1. Clare Cosgrove says

    And eat chocolate!

  2. Dave DeBaeremaeker says

    how to ensure everyone else has a bad day: wear perfume.

  3. Chris Kim A says

    Salutations, and best regards for a very lovely day yourself, + Amanda Blain!

  4. Stanley Hood says

    Good ideas! Is there anything more someone can add?

  5. Slack Scotty says

    Easy on the perfume please. That stuff makes my lungs lock up when I smell it. Small doses are best. Subtle fragrances too.

  6. Mike G says

    🙂 your post is great…thanks! You always provoke thought, and have interesting things to say…but I think I prefer cologne to perfume if you don't mind!

  7. Abdelemalek chouikh says

    nm 1 and nm 7

  8. Hollie Murby says

    don't be mean

  9. Danny Robertson says

    even if they don't smile back.

  10. Nazim Ali says

    For a second I thought it said to wear pants haha 🙂

  11. Jessica Northey says

    I love this + Amanda Blain 🙂 xoxox

  12. Joe Frazier, Jr says


  13. Sean Muron says

    #2 and #7 is what I would have picked. the others will come naturally (if needed).

  14. lukman hakim says

    I like  it

  15. deus exMachina says

    I always feel lovely when I wear perfume.  The guys think I'm a tart though.

  16. Mara Mascaro says

    adding – relax, eat good food with good wine <3

  17. Chris Kim A says

    (just waiting for TL;DR complaints)

  18. EMEZI CHARLES says

    nice way to start every day to get the better side of life.

  19. JD Getz says

    People slowing down is usually the cause of my bad day

  20. Amanda Blain says

    + Mara Mascaro definitely should be there.. 🙂

  21. Hollie Murby says

    hey amanda x

  22. Frank Merchant says

    Have a happy Friday + Amanda Blain 

  23. Damn David says

    Sleep, awake n sleep, sleep (-.-)

  24. Mona Arme says

    Lol. This is sorta like the new twitter

  25. Heather Greeson says

    This makes me want to go listen to Doris Day sing "It's a lovely day today"

  26. jasmine mcwhorter says

    that's so very true i am loving that post

  27. William Johnston says

    + Amanda Blain   These are good rules to follow .There are to many people that don't know these rules or care  

  28. shubham raj says

    Hello stranger…. You look good

  29. shubham raj says

    Follow armandas advice…….. + Jessica Northey + JD Getz looking good hehe

  30. Dean Al-Sarraf says

    Nicely said…and just do them especially for your self!!

  31. Jake Marquart says

    This is actually funny if you replace "Lovely" with "Lonely"

  32. Rachel Chung says

    I would think this is a way to make you feel good and let others feel happy and nice as well! Share the love! ^^

  33. elinaldo Alves says


  34. Rachel Chung says


  35. Nasry Al-Haddad says

    Everyone needs a reminder with those steps, everyday.
    I read the word "lovely" as "lonely", twice, in the post and in the image. And I was waiting for 10 steps which turned out to be completely the opposite of the above ones. Until I read the steps and checked the title again.
    Have a lovely day.

  36. Roderick Henderson says

    All 10 are included in my day regardless.  I have always been taught that to have a nice day you need to ensure that you give laudable remarks to others, wish them well and smile.  Personally, this is an everyday approach for me.

  37. Rachel Chung says

    It's nice to know that if you do kind stuff you are having a BIG effect on others as well! I hope everyone can follow this and have a truly lovely day~!! >o<

  38. Roderick Henderson says

    Well said Rachel!

  39. Rachel Chung says

    Thank you! Haha…>o< I feel that you are quite a great person yourself if you can do that everyday with a positive mind!

  40. Roderick Henderson says

    It only makes sense!  You yourself have to have a positive approach to each day.  Engaging others helps me throughout the day.  Seeing someone else smile or just being inquisitive about their day is enough to bring life to any person's stressful day… or just to lend an ear!

  41. Taylah Lawton says

    lol so awesome!!

  42. Rachel Chung says

    Haha…I agree completely..but I got to say..sometimes I'm not that positive…Especially when I'm waked up kind of early. But I try my best! And I like spreading joy and love and just seeing people smile. Whenever you do that you seem to make yourself shine and make a friend!

  43. kevin elli says

    Great stuff…

  44. Taylah Lawton says

    ya ikr! i will say i don't do all those things but i try!!

  45. Rachel Chung says

    I agree to everyone of you! But who doesn't have a bad day where you are just a grump? I'll say honestly I might have a few too many of those bad gloomy days! >o<

  46. Roderick Henderson says

    For those that are not aware of the ten, it comes natural to us all.  It is just a matter of working on the things you know you don't do daily.  You can sit back, think and actually identify the things you don't do daily.  After that, make the effort daily until it is something that happens automatically.  

  47. Taylah Lawton says

    oh i hear ya!!

  48. Rachel Chung says

    Haha….I thank everyone for being so nice and understanding!

  49. Jane Brown says

    How nice.. If only everyone could do that 😉

  50. Taylah Lawton says

    ya i'll do the same!!

  51. Roderick Henderson says

    <—- BIG TEDDY BEAR!!

  52. Rachel Chung says

    Yes, but there are a few slightly rude people in this world…but I agree that they can change! My mother thinks that all people are happy or sad or mad for a reason and it is up to US to change them! Hope everyone will think about this! >o<

  53. Taylah Lawton says

    ikr! the world would be a better place!

  54. Rachel Chung says

    I hope so~! I often question all the people who has made this world so..umm…what's the word…dirty? Not just pollution but with unkind words or those horrible killing inventions!

  55. Roderick Henderson says

    We all need it… it is just a matter of sharing and caring for each other…. we are asking for a lot, but it can be done!

  56. Taylah Lawton says

    same here. it would be nice if we could just all get along and not have to worry about what's gunna happen tomorrow

  57. Taylah Lawton says

    if we all believe it can!! nothing is impossible if we have God on our side!

  58. Rachel Chung says

    I totally agree! I wish everyone can be as nice as everyone on here…not a perfect world but a nice one would be great~!

  59. Pete Koning says

    "Lovely" … "lovely"? Yeah, lovely is great … I might prefer "awesome". 🙂

    And to have an awesome day, I would do all of the above (minus the perfume-wearing LOL), and I'd add:
    11. Train like an athlete.
    12. Eat great food.
    13. Drink much water.
    14. Share your joy.
    15. Help, even when it's not asked for.
    16. Embody gratitude.
    17. Look for beauty.
    18. Read – something.
    19. Take quiet time.
    20. Sleep like a baby.

  60. Rachel Chung says

    I have to agree! Awesome is a wonderful word..training is not me but reading is! And the others are just SOOO true!

  61. Taylah Lawton says

    i say amen to that!!!

  62. Rachel Chung says

    Haha..agreeed. A 100%!

  63. Taylah Lawton says

    oh ya 😀

  64. Taylah Lawton says

    🙂 awesome

  65. Rachel Chung says

    Haha..This is making me think a lot!

  66. chantae grimes says

    I agree

  67. Iveta Moore says

    except for the parfume-it may give someone a migraine-less is more here!

  68. Taylah Lawton says

    ya but other than that it's all good!!

  69. Rachel Chung says

    Why is everyone disgarding the perfume? Would you rather stink like garbage?! Haha…would hope not! "Miss Dior" is a wonderful perfume!

  70. chantae grimes says

    Ya, there some perfume that some people can handle and others cant

  71. Rachel Chung says

    Ugh..I agree there. I can't stand some perfumes. They just are WAY too powerful! And some people put it on HEAVY! Ever heard of it's enough?!

  72. chantae grimes says

    No but I am not disagreeing about the perfume it's just some people should limit the perfume thats all I am saying

  73. Taylah Lawton says

    ya. my mom gets a really bad headache depending on the prefume

  74. Rachel Chung says

    It kind of feels like you can't breathe..or want to kick them out and breathe fresh air..oops..? Is that too mean? Haha!

  75. Taylah Lawton says

    ya and clone is sometimes bad too! i hate it when guys at school put on WAY TO MUCH!!!!!

  76. Taylah Lawton says

    not if ur trying to get them to stop puting on so much

  77. Mia Pulido says

    I agree with everything but the perfume- I'm horribly allergic to it, so that would probably make it a bad day for me 🙁

  78. Taylah Lawton says

    oh that would not be good!!

  79. Rachel Chung says

    OMG I know EXACTLY how you feel! Ever sit right across a guy who puts a smidge too much?! AND A GUY SITTING NEXT TO YOU who use a lot?! Whoa..makes me sick.

  80. Rachel Chung says

    Oh…+Mia Pulido I agree…I get kind of perfume-sick. Like sea-sick but worse.

  81. Rachel Chung says

    Yea, I agree. Makes you feel bad. For Mia's sake and everyone else's that isn't the best thing for a lovely day!

  82. Taylah Lawton says

    ya totally

  83. Rachel Chung says

    Haha! Maybe take a good shower?

  84. Taylah Lawton says

    or just go where no one can find u

  85. Rachel Chung says

    That's good too…like…the Artic.

  86. Taylah Lawton says

    lol or on the other side of the earth!! hahah

  87. Rachel Chung says


  88. Taylah Lawton says


  89. Rachel Chung says

    >o< Haha i know!

  90. Taylah Lawton says

    ya. wait what r u talking about? i forgot

  91. Rachel Chung says

    I know..too many smiles…haha!

  92. Taylah Lawton says

    nah u can never smile to much. i do like all the time!

  93. Rachel Chung says

    Yep! Who couldn't! It just makes you feel good!

  94. Dipti Chavan says


  95. Taylah Lawton says

    ya ikr! smiling is about the one thing i'm good at!

  96. Gina Intrieri Trampusch says


  97. Rachel Chung says

    Uh-huh. It takes no effort to smile!

  98. Taylah Lawton says

    😀 smile big and smlie proud!!

  99. Taylah Lawton says

    very true!

  100. Savannah Miles says

    i tryed it and it work i luv it so much

  101. EncouragementFor EverydayStruggle says

    Great post!

  102. Isabel Steen says

    lol LOVELY:D

  103. Rachel Chung says

    I know..haha…

  104. Michael O'Reilly says

    Well, + Amanda Blain, I don't wear perfume. The rest of it, though, I'm generally good with. ("Dress nicely" varies with appropriateness, of course.)

  105. Rachel Chung says

    Haha…most guys don't though!

  106. Mona Arme says

    Woah. I have just read a whole tonne of emails from u guys lol 🙂

  107. Leo Vendler says

    6. Shower and keep clean – there, fixed it for you

  108. sadie mcgraw says


  109. Mariya Khan says

    Hey guyzz;! wassup?

  110. Lucy Gibbs says

    i like ur name !!!!!!!!!! ( # 4 give compliments!!)

  111. Taylor Fairbairn says

    the first one ehhh

  112. Smera Dhal says

    #1. 😀
    #2. HURRY UP
    #3. "Thank you"
    #4. I like your posts
    #5. Frilly-pink-glove-day
    #6. ===   smell it?
    #7. O-O &  @)
    #8. ? ? ? _* Sparkle charm 
    #9. Hahahahaha
    #10. *Have a great day, guys!* ?

  113. Mary Masambal says

    Yes totally agree

  114. Punie Seitebaleng Bolebelo says

    hey guyz  always  smile when you wake up to have a luvly day

  115. Ailin Garcia says

    Love it ? Ooh! I would also add: workout/exercise, it does wonders!

  116. Juti Maradi says

    smile honestly (or don't „smile" – at anyone)

    thank you

  117. Sheba Devour says

    Emily Post-ish

  118. Savanah Hoffstein says

    I like cheese

  119. Allison Merritt says

    Me every day

  120. hChristy Bernd says

    its true 🙂 yesterday i do rules number 5 and everyone stare at me..

  121. Jaz Cruz says

    Muy bonito , me gusto.

  122. Peter Owen says

    Great, except a STRONG NO to the perfume.  

  123. Michele Martin says

    #11.- AND PRAY!!!!!!! AMEN.

  124. Alex Álvarez says

    I` llake

  125. Hannah Marrett says


  126. Bartosz Grzegorzek says

    Wystarczy jeden krok 😉 
    1.Wypij 0,7 Wódki 😀

  127. Rose Felsted says


  128. John Muriithi says

    nm have one too, but me am sleeping, its night ova hia.

  129. isabella creemers says

    very true

  130. Abby McCoy says

    this list is very true i agree..

  131. Jamie Meacham says

    That's quite nice! Thanks :0) 

  132. Ovidio Manteiga Moar says

    If you do that properly, sincerely, you'll do it few times until you get married!

  133. ambrealle moore says


  134. Jensen Kenoyer says

    i will do that everyday:)

  135. Nancy Drew says

    wish I could laugh again..

  136. Nancy Drew says

    it's good, though

  137. Satesh Ramnarain says

    hmm want to have a bad day do the opposites..

  138. Noroz Jaan says


  139. David Brew says

    Want to be a classic evil businessman do the opposite of 3 and 8.

  140. Tami Pietsch says

    I'm going to have to try this:)

  141. roxana edy says

    este adevarat

  142. Diana Miller says


  143. jamie nash says


  144. nuwaira pathan says

    will do

  145. Veronica Ewald says

    if i was a boy i would not put on perfume

  146. Phillip Barney says

    Allergic to perfumes. Thanks that does not make a good day for normal humans.

  147. Patool Kutmah says

    I agree

  148. Sarah Kate O'Connor says

    cute and simple

  149. Nikolette Figueroa says

    Retarded wake up survive and go back to bed

  150. Sofia Augustine says

    I don't do perfume or compliments or really anything on that list. My day is crappy.

  151. Amean Abdelfattah says

    You call that a Lovely Day?

  152. Saleh Zakria says

    Hi amanda hru

  153. Saleh Zakria says

    Very nice

  154. Nathaniel Hourt says

    IDK, it might not be such a lovely day if I wore perfume…

  155. Mira Stevenson says

    I like this ,,, 🙂

  156. Liz Ganser says

    I think the sentiment is simple – if you follow these instructions you'll have a great day! Mine just started.

  157. Phorcia Caughron says

    very beautiful

  158. Abby McCoy says

    this is good and is very true

  159. Elizabeth Coffey says

    Yes. Absolutely right in the way of being a people person and confident! This would be great if everyone could do just half of the ten. For some people will never change.

  160. yasmin jimenez says


  161. Riley Coleman says

    I'll try. Wish me luck!

  162. Nancy Drew says

    I would do it IF I could laugh and be happy.

  163. John Batty says

    + Nathaniel Hourt It might just be an unbelievable day 😛

  164. isabelle brandt says

    ha ha ha that is so funny but so true

  165. Nancy Drew says

    + isabelle brandt I wish so for me,

  166. Alex Williams says


  167. kayla tyson says

    true real true!

  168. Anabel Chang says

    don't wear perfume…. I'm allergic to it

  169. Heather Richards says

    🙂 🙂 🙂 you are so lovely for sharing this … Thank You!  X 🙂 🙂 🙂

  170. Monique Chambers says

    so true!

  171. Santianna Semallie says

    This is so awesome…..I love this pic

  172. donald hakala says

    Awesome! Have a lovely weekend + Amanda Blain

  173. Marah Abutaha says

    ill try it!

  174. Brandon Parfait says

    false, just love one another and I guarantee a beautiful day 

  175. Mia Nelson says

    Umm, excuse a mou, but where is the  spy on strangers, EVERYONE whos anyone knows that spying is the surest way to brighten your day! GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

  176. cindel coats says

    🙂 have a lovely day!!!1

  177. Mariyah Long says

    i do that everyday ecxept i yell stuff at people in the car

  178. Ann Angove says

    and curtsy…

  179. anna smith says

    i'll try it

  180. Taneal Bhandari says

    #5 is garbage. The rest are pretty spot on and I try to do them everyday.

  181. Gabriela Nejapa Jansen says

    love it.

  182. Dalila Leon says

    Good tips 🙂

  183. juliano Antonio says

    o.k. whatever you do ,don't do "nice"else people will take advantage…!!!….i'll take you on for what you are and not what you pretend to be…!!!…

  184. Karen Ward says

    Greet others as you would like to be greeted.

  185. Amy Byrne says

    Really nice of yhu to share this with us have a lovely day 🙂 xx

  186. Muataz Al-swaied says

    This works if you are a girl

  187. Albina Heuker says

    did that.

  188. Faith Baker says


  189. Anna Lisser says

    well i dont think any of us will have a prob with doing that

  190. Aysia Williams says

    were did u get this from. i like it for an 12 year old.

  191. charlee miller says

    ok let me start numberr 1 thats just wierd number 2 slow downn whatt number 3 say thank yhuww to whoo number 4 some people yhuww cant give compliments to because theyy are rudee!!!! number 5 whats the point of dressing nicely if yhuww are having a lovely day number 6 whats the point of wearing perfume whenn beez will attack yhuww number 7 obsereve and listen to whatt number 8 be charming to whoo this waould work if yhuww werer a girl becausee yhuww cant be charming to a girl they would think this what gay number 9 this is retarded if yhuww would jus laugh out the bluee know number ten thats a good one yhuww are always supposed to do dat sometimes yhuww can jut have a lovely day by just taking a stroll through the park or going down town and getting on aboat ride yhuww dont need all of these giudeds that shows yhuww how to have a lovely day well this is just my opinion

  192. Samia Elsaid says

    thnx + Amanda Blain ,4 reminding us to be humans on dealing with the world.have a sweet weekend

  193. Jesi Allen says

    why do you spell you that way?

  194. Willie Washington says

    As a guy, I think I'll skip number 6.

  195. Lorena Estrada says

    Must be very careful smiling ,could be misunderstud.

  196. Mohammed Fahaduddin says

    Thats too many steps….mine is simple smile and others will smile with you….I hope they do

  197. Victor Sampson says

    problem is that when a man smile at another man….ya know…it's a fight, why, why, ===and take a shower or bath, smell causes people to run

  198. Stephen MacIntosh says

    I ain't wearin' NO PERFUME, not now, not ever

  199. Gillian Ryan says

    I  think you should Stephen  it will make you  smell soo  good but have  a  lovely  day  hahaha  🙂

  200. Luis Rivas says

    am not doing 1, 5 and 6. 7 out of  7 is good enough

  201. Adam Nute says

    If anything, smiling at strangers will throw them off and confuse them.

  202. savaya kent says

    i just have to have a book to have a good day

  203. Grace Masanz says

    If only that was true everyday

  204. Richard Plant says

    I smiled at a stranger once. "Dirty old man," she responded!

  205. chloe vann says

    Has that achole worked once my day are hobble every day

  206. Ligaya Barber says

    I always smile to strangers, and they smile back at me.

  207. Lilies Indayati says

    Have a lovely day + Amanda Blain !
    That's a lovely thought to have and share. Thank you.

  208. Maggi Gonzalres says

    that is a good way to have a good day, for me anyways;]

  209. Julia NotSaying says

    totally works! love it. try to live it. ;P 

  210. mauline isbel says

    well i already know tomrrow is going to be the best day ever

  211. Mark Kaczynski says

    Careful with the perfume. If your smell enters the room before you do, you're wearing too much perfume. (If you knew my limited sense of smell, that really says a lot….)

  212. Ann Hanna says

    I say, that is quite a lovely list. I much rather prefer body spray over perfume, but I guess it is practically the same. Slowing down would be the hardest one to do, i'd say. 

  213. Sue Short says

    Wear perfume anyway

  214. Sierra Janelle says

    i guess i do that

  215. ayman nader says

    Happy day of his society and developing safe food to eat is the happiest day.islam in a religious

  216. Aalia Khan says

    A good day is the result of a good attitude 🙂

  217. Liana Troshin says

    my dad tells me to smile no matter wat….even if someone is making fun of u or any other reason so smile  🙂 (:

  218. carry king says

    harder said than done… 🙂

  219. Karen Vi says

    What a lovely list! Thanks Amanda!

  220. Lena Bowen says

    You just made my day lovely! <3

  221. Deborah Le Page says

    Thanks for this sometime we have to remember these things.

  222. alyssa hill says

    yep i totally agree nobody remembers these things seriously

  223. Mattie Bosworth says

    thx for that reminder i need that

  224. bailey jolley says

    How Cute!
    I thought i saw that on pinterest

  225. Kineo Memmer says

    What if you can't stand perfume? Or can't wear it? I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but I'm sure you can have a lovely day without perfume.

  226. stephanie ocampo says

    this is how i will start my day 🙂 with smiles 

  227. Donald Clark says

    And maybe they can't have milk, peanuts, wheat, and all the other plethora of things that are around.  Maybe they are agoraphobic, hallucinating and all those other things.  I reckon there are so many things you can put there Kineo to spoil a good sentiment.  But to me it was a very nice list; even if I don't do it all and I would not have answered if you had not gone to the trouble of trying to spoil it for others.  I suppose I have also spoiled it too.

  228. Mursal Sayed says


  229. amy campbell says

    I find this simply wonderful. Thank you:-)

  230. Walter Buczak says

    It is nice.

  231. Roszita Nazri says

    Thank You!

  232. Megan Peterson says

    Cute 🙂

  233. Helena Kopper says

    cool! i might use it someday!

  234. Bibeesh bebi says


  235. Anuradha Mudgal says

    like this………………………….

  236. chita puspita says


  237. Kyle Axe says

    And how to end that day…
    having sex

  238. Frances Riggio says


  239. Rubestina Loudmouth says

    Aw beautiful:)

  240. Grant Lewis says

    Simple truths.  And everyone that you come into contact with will have a better day as well because of you.

  241. jacob marzka says

    LMAO whats the call for that language moron

  242. Dhanya Nambiar says

    not only simple truth its real + Grant Lewis 

  243. Harvey Yeager says

    You can also stand on a busy street, dressed like a cop, and point a hair drier at passing cars.  They will think it is a radar gun, it will make you laugh.

  244. Jai Nagwani says

    Hi amanda i am jai from india

  245. Gurdip Singh says

    Just say hello

  246. Gurdip Singh says

    Then start a friendly get to know conversation

  247. Gurdip Singh says

    And make another friend

  248. Sanjay Sharma says

    GR8…& its not difficult.

  249. hugo isntbi says

    slap a cop or two?

  250. Janet Opoku says

    i  will put into practice

  251. Alissa Cristurean says

    Number 2 says slow down….slow what down? O_o

  252. Mina Gonzalez says

    I tried #3,4,5,6,6,78,….and it worked 🙂

  253. juliano Antonio says

    o.k.amanda. alright…..im here and wanting you….how about me and you now…whatever we can do it. could be it with you…sexually come on and we can fuck forever…..you want it with me now…

  254. Andrea Halsted says

    ummm ya that will never happen

  255. Mohamed Adel says

    that's it 🙂

  256. juliano Antonio says

    ok…you dont have to be nice…you can take me and do you what you want….we can be really naughty………julian……@…. [email protected]….feeling horny for you…..come in…

  257. Rashmi Ranjan Satpathy says

    Also laughing with open mind

  258. Puvana Sri says

    plzzz STOP!!!!

  259. Nirosh Darshan says

    11th missing!!!!!!1

  260. juliano Antonio says

    id like to do it with you…..amanda…

  261. juliano Antonio says

    can we fuck….

  262. Jeremi Shearon says

    Ha ha ha! Doing these things is my job! Every day is a good day. 🙂

  263. Pavithra Ekambaram says

    ohhh i'm gng to follow this

  264. vinilla icing says

    LIVE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. Chinu kir says

    gonna try it out

  266. salena argentine says

    what if u do it an the day still sucks!

  267. madison taylor says

    I like that

  268. Shreya Modi says

    nyc one

  269. roja ravalkol says

    liked it

  270. Megan Miles says


  271. jade bailee says

    cute:) and im bailee and only 11 years old

  272. vigneshwari vs says

    i just wish to do that 10th point only

  273. Utpal Sardar says

    All happen in good day with out knowing it.

  274. trevorjohn corr says

    6 shave 7 underarm 9book a head hair do 10make sure your date wear much ng dress code unpredick .read 5 my glass is did help .nice day

  275. Pearl Davis says


  276. Sandra Granger Smith says

    11: Most of all don't forget to take the Prozac and the anti-psychotic together this time!

  277. Bryan Luna says

    I just dress nice, and my day becomes great. Without effort I might add.

  278. muneeba ali says

    hey Sandra Granger Smith. is granger your real name?????????????

  279. MICHEL Clarke says

    gng ..days..great…

  280. Shailesh Rasalkar says


  281. Zulfiqar Shah says

    Be positive your life will be lovely

  282. Praba Karan says


  283. Janette Stephenson says

    Yes: May God guide and keep you this day. Have a beautiful and blessed day. May your way be easy and your steps be light. May the sun shine into your heart as easily as it falls on your skin; and may pure, sweet joy, fill your being from head to toe. 🙂

  284. Mahesh S Rao says

    coool nice

  285. Anish Dangol says

    nice one

  286. pratik pawar says


  287. Suyamin Tun says


  288. dayalan vijay says

    good afternoon madam.my name dayanand iam from india.iam very glad see your message.

  289. Sarojini Patil says


  290. David Robertson says

    Sounds like the recipe for a subservient woman.

  291. wael raslan says


  292. henry kombega says

    Yea. Easily said than done.

  293. manjul singh says

    great finding social bonding for us

  294. Hicham Benhadj says

    A lovely day with 10 steps…..so easy + Amanda Blain 

  295. James Muscari says

    You forgot fart in public

  296. rehman butt says


  297. Jane Gooding says

    Yeah,I could do if I wasn't bad tempered,sometimes…

  298. Jenet Clingen says

    Something to think about. Good information. Will try to follow it.

  299. Harish Tiwari says


  300. Louis Fong says

    Wish it's that easy to actually follow it.

  301. jill ann hodge says

    but it is that easy to follow. guess I have been walking amanda's talk. observers respond as if I'm from another planet, am from calif. Living in memphis has been culture shock. moving back to calif. the land of the evolved.

  302. manjul singh says

    …but not smile at STRANGERS…

  303. vidit agarwal says


  304. zainol borhan says

    Nice to have

  305. Sofiane Saidani says

    thank you for the ideas, it is really effective

  306. Usama Samman says

    How about a hug?! Especially to people who feel sad.

  307. cinzia kess says

    smile at strangers better not if you live in L.A lol
    give lots of compliments can be perceived as phony
    be charming hmmmm……
    i agree about all other stuff!

  308. jawad ali says

    what is this

  309. sarah rose says

    Exactly what i ingnore!!
    probaly thts why i don't always have a lovely day.???

  310. Harischandra Battula says

    nice quite.

  311. ferencné tóth says

    Have a good day to you too!

  312. basheer kp says


  313. Kacper Zdzieborski says

    LOL, it didn't work;)

  314. Marks Most says

    It sounds perfect thanks!!!!

  315. Elizabeth Dial says

    It's the truth, and sounds so yester-year, like something my grandmother grew up with.  All lace and doilies  =)

  316. Mohammad Negavar says

    Hi Im love …

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