. Dongil Park says


  10. Bethany Nevitt says

    I don't think I could sleep in that bed. Too scarey! Eeek!

  11. Latrice Cooper says

    yeah i totally agree…dont think i'd have the bestof dreams in that…smh…#things to make you snap..lol

  12. Thomas Payne says

    This is awesome, but I'm pretty sure it would fuel quite a few of my nightmares.

  13. Ishi Singh says

    creepy πŸ™‚

  14. robert aston says

    sweet amanda, thought you a honey….just teasing

  15. fideliza salvador says


  16. Juan Carlos Bagnell says

    That's how I hope to go. Headshot when I'm all comfy and asleep instead of getting eaten alive…

  17. Rebecca Geiger says

    Children's bedding gone to far?

  18. Timothy J. Holloway says

    Yes, those happy, worshipful hands to the sky look different when the sun goes down….

  19. Cvetelina Nikolova says

    otvratitelno,neznam na koi idiot moze da mu xaresva tova



  21. ZayLeena SoLeena says


  22. ANAY Khairatkar says

    Hope something of dat sort dosent happen to me πŸ˜€

  23. M. Satham Hussain says

    vary different thing

  24. Cvetelina Nikolova says


  25. Rahul Goyal says

    so horrrorororroro..,.,./.,.,

  26. sahibzada tayyab Jan says

    bachelors always sleep alone . Hahaha

  27. Justus Meyer says

    How do you sleep?

  28. Joelyn Wright says

    omg… lol

  29. I. vensu Roy says

    I like it.. but also kinda creepy.. but if you dont focus on the hands, they could pass for tree branches.. not really tho..lol

  30. Don Deezy says

    LOL That's Creepy .. In A Good Way Though

  31. Nang Warwarlwin says

    its so good

  32. Nia Boediarto says


  33. Jesus Guerra says

    I saw blood and I thought something else. Then read on and looked in more closely. Nothing to what my first impressions were lol

  34. Alex Gillis says

    Love it!

  35. Jennifer Slegg says

    I love this, was this an actual bedding set or did someone make it? Nevermind, saw the esty listing, very original.

  36. Hironmoy Roy says


  37. Shahriar Al Mahmud says


  38. Vipin Udayanan says

    A reprisal of 'Antichrist'?

  39. ZeroEight Points says

    O.O it's frightening…

  40. Gabriel Vasile says

    F**K! I wouldn't have sex on that thing

  41. Isaac Mogane says

    IIike the picture it has a unique display.

  42. ???? ???? says


  43. Oihane Markina Markina says

    It`s so original!!! it`s cool!!

  44. Isaac Mogane says

    But I'm scared of the zombies, i will need a company to watch each other.

  45. Bos Eriko Reyes says

    Awesome! Zombies strike again! πŸ˜€

  46. malia garza says

    this looks like that time of the month gone way wrong ):

  47. Vik Tanwar says

    Too much Zombie Lane πŸ™‚

  48. chunni kumari says

    oh god..its horrible…

  49. Krystan Honour says

    now THIS is awesome !!

  50. Umer Mirza says


  51. Raj Sutariya says

    your honeymoon bed

  52. Fikile Nyakale says

    This is so scary..

  53. kasifabbas mirza says

    good one on this earth

  54. Colin Burns says

    scary, very scary

  55. Roberto Schulz says

    crazy i would say,,,

  56. Martha Perez Allende says

    very creative

  57. tadjuidje guy alain says

    how is it

  58. James Fortune says

    That is sooo cool!

  59. Yen Tyrell says

    + Tao Cheng, check out this bedsheet!

  60. Muantei pachuau says

    so terrible…

  61. Brian Dickes says

    I guess sleeping on the wet spot isn't soo bad now.

  62. Ranan Samanya says

    WAW! And is that blood splatter on the pillows? B-)

  63. Asmhan Ali says

    i liked

  64. Manoj Kumar says

    kya y tumra chudaiya vala bad h?

  65. Shaun MacKinnon says

    where would you find this and how much!

  66. Angel D'Aguilar says

    This is just creepy!

  67. MISHA KHAMZOV says


  68. divya malhotra says

    o my god

  69. Jacqueline Beckmam says

    I love that!

  70. Vladimir Vasquez says

    Noooo D:

  71. Hira Abdul Karim says

    i cant sleep in there

  72. mylene angos says


  73. ????? ???? says

    ?????? ????????)))) ?? ?? ??? ?? ? ???????? ????? ???? ????? ????????? ?????????? ? ????????? ??????? ?????? ??? ????????? ??? ?????????)))))))

  74. Umer Mirza says

    why hira?

  75. mylene angos says


  76. Mark C says

    don't need anymore flashbacks thank you

  77. Jarrod King says

    That is awesome!

  78. Boda Pavinder says

    wah…. what a place to…………………………

  79. Rykusa Morfina says


  80. ionut gabriel caraignat says

    play left4death and then sleep in this bed
    is brilliant :))

  81. Mouza Al Suwaidi says

    Laaaaa haaa falfooooool 9adgoooni! ????

  82. Megha Mayuree says

    love it yaar……. i dunno who u are but you are just awsome…..??? it…

  83. Mouza Al Suwaidi says

    The worst bed sheets idea ever been created!

    If I'm given this for free I would have refused taking it! I might even pay for someone to get rid of it!

    Even trash bag would throw up if I put it in! ????

  84. Angel Morales says

    I'll take it for free love it..

  85. Lise Vaiouga says

    Wea can I get one?

  86. Aloysius Lanso says

    this should be for nightmares!

  87. kelvin lee fui tsung says

    where can get it ?

  88. Travis Haire says

    Ever since I was young, zombies is my number one fear so… buy this bed cover- over my dead body xD

  89. McCormick Madness says

    yikes….and yuck?

  90. Prashant Ambole says


  91. brandon krapa says

    where could i get one of these?

  92. Prashant Ambole says

    how r u

  93. Michael Mason says

    That's shockin. I actually thought it was a picture of a bed where someone had had their brains blown it. Maybe it was just me tho.

  94. Tevwalds Dice says

    wow cool design love this i would get one for my bed now

  95. Madiha Ali says

    datz quite scary….i cnt sleep wid even wid adream of zonbie..:P

  96. Subrata Jana says

    Whu dear

  97. Prashant Yadav says


  98. Ram Parihar says

    love &love

  99. Muhammad Anwer says


  100. Mattias Ekberg says

    So where can I buy this? ^^

  101. Ichigo Kurosaki says

    amazing! now i want it.

  102. Raynel Velasco says

    + Katiasha Arroyo

  103. Melissa Bryan says

    This is fantastic. I may need to own this..

  104. Katiasha Arroyo says

    Raymeeeeeeeeeeeeeel πŸ˜€ buenos dias, ayy no me pongas esa camita que se me antoja

  105. Joan Coffing says

    So wrong….. and so amazing.

  106. gambar gambar says

    looks like people are reaching to you to pull you down. Quite hard to sleep tight i would say.

  107. Amanda Blain says

    It was in the comment where you could buy it.. but i edited the main listing for those who asked… πŸ™‚

  108. Earl peter says

    BDW Female zombies don't bother me….!! B|

  109. The Gappuccino says


  110. Nahid Pathan says

    nice room

  111. ?????? ????? says

    crazy people..

  112. Amlan Patel says

    too dangerous, it seems to be alive

  113. Anne Go says

    lmao…. scary hahaha

  114. Abhijeet Belhe says

    That reminds me of something George Carlin once said .. Where the fuck are all the zombies ?? πŸ˜›

  115. Rich Couret says


  116. April Summers says

    Lol but Do not want! I'd never sleep eek!

  117. Mohammad Shipu Rana says

    never sleep with people you don’t know.

  118. Hannah Haak says

    This is creepy

  119. Valentina Garcia-Gerdes says

    I would have nightmares with this.

  120. Kiara Connell says

    Cool totally epic!!!

  121. Ayaj Khan says

    good ngt my all buddies

  122. Cara Schulz says

    Just bought it for my husband for valentine's day.

  123. Aidan Glenn says

    r those zombies?

  124. daphine cole says


  125. Tele David Ogundeko says

    Nightmares unlimited!

  126. R. Mark Crowe says

    Now I truly have seen everything!

  127. Olga Lasnog says

    um . . . ew?

  128. nina norwell says

    that is totally awsome and cool

  129. Lester Mendoza says

    I bought this at the Halloween Outlet. It only comes with the zombie hands, no blood. I tried food coloring, markers, and ketchup is just gross, and nothing looks as good as it does in this picture. I had to use real blood to make it work.

  130. melany candami says

    h bn

  131. joumar imane says

    its cary :(-

  132. Mehmet Canbaz says

    you πŸ˜€

  133. Lizeth Lopez says

    wtf, thats so cool(:

  134. Christina Lihani says


  135. Hans Carota says

    Agreed, very epic!

  136. Meghan Dayton says

    I'm so getting this πŸ˜€

  137. Greve David says

    Creepy very creepy lol

  138. Selena Templeman says

    Is that suppose make want to do an exoticism??

  139. Christina Nyaburi says

    wow thats so cool

  140. Lane Nature Images says

    Very cute ; )

  141. Mallory Newcomb says


  142. sherry johnson says

    guess I won"t be sleeping there.

  143. Jhon Mosquera says

    … i didn't saw zombies at first, but holocaust and massacres on third world countries… hmm…

  144. Emily Morris says

    Whoa. Creepy.

  145. victor reyez says

    chida pik

  146. Noor Oada says


  147. Will Flemming says

    thats so sick and incredibly creepy at the same time

  148. Myahh Boo says

    That goo stupid haard dhoe .

  149. John Down says

    I want this πŸ™‚

  150. Megha Mayuree says


  151. vera sweeney says


  152. Shah Syed says

    hmm scary

  153. Siska MaLau says

    beautiful πŸ™‚

  154. Stephy Aguilar says

    That is so awesome!!!!

  155. Chris Stella says

    As if I don't have a difficult enough time getting girls into my bed.

  156. Aidas Dirvelis says

    ^^ Yayx : Zombie is coming to bed! … && hence WHO will sleep in this bed? :D~

  157. Timothy J. Holloway says

    + Aidas Dirvelis I'd sleep like the dead. MU-HAHAHAHA!

  158. Katiasha Arroyo says

    + The Walking Dead O__O

  159. Sang Lam says

    With this MUCH exposure, I bet her day/week/month/year just got a whole LOT busier! πŸ˜€

    + Amanda Blain She should make you a complimentary one for helping her get the word out. πŸ™‚

  160. chamseddin hichamoo says


  161. Annette C says

    Those are so cool…where can I get some???

  162. Rattanaphorn Paenthong says

    frightened!! lol

  163. ???? ??????? says


  164. venkatesh ajay says

    who many members under the bed?…

  165. safeer abbas says

    i like you

  166. Dipankar Gupta says

    my honeymoon badddddddddddd

  167. arfan ahmed says

    mid blowing

  168. daniel cmoi says

    sleep tight, and dream

  169. SOLCHI CORONEL says

    is blood!

  170. divya malhotra says

    that's really scary yeah

  171. La Nena says


  172. Kirsten Smith says

    Roor num num roor

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