How Long Do You Think You’ve Been Using Facebook

Probably not as long as you think…

-February 4, 2004 Was the Day Facebook was Launched but unless you were a part of the school group….

September 26, 2006 was the date Facebook opened to the public.. and you probably were not on there right away….

-Facebook use to look like this… 🙂 no fancy Graphics.. ugly square user interface and LOTS of banner ads….

Although we all feel like Facebook has been here forever.. Its not even publicly available 5 years… and it REALLY has gone through LOTS of changes/feedback/growth in that time…

♥ Food for thought today ♥

How Long Do You Think You've Been Using Facebook

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  1. Charity Todd says

    and where do we find our anniversary date? I would think there was a way to find out. I know on twitter there is.

  2. Justin Rowland says

    I remember getting a "thefacebook" account haha.

  3. T.M. Barclay says

    I have only used FB for about 3 years…I thought it had existed forever though!

  4. Cliff Wade says

    I remember lying about my age to get on TheFaceBook back in the day. Though I never really used it but only to see some pics of my kids friends, I've been there for a very long time.

  5. Bill Sodeman says

    I was on Facebook back in 2005, back when a .edu email address was all you needed to join.

  6. Dan Glass says

    I joined Facebook in 2005. I was working at a university at the time and needed to know why we were getting thousands of emails a day from the domain… it was starting to clog up the inbound mail queues.

    Little did I know then what it would become… I would have blocked the domain altogether. <sarcasm /> 😉

  7. matthew rappaport says

    Ahh you did it… you added this — I think we all think we were on it sooner — but we ALL were on friendster and myspace EARLY heh.. Not our fault we GRADUATED by 2004! 🙂

  8. Debbie DiFonzo says

    I have to say, I did not like nor did I understand how to maneuver the first round of Facebook. I created a business page and could not figure out how to go back to it – even though I consider myself computer/internet savvy. It was sad!

  9. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    October-ish, 2006

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