Is Google+ The Land Of The Dead? Not Likely

The Media Has Sung This Song Before*

We've read these posts for the last year, had countless stories, opinions, concerns, debates and sometimes out right rude comments towards people over a topic near and dear to many here but I've not seen anyone point out the very obvious… This tune is familiar in the media.

My offer still stands to any media outlet, company, or brand who would like to see how to make this space pop for them: 15 minute Google+ hangout, from my living room to yours.

Is G+ in fact dead, dying, or full of dead bodies?? Not so much a new story idea. We've heard these 'dead social network' arguments before… I remember them well. The media said the same thing about Twitter.

In fact, this beautiful article written by G+'s own +Mike Elgan in 2009 titled a familiar "Is Twitter Dead?" ( ) You could literally replace every instance of "Twitter" with the word "Google+". Take a moment to read it, but for the rest, here are some of my favorite quotes/statistics from these articles, Side by Side with the recent +Fast Company "ghost town" article we all love. (

*New Accounts*
TWITTER • Nielsen Online reported two months ago that most new users (60%) bail on Twitter after creating an account.
GOOGLE+ •Roughly 30% of users who make a public post never make a second one on Google Plus

*Dead Accounts*
TWITTER *• The Internet marketing firm HubSpot says more than half of all people who signed up for an account never posted a tweet (55%), aren't following anyone (56%) and have no followers themselves (53%).
*GOOGLE+ • Even after making five public posts, there is a 15% chance that a user will not post publicly again on Google+

*Same Users Making All the Content*
TWITTER • TechCrunch says that the ol' 80-20 rule is in full effect on Twitter: 20% of Twitter users are creating 80% of the activity. Harvard Business School says it's even more extreme than that: 10% of Twitter users post 90% of the Tweets.
GOOGLE+ •According to RJM's report, the average post on Google+ has less than one +1, less than one reply, and less than one re-share. Google+ simply does not show the same level of ravenous user adoption and engagement that we've seen in other social networks.

ಠ_ಠ Say what? The media sure likes to talk about how dead a product is, almost with eerie redundancy. Is twitter is 'dead' today? Elgin's points on "I signed up for Twitter in late 2007, looked around and didn't really understand it, then stopped checking it, " rings very true on Google+ too. How many of you did the same thing on Twitter, sign up, do nothing, return later, only to wish you stuck with it that first go around?

Remember G+ Ghosts… We are all ahead of the curve here… and in a few years will frequently talk of "the good old days." So take heart of the awesome amazing strangers around you and +1, share, and comment till your heart is content and worry not about our beloved product. +Google has things figured out I'm sure. 🙂

TLDR The media tends to often say a new product is dying with lots of stats. They mean nothing. Google+ = Awesome 🙂

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Is Google+ The Land Of The Dead? Not Likely

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  1. Aaron Wood says

    Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party

  2. Jody Raines says


  3. MECH Jones says

    Actually, around 4pm EST today I was remarking to a co-worker how intense the update frequency was on g+.

  4. Michael-Forest M. says

    "TWITTER • TechCrunch says that the ol' 80-20 rule is in full effect on Twitter: 20% of Twitter users are creating 80% of the activity. Harvard Business School says it's even more extreme than that: 10% of Twitter users post 90% of the Tweets.
    "GOOGLE+ •According to RJM's report, the average post on Google+ has less than one +1, less than one reply, and less than one re-share. Google+ simply does not show the same level of ravenous user adoption and engagement that we've seen in other social networks. "

    These figures are actually not at all comparable. G+ could still theoretically have an 80-20 thing going on with those averages.

  5. Máximo Cancino Gómez says

    Party+ town xD

  6. Liz ?uilty says

    I would be happy to give any media help to show them its not a ghost town also 🙂

  7. Eric Rice says

    The flipside of this is the users of X product saying they don't use/they don't get/they quit Y product.

  8. Marc Belley says

    Here is my response to the Ghost Town debate, which we covered very well with + Nicholas Ong + Euro Maestro + Mike Downes + Enry Esl + James Barraford and many others a few days ago.

    Conclusion: There are major issues that we can't ignore, however ghosttown is definitely not it.

  9. Mark Schweigert says

    + Amanda Blain, i have recently (within the last week) been searching for the authors of these articles in G+ and have been making a circle with them in it. When i get a handful more i am going to start "Notifying" them every time i make a public post.

  10. Tom Rolfson says

    I just finished an interview with telling them these exact same things.. good job + Amanda Blain.

  11. Scott Reiboldt says

    I seen Anderson Cooper promoting a hangout the other day on AC360. + Amanda Blain

  12. Alicia Reyes says

    You know what would be a great idea, is have a ton of people from the G+ community record themselves sayin, "G+ is no Ghost Town"…time to regulate + Aaron Wood 🙂

  13. Aaron Wood says

    I'm going to bet all the usual suspects show up here and plead their case. 😉

  14. Alicia Reyes says

    and then combine it into a time lapsed video lol..

  15. Mohamed Rafiq says

    They want Google to fail but what is happening the exact opposite, more and more people are joining and G+ most likely will hit the 400m mark by end of this year.

  16. Amanda Blain says

    These stats between articles do not 1000% match directly up.. but the comparisons between the articles are clearly there.. and thats really the point. All these numbers are "facts" and they mean nothing. Twitter is not dead. Neither is G+.

  17. frank j Zbink says

    Ive said this before and keep saying it G+ is only as good as you put into it. If you want to be spoon feed then go some where else. G+ for me is about people exchanging ideas and engaging each other, not being feed the things that some one thinks you want.

  18. Nathaniel Avoures says


  19. Aaron Wood says

    + Mohamed Rafiq, you do realize a lot of people "joining" G+ are forced to do so, right?

  20. robert kennedy says


  21. Mohamed Rafiq says

    + Aaron Wood not at all, why are you saying so? Unless you think showing join Google+ button is forcing…

  22. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Or I'll force you too!

  23. Eric Rice says

    + Mohamed Rafiq so what happens when there are 400m people here? Or 900m, for that matter? What happens?

  24. Jens Graikowski says

    i'm surprised that so many intelligent plussers are still reacting to these link-bait articles … :-/ …

  25. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Naaa Just as you were!

  26. stephanie wanamaker says

    love it!

  27. Aaron Wood says

    + Mohamed Rafiq, to make a YouTube account these days, you are automatically signed up for G+. Pretty much when you use any Google features and sign up for them, your G+ account is created.

  28. Mohamed Rafiq says

    + Eric Rice Well at that point we'll have pretty much all of our friends, family and other contacts here and we won't have this conversation about ghost town anymore

  29. mariam billoo says

    i dont think anything happens ERIC and the more people the better because it would become more popular

  30. Amanda Blain says

    I hoped people would read this and realize its not the same old arguement. Its saying exactly what you said + Jens Graikowski the media just likes to say these things.. but they mean nothing.

  31. Thomas DeLorenzo says

    Part of me wants my friends to migrate from Facebook over to G+ so that I can finally dump the former.

    The rest of me is rather happy that my G+ feed is dominated with insightful posts from passionate technology users and not "AMG did u see the karsashians!!!111".

  32. Jens Graikowski says

    with the articles i didn't mean this post + Nathaniel Avoures (which is what i reacted to), but those ghost town articles that are still being written by so-called journalists, who are trying to bolster up their otherwise insignificant careers …

  33. john edwards says

    Meme time?

  34. Eric Rice says


    No, I'm not going to take the shot. Let's hurry up and get G+ to 900m people PRONTO, because I want to watch those conversations. /snort

  35. Tiffany Henry says

    Mark Schweigert, did u name that circle The Ghost Town Circle? Lol

  36. Joel Campbell says

    God I don't want my friends and family of other networks here. I really enjoy the (usually) intelligent and open debate that goes on here. My brain just doesn't get a work out on fb. As for twitter. To me its just a news feed

  37. Jens Graikowski says

    sorry + Amanda Blain … my bad … i didn't explain mself properly … as i said in my comment further up, it wasn't your post i was referring to (or those like it), but the articles about the G+ ghost town that incompetent "journalists" are still plastering all over the internet … i could've phrased that better …

  38. Mohamed Rafiq says

    + Aaron Wood Well earlier youtube was a standalone product and now it is one of the google core product which means now you could use your google account to use it.

    For new youtube users while signing up it is clearly stating that you need to google account to use youtube and it comes up with other goodies, i don't see anything wrong in it. All of them are google products and it should be easier to signup with just one google account and makes our life easier. I don't see any forcing here.

  39. Terry Cameron says

    Full of dead bodies… reminded me of the Rancid song "Dead Bodies". I believe it's a cover of some other band, but I love the Rancid version.

  40. dawn ahukanna says

    Talk about missing the point and made up metrics! Real people, not robots or paid posters, post about stuff that interests them, not advertisers trying to sell something.
    G+ is a personal blog (how many of those get comments but people still write them), personal bookmark store, place to share your interest in photography, coding, whatever you want it to be.
    Most people comment, more than they post. Where do the 10s, 100s of +1s and comments for any given post materialise from? The ether, I guess!
    Marketing, to date, has been "spray and pray they notice" broadcasting, not engagement. Bi-directional engagement, what is that? That is for real people.

  41. Aaron Wood says

    + Joel Campbell, so you want the people on facebook "that don't give your brain a workout" to come over here on G+ and "give your brain a workout."


  42. Jacob Burrell says

    Just cause it's not as popular as facebook does not mean their isn't anyone on it.

  43. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Book face should be put back up on the self!

  44. mariam billoo says

    right jacob and facebook is popular but google+ can be a good workout place for your brain i think so

  45. Javier Gordo says

    Why do we want more people in here anyway?. G+ should be a kept secret for us, like a beautiful hidden beach. I like the general level of conversation and friendlier attitude in G+. I like Albert Einstein quotes better than the latest Kardashian (made up) drama crap.

    I say DON'T bring in the masses with their lower standards and pollute this beautiful beach with their beer cans and cigarette butts.

    Let the masses think this is no place for them and stay in Facebook.

  46. mariam billoo says

    sorry if I DONT MAKE sence

  47. jg fisher says

    Obviously we are a presence here. The quality of information being promulgated is substantially more cogent than the vapid prattle so constant on FB. We shall prevail.

  48. Aaron Wood says

    + Mohamed Rafiq, what I'm saying is it's not organic growth. It's forced growth. The G+ population grows as people sign up for OTHER Google products. The numbers are basically growing but not showing people are actually using THIS product. Understand what I'm saying?

  49. Amanda Blain says

    I will not take the road that these stats are not accurate. I can point you to thousands of accounts on here, twitter, facebook or pinterest that match the "sign up and never return" stats. They do exist, but it doesn't mean the site is doomed. 🙂

  50. pierce blankenship says


  51. Joel Campbell says

    + Aaron Wood I don't want them here at all. Well not in my circles. The type on conversations on fb are negative and boring. On g+ I am constantly being entertained with interesting posts. Whether they are funny or serious, generally the content and engagement on this network is higher quality then the other.

  52. mariam billoo says

    AMANDA keep reading and you will understand

  53. Evier Tabora says

    Not doomed at all, I use hangouts to to the simulcast on youtube. Not to mention that Facebook is sucking more and more!

  54. Aaron Wood says

    + Joel Campbell maybe you need to bring your type of posts to FB. Those seem to be positive and entertaining.

  55. Nathaniel Avoures says

    G+ plus will take over! And should stay the way it is! If it does and that depends on us..

  56. Larry Fournillier says

    Hell, I'll invite some of those media houses to my cooking show and let them see the only thing dead on here is the meat that we cook on the show. G+ is a non-stop PARTY!!

  57. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Ok I've made a ghost town!

  58. mariam billoo says

    okay what ever you say

  59. Christopher Marks says

    I try to comment and reshare as much as I can. I like being able to look through my feed and not see a bunch of crap. What's the big deal with public posts? If someone wants to know what I'm posting, they need to join.

  60. Jake Croston says

    Media fodder. Kindle for a fire.

    A product that is made by a internet giant, that is being incorporated into their already many used global products, despite if people are being "forced" to sign up, isn't dead.

    Did we also fail to mention that it hasn't even been 1 year yet? (its close, i know, i know.)

    The restaurant industry that has a terrible half-life in general, is given more of a chance.

    Talk away, media websites. Just because you don't want to have a real conversation about the topic, doesn't mean one isn't going on.

  61. Amanda Blain says

    Well said + Jake Croston 🙂

  62. matthew rappaport says

    Google+ is very much alive ..for a small minority of its users. I think this will change over time but many signed up, logged in and never or rarely return. Of those.. I'm betting most have facebooks and many use twitter..

    Fb and Twitter don't have YouTube or gmail … Things will keep getting interesting

  63. Victoria Holland says

    I admit that at first I didn't understand G+ and the talking to complete strangers component. Once I got over my "need to know someone before engaging them" online fears, G+ became a much more interesting place.

  64. Skeaux Sha says

    Most of the "angst" media has + Amanda Blain is G+er's don't give a hang how popular someone is. If someone is not interesting ,or have no time to interact then they will never understand G+.

  65. Tom Courtney says

    G+ has a functional interface and, suprise!, is backed by a powerful corporate entity known as Google… Needless to say, G+ isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Regardless of any bickering, complaining, article writing, snarky comments, etc.

  66. Aaron Delaney says

    i like G+ because there's a more a mature crowd on here. Although i still use my Facebook page, mainly to keep in touch with friends and family abroad daily i still spend the same time on here. I've been helped out on various subjects by many on here and will continue to praise G+

  67. mark williams says


  68. Tommy Serrien says

    booooh boooooooooh! <my ghost impression

  69. Sandee Whalen says

    Here's to being ahead of the 'deadman's' curve.

  70. Jake Kern says

    This is the comment I left on this post + Amanda Blain left on Facebook:

    _"I guess I don't understand the need to diminish something to justify liking something else. I enjoy Facebook, Twitter, AND Google+. One of the reasons I like Google+ is that I accepted Amanda Blain's offer to show me the ropes. I get a lot more responses here, but it's because I've invested a lot more time here.

    Sounds silly, but we just spent 70 comments looking for Sandra Parlow's lens hood on Google+. Something so simple & stupid, but there was a ton of interaction & fun.

    I don't understand the hostility about whether someone enjoys a particular social network platform."_

  71. Fraser Sigsworth says

    NO offence AMANDA but a good lookin bird like urself dont look dead to me YARP :-)))))

  72. Amanda Blain says

    There is nothing wrong with that + Jake Kern …. This article is actually stating that … 🙂 Its not dead and it will work for some people and not the majority, until it becomes mainstream, just like every social network.. 🙂

  73. usman adnan says

    Meh……I don't use all three of them…

  74. Enrique Blaze says

    I Like it.

  75. Frank Merchant says

    Seems to me there alway activity on G+. I'm here more than Facebook now.

  76. Joe Minartz says

    Are u a fake bot like ceili flower or are u real cuz I like you

  77. Camilo Marroquin says

    Use all the houses for partys, yeah

  78. Joe Minartz says

    Talking to you Amanda

  79. Amanda Blain says

    I am real + Joe Minartz 0_o

  80. Tom Rolfson says

    + Amanda Blain Come on, admit it… you're a Google ChatBot.

  81. usman adnan says

    Amanda Blain..that's what a bot would say…..

  82. Enrique Blaze says

    Myspace died, Facebook is on a crash course.. I like the round and round of Google Circles

  83. Nobilangelo Ceramalus says

    What part of 'plus' don't they understand?

  84. Jordan Gill says

    I say in terms of a Ghost town, Graveyard or other words you could use to call G+ right now. We're not even a Year old, So the criticism at the moment is silly.
    I have friends all the time stating, "But no ones on it, why use it?" Those people are also too connected to the people they know in person.
    I'll stick with my Google Plus, Just for these two points! 1: It's the only Social network I've used that doesn't find ways to annoy me! 2: I like my developing circles and the customization with "Friend" control!
    People who Judge out happy place: Join in properly or just Shut-up!

  85. Chuck Cortes says

    Google+ rocks. I barely used Facebook before Google+ was born now I go only because of family and friends. Google+ is not only my source of all kinds of fascinating facts, information and news but it's also the place where I get to share my thoughts on the facts, information and news. I have nearly 2000 followers, I could have never found that many people on Facebook remotely interested or even curious about what I have to say.

    Google+ is the place where you come to meet knew people, share new ideas, learn new things and create a whole new social media experience.

  86. Enrique Blaze says

    Ya people seem to be ZOMBIES on Facebook..
    Here you can curse at them politely of course
    ZAAP within a millisecond.. somebody else ways in..

  87. John Whalen says

    Google + is a graveyard. Nothing is going on with what I post, sure there's content to follow. But nothing interacts back…..It's just not the same….

  88. Chuck Cortes says

    + John Whalen Yea, like this graveyard you are posting on.

  89. Enrique Blaze says

    Off with his Facebook account…

  90. Bill Mckim says

    It's very niche here at google plus glad I'm in an active niche

  91. Franklin C says

    A site is only as active (& useful) as the end user. I find it funny the people who say it is dead are the same ones who have no one circled, or never even signed up. They do it for traffic to their site.

  92. usman adnan says

    I c dead people….

  93. Jake Croston says

    + John Whalen I object.

    Your last post was on May 2nd. then May 1st, then in April before that.

    G+ is like an everyone is invited pool party, you just have to jump in the conversation. Then you get interaction.

  94. John Whalen says

    @chuck Right, this is interaction. But when I post, it goes to a graveyard. Maybe I've got the wrong "circles"?

  95. John Whalen says

    I've jumped "in" but it just seems like there's very little interaction. I can make a post on FB and it gets shared, liked, comments, et cetera. But here, it's like the pool is empty.

  96. Jake Croston says

    Are you getting interaction now?

  97. Jake Croston says

    maybe you are just in the wrong pool.

  98. Chuck Cortes says

    + John Whalen Hmm, if it were in a graveyard, would I be able to see it or respond back? Hmmm.

    Dont blame the circles, eveything starts and continues with you. If you give up just because you didnt go from a nobody to a somebody overnight then the problem is you.

    I am not in the top 10 most followed people on Google+, that doesnt stop me from interacting.

  99. TAKUMI HOMBU says

    High nations have same Problem. Japan is same.

  100. Cameron Silva says

    maybe the media just needs a website to pick on…. hopefully the media will leave G+ alone now, and move onto writing articles about how Microsoft's new "so,cl" website is a ghost town and a failure. Though… if they did that, I think the media might be right for once. hahaha.

  101. Jimbo Rizza says

    When you compare Google+ to facebook, you kinda have to consider it a party. A more self-indulgent one, but still satisfying without having to call each other "friend" the next morning….

  102. John Whalen says

    + Chuck Cortes I'm not trying to be in the top 10, 100 1,000 or 10,000. But My personally generated content doesn't go as far as it normally does on other social media. I like the layout of +. Think about it, my previous update "last person to comment, wins" generated almost 200 replies on facebook, and not even a + or a comment on here.

    That seems like a graveyard.

  103. Amanda Blain says

    + John Whalen you have real life friends commenting on your stuff.. you already did most of the leg work on facebook in real life.. here you are at a party where you dont know anyone.. if you show up once a month and say one sentence and leave.. no one at the party will talk to you eh? BIG FOOD FOR THOUGHT… .Having a quick peek at your public facebook.. you did 8 posts today alone. Videos, graphics all kinds of stuff. How many people did you like, comment etc on FB today? i'll gander quite a few.

    Here. If you seriously want to see. start here. You doing only a 1/3 of these things from what i can tell Magic of Google Plus –>

  104. Frank James Bailey says

    I like your post here…I personally LOVE G+ a lot better then facebook. But, from what I noticed, with facebook…you can reach EVERYBODY and there grandmother! With G+, it's mostly Youtubers and tech geeks. I really hope that changes. I can't stand the facebook timeline!

  105. Tommy Yanka says

    Yo girl what's up

  106. Sean Gallagher says

    I've actually had a hard time keeping up with everything on G+ lately…a good sign that is!

  107. Bill Mckim says

    John I don't see a post you have written that's worth adding you

    try to work on your post selection and being its a worldwide audience try to keep it simple.

  108. Christopher Cook says

    I think it just has to do with the total number of people that are actively using and checking their G+. If G+ had the same level of interaction that Facebook does, it would be very similar.

  109. John Whalen says

    + Bill Mckim I've tried a variety, funny pictures, links, photos I've taken, but nothing gets the bite. I can post a funny picture on facebook any variety of meme and get a growth of replies, likes and shares. I can share an equally funny one here and it's equivalent to being a stand-up comedian.

  110. Jim McCloskey says

    Hey, my G+ feed is hopping. This guy is doing it wrong.

  111. Chuck Cortes says

    + John Whalen Just so we are on the same page here, I never said you wanted to be top anything. But you are looking for instant gratification from a social media site that is barely a year old. I have failed in other social media sites but have actually started gaining ground here, slowly but surely.

  112. Michael Hodge says

    This is not a place for Ghost busters. I'll take it dead or alive. It's my kind of town. Group Hug!

  113. John Whalen says

    Not instant, but some gratification from posting, one + here or there doesn't really bring me back. Again, maybe I've added the wrong "circles"? Maybe I'm not sharing with the right people? Maybe it's having a multi-presence that's difficult to maintain?

  114. Edwin Cobb says

    I have introduced a lot of people to Google+ but seems like after a while they do not know what they are up to……….

    Guess with time they will understand.

  115. Skye Symons says

    lets party hard peps

  116. Jake Kern says

    I posted something controversial today in hopes of getting people to respond. Nothing, so I deleted it. When I post pics, I get more activity. When I am active in Hangouts & posting on other people's threads, the activity increases even more. I haven't paid my dues yet to get the interaction I want here, but the check is in the mail. =)

  117. Jake Croston says

    + John Whalen Let me explain to you this:

    G+ is about interests.

    Use the search on here and use a top 5 criteria about what you are interested in. See some conversations, and engage on them
    Circle the people who started them, and talk to them. Just like you would in real life. G+ mimics real life more than any other social network.

    If you walked around your neighborhood and said "last person who talks to me wins". I think you would win, if all you got was a weird stare.

    Think of G+ as real life human interaction.

    If you got into a conversation about one of your favorite topics with strangers, how would you react? What would you say?

    I think you have gotten enough interaction tonight to warrant giving this another go, another try. Read + Amanda Blain's post, and search. It will take some time. But ask + Jens Graikowski, who literally found his way on here.

    Good luck.

  118. Arturo Garza says


  119. Erick Gafar says

    actually i love a ghost town, not crowded ant so many peoples there, i love Google+ cause many peoples here but i can choose what i like, i controll my self, not controlled by any…

  120. John Whalen says

    + Jake Croston I'll give it a shot, and try to post more "engaging" items, clean up my circles. Now, I've read different things, should I have more circles of individuals? Or should an individual be in multiple circles?

  121. James Karaganis says

    If by "ghost town" they mean "not populated by individuals who are too stupid to use a computer", why … I'm all for it.

  122. Jake Croston says

    it all depends on how you want to work it.
    I have multiple people, in multiple circles.

    It all depends on what their content is. I post mostly about food, but I also engage on start-ups, humor, sports, etc.

  123. Jonathan Chalker says

    So, I think I am confused … what exactly does the last person to comment win?

  124. donald hakala says

    Simply put… Media doesn't see the life in something they don't understand… It's not dead… Just different

  125. Amanda Blain says

    HA + Jonathan Chalker ehheeheh ?

  126. Sherman Smith says

    + Amanda Blain great article, right on the money. 🙂

  127. Bud Hoffman says

    I believe G+ is what you make of it, because it can be!
    This platform is easy to customize, highly interactive, and non-discriminant.
    I've been poking around here since July, Thanks to + Tim Moore, and have adjusted G+ to suit my style of interaction.
    That's what sets G+ apart from the others!
    facebook's UI seems clumsy when it comes to friend management…
    I use the #interactionladder to get the most out of G+, and I can tell you that the ghost town rumors are not true! :o)

  128. Tim Moore says

    + Bud Hoffman You are the bomb bro! Thanks

  129. Bud Hoffman says

    Ha! You're welcome + Tim Moore!
    Thanks again for that invite! :o)

  130. Eric Westbrook says

    Can I give this article more than one +1? I'd really like to. My thoughts exactly and the comparison with behavior on first and second usage of Twitter hits the target right in the middle.

  131. Amanda Blain says

    + Eric Westbrook yaaaaaaaaaa someone actually read it instead of just commented on Ghosttown and went no farther.. thank you circled!

  132. Eric Westbrook says

    + Amanda Blain Isn't it actually a little sad that you feel driven to give me credit for reading the article? Don't get me wrong, I love getting credit just as much as the next guy, but it gets you thinking. Thanks, anyways. Cirled as well. 😉

  133. Amanda Blain says

    naw.. this topic has really been beaten to death on this site.. most see the words.. have their response that the stated several times… and thats that… I get it.. but i thought this was a nice different take on it.. thats all.

  134. Elaine Lindsay says

    I love that yesterday our ghost town won the Webby for people's voice? Pretty darn good for bunch of ghosts.. +Amanda blain

  135. Elaine Lindsay says

    Like so many other platforms we need to go through the growing stage.. The comparison to twitter in that article is bang on.. And in a couple of years some other newby will be getting the death knell … And we'll still be here

  136. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    + Amanda Blain "the good old days"…I just like that quote… I still don't quite get +, but then again, I am rather boring and don't like people that much anyway..heh…

    side note question: why would someone put a TL;DR at the end of a post? I would tend to think that if someone was not going to read the whole thing, they would never get that far down in the first place… just wonderin about peoples thoughts on the matter…

  137. Amanda Blain says

    just cause thats where i put it. people might expand see it all. and skim to the bottom.

  138. sidhoum farid says

    Salut tu parle a chaque fois du lait écrémé

  139. matthew rappaport says

    LIVE & + H.I.R.L. ing! Got + Daria Musk + RAM Rich + Lee Allison + Tim Clary + Brian McDonald + Bronwyn McGuckin + Ryan Van Sickle and more+ !

    LIVE from NYC HIRL HQ w/ Chef Lee Allison, Host Matthew Rappaport & HIRLers
    Daria Musk – Hangout Conversations w/Matt Rappaport
    SUPER HIRL HANGOUT – Super Bowl #nychirl

  140. Enry Esl says

    It is a party, but looks like many are sitting down and not dancing. Maybe the DJ should play some groovier music? 😉

    "the average post on Google+ has less than one +1,"

  141. Chuck Cortes says

    Just to give an idea of how I am starting to get at least a bit of attention here is the link where i shared this post and I have already gotten a few +1s and a share.

  142. Shahidul Alam says

    G+ has more interesting posts then FB. I closed my FB account last week.. long live G+ party

  143. BACA Popeye says

    Funny I dont feel dead

  144. BACA Popeye says

    To be honest I didnt even know it exsisted until this week. Just never paid attention.

  145. Max Huijgen says

    + Amanda Blain There is a reality which is disconcerting about G+, but having said that most of the media pieces who just skimmed it are clueless. I am critical and looking for improvements, but a ghost town it´s certainly not.
    If I stay away for one day, I have some many notifications that I can´t catch up anymore.

  146. Rehan Ahmad says

    Google+ is Awesome
    I cannot see anything less than awesomeness around + Amanda Blain ?

  147. Ashok Kumar Puri says

    I have very small exposure to computer world; but I can tell will all certainty that I am blessed that I could get to enjoy Google+….thanks Amanda Blain and thanks to the Team that manages the show.- An Indian.

  148. Will Leamon says

    I am way late to this party but I wanted to add that journalists / advertisers don't want multiple services out in the wild. They, more than anyone else, need us all aggregated into one spot. So they will react negatively to any fragmentation in the social network market. The only reason they stopped bashing Twitter was they finally found a use for it – I.e. drip marketing from the Kardashians and Kanye West.

  149. Matthew McCrady says

    G+ requires a little more user action to really become useful, unlike Facebook. When I set up my profile and let Google roam through my contacts for potential circle-mates, it didn't come up with very many people, whether because they didn't have a Google profile or whatever other reason. That means I started at a disadvantage, unlike Facebook where I started with quite a few friends immediately, and more were suggested every day based on where I went to school, where I live and work, etc. With G+ I had to work to build up my circles, and I still don't feel like I'm getting the most out of it. I'm still tinkering with it. Facebook, not so much. There's nothing to tinker with. Security settings, mostly. Most people who log on to G+ don't put any effort into making it work for them, because they just expect it to work without any intervention on their part, like FB, and it doesn't work that way. But I think G+ can catch on among people who like a social network that does actually place control back into the hands of the user, and maybe others as well. But Google has to overcome this stigma, even among smart people, that since there is no one they know on G+ the first time they try it, it's "dead".

  150. Jordy O says

    The only problem with the logic of comparing Twitter to G+ is that Twitter doesnt really have competition. There is nothing else "Twitter like" for people to use. On the other hand people are well invested in their Facebook accounts. Their friends lists often take work (like deciding a guest list at a wedding party!) not to mention all the games and other activities people have come to love on FB. The only way I see G+ taking the reigns In popularity is if Facebook keeps shooting itself in the foot with stupid things like the new Timeline. Otherwise there just isn't a good enough reason for the average person to come to G+.

  151. Luqman mulla says

    yep…i agree with mathew

  152. Amanda Blain says

    no no.. see… people just aren't reading this post… An article in 2009 about twitter compared to an article that came out this week.. they said all the same things about twitter.. (in fact they said the same things about facebook).. the media just likes to hype that social media sites wont work… till they do.. and then some people are far ahead of the curve.

    Good to see you here + Jordy O 🙂

  153. Jordy O says

    I get that, but what I'm saying is that in the end, the article has it right. G+ will not succeed the way Facebook does.

    You say to add a circle for one of my hobbies? I'm sorry but I don't use social networking sites to connect with people I don't know. I use it to stay connected with people I already know. Unfortunately I've only found about 5 people I know on G+. The only one who uses it actively is you.

    For G+ to take off it has to give people a reason to switch from Facebook and so far I'm just not seeing it.

    Also, you know I'm not some IT noob. I've been involved in this stuff for just as long as you have. I just have a different opinion about G+, and happen to agree with the article.

    I'm also curious if G+ counts new gmail accounts as a new G+ user. If so, that would greatly skew their numbers to make it look like they have new people sign up every day when all they're doing is getting an email account (but have no desire for, or even knowledge of what G+ is)

  154. Amanda Blain says

    " I'm sorry but I don't use social networking sites to connect with people I don't know " And that is all there is to that. If a person only wants to meet people they know, twitter, pinterest and G+ likely wont have too much value for them. And they live in the facebook world of "talking to strangers = bad"… Your choice.. but you are missing out on a beautiful world out there 🙂 … G+ is more like an interest based forum.. the largest in the world.. with the most interests. I know you use forums so.. whats the difference?

    " For G+ to take off it has to give people a reason to switch from Facebook " .. uh no.. I still use facebook to talk to people i know from forever ago… Think of it like.. You likely use text messaing now more to talk to people or plan events than facebook .. Social networks and social tools evolve.. Its not an "either or" but both serve different purposes.. Not sure why most folks miss that 🙂

  155. lekgdfess eds says

    Grazie per messagio thank you

  156. Philip Dobson says

    I agree that G+ is different than FB and that they don't have to compete. But I would argue that it can be used in mostly the same fashion for those of us who are sick of the FB privacy issues. Sure Google might have some privacy concerns as well, but google is focused on an agregate view of what I'm doing, not specifically what I'm doing.

    Having said that I like how G+ allows a forum like activity and an almost interactive podcast type option with hangouts. I must say though that I wish I could ignore some people more easily. I don't want to should them down, they have a right to say what they want, but it'd be great if I didn't have to read their sausage juice posts.

  157. Brian Crowder says

    At least G+ isn't the first to be labeled as empty. I'm glad + Mike Elgan was able to see through that then and now.

  158. Javier Zuñiga says


  159. Javier Zuñiga says


  160. Tam Gwood says

    I would like g+ to be known as elite, takes great minds like yours to get this site jumping… GO Girlllll, your doing your thing!

  161. John Whalen says

    What about Social Media "Fatigue" ?

  162. ????????? ?????? says

    ??? ??! ?????!

  163. galib sarikaya says


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