1. St Ranshad says


  2. Mario Vila says

    Que bueno!

  3. S haqayeq says


  4. Jordan Gill says

    Why does this seem slightly creepy!

  5. hassan sardar says

    how r u 

  6. Amir ex says


  7. Sergei Lobov says

    fine words

  8. Lincoln Innocent says


  9. Jp Fitzpatrick says


  10. Dirk Talamasca says

    He is always awake in my dream while getting filled full of bullets Sam Peckinpah style.

  11. Mic Nice says

    true ; but she's on mine !

  12. César Díaz says

    I'm gonna find out who and kill them, lol.

  13. Priyabrata Roy says

    absolutely correct. it happens in my life.:)

  14. PILA DONALD says


  15. glenn archer says

    Ryan Gosling …Really amanda.

  16. Trey Collier says

    That's kinda scary!  :S

  17. Amanda Blain says

    Uh yeah really.

  18. chintamani limaye says

    really its true ???

  19. Amanda Blain says

    The amount of 🙂 on this post is concerning 🙂

  20. Priyabrata Roy says

    Hoping this said quote will be applicable to all here :):)

  21. glenn archer says


  22. Trey Collier says

    <—– Concerned that you posted this in first place!   (but I do know why.  LOL)

  23. Ehsan Malek says

    You are beautifull

  24. Amber Jenkins says

    Nawwh Someones Dreaming About Me Every Night<3

    Would'ent That Be A Burden? :O Stop Dreaming Damn It! Lol

  25. glenn archer says

    + Ehsan Malek  you smoothie…:(

  26. vaughan fisher says

    some poor bugger has been having a lot of nightmares 😀 😀 😀 😀

  27. Chloe Long says

    What about Tom Daley! <3

  28. D V Shravan says

    It might be ture… some time's it happens to me also……………..

  29. Michael Askey says

    I'm surprised I get any sleep at all then 😉

  30. Amber Jenkins says

    Damn It I Sleep just Fine >.<

  31. Mic Nice says

    ha ha wn cums id true…

  32. Michael Askey says

    Lol + Amber Jenkins

  33. Amber Jenkins says


  34. Mic Nice says

    O' O'

  35. Amber Jenkins says


  36. Daniel Scheel says

    That explains it..

  37. Amber Jenkins says

    Lol ikr?

  38. Mic Nice says

    : 0.o )

  39. Amber Jenkins says

    Haha n.n

  40. Nandlal Shah says

    Damn me… I stay up every night…literally up… if my wife dreams about me, we will be homeless… I works night 😉

  41. Amber Jenkins says

    IShall likeyou too >:D

  42. Mic Nice says

    o' O' IZ UOH ! daMn .

  43. Amber Jenkins says

    Lol what

  44. Karrar K. Abed says


  45. Amber Jenkins says


  46. Mic Nice says

    ) ^* *^ (  oh ya"

  47. Mic Nice says


  48. Huub van Overveld says


  49. Amber Jenkins says

    Lol XD

  50. Anthony Cerbic says

    why would so many ppl dream about my granny? pervs everywhere.

  51. zubair ahmad says

    Nice quote

  52. Samia Elsaid says

    That might go for somebody s nightmare as well.have a good day + Amanda Blain

  53. sumudu manjula says

    i am sumudu from sri lanka  .mama sumudu laknawa. do you like laning sinhala.  

  54. Amber Jenkins says

    Makes me smile(:

  55. Sumit Singh says


  56. Elia Mirca says

    hope so..

  57. Umar Buttar says

    may b,,,

  58. Amber Jenkins says

    Nobody would ever dream of me XD

  59. david villa says

    hi amanda

  60. Karrar K. Abed says

    Somebody will

  61. Amber Jenkins says

    Doubt it >.<

  62. Sumit Singh says

    +Amber Jenkin : may be or may b not … enjoy n keep rockin

  63. Karrar K. Abed says

    You'll just don't know who might be

  64. Amber Jenkins says

    I shall keep rockin' 😉

  65. Vikhyat Chauhan says

    must be true…>:)

  66. Umar Buttar says


  67. prosper depiro says


  68. Shobuj Prithibi says

    nice quote

  69. topol sahar says

    i`m not sure about that

  70. Sam Mahny says

    Did u sleep last night?

  71. Christopher T. Calhoun says

    David Bowie's dream…

  72. Natasha Ornelas says

    Well could they please quit dreaming of me long enough for me to get some sleep

  73. Kate Lynch says

    Could the person who is dreaming of me please introduce themselves! So I can tell dream on sucker that isn't happening and I can get on with my sleep!

  74. Emily Schmidt says

    Then people must dream about me a lot

  75. J.S. Brooks says

    Okay, who is it? I'm gonna dream about that sucker and keep him/her awake too!

  76. Ömer Murat says

    you can sleep now 😀

  77. ede john says

    yeah its true because i do experience it too! Wow! What a coincedence!

  78. Elvis Pashi says

    It's right

  79. Awais Ishfaq says

    it means kat missed me… 😛 lolllzzz

  80. Chandra Pederson says

    I have always been a night person since I can remember but I don't think I have insomnia cos I can sleep during the day just fine! lol :p 

  81. ede john says

    chandra whats insomnia?

  82. Chandra Pederson says

    It's a sleep disorder + ede john ! You can google it for more information (:

  83. Himantika Mann says

    didn't knew it

  84. Omar Fellahi says

    that's why I always have a problem sleeping at night!!!
    I'll look for him… LOL


    Although I want to see the way they see fit, that is very beautiful …

  86. Stu Kopelman says

    Glad it is a legend. 🙂

  87. Fernando Herrero Salas says

    You are a very romantic fellow.

  88. George Mensah says

    That's why i sleep late at night.

  89. Sameh Dif says

    I don't agree

  90. Binh Nguyen says

    I like to think so!

  91. Dave Dyer says

    hope I'm doing a lot of good in the dream then

  92. Louie S. says

    That's a great pick up line!!! Lol.

  93. Fernando Herrero Salas says

    I seem to have misunderstood your original message. But it should say "When yoiu can't sleep at night, it's because you are thinking of someone else's dream". Don't you think it's more real?

  94. Arthur Ledoux says

    That's a scary THOUGHT !!!!! Then again?????

  95. balarabe sule says

    i agree with you amanda ,it can happen to enybody.

  96. Noel Lamarre says


  97. peter koenig says

    + Amanda Blain The person dreamin' nites about yah should be the one concern'd 🙂

  98. Jamal Abdallah says

    What happens when they get nightmares while dreaming of you?!! Hope it doesn't end up fighting dragon bat that appears from nowhere in the middle of the night too!!

  99. Mansour Abdi says

    Howt about this one:
    When you are in love, you can't fall asleep because the reality is more pleasant than your dreams.

  100. M?ris Gulbis says

    star ships are ment to fly ;0)

  101. Kunmun Luck says


  102. Tanner Perkins says

    … 101 post feel proud

  103. Sachin Vishwakarma says

    i come in nobody's dream 🙁

  104. Amy Bella says

    WOW, I have more stalkers than I ever imagined!!!!! All this time I was blaming insomnia, LOL, I guess now I have a more positive outlook on the situation ;0)   (very cute post doll, thanks!)

  105. balarabe sule says

    your such a nice sexy looking and beotiful lady,amanda blain your REAL.

  106. Goldman Alex says

    legend also says, when you dreaming about somebody, it's because that person is thinking about you at that time.

  107. Majid Ali says

    + Mansour Abdi  Nice one man..

  108. Mirza Ali Abbas says

    HI Amanda Blain

  109. nancy drew says


  110. bahar uddin says

    I think our eyes are  not closed

  111. Tobbe Fridén says

    I'd love to be in your dreams…..;-)

  112. mary-kate zacef says


  113. Zahir Alabri says

    or ur awake in using internet and google+

  114. Jeff Racki says

    Those words are meaningless

  115. Joy Laughter says

    Interesting idea!

  116. Bahram Rowhanian says

    Interesting, I hadn't heard it before.

  117. Charles Longoria says

    Well, that legend sounds like a bunch of shit. Where did this so called legend come from?

  118. Asma shining star says

    i don't know … maybe !!!

  119. Maqsood Mehmood says

    i heard it for the first time its not true

  120. Brittany Constable says

    Someone must be dreaming of me every damn night, then.

  121. Munavar Messi says

    iam also

  122. Ainun Nabiel says

    haha… you guys very funny 🙂

  123. Zet Man says

    Yup. The name's Insomnia.

  124. Roham Alian says

    no body dream about me

  125. Donna Walklate says

    Someone was dreaming of me a lot then at the start of the year.

  126. Michael Maier says

    Explains alot

  127. imran ahmed Shariff says


  128. Gi Lee says

    Hmm.. kinda interesting.  Next time I can't fall asleep I'll keep that in mind…

  129. Jenny Yoeng says

    So romantic, I like it…

  130. Jovany Mendoza says

    Hi Amanda how are you.

  131. Sandara Madurapperuma says

    if this is true…

  132. John Strobel says

    I now know the reason for my rampant insomnia!  Thank you, + Amanda Blain!

  133. Kevin Peck says

    You just woke me + Amanda Blain !!

  134. Dhriti Bahal says

    oh really??

  135. keith williams says

    I'd like to know who's dreaming of me.

  136. pradeep gangstar says

    i love't…now i know  y im not sleepin,,,:-) hope i'll find her soon 🙂

  137. Asad Khan says

    My mom says, "when you can't sleep at night, it's because you sleep all the day stupid!"

  138. david little says

    Agitated mind = bad body clock

  139. Ameen Shajira says


  140. Abid Muhammad says

    Thats ture

  141. Ron Callahan Jr. says

    well I hope i'm doing something cool!! LOL

  142. David Carter says

    So stupid.

  143. Shelly Rance says

    My mother in law sleeps with dreaming and dreaming .
    In the morning after eats her breakfast , she goes her real sleep.
    What legend says in this case::)))

  144. Nikia V. Henderson says

    …aaand cut, that's a wrap. In one short post + Amanda Blain has just identified all of the stalkerish ???fringe elements who have circled her. Gosling gets 'em every time, better than peanutbutter on a mousetrap that one.

  145. Muzaffir Ahmed says

    Hi Amanda 

  146. Bournaventure Amos says

    amanda some days are like that.

  147. Chip Johnson says

    The people dream about me a lot more than they will ever admit.

  148. sommerset wolnick says

    wow people must dream about me a lot then! 🙂

  149. Eddie Jackson says

    So true

  150. Mikayla Jenkins says


  151. shhora yafa says

    hard to belive

  152. Vijay Kumar says

    im very sleepy means im not in anybody mind? freak

  153. tirzah sprigela says

    i think ur right!

  154. Jada White says

    i think thats true

  155. Mirko Majdak says


  156. Erick Were says

    Let's assume it's true

  157. Shaylyn Bay says

    Wow, that made me really think! 

  158. Damascus Alston says

    so just to be safe before i go to sleep, i should wake up my entire house.

  159. senuri pinto says

    that made me really think too

  160. ionut gabriel Caraignat says


  161. John Jackson says

    that mean everyday I can't sleep till midnight because someone id dreaming of me.

  162. Mohammad Jan Khan says

    hahahahahaha its wrong 😀 i slept at morning and was using laptop 😛

  163. Andrew Macintyre says

    My Goodness So That's Why !!? I must Be So very Popular after all cos I can't Sleep like Every Night .Aaaww Someone's Dreaming about Me ! If that's True They Need Help ! Lol

  164. Esther Flores says

    oh yah it's true

  165. Holly Watts says

    nobody dreams about me then..i sleep like a log

  166. ??? says


  167. Shirley Smith says

    Someone must be dreaming about me often.

  168. Khalil Sadeghi says


  169. Leon Liu says

    Then I am in people's dream for the most day…

  170. George Muriuki says

    Ha ha ha!!

  171. Sheldon Solomons says

    No wonder, that's why I can't sleep.

  172. Gabriela Palatin says

    Well, someone must Be dreaming a lot about me

  173. Hany Hussam says

    you make me laugh 
    i do not know if that make me happy or sad??!!!! 

  174. Georgi Kaua says

    Hope that someone else's dream, is a cool dream lol.

  175. Layba Zaman says

    yea i couldn't sleep yesterday 

  176. Louis Aya says

    Hahahaha!!! Ryan Gosling is trapped in your dreams.

  177. Marshall Bender says

    I was trapped in someone's dreams…wow.

  178. Lauren Solzak says


  179. Adam Andersen says

    Count you sleepless then

  180. Himanshu Nair says

    Im always awake….

  181. byron davenfort navarro says

    🙂 cool

  182. Rob Mitchell says


  183. Grant Lanning says

    Could this explain my insomnia?……. what evil things are people dreaming about me that only allows me a couple hours of sleep each night.

  184. samim aub says

    well said..

  185. Kristin Deon says

    blah 🙁

  186. sommerset wolnick says

    i thought it was a good thing to be dreamed of!

  187. neealm SINGH says


  188. Shazia Saleem says


  189. Terence Daykin says

    Or someone's nightmare!

  190. Belle Alea says

    As SO CUTE <3

  191. Kenana hatab says

    nice then i am always in another person's dreams!!

  192. Rajender Sharma says

    nice ..

  193. mani tanha says

    wow …i can,t sleep every night because you are,t my side ….my dear

  194. maroof sadiq says


  195. Mohammad ali says


  196. praneetha bekal says

     that means i am offen present in someone's dream 

  197. Rachael Sutton says

    dud i could not sleep i woke up like every 25 mins

  198. Anna stylinson says

    well then…..people dream of me alot!

  199. vick grunge says

    so sweet…

  200. Myat Mon says


  201. vick grunge says


  202. Jeff Bermingham says

    well damn, I always have trouble sleeping. i blame you + Amanda Blain 😉

  203. joey tollison says

    i have never heard that

  204. DHRUV MORASIYA says

    Nice picture

  205. ???? ???? says

    You have to give up all thoughts of the people from your mind until you sleep with peace of mind

  206. Morgan Alvarez says

    how does chening tatem ever sleep then

  207. Mi Bella Sonrisa says


  208. meG D.N. says

    yes… maybe

  209. abigail magoola says

    How can my future boyfriend sleep then!!!

  210. mary rul says

    so maby i was in liams dream

  211. Taniesha Peirce says

    oh no wonder i fall asleep at 3 or 4 in the morning instead of 10 o clock in the night

  212. melanie richmond says


  213. Ricardo Chavez says

    "Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me… No hope, No harm. Just another glade alarm…"

  214. Shashwat Pandey says

    oh like what i am hearing at dream at dream is absouletly  ?

  215. Jozel Gould says

    Dreaming is what keeps Hope alive,and the inevitable result is real love entering ones live,keep on dreaming…..smiles

  216. mary g Cadigan says

    whooooow! now this is believe……

  217. Hana Anah says

    i think the right said is:
    when you can't sleep at night,  coz there is someone else awake in your mind or your dream :p

  218. tufaja manzana says


  219. T LNvlad says


  220. Victoria Young says

    That's so deep

  221. Roxie Writer says

    now we know, and what we do with it, well…

  222. David Cain says

    Then I wish so many people would quit dreaming about me.

  223. yashasvi grover says

    thats why i cant sleep anytime

  224. maham nabi says


  225. Sina Mohabat says

    Someone must be dreaming about me almost every night until about 3:30 am.

  226. Soofiya Samar says


  227. Alif Ahmad says

    Dreaming is for sleep

  228. Kamal Soni says

    nice…. quote… <3

  229. Marlene Salmon says

    it's beautiful if you have someone to love

  230. Shamru Laks says

    nice lines

  231. jessica Jimenez says

    part of me wants to belive it and part of me does not……. ok i have spent like 15 minutes rereading this trying to see if i belive it or not!

  232. Jess cate says

    hahahahahaa……..really now?????

  233. redmark eigthteen says

    just do the breathing exercise… deeply exhale and inhale… and never miss to pray…

  234. Abdulla Solih says

    Hmmm celebs will have a hard time to get to sleep 🙂

  235. Abarajithan Gnaneswaran says

    Or else, you are suffering from insomnia…

  236. Rebecca Lapera says


  237. emily hernandez says


  238. Matt Tuomala says

    oh, Legend… talking smack.  you're almost as bad as Fortune Cookie and Internet.

  239. SAFA DJEBBAS says

    than i am i every ones dream

  240. hassan murtaza says

    master blaster 

  241. Alo Gorai says

    Very nice thought

  242. Kelly Ferguson says


  243. Ivy Driguez says

    wow…. deep.

  244. matipa kariwo says


  245. william banuelos says

    i could not sleep all night last night 

  246. Lilly Hagen says

    whos that

  247. Andrew D says

    To all sexy girls! STOP dreaming of me!! I need my sleep!!!! LoL

  248. Faridah Yazid says

    im tossing n turning right now… wonder whose dream im in??

  249. Francis Cooper says

    a lot of people will not sleep tonight.  🙂

  250. mila krishnen says

    is it true?

  251. Aminu Darda'u Rafindadi says

    No wonder sometimes I can't sleep sometimes

  252. foysal Fable says

    goodmorning friends, have a nice day.

  253. Fernando Herrero Salas says

    There might be something of that kind.

  254. Róisín McGregor says


  255. Maddie Mack says

    haha i couldn't sleep last night(;

  256. Jaylyn Bivens says

    i was up til lik 4 last night what a good dream that person might have been having

  257. dushara divyanjalee says

    hmmm me too

  258. morgan mesecher says

    so true i love stuff lik this

  259. Fernando Herrero Salas says

    Thank you for taking my comments that seriously. But thinking again about it, I remember to sometimes have experienced something similar to what the legend states.

  260. Zachary Alexander P. says

    legend says?

  261. Katia Livingston says

    that make sense(JK) 

  262. Timur Scherbina says

    my friend Ann have a natural ability to create and send a dream with a scenario into your mind when you are sleeping 

  263. shab afroz says

    aahan intersting..

  264. Carmen CC says


  265. Sahud Chunawala says


  266. Margaret Lee says

    So i aint got no insomnia, im wide awake in someone else's dream,No rest for the wicked: )

  267. Amanda Snyder says


  268. Disha Pradhan says

    I think that it's true……

  269. David Paul says

    I have lots of bored friends then 🙁

  270. Mila App says

    Haha 🙂

  271. Vimal negi says

    It's true…..??

  272. Shin Haido says

    that's true. or maybe we all gather in someones dream 😀

  273. Zunaira Hashmi says

    hm yes may b its right hundred percent true and all is happen because of tension 

  274. Faith Fox says


  275. Dinesh Chandar says

    oh i didn't know.. i thought i had INSOMNIA!

  276. Ahtisham Imtiaz says


  277. Danna Kat says

    I hate not being able to sleep well at night!!!!!!

  278. Sai Bhargav says

    may be..

  279. Stephen Firestone says

    I absolutely love this! I feel all warm and tingly inside + Amanda Blain Thank you 😉

  280. Danna Kat says

    Dinesh Chander : same here!!!!!!

  281. Dave Rowell says

    I'm constantly in other peoples dreams then.

  282. Jose Candanoza says

    OMG! That happened ti me last night! Just couldn't sleep….wonder who was dreamin' of me????

  283. Umeed Syed says


  284. Mohammed Afsal.M says

    I wonder who is dreaming about me during night hours?

  285. Dave Lohman says

    I must be in a lot of peoples dreams because i dont sleep that much

  286. Mybol Zarichin says

     I am not in their dream. I am in their nightmare lol 

  287. C Marcus Tsang says

    oh my goodness people believe that garbage

  288. Tony Silva says


  289. Jade Waters says


  290. Lidia Maldonado says

    Thats rite

  291. Arthur Fudge says

    I was awake all night last night… God who was dreaming about me!?

  292. mohammed boussari says

    is it true

  293. devils king says

    absolutely wrong

  294. Devendra Deshmukh says


  295. E Ita Auringer says

    There must be someone out there dreaming a lot about me – whoever you are: just STOP it!

  296. Paul George says

    I must be in everyones nightmare, because I can't sleep at night

  297. Romaine Maistry says


  298. Stephen Connor says

    Life is but a dream…

  299. Olena Melnyk says

    Amanda is true! I already check that!!!!

  300. elle jay says


  301. Tania Damianova says

    What legend is?

  302. Julie Sanford says

    If thats true Bradley Cooper must have trouble sleeping too.. Lol 🙂

  303. maci chase says

    That is very cool and interesting

  304. Leslie Campbell-Gallagher says

    that explains why i cant sleep haha

  305. Kush Khan says

    Or maybe you're just an insomniac.

  306. Ruth oquendo says

    lol awesome !!!! if only were true?!?!

  307. Alaina H says


  308. Carla Martin says

    Oh that is lovely! 

  309. radhakrishna rao says

    get lost porn artist

  310. shahnawaz panhwer says

    when u cant sleep, it also means that u have acute gestric problem.hahahaha……. And if u r in the dream of ur beloved, make sure that in acute gestric problem u cant satisfy ur beloved even in his/her dream…… Thiink about it, legends are always not good for all and, it is advised to legends, when they say something, thay must first consider all the aspects or causes of being awake in nights.hahahaha.

  311. Carter Dornfeld says

    So that girl I like at school DOES dream about me…Or I just can't seem to fall asleep. 😉

  312. Divija Manjeshwar says


  313. Ahrmezjah Solis says

    That's a cute poem or quote ^^

  314. Nancy Lewis says

    thats CREEPY !!!!!!!!! :l

  315. Yvonne Patterson says


  316. Florence Asare says

    That is cool, i love to be in someOne's dream

  317. Mary Stanley says

    That is so stupid.

  318. Rachael Brewer says

    Nice legend. 🙂

  319. Ava Mccloud says

    I'm kind of creeped out now

  320. Salwa HAJI KHIR says


  321. Cherese Jenkins says

    Nice 🙂

  322. brianna yanez says

    how come you cant see the other persons dreams

  323. Diesel Myers says

    Straight creepy….

  324. Jessica Neumann-Dick says

    I wish they'd stop, I need more sleep!

  325. Brandon Jackson says

    Then alot of people must dream about me!

  326. Najema Asmailzada says


  327. Chloe O' Dwyer says

    as long as there's an ending to the dream, I'm happy…

  328. Anvita Bhaskara says

    awww… i dream about others… so that means they cant sleep at night…

  329. Franklin Saral says

    Really convincing & funny to be realised in own life……thanks

  330. Juliet Kasyoka says

    I dont wanna be in someone's dream,who will be in mine?

  331. Kamryn Sparrow says

    really that is so cool

  332. Naty Victa says

    Wonder whose that??

  333. isabelle auble says


  334. Mawar Biru says

    false .. perhaps someone is spell on u :p …

  335. Navedh Maitraiya says

    Interesting…Who's dream…

  336. Cenation Abadkon says


  337. savanna trull says


  338. arwa mansoor says

    well is that person worthy of having me in
     his dreem?

  339. Morgan Dunston says


  340. Ankur Kumar says

    Bindaas……:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  341. Heather Schuler says


  342. maryam gh says

    so what is the good solution to solve this problem ?

  343. Andrea Nazareno says

     – 3 –

  344. Briana Jackson says


  345. holly robinson says

    does it hurt? :/

  346. mustafa fawad says

    Dreams are art fiction.

  347. alexis staats says


  348. Sarah Mueller says

    Oh goodness what about those multiple murderers in my last dream

  349. Becca Faucette says

    Like it ,I just wish I knew who it is?

  350. Emily Vball says

    Hmmm? I want to test that out!

  351. josann ragoonanan says

    that dose happen to me i can't sleep at night

  352. Wiliam Bennett says

    If that's the case somebody else must be having a night mare.

  353. Ayobami Sorunmu says


  354. Lauren Meyer says

    i agree with you, zahir…

  355. Phoebe Pillon says

    im in toooo many dreams then! I can NEVER sleep!

  356. Farhad Sadeghian says

    wowwww   that was awosome imagination i do not let anyone to sleep especially the beautiful ones 🙂

  357. fatemeh jafarian says

    its bad i dont like to  be in others dreams

  358. Mandy Stash says


  359. Zaki Shirazi says

    true 🙂

  360. Jeff Lewis says

    there is two parts to the above ..your awake..if you meditate……………..     love….love..     sleep is a lot closer..love…love.

  361. Emily Clark says

    thats so weird

  362. Lulama Mtotoba says

    Is is true?……………WEIRD

  363. Diamond Robinson says

    i wonder if thats true

  364. Zaina Amer says

    Omg! Is that true?

  365. Mark Wolfskehl says

    I suppose when god wakes up we're all goners

  366. Ruman Syeda imtiaz says

    shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  367. Alexeyeva Smith says

    Love this! <3

  368. Nick Doss says

    o.o makes me wonder ….

  369. fatma hany says

    now i know the reason for not being sleep

  370. Alex McCord says

    Ugh…I'm so sorry Ryan

  371. Sarmen Azimi says

    maybe u are right

  372. abindabyamu barbra says

    Uganda miss that

  373. Islam Sujon says

    Eehhaa…is it!

  374. twinkel sharma says

    truly true….<3

  375. sreeraman subramanian says

    Some of your postings are thought provoking

  376. Peyman Mehrjoo says


  377. Phil Terry says

    When you dream you wake up?

  378. Sunny Day says

    haha i wish it was like that lol but it would suck if in their dream u were like dieing and they were like killing you…yaaaa never mind im glad its not that way lol i dont sleep well as it is

  379. karim ahmed says

    Yes i agree on that statment

  380. Emily Smith says

    LOL.if that's really the case,then,i hope i would not be in other's dream so many times!!!i wanna a good sleep…..

  381. maryam alizade says


  382. sherry williamson says


  383. Farhanullah Quadri says


  384. shadow joseph says

    That explains it gnarly thanks dude for clearing that up lmfao

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