1. Harold Chester says

    That makes for good drama.

  2. Yifat Cohen says

    I knew it! lol

  3. Brett Bjornsen says

    kill em all… keep em guessing

  4. Sean Cowen says

    Good for fans, must drive the actors batsh*t crazy.

  5. Mike Mixon says

    That's why I like him. There is actually some real twists.

  6. Billy Spelchan says

    I wonder if he is related to David Weber in any way?

  7. Eoghann Irving says

    That's all I have to say. 😀


  8. Federico Cesaroni says

    The real main character is the plot…everyone else is disposable!

  9. Michael O'Reilly says

    The first major character he killed I was shocked, and then immediately loved the fact that he had the strength as a writer to do so. Little did I know how much…

  10. John Fanavans says

    if only he bloody finished it!

  11. Marc Belley says

    GRRM <3 C'mmoonnnn Books 6 & 7

  12. Maan Jee says

    a writer always did it

  13. Simon Guy says

    he was a great writer. have you read books 4 and 5?

  14. James Ehni says

    Just finished up Book 3 started into 4, just wow is all I can say. Don't want to spoil anything, but indeed no one is safe.

  15. Khoirul Nikmat says


  16. Aleksander Hropot says

    this one is better:

  17. Aleksander Hropot says

    also, look @ my bragging rights 😀 😀

  18. David Sarachman says

    I once joked that his last book was going to be 768 pages of snow blowing over gravestones.

  19. Carlos Cervantes says

    Scumbag George R.R. Martin

  20. Alan McDonald says

    Ah, but at the end of book 5 – are things really as they seem?

  21. Aleksander Hropot says

    No. They are worse 🙂

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