1. Drew Jones says

    Finally…someone that understands!

  2. Rob Gordon says

    HA! I knew it!

  3. Martin Watson says

    Really? Clean up day? As it so happened I cleaned up quite a bit today. I had no idea today was clean up day.

  4. Carlos Jaen says

    Even creative to get out of dodge !!

  5. Adam Balm says

    Serves you right for buying cool stuff.

  6. Steven Watson says

    So that is what my problem is, and here I thought I was just lazy. πŸ˜‰

  7. Kenneth Meade says

    i here yah

  8. Mike Wallace says

    I must be VERY creative…

  9. Elvira Rodriguez says

    so love it! we girls have so much fun!!

  10. arjun pizarro says

    but why?

  11. J Agnew says

    I don't have thi- NO way! I've been looking for that!

  12. Nmachi Jidenma says

    haha creatives unite!

  13. Elvira Rodriguez says

    It's a girl thing I guess!

  14. Chris Hoeller says

    Yep, I'm going to clean up, right after I:

    – Play around on Google Plus
    – write a song
    – draw a work of art on my tablet
    – rewrite my profile
    – plan a fantasy vacation
    – work on my screenplay
    – make a list of things I need to get accomplished
    – watch a couple shows
    – create a business model that will change the world

    Ah, Shit… I never made it past the first one. There's always tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  15. CodyKo Diac says

    I can't clean my room cuz of G+

  16. Jessica Northey says

    + Amanda Blain That's what I did Sunday and yesterday. I have a whole new wardrobe, some shows and enough lint to wear as a scarf… OH yeah and a stick of gum. LOL

  17. arjun pizarro says

    what is G+

  18. Mark Davis says


  19. Wayne Johnson says

    This is EXACTLY why my bedroom is a mess!

  20. Mark Davis says

    But finding the cool stuff is the only reason to cleanup anywho….

  21. med mba says


  22. Tan Anh Tran says

    and now i can't take a shower.

  23. Matthew Maresco says

    This is definitely my problem.

  24. Rob Gordon says

    And this, of course, is how we get ready for one of Amanda's hangouts http://goo.gl/TFfoI

  25. Amanda Blain says

    Messy people of G+ Unite! πŸ˜€

  26. Elvira Rodriguez says

    Oh my goodness we have confeed! Snap!

  27. Jason Huebel says

    Aspies have this problem too.

  28. Deborah Boyd says

    You should see my cave! LOL I am lucky the Health Department doesn't know where it is!!!

  29. Steven Streight says


  30. Jessica Wiseman says

    So flipping true… I found my old #Pogs while cleaning this last weekend…. Productivity came to a screeching halt.

  31. Chris Hoeller says

    I've actually gotten relatively non-messy in my apartment, but I think I've lost a part of my soul in the process.

  32. ken fusion says

    i cant check my e mail because i get distracted by G+

  33. Amanda Blain says

    For someone who works in social media + Steven Streight … why are you ALWAYS negative on everything I post?

  34. Drew Jones says

    Wow…i think for + Steven Streight..its just another "first world problem!"

  35. Jim McCloskey says

    + Amanda Blain There was a study once that correlated a clean space as being associated with someone who felt wildly out of control of their life, and vice versa.

    I heartily embrace the messy workplace.

  36. Steven Streight says

    I'm creative. I am messy sometimes. + Amanda Blain I certainly don't mean to be negative toward you. I often am just joking around.

    If I post a comment, it's generally because what you post is thought-provoking.

    I'll try to be nicer. Don't want to appear mean or cranky. I feel bad that I have offended you. I like you. Peace sister. :^)

  37. Fabian Hendricks says

    Perspective. Its all about Perspective πŸ™‚

  38. Preston Brantmeyer says

    Once, I found an old Nintendo, and another old Nintendo, and another, and another, and another, and a million more. XD

    I also found a monitor, and a BUNCH of dog toys.

  39. Steven Streight says

    + Amanda Blain Remember the old saying, "If a messy desktop indicates a messy mind, what does an empty desktop indicate?"

  40. Chris Hoeller says

    + Steven Streight It was probably the ALL CAPS, lol

  41. Amanda Blain says

    + Jim McCloskey yuppers… dont look at my deskspace! πŸ™‚

    + Steven Streight I can't spell anything. True Story. I type too fast and don't proof read. not for lack of abilites πŸ™‚ Problem with typing fast and doing too much at once. πŸ™‚

  42. Joe Garcia says


  43. Drew Jones says

    Holy Jesus!

  44. ava salerno says


  45. Steven Streight says

    + Amanda Blain Actually your post is pretty clever and I relate to it.

  46. jeadon hodge says

    that is true

  47. Maurice Fannelli says

    Well that bloody explains why I'm messy. I never knew πŸ™‚

  48. Hannah Wissing says

    so true love it

  49. Hannah Boyer says

    yes super true

  50. Salma Talukdar says

    True πŸ˜‰

  51. Walker Payne says


  52. Salma Talukdar says

    I know right?

  53. Salma Talukdar says

    We have to have installed the plugin to see it + GeorgeandAngela Lee

  54. melissa hurtado says

    yea thats what happens to me some times

  55. Erin Olson says

    That is why is don't clean my room. It will just take forever.

  56. Hawlie Ohe says

    I would fall into this category πŸ˜‰

  57. Kat Cornelius theThird says

    omfg. this happens to me all the time! my mom starts yelling at me: "Wht the hell are you doing?"
    "I found that old book, Chicka chicka boom boom. I like it"

  58. N'Lorenn Rossum says

    This is true….ie..crazyfunctions lol

  59. Nar Bahadur Giri says

    Thats the reason i dont want to make another place dirty.

  60. Ellary Golumb says

    yup true

  61. Manish Tiwari says

    hey me too!

  62. Shelbea riley says

    thats so true πŸ˜€

  63. Freda Coursey says

    When I used to send my daughter to clean her room it just got worse, because she had to take everything out of its box/bin/container to look at it, and then even more stuff was everywhere than before.

  64. Agatha Quin says

    Hahaha totally agree!! messy is the way lol

  65. Astrid Boyadjian says

    sounds so familiar, it used to drive my mother crazy

  66. June Tan Yi Lei says

    AGREE!!!!! HAHAHA….

  67. Derek Dimpfl says

    I find this very comforting.

  68. Mohammed Afsal.M says

    It is because you think positive

  69. Grae Hunter says

    I needed that excuse 25+ years ago!

  70. Vinay Ahirwar says

    me too

  71. Kelli Braide says


  72. samantha siegel says

    i agree

  73. Ryan Sanderson says

    aint that the truth

  74. Marge Gentry says

    me to and sometimes it is real cool!

  75. travis kyer says

    that's so true one time i found my black metal slinky

  76. Sara Stuart says

    me too. and forget about reorganizing the book shelf.

  77. Abby Klein says

    Oh My God, Yes!!!! That is totally me!

  78. luis carla says

    Oho so thats the reason, thus my mom scolds me! LOL!

  79. Kaleb Kekipi says

    Sooooooo True


    Thats it

  81. Ravi Kumar says


  82. Leo Tecson says


  83. Juan Mejinez says

    i true believe that is so true

  84. guanghui du says

    what's that?

  85. Denton Liu says

    Wait 'til you try to move!

  86. tata hsiao says


  87. Poonam Khandar says

    thts true. they don't care to be clean. only bussy with their stuff all the time.

  88. shiry Hefny says

    Oh yeh , i'll go for that.

  89. Cynthia Lee says

    I agree with this 110%!!

  90. Colleen T Bell says

    I can relate. To much fun stuff to make and create to clean up. . . .

  91. Shekhar Desai says


  92. Jeremie Plourde says

    Tottaly agree i get distracted by my old camera collection and my large photo prints.

  93. Mathew Jacob says

    hi what

  94. Victoria Olivares says

    me too!! πŸ˜€

  95. Delia Brown says

    true true…..

  96. Allison Sanchez says

    True [:

  97. dhaniek kusumawardhani says

    So true…:-)

  98. Teyolia Velasquez says

    This is how i feel when im doin the same!..lol

  99. james james says

    That's what I tell my wife, then she goes ahead and hides everything again!

  100. Vinu Kallara says


  101. Kaitlyn Zou says


  102. Elizabeth Marie says

    haha thats to funny! describes my childhood.

  103. Douglas Hales says

    That's why it takes months to clean up

  104. Kevin Chapman says

    Are we married to sisters?

  105. tharidu dhananjaya pathirana says


  106. abraham guillen says

    i love you i make all do you like vente para venezuela aqui si hay amor te amo carino

  107. yuda agung Gumelar says

    aku gk ngerti nih bahasa englis

  108. Leigh Spittel says

    Oh gosh, this is so funny!

  109. Helena Yan says

    So very true!

  110. Amelia Browder says

    omg that is sooo true

  111. Babar Munir Khar says


  112. Joe Murray says

    This is my son.

  113. Graci Novack says

    sounds like me

  114. stephen garrett says

    yep thats me

  115. Ronald Smith says

    thats my daughter!

  116. ladies man says


  117. lindsay Redmond says

    that's me Too!

  118. Piumi Yaggahahewage says

    so true

  119. Luke Ficarro says

    ya so true always happens to me and my kids lol

  120. Syrena Hansen says

    ADHD all over

  121. Henry Bhage says

    What about all the uncool stuff?

  122. Noreen Qayam says


  123. Vijayalakshmi Lokya says

    yes dear its true

  124. Sarah Jaber says


  125. Charity Norton says

    so true!

  126. shaibool afandi says


  127. Kris Dare says

    hey that is so true

  128. maaz asif says


  129. Celeste Addison says

    that always happens to me

  130. Ezaura Rafe says


  131. Yvette Reid says

    Creative do tend to be messy. That is normal. Everything will be cleaned up after their creation is complete.

  132. Ashish Bandyopadhyay says

    cool stuff ?????????/ like????

  133. Olga Villalobos says

    Had I known… I would have been able to stop my daugther from straighten me up. Hihi!

  134. Javier Gutierrez says

    Did you happen to find an apostrophe? Those are pretty cool.

  135. Vaishnavi Chilakamarri says


  136. Nina Borland says


  137. Rakesh Soham says

    Absolutely correct! ^_^

  138. Christen Pacheco says

    OMG you let the plans out!!!! now they will download the collective internet from 2012 using cache technologies send the data to the future and this will all be undone!!!! yikes regroup replan and reorginize

  139. Sumitha Bhandari says

    oh ive been pointed out fr my messy desk at work..psst..u must check out my script..how messy that is..

  140. amir rostam says

    very well lips you .

  141. Jyoti Evans says

    Reminds me of what this professor was saying the other day. He basically said that creative thinkers should be allowed to let their minds wander whereas surgeons and bankers should maintain their focus and not get distracted by things.

  142. mochammad lutfi says

    oow, how messy my room.. and i get distracted by my lazyness.. hehehe

  143. William Oppong says


  144. Jango Guy says

    I find weird stuff too…

  145. William Tong says

    lol true so true

  146. Aaron Brown says

    I totally make a huge mess to clean up. I move everything all over the place. When i am done it is all neat and tidy but you would think it was not possible during the process. There is something zen about a clean and tidy living space. I tell this to my 3 year old,who then asks why and runs away laughing as he tosses all his toys everywhere, not waiting for an answer πŸ™‚

  147. Maggy Mckay says

    So true. That is one of the tenets of "brain storming". Think of something outrageous and your mind will take incremental steps back toward something more feasible. Velcro was invented by an Englishman who was thinking of how he could walk in the woods without having those nasty burrs stick to his wool pants. True story. I teach creative thinking and always ask "if it were not impossible, how would you do it?"

  148. Richard Masango says

    That quite strange, why don't you clean up first before you go down there, it easy as 1,2,3

  149. Dineshi Joshi says

    u r also like me

  150. Avugo Enos says

    love u

  151. Mackenzie Reutter says

    ah lol

  152. Dr.Ashish kumar says


  153. mahana Enoka says

    sweet lol!!!!!!!

  154. Kathy Turdak says

    It sounds good. But I bet your mum doesn't agree! lol

  155. Bobby Routin says

    haha πŸ™‚

  156. Eleanor Gorrie says

    i know some1 else like that

  157. Osvaldo GarcΓ­a says

    Muy creativos jaja

  158. Shamana Amjah says

    wow πŸ™‚

  159. Sagar Ahmed says

    haaaaaaaaa nokta

  160. mahesa satriyo says

    hai amanda

  161. Stephanie P says

    LOL thats awesome! πŸ™‚

  162. kokila selvam says


  163. Ojasvi Pandya says

    haha….good one…

  164. Rahul Sharma says


  165. Kylie Friedrichs says

    sooooo true

  166. Averil Fernandes says


  167. AHSAN TARIQ says

    same with me

  168. Lakshya Bakshi says

    I call them "Legos"

  169. kaijah d says

    lol interesting

  170. Rajesh Dhiman says

    Its ever a fantastic cool stuff, ever it i like….. )

  171. AHMAD JABAR Jaffar says


  172. James Wright says

    You nailed it on the head

  173. Daniel preece says

    i'll make sure my 10 yr old does not see this, she has enough excuses already

  174. Sharon Samosir says

    Sooo true

  175. Randy Chucko Ram Runyon says

    Yah but all the Good Stuff is on the bottom.

  176. Jai Slouf says

    yep thats me

  177. Piotr ?obacz says

    thats me right here.

  178. Melissa Null-Masquelier says

    So thaaaaat explains the garbage piled seat high in my car eh?

  179. Sandra Harrison says

    true that !

  180. Samantha Gehrke says

    ecxatly what I do hehe

  181. shelja shameem says


  182. dori leka says


  183. Samuel Prince says

    thats really true..gud one

  184. Ruth Rader says

    Especially when I want to straighten things up on my computer. I'm like an Internet hoarder! I find old files and then get new ideas on what to do with them and pretty soon I'm going down memory lane and…well…yeah, that's me. πŸ™‚

  185. Sylvia Tibbs says

    they must of interviewed my family for this comment.

  186. Mike VanLancker says

    You can't spell, either…

  187. Aliana Bernal says


  188. paul baines says

    I live in a skip

  189. Scott Sauceda says

    me too

  190. sherri ewers says

    That is so me.

  191. Kannan Aravagiri says

    reddit…its taking my soul

  192. Diana Sanchez says

    Haha!!! Thts me! πŸ™‚ lol

  193. Cavalier Danille says


  194. Muhammad Arfan Fani says


  195. victor kiprop says

    what cool stuff?

  196. Frederick Brooks says

    I agree

  197. christian rivas says

    idk its not funny >:O jk its funny πŸ˜›

  198. olivia ferreira says

    ha ha same here

  199. nikhil kamble says

    leave the thinking to get dirty !!!

  200. Isaac Wheeler says

    Sooooooo true

  201. Ranjith Am says

    And there are at least a thousand other very intelligent excuses for the shortcomings that you have, and that is fully approved by your own self

  202. Rachael Kioi says


  203. Chuck Register says

    Lol. So unfortunately true…

  204. Louise DPK Marais says

    hahaha – sounds like when i try to clean out my house or garage – and then i keep on holding on to more things

  205. Yvonne Bradley says

    Sounds like my daughter!! lol

  206. Jamie Meacham says

    So that's what's wrong with my daughter???? Finally, I know :0)

  207. emmanuel principe says

    what stuff
    a toy

  208. Danica Kramer says

    that always happen to me lol,now i kno why it takes them so long…. πŸ˜›

  209. charles daniel says


  210. Subrata Sarkar says

    forget the room. this happens when i try to set my closet right!!

  211. salim mottaghi says

    That's so true…

  212. Himanshu Shukla says

    One of the advantages of being disorderly isthat one is constantly making exciting discoveries

  213. Robert Smith says

    God is creative.

  214. Maddi Huch says


  215. Zamajobe Sithole says

    lol. stop getting out our secrets. what would normally take about an hour, takes 2. or just does'nt get done.

  216. jyo malli says


  217. pinky sonto says


  218. vicky samy says


  219. ??? says


  220. lavanya ravi says


  221. Mahabalesh Shetty says


  222. almas saleem says


  223. Ashwin Samatingo says

    God z cretive

  224. Jordan Taser says

    dats definitely right

  225. Tara Banks says

    Funny!!! HAHA!

  226. Tara Banks says

    WHAT STUFF!!!?

  227. Chad Gillies says

    I have the same problem!! πŸ™

  228. cynthia flores says


  229. Samia Elsaid says

    this is typically a lot of people i really know.yet some of them r not that creative.THEY JUST LIKE IT THIS WAY,MY SONS&I HAVE TO OWN UP

  230. Jordan Taser says


  231. Berny Keyser says

    I cleaned one shelf in my office and found 2 ipods, someone's digital camera and a gift voucher from Xmas last year.

  232. Hany Wagih says


  233. Wilvin Magallano says

    hehe absolutely TRUE! :3

  234. Bryant Carter says

    I'm something like that too

  235. Phoebe Ruth Alithea Bacotot says


  236. Pooja Pathania says

    haha..it touches the reality;)

  237. MULLAH OMAR says


  238. Analliazeph Rex-Leigh Vectrix says

    I totally agree….its a nightmare trying to decide should i keep or should i throw? its worse when you have a science room mate who has all sorts of cool junk.

  239. Alan Perry says

    We are stuff magnets, it is a pity how much value we place on stuff and we all will loose it in the long run.

  240. Srinivasarao Bellamkonda says


  241. hemant parmar says

    love u

  242. Kamaria Meekins says

    This is sooo my 10 yr old

  243. Brin Kernan says

    This is sooo my Hubby. LOL

  244. Shelley Cairns-Berkseth says

    This is soooo my whole family, tragic as that sounds.

  245. Frank Murphy says

    Very true. This also makes packing for a move challenging.

  246. Shah Wan Shamsulbahrin says

    This just happened to me yesterday…

  247. mudassir khan says

    always happens !

  248. Cameron Silva says

    I guess that explains my eternally messy room? hehe

  249. Rohinita Charan says


  250. hanuman aluvalia says

    sooo true

  251. Tom McAdams says

    OMG, nothing could be more TRUE!!

  252. Brian McGovern says

    that's exactly what happens to me

  253. amna parveen says

    this happened to me when ever i saw comment like this

  254. kaitlyn meyer says

    that is so true

  255. Francesca Oyanedel says

    yes . everytime.

  256. Rose Arreola says

    I soo agree

  257. Ponch Medina says


  258. Sunny Chakraborty says


  259. rajiv pandey says

    ya i agree………(._.)

  260. vellaisamy a says

    yo yo

  261. Kayla Palmer says

    I totaly agree…. im gunna use that when mum tells me to tidy my room πŸ˜€

  262. Aalia Khan says

    I found my lost treasures under the bed!!

  263. Liberty Manzongo says

    u can say that again

  264. Teresa Schoellkopf says

    Teresa looks at her desk… ducks her head… raises her hand to face her humiliating confession.

  265. Maximilian Majewski says

    I personally hate messiness, so I keep my desk and environment clean. It distracts me otherwise. Creative people just use this as an excuse.



  267. paulina oko-baro says


  268. jereena thomas says


  269. Aashir Jameel says

    GuD ONE

  270. Ravish Sharma says

    So true.

  271. Darren Jordan says

    happens all the time….

  272. manjul singh says

    a game of treasure-hunt !

  273. tamara rivera says

    Yes! That happens to me.

  274. GamerGirl VenuS says

    true x)

  275. Dipal Shukla says

    good u r right

  276. Janice Lau says


  277. Mukkadar Inamdar says


  278. Lachlan Daniels says

    LIKE IT!!!

  279. farzaana cassim says

    yes,then we find curious2find whats up in the room.

  280. SHAAN XI says

    …this is why I wait until he has gone out, preferably for a few hours, and then I go crazy cleaning his 'dungeon'… and put all the cool stuff back into there prospective cubby holes. He comes home and smiles because he didn't have to clean up and I didn't throw anything away.

  281. Daniel jeffery says

    me to:D

  282. Bilal Ibrar says

    + Amanda Blain Oh yes, Don't get me started on the cool (and horrific) things you might find in my room.

  283. Amy Pond says

    haha that picture up there………….soooo true

  284. manzoor khan says


  285. ehsan ican says


  286. jamie haeusler says

    too true and then by the time i finish its too late to clean

  287. Sali Katsitadze says


  288. Amit Kumar says

    that is so true !

  289. Leule Manayae says

    B/c you are so dum

  290. Mukund Kedia says

    This I totally agree with!

  291. ??????? ?????? says


  292. Andrew D says

    Why clean up when I can just add more stuff on the pile?

  293. joseph peter kazah says

    what should that be.

  294. PrEm KeNi says


  295. Mark Anthony Lane says

    Getting yourself organised has definite negative spinoffs for creatives. But if you can do it it will benefit your relationships. Whatever is important to you.

  296. Debbie Deckard says


  297. Ryan Rodgers says

    So true sometimes !

  298. June Ann Polinar says

    whoo whoo so me ;D

  299. sujit verma says

    i link

  300. Amin Kvr says

    keep it goin lol

  301. Sonu Singh says

    True πŸ™‚

  302. ALI ALSABRI says

    thats ok

  303. somitr shukla says

    no prablam

  304. Sher Ahmad says

    possible to some extent

  305. Ajay Kumar says

    no prablam

  306. Anna Rajan says

    That is soooo me!!!!

  307. Sabine Schnell says

    So not me but Know some very creative people:-)

  308. samuel hepple says

    (gasp) that is so true

  309. Andrew Conaway says


  310. D.S. bagadia says

    lazy man

  311. Erin McEvoy says


  312. jim lub says


  313. Marie Binder says

    I've actually gotten relatively non-messy in my apartment, but I think I've lost a part of my soul in the process

  314. Sadiya Asim says

    me toooo

  315. Alex Zhang says


  316. Zayda Blas says

    I love you exposing what's real

  317. Kat Melody says

    Ha ha ! Happens to me all the time!

  318. oscar betancourth says

    I understand u been there

  319. Peter Pawlak says

    + Amanda Blain Are there facts that are untrue, unless you are a politician?

  320. Isabel Cabrera says

    Been there… Done that

  321. Bryan Llanos says

    I can understand this. Same thing happens to me.

  322. Heather Jo-Lynn Bishop says

    always happens

  323. Josh Gisinger says

    Same here

  324. Husban Karim says

    LOL so true

  325. jack anderson says

    so true

  326. Bobby Garter says


  327. Marlon T. Goodwin says


  328. william yok says


  329. Bill Maitland says

    There's a room in here?

  330. Geneva Rodriguez says

    so true

  331. David Hafer says

    thats true

  332. Roan Ghataaura says

    Soooooooo true

  333. Malcomess Malcom says

    lol and some of that stuff has been there for ages!!! lol

  334. Elahe Qaffari says


  335. Frank Stonehouse says

    Just what I needed … justification to support getting a maid. Thanks!

  336. Ayonna Turner says


  337. Ifrah M.E says

    not me, dirty room = me annoyed, but got to have my cool stuff lol πŸ˜‰

  338. chamara dushmantha says

    I agree it….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  339. TOM PLA says


  340. HJ BF says


  341. Stephanie Rodriguez says

    Finally someone who understands! I could spend hours 'cleaning' my room because I find stuff I shoved in boxes and bags that's really cool!

  342. varun watson john says

    well you can't deny what's true

  343. Hong Zhi Yew says

    It isn't mess, it's organized chaos!

  344. Hanna Sadler says

    that happens everytime

  345. Kyle Little says

    so true!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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  347. jason williams says

    An excuse my Daughter would be very happy to use!

  348. John Eberle says

    all the time

  349. Radojka Tri says

    What is it?

  350. Agu vickey says

    like wat

  351. Charlie Yeldham says

    omg I do dat all da time!!!! πŸ™‚

  352. Erela Chan says

    me 2

  353. Kristy Blow says

    thats why it takes me so long to clean it

  354. Lorenzo Salazar says

    thats so true!!!!!!

  355. Moho Sheba says

    me 3

  356. Shrinidhi Rajagopal says

    so true

  357. Andrew Cheese says

    That's me.

  358. dizzy blond says

    That explains why I can only see half of my room after 2 days of cleaning

  359. Muhammad Afzal says

    Hmmm πŸ™‚

  360. Morgan Adkins says

    same here.walking over all these corsp,s to checkout the latest on my facebook and youtube.

  361. Thasleema gulfresource says


  362. laura antonio says


  363. Luca Tommaso Bonsignore says

    No, it's Messi who tends to be a Creative person πŸ˜‰

  364. Saiparvathi Jayanthi says

    hey!! how did you know it's me!!!! πŸ˜€

  365. Heikki Leskinen says

    As I recall, last time the distraction was a scientific calculator…

  366. stevin abdool says

    this is so true.

  367. Jane McMunn says

    so true

  368. jamlech mwendwa says

    Am a kenyan hallo baby' add mi plz

  369. Natasha West says

    I agree

  370. Brianna Weber says

    i tolltly agree on that and i do that alot

  371. Gareth Extross says


  372. Gatto NineNineNine says

    Is true, I agree =^.^=

  373. Amanjot Serown says


  374. wayne krage says

    So true! So true! So true!

  375. Miguel Duarte says

    I'm very creative then!

  376. Cande Nelson says


  377. fatma khan says

    haha lol true

  378. Mariam Zaman says

    that is so true πŸ™‚

  379. Melissa Wong says

    too truee

  380. Dominick Moorman says


  381. Ssebuufu Francis says

    That z so not true, I suppose

  382. Mikaela isWicked says


  383. Marlem Mena says

    I know right…

  384. Lacy Conley says

    I find that true every time I clean my room!

  385. ez ten says

    thats what happens when you're high… clean and get distracted

  386. ananya upadhya says


  387. Jessie Jr. Tacazon says

    thats true… like me

  388. ANIL MATHUR says

    hii i am anil mathur………

  389. Julissa Cortes says

    too funny, reminds me of my daughter,:-)

  390. destiny lawrence says


  391. Geoffrey Mohl says

    that is os true!!!

  392. destiny lawrence says

    ok lol

  393. Debra Peters says

    lol this should be on my grandsons door!

  394. Jeffrey Fajardo says

    Like what? hehe

  395. destiny lawrence says


  396. destiny lawrence says


  397. Kameron Kuhn says

    haha so true

  398. Fermin June III Alegro says

    hmmm… profound in a certain way…

  399. Hamilton Kulchetscki says

    I had same excuse but it was the "hot" magazines pornos instead….

  400. rosie andrews says

    Haha, I like this.

  401. CHANA WILLEMSE says

    lol awsomeness

  402. Katie Teague says


  403. rasica de silva says

    Me too!!!!

  404. Ravinder Birla says

    very nice

  405. Mohammed Fahaduddin says

    my room is cool itself

  406. frayer smith says

    i no right

  407. Kathy Martin says

    So true

  408. NegiN StriNgiNi says

    yeah exactly ! it happens to me most of the times as well πŸ™‚

  409. Matthew Nieves says

    me to

  410. Paul Thompson says

    me three πŸ˜€

  411. David Widjaja says

    that is definitely true

  412. Sheen Stars says

    mystery solved

  413. Joseph Thomas says

    hahahaha imm use tht wen my mom asked me to clean my room

  414. Cecy Andrea says

    Tt's happens all the time! And my mom doesn't understand it..

  415. Vanessa Ellingson says

    feel the same way

  416. iyanna craig says

    same here

  417. Saquib Akhtar says

    tht's cool…

  418. Naresh Nemmadi says

    same here as well

  419. Noble Kale says

    No, you can't clean your room because you lack the simplest elements of willpower and concentration (aka, an attention span).

  420. Emi Bell says



    Watch out that could be a sign of a Hoarder.

  422. sachin rajpurohit says

    sexy girl to you i love you

  423. madalena martins says

    "creative people tend to be messy"
    That's why bipolar people are very creative and messy

  424. Burinski Churavski says

    i can relate to this…

  425. Pramod Karunakaran says

    500-77=423 comments πŸ™‚

  426. cindy williams says

    that is so me

  427. Jeannette Diaz says

    I believe I have this problem.

  428. Jesse Barcelles says

    i have the same problem!:)

  429. Katelyn Barnhart says

    This one is for my sister queen of distraction

  430. alexandra colelay says

    Haha i am suprised wiff the things i find in mii room tyme to tyme.. LOL

  431. moksus khan says

    lolzzzzzzzzzzzz :p

  432. Charlotte Young says

    im like that!! lol

  433. michael hanley says


  434. Artemis Hatchett says

    me too!

  435. Theo Caphils says

    Haha same here i can start but can't finish

  436. Eddika Organista says


  437. Benjamin Brown says

    same here hahahahahahahahahaha i love it

  438. hugo isntbi says

    thats me when i try to find something

  439. Claudia Bello Punto says

    me too

  440. Matthew Leonard says

    true dat

  441. Gabe Reptar says

    haha thats me πŸ™‚ if im lucky a bag of chips. lmao

  442. XLDemon bannaz says

    SOMETIMES you find a phone

  443. Dona Elezi says


  444. sama ranga reddy says

    hai sexy

  445. Peyton Haug says

    ha ha

  446. Raymond Frost says

    Very funny

  447. Caity Springer says


  448. Terrence Carey says

    really funnie also lololololololololololol

  449. Anthony Hayes says

    … and I don't throw it away because it all still works! πŸ˜€

  450. micheala meredith says

    same here

  451. jasmine villa says

    thats funny

  452. Caitlin Jordan says

    That is me.

  453. david Tressel says


  454. christian green says

    ha nice

  455. Whitney Schoenberger says

    Yeah, no. My room is pretty darn clean right now.

  456. Ramond Ashcraft says

    True it does make it harder

  457. Mae Ban says

    ha ha ha

  458. Jinx Hale says

    lol that happens sometimes with me considering i don't even know WHAT i own…..it's kinda sad huh…?not even knowing what you own is pretty bad….:(

  459. savannah dudley says

    omg so true hahahhahahah

  460. Anna Tanner says


  461. M. Merced says

    In deed! M

  462. Beth Styhl says


  463. Baka Red says

    so true

  464. muhammad nafees says


  465. Thalia Grace says


  466. MUHAMMAD AIJAZ says


  467. nitish sharma says

    which COOL stuff u mean…?

  468. Kevin Lormand says

    That explains a lot and means I should be very creative, speaking of I need to clean today. Love finding things that I lost a few months ago. πŸ™‚ lol

  469. Christopher Panawash says


  470. Marine Corps says

    wow thats just sad…… and look at how many coments there are on this one post……. and now theres one more……

  471. Charlotte Earl says

    Yh dats tru wiv meh

  472. Dayz Dolin says


  473. Jenny Tan says

    Its true…..u should look at my locker:D

  474. Maraba Lwatingu says

    just cool the stuff then clean the room


    What is Zooey's benefit on Apple Tomato sup?

  476. Mark Grgurich says

    Exactly….my study is a mess….but it is a VERY cool place.

  477. Arun run says

    Hai friend Good Evening how are u?

  478. Shannon Berman says


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