1. Jorge Huerta says

    lol Blueberrie muffin are the bomb lol

  2. John Blossom says

    Aaawwww, don't feel bad..

  3. Dean Carroll says

    Awe, still love them anyway 🙂

  4. Kim Landwehr says

    Muffins are beautiful in their own way

  5. Bambang Kuncoro says

    also his closed friends; cups of coffee…:)

  6. Celene D says

    i still love you muffin, I dont like the cupcake sweetnesss… so annoying makes me feel diabetic. Marry me muffin

  7. Angela McBain says

    🙁 Muffins, don't let the cupcakes give you a complex. you are beautiful the way you are. ?

  8. Jorge Huerta says


  9. David Yates says

    muffins are just bald. do they not deserve love?

  10. Karen Thomas says

    Muffins are adorable!

  11. Craig Taylor says

    Muffins are just cupcakes with elephantitis

  12. Sandy Boitel says

    but delicious!!!!!

  13. Nora Buchalter-Qudus says

    muffins do not need the frosting to be yummy. some cupcakes are all looks not taste. Like wedding cakes….

  14. Jorge Huerta says

    i take a donut please lmao

  15. Dina Lindquist says

    aww 🙂

  16. Dina Lindquist says

    Just add a bit of frosting to give that muffin a little confidence.

  17. Cynthia Salmon says

    Muffins are delicious beautiful!

  18. Morely Dotes says

    They're both, + Cynthia Salmon

  19. matt lehner says

    poor muffin.

  20. Amanda Blain says

    Awww Muffin…

  21. SAM GLENICE says


  22. Mahima Sivasankaran says

    😛 Muffins are so ugly you just want to eat them all up to rid the world of their ugliness!

  23. Charles Roberts says

    I was ready to say something sexual about muffin tops for huge laughs… but then the spirit of Mr. Rogers appeared above me in the clouds and and while changing into his more comfy sneakers and zip up cardigan, he began to sing: Some are fancy on the outside.
    Some are fancy on the inside.
    Everybody's fancy.
    Everybody's fine.
    Your body's fancy and so is mine.
    I think you're a special person
    And I like your ins and outsides.
    Everybody's fancy.
    Everybody's fine.
    Your body's fancy and so is mine.
    Don't worry muffin, Mr. Rogers loves you and so do I.

  24. NEY MELLO says

    Priceless cartoon! 😀

  25. Zeb McClure says

    + Charles Roberts Wow, Mr. Rodgers. I remember I loved his show as a kid. Especially the puppets and train.

    Childrens programming aside, muffin tops are often something tasty in disguise.

  26. manda evans says

    but they are still delicious! they pretty on the inside?? 😛

  27. Alvin Quidem says

    Aren't they more just bigger cupcakes? They are super yummy though.

  28. Kelly Tall says

    Blueberry or Choc Chip Muffins….mmmmmhmmmmm

  29. Nora Buchalter-Qudus says

    + Charles Roberts if more of us sing Mr. Rogers's song we would all be better off!

  30. Aliah Ware says

    Love muffin's no matter how ugly they are they sure do taste good ! LMAO!!!

  31. Katherine Wright says

    muffins are cute

  32. Moksa Publishers says


  33. Dylan Smith says

    muffins arnt ugly cupcakes are ill fight for you miffin

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