Do you Believe in Ghosts?

Im currently in New Orleans and its an amazing beautiful historical city! Thinking of doing a ghost tour tomorrow…. So… do you believe in haunting spirits and ghosts?

Just a few years ago a poll revealed that 45 percent of Americans believe in ghosts or that people’s spirits can return in certain places and situations. And that number is probably much higher once you take into consideration the people who either weren’t surveyed or didn’t want to admit they believe. The reality is, many folks have had experiences they just can’t explain or have witnessed mysterious, eerie sights, sounds and sensations that could only be a paranormal encounter. If you’re one who would answer yes when asked if ghosts are real, what’s your reason?

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Do you Believe in Ghosts?

  1. Richard Sexton says

    I believe in trick photographs.

  2. Tyler Gramith says

    umm. YEAH! a ghost knocked over a vase the other night. scared the poop out of me

  3. Alvin Stearns says

    I don't believe in ghosts. Except for the ones that exist in our imagination. Those are great ghosts.

  4. Cheryl Sterling says

    i believe!…..that would be fun

  5. TJ Hamrick says

    Go for it. We did a Ghost Tour in NO about 15 years ago and it was great.

  6. Michael Casey says

    That boy was our last hope..

  7. Sang Lam says

    I don't, but my paranoid mind does! 🙁

    Anyone remember that show on MTV, where they had people go into haunted places and do various things while wearing a mounted camera helmet? Forgot the name of it, but it was entertaining to watch.

  8. miguel angel delly says


  9. John Carter says

    No, but I believe in Photoshop… 😀

  10. Leon Xu says

    it must not be true

  11. Rob Mayfield says

    I believe in single malt scotch whiskey 😉

  12. megan kareem says

    50 : 50 about that

  13. Chris Grenda says

    I have never seen anything myself but I have heard of to many things that can't be explained. So I guess I'm leaning towards, yes.

  14. Lisa Davenport says

    Hey + Amanda Blain you're in my absolute favorite city….SO jealous.

    First time? Ghost tour is fun, I'll also urge you into swamp tour and/or plantation tour….all that stuff is fantastic if you're in discovery mode. Or you can get out on the river for a ride.

    A couple other tips: when locals tell you to go somewhere: go there . They know. Check out Frenchman Street for music. And don't forget to buy some oil for your most current scheme. 🙂 and I want pics….as many as you'll let me have.

  15. Surajit pandit says

    sorry …..i can't believed that

  16. Adam Demarcus says

    You will get so drunk in NOLA, you will end up having a conversation with a ghost by the end of the night. Shit, you may even end up taking one home.

  17. Nic Boie says

    There is no dog.

  18. William Garcia says

    I certainly say yes… Go and have fun!!

  19. Juliansyah Lunrang says

    where is that?

  20. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    Yes i belive in ghosts sometime who love us more than others after death they come to met us in our world in the form of ghost

  21. megan kareem says

    are you sure?

  22. james cruz says

    hell yeah i do and i say go for it

  23. Peyton Vogel says

    yes i do you should post pics of any spooky stuff you

  24. Meeny McSweeny says


  25. Bill Abrams says

    + Amanda Blain Not so much on your belief question, but I do know what it means to miss New Orleans. The most fun times I've had there involved dancing, I'd concur with getting a local recommendation on where you might find a spot to enjoy that yourself.

  26. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    Whan it happen to fell sick and sleep more than daily

  27. Muruga Devan says


  28. Loc Tran says

    I force myself to not believe. Shh..

  29. Peyton Vogel says

    ghost are really spooky 😉

  30. Leland Luster says

    No "_)

  31. devanand chandravadia says

    yes i believe in ghost.

  32. Selene Cadwell says

    yes i do believe

  33. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    This is true your choice wana belive it or not

  34. Huong Trinh says

    i don't belive, never

  35. sally julian says

    i believin ghost coz i can see them..

  36. Muruga Devan says


  37. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    That's your choice friend but thanks for commenting on my post

  38. Randy Sagoo says

    I believe in ghosts as i used to investigate paranormal activities!!!

  39. Tim Hunt says

    I consider myself a fairly open-minded skeptic; I don't believe in ghosts or the paranormal – I believe that there is generally a rational explanation involved in paranormal experiences.

    However, I'm also open to the possibility that they do exist – I just haven't seen enough evidence to convince me… yet. I guess you could say that, while I don't believe that ghosts exist,I love the idea that they could exist, if that makes any sense.

    That being said, I would love to go on a ghost tour!

  40. Jeremy DeBose says

    South La is so much more interesting than north Louisiana. I miss it. I'm undecided on the ghost front, though. I used to believe in em completely, not I'm on the fence.

    Dont haunt me tonight, I need sleep!

  41. Darren O'Rorke says

    I have no reason to believe in ghosts but I will not say that do not exists. Photos like this as much as I might like them do not prove to me that ghosts are real, its a photo and anything could have happened when they were processing the film. But I am interested in hearing on how your ghost tour goes, have fun.

  42. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    Did you see any ghost

  43. yadhie sina says

    betulan itu….

  44. Himanshu Mishra says


  45. Belinda Sanchez says

    They are here I have had first hand experiance with them before luv them .<3 🙂

  46. Rima Muthi says

    no, I don't belive ghosts

  47. David Benton says


  48. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    When you experience it then you belive it

  49. David Benton says

    they believe in you

  50. Cynthia Jones says

    I luv this pic 😛

  51. Mark Hummel says

    I've experienced both types of energy (ghosts) and am a "sensitive" – I much prefer encountering positive energy versus the negative.

  52. Matt Burns says

    No, but don't tell them I said so.

  53. Gabriel Silva says

    I' believe

  54. Lisa Davenport says

    + Bill Abrams I miss Nola Every Day. Love Papa Grows Funk, Rebirth, and any random get down I can find. It's all about tasting the best food, dancing in a sweaty humid crowd (sometimes in the street), awesome characters & conversation, and what it feels like to wake up smiling. No place else i'd rather be.

  55. Hanki Kim says

    It's in our mind or not~

  56. Jennifer candela says

    si, la verdad si mucho. en todos ……

  57. Jamie Burkhardt says

    I believe in the sun because I've seen it with my own two eyes.

  58. Afitrie Rwietha says

    of course believe that

  59. Ben Anderson says

    Yup. Ghosts are no joke. At least not as far as I'm concerned.

  60. David Greene says

    Haha, nah. I believe that although it's possible that there are ghosts and demons and all that plaguing the physical realm, I doubt it. I tend to follow the theory that they're just the result of residual energy contained in a perpetual loop, causing what seems to be a spiritual event. The event is replayed after gathering more energy, usually from recent activity and the bringing of new energy by others. Since energy is always reused and never gets destroyed, it's a kind of unexplained anomaly. I know it sounds a bit crazy (if not completely insane), but I find myself entertaining this concept often whenever people talk about ghosts and the like. Here is an explanation I find pretty interesting:

    "This type of haunting is much more common than people realize. But we have to remember not to confuse this type of phenomena with an 'intelligent' haunting, because, while it is interesting and unexplained, ghosts may not be the cause.

    "The easiest way to explain this type of haunting is to compare it to an old film loop. Imagine an old movie tape is stuck in the VCR and the same clip keeps repeating itself. In locations where these hauntings take place, a powerful event or a series of events may be imprinted on the atmosphere. It can then suddenly pop up and play itself at random. But it's not necessarily visual; they are often replayed as unexplained sounds. The famous 'phantom footsteps' reported in many haunted locations are a perfect example of this.

    "How does this kind of thing happen? The sounds and images are related to traumatic events that took place at the location, causing some sort of disturbance sometimes called a 'psychic impression.' This is the reason why so many battlefields have become famous for their hauntings over the years. In other situations, the images have been created by events or actions that were repeated, which caused an impression. Reputedly, that is why so many haunted staircases exist, because of the number of times people go up and down them and the amount of energy that is expended in doing so.

    "These kinds of haunted places act as giant storage batteries, saving up the impressions of sights and sounds from the past. As time goes by, these impressions appear again as if the VCR had been turned on. While apparitions are most commonly connected to these types of hauntings, much of the activity may be in the form of sounds, and even smells."

    The best source for this explanation is, unfortunately, from MTV:

    EDIT: Forgot quotation marks.

  61. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    Hey one day you met a gost

  62. Keith Candiotti says

    Looks to me like you should invest in a lens cover.

  63. Kyle Kimberlin says

    Nope, but I believe in psychology. 🙂

  64. Lan Hamzah says

    i think they're around, not planning to meet one though… lol

  65. Mike Patty says


  66. malek starz says

    dont believe

  67. Ha Duong says

    no, i don't believe

  68. Cao Th?ng Lê says


  69. Ronny Dy Guaso Padernal says

    well, i do……

  70. Leland Luster says

    Ecc 9:5 Holy Bible is only one Scripture verse, that answers that question for me. Creator said it-I believe it- and that settles it. "_) The dead know not anything…

  71. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    Just forget it

  72. jules jules says

    i do ..but don't see them

  73. Antonio Martinez says

    i believe

  74. Rico A. Rico says

    if you wanna see real ghost…come to my island (POHNPEI).

  75. Lisa Davenport says

    Wow. + Amanda Blain you have a lot of dumbasses following you. Maybe you should post limited more often.

  76. jules jules says

    am scared of ghost and i don't want to see any of them

  77. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    There are ghosts

  78. Shawn Allen says

    Nah, no reason for me to! I heard they don't make good friends…always coming and going!

  79. Antonio Martinez says

    i see a ghost, terrorific

  80. Ronny Dy Guaso Padernal says

    if you can't see it, you can feel it………..

  81. Ben Scott says

    I do I got one in my house
    its of a train conductor

  82. malek starz says

    oh ya? catch it! do you?

  83. jules jules says

    what a ghost look like?

  84. Ryan Voss says

    + Amanda Blain absolutely .. had a friend that took a tour with the team from Ghost Hunters a few years back at a sanitarium, she came back with 9 hours of audio files on her voice recorder and 5 hours of video. The stuff we found when we listened to it was freaky. we were able to sync up some of the audio with what was captured on her video….she had very audible conversations from folks that were clearly not in the room and they never heard it while they were there. Also, one clip when she turned to her partner and asked if he smelled smoke.. on the voice recorder, we heard a nurse pushing a cart with a squeaky wheel. she stopped and asked someone if they had a light, then you could hear her inhale deeply and exhale just as my friend asks about the smoke. very eerie.

  85. lana sorokina says

    ??? ???? ?????? ? ???? ??????

  86. Joel Campbell says

    I have a slightly religious Housemate with an even more religious girlfriend. I convinced them both that there was demons in the house to the point of when she would no longer sleep here until my Housemate got the house blessed. It was too easy. Lmao

  87. Rob Gordon says

    Not me:

  88. dhyllah smada says


  89. Leland Luster says

    I do believe in evil demons that live on and within, the fears within people. Superstitions are their darkest cloak. "_)

  90. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    Ghost are like wind you can only feel them.

  91. Jeff Jockisch says

    Nope. But I believe our brains know things and our senses feel things that we do not yet understand.

  92. Ali Riyax says

    what is this.

  93. Jagwinder Cheema says


  94. Daisy martinez says


  95. Lori Wheeler says

    I am a psychic for a living so of course I do. I do reading all across the globe.

  96. Niloy Nandy says

    tons of fake photographs. i'm just sick with it.

  97. Deepak Kumar Deepak says

    There are many things in our life which we cannot understand

  98. Ricardo Hernandez says

    I dont believe

  99. Ali Riyax says

    i am not believe

  100. Andrew Strong says

    Every time you do a double take cuz you think you saw someone… You probably did. However i think far too many people have made a living off the supernatural world that haven't got any more knowledge than i do.

  101. Jarrett Huxley says

    There's no ghosts/afterlife/souls … but there are somethings supernatural in New Orleans… buildings and structures that would have failed structural support guidelines anywhere else, the lingering smell of tourist vomit and hot garbage around Bourbon Street, the number of dumpsters vs trash pickup, total number of middle aged tourists in shorts and khaki hats outside of Florida, delicious muffaletas, the number of squatter punks & traveling kids that hitchhiked across I-10 so they can fight over dishwasher / bartender jobs, tranny pirate hookers, Abita Purple Haze is universally available, the disdain of a group of people disdained by everyone else (the population of The State of Mississippi), cuisine that you can't tell if the little white balls are okra seeds or crawfish eyes, over simplification by one time tourists who only saw a small part of it before saying "eww" and then driving up to Baton Rouge to be bored out of their minds regretting not having seen the other parts.

  102. Tinku Thengingal says

    i can't ….

  103. Korak Almeida says

    I believe in haunting spirits and ghosts

  104. Lisa Campbell says

    absolutely…i could tell you some stories lol

  105. Jagwinder Cheema says

    then tell me lisa.

  106. Patrick Hoppus says

    Nope. Not real. Don't exist. All for a good story…in the movies!

  107. Brian Prince says

    + Amanda Blain I think you are a ghost! You should dissapear from google+ just like a ghost in the night!

  108. Hendro Badhe says

    yes there is, there is good and evil

  109. Toby Holcomb says

    No there are no ghosts, men in clouds, or other superstitious ignorance.

  110. rohit LABS says

    No I don't.

  111. Dee Sleezy says

    don't listen to anyone…

  112. Udhya kumar says

    Ghost is true ,but this photo not beleive…

  113. Muong Channsithy says


  114. Shawn Cormican says

    of course…
    we are more than a body…
    we have essence…his stories…her stories…
    we embody…live presently…in past and future tenses…
    irony…live spelled backwards…evil…
    as we speak whether to ourselves or commonly…
    our existence into being…
    realize…sounds like real eyes…maybe real lies…
    suggestion… assume the first…be prepared for the second!!!
    "good visions"

  115. Jim Campbell says

    Yep, have lived in two houses that were haunted.

  116. Moses Kumar says

    when fear come from uver thought that is called ghost

  117. Omila Thilanga says

    realy is this ghost?

  118. Anthony Mortenson says

    I've seen a few ghosts myself. + Toby Holcomb closemindedness is not a substitute for reason.

  119. rohit gupta says


  120. Suriya Bunya says

    ??????????? Thai

  121. SUNNY GAUTAM says

    amazing..i just start now

  122. Alexandria Acker says


  123. Ryan Escorpiso says

    The popularization of the multi-universe idea re-invents our belief system. The laws of Physics may dictate what is possible and impossible on our current plane of reality, but breakable through advancements in technology since human flight was deemed impossible just less than 2 centuries ago. Just as some movie one liner I heard, fringe science too complicated to explain verges on magic. Therefore ghost theories may be difficult to prove much less re-encounter. But what if some sort of residual energy from a Universe before ours or a Universe which exists between Universal realities passes through our plane for but a very brief moment, and with no inherent instinct for that indistinguishable experience, we can only cringe in fear of the unknown.

  124. mohammed Afroz says

    never sense like that

  125. Pramod Kumar E says

    Residues of dead human…its not worth to follow it……….

  126. King Mughal says

    yeah… those are roking… 😛

  127. Auti Luna says


  128. Md.Arizi Wan Idris says

    Yes..ghost was really exis,i saw it before,a people here call it Hantu Raya,species of Jin!he's really bad frm his creature

  129. Kristina Peñaflor says

    what a ghost is coming in….it's scarry!!

  130. Glen Towler says

    No I don't believe in ghosts

  131. Johnson J says

    still No…

  132. orlando gonzalez says

    yeah i believe

  133. Hilman Idan says


  134. David Thompson says

    Nope. It's silly.

  135. Aash Guru says

    Yes i Believe in Ghosts

  136. Trenton Adams says

    No such thing as ghosts

  137. Trenton Adams says


  138. thamim m says

    NO… these are Tricks..

  139. Trenton Adams says

    Wow that dump

  140. Pankaj Dwivedi says

    If entire world know about the Ghost, every religion and its religious books accept the existence of Ghost and every language has its own word for the Ghost then sure there is something true. And I have felt it but never seen.

  141. Mohra Raa says

    why does a ghost need to take the stairs?

  142. Emma Pierquet says

    me either i mean really come on gohsts?!?!?!

  143. Khalid Shaikh says

    It's all about JINN. Google JINN… they can change too many shapes…

  144. viona hodges says

    i live with ghost at my home

  145. Roland Taylor says

    The spirit world is real.
    Ghosts are not dead people though, they are demons. Don't go messing around.

  146. Julie Fraulin says

    They do exist! If you do go on one let us know if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary! Have fun!

  147. Brian Prince says

    + Shawn Cormican I think you shold smoke another joint your hallucinating!

  148. Md.Arizi Wan Idris says

    Devil live in yr soul..either bad or good,yr mind will choose it!

  149. james g. patton jr. says

    yes.they come and go down here.down by san jacntino momument. one big grave yard. where i live at first it did not like me. tryed to strangle me ,but now we get along. I put hodo on boooo.

  150. Casey Coleman says

    You have to be skeptical of any pic you see these days. It is way too easy to dr. a photo. Even I can do it. I can take a head shot of you and put it on a naked body and make it look so real even you will do a double take. ha ha. And I don't even know what I'm doing with that software so you can imagine. However, yes I do believe in life after death and the spirit world so……………

  151. Pankaj Parmar says

    it is made in photoshop just trick

  152. Casey Coleman says

    And is that a pic of you singing? Do you sing in a band?

  153. Eric Hakala says

    Yes, NO brings out the est in making people believers. I recommend a tour or two. The property Nicholas Cage owned has a good story behind it and the cemetary in the middle of town has amazing tombstones of the local witches.

  154. John Kirkby says


  155. Patrick Barrow says

    Heck no, and even if they did exist. What person would waste their time after death in weird places.

  156. Jefferson Nuing says

    it's Photoshop.

  157. Md.Arizi Wan Idris says

    Yeah that's trick,but devil is really exist

  158. hitesh datania says

    it's a trick photography

  159. mia namira says


  160. Lucy Benjamin says

    I don't believe in ghost but sometime I feel scare when I'm in a dark

  161. Shanti Neupane says

    Nooooooooooooooo 🙂

  162. O MUNIZ says


  163. Suneel Verma says


  164. Shalini Kamble says

    i believe in ghosts im scared to watch it also?

  165. Sravani Pothuraju says


  166. Dilawar Challa says


  167. Vhon Fiesta says

    woooooh… afraid

  168. Khalid Shaikh says

    Whatever it is…….but JINN exist. everywhere and some time has been seen by naked eyes. + mia namira what do you meen by 50%…..

  169. Bharat Mahesh Thota says

    Oooooooooo fearful atmosphere

  170. Nick Markwell says

    Yes I do.

    I saw ghosts of soldiers at my old house, and apparently as small children, my sister and I played with a ghost kitten.

    Also, go for it 🙂

  171. Jay Peck says

    Unmitigated bullshit and SPAM at that. Google keep this up and I'm going to start giving my attention to Bing and all the rest.

  172. Sylvia Austin says

    i second that!

  173. David Anthony says

    na baby's bt almst its nice pck

  174. Rob Gordon says

    + Jay Peck and + Sylvia Austin Do you know what Spam is? You do realize you are following this thread don't you – and participating in it. Go back to Bing – you won't be missed here.

  175. nazzar saputra says

    weh medeni pol

  176. bittu tyagi says

    may be

  177. Karen Barnett says

    I dont believe in them, but I love to believe they are real

  178. Bonnie Cehovet says

    Yes 🙂

  179. Asif Ali says

    i like them

  180. Chanti Karani says


  181. Evan Stitt says

    I am a ghost WWOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOooooo

  182. Umesh sati says

    i thik this is a fake pic

  183. Cookie Austin says

    I dont rlly know!!! :

  184. Tim Hutton says


  185. Saubhagya Korale says

    I like it….

  186. karthick cute says


  187. Sylvia Austin says

    + Rob Gordon i wasn't seconding the comment that's above mine,,, when i responded the comment above mine was 'noooooo' i didn't realise it another one had been made..

  188. sean swink says

    yeah me to its cool

  189. Gilles Buck says


  190. Tammam Rayya says

    yes JIN

  191. Brenda Jorgensen says

    No ghosts, just another being, energy from within, just like whats inside all of us . CooL Photo

  192. Kelly Hobbs says

    i believe ghosts/demons do exist

  193. Wesley Coughlan says

    Ain't afraid of spirits & ghost at all!

  194. Cristina Salazar G says

    hard to believe

  195. Antriksh Srivastava says

    i believe it

  196. Gricelda McDaniel says

    This is creepy…but it looks like mist.

  197. Adarsh vijay says

    i loved this ghost is it male/female

  198. bryce meyer says

    this would be creepy if i didn't know how a basic camera works…

  199. Wayno Guerrini says

    Yup. I have done similar camera tricks.

  200. Ravi Kaithapram says

    I love them…!

  201. Ledua Tuiraviravi says

    nope not really…………………

  202. emPriNcesX Bebo says

    noOoOO.. lolx

  203. Nitin m says

    yes ! i do .

  204. Bernard Randhy Manting Balatau says

    If devil is real, then God must be real too

  205. Jayaraman Dayalan says

    ya……. your are right i believe devil .

  206. Lori Jennerjohn says

    I believe in whatever I see…this is great! 🙂 TY4sharing!

  207. haki eriyal says

    I love to see ghost.i'm very sad because they are not real,but i love fake photos like this

  208. Alan Wolfe says

    I'm in seattle and man i wish i could take that ghost tour….

  209. Dylla Ndul says

    I believe .. because I've heard the ghost's voice when I was in toileeeet :S ..

  210. Zee Soldat says

    I believe in things that I see and experience

  211. vaishika raj says

    i suppose i do! ;p

  212. Isuru Dissanayaka says

    yes i believe

  213. Dharmendra Upadhyay says

    ya sure….. many times i saw them……… at night

  214. Janraoanil Anil says

    its reals

  215. Azb Pro says

    No, I don't believe other beings such as myself exist.

  216. Gary Blewaska says

    Not ghosts as such , demons certainly !

  217. Najmul Arif says

    yah…..i aiso blv…

  218. Alejandrox Lopez says

    I dont believe… but I want to see one =]…

  219. Md.Waheeduzzaman Zahid says

    no i dont believe in ghosts…it`s not real.

  220. rasica de silva says

    No not at all…

  221. Vijay Kumar says

    I believe in Photoshop

  222. Cayla Sade says

    Heh heh, azb pro. U no that ppl r putting comments on this?!?!?

  223. Rohtash Joon says


  224. sonveer singh says

    your eye…. i like it………..

  225. Corbin Linklater says

    but do you believe in thing that go bump in the night and might give u a fright

  226. james james says

    I believe in residual psychic energies.

  227. Jake Ruana says

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong… 200 comments and not 1 ghostbusters reference??? Let me start the ball rolling… "I ain't afraid of no ghost" (make sure you plus one this comment before dropping your own gbusters reference)

  228. bobe guo says

    i believe, but is this true or ps?

  229. Cayla Sade says

    Btw, I certainly believe …I've seen live ghosts in my room. CREEPY!

  230. ???? says

    I believe

  231. Mazria Aurelia says

    I do not believe it! Its just devil that trying to scares human being.. If you read Islamic history about how Adam is born and how's their responds about it, you'll understands why devil does that. It wont hurt trying….

  232. Joseph Payne says

    Absolutely ghosts exist. You need to listen to #coasttocoastam

  233. Greg Pawliski says

    Are You talking about the same New Orleans that is in Louisiana?
    Being amazingly beautiful, Think Not

  234. Nick Markwell says

    + Cayla Sade "live ghosts?" 😀

  235. Princess Nupur says


  236. Dor Peep says

    I don't believe in ghosts. I do believe in angels and demons. People who look for "ghosts" are welcoming contact with demons whose only purpose is to claim their souls for an eternity of torment, anguish and pain. Except for Slimer, he's real.

  237. Honoured Gomwe says

    tz psychological..

  238. Krushna Patil says

    yes i do belive spirits in terms of adventure

  239. Bipul Mondal says


  240. vedhanth rp says

    nice snap

  241. Koushik Banerjee says

    After seeing this I swear I believe in Ghost, believe me

  242. gajanand sharma says


  243. Febrian maulana putra says

    waw , ghost scary ,waw

  244. Brian Prince says

    I think everyone is hallucinating seeing aliens and ghosts probably even leprachans to stop doing drugs people!

  245. jowee rush says

    i was just at seattle underground and was mesmerized by the history….but once i started getting into it, it freaked me out so be careful

  246. Charles Plaine says

    There is proof of ghost on the internet, they post on MySpace

  247. moodz ahmad says


  248. kunhahamed k says

    Acually no Ghost atall. only psycological believe.Face the trueth.

  249. Darsh Goplani says

    Ya, i belive in ghost
    i think it is not dangerous for human…
    I Think Ghost is also a creature of god
    so i bealive in ghost and many other things
    Guys can u bealive in ghost tell me or add me in ur circles thanku guys

  250. Stephanie Smartt says


  251. Le Vi Phuong says

    Tr?ng same bogus wa 'hix

  252. Max Cheah Wee Guan says

    If you believe, then watch out! The ghosts are after you. If you don't (believe), I reckon there is none. It's all in the mind.

  253. Hardik Shah says

    if god exist then obviously spirits and ghosts also exists…

  254. gary maccalla says

    i believe the ghost create by god command at anywhere why the ghost was there to copy who dead in ghost born the ghosts doesnt get all millions nothing only 15 percents in the world and ufo created by god command they dont want to show jesus ghost was there ufo show to everyone

  255. Denis Morgun says

    It's look like photoshop involved in to that ghost picture.There is no ghost exists in our real world.Who do exist,that a people who want to believe in that ghosts is a real thing.Where the hell ghost busters? 🙂

  256. galih muharam says

    i believe that, but
    don't make it as our fears
    we have to dare. we and them are different world

  257. gary maccalla says

    if they dont invent the electric technology ufo will not show to everyone what they are style in the earth

  258. Brian Prince says

    Yeah it is all in your mind!

  259. Arshmina Khan says

    yes i do

  260. Brian Prince says

    you are hallucinating it's a side effect from to many drugs people!

  261. Anil Teckhandani says

    If you belive in GOD then you should also belive in Ghosts..

  262. Apurva Mankar says


  263. Maqsood ul Hassan says

    Amazing picture

  264. Vipin Chaoudhary says


  265. Becky Messer says

    + Anil Teckhandani , or, "if you believe in God [which, I do] then you should also believe in demons who like to appear as ghosts"…

  266. Roentgen Conrad says

    For me, I don't believe in Ghost.! cos i know the ghost exist only in your mind.

  267. Amanda Blain says

    + Jay Peck You are commenting on a post on 'whats hot on g+' if you dont want to see it.. .click on "whats hot" on the left side… and slide the slider at the top to none. You wont see them anymore….. but since you are not circling anyone else here… you are not likely to see much on G+… good luck.

  268. Anil jain says


  269. Ajay Singh says

    yes i belive.

  270. sumit das says

    a pretty interesting topic though !!!!!!

  271. Suhasitha S says

    Dear Amanda, we the Indians are said to be the believers of such silly superstitions. Even we are coming out of that nonsense. So, don't rely upon things like this!

  272. rahul kaushik says


  273. dugsil sangpo says


  274. Adam Gordon says

    Clearly, no

  275. Athul Vinod says


  276. Troy Hankerson says


  277. Goomcmc Mchor says

    Some advise…please,do not offence them. It's not a child play, as shown on TV.

  278. Ajo Koshy says

    i believe

  279. Edward V'Kanty says

    Definitely! I lived in one & I also lived in NOLA! 😀 I miss that city! Madame Laveau's Voodoo Shop was one of my regular stops! Its on Bourbon, if you haven't been that way yet!

  280. Jake Ruana says

    Wow- google plus advice straight from + Amanda Blain – that's some post master service right there! How do none of you understand ghostbusters? Some people's kids…

  281. Brian Prince says

    + gary maccalla what the hell are you talking about I can't understand your gibberish? Something about god & ufo's stop taking LSD!

  282. Saddam Husain says

    hi guys if u have any information ofeducation,life problem share me.I BELIVE GHOST because i see them..?

  283. dhilna sonu says

    i cant beleve this this is not true

  284. CHELESA sims says

    New Orleans,the home of spookness

  285. Jamie Franklin says

    On the fence

  286. Frank Williott says

    Spirits are a real thing, however this is not likely an authentic capture.

  287. Doniyor Abduazizov says

    isn't it photoshop creature ?

  288. Alroy Ndhlovu says


  289. Rica Prestisia says

    maybe it's just a shadow of light. LOL

  290. Heather Marie says

    The photo is fake but yes, I believe people do walk around after they have passed and rarely do we see a glimpse of the departed.

  291. a p navin sangita says


  292. razy Aryan says

    nah i dont believe in ghosts,spirits,phantoms,demons,angels,cosmic lights,UFOs they r all the same just a bunch of made up characters to make u sleep late at night while u wonder if some1 or somethings under your bed 🙂

  293. hassan asim says

    believe me

  294. George Freemabn says

    I practice my Old WEYA or Indian ways and believe there are spirits and the supernatural …

  295. Brian Prince says

    + David Greene OMG dude we don't need a essay on the subject! Keep it short & simple, some of you people go on uncontrollable rants!

  296. Rogan Burns says

    they ARE realz!!! i'm super serial!!!!!!!

  297. ajil krishna says

    Its a dreem

  298. Rogan Burns says

    ok i'd say about 12% of the time they're real.

  299. Rogan Burns says


  300. taran bir sehmi says


  301. Rogan Burns says

    no… it's more like 1.2%

  302. Cucun Suhendar says

    Ghosts is a imagination of people mind

  303. kamal yadav says

    ya i believe in ghost

  304. Travis Nobles says

    I believe in Photoshop…

  305. Mariana farrera says

    yes i do

  306. Daishan Christy says


  307. Maryjean Stalions says


  308. Adarsh DP says


  309. TANUMOY RAY says


  310. kalpana singh says


  311. Michaela Elliott says

    Ghost are real no question in my mind. I watched a heavy framed picture fly off the wall about 10 ft. to the other side of the room. Explain that?

  312. Autumn Banks says

    Yes I do believe in ghosts. Iv never seen one but I would LOVE to see one. I wanna experence something supernatural. I hope you have fun on your ghost tour! Make sure you tell us all about it :0)

  313. Joseph Armstrong says

    Of course not. Don't be silly.

    Ghosts are supernatural, being supernatural would require the physical laws of our universe to be suspended in some ways.

    There has never, ever been any evidence supporting it. Nobody can re-create their claims under laboratory conditions. So my answer is no.

  314. Goomcmc Mchor says

    Myself as a ghostbuster, has been dealing with it 20 over years. Please, do not step over bound, for those who don't believe…

  315. vijay yadav says


  316. Joseph Armstrong says

    + Michaela Elliott Even if there is no explanation, that doesn't mean that ghosts fit right in there.

    You can't say "you can't explain it" therefore ghosts. How about you explain how you got to the conclusion of 'ghost'?

  317. Maitrik Patel says


  318. chandan shangari says

    i saw dis pic 4 d 1st tym in "encyclopedia unxplained" !!!!……amazin !!!

  319. Joseph Armstrong says

    Ok, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  320. Bhabesh pauley says

    no way…………….

  321. Rahul das Shah says

    Yes I believe

  322. Pandit Rajesh says

    no doubt?? it is all over

  323. Michael Chapiro says

    Google+ers ought to be smarter than this.

  324. ammu vino says

    Enna d idhu????????????

  325. Sahithi Hariprasad says

    i think it's not real ghost it's photograph trick

  326. Jo Sarah says


  327. Venkatachalam Ravindran says

    still there is nobody to explain it logically. we can accept that ghosts dont have physical body. but how can they interact with things? they should not be able to have physical power. if they have, they can do almost anything. while some say we cannot see them, some say if the ghosts want us to see them it is possible. contradiction.

  328. Frank Crislip says

    Its the living I worry about.

  329. George Ipibig says

    u r hot

  330. Gordon Ace says

    more or less.

  331. Kayleen Barreno says

    i guess

  332. love verma says


  333. Brad Johnson says

    My neighbor called one day and thought maybe the old hotel we bought was really haunted. I went to look, and there was definitely something there.. I lobbed a few shotgun slugs into the ceiling and took out it's pet woodchuck.. It never came back 🙁

  334. Jamie Taylor says

    I believe in ghosts. I've always wanted to see one! Yet if I actually did see one I'd probably get scared and cry. LOL

  335. Joe Amaro says


  336. Tushar Gta says

    get a grip woman, and read some bible + Amanda Blain

  337. Ryno De Bruyn says

    spirits yes it is demons send to create fear in the heart and life of men. once you plee the Blood of JESUS over you and you act in the athority God gave His children they will flee….

  338. Tony Freeman says

    Without a doubt… I've seen ghosts many times.

  339. NITISH RAJ says

    ghost are living in our world.

  340. Ajit Chauhan says


  341. leilani hilliard says

    nice pic

  342. Van Rijn Espinoza says

    maybe yes maybe no!

  343. Andres Kievsky says

    I believe in the power of the human eye to add information where there is none!

  344. Prashant Singh says


  345. Bernard Kovalchik says

    Yes! Having had near death and white tunnel experiences at 7 months while in the hospital and near death — I have had a tendency to leave my body and go through the white tunnel (I'm still here I think) and also see ghosts. This mostly ended by the age of 10.One time about ten years ago I was really close to staying in that black space with many bright points of light at the end of the tunnel (?) but my mother told me it was not time. I could talk about other spiritual experiences but other folks will start thinking I'm still wearing my green hat and drinking green beer. But this is my truth. Cheers, Bud

  346. Scott Wallace says


  347. Simran Kaur says

    Yes i do

  348. Lu Vi says

    its not real

  349. Joshua sauer says

    who knows people don't know but yes i do

  350. romeo decinilla says

    i believe but i want to see with my 2 eyes

  351. Faraz Daee says

    It's impossible

  352. Warin Manuschanok says


  353. Jones Marrones says

    No, it is possible! As a matter of fact, there is countlless proof that there is a after-life.

  354. Rafael Rodrigues says

    I believe, because there are a lot of evidences. In fact, some are fake, but various are real. I would like to see with my eyes.
    And I don't believe in ghosts. I believe in spirits. There's a little difference between ghosts and spirits 😉

  355. mani gandan says

    just unbelieveable…!!!

  356. Abdelrahman Raafat says

    Sure its believable.

  357. surya prolink says


  358. sukanya jutaloes says

    What it have?…..

  359. Elsa Roos says

    they do really exist

  360. ANOOP RAJ says

    i believe in god as well as i claim the existence of devils,ghosts

  361. Mai Mai says

    wellllll i kinda dooo……

  362. Rima Hegde says

    ya y not?

  363. Taru Tuulia Luuppala says

    In primary school I made a discourse of a paranormal phenomenom and I used this photo also in my "lecture". I still get goosebumps when I see this photo even thought I dont believe in ghosts, anymore 😉

  364. Sid Saxena says

    thats fake

  365. Syarif Hidayatullah says

    I've been offered by the guards of the hill, because he does live in the hill and was "familiar" with the ghosts that were there, to take pictures of their presence (ghost) on a hill in the Bogor-Indonesia.
    and i have been displayed by him in front of my own.
    unfortunately I'm not carrying a camera.

  366. Ahamed Shazliy says

    Oh unbelievable

  367. Demanne Chiss says

    they are there

  368. Farshad Kia says

    you can speek farsi

  369. Kuldeep Vaid says

    yes I do

  370. amit tiwari says


  371. ashish malik says

    i don't belive it

  372. yana yusim says

    Its easy to say you dont believe if you never seen one but i have so i definitively believe.

  373. blessing hope says


  374. rudy mundinac says

    yes, open ur inner feelings

  375. Abdul Hannan says

    I do not belive. Any thing can appear as ghost in fear.

  376. Israel Galvan says

    They are what they aren't.

  377. Vishnu Nair says

    share it if u c any gosts.. ;)?in india also therar many gostly places!

  378. Esther Ventura Ferencz says

    Yes….I think those that appear are unsettled souls. NOT fully releasing themselves to their new home for some reasons.

  379. Isaac Jere says

    well thats amazing Ghost,am in Zambia

  380. Nomeneta Saili says

    when there is something strange……

  381. ??? says

    i believe in god

  382. Trevor Hannabus says

    Only certain people have the ability to see or sense ghosts. One can sense a particular type of ghost or rather spirit, you cannot see all types. Then there is usually a reason why a spirit manifests itself to humans, but usually they shy away from humans, and contrary to fictional stories told, they cannot harm you at all, the only thing is they can scare the hell out of you lol,

  383. Alpna Gupta says

    no………..i dont.

  384. Zainif Siddeeqi says


  385. Arul Arul says

    iyo bayama iruku

  386. Tyler Durden says

    Definitely believe in ghosts as i have seen a few for real myself

  387. Imelda lumbanraja says

    outtch.. ////

  388. dennis nash says

    thats a good picture of the web course there real .

  389. Swarup reddy tetala says

    it would be fun to have a belief in ghosts

  390. Paul Guardino says

    People give off energy , energy can not be created nor destroyed only change forms. So the energy we give off HAS TO go somewhere after we die.

  391. ???????? ???????? says

    "women in white" in black house 🙂 🙂

  392. Tanu Verma says

    not at all……….

  393. Rohit Kashyap says

    without proof..neah! don't believe it!

  394. Shubhi Saxena says

    NOOOOO!!! coz dat wud scare d hell outta me:/

  395. roya bunny says

    wow scary

  396. Kiyemba Farouk says

    ov' cos i believe

  397. tobi wood says

    I believe in infrasound, which explains much in the world of the paranormal.

  398. Sanjay Kumar says

    Yes I believe in ghosts…

  399. Madhurima Mishra says

    in dis era of photoshop nd diff pic editing tools its difficult to judge!

  400. KC Paano says

    I've been wishing to see one since I was a child…

  401. micky khosla says


  402. Lisema Matsietsi says

    what the hell? Ghosts dont exist. its just a state of mind

  403. Himanshu Sharma says

    I believe that if there is God then Ghost also be.

  404. Rohit Sinha says

    I dont!!

  405. Karren Motley says

    I do not care if people think that i am nuts but Yes I do beleave in ghosts

  406. Syarif Hidayatullah says

    a ghost does not come from the dead, a ghost is a ghost. if anyone saw a ghost with a recognizable face, that's the greatness of a ghost.

  407. Kunwar Singh says

    realy ? this is true

  408. Metta Hansen says

    My "state of mind" had rhythm. Not a breeze anywhere, but my window was rattling. Each night, it got louder and more rhythmical until one night, the rhythm was intense enough to break the window. A feeling of blackness and terror fell over me. Not a breeze for all the nights this was happening. I later learned that a murder had been committed in that apartment. Instead of replacing the carpet, they laid out huge scraps. My neighbor showed me the patched up bullet holes and said that the carpet under the large scraps was a bloody mess. I decided not to look. I wouldn't have been able to spend another night there. Apparently the woman who lived there before me broke up with her boyfriend and found another. The drummer (the ex) then came over and shot the new boyfriend to death. So what happened when I lifted the rug? It was far worse than I expected–this was a big apartment and the rug was thoroughly soaked. That is the only ghost story I am willing to share.

  409. Joel Campbell says

    I agree with + Madhurima Mishra

  410. Charuni Kottage says


  411. Arshmina Khan says

    Hrishikesh Madan this is true. life after death is the eternal life..

  412. Bhoj Raj says


  413. Mary Claire Mascariñas says

    Ghost doesn't exist …….it's a Satan's work…..

  414. david swift says

    Yes we have a little boy in our house

  415. Benjamin Hibbard says

    Just like having a high powered machine in a place for years and suddenly taking it out, you'll have the aura of that machine still in place. If there's sudden death the persons aura will still live on.

  416. Chloe Molan says

    yes i do

  417. hassen sana says

    yes i do

  418. Nassr Zyoud says


  419. Robert Konadu says

    Yes I do.

  420. Bijayini Sethi says

    i dnt believe…. hmmm nice creativity

  421. Hiraga Fujimaru says

    yes, maybe

  422. Cheryl Inglett says

    Hi no I dont believe in ghosts lol they are just demon spirits I was.told

  423. Anesu Chiwaka says


  424. Alim Spectre says

    I believe but have never met :p

  425. R Kalaivanan raman says

    i am not see thay davil.

  426. king azrie says

    i believe walking dead….

  427. P Dugai says

    yes, I believe

  428. Syarif Hidayatullah says

    if you do not see themselves are difficult to explain

  429. James Muscari says

    No I don't believe in human spirits being here after death cause the bible says after death is judgement but I do believe in evil spirits and demons who can mimic and make you believe they are someone who has passed I've experienced this myself and it is a proven tactic of demons

  430. bhushan patil says

    what is this?

  431. Kendra Potts says

    I say yes, but to spiritual energy. Actually have recorded in two separate pitch black rooms in the same house after I walk out from setting up the video camera three balls of light following me out, each one taking it's own path.

  432. kavya kapur says

    i lv these type of things

  433. Nashru Dheen says


  434. Yolanda Estrada Muñoz says

    Hm….there are things that can't be explained. I've had some strange experiences that leave me wondering…I've seen and heard things and felt things…I can't say if they're ghosts or what they are but…they were something I cannot explain…

  435. Willie Siders says

    Are you serious?

  436. Nashru Dheen says

    its not possible, who death once he will not come again , its superstitious belive

  437. Satya Murti says

    Did Freud believe in ghosts?

  438. ebony gibbs says

    hey i dont believe in ghost but i do belive in the undead so go for it

  439. Nashru Dheen says

    death man spirits in the hands of god, it will not come again

  440. harit Doshi says

    you only believe in when you experience them else you may not believe them but still sometimes fear them.

  441. Binyam Lemma says

    @Amanda… ya why not? … seriously NO … n good luck with that ..

  442. Tarannum Sehgal says

    well……i dont…

  443. Jerry Lucky says

    I hope thats not real 'cause ghost don't exist!!!!!!!!!!

  444. emad Yassin says

    Yes I do believe in Ghosts

  445. Samuel Sprague says

    Why are ghosts always in Victorian garb, are they the only ones who stuck around?

  446. Vicky Khosla says

    ya ghost in human being frds

  447. DAVIDSON PAAT says

    No,I believe in Jesus, He's the only way .

  448. ashy keith says

    im don believe….ha3.absurd

  449. Dinesh Kulkarni says


  450. Rodney Clifford says

    My brother got a black eye as a kid when my cousin tried to punch "someone" who looked like they were choking my brother. I don't know muck about ghosts, but a,lot of freak things went on in that house.

  451. Ragib Nadeem says

    oh!……………. i believe in those things…………

  452. deven shekhawat says

    I belive in

  453. prakash singh says

    its our thinking

  454. Michael Sauce says

    I believe I'm working too hard for my money, as there seem to be a lot of gullible fools who still believe in the superstitions Houdini proved false in the 19th century.

  455. Robert Strickland says


  456. James Njoroge says

    ghosts!!! give me the chills!!!!!

  457. Bhujang Rajendran says

    I guess this is that so called field study by a few professors by augmented reality.

  458. Mistique Ramage says

    toatally you have the holly spirit and jesus cast out demons from a man into pigs and the bible tells you you are not to converse with the spirit world

  459. Ramula Chandrahas says

    ya i ill belive

  460. elma rosal says

    oohh im scared

  461. sood seema says

    yes i believe, its can true.

  462. Rand al'Thor says

    if you are in New Orleans and you don't believe in ghosts, hang around for a week, you will see them yourself.

  463. Athea Kong says

    Seriously! !!! Haven't seen it…but if i do encounter one i definitely asking for LOTTO numbers before i passs out…..

  464. Wendy Ridley says

    I do now

  465. Lynda Buckley says

    Can't say I believe in Ghosts, but I do believe that when you go to certain houses or places you can feel uncomforable there.

  466. Adams yusuf says

    actually no reasons to believe in G…

  467. Daya Setiawan says

    enough, stop it !, too much useless talks. Just wait and prove it when you die. You'll believe it or may be not ! Or if you cant wait any longer just kill yourself. I better not to talk such silly issue, there are so much things to think over.

  468. Kuldeep Kaur says

    noooo i cnt believe

  469. Anil yadav says


  470. Kudzai Mandere says

    Don't b they iz no such things as ghosts:D

  471. Morris Johnson says


  472. amit pagare says

    until unless u face ONE 😉 !!!!! 😀

  473. Antti Eskelinen says

    Well basically I don't believe in them. Don't make any sense and would be quite non-rational that they exist.
    Then on the other hand about 15 years ago I did see

  474. Carlos Ramon says

    Yes,ghost are real…

  475. Dawn Roberts says

    No!!! cause I have never seen one or had a feeling. Plus orbs are the most stupid thing ever!! pretend, fake, money making. I once heard by a scientist that they are recordings from the past. And it made complete sense.

  476. Prakash Nayak says

    I do believe in Ghosts but lucky not to encouter.Stories are everywhere but it is great to photogrph of Ghost.

  477. Paras Das says

    no. its just a fake picture

  478. eunice njehia says

    Yes I do believe thou am yet to encounter one

  479. Mistique Ramage says

    watch supernatural the american tv show not only do you see ghosts and demons but you get to see dean in action oooooooo hunny or what lol

  480. haya fatima says

    its realy un believeble…

  481. Turbo Mahobitz says

    That's soooo cool

  482. Madhish Singh says

    i would really love to meet one

  483. Tomas Canning says

    I was away with the school band at the weekend in an old castle which had lots of ghost stories to go with it, such as classical music playing in the middle of the night and various sightings of a Lady in Grey. I don't truly believe but they seem to be present 🙂

  484. Nikhil Modi says

    If you believe in GOD,
    You must believe in GHOSTS.

  485. Marius Louw says

    Fortunately I don't believe in it!

  486. Rajkumar Chauhan says

    I Belive in spirit that they truely exist. Ghost……….I think they are bad spirit, correct me if I am wrong.

  487. Parvez alam says

    no nt belive…

  488. Tedy Salim says

    im not…but i still scares.. :/

  489. Xaib Uddin says

    very funny LOLZZZZ 😀

  490. PRAJWAL SHINDE says

    I don't belive….. This photo is edited by photoshop…

  491. arjun ravindran says

    i dont belive

  492. Cesar Silva says


  493. Mary Cate Bazal says

    i'm a christian and i don't belive in them

  494. Carlos aguilar says

    I`m believe in god but he only knows

  495. vincent harris says

    dat shit aint real

  496. james cruz says


  497. Ashutosh Khatri says

    i just believe in you!

  498. Wasif Ijlal says

    Believe in them – always did – would not like to see a real one tho – ever!

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