1. Mridula Alam says

    lol! 🙂

  2. Jessica Green says

    Love this! I'm a Chrome girl 🙂

  3. Andrew Hernandez says

    Chrome is just the most reliable one to me, its the only web browser I would use. Unless of course the computer I am using does not have it. In that case, I would use said default browser so I could download and use chrome

  4. PJ Stolz says

    ch ch chrommmmmmeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 it

  5. Robert Schlackman says

    You forgot about Opera. That's Mitt Romney. Nobody wants that shit.

  6. PJ Stolz says

    language, language, language………………LOLZ

  7. Ava Simpson says


  8. Sam Silverman says

    I feel like ie7 would be Lindsey Lohan. Constantly crashing lol

  9. WildBilly Walker says

    Nice To See You Here? + Amanda Blain + Google Chrome  When I
    + Google Ventures + Mozilla Firefox  FireFox Is Still NETscape To Me.

  10. Mike Aspinwall says

    That's rich, but I didn't laugh until seeing the 'Shat'

  11. mt sunday says

    i wil go christopher

  12. Ahmed Al Akkari says

    Nolan is brilliant

  13. 陳核心 says

    nice talk

  14. mt sunday says

    *** for christopher

  15. Linda Bernstein says

    Betty White IS IE6

  16. Jennifer Cox says

    At work I actually use all 3 at the same time… I do certain things in each (yeah I have way too much work to do)

  17. Calidro Morello says

    SR Ware Iron

  18. Marques Brownlee says

    Ahaha this is gold.

  19. may yeya says

    nolan as chrome hmmm…o.O

  20. Marc Velez says

    even though I know that I don't use anywhere near full capacity, I'm practically wedded to Chrome nowadays.

  21. 杨高翔 says

    how about ie9&ie10?

  22. Brad Beswick says

    betty white

  23. Helene Torrinha says

    I have some work to do 😉
    But Yes to Chrome
    And i really like the Bondgirl ♡♥♡♥

  24. Michael Lee Johnson says

    I wish I had the time that you do to find such epic stuff Amanda. You're either a time-management wizard, or a procrastinating wonder. 🙂

  25. WildBilly Walker says

    + 杨高翔 iexplorer Is Ever Present In My Windows7 System Never Miss My Windows Updates I Will Naturally Upgrade When I Wear This HP Netbook Out.

    Diversity Is The Best Defense.

  26. Brad Beswick says

    betty white younger

  27. dawn ahukanna says

    + Mozilla Firefox with firebug and webtools.

  28. Donagh Reardon says

    I disagree with the actors for internet explorer. It should be one of those disney child stars.
    The reasons:
    They are regularly replaced without anyone noticing.
    Only people who don't know any better like it.
    There is never any noticeable improvement in performance.
    It double the work load of all who have to deal with it simply by being there.
    Your just waiting for the day it crashes.

  29. Michael Bradley says

    Chrome, IE9 and Safari

  30. Marcos P Leandro says

    Very nice! I fell the ausence of safari and opera. Otherwise, abiut ie6 os very true!

  31. Marcos P Leandro says

    Very nice! I fell the ausence of safari and opera. Otherwise, abiut ie6 os very true!

  32. Adrian Martin says

    Great…I'm stuck with Betty White on my office terminal at work and no upgrade in sight.  Pray for me…

  33. Erick Gafar says

    funny … amazing LOL ..

  34. Sushant Thapaliya says

    Haha.. I'm a chrome guy, but anyone have any analogies to Safari?

  35. Bob Bergerson says

    funny omg

  36. robert luiz says

    Confio, mais efiçiente

  37. Michael Bradley says

    + Sushant Thapaliya The Most Interesting Man in the World from Dos Equis?

    "I don't always help you find what you are searching for, but when I do…"

  38. Lamar Anthony says


  39. Mike Torres says

    Maxthon3 = Peter Chao

  40. Thein Lin Aung says

    Chrome 🙂

  41. Chris Thompson says

    That's hilarious!

  42. Gary Ng says

    I love my Chrome =)

  43. Kyle Scheik says

    Dont talk smack 'bout no chrome!

  44. Mark J Horowitz says

    By golly, you've missed one. Can anybody tell me which?

  45. Arshad Wani says


  46. Vi Dang says

    Get rid of ie

  47. Mark J Horowitz says

    nope Arshad, Chrome is there

  48. Mark J Horowitz says

    which one is missing?

  49. Aditya Jain says

    Chrome ftw wut about Safari and ie9?

  50. Vi Dang says

    ie sucks

  51. Mark J Horowitz says

    hey man – u got it – Safari – congratuations!!! 🙂

  52. Yan Wen Chay says

    I‘m now using chrome daily <3

  53. Mark J Horowitz says

    I am now using Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari daily

  54. Anthony Cacaccio says

    Hahaha that is perfect + Amanda Blain

  55. Afnan Enayet says

    Very nice, I'm personally a #googlechrome  fan

  56. Mark J Horowitz says

    I test websites in all browsers, Winows and Mac.

  57. Logan Barney says

    Google chrome!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  58. Rishikanta Pukhrambam says

    +1 for Chrome and +1 for Nolan

  59. rub del says

    Chrome and scripts… Power to the people!!!

  60. Jason Brown says

    Considering this is GOOGLE+, most of us are Google fans. Chrome ftw

  61. carlos smith says

    Okay then

  62. Randy Braunstein says

    Sorry – I disagree with the E8… Shatner or even Nemoy is Safari.  :O)

  63. X Kenshin says

    MAN, FORGET THIS … CHROME IS CHUCK NORRIS!!!!  okay, i'm back to lowercase normal now … <cough> wait, then whose BRUCE LEE?

  64. Julian Ordaz says

    Dibujos romanticos

  65. Raymond Perez says

    Why is there a * after Morgan Freeman's name?

  66. Barry Shaffner says

    Morgan Freeman in my browser buddie.

  67. Mark J Horowitz says

    Yes but if we are talking about browsers, and Firefox and IE are mentioned, then Safari should be mentioned as well – hey no big deal – jes sayin'

  68. Jeff Mahoney says

    Safari would be Jeremy Irons. Cool, but not able to be seen just anywhere.

  69. Mark J Horowitz says


  70. Jimmy Holway says

    All IE needs to be reconsidered. Carrot Top, Andy Dick, Pauly Shore..

  71. Ian Itzla says

    Safari would be Robert Downey JR. Because its really cool, jazzy, and awesome!

  72. Anthony Mueller says

    i feel like this is the stupidest idea ever i would rather be in a room with hitler than talk about this bs.

  73. Justen Robertson says

    What about Opera, Konqueror, Iceweasel, etc? Oh wait, if browsers were celebrities, they still wouldn't be celebrities…

  74. Ian Itzla says

    Then don't pay attention to it.

  75. mukesh chopra says


  76. Alex Garcia says

    Does Google+ have a -1 button.  This is so not funny and who would spend time making this instead of getting a job?

  77. Mark J Horowitz says

    Anthony, have u ever met Hitler?

  78. Serena Gessner says

    a family member of mine made firefox FYI and i would go with firefox of google crome

  79. Paul Davis says

    Who is Opera?

  80. Pisti Fintor says

    and what about Opera:)

  81. Raymie Humbert says

    I think IE9 and IE10 are missing because of the date. Note the old Chrome icon.

  82. Francisco Benegas says

    +1 for Morgan Freeman

  83. William Cai says

    where is opera?

  84. Hemanta Gurung says

    opera mana?

  85. Alex Garcia says

    I think who cares.  I am going to post a picture of Mac's that look like historical figures.  Example:  The Apple II = George Washington.

  86. Hunny Sharma says


  87. Himanshu Kansara says

    Bhakta foods

  88. Geoff Katz says

    I use the Nolan at work and home, although I have no idea who he is.

  89. gavaskar D says

    Firefox is still my preferred choice

  90. Aditya Shukla says

    O yeah,!!?? I wud had stopped using de Internet… 😉

  91. Tiger Mar says

    What about Safari?

  92. Mark Zaragoza says


  93. Anthony Wisseh Harris says

    Hilarious. I like chrome do not track feature.

  94. Tung Richard says


  95. Mark Zaragoza says

    Didn't know Chrome had a do not track feature other than the icognito featuere. I know Firefox does.. you can set it to delete your history when you close it 🙂

  96. Mateo Guevara says

    amazing 😉

  97. Mark Zaragoza says

    ha ha …

  98. Sathish Kumar says

    i just know about christopher nolan 🙂

  99. pinku debnath says

    Oh! I have been to India.:-).

  100. Mark Zaragoza says

    Sathish, Morgan Freeman has been in quite a few movies including Bruce Almighty….. betty white, used to be on Golden Girls, and William Shatner, used to be the host for Rescue 911 and also is a spokesperson now for some law firm

  101. Grant Fable says

    i think opera would be ewen macgregor…

  102. Alfredo Lehar says

    Accurate : Opera is a nobody 😀

  103. Jeffrey Wang says

    Using Maxthon, the foreign guy who lives under a rock where no one can find him.

  104. Marcus Smith says


  105. Joel Martinez says

    This can't be true, because if IE6 was Betty White, it would be awesome

  106. Mark Zaragoza says

    Definitely chrome preferred. Firefox tends to run very slow and freezes up a LOT .. haven't tried it on the new Windows 8 yet though 🙂

  107. Karan Raj Baruah says

    I use Morgan Freeman!!!

  108. Peter Jenkins says

    Not so good as the old one

  109. Levi Guerin says

    Lol'. Where's one for Safari? Very curious. Haha.

  110. Danny Casio says

    IE 6 would be madonna and IE 7 would be lady gaga IE 8 ???

  111. Danny Casio says

    or IE 6 would be GW Bush Sr, 7 would be GW Bush Jr and 8 is Jeb Bush hahaha

  112. Charles Jones says

    Betty white IE6…Lol!!!

  113. Jarrod West says

    Omg Omg Omg

  114. tribhuvan singh says

    kripya hindi me lekhe

  115. Lyle Tafoya says

    I wonder who elinks would be?

  116. Charles Swanson says


  117. Chad Moore says

    This is great

  118. uriel Vazquez says

    Lol I'm chrome and dolphin hd good browsers

  119. Jack Le says

    I use Firefox 99% of time, Chrome 0.99%, IE 0.001% for Windows Update.

  120. Jack Vance says
  121. Michael Triantafelow says

    I love that Safari is just not on this list, as in "not a celebrity".

  122. Carlos robles says

    ie = billy bob?

  123. Carlos robles says

    Xscope is too fast for a human

  124. Alexander Freixas says

    Wazz up

  125. william heiland says

    What about Opera. Give Opera some love.

  126. Aadwin P Samuel says


  127. Parvez Akkas says

    Did someone forget about Opera and Safari? I don't think Apple would like this 😛

  128. Roy Batty says


  129. Parvez Akkas says

    BTW, is IE6 still around? They're at version 9 or 10 already.

  130. thomas wheeler says

    So what would lynx be?

  131. Tony Tsaousis says

    Jack what about the other .009%?

  132. Tony Tsaousis says

    Sorry. To Jack Le

  133. Lamont Derrickson says

    Chrome just does it a lot better to me.

  134. Jen Kostanski says

    Firefox & Safari. I occasionally use Chrome. I despise ie – runs so damn slow always!

  135. Travis Owen says

    I'm on Christopher Nolan…woot.

  136. Chris Clark says

    Hmmm never thought about it before. Interesting…

  137. KB LAI says

    im on Christoper Nolan LOL

  138. Dale Stephens says

    Who would Opera be? Helen Mirren? Classy and no matter how old it gets it will still look good.

  139. Seth Sevenyoln says

    I use Opera. Who would that be?

  140. philip traina says

    when your mom and dad ask you what  you want to be growing up you were scared everybody wanted to be a police officer and we never dream of being a celebrities you had to know someone to be a actor /

  141. Andrew Reiwitch says

    Nolan has my vote… Who (or actually what) would Opera be then??? Mitch Hedberg?

  142. Jason Griggs says

    Chrome it up

  143. Mike Morelli says

    Firefox in the house!

  144. Shawna Golden says

    Morgan freeman!

  145. Emmanuel Taban says

    I use Chrome and Firefox. Though am increasingly having doubt about Chrome. It is not so nimble as it used to be.

  146. Yeoh Eng Keat says


  147. Seth Sevenyoln says

    Opera (the best browser) would be Pavarotti.

  148. dickson sarfo says


  149. BASANTA BEHERA says

    I use operami&UC browser

  150. martin winescapes says

    it would be really nice to browse

  151. Clifton Farmer says

    Amanda (+ Amanda Blain), Hmmm … Leonard Nimoy is more àpropos as Google's celebrity simile. Regards, Randy

  152. Donald Legion says

    hehe…who would Netscape be??

  153. Iyan Riana says

    yeay, i love Chrome 🙂

  154. kevin ivory says

    No one slanders the Shat!
    Or go ahead. You know, whatever.

  155. Mwaba Matimba says


  156. ALEX B says


  157. Jonathan Gavris says

    I like chrome the best, to be honest. It's stylish and fast.

  158. Sharanu Patil says

    Best browser firbox

  159. waseem enggco says


  160. manning watkins says


  161. meriam cileunyi says


  162. T Davis says

    Where is safari, and opera?

  163. Jeff Mueller says

    Lol @ Chrome

  164. Jean Escalante says

    I guess Opera and Safari have no place.

  165. olga ogoye says

    y cnt i acces email on my 4n yet av set everythn?

  166. Jesus Gonzalez says

    Chrome best one ever!

  167. Arjun Gupta says


  168. olga ogoye says

    y cnt i acces email on my 4n yet av set everythn?

  169. Richard Hoefer says

    I use Morgan Freeman. Christopher Nolan crashes a lot for me. Finally after 2 years I found out why 2 days ago on a Steph Wanamaker thread here: problem I kept reporting was it would seem to crash after i'd opened maybe 8 or 9 tabs… Someone replied that Chrome opens new instances of the whole browser in each tab, and that's why it consumes so much RAM. Finally explained when I load up 20 tabs or more…

  170. Ramkishor Mann says

    chrome is the best option to choos friends

  171. Jerry Martinez says

    IE 6 very funny, I love Betty White's work

  172. T Davis says

    Safari is Paris Hilton Pretty and Famous for absolutely no reason at all…

  173. Patrick Tommaso says

    i hate to say it but the windows 8 version of explorer beat out all the others in speed and reviews, so i don't know i'll have to try it

  174. Yohanes Kurnianto says

    Christopher Nolan… Chrome is the best…

  175. Dale Moscrop says

    I'm always on Morgan Freeman

  176. Jacob Krug says

    what about opera ( the ONLY browser that has not crashed on me) because despite what people think it IS reliable if you would just USE it after you DOWNLOAD it. but the pitcure was still realy funny. 🙂

  177. Suona x says

    I'm always on Christopher Nolan as well!!

  178. Vlad Voskoboynikov says

    Usually chill with Nolan and Freeman.  Have to deal with Shatner every now and again at work.  Still casting for a couple of roles down in Redmond.

  179. Darren Nugent says

    am i the only who doesn't know christopher nolan?

  180. George Zacharias says

    This seems rather old. Chrome is now stable, fast and the primary choice of a lot of people I know. IE 9 and 10 are not even mentioned in here.

  181. Bachrojih Syatiri says

    To be frank, I'm a loyal Firefox user. Chrome would be the runner up I suppose.

  182. Amaterasu Junmar Dasekhund says


  183. Martin Jenkins says

    Darren Nugent Nolan is the write of the batman:dark knight

  184. Don Little says

    Chromium here, which is to Chrome what Mozilla was to Netscape.

  185. sunil gangare says

    wah yar kaya hai

  186. Silver Chambers says

    What about Ie 9?

  187. zuber lukde says

    then it would be a gr8 hit

  188. Ryan Sellers says

    I personally would choose Safari, though Chrome is great.

  189. Akinyemi Oluwasegun says

    Wat about Dublin browser

  190. Raaj Potdar says

    Hi evrybdy g.m

  191. Raaj Potdar says

    Hi evrybdy g.m

  192. shayar ki shayary says

    mizila is too gud

  193. azhar.hussain hussain says

    hello friendz

  194. Obinna Oforah says


  195. Ismail Borlakov says

    Of course, Google Chrome 🙂

  196. Raúl Ricardo Amaya Sánchez says

    Very funny!

  197. Siddartha Ekalavya says

    chrome always………………….

  198. Aaron hydro says

    hahahahaha! love it!

  199. Craig Matthews says

    Where's IE 9 ??

  200. Akshay Joy says

    Yup… Chrome

  201. Yash Bothepatil says

    Ha Ha Ha !!!

  202. HJ L says


  203. David Aiken says

    I use Firefox, Chrome and ie 9 or 10

  204. Mansoor Muhammad says

    Chorme is THE best

  205. Chris Fraser says


  206. Javier Pavon says


  207. J A Sanchez says

    Ha ha!

  208. Ismail Borlakov says

    Google Chrome the best of the best 🙂

  209. Elliott Perkins says

    HAHAHAHA, so true

  210. Nikhil S nair says

    Firfx and crom

  211. Tim Broadwater says

    Lol. I want to know this for Safari, Opera, IE9 and IE10.

  212. Dileep G says

    wht abt ie9 and ie10

  213. Kingsley Karunaratne says

    I love Google Chrome.

  214. Laxman B says


  215. Ilham Haddad says


  216. Nainoa arincorayan says


  217. Prepaid Guy says

    What about dolphin or safari or netscape

  218. Brian Thorp says

    I use Chrome, Firefox and Opera all simultaneously all day long at work…

  219. Evert Meulie says

    No mention of IE9?

  220. THOMAS Braun says

    I have that st home

  221. Allan Yuhan says


  222. Xavier Arroyo says

    Never compare betty white to internet explorer. She is the coolest old lady

  223. THOMAS Braun says

    Also Google crime st home

  224. Tristan Bellman-Greenwood says

    + Tim Broadwater  I would also like to see what IE 6 would be!

  225. BS Kushwah says

    My choice is Firefox. 🙂

  226. Carl Compton says


  227. Jonathan Haberman says

    hey, what happened to Safari?

  228. Ashwini Kamble says

    perfect matching

  229. Richard Sacro says


  230. Humberto Flores says

    What about Internet explore 9 and 10?

  231. Manas Vimal says

    Hilarious !!!!

  232. irfan shariff says


  233. Christopher Lowery says

    + Jacob Krug I use Opera day to day as my main, and have for years, but I hate to break it to you: it can and does crash on occasion, and has for me on different systems with different configs, and different versions over the years.

    Same as all of the others…just less often.

  234. Robert Craig says

    That isn't too funny, Morgan Freeman is dead.

  235. Subair A says


  236. Rickson Richard says

    christopher nolan

  237. Jesus Ricardo Plaza says

    How about Opera and Safari?

  238. Dale Martin says

    Chrome has all I want and more! I Love Google

  239. Mohan Arumugam says

    Ok otc Alamanda

  240. Victor Cooper says

    which one is the best from those?

  241. Patrick Longworth says

    I don't see the humour in it, in targeting certain celebrities and comparing them to web browsers.

  242. Christopher Lowery says

    Oh, and opera + chrome (got to have a backup these days)

  243. Kimia Rahimpour says


  244. El Tiburón Grande says

    Y U no include Nestcape Navigator?!!!

  245. Jatin Gohil says


  246. nabeel gill says


  247. rubi ahsan says

    With great strength with a deep voice, they ask these three questions: visit now http://bit.ly/QmEsfb

  248. Logan Ritter says


  249. Tanay Biswas says

    Fire fox mojila.

  250. Jeremy Graves says


  251. Mfundo Ngonwana says


  252. J.j. Penland says

    Who is this

  253. Jeremy Graves says

    hey jake how do you SuK

  254. Adan Calvillo says

    I ve been a Internet Explorer fan since 1999 so im still there!!!

  255. 王佳和 says

    Firefox & Chrome

  256. Charlene Toone says

    Pretty lady


    Accidentally? No, folks; it's "providentially." Nothing in the whole universe is accidental. Take it or leave it….his vote was added to the popular votes for Obama.

  258. Frank Wilcox says

    + Chris Fraser Hear! Hear! Last time I tried Chrome it was over 300 megs! before I even added any extensions or bookmarks – three times more space even than the ludicrously large Firefox uses. That's absolutely absurd considering how feature-light it is compared to Opera (granted, that was last year sometime so it may have improved since then). Especially since a clean install of Opera (I just did one on a flashdrive) is only 40 megs.

    Yet why is that that Opera (and IE9 finally; get with the program MS; you created the idea) is still, as far as I know since I haven't used any other browser in months or years, the only browser that lets you cycle your tabs in recently used order even though that's what Windows users are used to? The first time I have to Ctrl-Tab half a dozen times to toggle between tabs I'm working in (like when simulposting to G+ and everything else via Seesmic) signals the impending deinstallation of that browser.

    And it's been years since I could survive without Fast Forward. It has saved this poor cripple so much typing and mouse clicking over the years that I can't possibly even hope to thank the inventor enough.

    So is it any wonder that I keep singing Opera's praises? It's the only browser I've found that has features like those two that make life easier for those of us suffering from chronic pain.

    Not to mention the fact that Opera generally does new browser technologies first (tabs, mouse gestures, using their servers to transfer configuration data between computers or as a backup (adore Opera Link since I routinely use both my laptop and my wife's desktop; was happy to see several months ago that Firefox finally offered that service), tab stacking, Speed Dial, smart bar (or whatever these latecomers call it; in Opera it's simply what the address bar is supposed to do); the list goes on and on).

  259. Billi X says

    heheheheh rEaLLy itx TruE 😛

  260. Sebastian McKown says

    Opera.. Forgot it. Opera is beautiful and reliable, but never seems to be new or innovative..

  261. Peter Millan says

    Morgan. 😉

  262. Tehseen Shaikh says

    lol ….N"ice"

  263. Mazhar Anwaar says


  264. amr shamkh says

    Firefox …amanda

  265. Stephen Goodwin says


  266. jason Climo says

    Lol try oparating systims

  267. Mani Aryal says

    hey this is mani from Nepal, I like what you say. visit nepal?

  268. Yogesh Torane says


  269. Imtiyaz Ahmad says


  270. Justin Warnock says


  271. Dickson Sanders says


  272. blair miller says

    hi that's cool

  273. William Furby says

    Chrome, of course.

  274. bilal anwar says

    so nice g

  275. Shahzad Shabab says

    hahaha well said
    + Amanda Blain

  276. Ansul Dubey says


  277. carlos Cruz says

    The Beatles

  278. Jasmine Manual says


  279. Ansul Dubey says


  280. Christoffer Gram says

    Wheres opera? Y so man IE's?

  281. Christoffer Gram says

    And wheres safari?

  282. Yofan Pratama P says

    So, Safari is Jim Carey then.

  283. Stepan Stasishyn says


  284. Stb Hernandez says

    Yeah… Where the fauwk is Opera?

  285. Octavio Soltero says

    Unbiased review:  Chrome Rocks!

  286. Sourav Tripathy says


  287. Mal Baker says


  288. Faisal Sarwar says


  289. steve cooke says

    Jack Sparrow would use opera to bypass the UK blocking of piratebay.

  290. Bobby Situkangpoles says

    Funny, I always liked Nolan's flicks, no wonder I use Chrome.

  291. Robert Gonzalez says


  292. Jasper Abad says


  293. Vuresh Padayachee says

    1 browser…FreemanFox lol.

  294. riyaz basha says

    hello hai

  295. Usman Aminu says

    firefox will b Jet Li

  296. Marlon Cruz Roque says

    hi to all add me up guys ^_^

  297. Eli Mendez says

    Opera would be + Wil Wheaton, a select few think it's just grand, while there's still quite a lot of people who are barely aware of its existence.

    Safari would be Kristen Stewart, doesn't have much of a personality, only works in one environment but most of the people who like that environment are die-hard fans and will get a posse together to beat you up if you make fun of it.

  298. Mehdi Maleki says

    Onlyyyyyy chrome….

  299. Andoru Ray says

    Where is Opera?

  300. Dinesh Koshrey says


  301. Juan Medina says

    Juan medina

  302. Ganesh Gan says


  303. Ben Odongo says

    Ov coz Chrome

  304. kamal kunwar says

    Have a bueatyfull world

  305. Anthony Bush says

    Tim, Jeff,Bridget,Adam,Wagner

  306. Akeem Adenuga says


  307. Ben James Green says


  308. John Holmes says

    Safari is Charlie Sheen, only got to where he is because of his Dad (KHTML) and sleezily latches onto your computer using Rohypnol (iTunes)

  309. jaspreet singh says

    what about safari browser

  310. Alex Chiem says

    One of the bad things about chrome is that it uses up too much memory

  311. Hanif Dabhoiwala says

    Hi amanda youre so butyfull i like to you.

  312. jun yamut says

    Firefox all the way! 🙂 Not going to give up a browser that gave so much over the years just because there's a "new kid in town".

  313. david kierzkowski says

    Not funny. At. All…

  314. Christian Abbadessa says


  315. Tobias Hanich says

    Firefox portable at work
    IE 7 at work
    IE 10 at home
    Chrome at home

  316. Rshaun Alladice says


  317. Sean Campbell says

    Firefox= The Diesel
    Chrome = Justin Timberlake
    IE6= Elisabeth Taylor
    IE8= Paris Hilton

  318. Savaş Cilve says

    what is the * on freeman?

  319. Akhil Sharma says


  320. Pavan Kumar says

    Not so good….

  321. Pavan Kumar says

    Wrong comparison

  322. Arif Chohdri says


  323. Steven Blunt says

    + Robert Schlackman hahahahahaha! man that was funny as hell!!!

  324. onesian allen says

    + William Shatner what you think? o.O

  325. Danish Ali says

    Testing Google plus

  326. Debasis Patra says

    I have Firefox and Coolnovo it never sucks … But IE Sucks ..

  327. Aditya Dalal says

    They will b funny

  328. jenith mehta says

    i think so it will be a shame

  329. Frederick Bryant says


  330. Frederick Bryant says


  331. Brendon Green says

    Opera, Safari, Konqueror would be? And IE9/10?

  332. matt martin says

    You forgot safari which would obviously be Steve jobs!

  333. RIAD ADIB says


  334. Celestine Oguaju says


  335. Liquere Animus says

    How about Opera?

  336. John Mbewe says


  337. harish p says

    very nice

  338. Jeremiah Burns says

    Inaccurate.  Betty White is old…but she's still cool.

  339. Richard Buchan says

    thought firefox would have been Clint Eastwood

  340. Maheen Abubakar says

    hai to day best and nice i like so

  341. Andrew Liu says

    I use Ultrome.

  342. Wai Kean Ong says

    Morgan Freeman for me!

  343. Marc Goldfuss says

    I use Chrome, Firefox, and IE9… the right tool for the right job. All have their pros and cons. Chrome is #1 though.

  344. Dilshan Samarasinghe says


  345. Jez Fairclough says

    I'm like + Marc Goldfuss I use all 3 because of my job.  Some systems are written in IE style and using Chrome or FF swaps them into the mobile version which is no help at all.

  346. Jay Quibodeaux says

    Betty White is much quicker than ie6 ;-). Firefox is tops for me cuz Firebug is still the best, most comprehensive debugging tool. And FF is still the most customizable overall. Lazy-loading tabs are awesome (when will Chrome implement this?).

  347. mark anderson says

    Hello sexy

  348. Frederick Sangyeon Cho says

    I totally agree with 🙂

  349. Tanay Parab says

    woah thats true! 😉

  350. Conor McGuinness says

    who in gods name is christopher nolan

  351. ayodeji kusimo says

    Nice amanda

  352. Omkar Faatak says

    Opera browser- It's like Bieber. It only thinks that it works great but people hardly notice it o.O

  353. Richard Ward says

    Used to be chrome all the way, but I'm loving Firefox on my android phone!

  354. Mathew Hanley says

    Lindsey Lohan would be IE because they always crash

  355. Karan Chitroda says

    1 no….

  356. Marcel Hernandez says

    None of the above. Waterfox with private browsing on all the time with HTTPS everywhere, no script, and adblocker installed. Sometimes browsing through Tor. 😉

  357. Jamerit Van says


  358. gasang cycar says

    mozilla firefox…..

  359. Vikash Dawar says


  360. Martin Moore says

    I used Firefox but it always froze a lot 🙁 so now I use chrome and it's awesome …..

  361. Jim Mac says

    n' safari'd be an animal?

  362. Prashanth Ds says

    chrome i use

  363. sumant kumar says

    Its cool now

  364. Jithin Veliparambil says

    chrome guy

  365. krunal odedra says


  366. Juan Rodriguez says

    Too funny but true.

  367. saikrishna kaitha says


  368. Eric Shepherd says

    Morgan Freeman is the bomb. This makes me love Firefox even more.

  369. Omar A. A. says

    Truly fits well to all the browser's.

  370. Nanda Linn Aung says

    i use all browsers.. So, my browsers are called "Samuel Jackson"s, can see everywhere!!!!!!

  371. Albert Peace says

    I like Morgan Freeman.

  372. nauman jabbar says

    freeman.. obviously…!!!!!!!!

  373. heaven dragon says

    use chrome by default, firefox for development ..

  374. Steve Burnett says

    Hey + Mike Williams, this is funny.

  375. Gary A Lucas says

    Safari, Yahoo vis Mac and ATT

  376. Hussain Al-Khalaf says

    I use #Chrome  for everyday work and personal use, Firefox secondary… and I use FF and IE also for compatibility check when designing websites…

  377. Joel Corpuz says

    IE was integrated into Windows so you can download a different browser. Genius.

  378. Larry Henderson says

    Browsing where no Canadian has gone before…

  379. Jatin Gohil says


  380. Kanok Leelahakriengkrai says

    How about Google+

  381. Muhammad Tahir says


  382. Ryan R. says


  383. Tobias Samsara says

    Why you're showing IE 6,7 and 8 if we're on 10?!

  384. Andres Martinez says


  385. Andres Martinez says


  386. Felix Godoy says

    Nolan FTW! Incepetion! wooohoooo!

  387. sean bracken says

    Who would be Firefox Front Motion????

  388. Lenny Longo says

    So true

  389. harry kawonga says

    google+ is so good to my life.

  390. Aminah Hassan says

    I want download free internet window 7 free.

  391. Marlon Phillip says

    Too Funny and dead on!

  392. John Henke says

    Mozilla Firefox!!!! I can't live without my plug-ins!!

  393. tayyabgee dhoom says

    Who wana b Tourch

  394. Roberto Aguirre Maturana says

    I guess Opera is Ron Perlman.

  395. sagar thikkanna says

    How do u guess these people's will suit for those browsers…..?

  396. farhad khezri says


  397. John Henke says

    Opera is always there and Chrome, I do like them for certain things……

  398. Chris Deloney says


  399. kgotso maBuela says

    Yea chrome n opera. Is fantastic 4 me

  400. Cijo Paul says

    believe it or not ie9 has done brilliant when it comes to <canvas> 🙂

  401. Srivatsa B S says

    Chrome no doubt !

  402. Daniel Thorley says

    I'm from the UK, who the hell are Christopher Nolan and Betty White?

  403. hilton Duff says

    what the heck is that??????

  404. Jeremy Fernand says


  405. Perve Rayha says


  406. Brandy Yntema says


  407. Christopher Adams says

    I like chrome the best but add on draw me to Firefox.

  408. Michael JH says

    geezus mandy ..ya scrapin the bottom of the barrel with this one ..

  409. Austin Lane says

    Chrome is where its at!

  410. hariom anand says

    i like google chrome

  411. Jayy Nagar says

    this is awesome and hilarious… 😀

  412. Vaishali Vaghela says


  413. Ryan Ng says

    I like Google Chrome.

  414. Bilguun Elbegdorj says

    Firefox FTW! I like their cause!

  415. Mike Williams says

    Very appropriate. Lol!

  416. Sibi Prabakaran says


  417. Cresencio Cantu says

    IE10 is an awesome browser, I use it over chrome now

  418. Jamal Al-sakaf says

    I'm with Google Chrome for ever

  419. DEPU KUMAR says


  420. Gof C. says

    Chrome is the fastest beast. Firefox mobile isn't that bad to work with Flash.

  421. Michael Sessions says

    I nice. I started out with Internet Explorer 20 years ago and I'm still with it.

  422. ziad itani says

    OPERA is the fastest beast.

  423. Alex Teisanu says

    Ha ha Nice 🙂

  424. Frank M says

    I've been avoiding it (IE) for 17 years. It was awful back then, but it's improved a little since then. Still not good, but tolerable.

  425. Patrick Khumalo says

    internet explorer is the best

  426. Harold Salgado says


  427. Landon Burns says

    Chrome is my main browser, but I keep Firefox so I can use DownThemAll when I need it.

  428. Ron Ruble says

    Can't agree on IE 6. Betty White is much cooler + Landon Burns Landon: have to agree; we need a better downloader for Chrome. I use DownloadMaster, but it's not there yet.

  429. Shyhiem Boyd Robers says


  430. Vishesh Sapra says


  431. mir ali says

    Google chroom

  432. Hasmukh Patel says


  433. Harikaran karan says


  434. Nabeel Akhter says

    fire fox

  435. Sergio González says

    Chrome and Safari guy LOL!!

  436. jennifer casimir says

    hey is matthew mcconaughey is awesome

  437. Earnest McGee says

    I'm using a mix between Firefox and chrome.

  438. frank erck says

    gotta stick up for McConaughey, he's gotta few tricks left.

  439. Saini Mustapizza says

    Hahaha great similarities! Too bad chrome isnt + Usain Bolt

  440. Aalia Khan Yousafzai says

    For all those living in the past, Internet Explorer is not the browser it used to be and since it's not a 'man that he used to be' its transformation is pretty reliable. It's really fast and sufficient.

  441. Justen Robertson says

    + Aalia Khan Yousafzai you may have noticed IE9 isn't on the list : ) But it's still a couple years behind. It's just not as far behind as IE8 was behind modern browsers when it was released. It won't be till IE10 that we have an IE equivalent in features to what other browsers have today, and who knows what they'll have in another few months or years.

  442. Chuck Green says

    I disagree so much it hurts! Whether is an amazing person and keeps reinventing himself and it works every time.

  443. Mohammed Afsal.M says

    Internet Explorer 10 is really great and super fast.Just designed for Windows 8.

  444. Marcin Czaplicki says

    IE 7 and 8 but no 9? No Opera? It's rather poorly done.

  445. Gregory Ma says

    I don't know IEs at all

  446. Eliseo Villa says

    I think Betty White is funny as well as William Shatner, and tbh I don't even know who Christopher Nolan is Lol.

  447. Rebbeca Aquino says

    Hahaa love it

  448. Julien Niclin says

    Usain Bolt

  449. Michael J Pierce says

    Wrong because Betty white and shtner are awesome, and Matthew Mcconaughey has people to check the internet for him.

  450. Henry Gunnar Anderson says


  451. Nnaemeka Emenari says

    opera? IE9 + 10?

  452. kiran patel says


  453. Ernesto Zanabria says

    I was internet explorer fan, now I am chrome, it is better than all of them.

  454. Tommy Mc says

    I downloaded Chrome before and got allot of spy and adware with it that I had to remove and course remove Chrome. IE 8 does a great job for me.

  455. Mohammed Asim says

    I agree with Sam Silverman comments. IE7 Suks. BTW I like that Chrome and Nolan are together bcoz I like them both 😉

  456. Trevor Geene says

    That is an insult to Betty White.

  457. Ahemd Bedair says

    Chrome 😀

  458. Ahemd Bedair says

    Chrome 😀

  459. Pep Cookiedoe says

    haha awesome, i use morgan freeman

  460. Jeff Dowell says

    Where is Safari / Dwayne the Rock Johnson

  461. Anthony Brown says

    Ha. I can see that happening. Lol

  462. Tyler Smith says

    google=Steve Hawkings lol

  463. David Miller Jr. says

    no safari

  464. Silas La Borde says


  465. Silas La Borde says


  466. Luis Martinez says

    If you see how beautiful is, your mind gives you the ability to observe what they are spam? you can see and also acount give that you this does not lead anywhere, rather than the gimmicks to google?
    Google is my official search for excellence MUCHI can not find a better one anywhere. But I endiabla me super continuously by scrubbing with this mock social network or scrub and Friege .. and scrub but I change my browser for crome. NO RESPECT more than just its own interests.
    Armanda Blain exists only for the tricks of google, open your eyes and find yourself a social network that meets your interests and not theirs.

  467. Dorrick Allen says

    Great comparisons lol

  468. Mark Nealon says

    This would seem to imply IE8 is the only good browser…

  469. Victor Manuel Franco Hernández says

    Opera and Firefox are the best browsers

  470. Adam Morley says

    I'm a chrome user, but this is rubbish.

  471. Adam Morley says

    I'm a chrome user, but this is rubbish.

  472. Emil W says

    Freeman every time !

  473. Hammad Amin says

    Nice & sweet….

  474. Daniel Canosa says

    And what about safari? Hahaha

  475. Michael Cruz says

    Morgan Freeman Rules!

  476. Sherley Ramirez says

    f ya!!!

  477. Josh Meckel says

    I am Morgan Freeman and it will take the end of the world to make me change!

  478. Josh Meckel says

    I am Morgan Freeman and it will take the end of the world to make me change!

  479. Addisu Mulugeta says

    so funny, i use Morgan Freeman and its the best browser for me!

  480. Edz Balanoba says

    good day Amanda not for anything but you are just so beautiful…yeah MORGAN FREEMAN for me awesome browser

  481. Arvind Nagar says


  482. ali bamainja says

    just chrom

  483. Shreyash Nigam says

    Safari on mobile, chrome on windows and safari on Mac

  484. Hasan Kamal says

    I use Mozilla Firefox!! IDK it's just easier to use and I like it more than chrome!! Just saying!!

  485. Antonio Brown says

    Funny thing is that there all right

  486. Mark Wolfskehl says

    Comparing Shatner to IE? For shame! Shatner is pure awesomeness.

  487. Mark Wolfskehl says

    Comparing Shatner to IE? For shame! Shatner is pure awesomeness.

  488. Mark Wolfskehl says

    I used to love Chrome, but it became slow as molasses on every platform. Now I use Safari on Mac and Firefox on Windows and Linux.

  489. Mark Wolfskehl says

    I used to love Chrome, but it became slow as molasses on every platform. Now I use Safari on Mac and Firefox on Windows and Linux.

  490. Ahmed OUMINA says

    I use Firefox. Always the best even on mobile. When will we achieve Chrome version 10000 🙂

  491. Ahmed OUMINA says

    I use Firefox. Always the best even on mobile. When will we achieve Chrome version 10000 🙂

  492. Badrul Hisam says


  493. Fazal Abbas says


  494. kumail rizvi says

    ho hi

  495. ambrish roshania says


  496. nasser alawaimiri says

    wawawa nice joke

  497. mecit özgür says


  498. mecit özgür says


  499. Alvino Osquiza says

    Nice 2 see…….

  500. Jimoh Qudri says

    how now

  501. Stephen Peacock says

    Google chrome > Fagin

  502. Serena Gessner says

    my dad made firefox… and id pick firefox and chrome

  503. mahmoud hassan says

    I enjoy with you too much

  504. Robert Booth says

    I use internet 8 lol

  505. mukesh rajput says


  506. Alfred Leach says

    If Im not using Chrome then Im using Dolphin as a mobile browser. Its fast and very user friendly

  507. Alfred Leach says

    Mr clean for chrome

  508. Logan Barney says

    I use chrome for everything. Surfing, networking, gaming.

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