1. Leo McDevitt says

    I remember playing Pong back in the 70's. Fossilized bones of that game are now being dug up by archaeologists!

  2. Stephen Gray says

    Donkey Kong was my first… on Colecovision

  3. Tom Nuorivaara says

    Must've been Super Mario Bros. 1. I wonder if the tips in this book still apply today… ha.

  4. Ryan Douthit says

    My dad (a master of Asteroids) owned an arcade in the early 80s/late 70s and we had our first video game system at home in the 70s. Pong Tele-Games ftw!

  5. Oliver Caceres says

    TMNT 2 on arcade for me

  6. Adrián Peg says

    King Quest 😀

  7. Phillip Ryan says

    Pong on the atari

  8. Mark Rodriguez says


  9. Victor Pedraza says


  10. Brett Bjornsen says

    I played Pong…. lot's and lots of Pong… 
    it's all there was… 
    Ah, when gaming didn't have choices lol

  11. Ryan Douthit says

    Fwiw: I still have my original Atari. Not sure why, though.

  12. Steve Berry says

    river raid, and pele's soccer.

  13. Alejandro Elgrande says

    Pong.. or maybe Space Invaders, in an arcade in Sydney, Australia.

  14. Brad Leclerc says

    I think it would be an ancient handheld version of Space Invaders… I say "handheld" and not "portable" because it didn't have batteries, just an AC adaptor…. it was weird, but awesome as a little kid.

  15. Antony Greenman says

    Super Mario Bros NES

  16. Thomas Mims says


  17. Jeff Maughan says

    wow..I had that book.

  18. Mike Parks says

    I had that book way back when. Makes me sad that it's long gone now.

  19. Leonardo Wood says


  20. John Hauxwell says

    Pong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man – then games became too complicated for me! LOL

  21. Rasta novascotiarasta says

    Pong on a TV Game device, followed by Commodore Vic 20 games, like Centipede, City Bomber, and Duke Nukem on the C64. Then Duke Nukem on the PC, and finally, I only play Wolfenstein Enemy Territory on the PC now.

  22. Michael O'Reilly says

    "The Video Games" is rich!

    Also, , I may have had that book…

  23. Thom Miller says

    Hottest tips on Pac-man… "Run away from the ghosts: if you see a ghost, move away from it as quickly as possible. Also, eat the fruit."

  24. Dawn Amburgey says

    MineStorm on Vectrex

  25. David Pretty says

    OMG!  I'm looking at this exact book on my shelf right now.

    ('cept mine doesn't have the fancy "includes the hottest tips on Pac-Man" cover blurb)

  26. Harald Walker says

    Must have been Pong. I remember playing it at the house of a cousin.  Still like the simplicity of it. Next I remember playing  Pac-Man at one of those Atari arcade machines during  vacation in Spain.

  27. Bruce Feingold says

    Pong was the first video game I ever played.

  28. sophie johanneck says

    what the

  29. Clark Kent says

    The Legend of Zelda on my NES. I was the happiest boy, my cousins had an atari and I was the first with a Nintendo.

  30. Amanda Blain says

    loll  🙂 Thats what i was thinking.. EAT FRUIT… 

    Lots of pong players…. I remember pong… but i cant say it was one that i super PLAYED… Pitfall! has more of a memory for me on the atari..

  31. Lauren Hill says

    When a quarter could buy 5 minutes of happiness.

  32. Daniel Jentsch says

    The first system we owned was my grandparent's intellivision with asteroids… Don't remember the first i'd ever played though… I think "math blaster" on the apple IIe…

  33. Matt Moran says


  34. Ryan Douthit says

    I'm looking up my first TV game system and I can't find it anywhere. It apparently didn't official exist? (Still looking) It was two huge boxes (each the size of a small shoebox) with faux-wood trim and dials for controllers. One was the master controller, which picked the game settings, the other the competitor.

  35. Michael O'Reilly says

    From 1983 to 1985 I worked in the video game section of a mall retailer. A big part of my job was demonstrating video games to convince people that the systems were worth buying. We had the Atari 2600 and 5200, the Intellivision, and the Colecovision for most of my tenure there. As jobs go, it wasn't too bad. 🙂

  36. Christopher Soliz says

    Combat. My dad opened our Atari before Christmas. It's the first and last time he ever showed interest in video games. And I think I have that book.

  37. David Pretty says

    HTMTVG's features tips on Astro Blaster, Astro Fighter, Centipede, Galaxian, Gorf, Moon Cresta, Phoenix, Pleiades, Space Invaders (1 and 2!), Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Defender, Scramble, Space Fury, Space Odyssey, Star Castle, Armor Attack, Berzerk, Pac-Man, Rally-X, Targ, Venture (my personal fav), Wizard of Wor, Monoco GP, Sky Raider, Space Zap, Battlezone, Crazy Climber and Missile Command.  _phew!_

  38. Michael Vaughan says

    My first video game would have been The Adventures of LoLo. It was the only time I got to spend with my grandfather before he died and ill always remember that.

  39. Kevin Marlin says

    Lloyds pong in the 70s

  40. Wayne's Books says

    I used to own THAT book! Ah, memories…

  41. David Bleecher says

    Space War! 🙂
    Actually, the first one I remember was Pong.

  42. Andrew Konietzky says

    Own it.

  43. Paul Gatling says

    I can't believe no one has said Galaga!

  44. Holy Totemic says


  45. Andrew Mackenzie says

    Just checked it out on Google Books which lets you search the content. Tried a bunch of different words like "robot, wizard, mushroom, player" etc. and it brings up the pages where these words occur. Oddly the word "fun" wasn't in the book?

  46. David Bleecher says

     Galaga was years later.

  47. Steven Piotrowski says

    Since I am quite a bit younger than most pong players here. I'm gonna have to say Pico was the first game system I remember playing. Winnie the Pooh and Ecco Jr. were a few I remember the best on there. Not much else tho.

  48. Miskinak D says

    PONG on my uncle's GIANT PC connected to their GIANT COLOUR television (he worked at Nortel when it was hip) … I spend my summers there and felt like a "rich kid" then it was back to school on the radio shack pc with cassette loaded math games. 

    good times… good times….

  49. Charlie Hustle says

    what about Oregon Trail for the PC?  still awesome to this day.  lol

  50. Amanda Blain says

    I could always google these things myself .. but its always good to see who will go out and do the searching themselves… 😉 Good on you  😀

    No fun?  … that is strange… guess it was still too fringe

  51. Stephen Connor says

    Hi Amanda, I can vaguely remember playing a game which involved two cowboys having a shoot out, basic stuff but lots of fun. This was back in the 1970's in a gaming arcade, I can't remember the name of the game, any info please?, oh dear I feel old, kind regards.

  52. Christopher Cato says

    I'd have to say Defender or maybe Asteroids was the first I played. On an arcade machine on holiday in Spain sometime in my early years.

  53. Alejandro Elgrande says

    Although I did play a LOT of video games in arcades, (and a few on the odd primitive console as well), what I really miss most of all is Pinball Machines which have been almost totally fazed out now. But I suspect that this topic probably warrants its own thread! 😉

  54. Jerry Bowley says

    I actually get to see books like this all the time, usually on the table in the lunchroom. The owner of the company I work for once held the record for high score on Centipede, appeared on "That's Incredible" with 2 other teenage video game prodigies, was featured in "Chasing Ghosts", and maintains an arcade for all employees to enjoy in our spare time.

    Now, if I could just find some spare time…

  55. Lee Pellymounter says

    I don't remember the first game but it was one of many on the Atari. God I miss those days 🙂

  56. Eric Josue says

    I used to own this book!

  57. Andrew Griesmann says

    I think I might still have a few books like that laying around…somewhere. Pitfall might have been the first I can remember.

  58. Anne McLeod says

    First game I remember playing was Wonder Boy and I still play it on the same arcade machine!

  59. Ryan Douthit says

    Apparently we had a Wonder Wizard with a racing game in addition to Pong and no branding on the outside of the box. This, apparently, is a console that was only rumored to exist (only thing I found on it was mention that someone claimed to have seen such a box once.) Too bad I don't have it anymore… for historical purposes.

  60. Maxx Daymon says

    I can't recall whether I played in the arcade first or the Atari 2600. In the arcade, Pac Man, Galaga, Frogger, Space Invaders, Asteroids. If the Atari, it would have been Combat, Adventure, Asteroids. I think I remember being disappointed in the Atari 2600 version of Pac Man as compared to the arcade version which leads me to believe I played the stand-ups first.

  61. Terrac Skiens says

    when this book was publishes, there were only 30 arcade games in existence. LOL.

  62. Karl Koelbel says

    Cover to cover.

  63. Lou Massari says

    Space invaders! Does that make me old?! LOL

  64. Jerry Bowley says

    Oh, and the first arcade game I remember playing was Star Castle. It sat right next to Asteroids in the back room of our neighborhood deli. I also remember the day Pac Man joined them.

  65. sharon sloan says

    Asteroids.Oh, and Donkey Kong!

  66. Rasta novascotiarasta says

    Hard to believe, I recently bought a new Laptop for the same amount I paid to get a Vic20 Computer, with monitor, disk drive, 300 baud modem. I was rockin' – Intellivison was about the same price back then, as a new baseline laptop today.

  67. Bobbie Bees says

    Who can forget the 'Galaga glitch' which resulted in the enemy ships in Galaga not firing at your ship anymore?
    Oh, and Bubble Bobble and the 'power-ups' that weren't a 'glitch' but were programmed into the machine to be 'unlocked' by savy players who 'decoded' the secret messages in the treasure rooms.

  68. Claudio Watanabe says

    Probably Missile Command, or Space Invaders, great times… o/

  69. Thia Harris-Han says

    The first video game I ever played…I really don't know, but I remember the very first game I ever saw, or was afraid of: it was E.T for the Atari (ik, so OLD!). The way E.T was all shrively and ugly, especially with the graphics back then, scarred me for life. Now that I'm an avid gamer myself (or think I am), I have come to appreciate that game (as terrible as it is). Now that I think about it, I think the first game I EVER played was for the N64. I mustered up the courage to play any game at the age of 11 or 12…

  70. Thia Harris-Han says

    The first video game I ever played…I really don't know, but I remember the very first game I ever saw, or was afraid of: it was E.T for the Atari (ik, so OLD!). The way E.T was all shrively and ugly, especially with the graphics back then, scarred me for life. Now that I'm an avid gamer myself (or think I am), I have come to appreciate that game (as terrible as it is). Now that I think about it, I think the first game I EVER played was for the N64. I mustered up the courage to play any game at the age of 11 or 12…

  71. Jonathan Fischer Friberg says

    The first game I remember playing is tetris. 😀
    I played it on my fathers macintosh computer (the original).
    I was maybe 3-4 years old, so this was around 1995.

  72. Theo WolF says

    World of Warcraft on an old 1.2 gHz AMD back in the day. 


    Tank at my younger brother's birthday party at the local (and long gone) Shakey's Pizza.

  73. Joe Kume says

    my 1st is pokemon firered. Ah, the nostalgia.

  74. unegbu austine says

    what's up Harris

  75. siamak salehi says


  76. Matt BeDell says

    All those damn quorters, Shit how do you spell quarter?

  77. James Haney says

    Pong…in my bearskin, my oversized club at my side!

  78. JD Stewart says

    , I played that on one of the better Apple machines: Apple IIe.

  79. Sophie Malik says

    World of War craft….. When I was four. I stopped that very day too.

  80. L Aaron Court says

    Star Raiders after I purchased my first joystick, in 1985.  Before that, the type-what-you may from magazines like ANTIC

  81. Robert Fleming says

    Amok! On the Commodore VIC-20 – the precursor to the c64!!

  82. Ben Childers says

    Double Dragon for original Nintendo–

  83. Daniel Budney says

    We had this little game we typed into our TRS-80 Model 1 from an article in a magazine … you landed a rocketship on the moon by hitting the space bar to give it thrust when it was falling too fast, but you would run out of fuel if you kept it in the air too long …. THAT'S HOW WE ROCKED IT OLD SCHOOL, BAY-BEE! Who needs more than 4k RAM? Pfft!

  84. Anthony Hopkins says


  85. Arshad Ali says

    Asteroids in wireless frame graphics was my first one think

  86. adam farrer says

    Wt is tht all about

  87. Tony Lin says

    How much is it ?published book?


    I remember getting that book from the library!  Then I ran down to my local arcade ('Dream Machine') and played for hours as my mother shopped the mall.

  89. Luke Thomson says

    The first game I played was Mario Kart, good times…….

  90. Robert Garcia says

    Donkey Kong Country for me (:

  91. amy campbell says

    Sadly it was Pong !

  92. P E Sharpe says

     – I wouldn't know an Angry Bird if it hit me over the head. The closest I ever got was watching my spawn play with his gameboy and playstation, whatevers when he was growing up, and decades ago watching family gathered around playing kong or pong or whatever it was. It's just not something I've ever been interested in. I signed up for Second Life once but after signing up I signed off, so my naked avatar is floating around somewhere without me to guide her along.

  93. Matt Crawford says

    Dig dug

  94. L Aaron Court says

    Actually, I forgot about Pong, and other earlier non-arcade games — Pong was the first, in 1976.

  95. Shawna Bollig says

    Lol! That is classic. Wonder if he mastered HALO?

  96. Fred Santamaria says

    Raced between 2 sguiggly
    lines on a TRS 80

  97. Rod Villanueva says

    Tomahawk 777.  At a Woolworth's.  On Maui.  Thank you MAME….

  98. Andrew Baron says

    Dang, I HAD THAT BOOK! Got it at Half-Price Books when I was kid.

  99. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says

    Helicopter Attack, Spider-Man, Pitfall and some kind of Baseball in Atari 2600!!!

  100. احمد سعد says

    ames any idea ANSA Mand minimum Khrbena

  101. Kevin J. Chen says

    I watched many more games in the arcade than I played personally, but I know that I blew a ton of allowance on the vector graphics version of Star Wars.

  102. Serafin Lucero says

    I am a gamer and i paly alot

  103. Brandon Jackson says

    Bonk's adventure on the turbo graphic 16

  104. Jeff Bermingham says

    sabotage and lemonade stand on an Apple II+

  105. Jay Bryant says

    I remember Pong on a flat table display at a local restaurant. That was 1974.

  106. Daniel Van Der Werken says

    Pong. In the entrance-way of a discount store in Marietta,GA in 1974 or 1975 maybe?

  107. Jonah Deadpool says

    Pokemon Ruby!
    I'm a newbie
    but that game was revolutionary for me

  108. Joshua Turner says

    Tetris! still love it today.

  109. Ryan Douthit says

    I also had this one: Mattel Electronics Handheld Games || Auto Race (1976)

  110. Leo McDevitt says

    I loved Tempest. That was the first game I played stoned.

  111. Jordan Irwin says

    Haha I've read that book!!!

  112. Dominick Pasco says

    It was eiether mario 3 or krash banicoot. Or was it sonic?

  113. Cameron Silva says

    space invaders FTW!

  114. Cambo Ford says

    I worked for Atari in 1989 at their Sydney office…. they were still selling loads of 2600's at the time.

  115. Charlie Hustle says

    pong, but frogger on atari is what i would consider my first

  116. Ray Toler says

    I owned this book! It was actually quite helpful.

    ADDENDUM: It all gets lost in the haze of time and other hint guides, but a couple of additional games I remember from this book include Defender, Wizard of Wor, Robotron, Pengo, Gorf, Tempest, Donkey Kong, and probably Tempest as well. I probably have a couple of those wrong, but it's what popped into my head.

    As to the first game I remember playing, it was either Pong (the home console from Sears) or the Fairchild Channel F system, which featured a three-axis controller!

  117. Miskinak D says

    There's enough people here, we could get trending.

  118. Nanda Linn Aung says

    battle tank.. i loved it.

  119. Robert Carlson says

    Ah, the smell of the arcade. I remember first table top Asteroids. Heaven on earth.

  120. zack Patterson says

    Yo what's up hit me up sometime 18642766458

  121. הראל גבאי says


  122. Anne McLeod says

    Paperboy was another fun one and Aero Fighters!

  123. Wasi Widayadi says

    ahh..pacman and asteroids… 🙂

  124. Leonard Sultana says

    Don't knock this book – got me thru some pretty rough patches in my early gaming days! Yes, I used to own this book. (Yes, I also had a guide on how to complete a Rubik's Cube. Don't fraking judge me!)

  125. Lee Smallwood says

    mine was probably bat and ball – on the (we couldn't afford an console… <wipes tear away>

    But the first arcade game was

  126. Andrew Griesmann says

    You're asking for too much, don't be a puss now.

  127. Htet Naing Aung says

    Helo !sister……

  128. Phil Nolan says

    I don't remember the first one I played, but I do remember a camp ground I was at had an arcade (what didn't have an arcade?) and their Donkey Kong was broken so you could give yourself as many free plays as you wanted by flipping a switch inside.

  129. Phil Nolan says

    I don't recall the first game but I remember a camp ground I was at had an arcade (what didn't have an arcade?) and it's Donkey Kong was broken so you could get as many free plays as you wanted by flipping a switch inside.

  130. Shankar Ram Ramamoorthy says

    Nintendo Game Boy – Tetris

  131. P E Sharpe says

     – this is a moment of public confession: I have never played a single video game.

  132. Amanda Blain says

    ever? Anything? Angry birds? +P E Sharpe ?

  133. kevin diaz says

    I owned this book, bought it brand new too. First game at the arcade was Missile Command. Then anything that Williams Co. produced.

  134. Kisar Dhillon says

    I miss arcades! They were so awesome, especially when the entire arcade was just a big black room with games from wall to wall. What about Tempest, Qbert, PacMan (remember the pattern) and I loved Pole Position.

  135. wes lloyd says

    The first arcade game i can recall was a Pac-Man game but it was platformer. Does anyone else remember that one? I remember playing friends Atari games but it all started for my brothers and i when we got an NES for christmas. Mario Bros and Duckhunt were awesome. Have been gaming ever since. AC3 is brilliant.

  136. kevin ivory says

    "The" video games. Cracks me up.
    First game I ever played? I'd have to say pac man or donkey kong probably. Got addicted to one called venture. Little smiley face with a bow and arrow that went from room to room collecting treasure and shooting snakes before the hall monster found you. Good times.

  137. kevin ivory says

    Remember the smell all arcades seemed to have? Hot electronics, nachos, and social awkwardness.

  138. Ovak Madoyan says

    kill time!

  139. MATTHEW VALERI says

    +Kevin J. Chen , watching games was almost as fun as playing them yourself.  There is a "real" social aspect that is missing from kids these days.  Nothing beat hanging out with friends in the Mall/Arcade/Food Court in the 80's and early 90's.

  140. nikto nik says

    realy do not know who main player and king of the lie…?
    play-if there is desire and quick in his(its) embraces…

  141. Rudi Brits says


  142. Steve Wright says

    Haha, bought this book & read it cover to cover.  I was probably 12 at the time.

  143. nguyen loi says

    Hi, Please to meet you, My name Nguyen Tat Loi, Im from Viet Nam

  144. Ovak Madoyan says

    kill time!

  145. Francis Mabute says

    pacman or perhaps some family computer games

    i do think sometimes that those games are still better than the ones we have now.

    bring back the NINTENDO MAGIC! XD

  146. Samuel Mohammed says

    sounds like the original atari

  147. John Roman Hellson says

    The earliest games I can remember playing were probably Frogger, Asteroids, maybe PacMan.

  148. Sandeep Sharma says

    hi friends

  149. Kyle Wilkins says

    i remeber playing doom thats it oh and halo

  150. Ted Huckaby says

    I had completely forgotten about this book. There was also one on home video games. First one I played was likely space invaders. I did have a much greater fondness for asteroids.

  151. Shaun Sigley says

    The first video game I remember playing was Conjunction Junction on the old Texas Instruments TI-99

  152. Corin Price says

    asteroids all the way lol

  153. haris aceh says

    I hate israel … israel is a colonial state and the Zionist state

  154. Corin Price says

    What Haris? That isn't related to this discussion at all, maybe you should re-listen to Revolution, any version.

    On a lighter note, I played E.T. on atari also lol

  155. Ian Taylor says

    Santa Paravia on a TRS-80

  156. haris aceh says

    sorry I was wrong input comments,, hhhh

  157. Duderify Jensen says

    …THE Video Games…

  158. Michael Poku says

    if you had to read a booklet to play pac-man these days a 8 year old would clown you

  159. John Evans says

    Even the word "the" before video games is telling, suggesting a small, limited number.

  160. Nicole Lock says


  161. Paddy Ocampo says

    holy crap! I used to have this book!

  162. James Ridge says

    Hi the first video game that i played was Atari tennis, Two white lines and a square for a ball, such fun. Till the tanks came. Remember wire frame games. O.M.G. does it sound like i knew Noah.

  163. Gwyn Bennett-Williams says

    ya, he lived next-door to me, got into yachting … went round the world or something 😉

  164. James Ridge says

    thought that was drake. not the duck

  165. Jeff Mueller says

    This is where I really date myself… I remember playing Pong as a child.

  166. Philip Dobson says

    I own this book, this is hilarious.

  167. Antonio Timane says

    amigos adicionem-me por favor?

  168. Akhlaq Ansari says

    Dear Amanda add me on facebook my id is 
    [email protected]

  169. Ernesto Nuñez says

    Pitfall atary 2600

  170. Toni Arvinen says

    My first I remember Ping-Pong (Tennis) 😀

  171. Toni Arvinen says

    My first I remember Ping-Pong (Tennis) 😀

  172. Justin Warnock says

    I'm curious if it had Asro Wars in that top 30!

  173. Drake Steele says

    Ok my earliest game was Pong on (I believe) a Magnavox pong game. Shortly after that, we got the Sears branded Atari 2600 console. I was about 5 when that stuff happened… a long, long time ago indeed… and btw I do remember that book, and that series of books… Oi. I feel old. lol

  174. Terry Poulin says

    Life Force on the NES. I was distraught when my brother pawned it for a Genesis :'(.

  175. Drake Steele says

    lol I loved LifeForce…. with the 30 lives Konami code… but then I loved my Sega too – I collect all the classic consoles I had as emulators now. 🙂

  176. Darren Buckley says

    I Guess It would have been Pong…Yea, I'm old.

  177. Валерий Филоненко says

    Видеоигры – это одно из худших изобретений человечества. Многих людей видеоигры "подсаживают" на игру, как на наркотик. И все. Считай, пропал очередной мальчик или девочка в виртуальном мире видеоигры.
    Video games – this is one of the worst inventions of mankind. Video games "planted"  MANY people in the game, like a drug. And that's all. Consider, gone the next boy or girl in the virtual world of video games.

  178. Morgan Abbou says

     I watched the excellent movie +Wreck-It Ralph, it was so much fun to see all these old video games that we used to play in dark rooms 🙂

  179. Dimorais rezende says

    What was the first

  180. sid ahmed mostefai says

    Mario et le premier jeu si je me rappelle bien que jais jouer

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