Do You Remember This? Three Wolf Moon Shirt

A conversation today reminded me of this iconic shirt from 2009…. 🙂

Three Wolf Moon is the name of a “power animal” t-shirt that was ironically made into one of the top selling apparel items on Amazon in 2009, thanks to thousands of internet users who hyped it up with hilarious, tongue-in-cheek customer reviews. Befitting its widespread reputation, the shirt is so virile and mesmerizing that you probably shouldn't look at it in a direct angle.

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Do You Remember This? Three Wolf Moon Shirt

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  1. Christopher B says

    Lol. I used to have one..

  2. Amanda Blain says

    OMG… was it awesome + Christopher B ? What special power were you granted? 🙂

  3. Ramsez Stamper says

    Remember it? Lol I just saw one in a fantasy store in Saint Augustine Florida

  4. Ray Sanders says

    + Amanda Blain – By merely posting a picture of this shirt, you've managed to get 379 women pregnant.

  5. Mario Lombardo says

    The amazon review that made that shirt famous is hilarious!

  6. Amanda Blain says

    HA! i love it.. + Ray Sanders 🙂

  7. b. sharkey says

    + Christopher B USED to? aha, so it was too powerful. I knew better than to even be in the same house or room as one, let alone try to put it on. good lookin' out

  8. Ray Sanders says


  9. Riley Simpson says

    I love that shirt

  10. joseph frankovich says

    I just bought one, a six pack and a Bowie knife online just under 5 minutes; world record.

  11. Jon Hughes says

    I have two of these awesome shirts and it's all true what they say about them… P O W E R!!! lol

  12. Don Dobrez says

    I got one for Christmas 2009 and still have it!

  13. Shelly Meyer says

    I love wolves. I have about 8 wolf t-shirts. 😀

  14. fauzi fanda says

    love it…

  15. Ray Sanders says


  16. Mark McLaughlin says

    Be better if those wolves were glow in the dark

  17. joseph frankovich says

    @ Mark

    They do

  18. Ray Sanders says

    I've often wondered if the moon was printed on this shirt with glow in the dark ink, but I don't think humanity could handle such an epic shirt.

  19. Mark McLaughlin says

    On an unrelated note I like how you +1 the comments on your posts Amanda 🙂

  20. MECH Jones says

    Nothing is more virile than a 3 wolves shirt, nothing.

  21. Amanda Blain says

    I read stuff… at least for the good portion of the start till things go crazy + Mark McLaughlin .. people should know that with a +1 🙂

  22. ??? says

    I want to own one ,because after the holiday,iam too tired to have a class

  23. Mark McLaughlin says

    Good to know you take the time to read and reply to comments 🙂 much appreciated

  24. Xin Li says

    Yes, there are some amazing Amazon reviews like this. And let's not forget the magical HDMI cables:

  25. Kyle Jensen says

    I had to throw mine in the firepit because the old lady got jealous of how many supermodels wanted my number.

  26. Christopher Marks says

    I don't remember the shirt, but do you remember the show "Three Moons Over Milford"?

  27. Cameron Silva says

    Dwight wore it, and now he's going to be getting his own TV Show.

  28. Amanda Blain says

    Ha… Internet im disappointed in you! so few memories of its amazing power.. it's secrets must be kept so the current generation doesn't understand..

  29. carlos andres lacera abril says

    hello I would like to chat with you

  30. David McDermott says

    Hey Carlos, let me know how that pickup line pans out for you, buddy.

  31. Yashaswini Makkena says


  32. Gareth Cook says

    Reminds me of + Kassem G

  33. Toni Rizki says


  34. Kha Bui says


  35. Toni Gouveia says

    I'm from Madeira! The same as saying, on the other side of the World …
    If you are a humble and simple, you're a girl you complete me! ..
    You seem to be a very happy and funny ..
    Live the life …

  36. toàn nguy?n says

    i get used to you??

  37. megneash k thirumurugan says

    Wow!Itz so noice!

  38. Subodh Telenge says

    wow….! what a Tshart


    thanks for telling this history

  40. Ardie Macaspac says


  41. edo gaul nobi says

    i like it

  42. Mansi Sarma says


  43. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    those reviews help make me the man I am today

  44. Abdurazaq roslan says


  45. GOLAM SOROWAR says

    This t-shirt picture is very nice. I like it. thanks.

  46. Vivian Miller says

    The 3 wolfs and moon is so PRETTY!!!!!!!

  47. Vishwanath Bhave says

    It's good.


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    were biz. Biz for God's
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    JESUS said "Matt.10:33 But
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  49. Shiwantha Kumara says

    you are not very prettu

  50. Shiwantha Kumara says

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  51. Justin White says

    look away! look away!

  52. Vinícius Pereira dos Santos says

    Nice ! Congratulations !!!

  53. Ty Nelson says

    dat looks sweet

  54. Robert Elliott PH.d says

    I got one and ware it often on full moons.

  55. Athma Dias says

    I lv this t shirt… Itz cool…

  56. viju kumar says

    its very good

  57. shokry mohamad says


  58. shokry mohamad says


  59. shokry mohamad says

    it is very beuteful amanda blain

  60. kyoung jin Han says

    looks great.

  61. Pablo Villegas says

    hello baby

  62. van np says

    hello every body

  63. anto kiswanto says


  64. gbenro obaloluwa says

    This shirt looks SpOoOKy

  65. Andrew Thompson says

    Ah yes, the shirt that got a fat ugly guy laid (according to a user review). :-p I doubt this was the first item to have a customer review done in humorous fashion, but it's definitely the most famous early ones. 🙂

  66. ???? ???????? says


  67. Gokhan Hamdi says


  68. Eddie Marquez says

    Actually I got this shirt last summer in LBI. New Jersey. Silver Sun Store. I still have it. small size!

  69. Christopher B says

    + Amanda Blain , I was supposed to have the healing powers, don't think it worked.
    + b. sharkey , no it wasn't, more hype than anything else. They will do just about anything to sell you something, though the shirt was cool.

  70. Rebecca Schofield says

    I remember the first time I encountered it….. I was so confused…..

  71. Parviz Mirwani says

    this me from pakistan u look vry nice

  72. Thomas Raschbacher says

    cool shirt

  73. anh van says


  74. Bajic Zivko says


  75. toàn nguy?n says

    i get used to you?

  76. Kaylee Beeman says

    that is so cool

  77. Jeffrey Beatty says

    so coooool

  78. Kevin Solberg says

    Oh my word, I'm wearing this shirt right now! I feel so special!! 😛

  79. Haley Rushford says

    my big brother loves it …lol………….

  80. Jeffrey Beatty says

    I like it. it is so cool

  81. Tracy McCreary says


  82. tanumoy paul says

    Yea i remember photo

  83. Jeffrey Beatty says

    I like it to

  84. satyender srivastav says

    its for me?

  85. GOLAM SOROWAR says

    Nice T-Shirt. I like it.

  86. Jeffrey Beatty says

    cool T-Shirt

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