1. Robert E. Obrikat jr. says


  2. Shaun McLane says

    Have fun explaining that in 30 years.

  3. William Furby says

    I vote for… FAIL! Although I did laugh when I saw it.

  4. Kato Siversøn says

    no, but it makes me smile… i like seeing geek tattoos. its for self expression (in theory) i like when it reflects their personality.

  5. J Smilanic says

    Good idea bad execution. 

  6. Sean O'Reilly says

    maybe if not in such an exposed area. though I think I might use that class in the future

  7. alex williams says

    Fail! That tat will get his butt whooped

  8. Luis Galarza says

    Cool but not as permanent tattoo!… :o)

  9. Alicia Saskla Appel says

    I think the conversation starter will be awesome =) I think it's clever.

  10. doug kuchna says

    concept: halfway decent
    execution: F-

  11. Amy DeTienne says

    Generally tattoos only have to make sense/mean something to the person that has it.  This one cracked me up 🙂

  12. Michael Fenimore says

    A definite win from what I can see. 🙂 
    I like it.

  13. Sammy Terry says
  14. richard morrison says

    love it

  15. Uzochukwu Bakwenye says

    is it posible to put away fear completly?

  16. Cory Mawhorter says

    Not a true css geek… classnames are case insensitive.

  17. Amanda Blain says

    Hahhahah I LOVE ? all these comments so far… ehheeh 

    Agree in 30 years… this will be a HORRIBLE tattoo 🙂 ehheeh

  18. gil sanchez says

    would've looked better on a hat

  19. Sean O'Reilly says

    people who think this is full of fail probably are consumers of the geekdom. Not those who make and understand it.  Looks to be too much white space between the dot and the class name

  20. william gordon says

    i cant judge, i have a world of warcraft horde tattoo on my right calf. 
    For the Horde !

  21. Johnny Zed says

    The positioniong might be a little odd, but it's definitely in keeping with the message.

  22. Dadang Siswanto says


  23. ashish kshirsagar says

    body { display:none; } 🙂 

  24. Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith says

    Well it's got a certain class I suppose

  25. Johnny Zed says

    Don't know if I should applaud or groan at that, + Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith 

  26. Mike G says

    Win for them, but its not for me…my eyes are buggy from seeing code all day anyways!

  27. Ola Birch says

    I bet it was young person who made it 🙂 He/She doesn't have kids yet 😀

  28. Kostika D says

    Base of the back of the neck would be good placement for it I think.

  29. william gordon says

    or wrist.

  30. Kostika D says

    I don't think it would be that hard to explain in 30 years either. People still make BASIC jokes.

  31. James Britt says

    People capitalize their CSS selectors?  Eww.

  32. ?? says


  33. Dean Montague says

    Failing hard. Very dumb tat.

  34. Alexander Walker says

    i'd do it but not there. probably upper back but i dont do tatoos…lol

  35. Henry Lawrence says

    Om my gosh! that is awesome (what is aid when i saw this)

  36. Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith says

    + Johnny Zed try { veal();} catch { hereallweek();}

  37. Michael Molash says

    Someone doing something that makes them happy and possibly inspires them, epic win.

    Doing something regardless of the possible judgements from the peanut gallery, epic win.

    Bonding with something you love and love doing, epic win.

    Doing it with a double meaning with positive undertones, epic win.

  38. Peter Bordes says

    Fearless dedication and true conviction !

  39. Mike DePaul says

    Better on a shirt than on you're skin

  40. Troy Brisbin says

    Never thought of creating a .fear class… Love It!!

  41. hema moslem says


  42. Shaun McLane says

    Imagine having this as a tattoo – same idea:

    10 INPUT "What do you have?: ", U$
    20 PRINT "No fear "; U$
    30 INPUT "How often do you have fear?: ", N
    40 S$ = ""
    50 FOR I = 1 TO N
    60 S$ = S$ + "*"
    70 NEXT I
    80 PRINT S$
    90 INPUT "Are you still without fear? ", A$
    100 IF LEN(A$) = 0 THEN GOTO 90
    110 A$ = LEFT$(A$, 1)
    120 IF A$ = "Y" OR A$ = "y" THEN GOTO 30
    130 PRINT "Goodbye "; U$
    140 END

    #imissbasic   #geekoutwithyourcodeout  

  43. Drew Bannister says

    Fail, because it's CSS.

  44. Donagh Reardon says

    Geek tattoos.
    So tattoos really are no longer cool, then.
    What she going to do in 2 years when that code format is no longer used.

  45. Dérian Morgan says

    what happens when that tag becomes deprecated like most of them?

  46. Donagh Reardon says

    + Dérian Morgan  dammit. You beat me to the joke(dispite what the time line says).

  47. Dérian Morgan says


  48. Robert E. Obrikat jr. says

    Ya i love it Chilly 1up

  49. Michael Cuadra says

    While I am not partial to tattoos with writing, I do like this particular execution of the phrase.

  50. John C Pickens says


  51. Paul Birnstihl says

    Other arm will be a QR code pointing to the Wiki article on CSS?

  52. Jeremy Decker says

    Looks Good Have Seen Worse

  53. Shaun McLane says

    + Paul Birnstihl genius idea!

  54. Theo WolF says

    I dunno… Show No Fear is hard coded. I don't think in 30 years geeks won't be able to read that. I was able to read the BASIC, which I haven't touched in a quarter century.

  55. Tyler Burleigh says

    Concept fail.
    Fear is part of what it is to be human.

  56. Swiziejoe Danger says

    i love too have one! hehehe you can always explain what does it mean! and if they dont get it,, I understand them. but it doesnt mean i care!

  57. Shaun McLane says

    + Theo WolF I stand behind my BASIC code. I learned it in first grade, and it seems to have stuck.

  58. Stephen Jackson says

    … win …

  59. Filip Kuhti? says

    + Tyler Burleigh 
    Being afraid and showing fear to others are two completely different things.

  60. Mark Short says

    Different but I wouldn't have got it

  61. Conor O'Donnell says

    Good advice, but not good for a tattoo. Not like this at least.

  62. Andrew Mailloux says

    I feel privileged for being just geeky enough to get it.

  63. Tyler Burleigh says

    + Filip Kuhti? 
    So the question is: what's wrong with showing fear to others?

  64. Filip Kuhti? says

    As geek as it is I find it to be a great concept. Tattoos are not only ment for bad boys and rock stars and therefore do not have to be badass.

  65. christopher mccrady says

    who doesnt get this? embarasssinggg

  66. Hatem chikh says


  67. Lavonte Smith-King says

    Dont understand, my popularity is keepin me from understanding.

  68. Notch Person says


  69. Filip Kuhti? says

    + Tyler Burleigh 
    By showing fear to others you are exposing your weaknesses to others and everyone knows that people will use your weaknesses against you. (at least that is what I believe to be the point of the tattoo on the picture)
    I believe fear to be good since it raises your adrenaline and makes your mind sharp and concentrated on the problems at hand as long as you don't freez in painc 🙂

  70. Conor O'Donnell says

    + Filip Kuhti? 
    I agree with that. They don't have to be sleeves with snakes etc. It's different I'll give 'em that . As long as the owner likes it that's all that matters I suppose. My last comment was too personally opinionated lol 

  71. Davion Witherspoon says

    If you can live with your ink for the rest of your life win

  72. Joseph Lind says

    Someone is going to be the center of ridicule when they get scared by a movie or are being pranked… Lol

  73. Tyler Burleigh says

    "everyone knows that people will use your weaknesses against you."

    That's quite a bleak view of humanity you hold.

  74. Jeremy Ahn says

    + Notch Person His name is Markus Perrson.

  75. Jacob McLeod says

    sounds awsome

  76. shawn boss says


  77. Killian Moss says

    Socially, it's a #fail. Message, now that's a #win.

  78. Nathan Cox says

    Too esoteric for a tattoo that is going to be in full view all the time. The concept is cool… but not worth the headache.

  79. Filip Kuhti? says

    You might find it to be black but I hold it to be true in more cases than not.

  80. Andy Riggins says

    int fear()

  81. Ryan Barcelo says


    .fear {display:none !important;}


  82. Neal Beer says

    Just make sure your code is correct! You'll find out who the REAL geeks are in the room if you're displaying something wrong!

  83. Warren Harrison says

    This is just hiding it. It'd use jQuery to get rid of it completely!!

  84. Tristan Adamson says
  85. Kyle Hefner says


  86. Donagh Reardon says

    Win or fail, the only thing I'm sure of is internet explorer won't recognize it.

  87. Bill Kearns says

    easier to hide than 1" holes in your ear lobes on that big interview i suppose lol

  88. Landon Zabcik says

    It's only CSS… Not really hard core geek…

  89. Gary MacDonald says

    I like it and understand it! Ok, what do I win?

  90. Daren DeHaan says

    That…. is…. awesome

  91. Robert Black says

    That's win it's their body!

  92. Tim Croston says

    <div class="fear">
         <p>Weakness, Fear Itself</p>

  93. Billy Goley says

    Oh cool, are No Fear shirts coming back too? I think I still have one in a drawer next to my Hypercolor t-shirt. 😉

  94. Mark Short says

    Didn't say I didn't like it. Too each his own

  95. Michael Boyda says

    It's invalid, there is a space after the dot :/

  96. howard wornek says


  97. Nkansah Rexford says

    .Fear {
        display: none;

    .Fear:hover {

  98. Michael Pjura says

    who capitalizes their class names? fail..

  99. maxwell elkins says
  100. Tim Croston says

    True, it is invalid. There is also a space between display and the colon.

  101. Jim Sheridan says

    Nice, much better my skull and crossbones.

  102. Megan James says

    FEAR: f*** everything and run…. :))

  103. Tim Croston says

    Corporate coders and wysiwyg guys capitalize class names lol. It has to look pretty so they can keep the site going after they fire you :3

  104. John Ledbetter says

    anyone who doesn't see the originality in this choice….. stop being an expression nazi… bad nazi…. bad… no

  105. Camren Boudreaux says

    wierd but kool at the same time lol

  106. Muhammad Fakih Pratama says


  107. Aaron Lord says

    should NOT be capitalized…

  108. Gordon Hitt says

    Too bad that express one shelf in short

  109. Nathaniel Solorzano says

    Brilliant! Love it.

  110. Danz McNabb says


  111. Ledz Cosico says


  112. Nicholas Venditti says

    Won't help without an execution.

  113. Nicolas DeWolfe says


  114. Andres Kievsky says


  115. CH MALLI says


  116. Faisal Majid says


  117. Adam Haas says

    So I guess it's all kinds of fear, otherwise it would be #Fear  instead of .Fear

  118. Wayne Patterson says

    .stupidity, .ignorance, .hate, #racism { display: none }

  119. JESUS MEDINA says

    I say a win. It has meaning to the person an expression of oneself and I like what it says.

  120. Mark Sharma says

    Fail {displayed:Some;}

  121. Joe Allan Muharsky says

    How would that differ in practice from visibility: false?

  122. Jeffrey Lavoie says


  123. Tom Boyd says

    Fail. Sorry that tat is beat. If u want a geek tattoo get an op amp or some that looks cool

  124. Gabriel Ayala says

    not a good one… or just not in the right place. might as well stamp it on the forehead.

  125. Mando Florez says


  126. Aundrell Kincaid says


  127. Alejandro Jaramillo says


  128. Joseph Lind says

    Someone should just write the following on their back… "01001001001000000110010001100101011000110110100101100100011001010110010000100000011101000110111100100000011101110111001001101001011101000110010100100000011101000110100001101001011100110010000001100010011001010110001101100001011101010111001101100101001000000100100100100000011101000110100001101111011101010110011101101000011101000010000001101001011101000010000001110111011011110111010101101100011001000010000001101100011011110110111101101011001000000110001101101111011011110110110000101110001000000101010101101110011001100110111101110010011101000111010101101110011000010111010001100101011011000111100100100000010010010010000001101100011000010111010001100101011100100010000001110010011001010110000101101100011010010111101001100101011001000010000001110100011010000110000101110100001000000110110101101111011100110111010000100000011100000110010101101111011100000110110001100101001000000111011101101111011101010110110001100100001000000110101001110101011100110111010000100000011001100110100101101110011001000010000001101001011101000010000001110111011001010110100101110010011001000010110000100000011011110110001001101110011011110111100001101001011011110111010101110011001011000010000001100001011011100110010000100000011001010111011001100101011011100010000001110010011001010111000001110101011011000111001101101001011101100110010100101110"

  129. Khalid Yassine says

    No need to display it proof is in the pudding

  130. Kemp Edmonds says

    Generation "No Fear"? 

    "He who dies with the most tattoos still dies" NO FEAR

  131. Dave Friedel says

    Fail… when "end of line" is perfection

  132. robert gortney says

    Lol nice

  133. Cristian Contreras says

    should have added: echo "YAY!";

  134. Bek Fraser says


  135. Terrac Skiens says

    Area youth makes potentially regrettable choice involving tattoo

    news at 11….

  136. Eric Choi says


  137. Hale Cho says


  138. Patrick Catanzariti says

    Love the idea… my inner CSS nerd made me instantly think "why is that selector capitalised?" though… Also a bit weird there's a space before the dot.

  139. Chris Granade says

    At least it's classy.

  140. Tin Hoy says

    No fail, but certainly not a big win either. It still works as someone that doesn't recognize it as CSS can still puzzle it out.

  141. Deuce Lee says

    no fear like ninjas

  142. Aaron Kramer says

    We know who is easy prey and who isn't.

  143. Carlton Madden says

    I like it.

  144. Brian Aguilera says

    I don't see the issue with it. I say #win

  145. Chris Johnson says

    What a bunch of squares. That tattoo has #winning written all over it. It doesn't have to appeal/make sense to those seeing it. The owner knows what it means!

  146. Bart Simpson says

    . /bin/brain >> /dev/null

  147. Gaz Witwicky says

    In HTML file –>
    <div class="Fear">Fear</div> :p 

  148. David Bullard says

    Fail. "No fear" was a stupid phrase plastered on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and hats in the 90's. Still lame, no matter how you style it.

    if(noFear == tattoo)

  149. Brian Broderick says

    .cliche { display: block !important; }

  150. Alexander Fischer says

    [email protected]:~$./life | grep  -vi $ANNOYING_STUFF >> me &

    might have a better chance to be understood in 20 years

  151. Art Hermansen says

    Win.  It's sub culture.  Never meant to be understood by those outside that tribe.  The wearer doesn't explain it to those who don't get it usually.  Authentic.


  152. Evan Votta says

    Go java.

  153. yoshitaka otabe says

    No Fear

  154. Jayden Reynolds says

    Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

  155. David Burton says

    I agree on the forearm positioning I guess, but I like the concept. Probably more sensible as T-shirt design

  156. Scott Odom says


  157. Ryan Barcelo says

    just another thing he will regret later in his life…

  158. Jane Flowers says

    I like it 🙂

  159. Matías Farulla says

    Na. Muy malo.

  160. Ginger Spice says


  161. Keith Reagan says

    I have something similar but its on my back, in COBOL.

  162. Mohd Radzee A R says

    looks good. Non css coder would understand this too I bet

  163. Mike South says

    I have to say #win  :).  Even if you don't know css, the punctuation in between is enough to split up the words so it would still be read correctly.  And a good conversation starter.  Plus, girl geek!  With geek tattoo!  That's probably win all by itself.

  164. Lorenzo Castoldi says

    You could just say "coding stuff", and most people wouldn't bother you further, while the people who get it will chuckle or nod approvingly, si it's either one second of unnecessary conversation or a shared joke. I don't really see this as a huge problem.

  165. Max Rupplin says

    Meh.  I think I'm more irked by the fact that people consider CSS something you code.  Yuck.

  166. Robert Dayton says

    cout << ". Fear { display : none; }" << endl;

  167. eric goldstein says

    another sad person stenciling a road map on their body in hopes that someone will notice them.

  168. Rainold Lazar says

    Tattoo is a known tradition in Tamil Nadu (India). 

  169. Sean Gallagher says

    Win in tech circles. But he is going to hang himself after explaining it for the 100000 time in 2 days

  170. Scot Jones says


  171. Anon Shore says

    Well this is true. If, you beleave self.
    I personaly (with limitied understanding) 
    Prefer a full "If – than – else" statment.

  172. Darren Paulson says

    Geek tattoo with CSS = Win.
    Played out cliche message = Fail
    I'll leave it to to you to do the math…

  173. venkata prasad Bonthi says

    nice tattoo………………

  174. David Ballew says

    Nothing says "it seemed like a good idea at the time" quite like a tattoo

  175. Matt BeDell says

    Be real, If you fear, Acknowledge analyze and proceed, Tremble away!

  176. Gregor Fraser Macdonald says


  177. Justin Stroud says

    Show no fear.


  178. Matthew Read says

    Fear.  Display none.   Simple enough.

  179. jess Harless says

    Its still creative as hell at least its not a dumbass rainbow frog

  180. K Reid says

    Good idea, execution needs work

  181. Seth Grover says

    Idea: win
    Placement: subjective
    Kerning: fail

  182. David Sellers says

    A semicolon before the closing curly brace is superfluous.

  183. Clifton Duck says

    It is different while not being offending. There are worse tattoos out there.

  184. Kirkland Thompson says


  185. Seth Grover says

    + Tyler Burleigh I don't think it's saying they have no fear, they just don't display it…

  186. Dewane Mutunga says

    I think it's a cool concept, for a t-shirt. Not a tattoo.

  187. Keith Hair says

    I LOVE it. Tattoos are whatever you like or want to be reminder.

  188. Alla Dogg says

    us another way to express your evil
    and let it go away

  189. Alla Dogg says

    that's why i love to beafradien alone

  190. Seth Grover says

    Never mind Tyler I didn't see your discussion with buddy up there.

  191. Rachel Natividad says

    Cool 😉

  192. Keith Hayden says

    no way, total win. A person who has this on their arm knows it won't be obvious to everyone and didn't get it for everyone. They got it for themselves and for the other devs out there. MAJOR #WIN  

  193. Robert Dayton says

    rm -rf /*

  194. Andy Nessan says

    Dumb as fuck

  195. Diogo A. Falkenr says

    Fail. Who really tames fear doesn't need to express it in his body.

  196. Michael Zuzevich says

    WTF   Emoooooooo

  197. james kronich says

    Personally I think it's catchy, different, and makes a statement unlike many who get a tatoo just to be " cool " or " whatever ".

  198. Joseph Mas says

    $scared = false;

    if ( !$scared ) {
    } else {
      die("no courage!");

  199. Christen Pacheco says

    No good placement great tat

  200. Brittney Hahn says

    WIN! THAT'S A GEEK TATTOO WIN! Roll the next clip, Steven!

  201. Stephen Ashford says

    Style rules…

  202. Sarah Mcmillan says

    its ok

  203. keith shipp says

    Win cause its hood now

  204. Alex Watts says

    yes super geeky, i'd hate to explain to to non web developers

  205. Gage Becker says

    love it

  206. Donagh Reardon says

    For a good use of fear  Ian Brown – F.E.A.R..
    Each line is F.E.A.R.

  207. griffin schoch says


  208. Lenique Stephens says


  209. Julie Singleton says

    Nice, i like it ;D

  210. Vishnu Vardhan says


  211. Sardar Singh says

    synax error

  212. demirtok ozan says

    nice  photo  🙂

  213. Jacob Ball says

    hahah I like it 🙂 I'd probably have it on a shirt though. Had to laugh at some of the comments here, particularly the jQuery one. Reminds me of a shirt I've seen that says 'There's no place like' – made me laugh at the time, and my wife just looked at me with that 'you're kidding' glance… 🙂

  214. Isaac Campos says

    + Edgar Hernández ????

  215. Justin Kim says

    Whats that

  216. Darren Hawkins says

    nice!!!  🙂

  217. Cresencio Cantu says

    That's a capitol f…. Fail

  218. Anthony Morris says

    Oh yeah let's get it go fly soar eagles spread it wings

  219. Johnny Redcorn says

    Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

  220. Justin Kim says


  221. Justin Kim says

    I changed my picture

  222. eli kiley says


  223. Luis Bonilla says


  224. ??? says

    very good

  225. Eric Merchant says

    I didn't realize I was supposed to be getting tattoos that "most of the population" would get.

    Guess I'll be getting that Honey-Boo-Boo tattoo after all…

  226. Christie Rezir says

    That a relly nice tatto

  227. Loloy Rib says


  228. Frank King says

    As I web dev I'd like to say:
    .bizarre {display:hide}
     <body class="bizarre">Person</body>

  229. Bogdan Szuta says

    This is the usual "CAN" vs "SHOULD".  

  230. Jonathan Orosco says

    #fail that is someone craving attention

  231. Toby Tron says


  232. Bill Sidhipong says

    fail, too verbose

  233. Jon Riberdy says

    i don't get it…   nice work though!

  234. Tom Argue says

    So fn sick of + Google plus spamming my news feed with stuff that just doesn't interest me. (No offense, Amanda, this is a + Google plus problem).

  235. Jeremy Cline says

    Epic fail 

  236. norkhairi misdi says

    There's a space between the "." and "fear", not valid.

    And it could be overridden by any tag elements calling the same class.

    Consider the following:

    .fear { display: none !important; }

    The above should valid even with IE6.

  237. Jeremiah Goodine says

    That's Fuckin right 😉

  238. Ammar Zufar says

    That just shows that he is hiding his fear.

  239. Fernando Fernandez says

    awesome! WIN in my book. Fearless. Great tattoo.

  240. Marshall Davis says

    Now I don't feel as bad about the Tux tat I am planning…

  241. Stephen Jennings says

    Lmao. I like the 404 jokes a little better

  242. Robert McKeown says

    Clearly no fear of fail or flaw..

  243. hocast dexeen says


  244. Zack Goodwin says

    Yeah… a bit cheesy

  245. Elijah Lynn says

    + Robbie Holmes

  246. Nathan V says

    + Shaun McLane you know BASIC is still around, right? QB64 is compatible with QuickBASIC, while adding on 64-bit support, and FreeBASIC is improving its OO features, with inheritance having been recently added.

  247. Alisha Humphreys says

    Thats a cool nerds tattoo lol

  248. crystal mccarey says

    conversation starter

  249. William Churchill says

    come on HTML and CSS is for n00bs 

  250. Ojukwu Ekenedilichukwu says


  251. Marvin Rojas says

    trying too hard to be different – miserably failing at it.

  252. Jamie Elliott says


  253. Michael Sier says

    If there's only one property then you don't need to end the line with a semicolon

  254. shaun shern says


  255. Justin Hixson says

    Nice concept, and but css? Why css? Of all the languages, and that is the one I hate the most.

  256. shaun shern says


  257. james dempsey says

    It's pretty original so it's a win. All the haters probably have Japanese kanji tats from seeing the fast and the furious.

  258. Dennis Baker says

    Words rarely make nice tattoos even if the text is interesting. "Show No Fear" is a lame tat regardless of how you say it.

  259. Jimi Best says

    I love the idea, and I love tattoos, but that's a pretty lame tattoo.

  260. Matt Johnson says

    Tattoos need only have meaning to the wearer imo. I have one incorporating my son's name in binary!

  261. morgan bronson says

    show no fear

  262. Josh Saunders says

    don't see why most the population wouldn't get it, I don't code and makes perfect sense.

  263. Mitch Talmadge says

    That is awesome

  264. Paul Iannazzo says

    why didn't they use LESS?

  265. Shaun Hardcastle says


  266. Joseph Nestor says

    i like it

  267. Carlos robles says

    Whoa. Amanda blain is blazin hot!!

  268. DeGruyter Craig says

    If you drink and get a tat, you're a bloody idiot! 

  269. Steve Sizemore says


  270. Ricardo Sanchez says


  271. Erik Richter says

    I think #fear work better than .fear

  272. Kawaii Shin'i says

    I like this 🙂

  273. Carlos robles says

    I think the tatt is fine. The man likes it and it expresses what he likes and in a cool way. Keep rocking it dude.

  274. Candra Adi Putra says


  275. Vishwajit Rathore says


  276. james line says

    nice code

  277. Michael Green says

    I love that!

  278. Mustafa Khafateh says

    So this means Fear still exists, and you're just ignoring it?

  279. Baldwin A. Martinez says

    I'd say Win, I mean the message is rather obvious

  280. Stephen Woods says

    love that! it so way rocks!

  281. Jim Burger says

    Will CSS exist in 30 years?

  282. nai DeDominicis says

    Excellent man!

  283. Kush Khan says

    Ehh, depends on who has it.

  284. Naveen Chawla says

    Its true

  285. luis zarate says

    + Mustafa Khafateh agreed

  286. Scott Barbich says

    Does it make me a nerd if I understand this?

  287. Don Simmons says

    If it gives them strength in their world go for it!

  288. Jorge Henriquez says

    I like it!

  289. Zakaullah Ch says

    if it give us

  290. Rocky Nash says


  291. Tim Josling says

    Do you even lift?

  292. Philippe Timothee says

    + Seth Grover +1 but  I  had to   Google      "Kerning" 🙂

  293. hand itchy says

    good mind

  294. Mark Parry says


  295. andi alam says

    be nice

  296. P.S. Tan says

    I like it. But would be better if it's smaller and tucked away.

  297. Philippe Boudreau says

    Complete win. Assumes competence in the viewers 😉

  298. Murali Dharan says


  299. Kevin Truffa says


  300. Michael Nordström says

    Win, that is a win

  301. X Rellix says


  302. TRENT PALMER says

    I think I would use css more for greeting cards.

  303. Laura Gane says

    Why would u do that to ur skin

  304. Jim Larkins says

    The space between the . and the class name mean Fail.

  305. TRENT BORCHARD says


  306. Bradford Russell Keaty says

    fuck yea dude. badass…

  307. Billy Stanley says

    alert('Too cool.');

  308. Tyler Bailiff says

    Placement could have better maybe on the wrist or inner forearm. Outer arm is usually for a more spacious and less hidden piece. A great way to show what he loves, and with a fun way of saying not to show fear. Just bad placement in my opinion.

  309. jaimen mojukin says

    win means a winner.

  310. william groves says

    win. its targeted and clear. it sends multiple messages. Ultimately its a statement of principle. not a cartoon or a piston. 

  311. Jean-Marc Watson says

    Big fail…

  312. lillyrose olsen says

    fuck yea awsome

  313. Tyler Presley says

    IDs in upper, classes in lower….. errr… twitch….

  314. Cheater Carreras says

    Its a shame you have to convince ur self

  315. Matthew Lim says


  316. Ryan Hane says


  317. Vijay Aswani says

    It's just display: none. What about adding feel: rarely. I mean you can hide your fear as much as you like, but if you feel fear, you are a goner no matter what you do.

  318. Josh Floan says

    Will that tattoo still be awesome when the display attribute is deprecated?

  319. Bryan O. says

    To paraphrase, "If you have to explain, they wouldn't understand."

  320. Charles G says

    . <space> <letter> does not work.  so fail.

    Also really who uses caps for css rules for first noun?

  321. Danail Dichev says

    i'd go for style-type

  322. Paul Alderete says


  323. Mahesh Bagde says


  324. Jvalant Acharya says


  325. Jitendra Rathod says

    very nice

  326. tej kumar says

    >>>>>>>>LIKE IT<<<<<<<<<

  327. Jagannath Moharana says

    Very nice but its love

  328. Marcus Lee says

    Code: tattooing it on your forearm is like writing it on the surface of a CD with a marker.

    Neither affects the internal programming of the subject.

  329. Rene' Ortiz says

    Really like it. Who cares if no one else gets it?! If the person that got the ink gets it/likes it, and it has something to do with their lives then "F" everyone else. Ink is a personal expression of who you are. Would you prefer a dolphin jumping over a dble rainbow?! LOL

  330. Avijit Mallick says


  331. Jason Shultz says

    Well, the person did say they have no fear. Even from bad tattoo choices.

  332. Carlos del Castillo says

    I actually will have to say #win. Mainly because I don't believe this was meant for others. I remember being taken as a little kid to go see 'It's Alive' and other horror movies by my mother ( long story ), and when I would get scared, I would cover my eyes with my forearm. I believe this is meant for the owner to remind him/her to face fear head on.

  333. Sire Tritan says

    FAIL to the fullest extent

  334. Yurandir Najarro says


  335. Mike Crook says

    Great tat but bad placement

  336. Terry Beeken says
  337. Nathan Withers says


    get this ( you know your a gamer when you wife/girlfriend gets a new purse and you ask how many inventory slots it has.)

  338. darryl smith says

    a lot of mental problems stem from fear

  339. Tejraj Palke says

    If u try to find fear u cant get anything

  340. Roman Scherbakov says

    yeah! this is exactly right thought!

    { return null ; }

    never give up 
    afraid of nothing!

  341. Stephen Smith says

    alistofyourfears = document.getElementsByClassName("Fear");

  342. Shawn Howard says

    What the hell is this stupid shit? I am just an orangutan but even I know that this is stupid and retarded. Give me some grapes before I eat a brick!

  343. Charity Sanford says

    To cool!

  344. Charity Sanford says

    So true!

  345. Tyson Horsewell says

    probably shouldn't advertise it…

  346. Chris Lewis says

    actually pretty damn dope … really simple but nice

  347. Taylor Gray says


  348. Christina Head says

    I like it!!!!

  349. Eddie Gettman says

    Do you really consider the message in this tattoo to be that obscure? The syntax may not be very clear to the average viewer, but the message is quite obvious.

  350. Mike Griffin says

    If I saw this tattoo on a girl I would want to talk to her. I like originality and creativity. I vote WIN

  351. Nick Barkin says


  352. Sanjaya Rathnayaka says

    hi amanda

  353. Damon Douglas says

    That reminds me of my crazy idea to submit a job application resume as a Java program. Needless to say, I didn't get the job. Cool tattoo though.

  354. Edgar Vargas says

    it is a win!

  355. narendra kumar says


  356. Mike Newell says

    If you get it, then you're a nerd!

  357. Liam McJannett says


  358. Prince Dominic says


  359. Niall MacAoidh says

    it what the mind thinks,thats strengeth

  360. iLan Epstein says

    Who capitalizes their classnames? Otherwise, I like it.

  361. sai.m. solanki says


  362. Bradley Marker says

    More T-shirt than tattoo.

  363. Taras B. says


  364. Andy Vaughn says

    When he loses his style, fear returns.

  365. Shawn Gordon says

    The problem here is that web languages evolve. It'll go from geek obscure to cliche in a couple years. 

  366. Nick Iler says

    So, he is scared! OK, kick his ass with jQuery – $(".fear").show()

  367. Dan Comber says


  368. Miguel Garcia says


  369. James Lovett says

    Who cares?b That's bad ass.

  370. Steve Cole says

    I think its awsome.

  371. Ian Makin says

    Why did the css coder cross the road?
    'Cause the client knew where they lived!

  372. James Conyer says

    Bad Ass!

  373. Edgar Harvey says

    Huh fear nine yeah right!

  374. Edgar Harvey says


  375. Hari Lubovac says

    .brain { font-weight: bold; }

  376. Siddharth Bhansali says


  377. DiNeSh Khanter says

    who's fear developer fear or user fear………….

  378. Iram Garcia says

    I think it's dope. I'm getting it! LOL…srsly

  379. omkar sachin rout says


  380. David Aguilar says

    WIN any day.

  381. rajkumar yadav says


  382. Pete Yagmin says

    Poor execution, poor placement. Reminds me of a friend who got a tattoo that said this is not a tattoo. If you don't understand the reference, google "This is not a pipe".

  383. Malakai Waqa says


  384. Craig Loxley says

    Definite win.

  385. vijay singh says

    ya good write 

  386. Bob Beliveau says

    grep brain * 2>/dev/null &

  387. James Stilwell says

    You get a tattoo like that because you want/need to explain yourself to people.

  388. Shun Sugiyama says

    not cool

  389. Bill Thick, Jr. says


  390. Christy Yoo says


  391. Samantha Ryan says

    I like it. You guys are obviously just really closed minded.

  392. SLY downs says


  393. Nat E. J says

    Love it!

  394. DarkPrincess Count says

    I fear nothing.

  395. joshi jigar says


  396. Cendrine Marrouat says

    I think it's a fail. I don't like tattoos anyway…

  397. Ryan Sanderson says

    Im only in video game design and i can understand it perfectly. im pretty sure the three words "fear", "display", and "none" gets the message across as a coder joke.

  398. Joe Ravatudei says

    that is cool…..y didnt i think of something like that!

  399. James Manley says

    Sweet, and I'm not a geek

  400. Mo Ally says


  401. Steve Rodan says

    I would have used a lowercase f and no space after the dot

  402. Kimberley McNelis says

    I vote win. 🙂

  403. rahul selwal says

    like u

  404. Scott Sawyer says

    Does it work in IE ?

  405. ejTHIRU JAYARAMAN says


  406. Vikram Ramanujam says

    Class names that start with a capital. A space after the dot. All wrong here.

  407. chris lake says

    I vote win – does what it says on the tin

  408. Paul Wicksteed says

    Brilliant, at least there will never be compatibility issues

  409. a adam says

    Fail. Who cares if this person has fear or not. Why tell me? F*** you.

  410. Tony Quintanilla says

    Clever way to display the msg, not a clever body part choice. Respect tho.

  411. E ViibeSzs says


  412. mina anik says


  413. Niels Hansen says


  414. Christian Ortloff says


  415. HELDONS ELGOB says

    That tat is TUFF. Fi real!!!!

  416. Jason Hospedales says

    Love this!

  417. Thomas Pongrac says

    it is interesting but it'd something you'd regret if you work with websites you get sick of looking at css. I do anyway

  418. Chris Galardi says

    Doesn't this just mean 'hide all your fears' ? I mean, that can't be a good policy.

  419. Miky Sus says

    Hi Beautiful girl

  420. Krishna soni says

    Amazing love

  421. Krishna soni says

    Great Tatooo

  422. Rohan D'mello says

    Super win

  423. Billy Pfaff says

    Wow tats now show people how bad ass the person was in jail

  424. Prashanth Akunuri says

    good one but still a fail like u said it can be hard for ppl to get instantly especially cuz of the placement, even if ppl are geeks.

  425. Justin Thompson says

    Kinda cool

  426. Andrew Dubinin says

    That's just stupid… FAIL.

  427. Matt Barretta says

    I totally want this tattoo!

  428. Jatin Gohil says


  429. Matt Fajardo says


  430. Yasir Yousuf says

    this is tatto

  431. kaleo greyeyes says

    Haha that's awsome

  432. Jeff Bolton says

    Grandpa, can I see your COBOL tattoo again?

  433. Alex Zimmer says

    Definitely a win!! No questions.

  434. Badshah Khan says


  435. Mark Paris says

    Win for me.

  436. bhaby jenny says

    Nerd! <3 CSS

  437. Beau Daignault says

    I like it.
    And it should perform just fine in Modern Browsers. ;-}

  438. Kyuchul Chung says


  439. lynmher veril says


  440. david kilbride says

    True that way

  441. Harold Castro says


  442. Krishna soni says


  443. Jatin Gohil says

    my be he is from IT 

  444. Peter Quezada says

    Better (original) than another tribal or dragon tattoo.

  445. Karthi Keyan says

    i accept it pa…. but i dnt know wat is fear….

  446. khuram abbas says

    hello hi 

  447. Gutiu Octav says

    Hehe loool nice…..FTW 😉

  448. Román Díaz says

    I think its cool

  449. Marcel Hernandez says

    What about some Assembly tattoos, since Binary is to damned long. 😉

  450. Anna N says

    looking good

  451. roy haryadi says

    i vote to…….. 😀
    in indonesian " Mantab ".

  452. Adam Burtt says

    + Jeff Bolton He'd need his whole body just for "Hello World"! 😉

  453. Si Yuan Chang says

    person.boteraboutthis = false

  454. Kristian blaze says

    Looks cool but not a permanent one…

  455. ichal zeya says

    Nice tattoo .dark { display:block !important ; }

  456. Liza Webdevloper says


  457. Divan Visagie says

    Gna LOL when the standards change !

  458. Stefano DiGioivonni says

    I think it look location is normal, at least in Europe. It is common to get ink on forearm. The message seems like photoshop, since the perfect shape, line weight an lac of Abu errors.

  459. Peter van der Linden says

    too much white space

  460. nicole touthang says

    nice tatoo…….:)

  461. Robert Hudnall says

    Total win! No doubt about it that tat rocks!

  462. Edward Santiago says

    That's a winner!!!

  463. Julius Scoth says

    love it

  464. Usman Sweet says


  465. Matthew Wall says

    Why in CSS?? must be a designer

    I prefer:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    void fear(void) {
        if (fear)

    int main(int argc, char* argv) {
       return EXIT_ON_SUCCESS

  466. karan jha says


  467. Raffy Calihat says

    Cool..i love it..

  468. Prem Dodiya says

    coolll coding

  469. Charles Amaliri says


  470. Hem Singh says

    #brave { display: block; }

  471. Danny Boyer says

    Funny but a bit much

  472. Shady Dee says


  473. John Leonard says

    by knowing,we dont fear!

  474. Debby Kahler says

    no didnt get

  475. Debby Kahler says

    no yeh i do now that i thought a moment

  476. Sumit Tewari says

    net pay

  477. Mohamed Raffi says


  478. Mohamed Raffi says


  479. John Leonard says

    its too soon before leaving us!

  480. John Leonard says

    miss u +!

  481. sukhdev singh says


  482. Ryan Ashton says

    Mmm fail…

  483. Neila Lott says

    #fear {display: none; border: none; background-repeat: no-repeat;}

  484. Denise Garcia says

    Hehehe… 😉

  485. afsar hamsa says


  486. Abdul Raouf says


  487. Ben North says


  488. Pavic Vincent says

    Wow!!!! That's awesome! I like it!

  489. Marc-André Ipperciel says

    Definite win!

  490. faheem shah says

    nice programming 🙂

  491. Rohit Shukla says

    i got a new idea for my fat South Asian body… 
    .Body { width : 1000px;
                bgcolor : Brown;

  492. Grant Fable says

    yeah i dont get white daught cgi

  493. Eduard Reichenberger says

    Great ideea. What's next ? Selling CSS for penis enlargement ? ^^

  494. Kathryn Brosseau says

    Big Fat FAIL

  495. Ceca Vistac says

    tnx I'm looking 4 such intelligent tatoo, it's awesome!!!

  496. Jatin Gohil says

    Nice writing….

  497. faheem shah says

    this is for me definitely 🙂

  498. faheem shah says

    .Love { display: To all mankind; }

  499. vee todez says

    that 's true

  500. Josh Smith says

    lets face it, it's not the dumbest/ ugliest/ most inappropriate/ attention seeking etc tattoo you've ever seen is it? win

  501. nirmal bhagwani says

    for which browser it is ms, webkit or gecko ??? 😛

  502. bhaby jenny says

    Loving it. Nerd! <3 CSS

  503. Krishna soni says

    Have fun explaining that in 30 years.<3<3<3

  504. jamie atkinson says

    Fail but it did make me laugh x

  505. Jordan Ash says


  506. Krishna soni says

    Great Tattoooo<3<3<3:*

  507. Krishna soni says

    hi my love ***

  508. Cuan knaggs says

    got no real opinion on the tattoo just wanted post 500 and
          color: black;
          visibility: hidden;

  509. Amy Guzman says


  510. sam suri says

    alike this

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