1. ehab abdo says

    lol hahahahah

  2. ehab abdo says


  3. Iman Majidi says

    lol 😀

  4. Vijeesh Vinayan says

    now i know who is chewing-up my mouse !!!

  5. Nam truong hoang says


  6. Jose Rolon says


  7. Jessica Northey says


  8. Muhammad Ahmed says


  9. Quang Ph?m says


  10. Prince Mhatre says

    that's good…. 🙂

  11. ali bhaijan says


  12. zizoo zooza says


  13. Manuel Pérez Reyes says

    jajaja ches gatos

  14. joy loiuse says

    used to it…that's trending

  15. Puneet Rathore says

    Nice awasome and how are u amanda blain

  16. Gunchisa Vapakul says

    ???? ?????? ??????

  17. Puneet Rathore says

    Hey amanda

  18. Rizwan Chaudhry says

    digital year

  19. karam alganem says

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfaneey pic

  20. Yasufumi Haga says


  21. Yu-Jen Chang says

    Tech-savvy mouse catcher but unemployable.

  22. Yu-Jen Chang says

    Republican cat / Democratic cat

  23. TaTaa pabon says


  24. keyur ramoliya says


  25. Veera Somasundaram says


  26. Rayhan Poenya says

    Hoho… amazing… it's same 'mouse'…

  27. O?uzhan av?ar says

    idiot modern cat!!! 🙂

  28. Seyif Al-islam says

    lok good

  29. James Wright says

    It didn't log onto the web page!

  30. Tarani Luha says

    Ancient Hitler. Modern Hitler

  31. teiryo tanaka says

    Is a very funny joke.

  32. Robert Taggart says

    Pictures of cats are soooooo fuuuunny.

  33. omar lara says


  34. Martin Gebhart says

    Ha Ha nice …

  35. Srinivas Sunil says


  36. Wahid Rahman says


  37. Arimi Akadir says


  38. Benedicto Antazo says


  39. rizky firmansyah says


  40. Ransom Benedict Ogoh says

    wats caturday

  41. Danish Akbar says

    technology changes All…

  42. Alberto Beatz says

    i?te budur 😀

  43. rizky firmansyah says

    Yeah a sophisticated

    ( berubah menajadi canggih )

  44. Dollar Mahamud says

    it's so fanny …..

  45. Alberto Beatz says

    ahahah 😀

  46. mohit kumar says

    nice commparesion

  47. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Yes but will the new age cats snap the wire and leave the mangled pieces of it's mouse on your front door mat as a gift! Just as the old model cats did with real mouses?lol

  48. apang hafani says

    lucu ya…

  49. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Yeah up late being a goof!

  50. Edrick Clerveaux says

    That's really funny. LOL!!!

  51. Prakash Prakash says

    nice photo

  52. mehmet ark?n gürbüz says

    could be photoshop :)))

  53. mohit kumar says

    oo yes it but mouse and mouse are same,.

  54. ytake blackwood says

    very fun

  55. mehmet ark?n gürbüz says

    dont mind mohit…the people believing very easy…

  56. Hennie Fourie says

    Hello Amanda.Cute cats! Cats like to prrrrrr…..all day.

  57. Yahya Kurniawan says


  58. Mohamed Algenaid says

    nice cats and funny pics lool

  59. hamid badroun says


  60. Cherry Blossoms says

    i love the face more of the ancient cat though…

  61. Wayanga Athukorala says


  62. mohit kumar says

    if u love that face then kiss her

  63. Tono Hadi Kusuma says

    hahahah modern cat!! is intelegen and ancient cat hahah

  64. Phillex Zhyndo says

    so it means that, ancient mouse is more advance already, its wireless.

  65. Akaraj Pansuntia says

    Hahaha Surprise

  66. Miklós Horváth says

    Úgy t?nik nagyon jó az emésztése a modern macskáknak 😀

  67. tonderai tsongora says

    if u don't get a mouse get anything called a mouse.

  68. MASUM PARVEZ says

    oh nice

  69. Jiraporn P says

    Oh I like it…so cute..

  70. Aleksandr Lunardi says

    yes beatiful

  71. Akuchukwu John says

    Even as posts your comment here, you are equalled to the cat on the mouse. Lol…

  72. Iffat Shaikh says


  73. Khalid Mahmood says


  74. ?? ???? ????? says

    ?????????????? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ?????

  75. syarif hidayatullah says

    are the modern cats is eat computer mouse?I not want modern cat,because it will be eat all my computer mouse.I just want a normal cat,because the normal cat will be eat all mouse in my home.

  76. Thomas Pynthe says

    LOL !!

  77. Khalid Mahmood says

    yes lol

  78. Khalid Mahmood says

    sec cat is wife:O opes

  79. Khalid Mahmood says

    modren wife

  80. Alan Breezy says


  81. Angel Calderon says


  82. Jitender Bidhuri says


  83. Ramesh kumar Raj says



  84. Edith Carpio says


  85. Kahraman Sarp says

    The invention of the technology

  86. Tayip Demircan says


  87. Ed Luke says

    If that was my cat, all you'd see is the tail…

  88. Elzbieta Stenström says

    and I thought that the cat does not care about anything – I mean the modern life….

  89. Mike Keller says

    Nooo, + Amanda Blain is participating in Caturday 🙁

  90. MAHESH KAKADE says

    Very cool

  91. Aldair Gutierrez Bermudez says


  92. violin shuna says

    hi this is very nice concept thought ……

  93. Parichart Promsri says

    555 ????????????

  94. ZUNERA KHAN says


  95. wandri cruz reyes says

    jejejeej esta bien la foto

  96. Jessie Agudo says

    Really humorous…great share, thanks to you.

  97. Nelson Mboya says

    true.. ts cool!!

  98. budi santosa says


  99. Asher John says


  100. theo teixeira says

    nossa que lindo gostei.

  101. theo teixeira says

    nossa que lindo gostei,kkkkkkk

  102. NOUFAL RISHU says

    Haha ha

  103. Enes Gültoprak says


  104. Efry Ghani says

    i like it

  105. Th?ng Lê Huy says


  106. Qiang Li says


  107. Muhammad Zubaidi says

    Smart mouse

  108. Rigoberto Islas says


  109. SHEEJA MOHAN says

    Two mouses wow nice….

  110. ????? ??? says

    Come lovely walk in Rostov?

  111. amit nirmal says

    nice cat

  112. Ely Hitc says

    ha,ha awesome !

  113. ?? says

    ????? = =

  114. mohammed saji says

    you look so beautiful

  115. Amanda Blain says


  116. mandla avinash says

    soooooooo…… pretty

  117. Troy Wilson says

    you seem like an intresting lady Amanda that sounds like a good event. what's the interview about? Guess i'll have to tune in to find out! : ) is that your cat? one of ma drumming influences is from where you are.

  118. Amar Sharma says

    very nice photo and you are sooooo cooooooool and sweet

  119. BECKY JOHNSON says

    That's very nice

  120. Safiya Abdul-Ali says


  121. Marc Prosche says


  122. Jayme Angeles says

    hahhaha 🙂 😉

  123. Jai Ram says

    good cat

  124. Waseem Abbas says

    good idea:)

  125. Pedro Manzo Espiritu says


  126. azoan amdan says




  128. Gatto NineNineNine says

    =^.^= cat evolution

  129. Sophia Cartledge says

    Well, there goes Tom & Jerry on the role again!!! Only this time, Jerry's a computer mouse. And not an ordinary mouse either.

  130. Dawn Ellen Miller says

    we need the cats to catch the bugs.

  131. Hoang Loc Tran says

    we need the cats to catch the mice,

  132. Jons Kou says


  133. Wayanga Athukorala says

    Revelution of mice

  134. IMDAD KHAN says

    you naughty!

  135. Husein Nashr says

    haha 🙂

  136. talha ibrahim says


  137. Jordan Chaves says

    Muito interessante, legal.

  138. barbara mudlaff says

    nooo baaardzo ?mieszne)))))

  139. Ryan Davis says

    mulle meeldib kassid

  140. mato cecot says

    the best

  141. Smalls Mendoza says

    BAHAHHAHA i love it 😀

  142. Devyn Schmitcke says

    that is awwwsome

  143. Marcus Salas says

    so funny 🙂

  144. nadeem ch says

    very funny

  145. Hemant Apte says

    ha ha ha nice one i like it very very much

  146. Ranjith Am says

    The new cat ate what was there in the moth of the ancient cat and is now posing for the photo with the new mouse

  147. vincent harris says

    very funni

  148. fidelis sanga says

    mh, Amanda you are very creative, much interesting!!

  149. Leandro Costa says

    KKKKKKKKKKKKK Very good. kkkkkkkk

  150. omid karamei says

    Very Good

  151. levi siddle says


  152. Sudhir Tiwari says

    best picture thanku

  153. Sudhir Tiwari says

    hello amanda blain how r u

  154. Keha? Ku? says


  155. monique barroso says


  156. MUHAMMAD AIJAZ says

    really thats a modern cat

  157. Muhammad Chattha says

    hahhaahahahahahah…. its not modern cat, its "digital cat"

  158. Ramkumar Nagarajan says


  159. Austin Lowe says

    or modem cat

  160. Ha?im I??k says

    süper ölmus tebrikler

  161. Everardo Jesús De la Mora Ibarra says

    true story

  162. Desi Räntsch says

    Oky I love cats.

  163. Jhonatan abisai Chan Cu says

    Jajajaja ???

  164. Rodolfo Domaoal says

    i love cats

  165. love peacestar says


  166. Rahim Malik says

    realy nice

  167. James Cannon says


  168. Anas Tamer says

    Modern cat = stupid cat

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