1. Craig Lennox says

    It's still up there in the attic, somewhere.

  2. Justin Wondga says

    Mom wouldn't buy me one when I was little. <sob>

  3. ACE Norris says

    I love Atari and wish I could find one.

  4. Rob Fruth says

    Is it 1980 again !?

  5. Raymond Wesley Hawn says

    No Only tritis well old video games but I would rathet study nowdays…why amanda science look to your frontiers I am a key to your heavens look for the blue flame rocket engines…

  6. Kori Smith says

    I have one.
    My favorite games were Defender, Dodger Cars and PacMan.

  7. Amber Shousha says

    They have the Atari's for sale at Family Dollar for $45.00 please go to your local store. They are located at the top shelf near the Cash Register. I have seen the Atari's at several locations. HURRY BEFORE THEY SELL OUT FOR CHRISTMAS.

  8. Mitch Robiner says

    Pitfall Harry and asteroids!

  9. Niaz Khan Jadoon says


  10. James Taylor says

    Oh what memories… I remember one the highlights of my adolescence was staying up all night with my best friend to roll the score board on asteroids!

  11. Shannon Adelson says

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane + Amanda Blain I used to love swinging over the alligator pits. Good times!
    Atari might not have been the first or even the best, but it's definitely the one with the most memories attached.

  12. Matt Keithley says

    i will always have a special place in my heart for breakaway and defender…

  13. marcher73 says

    i was more of a colecovision system playa myself! 🙂

  14. Matt Keithley says


  15. Derrick Dyer says

    When I was a teenager .I use to stop by my girlfriends an play video games with her we had a lot of fun!!

  16. Ryan Moore says

    isn't atari trying to sue some of hte consoles now?

  17. Jeremy Albright says

    I still have my Intellivision in working order.

  18. Cathie D says

    It's the reason I love sandbox RPG's today!

  19. hiroyuki tsuji says

    I wish marriage and immigration actuality:-)

  20. Darcy Zalewski says

    I have fond memories of mine. I loved Pitfall, Circus and Crystal Caverns (or castle? I was so excited my parents got me a trackball controller to play that one!)

  21. Connie Rose says

    Hi Miss Blain I am replying to this email to ask if my husband knows u? I
    have lots of mail coming to me for him! His name is Robert Rose and I dont
    know if someone has compromised our accounts, he seems to think someone
    did! Can u please reply and let me know if he is a developer, if so im
    unaware of it. Thank you for your time!!

  22. Brad Atherton says

    Someone say pitfall??

  23. Jeff Smith says

    I'd love to get one of these again. I had great fun on mine back in the day!

  24. Niaz Khan Jadoon says


  25. Jonathan Malkin says

    Pitfall was my favorite game growing up along with Frost Bite a little known game.  Do you remember it?

  26. Dave Woomer says

    Christmas gift from my parents. When I shattered my ankle playing football, they decided it would cheer me up while I was off my feet – Christmas came early that year. Pitfall was the best!

  27. marcher73 says

    + Matt Keithley  Colecovision, first system to introduce "Donkey Kong" and mario trying to save the princess.  my favorite game was "Zaxxon" top down view of fighter jet shooting stuff. xD

  28. Todd Zimmermann says

    Pitfall has to be at the top of the list. Many fond memories of family & friends having a blast watching us kids play. Star Raiders was pretty cool except for the special keypad always dying. We also burnt out 3-4 wall warts playing Missile Command… go figure.

  29. Ranga Nanayakkara says


  30. Amanda Blain says

    + Connie Rose this is a social media website..sorta like facebook but better…  go here –  https://www.google.com/settings/plus and adjust your email settings.. i promise im not emailing you.. your husband.. or anyone else on this network. adjust your settings.

  31. Joseph Hughes says

    + Amanda Blain River Raid

  32. Martin Jones says

    I had one and loved playing Megamania and Chopper Command!

  33. Aaron Carey says

    Pitfall was great.  I even had it on C64.

  34. Daniel Wilson says

    + Connie Rose you're kinda hot, email me, J/k tequila…..

  35. Stephanie Scarlett says

    Pitfall was my favorite to + Aaron Carey

  36. Abdullah Alrashedi says

    ya atari i remeber the Frogger  and Fishing game with black shark great moments back then.

  37. Chris McCaffrey says

    river raid, pitfall, maze craze, rip off pac-man, good stuff

  38. John Hiley says

    I do have one, and it still works great! =)

  39. Adam Decker says

    My first console was colecovision. River raid!

  40. Patrick Wood says


  41. Michael Conrad says

    Certainly did have one. My brother and I had it hooked up to a tiny highres monitor. At one point, we had a very long ongoing Berzerk competition. Everyday, one of us would come home with the Atari left on displayibg our respective high scores. Lol. Good times. 🙂

  42. Phillip Loco says

    I would not know I never got one LOL

  43. Glen McCready says

    I miss my 2600. I'm old.

  44. Phearum eng says

    no never have and one more i had it so much. but i like to play football or
    basket ball

  45. Derek Ross says

    I miss Defender.

  46. Marc Velez says

    I always got stuck in ET whenever I fell into the pit.

  47. Shaun McLane says

    I can't believe so many people mentioned pitfall…that game was a never-ending nightmare. Jungle Hunt was the same idea, but a billion times better.

    And + Derek Ross, defender was awesome – but what about River Raid?

    Oh, and fuck ET.

  48. Marc Velez says

    I don't think anyone liked ET. lol

  49. Shaun McLane says

    Jungle Hunt for the Atari 2600

    Final de River Raid / River Raid Ending

  50. Derek Ross says

    + Shaun McLane I loved Jungle Hunt. I never played Pitfall.

  51. Shaun McLane says

    It had no ending, no levels…nothing. Just endless running from screen to screen.

  52. Darren Moore says

    I still have and PLAY my Atari

  53. Dave Mercer says

    I loved my Intellivision.

  54. Prafull Singh says


  55. Sean NT says

    Amanda is number one !

  56. Paige D'Winter says

    My first console was the Colecovision

  57. Addidis no says

    I had an intellevison

  58. Paige D'Winter says

    Adventure, with the Duck/Dragons! My all time favorite game

  59. Morgan Lake says

    Ahh, I have fond memories of my Atari 2600, combined with my Commodore 64, it carried me for a very long time. Pitfall, Defender, Pacman, Frogger, Joust, Space Invaders, and so many more eroded countless hours from my youth.

    I wish I had one now… STOP!

    No, I don't; and, you probably don't either. I have fond memories of those games and I'd like to keep it that way. I remember countless hours of fighting through the jungle, avoiding alligators and logs; galactic invasions fought off, wave after wave of aliens repelled until catastrophy!

    Yeah, those memories rock!

    Now, think back a bit…
    It's (possibly) your first console gaming system, you got it for your seventh birthday, it was a big deal because they were expensive and your family didn't really have much extra money…

    A bit more…
    There are games the whole family can play together but you're allowed to play by yourself too; and, boy do you play when you have the time. Gotta slay some more flying ostriches…

    OK, Focus…
    A lot of us played Pitfall, a lot. It was great, right? Clear your mind… Pitfall went on for*f'ing*ever and it (almost) never changed! Asteroids and Pacman sucked up endless hours and we didn't have to go to the arcade! They were awesome! But, they were really pale imitations of the arcade versions weren't they? Seriously, big blocky things floating on a black background and breaking into smaller blocking things when you shoot them. vs. Vector graphics asteroids and ships. 

    The graphics were cool, right? Well, they were then at least. For in the home. Now, they're not as cool are they? Our phones do photorealistic OTF rendering and shading with dynamic environmental physics. Right?

    Wow, um…
    I loved my Atari 2600 and my C64, and some great computer games of yesteryear. Anyone else remember Karateka on the Apple ][? I used to beat it everyday during lunch in Jr High School, damn that story never changed.

    They are classic consoles, computers and games. They've become iconic points in the evolution of gaming and computing. We grew up on them. We loved them. We love them. We have fond memories of them.

    Keep it that way. Look back fondly and remember the joy you derived. Consider the honor you have of being near the forefront of a technology that changed the world as we knew it. Some people will never have any concept of a gaming system not being available.

    My daughter is two, she has my Nexus 7 (2012 edition) [Yeah seriously, WTF, I was stoked when I got my first digital watch. It had a calculator, wooo hooo.] and there will never be a time in her life when a game isn't just available or when she's not connected to the World. Holy sh…smokes!

    Look back fondly, they're perfect memories, beautifully gilded by time and youth. Look back fondly but don't go visiting. Visiting will break the illusion of perfection steeled by time and ruin the fond memories. It was awesome, and it can stay awesome so long as I remember it was awesome!

  60. Jason Quackenbush says

    I had one when I was a kid. It was awesome!

  61. Shaun McLane says

    + Morgan Lake that was….beautiful!

  62. Chris May says

    Yes I had one 30 years ago… It was the best 🙂

  63. Christopher Aultman says

    I have three working ones, here. Every 6-12 months, I dust them off and plug 'em in. (There's not really any improvement on HDTVs.) XD

  64. Raj Iyengar says

    This really takes me back.  We had the joysticks and paddle controllers.  🙂

  65. masero matiko says


  66. Shayzz. W. says

    I had an Atari as a teen and had boxes of games, that half of them I never played. I wish I remembered what happened to my Atari. Kept me out of trouble.

  67. Awais Mushtaq says


  68. humair khan says

    + Awais Mushtaq
    plz frend shipme

  69. Phil Terry says

    The most beautiful thing

  70. darryl white says

    Hail to Atari! My first real game console! Soooooo many memories!

  71. Damien Martinez says

    No I had other stuf to do then play games guess I miss out

  72. Noali Wendyida says

    Je suis intéressées a vous écrivez moi.

  73. Steve Hawkes says

    Christmas 1979, It was the best present I ever got and still brings all the good times flooding back.

  74. Cheryl Spurlock says

    I wish I had the joy sticks.  Got the system and bunches of games.

  75. Joseph Arthur says

    Asteroid, and Missile Command 🙂

  76. Shirley Wiggerman says

    I loved almost all the games

  77. William Ymesei says

    Thanks, Adobe. For giving graphic designers the tools necessary for consumers today to enjoy better ads than what we see here. Yikes!!

  78. Muneeb Zafar says

    Visit http://www.atariage.com/2600/ for ATARI 2600 System Emulation, Games and other stuff for your PC & MAC. Refresh your memories…

  79. Adrian Martin says

    + Amanda Blain …this post speaks so highly on you, my friend. 🙂 …and yes, 2600. I was one of the people who blew money on E.T. and understood why they buried those sorry S.O.B.s. 😉

  80. April Ayres-Griffiths says

    Solaris was a good game.  I've just moved so my old systems are boxed up at my parents house.

  81. SmileWaqas Muhammad says


  82. D Davis says

    Pitfall was the best game ever for the 2600

  83. Larrs Ullson says

    I was given one that was ment to be broken but just needed a new power cord.
    i only ever had space invaders because to us at the time new games were too expensive.
    but so many hours spent on that plugged into my 14" portable tv.

  84. Ron Haugen says

    I remember those.

  85. John McClumpha says

    Did I have one??? I've still got it! – love my old 2600 🙂

  86. Dave Hawes says

    Yup and I had the Atari 2400 back in the day to. I think I will go with the PS4 try it out. Herd any good news on it? I could stick with the Xbox 360 but…

  87. ED Salas says

    Classic Atari! It's in the garage along with the classic Mac & Sega.

  88. Richard OHearn says

    Pitfall was the stuff!

    I saw a new thing Atari has on the shelves: its the console, two wireless joysticks, and 50 classic games for $50 at the store.

  89. Mike Kuwik says

    Intellivision FTW!!!

    Lol, well…Until you lose the inserts anyway…

  90. Jason Mitchell says

    "Pac Man" haha

  91. doug kuchna says

    pitfall did sort of have an ending… if you played it long enough you could crash it. i wasted many days racking up points to do it- a Polaroid screen shot got me an official 'pitfall adventurers club' sew on patch 🙂

  92. Matt Broussard says

    Ooh! I loved Yars Revenge!!!

  93. Chris Heffler says

    those were the good ol' days!

  94. chris ankers says

    Asteroids was my fav game.

  95. Antonio Jones says


  96. Ahmad Nazari says


  97. Steve Blazevich says

    My parents sold it in a garage sale…… I almost cried…… almost….

  98. Robert Butler says

    I remember playing asteroids the entire weekend when I was way younger. Thanks for the trip down memory lane…

  99. Ted Schoenling says

    my Commodore Vic20 had better games and graphics…. 😉 and yet I was always at my buddy's house playing Atari

  100. Michael Rizzo says

    I had odessy, and intellivision. Night stalker FTW!

  101. darryl white says

    Yar's Revenge, Missle Command, Defender were my favorites!

  102. Jason Delaplain says

    Loved my commodore 64 'Voodoo Castle'

  103. Jerry Young says

    There is a group that still makes and sells new games for the Atari 2600. I have been working on a making a 2600 game for a bit now myself.  Check out AtariAge for more info. out.  http://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_list&c=21

  104. C.F. Todd says

    I had an Atari then Commodore 64 then NES (still have), followed by: Sega Genesis, Super NES, Playstation, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Playstation 3 (still have), Xbox 360, Wii, and Playstation 4 (just got!)

  105. Jason Burn says

    First had a gameboy, then the first x-box, and then the 360.  Not planning on getting any new system for a long time, not at current prices (and my 360 is running great after more than 5 years, and seems to me be actually more reliable than my old x-box, which before I got the 360, started giving me messages about discs being unreadable or not being x-box discs)

  106. Wyatt Rust O'Hanlon says

    I've had every Gameboy except the Gameboy Micro.

  107. Kristina Calvillo says


  108. C.F. Todd says

    Oh yeah I had a game boy as well.

  109. Mark Crane says

    It was the ipad of its day.

  110. Setuval Jose says

    Bom. Noite anjos ! 0:)

  111. Ashok Gurung says

    Nice game

  112. john luke says


  113. FERMIN X says

    I had 1 ….. I really enjoyed it a lot. too much fun

  114. James J says

    warlord was a great game you could play with 4 friends

  115. Pk kwk says

    We got a PSP , Xbox 360 ….labtop ,iPad note desktop and don't even think of it……coming to my place . Cctv entire estate !

  116. Aaron Seymour says

    What about pitfall 2? So Mich better then the original… Prequel to the rpg age…

  117. Jeff Sopko says

    Ur. Cute

  118. Bianca Wilson says

    I'm a gamer but I don't wanna be a part of the " war "

  119. charles parker says

    missile command and pitfall.  Those were my two favorites.  I showed my son an youtube video of the Indiana Jones game without telling him what it was and he couldn't guess it.

  120. Ruben Carlos Calderon Valladares says

    I had an Atari 800XL 🙂

  121. S. Mohammad Hosseini says

    9999 game in a box +1

  122. Nathalie Barbeiro Cheernicharo says

    ok lov you !

  123. Chris Heffler says

    Activision had some excellent titles back then!

  124. Angel Bethea says

    hi Im angel…someone come talk to me…

  125. Eduardo Perez says

    yes beuteful

  126. Eduardo Perez says

    ken i se more pisture off you plese

  127. Angel Bethea says

    i wanna play pacman

  128. ANGIE VERHELLE says

    I have one of these still

  129. Campbell McArthur says

    Boy, do I remember having that when it was first released.
    Man, ATARI was the hottest thing since sliced white bread when it hit the streets.

  130. Nilton Nunes says

    Uau,that's really something!!! I had one once with my brother lol, and to think we came all the way from there.

  131. John Ross says

    Why atari is still number one well i still have a atari 2600 game console and it still works and plays cartridges from back in the day. Cheers.

  132. eric greer says

    i kicked star raiders ASS! and asteroids i rolled it over a million! lol! thanx for the good mem-laugh

  133. Landon Stewart says

    I STILL have an Atari 2600.

  134. Muhammad Ayoub says


  135. Egyptian Marketplace says

    No I didn't. My father was going to get me one for Xmas and I told him I didn't want it – I wanted a Commodore 64 instead so I could learn how to use a computer and play games too. Best decision ever! I eventually graduated to an Amiga 2000, then a 4000 with a Video Toaster and Lightwave 3D that led to my teaching 3D animation for about 2 years at a college. I still miss my Amiga's (my ex ended up with them..no idea if they are still functional or not). I do still have some C64 games floating around…including the Star Trek: The Motion Picture cartridge that i LOVED!!

  136. Setuval Jose says

    + Amanda Blain mais Bon amor

  137. Akira Sato says

    I miss you Atari.

  138. ANGIE VERHELLE says

    I have one and don't want it because it just sits around.d my house and is collecting dust

  139. eric greer says

    1 saw one for sale at a flea mkt with 20 carts for 150.00 ! i Shot my original one just to see it fly! lol

  140. The War Hammer says

    Then came the bad boy….the Atari 6400!! 

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