1. D. Ryan Leask-Writer says

    Not to sound egotistical but
    ?is the best picture on the internet…

  2. Lynda Giddens says

    This picture really needs an accompanying story.

  3. Amanda Blain says

    Clicking the link above reveals all. 🙂

  4. Lynda Giddens says

    + Amanda Blain I just see the same picture?

  5. David D. Stanton says

    very creepy!

  6. Thomas Hawk says

    It almost reminds me of something I might see as the number 1 photo of the day over at Flickr's Explore. It's just missing the crappy border and the watermark.

  7. Jon Pankhurst says


  8. Brett Bjornsen says

    Poor animals… Subjected to fashion whims of their owners. Does anyone ever consider their pets may not want to look so cutsie? 0_o

    Its all fun and games till the catacalypse.

  9. Scott Hill says

    I'm… speechless…

  10. Susie Cook says

    so I've looked at this about 5 times now and laugh more every time! hahahaha

  11. Emilio Espinosa says

    It's full of stars!

  12. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    Just awesome!

  13. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    Photoshopped…I'm sure no pets were harmed in the making of this, LOL

  14. Brett Bjornsen says

    I dunno… the fish doesn't look to happy that the cat pulled it out of the water and stuck wheels on em… just sayin'

  15. mitchell s roy says

    to me its "the bold and the beautiful" meets "returm of the catwoman" meets "heathcliff"………porn

  16. Roberto Cruz says

    Excelente trabajo de ediciòn.

  17. Brett Bjornsen says

    wow… resurrection of an oldie but a goodie…

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