1. David Young says

    I'm hungry now.

  2. steve emrick says

    Gummy-anything is my kryptonite

  3. Brian Gillespie says

    Errmegherd gummrbehrs!

  4. ColiN DeWilde says

    Gummies are the only non-chocolate candy for me 🙂

  5. William Meredith says

    I'm a big fan of color. Post more, please.

  6. SwettiePie AllDay says

    This makes me want GUMMY BEARS!!

  7. Frank Pham says

    Look nice

  8. Kyle Doddridge says

    You don't eat gummy bears because you're hungry. You eat them because of the "fruity" flavor and colors.

  9. Camila Ivana Montaño says

    mmm no me gustan esas gomitas dulces, me dan asco xo bonito lo qe hicieron!!!!

  10. Marge Gentry says


  11. Sadu Seefoo says

    That's both cute and delicious this is where the saying "your so cute I could just EAT you up!!!!" came from…

  12. Marivel Ramos says


  13. Daniel Loehrer says

    I can haz?

  14. Jamaal Harmon says

    I love gummy bears more than I have ever loved a solid human.

  15. Sadu Seefoo says

    + Jamaal Harmon thats just sad…

  16. Jane Brown says


  17. Jane Brown says

    Ooooh, pretty!!

  18. Neal Beer says


  19. Christian Ramos says


  20. ?? says

    en… gummi Bärchen, sehr schön.

  21. BaSSiQ MusiQ says

    when i was little kid i would strech them and pull at the feet.  least no other animals were ever  hurt.

  22. Amanda Blain says

    I did that too + BaSSiQ MusiQ 

  23. Sadu Seefoo says

    I used to eat them limb by limb (head,feet,arms) xD I'm weird

  24. Lauren Castle says

    lol amanda, that is cute, I like it

  25. Ramon Bello says

    Can you say: Delicious!

  26. Mj Clark says

    nom nom

  27. francisco jeres says


  28. Adrian Rodriguez says

    Stop + Amanda Blain now I have the munchies for gummy bears.  My pretty Canadian spy

  29. Aaron chen says

    looks great

  30. francisco jeres says

    si entretenido.!

  31. Roland Mendoza says

    Gumm-licious !!!

  32. Yukie Banzai says

    Pretty! I want one!

  33. ??? says

    good!! I like it.

  34. Panha Seng says

    love it…..

  35. Klis Torres says

    Good i lak tha red!

  36. cristian santiago says

    oh! gummy bear i want it!!! <3

  37. Bruce Williams says

    "Taste the rainbow." Reminds of the Skittles candy commercial.

  38. Mariesa Bouma says

    thats so true.. thats a funny commercial.. 🙂

  39. cristian santiago says

    yah!! love it!!

  40. Don Bones says

    FINALLY, i can taste the rainbow O.o

  41. shema montinola says


  42. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    Good ,.,.,. I Like that ,.,.

  43. destiney owens says

    i want some

  44. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    I Like

  45. cristian santiago says

    you want?? you buy!?? >>><<< 
    it was a joke!! 🙂

  46. michael reyes says

    Vuelvo y digo, la creatividad esta en hacer de las cosas mas simples algo diferente

  47. Sarah Kasprzak says

    GUMMY BEARS!!!!!!

  48. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    Rubber gummy,.,.,.



  50. Alexander Perrigo says

    Gummy Bear Army!

  51. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    nice ,,.,.small & beauty

  52. David Edwards says


  53. ashley stronach says

    that likes very taste

  54. Yone Love says

    cool 🙂

  55. Eron Lewis says


  56. Sarah Franklin says

    Mmm tastes like yellow.. 😉

  57. Ryan Rodgers says

    I love the gummy bears in this, Great Post.

  58. Jac Rusch says

    🙂 mouth watering

  59. T.J. Waldo says

    how long did it take you to  make this

  60. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    Creativitation ,.,.,.,.

  61. james vilaichit says

    + J.C. Kendall Would love this.

  62. ??? says

    It looks tasty….

  63. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    taste   .,.,. I Like Taste

  64. Cheng Lee says

    I want

  65. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    What do You Want ?

  66. J.C. Kendall says

    + james vilaichit Yes he would and he does…*sniff*..it's so beautiful..

  67. Lingerieen Dai says

    The thing to do

  68. Eron Lewis says

    I want some

  69. GHALIB SALEH says

    Is it good for eat. Because someone hungry,,,,

  70. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    you hungry,.,.,.? oh my god ,,.

  71. GHALIB SALEH says

    I thought it is good,, It looks like CANDY. 

  72. Ranjan Boral says


  73. Muhammad Anwar says


  74. Sugeng Tulistiono says

    nice too

  75. taya fleming says

    that is cool

  76. Harish Tiwari says


  77. Mike Farrell says


  78. kuldeep kumar Saini says


  79. Harry Sio says

    nice job!

  80. Ayoub Khote says


  81. Bearman Cartoons says

    Yummy gummy

  82. Anna Mannino says

    I love gummy bears…

  83. Chris Zurfluh says

    I'm hungry now.  Thanks.

  84. karthixo karthixo says


  85. Moubile Bilmed says


  86. Sathish Kumar says


  87. Bronwyn Kistler says

    Someone has a lot of time on their hands… o__o

  88. Maurys Liceth Tarazona Miranda says

    ummmm se me hizo agua la boca!! 

  89. james jacobin says

    Wow, those look better than the ones from Winco!

  90. laura paredes says

    que rico ce me antoja 

  91. cristian santiago says

    i cant underatand??? do you speak english??!!

  92. ashley stronach says

    i love that

  93. Ronny Dy Guaso Padernal says


  94. lalit nayyar says

    this is tady ronny dy

  95. hemant rao says

    It looks like a rainbow

  96. james jacobin says

    ooh double rainbow

  97. ashley stronach says

    i want to

  98. taya fleming says

    so so so so so so so yummy


     did u like it flag of Ethiopia i think u r committed to be Ethiopian  u want to be Ethiopian u r wellcome!!

  100. jasmine mcwhorter says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i love gummy bears and the colors !!!!!!!!!

  101. Devin Cortazzo says

    i love all the flavors OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Muhammad Zaka Ullah Khan says

    nice. My 6 month old son loves to watch gummy bear song. when i showed him that pic, he kept on waiting for the picture to move like video song 🙂

  103. Raffaele Sollecito says

    I love it ????

  104. Ronny Dy Guaso Padernal says

    sure, good for kids….

  105. Geo D says

    Gummy Bears are my favorite!! DON'T EAT ALL OF THEM!!! Save some for me!!  >;)

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