Facebook To Start Displaying Video Ads

Here we go! As soon as July, Facebook has been reported to start rolling out 15 second auto play ads for your wonderful enjoyment.  American Express, Unilever, Ford, Coca-Cola and Diageo are supposed to be part of this test.

I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Aren't you? There is nothing more I want to see, than ads for stuff I don't care about at all, auto playing muted, while I browse what my friends ate, complaints about their lives and pictures of their children! 😀

Also Faceybook, 15 seconds is not the standard format. That means companies are going to have to edit and cut out from 30 second clips they already have.. OR spend more money making all new commercials. smart move.

How long before the Faceybook paid ad-free version actually comes out at this rate? 🙂



, Facebook To Start Displaying Video Ads

  1. Kevin Bowie says

    Amanda, what is this Facebook you speak about…? Haha. Good thing I got rid of my account a couple years back.

  2. Jan Wildeboer says

    Oooooh! Also on mobile? The fun of burning through my limited data plan because of video spots!

  3. Matthew Sabia says

    "The best thing about Facebook is there are no ads cluttering it up. That's what makes it cool." – Mark Zuckerberg 2002

    Paraphrasing, but close.

  4. Danny Lewis says

    Phuken lovely….

  5. Mary Adcock says

    Even on mobile?

  6. Gorgor Gor says


  7. GalriMontaj International Contemporary Art says

    Can I say how much I hate this?

  8. Adrian Martin says

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the post  …"Faceybook" is so you and your sarcasm is razor sharp, my friend!  🙂

  9. Tiffany McLaughlin says

    My husband just reminded me that there are no ads on the phone or in person. That led me to imagine a scenario …

    Bob and Peter run into each other on the street.

    Bob: Hey, Peter! Long time no see.

    Peter: You may start this conversation in ten seconds…(launches into a Tampax Commercial as the countdown continues.)

    Bob: Ah, riiiight. I'll just be going now.

  10. Adam Martin says

     I about fell out of my chair when I read this because I was laughing so hard:

    There is nothing more I want to see, than ads for stuff I don't care about at all, auto playing muted, while I browse what my friends ate, complaints about their lives and pictures of their children! 😀

    There couldn't be a more accurate description of what Facebook is.  So funny!

  11. Aaron Hockley says

    Quitting Facebook a few months back has been one of the best social media moves ever.

  12. Amanda Blain says

    I haven't seen any mention of mobile yet  but I wouldn't put it past them. Additional streams of revenue required for shareholders and all.. 🙂

  13. Donagh Reardon says

    Your better than sarcasm.
    Its only facebook (where they don't love you as much as they do here).

  14. Jan Wildeboer says

    it will come. Mobile is da futures sez Zuck! 😉

  15. Amanda Blain says

    When it comes to the world still loving facebook and promoting it everywhere i look… I have nothing left but sarcasm for it sadly  😉 Not sure when the masses are all going to wake up.. but this might be a swift kick that way for lots.

  16. Adrian Martin says

    Still laughing at "Faceybook"  XD

  17. Jason Pillow says

    I sense a bit of sarcasm there .. =P

  18. Robert colesby says

    I actually don't have a problem with this. I mean for those of us that use a free service understand they need revenue. Much like how we out up with it on YouTube. Sure we all complained at first now it's not that bad.

  19. Amanda Blain says

    I've been using faceybook forever  … its my term of affection for the site 🙂 Do a search up there on google here and you'll see 🙂

  20. Kevin Casey says


  21. Art Eppley says

    Bookface… myfacespace whatever lol

  22. JoAnn Brereton says

    I can't wait until they do this.    That should piss off enough of the remaining members of family and friends who still swear by Facebook.

  23. Adrian Martin says

     …I see. I'm lovin' it! It implies a liveliness in your personality that shines. If I ever had the opportunity to meet you, I'd probably just say, "Faceybook" and bust out laughing with you.  Awesome, my friend.

  24. Jeff Angcanan says

    Wait…G+ shows what entrepreneurs and gamers ate for lunch, complaints about Republicans, and pictures of phones people wish they had…hmmm…
    Ohhhhhh, I get it…it's the auto play ads that's different!!

  25. Amanda Blain says

    I understand the need for advertising on a free service  .. I make my living off that concept actually…. but making a horrible end user experience for revenue is not the way to do it.. I have to the best of my knowledge not knowingly clicked on one faceybook ad ever. Just cause im single and im not looking for dating sites…. Their ads are HORRIBLE.. and now they are going to blanket show generic companies i've never even liked? No thanks.

  26. JoAnn Brereton says

     The one company that actually gets this right is Amazon.   The ads on the Paperwhite are very unobtrusive and occasionally are actually things I want to click on.

  27. Robert colesby says

    Do you watch YouTube though it's no different. How about tv, how many of us pay to cable and satellite services to show us commercials.

  28. GalriMontaj International Contemporary Art says

     I love your sarcasm almost as much as I hate (as one of my FB pals calls it) f*ckbook.

  29. donald hakala says

    What if you only spend 15 seconds a day on Facebook? 😛

  30. Amanda Blain says

     .. hmm if that is what your gplus is showing you… i suggest its time for a circle cleaning… You don't have a choice to 'clean out real life friends' on facebook without offending them… here you can remove or organize better and only see people and interests you actually uh.. like… 😛

  31. rashed khan says


  32. Angelo Zaharof says

    facebook nu mai e ce era odata sa stricat rau

  33. Dave Thomas says

    AdBlock Plus FTW

  34. George Itotia says


  35. Ghulam Mohiuddin says

    This is one in all

  36. Jeff Angcanan says

    Oh I totally get it  … and your point is valid, it's just sometimes the G+ community likes to rag on FB the way a pot would call a kettle black.  That gets old.

  37. Nykhan davis says

    Totally wack

  38. Jonathan Moore says

    Facebook still exists?

  39. Saint toure says

    yo welcome

  40. Derrik Diener says

    I can't wait to add them to the blocklist.

  41. alainfrechette Jeannine says

    Invitez moi Je suis ali frechette Je vous y attend

  42. Carlos Balderas says

    Hopefully, this would get more people off of FB.

  43. Seth Moon says

    You don't place video ads on a site not dedicated to videos and then proceed not to pay the content owner of that video (assuming these ads will be played on top of other users home videos). Oh well, AdBlock Plus to the rescue!

  44. donald hakala says

    I thought Facebook existed to keep in touch with family and old friends  ..But a wise person once told me "why don't you just call them"…so i did 🙂
    and i avoid all those annoying game requests for Candy Crush

  45. tux dillard says

    Facebook suks

  46. Seth Moon says

     Block the games. Every game request I get, I will block the entire game. This makes my news feed less annoying and you never get new requests.

  47. Aaron Lothian says

    Flash block. Flash Cookies is another way of grabbing customer stats and them making money. Facebook is a free website which makes revenue from advertising and finding clever devious ways to to this in a even more undesirable fashion.

    My browser deletes these after every internet session.

  48. Ambra Vanderpool says

    Still not sorry I don't and haven't had facebook…for a long time, that is.  I tried it.

  49. Joe Modzski says

    Glad I deleted mine!

  50. Aaron Lothian says

    You can't expect them to run it on thin air alas by cleverly duping people into submitting info without consent is wrong.

  51. Susan Zutautas says

    Dislike 🙁

  52. Jonathan Moore says

    Well , I actually never used Facebook. Everyone I know was always telling me to get on there. I said naw, I'll pass. Too much drama…

  53. Megan Turner says

    This is why I love   🙂

  54. donald hakala says

    I use Facebook primarily to advertise Google + and it's superiority… waiting for Zuckerberg to ban me 😛

  55. Chris Lau says

    A reminder to all google+ – Sharing is Caring but keep your facebook contacts away from google+. No need to cheapen the quality of content 🙂

  56. Sean Paul says

    Ads? What ads?

  57. Bobo Fett says

    So glad I disabled my FB account.

  58. John Stierheim says

    What's Facebook Precious?

  59. jeff jare says

    Funny Sarcasm  !!! I have a Faceplant acct, to monitor my teenage kid. =(^_^)=

  60. Bill Maginnis says

    Sounds like time to seriously considering dumping Facebook for Google+ as only community.

  61. Phil Maxwell says

    Well it's true Amanda, but what do you do find another vendor? Look at all of your work!

  62. Irfan Siddique says

    People do it to blackmail users and get money out of their pocket….facebook will gona blackmail its innocent users…:)

  63. Irfan Siddique says

    Yeah i have seen many sober and gentle people to add such a freaks ib their circle as well which is actually effecting their own reputation.on the other hand people are also using fake ids on G+. Google must think about it seriously and many people are also love games here….thats so funny…amanda u r to gud to mention this….thanks love u

  64. Irfan Siddique says

    I mean playing love games

  65. Mohit Deopujari says

    We gotta do something to stop those FB narcissists from coming over to our beloved G+! I can already see some of them with their Stupid "Like this and something great will happen to you" posts here on G+! HELP!

  66. Sean Paul says

    Those people are easy to filter out.  You can keep them in a circle that rarely shows on your wall (mine's called Lamers).

    This allows you to pick over their posts at your leisure without cluttering up your G+ wall.

  67. Irfan Siddique says

    Yeah i mean if u wont carry on with ur class act…..u will be out of class.
    Google must kick lovers n complainers to stablize its class…i m seriously thinking about deactivating my other account.

  68. levi frazier says

    Be a good reason to delete my account

  69. Stephanie Burgess says

    I have facebook only to do family genealogy and exchange photos. I'm not against it, I just don't like being deludged with ads.

  70. Sebastian Angel-Riano says

    G+ lesson #1: NEVER talk about Facebook.

  71. Isabelle Ballard says


  72. David Issel says

    As long as they don't have audio, I can easily ignore them.

  73. Oremo Ochillo says

    Facebook just keeps getting better and better

  74. Mike Hogan says

    Guess they are trying to kill off their social network just like MySpace

  75. Commisioner Ken says

    I really do not care for facebook.It is about time for them to start doing this.They sold out.So what will be next? start charging.a fees for posting or having a profile. No lost love for me.

  76. marius codrut says

    It's easy for me to take it, I don't have a facebook account. Ha Ha!

  77. Jordan Gill says

    Next thing you'll know, people will have to pay for a subscription to get rid of ads permanently (If they don't have ad blocker of-course!)…

  78. Eric theGreat says

    Facebook shouldn't went public …. now mark have to make the share holders happy while making the user sad.. all about the $$$$™©

  79. Eric Wong says

    Facebook has become Adbook.

  80. Marek Góral says

    I'm so excited, I've been waiting for something like that all my life !!!

  81. Peter Koufos says

    Time for you to go, grasshopper.

  82. Pete Bayliss says

    Trouble is folks what starts with zuckerbook will be watched by Google and if it doesn't result in mass deletion of accounts how long before + goes the same way?

  83. Fuad Ush says

    I dont understand the whole thing,could someone help please

  84. Amanda Blain says

    + has zero reason to advertise on this space… zero. They make money off of providing targeted ads based on what you are searching for… as i mentioned earlier.. just because i am single doesnt mean im interested in dating site ads… like faceybook loves to show me every time i log in. 😛

  85. Gerard McGarry says

    Disappointing but predictable. How many people are locked into Facebook at this point? Will they leave, and if so where will they go? Please don't let it be Google+!

  86. Martin Kříž says


  87. Jayden Navarro says

    Awesome! Am I the only person that really wants this??? 🙂

  88. Kevin Matthew says

     Yes, yes you are!!! 🙂

  89. Ervin Ruhe says

    I'm glad I like using google+ more. That will steer me more away from facebook. How about you?

  90. JoHn QuIsPe MaMaNi says


  91. Peni Duzit says

    Good work (Amanda Blain) S/M debate. dontcares likes & knows even.

  92. Tony Cacaccio says

    hahahahaha! Long live +Google+!

  93. Amanda Blain says


  94. Walter Jnr says

    Youtube already does this so it's only a matter of time before Google Plus implements it too. At that point I'm done with social media.

  95. Carlos Balderas says

    I don't understand why people have a problem with people migrating from FB to G+. Yes, there are annoying people over there, but there are some annoying people elsewhere, too, including G+. This isn't a secret club. I hear one camp not wanting more people here, and one camp saying that there's nobody here. Ack! Ah, well — can't please everyone.

  96. Billy Varker says

    Facebook sucks

  97. julio zelaye says

    F'"kbook still alive ???? Woah its hard to die eh !!! ..any way is better still alive… may folks don't switch in2 g+ …. Bonita senorita .. 😉

  98. Ethan Hill says

    i like g+ way better its not as upin ur face as face book or spammy

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