1. Matthew Hicks says

    Nice pic but don't call it "San Fran" while you're there. LOL 

  2. Keith D. Hargrave says

    Wow, Beautiful.

  3. J. Hancock says

    and just keep doing it!  awesome shot!

  4. Karin Nelson says

    You've got the composition down. That's the most important part. The rest can be acquired. Looks awesome to me. 

  5. Amanda Blain says

    It auto corrected + Matthew Hicks I fixed it 🙂

  6. shahid mustafa says

    so beutiful.
    i like it 

  7. sepehr sabbagh says

    it,s  tall

  8. sujit jadhav says

    nice pic

  9. Jordan Oram says

    Hooray for taking it out and shooting! Good job + Amanda Blain 😀 Tis a lovely composition and I like it!

  10. foster huntler says

    !nice pic*

  11. mallory foote says


  12. Arif Abdul says

    we must take care of the trees so as not to perish

  13. Kasun Sudaraka says


  14. Kashan Hussain says


  15. Bill LaBrie says

    What do you mean? Looks good. You captured the lines.

  16. Monty E says

    Hi Amanda, that is Perfect,,thats all you need is one shot I love it

  17. mallory foote says


  18. th? khánh linh t?n says

    b? quá 

  19. maher hejjo says

    so beutiful

  20. ???? ???????? says

    ?? ??? ??? ??????

  21. mallory foote says


  22. thu nguyen says

    wow…i like it

  23. mallory foote says


  24. Monty E says

    Amanda I would call it San Fran Myself when understanding that was just in Type/Text, thinking you typing all day it's Ok to Chop a word or two

  25. th?y bích says

    tr?i ?i ??p l? h?!

  26. Jasmina Tramišak says

    Very separately tree.
    Good morning to all my frens Google+

  27. Takumi HOMBU says

    you will be good mother..

  28. mallory foote says


  29. Takumi HOMBU says

    our seeing same stance. we love the nature spirits.

  30. sepehr sabbagh says

    you like tree.

  31. Takumi HOMBU says

    please take hands each other, we rechange  silicon valley. our dream so big? no our teamwork is conquering the us.

  32. ??? says

    GOOD tree

  33. Arif Abdul says

    we live together with nature

  34. mallory foote says


  35. maher hejjo says

    so beutiful 

  36. Richard Hoefer says

    Have you been to "Land's End" ? This could have been taken there or many other places with these beautiful trees. Have fun here!

  37. Aaron Malakai says

    Where are ya now, hon?

  38. kaka za says

    what is it name ?

  39. Diego De Zan says

    ….Very lost….
    Very beatiful image & tree…..

  40. mallory foote says


  41. nazl?can Bayraktar says

    wow it looks very old

  42. Josh Peckham says

    Not bad for not knowing what you were doing…Just look up and shoot

  43. Harisha HASHY says


  44. Arif Abdul says

    so love the trees, because he gave oxygen. if no oxygen we would die

  45. Muhammad Sarmad says

    nice 1…

  46. Angelika Fotiadis says

    I want this tree to hug ?

  47. iulian vamanu says

    nature is amazing,some people so.bravo!

  48. Ambros Kiya says

    awesome pic

  49. James Lee says

    + Amanda Blain I'm lost my mind.Ohh?No………

  50. Harisha HASHY says

    i love u 

  51. Harisha HASHY says

    how much

  52. mallory foote says

    Me 2

  53. Bhuwan Bhandari says

    very nice photo, Amanda is it rally ?

  54. mallory foote says


  55. Harisha HASHY says


  56. ?????? ???? says


  57. mallory foote says

    Hi y'all

  58. Bhuwan Bhandari says


  59. mallory foote says


  60. Bhuwan Bhandari says

    how are you mallory foote ?

  61. Harisha HASHY says

    y baby

  62. kayode adebesin says

    hi mallory

  63. mallory foote says


  64. kayode adebesin says

    hw r u

  65. mallory foote says

    Good u

  66. Waheed Ramadan says

    nice picture

  67. kayode adebesin says


  68. kayode adebesin says


  69. mallory foote says


  70. Mustapha El Mekkaoui says

    You are doing good thing,thank you.

  71. kayode adebesin says


  72. Ambros Kiya says

    stop exams… Save trees!!

  73. kayode adebesin says

    ha good one

  74. mallory foote says


  75. Ambros Kiya says


  76. mallory foote says

    Ok howdy y'all

  77. Ambros Kiya says

    good!! Hw buh u?

  78. mallory foote says

    Great thx for askin

  79. mallory foote says

    This dude asked me if I loved him I didn't even know him

  80. Ambros Kiya says

    wow!! Hw did u reply?

  81. mallory foote says

    I said I'm to young for love

  82. Nana Bagaturia says

    Nice pic.may be hundreds of years.witness of history!

  83. Ambros Kiya says

    hahaha what a cute answer!!

  84. mallory foote says

    Night luv ya all

  85. Ambros Kiya says

    Just heard the dreamland calling your name xo hurry…haha. G9t 2u2.

  86. Ambros Kiya says

    Just heard the dreamland calling your name xo hurry…haha. G9t 2u2.

  87. Ambros Kiya says

    Just heard the dreamland calling your name xo hurry…haha. G9t 2u2.

  88. hung quach says

    cây này c? th? và ??p quá

  89. mallory foote says

    Yeah night peeps

  90. sepehr sabbagh says

    you haue many firends

  91. kayode adebesin says

    night mallory even tho its lik9:19 here

  92. Mikayla Sitterly says

    thats beautiful:) nice job:)

  93. mustafa baytosun says

    you must have been lucky than us.trips,san fransisco etc

  94. Mohammad Hasani says

    its Really artistic photo.

  95. Anh Nguyen Ngoc says

    dep hey

  96. thanh thanh says

    that's same this pic

  97. Usama Samman says

    Did you try to climb it? I am sure the photo from up is different too 😉

  98. pil ot says

    did you know how old is this tree?

  99. rolly canitan says

    wow. the biggest tree in your town…lol

  100. Binh Nguyen says

    Very cool tree!

  101. Nick Hunter says

    the sides of the trunk act like converging lines and give the photo a feel of depth, interesting details and shadows in the trunk too.

    there is alot of good articles on the net about "photo composition"

    personally I kinda like ken rockwell's  as it focus bit more on just colors and shapes by taking a more artistic approach to photography


    if you like that one, then read his article on FART'ing before taking photos, lol, it is good read as well

    ~ if you want to push your photo skills, learn the basics(rule of 1/3's, fill the frame, ect.)  they will make a quick improvement for anyone hungery to learn!

    here is recent photo I took that turned out rather well if you want to check it out

  102. Michael Hodge says

     A towering feeling and the majesty of nature. Awesome!+ Amanda Blain . Thank you, Group Hug!

  103. rolly canitan says

    very nice sender.

  104. Vikrant Garge says

    feel like there is no sky just u and trees and land  isn't it lost allover

  105. ho thanh phong says

    rat dep rat an tuong

  106. aio wa says

    A professional shot … awesome pic

  107. Cameron Silva says

    perfect for climbing, eh?

  108. budi santosa says

    ilike is keren

  109. Ibrahim Norat says

    who cares

  110. Muhammed Kasim says

    it luk nys

  111. Andrew Cowley says

    I think that a good eye and lots of luck are far more important. You seem to have both

  112. Randall Bradley says

    You DEFINITLY know what your doing! True ART!!!!

  113. sazzad hossain says


  114. Zaved Imtiaz says

    very charming………

  115. RAY DAN says

    ohhh,i'm so in love with this tree…<3

  116. Vernon Akina says

    Nice picture

  117. Navkash Bal says


  118. MUHAMMAD JAWAD says

    nice pic

  119. sunil dharmana says


  120. Lolladr Totipopi says


  121. Nagarjuna Sunguluru says

    nice yar

  122. April Heater says

    I love it

  123. KoKoRo Miyamoto says

    I like to take photos like this! The last one was in 4 days…

  124. luft price says

    The tree of life 

  125. Naseer Mohammad says

    What a historical!

  126. Bhuban BABU says

    u have a thing to save nature

  127. Yogesh Malathi says


  128. Geetank Kedia says

    nice snap…..:)

  129. Erick Bienes says

    good eye

  130. Prasad Bangaru says

    hello amanda blain

  131. Rin Dani says

    It's so nice~~

  132. Xin Huang says


  133. Salim Akbar bin Thalib says

    Scary 🙂

  134. Thu?y D??ng Vu? Thi? says

    wow it so beauty

  135. Ahmad Mohammadi says


  136. Claudeo Mayisiri says

    Oh wat nice pic.

  137. Augustas jaruševi?ius says

    it's mystic

  138. ruchi bafna says

    amazing pic

  139. erly saleng says

    i think that is the Red wood tree,,,,,

  140. Peter Parker says

    No, this isn´t a red giant tree!

  141. mukherjee debrup says

    the beauty of having aged,
    can not be found one lie,
    the ageing of a had beauty,
    always wither and die,
    the height of a shade,
    can be limitless,
    yet, the shade of a height,
    never kisses the sky.

  142. Dieter Klauss says

    It's not a Weeping Willow?

  143. Ashka Saxena says

    nice <3

  144. ?? ??c Huân says


  145. mohsin sidhu says


  146. David Asoau says

    Move pix

  147. David Asoau says

    *Nice pix!

  148. kim liên nguy?n says

    oh very nice

  149. ?? ??c Huân says

    oh yeah!

  150. ngoc bich Nguyen thi says


  151. Thành ??t Nguy?n says

    its so awesome!

  152. Hô? Viê?t Thuâ?t says

    many road to the top.

  153. ranjeet more says

    so nice

  154. pierre-antoine legault says

    it so big !:)good pics

  155. Candor Perlicious says

    Amanda, I am very much like you when it comes to photography. Just continue to shoot and do the things you like. Just because you may not know what you are doing is no reason to think you can't take beautiful photos. Not everything we shoot is a perfect shot. Even the professionals can take shots that are less than perfect but all we see are their best shots. Over time you will improve. Take a look at some of the photos I have posted. They may not what everyone likes, but they are what I like and have had some success.

  156. Ahmed Jolani says

    I read trip as strip, my bad!

  157. Nancy DeGroat says



    we have to preserve the trees..

  159. Sebastian H says

    it looks amazing

  160. parthodinesh adhikari says

    this tree is very beautiful and me pleasured …hey guyz special thanks to u for uploaded this awsome picture plz more pictures uploaded…thnx guyz..

  161. Edwin Pratheeba says

    Grt!!! Amazing!!

  162. ??? says


  163. Hong Loan says


  164. Margie D Casados says

    + Amanda Blain truly it is awesome. The picture is timeless, it shows the age and history of the tree. 🙂

  165. Lan Vo says

    ngày nào mình c?ng nên dành tình c?m ??c bi?t cho cha m? mình c?.vì h? x?ng ?áng nh?n ?i?u ?ó.mình ngh? là v?y.mình không nên làm cho cha , m? bu?n… chúng mình ?ã l?n khôn,chúng mình nên bi?t mang l?i ni?m vui cho nh?ng ng??i xung quanh mình.xem ?ó nh? m?t món quà.mình mu?n g?i ??n cho nh?ng ng??i yêu th??ng…

  166. gia bach nguyen says

    tr?u t??ng quá

  167. surya bhai says

    this is Pandora right?

  168. Katie Brox says

    This is a beautiful pic. The perfect angle that shows a story , That shows meaning and perspective. This pic makes me want to know more. So you see my dear you do know what you are doing weather you realize it or not 🙂

  169. Aniruddha Panda says

    Eyewitness of world;s history

  170. José Pedro Brito says

    So beautiful 🙂

  171. Britt Renee says

    that's a cool shot!

  172. Emma Havenworth says

    Cool pic

  173. Millie Sinclair says

    thats a weird shape tree

  174. Hemang Chokshi says

    Nice Pic….Like it

  175. Lap Vo says

    i have same idea with you. which this photo  first look  a old tree, but the finger in its body so wonderful, it have thousand of ideas for every one to see it, is it true?

  176. Ahmed Seid says

    nice nice nice pic realy i like it

  177. fahmi hartland says

    wow such a great tree

  178. Le Nguyen says

    "doc". great

  179. muneer khatti says

    well nice by a scien

  180. Michael Jahhdog says

    I think of the tree folk from LOTR…

  181. Zoey Garrett says

    Wow I wonder how old this tree is

  182. Ashleigh Wilcoxson says

    Reminds me of LOTR…

  183. Erin Draxler says

    No you didn't. Blockbustard on instagram did. You didn't take this picture. Period.

  184. mohamed nour Fradi says

    ca va

  185. Tanh Do Huu says

    it's greated! how about the hight and the radious.

  186. Elaine Horsley says

    Well, keep doing it – it's inspiring! Who could say old age isn't beautiful?

  187. Dung Nguyen Tien says


  188. Rajeswari Aquila says

    I dunno what tree it is, but I like d pic:-)

  189. Sahar Parsa says


  190. Jahangir Hossain says

    Its very old

  191. Adeniyi Sunday Michael says

    gud job

  192. juan manuel martinez fernandez says

    baya que tremando arbol  cuantos años tendra

  193. Pablo henrique Pabim says

    por favor não acabem com a natureza ela é muito bela pra cer destruida……muito,muito,muito,bela.

  194. Nithin Babu says

    wow!"!"!"""" what is this dear!"!""!""!"????

  195. Patrick Stephens says


  196. Chris Ryan says

    great photo !

  197. medjek Dahmane says


  198. fuxi chu says


  199. shyamsangini singh says

    Class picture

  200. Mohammad Azimi says

    Great… reflects strength and insistence 



  202. Nguyen Hien says

    this like the giuse fammily in the testament

  203. yesenia duendesilla says

    bonita que es la naturaleza

  204. Ann Angove says

    oh yes you do + Amanda Blain !!!

  205. travis rwafa says

    Ha! What a tree so Lovely and big

  206. Irfan Mk says


  207. Khadijah Diop says

    The tree is huge omg – Khadijah

  208. MyHung RealEstate says


  209. lisa Mono says

    a nice pic, but it'd better taken in paranoma one

  210. Ceren Ak says

    it's so beautiful

  211. Fani Ragoussi says

    a giant …owl!!!!hahaha!!n i c e !!!!!

  212. samir fahmey says

    [????? ???    ?  ????? ???? ???? ????

  213. Amin Galaxy says

    Cool …..

  214. Chantelle Felix says


  215. zack weaver says


  216. Alam Shad Khan says

    nice shot

  217. Rhino William says

    Cool shot

  218. Vinnie Oyando says

    Mahogany tree, so nice.

  219. donald hakala says

    This would make an awesome windows 7 wallpaper.. Very nice

  220. Sherif Kholeif says

    Let your imagination work, you will know what you are doing! Nice picture.

  221. Amanda Blain says

    AS IF this got shared 38 times… ? Yay for my first G+ photo 🙂

  222. pierre-antoine legault says

    je parle pas anglais lol!!!!!

  223. Loz Elston says

    I bet you was lying on your back when you took this photo.

  224. David Young says

    For someone who claims they don't know what they are doing, your photo is making me wonder if that tree is going to say hi to me or swat me like a fly. It's dramatically beautiful.

  225. ??? says

    from this perspective, a bit like a Buddha   =?=   i just translate it with google…any way , it's beautiful..



  227. Kamran Tariq says


  228. T.M RASHID says

    Hey Amanda…can u please mention the name of this tree…? Its awesome..

  229. adnan zubair says

    eye witness of centuries

  230. Alicia Reyes says

    wonderful tree!! Looks like the tree wants a hug. 🙂

  231. Katelyroy Rose Delleva says

    its unique 🙂

  232. shafiyyah azzahra says


  233. Malathi Jayapadman says

    pretty awesome huh?

  234. Rodiard Royales says

    how big tree,are you the owner

  235. cristian santiago says

    this is huge tree

  236. Chethan Murthy H S says

    Where is this tree?

  237. Amanda Blain says

    San Francisco… it says it in the second line 😐

  238. ruchi bafna says

    great pic

  239. Mahdi Ghafoori says


  240. Lap Vo says

    i've never seen nic that tree,Can you tell  me know the name's that tree,thanks.

  241. souleymane Diaw says

    c ou sa

  242. Devin Cortazzo says

    take me there

  243. Elizabeth Dial says

    I'm the original tree hugger.  I love looking up into a trees canopy.  Lovely photo. 

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