1. Daniel Farthing says

    ummm sex

  2. Liz Quilty says


    Trumped only by Bacon and Cheese pie ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Andrew Martin says


  4. Marie T. says

    en France on appelle pas รงa du fromage

  5. Tommy Thorne says

    I love cheese!

  6. Dave Cole says

    cheese and bacon pie

  7. Dharamjit Rihal says

    Cheese with bacon in it?

  8. Kadriye Lisa says

    M'mmm cheese…my favourite.

  9. Cynthia Salmon says

    cheese and wine?

  10. Kena H. says

    No nothing at all expect hot peppers of any kind. Better yet, cheese and hot peppers!

  11. Ryo Cook says

    Yes there is… vegan food ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Charles Roberts says

    I was right, it is allll about cheese.

  13. Michael Anderson says

    Cheese is often the best part of some of the best things to eat. Like pizza, which is my favorite cheese delivery system. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Edward Rodriguez says

    My stomach just growled

  15. Tony Rouse says

    I <3 Cheese.. renardscheese.com is about the best in Wisconsin. I have it all the time (the 10yr cheddar)

  16. Mike Wood says

    i am very glad I am not lactose intolerant. I love cheese but try to make the expensive ones treats as opposed to daily. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Neil Kremer says

    Nothing is better than cheese.

  18. Thomas Logan says

    Dill Havarti

  19. Jody Carbone says

    Cheese, olives, wine, fruit and bread = the only thing better than cheese.

  20. James Hoskin says

    Cheese or chocolate? No contest – cheese wins every time.

  21. Simon Kelleher says

    crackers & cheese, awesome

  22. Timothy Bouche says

    Bacon-chocolate FTW!!!

  23. Gordon Sroufe says

    Cheese and bacon!

  24. Ali Gajani says

    Apple Inc. on G+

  25. Charles Roberts says

    See what you started + Tina Parkinson !

  26. Mike Wood says

    + Ali Gajani I have seen you post that Apple link on a couple of comments. is it your fake Apple page?

  27. Achim Rose says

    yep, real cheese, and not that "cheese". That could be everything but cheese.

  28. Freund S. Kreis says

    sorry, but this is no cheese, these are industrial made cheese-like products. real cheese is delicious and looks more like this

  29. Barb David says

    yes, Bacon.

  30. Ali Gajani says

    + Mike Wood : Not mine. I think its the real one. Apple yet to verify it though.

  31. Amanda Blain says

    …. heheheh so much bacon and cheese in one post… i will forever rank for these words… too bad i dont sell cheese .. or bacon.. id be retired. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Joseph Lee says

    love cheese, but chinese cooking has none of it!

  33. vincent mason says

    dont say bacon….lol…my step daughter loves bacon….so much so I had to get her a bacon shaped talking pillow, stuffed toy, bacon flavor lip balm, bacon mayo, bacon perfume, and chocolate coverd bacon. For Christmas all she wanted was bacon….i got her 10lbs of it….rofl…..but cheese is my thing…lol

  34. Noni E says

    I'd have to say NOPE!

  35. Stephan G says

    POUTINE!!! and it have cheese !!

  36. Brett Bjornsen says

    bacon wrapped cheese? cheese infused bacon?

  37. Hernan Gil says

    peanuts n whiskey (crown royal.)

  38. Gary Blewaska says

    pickled herring

  39. Blayne Cantrell says

    I'm lactose intolerant =(

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