1. Serik Geldiev says

    really good

  2. Conflict Resolution says

    not true at all :)but I like I'd say how to fix a comp: Apple : click the mac button, FIXED! Alright, alright, don't throw me tomatoes yet. Still though. Great machine!

  3. carmen teresa barvo tejera says


  4. David Sarachman says

    I use Vodoo. And if that doesn't work I find primal screaming and/or taking the mouse hostage until it surrenders and works and works again…that sometimes works too.

  5. Matthew Reingold says

    a little too trollish for my preferences 🙂

    flatten and reinstall applies for any of them

  6. Clayton Vernal says

    Lolz… but completely false! "How to fix any x86 computer?" …. install Linux on it! 😀

  7. Don DeCaire says

    I thought for sure this was going to require an open window or a hammer…oh well.

  8. Sucar Conny says

    not true. all computers works with smoke, if smoke come out they don't work.

  9. Jaroslav Steinhaisl says

    Amazing 😀

  10. Michael Bernstein says

    Not true at all, actually (at least in regards to Linux). It was sort-of-true 12 or so years ago, but hasn't really been true at all for about 8 or so.

  11. Clayton Vernal says

    I have used Linux since 2000 (Mandrake) & have never had to recompile my own kernel 🙂

  12. Nathanel Titane says

    not true at all imho.

  13. Rob B. says

    i took a computer with a broken motherboard and it still runs linux. Windows crashes too much. Windows 7 dropped major functionality and Apple is to closed so you can't really do any computing. It's more of a pretty art project

  14. Ebrahim saad says

    all the choice is difficult

  15. Howard Huang says

    + Amanda Blain Pretty funny. What computer do you use?

  16. Jd Armand says

    I have to say tho, my PC using Ubuntu has far less problems than it did with Windows. I did build it from scratch.

  17. Bradlei Taylor says

    Credit + Matthew Inman for this lovely piece of satire. I don't understand how people don't see that this is a joke and it is not meant to be taken seriously.

    Like seriously, "Cry Blood" and "Light from Saturn" should have been an obvious cue.

  18. abraham odoi says

    in ways u can fix a computer but depends on the type of computer u are using and its problems

  19. Andrew Delorme says

    id say about right lol

  20. Guy Eastwood says

    Actually just… 'Boot from an Ubuntu flash drive, backup your files' then reinstall/replace/whatever. If your 'nix breaks then you should have used Ubuntu in the first place, never had one break on me ever.

  21. Simeon Ogbe says

    you got it

  22. Fernando Zepeda says

    lol yea im a pc

  23. Neil Armstrong says

    Very good + Amanda Blain I've been toying with Ubuntu for a couple of weeks, and am about to go native.. Beard is almost there, and a hat with a propeller on is on order 🙂

  24. Mohammed Magdy says

    nice ……………

  25. David Forsberg says

    So true!

  26. sayed bayoumi says


  27. Amanda Blain says

    of all the social networks i have been on G+ is the only one ive seen were so many people like to get very serious business on what is clearly a joke…. You joke correctors concern me. I shall cry tears of blood for you…

  28. Martijn van der Meulen says

    What about Chromebooks though?

  29. Andrew Delorme says

    chrome books are linux

  30. Kamran FMavini says

    Not true…

  31. Dan Scott says

    Knew my 44 years of IT would come in handy.
    Step 1) Power off then reboot after 15 seconds. Soft reboot is not sufficient.
    If that did not work ——
    Step 2) Find maintenance pressure point (all cybernetic devices have them. Apply heel of palm against MPP using 1.2 foot pounds of rapid force. Did that work? If not…….

    Go get a beer. Never weep, its just a damn computer.

    P.S. Used to have 10 steps when I was younger. Cut it down to essentials through trial and error.

  32. Andrew Delorme says

    android OS is linux, google uses unix on its servers, why wouldnt they simply make another distro like android for a laptop?

  33. Amanda Blain says

    + Dan Scott LOL 😀 nice… i find a swiff kick works too 🙂

  34. akmit lakremov says

    Love this one…

  35. Andrew Delorme says

    US military manual 101 – Electronics: if it wont work, hit it, if it still doesnt work, hit it harder

  36. Eunice Nyandat says

    lol… Love it

  37. matthew petherbridge says


  38. Dan Scott says

    Nice to be recognized + matthew petherbridge Thanks for the compliment.

  39. Zaine Ridling says

    Yea, the person who created the graphic hasn't used Linux in the last six years. Wake up!

  40. Joe Ede says

    i have these as wallpaper on my pc at work…. makes me smile and i'm an IT tech.

    xkcd has a good pc/mac webcomic http://xkcd.com/934/

  41. Jennifer Bailey says

    It's so sad Amanda, that you need to add that caveat at the end!

  42. Abe Pazos says

    Funny 🙂 Except that it sends the message that Linux is complicated. I use Ubuntu Linux. I also installed it for my mom, dad, grandma and other people. They don't know C++. And they didn't need to fix it anyway because it works. Installing software is easier than in Windows or Mac OS, usually just one click. No need to pirate software, it's free. No worry about viruses. Usually no need to install drivers: most things work when you plug them. I know it was a joke, but I had to say that Linux is often as easy as the others.

  43. Roland Gee says

    Apple OS uses a variation of the UNIX command shell for their CLI. In addition there are features such as "user vs root" which also resemble Linux based OSes. As for chromeOS…when is that ever going to be released?

  44. Enrique Santos says

    + Roland Gee Chrome OS is already out. It's in the Chromebooks they sell.

  45. Ryan Wobbs says

    Lol! This Apple fad is a joke. Great marketing Scheme for those with the money to spend but honestly what does apple have that a solid build Windows platform does not?

  46. Roland Gee says

    This comic was by + Matthew Inman and he was poking fun at the old Linux distributions back in the day when you literally built the functionality of the OS from the ground up. These days companies such as Canonical has made Linux use a breeze which works right out of the box. Now with the updated features of the Unity desktop environment, this is probably the best time to try out Ubuntu…even if you're not a hardcore geek or linux savvy.

  47. Haris Še?i? says

    love gnu/linux but still funny

  48. Tom Rodman says

    Very good. Thanks for sharing!

  49. Fofo Alim says

    very good and nice

  50. Bret Crew says


  51. Omar-Fara Norgaisse says

    How true is it? Not true at all.

  52. Jorge Tenorio says


  53. Jef Viss says

    so true

  54. Jack Li says

    this post has been approved by EVERY F**CKEN PERSON

  55. Trenton Ray says

    True in '05 or so.. not somuch now re: linux

  56. jamal madison says


  57. Austin Beckring says

    I'm sorry, but the linux one is way off. It's the easiest to break, but also the easiest to fix.

  58. Dean Reimer says

    Always ends in tears.

  59. Christian Karim says

    Haha so true

  60. Matt Hale says

    Nice try + Graham Barnes. That's the thinking process of a Linux user right there.

  61. Randall Corn says

    When in doubt…REBOOT

  62. Chris Mohler says

    The linux chart is dated: today you'd want to blame Canonical or maybe Oracle 😉 Oh and I haven't needed lucky socks for kernel compiling since about 2003.

  63. Matt Hale says

    Awww he removed it.

  64. Michael H Reed says

    + Austin Beckring You're right it, 10 years is way to little 😉

  65. John Gauna says

    I do love 2 step answers…….nicely put

  66. Hanna Madson says

    nope linux rocks !!! i use no problems! 🙂

  67. Sirpa Aggarwal says

    Good one!

  68. Andrew Singleton says

    Linux Borks:

    Step 1.
    Is it just your account?

    Wait what you were using Root? HOW DARE YOU!

    Step 2: If machine is unbootable load live CD from CD/DVD/USB.

    Offload anything you want ot keep that was on your home directory (/home/username/whatever) to somewhere not on our harddrive.

    Step 3:
    See Windows Step 2.

  69. Scott Carroll says

    That looks about right.

  70. Robert Alan Black says

    obviously created by someone who has not owned Apples for very long.

    How often has your WINDOWS or PC crashed because of a virus?

    Of the 12 Apples I have owned since my McIntosh Classic thru a computer machines bought second hand (never will do that again) to my most recent MacBook Pro yes I have had somethings that needed repaired.

    Only when I ran over one with my car one morning
    then after using a G-4 laptop for 5 years

    did I end up buying a new one.

    All I have had to do in the past was take my computer to the Lennox Square Mall Apple Store to ship it when their people said they could not fix it and I had it back at my door by shipment in 3 days.

    The other times I have taken either to my local PEACHMAC store (franchise that works with Apple) or the specific computer was sent directly to Apple and both occasions I was back ready to use in 3 days.


    Considering I use it 6 to 12 hours a day nearly 7 / 52 / 365 I don't think that's too bad.

    Sure beats having to use a PC.

  71. Stephen Carins says

    Linux one is all wrong

  72. Alexandra Stehman says

    Where is the classic early 90's era icon of the duck with the sledgehammer? http://nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/ducky.gif

  73. Boban Blagojevic says

    Thats right!

  74. Alexa Schwanbeck says

    So un COOL];

  75. Andrew Singleton says

    It's Satire. Deal with it Guy.

  76. Christian Storer says

    I love The Oatmeal; he's pretty much got it dead on!

  77. Melly Sh Y Hardt says

    There's No step 3… Throw it out the window and watch it fly… This made me laugh!! Thanks!!

  78. Andrew Niziolek says

    Haha Well i like apple but they suck with devices because everything is incompatible or crashes

  79. Amy Gabriel says

    + Matthew Inman

  80. Amanda Blain says

    + Jennifer Bailey agreed… i find if i dont the firey wrath comes upon me now… better to put it in 😛

  81. Omar-Fara Norgaisse says

    @ Peter Warble: I mean the satirical piece was untrue, specifically regarding Linux. I'm also a (happy) Linux user. 🙂

  82. Patrick Fitzgerald says

    or u cud kick it and hope that works…. if it duznt then quietly weeep again

  83. Jordan Clark says

    Haha Mac users are computer illiterate.

  84. Christine Cherian says


  85. Rick Farmer says

    Outstanding. I am going to use this in my High School class to teach satire. Thanks!

  86. Andrew Singleton says

    Kicking occasionally works actually. Did that once.

  87. Jim Blaich says

    The first two are pretty funny, and appropriate a times. The Linux one is just too far off base to even make any sense. It should be something like –> problem with Linux –> there's a problem with linux? –> there's no problem –> stop thinking like a Windows or a Mac user.

  88. Philip Rowney says

    + Roland Gee Google search APPLE DARWIN and FREEBSD


    (shakes head at the level of ignorance is this thread)

    + Dan Scott not including you I have to live another 5 years, just to catch up 😉

  89. Sander Deryckere says

    Fix Linux? Even a child can do it.

    Just put a live CD in it and fix a setting back, or reinstall it (while keeping your settings and data).

    I've messed up quite a few Linux boxes (mainly due to my adventurous nature when it comes to computers), and I've always been able to fix it to the original state, without any data loss, in less then 1 hour.

    Btw, the last time I messed up a Linux box was before G+ came out, I did something wrong to the bootloader, probably deleted the wrong partition. So they don't break that often.

    And it's not that I'm a real Linux Guru, I never compiled my own kernel (although I would want to do it, just for the experience).

  90. Arne Tobias Malkenes Ødegaard says

    This is useless. The Linux kernel is written in C, not C++.

  91. Mike Owens says

    It's not true that knowledge of Java is required to fix Linux (that actually makes things worse). But the thing you failed to note is the various frequencies of failure — in Windows it is minutes/hours, Mac its weeks/months, and in Linux its months/years — so you've got plenty of time to learn all that stuff before you actually need it 🙂

  92. Jeffrey Garibay says

    Definitely not close hahaha, windows=Damn should have bought a mac, Mac=Oh wait it fixed it's self, Linux=Why didnt I buy a tablet at least, hahaha! Heyyyo!

  93. James Rowles says

    Almost like the Matallica song 'Sad but true'

  94. Andrew Niziolek says

    no the first one is off base but thats about it there is barely probs with windows and the last one is a little ridiculous i have to agree

  95. Giulio Tarditi says

    Servirebbero le probabilità di "need fixing"…

  96. jedson marcaida says

    like it..

  97. Man M says

    hahaha! You won't believe how many times I had to apply step 2 with linux.

  98. Leroy Mason says

    any "personal computer"

  99. David Anders says

    first two seem pretty accurate…… last one seems a little out of touch….

  100. Heimir Heiðarsson says

    Either way….."Computer says NO".

  101. Roger Henry says

    I'm tickled at the number of people, who presumably know how to fix any computer, who sought to set the record straight on this JOKE!

    Larry: Knock, knock.
    Moe: Who's there?
    Larry: Atish.
    Moe: Atish Who?
    Larry: Bless You! Nyak Nyak Nyak.

    Curly: But that's not what a sneeze sounds like!


  102. Alessandro Barel says

    For sure you don't have any kind of knowledge regarding linux….why 75% of the servers all over the world are *nix based systems? Because they are more easy – secure – scalable – customizable?
    And here we're not considering the network world.
    Knowledge is freedom.

  103. Nick Trevena says

    'Windows and MacOSX are the problem, Linux is the solution.'

    'I get paid to fix Windows PC's and Mac's. I use Linux to get the job done.'

    'I wanted to fix Windows… So I installed Linux.'

    'Windows is a Virus; MacOSX is a "Pretty" Virus; Linux? The only Antivirus worth having.'

  104. Alexis Reviere says

    N E R D S . . .

  105. Yehia Hafez says

    Totally wrong.

  106. Daniel Golightly says

    lol I've worked with Windows and Apple…never linux… but I agree

  107. Anowanul Kabir says

    This is 2012 and I keep my windows 7 machine on for months without a single reboot.Get a life and quit trash-talking about shit you don't know anything about. Microsoft for life!

  108. Aland Saman says

    lol, nice.

  109. Fabian Fäßler says

    It should be…
    … Linux: try sudo. Or try sudo apt-get update.
    And Everything works 😉

    And learn to code in Java as a solution suggestions for Linux problems, just shows, that the creator of this picture never used Linux 😛

  110. Ilia Murjev says

    Don’t know what you mean, haven't switched distros (unless for fun), god forbid reverting to windows (unless to use the Office occasionally for work – VMs are doing great)
    -> try again

  111. Runesten Grimeton says

    Funny funny stuff yet so true.

  112. cooper standard says

    i've kept my mac on for about one and a half years now and just relized why it's so slow it's from 1999

  113. Bob Bigelow says

    For all of the critics: It was meant as a joke. Stop tearing it apart and just appreciate the humour. Laugh-a-day!!!

  114. andrey nosatov says

    Macs are crappy

  115. Danny Johnston says

    Yeah Linux…………yeah

  116. nedjar khatib says


  117. Zainab Boukraya says


  118. Horatiu Lazu says

    Hello. Linux > Windows = Mac < Linux = Windows >= Mac.

  119. Kouji Hisanaga says


  120. Shoshana Blue says

    quietly weep? How About scream and punch my hp?

  121. Joshua Wigg says

    The Windows and Mac part is true and funny. The Linux bit just shows ignorance.

  122. Dan Scott says

    Everyone who does not understand the English words satire and humor is excused. The rest of you need to go to your computer and download a sense of whimsy NOW!

  123. Nick Trevena says

    + Anowanul Kabir : Months? Really? Linux counts up time in decades bro. Some of the original distributions are still running to this day without ever having been turned off.

  124. Lincoln Hammond says

    Not true. It's funny how funny can be injected by typing text in a non-linear fashion.

  125. Hariom Chauhan says

    Linux is a very good OS.

  126. Sebastian Zambrano says

    real solution in linux… go to google search or go to a forum

  127. Jim Scott says

    I thought most of the kernel was written in C, not C++.

  128. Fred Ebbrecht says

    Ain't it the truth? LOL

  129. Nick Trevena says

    If you want to know more, add + Linus Torvalds and ask him 😀

  130. Johnathan Moreira says


  131. Nelson Dorian Masson says

    It's meant to be fun, not accurate;

  132. Sean J Connolly says

    Excellent, this is so true

  133. Wayne Lee says

    looolyea linux sucks very badly :PP but here is the way i see it as for windows or apple :P:if your new to computers or just want a very descriptive and easy computer cause your not the tech type and just want to surf the web and dont want to deal with a virus cause those computer technicians usually overcharge? apple is perfect for you 😛 its a bit more pricey but its stylish and and vertually virus free not too mention extremly user friendly….but then there are ppl that cant get enough of buying the latest tech graphics cards-CPU-Ect and removing a virus is not a problem(like for me :P) cause in 98% most cases just boot up in safemode and get rid of the virus that way 😛 and everything is alot cheaper so you wont be going broke if your graphics card overheats and dies lol personnally its windows all the way for me 😛 bt ipads are cool!!!!

  134. Rhys T. Newbert says

    funny, but seisualy, i get paid money to do this, don't make me poor 😉

  135. Stephen Smith says

    Step 3 on windows should be buy a Mac.

  136. Leigh Bicknell says

    Funny but not so sure about step 2 for a Linux user. Anyone that had bothered to follow step one would rather hang themselves than follow step two.

  137. Jessie Nolen says

    Need PC fixed. Windows. Msdos

  138. Jim Walker says

    LOL thats cute

  139. Aaron Graves says

    I tried Ubuntu and gave up after half the things I wanted to do with it wouldn't work! I went back to Windows 7 where a mild reboot will fix anything I've come across but I don't even have to do that very often anymore. I do wish Google would come out with a laptop OS that anyone could install on their pc at home.

  140. Amanda Blain says

    Why are you linux people focusing on C / C++ instead of tears of blood .. and Light from Saturn? 😐

    no words

  141. Stefan T says

    I am using Linux and reinstalling is easier than reinstalling Windows.

  142. Samuele Mattiuzzo Horselover Fat says

    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but… i didn't loose my hygiene 😐

  143. James Blacklock says

    Haha, they're all so true!

    And come on, Linux fanboys, I've used Linux quite a bit, and though it's gotten better, it's nowhere near as seemless an experience as Windows or Mac yet.

    For some reason most Linux developers don't seem to know how to compile their own code, so they make the end-users do it themselves. Add to that that the system is never set up with the right headers, and you've got yourself a real mess.

  144. Stephen Smith says

    I had a g4 iMac that was on for 180 days without any problems.

  145. Andres Soolo says

    + Stephen Smith: You'd be surprised how many Windows people (I don't think Windows has any fans) are deadly afraid of Mac.

  146. Stuart Dyckhoff says

    "Quietly weep" – that about says it all.

  147. Stephen Smith says

    I installed updates and had to restart, my most impressive uptime.

  148. Andrew Lang says

    Love it

  149. DryPro SATX says

    jajaja thats life. always something new, gotta jump thru the hoops to get ahead in life.

  150. Nick Trevena says

    Oh boy… I knew I shouldnt have said anything…

    Linux = Pure Raw Power. It gives you the opportunity to get the best out of your PC or Mac, by using the hardware to its utmost potential.

    Windows = Compatibility. Its the OS that most people use, because it is simple to use, and most developers create their applications for it.

    Mac = A Fashion Statement, that is also functional. A Mac is no better or worse than the others. It is based on Unix, just like linux, but it is designed to function more like Windows, to make it more user friendly.

  151. Stephen Smith says

    Lol, I am a windows user, but I grew up Mac. I'm poor now 😉

  152. Michael Danko says

    been using ubuntu for a couple years now, pretty seamless for me but then again im not really your average user….

  153. Shoshana Blue says

    I just read all the comments and there is know need to act so serious. It was all a joke. I cant believe I was fooled by all of the serious comments posted

  154. Jaime Barredo says

    you need to waste a lot of time to find answers in Ubuntu

  155. Alexander Avseyev says

    It's true except that you don't need to know C++ to recompile Kernel, because it's written in pure C. 🙂

  156. Trevor Stolber says

    Lol, thats funny – I would modify it slightly to -> Windows add in steps 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 (etc) bashing head against wall, throwing things, punching things. Mac -> Live in bliss – Linux (I am a big fan of linux) – get the same performance of a mac, with more flexibility, with only a little extra technical requirements (to do the basics) and bask in your glory of not being a slave to comercial software that doesn't really work very well!

  157. Stephen Smith says

    I'd say Mac is compatibility as it runs Linux windows and well Mac.

  158. narg alda says

    I vote for windows, when you are win user from win95, FIRST thing what you make, is backup of clear instalation of yours system partition, and when system crash, simply restore backup, how easy! I use this on all my win systems and reinstal with this take 20min + – , no format HDD is needed, I want to see you, do this with mac 😀 rofl

  159. Arya Javidi says

    seems ligit…

  160. Julian Labuschagne says

    Actually in my personal experience Linux doesn't have a step 2…

  161. Nick Williams says

    Higher res would help me see your point. Sure it's great, just can't see it!

  162. Shonteze Frazier says


  163. Christina Berrier says

    I generally just kick my computer >.>

  164. Brian Kwong says

    LMFAO, you can't win.

  165. Robert Ballard says

    Nick you're a moron!

  166. Kenzie Mitchell says


  167. Brentt Faour says

    i google how to solve the problem you are just dumb sir still funny though cause apple is extremely hard to solve.

  168. Nazariy Slyusarchuk says

    Some comments are more funny than a picture, especially about a cloud and experts saying, just wandering, is it hard to open Google before making funny assumptions?
    For residents of "nuclear bunkers" – Yes, Chrome OS and Android are Linux based operating systems!

  169. Sebastian Rodriguez says


  170. David Kim says

    #repost #circlejerk

  171. Jason Stone says

    the graphic is funny. anyone who is upset about this is hilarious.

  172. Kameron Balcom says


  173. Trevor Cooper says


  174. Jordan Griffith says

    OATMEAL! + Matthew Inman

  175. Filip Oš?ádal says

    that's bullshit – because you have the data on a separate partition and you can switch the distro or reinstall with full data in 30 minutes and full apps in 2 hours!

    FUCK IT!

  176. Rob Marques says


  177. Liam Walls-Ott says

    well it's not true at all……….

  178. john c says

    That is a funny one. Thank you for the memory.
    >/@nix user for thirty years
    / sailon

  179. Jarn Vermote says

    + Amanda Blain, to be satire, something needs to be remotely true. This graph isn't funny because it's not based on the real world. Almost like saying a toaster is good at making tea but sucks at toasting bread, not funny because it's BS.

  180. Filip Oš?ádal says

    AND btw: NEVER HAD TO DO IT! you can have easy backups of full OS made in several minutes – pure tar and gzip…

  181. Hansel Dunes says


  182. sean lewallen says


  183. Ivo Anjo says

    Not true

  184. Rashinda Terrence says

    tiz is soo lame !!!

  185. Nick Trevena says

    + Amanda Blain. Hehe! Its ok. Youve touched on a subject that is very controversial (no doubt youve noticed). Dont worry about it. There will always be much bitching and moaning over which is better. Its like Fords v Holdens, or Red Socks v Yankee's. There will always be one eyed supporters of each. Look at it this way, It will increase your Klout score! *grin*

  186. Efe Buyuran says

    Made me lol! I think it's true. I'm a happy windows user.

  187. Filip Oš?ádal says

    + Amanda Blain and I will EAT ya 😀

  188. Norman Law says

    Call it department :p

  189. Balaje Sankar says

    lol… true

  190. Ruben Orduz says

    Funny, but highly inaccurate on many accounts.

  191. Ivica Janev says


  192. Jon Stroh says

    Very true

  193. Matt Corby says

    Meh old. Seen it.

  194. Loegan Stephens says

    Stupid but funny

  195. Cameron St.Michael says

    Formatting is for chumps that don't know anything about computers. Bow to the nerds!

  196. Richard Sámela says

    oh linux is not so terrible 🙂 i use only linux cos' win is very bad in my opinion and mac is expensive :/

  197. Stan Podolski says

    I think have seen it. 10 years ago? Still not funny

  198. Lawson Small says

    LOL! Well, this is pretty funny. as in IT guy in training, I find this funny 😀

  199. Filip Oš?ádal says

    + Amanda Blain is not getting the point: real Linux ppl can fix their computer(s), Windows and Mac ppl are out!

  200. DonR Monkman says

    (!!)= ;]) S1>__: & ^^

  201. Lawson Small says


  202. Jon Hipkins says

    Lol someone fails at troubleshooting

  203. Mercedes Clark says


  204. Amir Eindhoven says

    not true for linux! you can always google for help 😉

  205. Andhi Ermawan says

    buahahahahahaha… x))

  206. Cameron St.Michael says

    This isn't satire. This is just an idiots guide to computer repair. This is when there is an error between keyboard and seat.

  207. Mark Noall says

    Sounds like a typical windows user

  208. John Larson says

    So because it's "satire" we can't comment about how wrong you are?

  209. Robert Saric says

    nasty, but I love it 😉

  210. Derek Dickerson says

    What the fuck are you on my google+ you stupid bitch I do not want you to talk to me or anyone I know go the fuck away! SPAM!

  211. Justin Urrutia says

    ok i'm a pc tech class and the real first thing to do to fix problems is to make sure everything is plugged-in, silly i know, and we didn't touch on linux so idk

  212. Patrick Hayes says

    ID10T error?

  213. Christopher Lira says

    Wait let me write an 18 paragraph comment to explain to you and everyone else why this image is wrong!

    Sense of humor is free.

  214. Aiden Roberts says

    thats good

  215. Solo Goodspeed says

    Funniest part is, having been an Apple user for nearly 20 years and still using 4 machines here ranging from 5-8 years old (and mind you, I'm no tech wiz…), I know that with about 1 or 2 simple self-performed monthly diagnostic and maintenance procedures, I will not be taking them into any shops, period. "Solving" Apple issues is as simple as clicking Disc Utility.

  216. martyn ridley says

    Stick to your day job sport your knowledge of operating systems could fit on the back of a postage stamp.

  217. Michael Redford says

    12 years ago…

  218. Patrick Gillespie says

    Ubuntu for a few months… The beard has already come and gone, but I still think this is funny even if it's dead wrong about Linux.

  219. E.J. Wesley says

    Very funny. Sadly true. 🙂

  220. Elliot Birch says

    TIL Linux users are born with out any humour what so ever. YOU DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY IT'S WRONG. The whole damn thing is wrong, but it still made me chuckle.

  221. Dirk Harms-Merbitz says

    What's missing is any indication of the frequency of events. People buy a new Mac because its been that long, a year or two, since they had a problem… Windows re-install happens much more often, every 60-90 days for my gaming machine.

  222. Walter Las says

    I've had my Linux installation going for just over two years; never had a problem.

  223. Bill Karns says

    Almost too true to be funny…almost!

  224. Johnathan Andersen says

    Old and partially false.

  225. Pete Perry says

    No need to switch distros, just install mint and everything works right the first time.

  226. Caleb Blankenbaker says

    False because of the fact that I, a Linux user, have never had to fix my computer in any way and it has always ran smoothly. If I did though have to fix it, it is because a driver is missing and all I have to do is install it !

  227. Billy Barton says

    Lol so true!

  228. Paige Jorgenson says


  229. Ryan Allen says

    ^ for sure. if you can't keep a modern computer running properly, just stop touching computers. though, i will say, linux is only for people with way too much time on their hands, and macs are only good for people who fear real computers, as far as i'm concerned.

  230. Rose Bush says

    Ya gotta love technology!

  231. Adam Mo?ko? says

    I rly hate pics with text in jpeg format

  232. Chris Vaughn says

    If you're going to stereotype, that's not a bad way of going.

  233. Darcus Scott says

    you go girl………..

  234. Jeroen Leenderts says

    Hilarious! Even though quite some is outdated, I'l really enjoyed it and its comments 🙂

  235. Paul Wilkerson says

    I just use my universal Computer Repair Kit. a Stick of Dynamite.

  236. John Blackwell says

    Get this shit off my stream; what the FUCK hot on google+?

  237. Liam Kirby says

    not true

  238. Jonathan Wong says

    To fix my Linux install, I reinstalled a clean install of Ubuntu. Simple

  239. Bogdan Ciurdea says

    Luv it.

  240. gerald camaclang says

    hell yeah!

  241. Jennifer Joseph says

    What about setting it on fire or throwing it out the window.

  242. Shenan Kim says

    YES THERE IS A PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. Erin Mullins says

    How to fix windows: never allow automatic updating.

  244. Michael Shi says

    So true!

  245. Matthew Chum-Fm says

    aaaaand, what about UNIX? 🙂

  246. qazi kazi says

    its depends on system to system nd requiremtns….

  247. Celene D says

    know this + Wanda Kelley

  248. Karle Koerbling says

    I have always used a Mac for personal use. I use a PC at work. I have no issues with my Macbook Pro. It just keeps running.

  249. Christopher Lira says

    BTOTD AWARD goes to:
    + Amanda Blain
    For inciting Nerd Rage in 25 words or less.

  250. Kit Kelly says

    it all makes sense bro

  251. Joseph Keglovits says

    AH!! do what I have done for years on a PC: 3 Hard Drives, Drive C: Windows OS only, Drive D: – create Program files folder and install all programs here, Drive E: Configure "My Documents" to be here (right click on the existing one and say "move", now when things go nuts, format drive C, re-install OS, reinstall programs to drive D (just to get into the OS registry (all tweeks and presets will still be there) and ALL DATA is still INTACT on Drive E! I have been doing this for years now – AND as a bonus, the PC runs way better for way longer as drive C is not all gunked up!

  252. Pavlos Papageorgiou says

    This is very true! That's how I fix my Mac, and of course prefer it to the alternatives.

  253. Simon Kaffe Myers says

    How to fix something in FreeBSD.

    Spend enormous effort to educate yourself for 2 years to overcome the status of newbie.


  254. coder java says

    Why linux cant be re-install ? and lot of distro to install .. 90% of time you no need to re-compile kernel .. otherwise you need some customisation .

  255. Paul Johnson says

    Way to steal from + Matthew Inman, + Amanda Blain.

  256. Maiya Praegel says


  257. Bobbie Dolenac says

    In two steps. Are they ever getting good.

  258. Eduardo Urrea says


  259. Brian M. says

    wait… i thought windows CAME broken…

  260. Surya Venkatraman says


  261. Rafa? Lysik says

    Ha ha ha.Nie?miertelne 😉

  262. Michael Bernstein says

    + Amanda Blain, the thing is, there are plenty of "it's funny 'cuz it's true" jokes that you can make about + Linux. But this just isn't true. Which makes it a joke about an unwarranted stereotype, not a joke about a stereotype with a kernel (hah!) of truth. Which makes it unfunny.

  263. Jim Blaich says

    Just thought I'd chime in on the Chrome book. It is Linux, in all it's glory. Android is Linux. WebOS is Linux. Tivo is Linux. Boxee is Linux. Just about every new device that isn't Apple's is Linux. No, not all, but just about every one. What Google has done is basically made the browser the center of the platform, but every platform has to have an OS. Chrome's OS is Linux.

  264. Mike Echlin says

    Very nice, thank you for the laugh it really made my day after fighting with Windows Patch Tuesday.

  265. Ryan Tan says

    thank you, has help sooo much 🙂

  266. Todor Velichkov says


  267. Steve Rushton says

    Having gone through all 3 and their ups and downs, i can safely say this is one of the truest pictures I've seen in a while

  268. Mark Kuhn says


  269. Lynn Martineau says

    Corrections to the diagram:
    Windows should be a repeating cycle.
    Apple Step 2 Buy a faster more expensive Mac.
    Linux Step 2 Curse Microsoft then Repeat step 1.

  270. Nick Vitha says

    or, for linux, just reinstall it…

  271. Praneet Mekala says

    love the linux!

  272. Daniel Porter says

    Just fix linux last night by reinstalling

  273. Mohammedabdul Wasayqureshi says

    Its correct

  274. Jeff Larson says

    I've had success with reinstall Windows over an existing version of Windows and had all my personal files waiting for me when it came back.

  275. Chanda H. says

    love it thanks

  276. Fridolin Heyer says

    that is this kind of joke no one can laught about

  277. Dan Emmons says

    Haha, Linux guys are always worried people will think Linux is too hard for 'normal' humans. It used to be. But think of it, how many people do you know who have never formatted their Windows PC or had to buy a new Mac? Those are considered normal events. But Linux guys rarely get very far into step one before their problem is solved.

    The real problem here is that trying to correct a comic by The Oatmeal is like claiming an article by The Onion is a 'hoax'.

  278. Arne Tobias Malkenes Ødegaard says

    There are some mistakes here. I just thought I should collect them here:
    1. Learning C++ is not needed to recompile the kernel, since it's written in C.
    2. Learning Java will not help at all
    3. Proper Linux users will never use Windows or Mac unless forced at gunpoint 🙂

  279. Alex Xu says

    What's with the low-quality JPG re-re-re-re-re-re-recompression?

  280. Chase Daigle says

    this sucks

  281. Brian Sartain says

    Pretty and smart! I love it.

  282. tony d says

    Amen…but I also love Linux! I run Slackware and Arch and they are both working fine…

  283. Naibuka Tuitakali says

    I usually just WALL reset!!! – No Weeping there…

  284. Marc St-Jacques says

    Quite dated: I can't blame Sun anymore.

    Blame Oracle!!!

  285. Patrick Smith says

    Elite Linux Users. After all, can your regular expressions make people cry blood?

  286. Paulo Ifamilik says


  287. Sherrie Rose says

    + Matthew Inman care to share the #oatmeal link? Thanks!

  288. Amanda Blain says

    I clearly have a nice #oatmeal tag in the post for + Matthew Inman + Paul Johnson and anyone else who plussed him in here… but thanks for plusing him in again… 🙂 And i guess people are not liking the new "whats hot" in your stream section… Your mothers would be ashamed of some of your mouths! tisk tisk…

  289. Sec Mazec says

    windows wins, cause u dont actually lose data if ure not noob

  290. Duncan Morin says


  291. Juan Diego Raimondi says

    I've got one for NetBIOS:
    Step 1: Grow an extra pair of fingers on each hand and perform the deadly-karate-master key-combination of the seven steps.
    Did that fix it? No? Proceed to step 2.
    Step 2: Ask everyone to log out. Reboot your server. Everybody is pissed. Quietly weep (in sollitude).

  292. Ben Kietzman says

    That was funny! Thanks for the laugh. I use Ubuntu Linux on all my computers and find it amazing. I am also a C/C++ developer and can relate to recompiling all sorts of stuff. That was a very funny post!

  293. Aaron Crownover says

    Man I wish it were so! Linux ftw.

  294. Nick Trevena says

    If you want to laugh, THIS is how I feel about this post : http://goo.gl/4M4NB

  295. DONALYN PAYOD says

    love the " theoatmeal.com"..

  296. Önder BAKIRTA? says

    I smiled but this doesn't mean it's true. :].

  297. Roma Khudoleyev says

    I get the humor but anyone that doesn't have a 1-2 TB backup drive hooked up to their computer is either very poor or a complete idiot.

  298. kev miller says

    have just joined google but it seems to be full of idiotic super nerds who can't understand the concept of humour. oh well back to facebook and just have a laugh at you wasters. if anybody cracks a joke about sex do you have to get your biology book out?

  299. Zack Johnson says

    ubuntus cool if you know how to work with it

  300. Ron Hunt says

    It's BS, no matter which platform you're talking about. None of those "remedies" apply.

  301. Spencer Wood says

    I love how everyone is taking this so seriously.

  302. John Ellert-Beck says


  303. karthik reddy says

    Not true!!!

  304. Seanne Richard Yared says

    LOL! That's epic win.

  305. Lucy Tyler says

    this is beautiful 🙂

  306. Luis Rodolfo Coy Avila says


  307. Samiem Hassan says

    Lol this is such a joke IHYK

  308. John Larson says

    + kev miller It's only funny if you're clueless. What is pretty funny is that so many people seem to be clueless about the machines they use every day!

  309. Ryan McLaughlin says

    Jeez, + kev miller, you're really dense. Obviously we'd get out our Human Sexuality books. Duh!

  310. Noah Graham says

    Not true at all

  311. Vikas Vinod says

    @ kev miller : Free will dude, do anything you like , no one's gonna stop you 🙂

  312. Alex Lazo Vasquez says

    thats why I want my chromebook!

  313. Cheyanna Carver says


  314. Alex Newhart says

    Your hair appears clueless.

  315. Duncan Morin says

    It's trending, what people are commenting on and +1.

  316. Mohammed Saleh says

    Dude. Chill -.-

  317. Rob Rz says

    Pff I was with you until "learn Java".

  318. Sayan Banerjee says

    +Amanda Blain great post but this has been something like pearls before ….well….you know what….as for your joke…. most people here are purists and bleieve that their choice is the best one EVER! so in retrospect you couldve posted a picture of a kitten and gotten better comments…..also, learn to ignore them most of them are trolling you I am sure of it….
    +kev miller U MAD BRO?

  319. Dj Belieny says

    Fix a Linux computer ?!?!? How do you fix something that isn't broken ?
    🙂 I Haven't needed to compiled a kernel in over 10 years now and a computer running Ubuntu is as solid as a computer can ever get. I only have issues when hardware fails ie. Hard Disk gets fried.

  320. Gilbert Garcia says

    I like it! If all else fails there is always the gun…..just like the father in youtube, after he added the 130 dollars worth of software and 6 hours of labor.

  321. Aleta Curry says

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  322. Moses Musoke says

    i talk to my computer to fix it…and … it doesn't work

  323. Jim Blaich says

    My final thoughts on the matter? They are that the graphic needs to be redone. It seems to represent the world of computing 8 years ago.

  324. Anil Das says

    It looks like Linux is the winner to me. Computers will come and go, but at least, in the end, you would have learnt to code in C++ and Java.

  325. Matt Moy says

    Am I missing something..? Why are they comparing childrens toys to the windows and linux operating systems?

  326. David Henry Pipe says

    I only have one PC running Microsoft for an old mobile. The rest all run different flavours of Linux EXCEPT Ubuntu!

  327. Aleta Curry says

    Reading through the comments…er…humour, people…ha, ha?

  328. Andrew Buschbacher says

    Apparently I was missing the light from saturn… that explains a lot 🙂

  329. Anne-Claire Cain says

    One + reason for using Google!
    (–Google fan)

  330. Noah Andruss says

    lol i saw that video

  331. Scott Watson says

    Carry a screwdriver. It intimidates them. Maybe this is why when people call me and I go to their offices, things so often "just work".

  332. Grant Watson says

    This so true

  333. Jon Rolfe says


  334. Chris Scott says

    Simple enough. Too bad I'm a Linux fan.

  335. Sergio Valcarcel says

    hehe… wrong… in Linux at the end (yep, perhaps after the Saturn light hack, or just a bunch of Gentoo's tools) it always works!

  336. Ethan Marsh says


  337. Adam Munro says

    Oh please… even a child could effectively use Ubuntu. If you want to go in deep, beyond the GUI, then sure — things get complex in Linux. But you know that's true of Windows as well, and MacOS (if you can break-out of the VM).

  338. Jeff Perryman says

    it seems like the "buy a new Mac" option is the money maker here.
    About linux, yeah maybe in 1994.. my parents use it because its easy and hard for them to "mess up"

  339. Chris Scott says

    I don't even have a terabyte in my computer, much less a 2TB backup drive. Freaking job market.

  340. dandellion Kimban says

    I wouldn't know… I'm a linux user, can't remember the last time my computer broke. 😀

  341. Bobbie Today says

    There's this thing…it's called a 'sense of humor'….some of you might trying locating yours. 🙂 I refer you to + Amanda Blain 's disclaimer…^^^^up there^^^^
    p.s. satire Dont eat me linux, apple or windows fans! ?

  342. Lawrence Wright says

    Damn that's funny, sad and true…LOL

  343. Chris Lichowicz says

    Ah, reruns!

  344. Valerie Purple says

    funny, i like it

  345. Gautam Krishna says

    Finally, something worth commenting. Note: See you folks after 10 years when my Linux machine is back working again.

  346. Triston Sergeant says

    Lol so tru

  347. Stephen Ritger says

    I likes me that Winders 7.

  348. Sachi Cooper says


  349. Garrett Cullum says

    As a self employed consultant, I love both. Windows software keeps me in business and clients with Apple products always pay their bills on time and are eager to spend more for gadgets.

  350. Bryan Miklas says


  351. B Gallagher says

    You never tried Ubuntu…read through most of the posts (when there were around 350 or so)…the joke is dated and stereotypes Linux as too difficult to consider fixing…as stated by others: 90% of supercomputers, 70% of servers, and what's android's market share up to now? Linux is taking over…so go back to sleep electric sheep and dream of androids.

  352. Jaspreet Singh Chopra says

    Switch back 2 Windows 95 or 98 :P. Fast to boot easy to use.. LOL

  353. Bickram Dhillon says

    thanx alot

  354. Hanna Madson says

    go to linux!!!

  355. Benjamin Lefaudeux says

    True from 10 years ago… old jokes never die

  356. Sebastian Di Mateo says

    HAHA! SO true (years ago). Actual distros like Ubuntu now make the process much easier, but it's still way more difficult to troubleshoot things that in other OSes are relatively easy (like a bad display driver)

  357. Abdelrahman farag says

    Lol How easy 😀

  358. Gary Parks says

    I use windows and Linux every day and recently started using OSX. I find OSX frustrating because when I dive in deep its close enough to Linux that I start treating it Linux but get unexpected and unwanted results. I also find the GUI has some issues the just annoy the heck out of me. So far I have had to reboot OSX more times then my Win7 box, probably because I know Windows better.

    My Ubuntu box has only been rebooted for a kernel update. It stays on 24/7/365, provides network storage, vpn server, astrix voip, video/audio streaming, records TV shows, torrent machine and is my VM host. The few issues I've had with Ubuntu I easily solved with a quick visit to the Ubuntu forums.

    I would be all Ubuntu if it wasn't for clients that wanted to use OS specific software. Even though I hate OSX it does bring in a few checks so I won't grumble too loudly about it.

  359. Cheryl Ann Fillekes says

    + Amanda Blain You say this is true. So, you've fixed Linux Computers using that methodology before, then? ORLY?

    If so, you would know that the Linux kernel is not written in C++ but rather C, and would know that this not "So True."

    And no, + Amanda Blain I am not a Linux "FAN" — I'm a Linux and Unix systems programmer with 30+ years under my belt. Just a tad more knowledgeable than your pre-trivialization of anyone who would debunk this totally false bullshit as "a fan."

  360. Coby Walters says

    wow that's a popular post! god

  361. Panda Stroud says

    quietly weep…

  362. Darren Holliday says

    Obviously made by windows lovers & mac users who don't want to admit their system is based on unix/linux. Windows – Mac – linux is a left to right of people who use computers – people who think they know how to use computers – the real dudes!

  363. Ben Nerison says

    whoever made this must just not be very bright if they think those are the only options.

  364. Roger Burtnick says

    tech here… no matter what you people say, for the most part even though it's satire, this is 100% true. But I hope they never change windows 😀 I make thousands doing the format/reinstall for my customers

  365. adnan bokhari says


  366. Bryant Davis says

    This is hilarious

  367. Anthony Blaine says

    + Peter Warble need to update your profile page.

    Linux does crash… I've used several OS's and the Linux based systems, while nice for the price, are just not compatible enough with professional grade software like the Adobe Suite or have any decent games. They're a great movie watching, web browsing, and word processing system… and that's about it. There are some photoshop/illustrator/premiere/finalcut type softwares for Linux but not nearly up to snuff with the pro-grade software. That being said, if you're just a web-browser, movie watching, word-processing computer user than it's a great OS to run with.

    Windows OS has gotten better, especially Win 7, but is still far from perfect. The interface isn't the most intuitive (again, it's getting better though). There are a lot and viruses and malware that run rampant over the Windows OS (large target market and in the majority of businesses, unless it's a business that deals with creative design and/or art, use Windows based PC's). The plus side to windows systems is they are cheaper than Apple and there's a wide variety of peripherals and add-ons that you can purchase for them. If you're a gamer this is the only real viable option between the three.

    Lion is one of the best OS's I've used which brings together the best of both worlds. The OS is cheap at $30.00. While there ARE viruses they are not nearly as out of control as they are on the Windows system. The OS is compatible with professional grade software (Adobe Suite, Final Cut, etc… etc…) and the interface is intuitive. And you do get some good games on the MAC as well… One gaming company that comes to mind is Blizzard. (WoW, Diablo, Starcraft). The downside to Apple is the price. That being said they do put quality parts into their systems and they are some of the best looking systems on the market out of box and minus custom builds.

    If you don't want to shell out the bucks for a Mac then build a hackentosh. $30.00 OS – compared to Windows $200ish, find cheaper but compatible hardware on your own and run Lion. You can run the professional software on the OS and have a more stable system than Windows and worry less about viruses. Better yet, if you already have a copy of windows build a dual boot. Then you'll get the best of both worlds.

    This debate is really silly overall. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

  368. John Struemph says

    They're going to turn it into a toaster oven soon so don't fret. When it dies you pitch it. More landfill………….

  369. Boris Borisov says

    With Linux Step 2 is rarity! More like looping back to step 1 🙂 … and I'm taking regular showers …

  370. Amanda Blain says

    + Cheryl Ann Fillekes you must have missed the light of saturn reference… and tears of blood… cause those parts are ? totally legit ? …. ?_?

  371. Roland Gee says

    + Roger Burtnick Some guy at bestbuy was offering to do the inital config on a new laptop I bought for an extra $250, claiming that it was a complicated process. My reply was: So I am going to pay you $250 dollars to press the return key?

  372. Peter Tegza says

    nice one, but you forgot about Abacus – mother of all computers. just stick another 10 little balls on a needle and you're ready to go 🙂

  373. Graham Jones says

    Very nineties 😉

  374. Carlos Sanchez says

    my Linux runs fine, in the meantime, i'm always giving advice to Windows users on how to fix the same problems over and over. as far as Mac is concerned, there's always MAC Defender, and the Tipping Point "Pwn2Own" contest to reference 😀

  375. Carole Wozny says

    This has been on Google+ for two months, are people still taking credit for posting it? lol

  376. Graf Sullivan says

    True………Very True

  377. Scott Watson says

    I suspect that it is not original here.

  378. Sunny Sharma says

    must be an experience with customer care.. 😀

  379. Scott Morse says

    Most posters (above) having a sense of humor: FAIL

  380. Luciano José Lima Silva says

    OK. But I prefer Linux.

  381. John Fanavans says

    I love you all https://plus.google.com/u/0/118328436599489401972/posts/5rPqyz9nUMQ

  382. Stephanie Muhr says


  383. Frann Leach says

    Fixing linux problems in general is wayyy easier than Windows. Don't use my Mac much, so I can't say much about that. I have never recompiled a kernel. Procedure is to go to ubuntuforums.org and post your problem. A few hours later, apply the fix, which is generally just a case of keying in a few commands into the terminal

  384. Shima Iraniparast says

    how do we reboot?

  385. Chris Gamble says

    I think I need 2 +1's for this.. old joke, but funny as hell

  386. Ty Rosenow says

    Nice joke, but a little outdated by 10 years. Fortunately, I have completely wiped off Windows 7 (what came with computer) due to crashing Microsoft OS and Microsoft software. Forget about getting a restore disk. I've seen new Apples crash – plenty of times. Since they are proprietary, you must use their software and that is it. There are no restore disks and you still have to take a day off to go to the store (you don't think an Apple store would be open 24 hours do you?) and get it fixed – probably get sold another pricey computer. As for Linux, depending upon the distro, you really don't have to do any manual programming. Most programming is done automatically. If you do have to reboot (I used to reboot if I had Windows on the same computer, but found out that it was just a file inside Windows causing the problem – otherwise I haven't rebooted since went full fledged Ubuntu Linux), you just switch to an older kernel and then it is back to working condition – no key strokes!

  387. Bailey Wellington says

    haha lose all your files quietly weep

  388. Jon Cage says

    I Lol'd 🙂

  389. Reb Hall says

    This is too funny. There is so much truth in it.

  390. Roland Gee says

    to everyone who is complaining about the validity of this comic I would like to clarify that this comic is satirical as + Amanda Blain pointed out. + Matthew Inman , who wrote this comic wanted to point out how it doesn't matter whether you are a MS, Mac, or Linux fan, you have/will been/be in a situation where your computer will break down for some reason and you will end up weeping lol. The "solutions" he suggests are generalized and may not be true 100% of the time. I have worked with Windows and Linux before and have personally been in those situations. For my Windows box, something happened after I finished a required update which resulted in the boot getting corrupt. I then proceeded to reformat my HDD which had some important docs, and reinstall Windows (that was not a particularly good night for me…). When working with Ubuntu, I unfortunately dived in without learning much about Linux and found myself going through hoops in order to solve the most basic of problems lol. I eventually got sick of it and returned to Windows. However now that I am actually reading more about how the Linux system works…I am probably going to give it another try.

  391. Aaron Graves says

    Linux = free but have to spend days learning how to make flash work.
    Apple = zZzZzZzZzZzzzzzz……
    Windows 7 PC = Fun, quick, and never crashes!

  392. andrey wachovski says


  393. Brandon Hastings says

    You forgot the Windows option of "
    Google problem, read forums." Also, all the Mac stare does is backup/reinstall also.

  394. David Williams says

    I use Slackware and Windows. Used to work in an Apple shop…years ago. Have been doing IT for almost 30 Years now. I like the comparison, very funny. But seriously. Windows 7 is our fave. The $7k computer runs it smooth and stable. Old hardware with Slackware is my file server. XP is running my media servers. I don't want any Apple. To restrictive. Windows or Linux can both be stable. It's all about the hardware you put it on.

  395. Jason Easter says

    This is only true if you are an idiot

  396. Brandon Silva says

    Please give appropriate credit for this graphic to the original creator Matthew Inman, otherwise known as The Oatmeal. I don't think a hashtag is sufficient credit.

  397. Frann Leach says

    For all those saying "this is a joke, get over it" you should learn what makes a joke funny, which is something which is close enough to the truth and yet incongruous enough to make it humorous. Just saying A is B when they ain't even related isn't funny, it's just stupid

  398. Scott Rosenberg says

    Linux works fine for me… so does windows…

  399. Scott Rosenberg says

    I've never needed to compile anything ever on linux.

  400. Scott Rosenberg says

    I've never needed to compile anything ever on linux.

  401. Barbs Frazier says


  402. Rizal Jailani says


  403. carl nantelle says

    Stay away from porn sites LOL.

  404. matthew diiorio says

    ha i laugh at that to

  405. Mirzet Kadic says

    1 :( not true! Go + Ubuntu !

  406. Theresa Petersen says

    Pretty cool

  407. ahlis fatoni says


  408. David Baker says

    haha. nice

  409. kayla karim says


  410. Olaf Fichtner says

    This is pretty close to what quite a few users do, except for Linux. There things always start with the config files, but usually the recommendation people get is "read the man page" or "read the docs" – and as long as there is any documentation available, this usually does indeed help…

  411. Carter Bradley Chapman says

    This is so true…I don't know a single person that runs linux and doesn't have to rewrite their own programs

  412. cawley israel says

    Ummmm i don't think this info is vaulbe to me.

  413. Christopher Stott says

    just curious … how exactly do you revert back?

  414. bryan knoll says

    i realize its a joke.. but with windows 7 you can simply image your drive to another partition and basicly start where you left off in like 15 minutes if a software malfunction takes out the OS..
    as others have mentioned.. linux… is so easy.. and rock solid.
    mac ?? no clue.. probably really do have to take it to a store where they will just sell you a new one.. F mac..

  415. Seurt Sorn says

    Very true

  416. Jay Mora says

    Isn't this true about Windows based PC's?

    Funny how things are illustrated but this is true……..LOL

  417. Rick Noel says

    Awesome + Amanda Blain ! So funny because it is so true and it's an equal opportunity roast!

  418. Jonathan Wong says

    If Ubuntu decides to mess with me, I boot into a live CD and back up my data then reinstall Ubuntu from an easy to use GUI.

  419. Chris Scott says

    There's so many comments here, I can't find the post that guy +1'd. Damn, this got popular. #antihipster

  420. ?? says

    It's true, really

  421. Kendrick Snyder says

    Computers suck. Get a real job.

  422. David Morefield says

    I have been running Linux for the past 3 years, I won't go back to Windows. I am grateful that there are Windows machines out there, what else would pay my bills having to support them?

  423. Rob Jennings says

    Oh, I have had , Linux, mac & windows crash on me. Nothings perfect

  424. Anurag Sharma says

    Amanda you have no clue what you are talking about… Linux is pretty easy and solid.

  425. Ahmad Almarri says

    Soooo true

  426. Lejf Rossi says

    And to think i have all 3

  427. Silner Wilner says

    Sorry, + Amanda Blain but I have to agree with + Anurag Sharma Besides, if you do reinstall Linux you get to geep your home partition (and that's where your data stays)

  428. Jenaro Fernández says

    I saw a version like nine months ago, but I still love it 🙂

  429. Anand Kumria says

    I don't have lucky socks. Quietly weep.

  430. Wanda. Willoughby says

    so does anyone know how true it is?

  431. Arman Ohanian says

    That was true about linux a few years ago. It has come a long way… Either way, the post is still very funny.

  432. T Carter says

    Very well said.
    Arne Tobias Malkenes Ødegaard – There are some mistakes here. I just thought I should collect them here:
    1. Learning C++ is not needed to recompile the kernel, since it's written in C.
    2. Learning Java will not help at all
    3. Proper Linux users will never use Windows or Mac unless forced at gunpoint 🙂 Peach it.

    One may eat an apple or lookout a window, but this doesn't mean he is full or that he understands what he sees; but then that isn't required for either of these actions. The same can not be said of swimming in the ocean, you either know how or you die.

  433. Lando Rodriguez says

    so true…..

  434. kit mendoza says


  435. Sampson Ekwe says

    I,d rather the the linux geek and take charge than depend sole on Apple 4 the Mac

  436. Bill Heinbach says

    read it and weep.

  437. Adnan khan says

    really interesting

  438. Daniel Dhaiti says

    Sounds just about right!!

  439. Andrew Blyth says

    But with my linux, I just download and install a patch in under a minute, no restart necessary.

  440. Dylan Brierley says

    Windows wins again

  441. Liz ?uilty says

    Clearly written by a Windows user, seriously … learn how to program? you gotta be joking!

  442. khalid khalid says

    Hhhhhh lol

  443. Adrian Pennie says

    Ha ha. True

  444. Graham Clark says


  445. Ahmad AlAmer says

    Funny !, but I see Linux is much more less to fail like windows always do !

  446. Paolo Tomasetig says

    So true

  447. Luz-Yen Ricketts says

    omg U LOOK GORGEOUS !!!!!

  448. Samantha Chiang says

    hahaha lol buy a new one

  449. Jonathan Orosco says

    Very funny. But I think beer solves all computer, drink enough and you could care less what a computer does.

  450. Howard Mejicanos says

    c++ is very dificult

  451. gang li says


  452. Jens Edlund says

    Me? I just love fan boys. Everywhere, all the time. Thanks for the trigger 😉

  453. Gert Schepens says

    thank Tux that recompiling with a CPU using refracted light from Saturn almost always does the trick!

  454. Mirella Villani says

    cute cute cute love it (even though its for a new episode)

  455. Steve Noveman says

    get a tablet

  456. Jay McNeil says

    Step 2 of Apple: Buy a new Mac. lol!

  457. travis serio says

    + Steve Noveman Root – Flash new rom daily searching for the ultimate rom.

  458. Patrick Smith says

    Thats awesome.

  459. Ryan Johnson says

    who the fuck is amanda blain?

  460. Karl Smithe says

    Some people think slight exaggeration is satire.

  461. Wendyl John De Guzman says

    the exact way it should be done

  462. Jeremy Crowder says

    So true…

  463. Rory Pfeifer says

    If youre smart you load your OS on a boot drive(I use an SSD for a <30s boot), and everything else on separate drives. I can format and reinstall Windows 7 in a couple hours, with no lost data. I see nothing to weep about.

  464. Gabriel Francisco Sanchez Suarez says

    Inaccurate. you have to learn C not C++ or Java to program, debug and assemble modules in Linux.

  465. Antony den Dulk says

    For Windows it is pretty much true though sometimes it takes multiple reboots. I have never owned an Apple so don't know about it. In the 5+ years I have been running Linux I have never had a problem which required any of the described steps.

  466. Nicki Bonner says


  467. Mike Ladao says

    go back to DOS that should fix everything

  468. xiaozhi yu says

    Good one!

  469. Kevin Smith says

    Comedy… love it!

  470. Kelly Hair says

    Linux is far more user friendly nowadays. True on the other two though!

  471. Petros Bountis says

    So true!

  472. Florin Jurcovici says

    That's plain wrong! You have to start with C, not C++! And learn shell scripting, not Java!

    Then again, on a more serious note, I didn't do a full reinstall on neither of my PCs over the last three years – since I switched all of them to Linux. (I wasn't quite happy with UI and drivers before that, but now it's plain beautiful, besides perfectly working.)

  473. Javier Ponce C. says


  474. Michelle Helen says


  475. Thomas Wagner says

    LOL you don't lose your files you start windows in safe mode and move what you wanna keep to a flash drive. THEN quietly weep.

  476. Emma McDowell says

    Kind of like a weird funky look NICE!

  477. Savvas Nicolaou says

    So true 🙂

  478. Michael Richter says

    I don't know which is funnier: the comic or the people who are reacting to the obvious trolling in the comic as if it were a technical manual with factual errors.

  479. Jason Ingram says

    I have to agree. It is true, that most people do just buy another mac. but only because they have had the same one for seven years, without ever having to go through re-booting and re formatting several times, which leads to loss of memorable data. We've all been there. i own a PC! I am a video director and musical composer. Let me tell you, i have lost hundreds of songs and video clips due to the un-stable environment of a PC. MAC is the only way to go. They cost more for a reason. That's why i am buying my first imac next month. And they're pretty too!

  480. Amit Kumar says

    SO COOL !!!!

  481. Wei Ye says


  482. Mr Destruction says

    Whats wrong about turning your room into a server station? And also this shows why ill never own mac.

  483. Mahendran Kandiar says

    What an idiotic post, if u cant fix a linux or mac, u shd get brains checked. Btw, my linux has never crashed

  484. Peter Ferriola says

    Eleven-year full-time Linux user here, never had a significant problem that wasn't hardware-failure-related (or me doing something utterly idiotic and already knowing better).

  485. Nic Bifano says

    Ha. Great stuff! My wife thinks I'm crazy too.

  486. Amanda Blain says


  487. Mohammad Ashraf says

    wellcome amanda blain you are exactly beautifuly

  488. irvin dzimiri says

    hahaha wth is Linux

  489. Hector Mora G. says


  490. Thiago Christianis de Oliveira Augusto says

    Great! W, Apps, Linux — ^^ < < Apple! Very Good

  491. Gabriel Pehrson says

    The "recompile kernel again, this time using refracted light from saturn" was what made me ROFL.

  492. Leo Ragsdale says

    I like it you all.

  493. katty sharon says


  494. Frank Emmons says

    Been using Linux since the very early days of the Slackware distro. Never once have I recompiled the kernal when I did not choose to out of curiosity or wanting to run the latest bleeding edge features. Everytime I have had a serious problem in Linux it was because I did something stupid ( like 'rm -rf ./*' when I was logged in as root and inside the /etc directory when I thought I was in $HOME/work and as my regular user – in my early years ). *nix operating systems are built on the assumption that you are smart enough to know what you are doing and if you type a command in the console, that command will be carried out without prompting you several times to confirm.

  495. Pallas Lau says

    the oatmeal! 😀

  496. dzunisani emmauel says


  497. Nasser Albakr says

    I miss linux T_T, I need to power up my server and rebuild the kernel

  498. Patrick Gaido says

    Mostly true and funny but Linux has become so much more user friendly over the years that you don't necessarily have to learn code in C++ or recompile the kernel. Linux has become very user friendly.

  499. Farran Lee says

    How dare you + Amanda Blain! 😉

  500. Bret Lackey says

    this, is funny. haha. 🙂

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