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  2. Joshua Woodward says

    And snakes

  3. Norbert Jaros says

    I agree… it's very true!

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  5. mauro muller says

    ciao true

  6. Moses Adika says

    Tgat is it.true.

  7. David Terpening says

    So live life that when you reach the end of it…You have no regrets.

  8. Saffah Shafqat says

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  9. Rama Jatwal says

    live and let live

  10. Bujang Jamal says

    this is true.

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  12. Sachin Handa says

    yup true….

  13. fred poole says

    I agree

  14. Arnel S. Bansil says

    See? Why change when you're going to regret it anyway.

  15. David Terpening says

    The depths of thought in the responses is astounding..

  16. Phyrra Nyx says

    There’s a saying of Fail Your Way To Success. I keep trying things so that I don’t have regrets, and sometimes I fail. I keep motivating myself towards success. Big life changes are scary. 13 months ago I made the biggest change in my life, and while it’s been rocky, I’m glad I took those chances, rather than sat there and wondered ‘what if.’

  17. dile yasir says

    anthing als

  18. Alexandra Stano says

    I agree, totally

  19. Jose Lookthesame Echevarria says

    Live life without regrets just keep moving forward. Regrets cause you to move backwards.

  20. David Terpening says

    Au contrare' Regrets cause you to stand still..

  21. Donna Walklate says

    Absolutely true!

  22. Mira Alushaj says

    so true

  23. dile yasir says

    may be . but….

  24. nurul fathiyah Saad says

    carpe diem.. ;D

  25. Rahul Nirmesh says

    the best one ever <3 🙂

  26. Leszek Szczepa?ski says

    That's totally true, but a bit pointless a the same time. When making big changes, you're scared you will regret making them….

  27. dile yasir says

    If a man like happiness. And he face his problems so nicely then he never scare anyone 

  28. hamimu mpambije says

    niambie mkubwa uko poa sana

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    so true

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    so trueeeeeee

  31. Bill Mckim says

    Yeah that is where I am at these days

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    ohhh th8s so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    thats true…

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  35. M Farid Rofii says

    Regret because you went ahead with the big life change? Totally.

  36. Diane Turner says

    I have a lot of big life changes to make! But where to start?

  37. Jonathan Cayton says

    Very Nice Amanda

  38. Michael Comia says

    Sleep on it guys.  You'll forget this quote by tomorrow and be back where you started.  I'm not trying to be negative about it, just real.  Words are one thing, actions are another.

  39. bernadi dwi says

    nice amanda

  40. Vilas Bajpai says

    "yes! very hard to Regret "

  41. henry mbinda says

    seems like buryin some real world facts in life. you can't get along well without regrets…ok fine its part of life n most time sums 2 b the turnin point

  42. Jacob Fletcher says

    That is true

  43. Diane Turner says

    Regrets if you do! Regrets if you don't! If you only think of regrets you'll get nothing done, have no fun and still be were you are now! Change can be good or bad but never regret it!

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  45. coolguy ram says

    yes correct 

  46. Tradition dAngkor says

    The Great Leader knows that people is ready to change, to change their life for the better.The skillful leader know how to change people with positive effect and result. Change is possible. Change for the better. No regret. If we're responsible for it.

  47. Zahoor Ahmad says

    you are so swett

  48. token beckett says

     hey my name is token wut up and all i got to say is you are fine looking woman don't let change get in the way of that 

  49. Dieu Thu says

    nice, thanks for sharing.

  50. tiana arengh says

    I don't like changes much, but yes if need be I can adapt. But I really hate regrets, accept n adjust is to my belief a key to happiness.

  51. Hui Xiong says



    If you always have to make decisions in life, but in a responsible manner so as not to regret later. Responsible means measuring all the alternatives … greetings.

  53. Michael Mark Ashworth says

    For Sure and if we don't take 1 risk in our life you'll never know

  54. oladele kolawole says

    Well 2 make it in life risk should be taken but we have 2 be sure that the outcome what the risk.

  55. Jacqueline Isaac says

    That's y I always say never regret what you do in life take it as a lesson learned.

  56. tiana arengh says

    " very true"

  57. Shoko Kirishima says

    You know, I agree with this. It IS true

  58. tiana arengh says

    yeah n thanks.

  59. Sanjeev Rana says

    pta nai ki likhya yaar bt vadiya likhya

  60. lilly k k sembi says

    it is very true

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  62. tiana arengh says

    lika he to kuch vadiya hi likegana.

  63. Robert Bailey says

    Change is the only way to your dreams

  64. devilishii zaisha says

    i agree

  65. khadijah Abudada says

    100% true!

  66. lilly k k sembi says

    yes it is and you wont know the outcome till you try it

  67. Brentisha Macale says

    and your telling me I've had a big change in my life and trust me it's scary

  68. Ladonia Nanny says

    Scary is when boogers won't come out, cause they been in there too long


    Not doing it sooner…

  70. Rajkumar Chauhan says

    All life changes are learnng lessons, untill you learn it fully, it will go on repeatating, perhaps with more hardships!

  71. Margaret Lee says

    Regret is an awful thing, as it will always be on your mind,So make that change!!

  72. Kerry Wobblymouse says

    that is so true

  73. latoya kekana says

    wow! that so true! no doubt

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  75. Delgersaikhan Boldbaatar says

    Yep 🙂

  76. Diane Turner says

    Change is like throwing a stone into a still pool! A lot of waves at the start then still again! But you know it will never be the same again and so do people that the waves you put touched! When we make a change in your life, we also make a change in the life's of the people around use and it's the people around use that make use sometime regret the most!

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  80. Deyanira Villalta says

    Thanks… I needed to read this…

  81. Deven Sunpedia says

    Follow it from the core of ur heart

  82. Zo Nicholas says

    Make the  most of what you have, you never know what life will throw at you.

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  84. Jamie Long says

    Alright then !

  85. HEATHER FAY says

    Amen, + Amanda Blain!

  86. Bobby Moore says

    This is completely Legit!!! =D

  87. Theo ludick says

    so true

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  90. Ibrahim Rasheed says

    I will not let regret waste my life.

  91. Trisha Marshall says

    that's very true

  92. Mo BounceBaby says

    "Some think it's holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it's letting go."  Sylvia Robinson

  93. martha assefa says

    true dat!


    como estas amiga espero que se cumplan tosos tus deseos y anhelos, Cuidate y muchos exitos

  95. sara bursac says

    i like it

  96. Jennifer Meredith says

    Very true!

  97. ammu vasudevan says

    i agree! i have actually been through it !

  98. Jossie Shilima says

    Me likey!!

  99. Sunthry Keo says

    That's cool!

  100. Dania Ooo says

    Ohhh God…yes

  101. Heavy Metal says

     how do you do? where do u live?

  102. Mo BounceBaby says

    "Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." Sidney A Harris

  103. yolli froncioni says

    I agree to this 🙂

  104. Roslyn Bradley says


  105. Benny Helms says

    People on their death beds rarely have regrets about the things they did.  They regret the things they didn't have the courage to do.

  106. eimear nugent says

    i agree

  107. DG VanArsdale says

    yeah, i too once had a job i could pay my rent with barely.
    now, thanks to Bush43, Florida 20000 voters bared illegally as almost felon names, and the Republicans,,, i have a job, 
    but i can pay the rent, and live on the street.
    Gee, Thanks Republicans!!

  108. zongyun li says

    It is what life is. There are always some regret in our life.

  109. SindHa FattaH says

    hmmm …

  110. zaria mcdowell says

    i totally agree

  111. Talie Byers says

    That is so true.

  112. Zully Rose says

    That's true!!!

  113. Sraviya Suresh says

    totally true

  114. Véronique Hayward says

    What if you get both?! That's when life gets intresting!!!

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  116. jelve zar says

    According to holy Zarathustra(Iranian prophet before Islam religion)  words, we should just observe and act in our life good thoughts, good deeds, good words.

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  118. Valory Navarro says

    I sooooo agre to that

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  120. Shaun Griffith says

    I get the point, but I've never heard of a horror movie where they run screaming from regret. But change? Listened to a politician lately?

  121. Shraddha Kadam says

    it is true

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    Thats true.

  125. Steve Gill says

    Spot on!

  126. Komal Dadhe says

    vry true

  127. Imani Wisdom says

    True that!

  128. meera cs says

    nice choice of words. "regret" is a pretty strong word.
    i like this attitude. changes r'nt so bad. they're just new challenges.
     not being afraid of them saves a lot of regret.

  129. Saba Khandan says

    right ..

  130. muriel glasgow says

    Right scary is the new black or white / seems like everything which could excite (fears or hopes ) is scary – forget the scariness and go for the excitement

  131. josann ragoonanan says

    true that

  132. yvonne mambo says

    true,regret leaves you lost

  133. Marvin Williams says

    Lesson learned.

  134. Steve Burnett says

    That's so true

  135. Nelisiwe Buthelezi says


  136. babe amor says

    if you never do it then you will never know if it's as scary as it seems

  137. Vannan Nguyen says

    A man of decision…..

  138. Ruben Garcia says

    So true…

  139. peter koenig says

    Refuse witness protection program

  140. Akankshya Dash says

    wats the fun in life if we dont regret and dont face stuff scarier

  141. Sriram Baireddy says

    my new motto for life… 

  142. Rita Aouad says

    I would prefer scary

  143. Dedenyo Akadjah says

    Regret, i agree

  144. Chris Leland says

    "Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, 'It might have been.' " -Kurt Vonnegut

  145. sinead Torley says

    y do any just be happy

  146. sherin rafeek says


  147. Diogo Galvão says

    Know what's even scarier? Spiders!

  148. Emily Canning says

    regret is horrible. a little bit of fear is always healthy, exept if you have anxiety and then it may kill you.  

  149. Gem Hallow says

    i know this from personal experince

  150. Rohini Sagar says

    wrd hav gud meanin

  151. Loren Berger says

    That is so true!!! I agree 100%!!! 😀

  152. Alex Crites says

    Regretsy is worse. 

  153. Stacie Rushton says

    Trying not to regret being a newbie in the SEO world. I am so happy to of come across your blog. Look forward to more great tips!

  154. jenna reynolds says

    Well just a minute ago there was a roach stuck to the couch

  155. Miranda Shamrell says

    I hate regret too!!! D=

  156. ankitha mattam says

    Albeit it's scary but this is an inevitable truth CHANGE is the only CONSTANT.

  157. keyur patel says

    Change is a Scary Thing
    this is very dangerous things

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  159. aleksandar ran?elov says

    helo,come stai

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  162. Bahae Eddine Manssouri says

    I agree

  163. Zoe Wulfers says

    That's true

  164. shahril b abdullah abdullah says

    sad but truh

  165. Ethan Liu says

    that is called courage

  166. Nik Busa says

    Yes!!!! Regret is awful. It walks through life with you unless you learn to shake it and learn from it. Lesson learned. 🙂

  167. Rabia Raja says

    yes true

  168. Josiah Deklerk says

    I regret reading this

  169. Kate Feltman says

    Very true

  170. Charles Christie says

    I was just thinking about making a life changing journey and your G+ post popped up – how prophetic!

  171. Lucy Blackburn says

    I defiantly agree 

  172. Shashank D says

    well said

  173. ramil Rayos says

    Change into productive idea not on awful…

  174. Samer Dawod says

    To bad some of us not rich to do all that !!

  175. bonoshin peace says

    that's really true

  176. Lena Mooney says

    Your so right Michael – make sure before you jump into making big changes to your life. You may just make
    The BIGGEST mistake of all otherwise.

  177. Philip Dobson says

    best ever regret quote Butthole Surfers – Sweat Loaf

  178. Angie Mauric says


  179. Carl Sharpe says

    Very Good and so True

  180. Faraan Jabaar says


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  184. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    H yea!

  185. zoey hancock says

    so… true

  186. David St John says

    True, true….

  187. Mohammad Ashouri says

    If we see to the very thing in wrong view , the regret was inevitable

  188. Stephen Deaderick says

    It certainly is …True…

  189. Barbara Newson says

    Live IT!

  190. Junn Angeline says


  191. mariah keeler says

    that is sooo true but change can be good or bad its just the way you look at life if you look at it from a bad way you are not going to have as much fun as the people who think on the happyer sid of life. so think happy

  192. Mohd Azudin says

    The things that is very far from us is the past cause we can never go back..the closes things from us is death. Regret is a mistake..mistake is because u are gain new experience to ur self. Experience take u somewhere. Somewhere u actually want to be. Be positive.

  193. morteza rahimabadi says

    its totaly true

  194. Caroline Hancock says


  195. vibhuti batra says

    i agree

  196. catherene valenzona says

    its true

  197. Helen Johnstone says


  198. morteza rahimabadi says


  199. eimear nugent says

    That is so true because even though the thought of big life changes are scary the feeling of regret is worse!

  200. Patrick Gaido says

    I've been there and still regret it to this day unfortunately.

  201. Shamana Amjah says

    can't get any better

  202. keyur patel says

    COURAGE is saying I will try again tomorrow!

  203. Mohamed Farouq says

    You are right Mohammed

  204. Stephen Sargent says

    keyur patel thats procrastination! When you get bucked off the horse, you get back on right then.

  205. Babu Rajendra says

    It is always better to go for the change and incase of failure regret it,instead of regretting without doing anything.

  206. Srilalitha Pusuluri says

    Change will happen in life no matter if you  like it or not. Change is like a wind in the storm, if you are like a blade of grass (flexible) you will bend when the wind blows and can stand straight once the storm is over, but if you are rigid like a strong tree , the wind will break you and you cannot stand straight again.

  207. Micaela M Garza says

    Go for it!! Jump off your comfort zone an FLY!!!

  208. Behnaz Motahari says


  209. Afrah Ahmed says

    That's true.

  210. Linus Sphinx says

    Yeah, like big life changes can never go wrong.

  211. Megan Walker says

    true dat

  212. tommy aw says


  213. Laima Bledsoe says

    No mistakes – no regret 🙂

  214. Mark Carlson says

    I don't get it, making a big live change can = regret also. Just wear life like a loose garment.

  215. Stanley Wainwright says

    Such as each vote for Obama.

  216. Tanya Chheda says


  217. Elise Deschamps says

    I bet your mom is scarier… lol

  218. Faith Patterson says

    Nice one Stanley!

  219. amira syazwanie says


  220. Alana Gerber says

    i know right

  221. charice rochon says

    super true 

  222. Dacia hill says

    This is so true,my family an i are packing up an moving to a new state its now or regret not doing it!

  223. Jayde Goldberg says

    very true

  224. Grace Jaecklein says

    It's so true . If we just did things that we need to with out a second thought we could avoide a lot of regrets

  225. Kacey Williams says

    soooo true

  226. Helbert Balangeg says

    Yes indeed.

  227. don perez says

    Oh so true.and dont look back.

  228. Diane Turner says

    Change is needed to help you become the person you want to be and need to be. Every step of the way. Change to me is like a real friend sometime you like them, sometime you don't and sometime they surprise you. That's the way I see it. The only problem I have with change is that some people try to stop you from making the change because they don't want you to change.

  229. JourneyTo Skinny says

    Ahhh the enemy… regret.  If you could have seen 20/20 before you did them, then maybe you wouldn't have done so many things and yet those things gave you the most valuable lessons.  Live not with your eyes behind you.  Look at your now and your future for the exciting things to be.

  230. Emmet Moore says

    too true

  231. Sanwrie Pattni says


  232. Allen Carter says

    i doubt it 

  233. Nancy Madore says

    Um…excuse me, but isn't it possible to regret a big life change just as easily as you might regret NOT making that big life change? And for that matter, how would you even know what to regret if you didn't do it, whatever it was? I'm sorry. I usually try to live me life according to these little google plus inspirations but this time I have to pass. I'm not ready for any big life changes…though actually, now that I think about it, I was thinking of cashing in my 401K and putting it down on red 17…what do you think google+ers? Should I take a chance on this big life change?   

  234. Thomas Hubbard says

    …or perhaps, look for joy and beauty, and let your heart guide you among the accomplishments and picadileos.

  235. Arshiya Zareen says

    Oh yes… I can relate with that word regret but then change is essential to move on in life.

  236. Emily Phillips says

    true that

  237. Rachael Volkmuth says

    Some things you can have regret for if you didnt decide to make the change somethimes people make the changes for you. And even then some things no one has control of.

  238. Matt Plourd says


  239. Chu Nam says

    I agree with that

  240. Shakur Abiodun says


  241. Jona Haxhiaj says

    true 😉

  242. Seble zewdu says

    hi how are u

  243. anjika jha says

    true dat

  244. Tammberly X says

    YES!¡¡!…….~ t 😉

  245. Shawn Taylor says

    The greatest rush is overcoming your greatest fear. And mine is change.

  246. Stephanie Bustamante says

    So with you !

  247. Konstantin Klein says

    lucky if choise of change is in our controll
    but most of the time it comes unexpected and we are forced to accept the cosequences.

  248. Ed Gilmore says

    Love it!

  249. Rebecca Arreola says

    wow that is deep..

  250. Raven Greene says

    that is so true !!!!!!!!

  251. Aislinn James says

    whoa that kinda scares me :I

  252. chrissy forbes says


  253. Bailey Allen says

    that is ture

  254. mulumba ismail says

    This is very true Amanda

  255. Alex Agudelo says

    Cierto muy cireto

  256. Bamboo Lay says


  257. Billy Couvillion says

    Sometimes it's possible to make the big scary life change and still regret it.

  258. Chloe Ratliff says

    I regret so many things in my life like making my friends mad and sad losing friends gossiping etc.

  259. juan rodelo says

    excuseme what is you name

  260. Dhan Premasiri says


  261. HARISH KUMAR says

    hello amanda

  262. Diane Turner says

    All of this is making me of 2 movies Shirley Valentine with Pauline Collins and Last Holiday with Queen Latifah!

  263. Nguthi Joseph kagechu says


  264. KL Bhatt says

    maybe your life's not as big as you think

  265. Joseph Santana says

    Very true

  266. Eric Piteau says

    But it's also equally possible to regret the big changes. So in many ways, there's allot to be said about being happy with what you already have  😉

  267. Kim Chambers says

    Wow couldnt of thought that myself

  268. Phillip Miyoba says

    but change is something we can not do without, it is inevitable.

  269. Brooke Hamlin says


  270. Sandra Bolton says

    true that

  271. Duaa Rashid says


  272. Shannon Olivia Sharp says

    i hate regret…. the woulda, shoulda, couldas, drive me crazy!! Its like captain hindsight on Southpark!!!!! LOL!!!! 

  273. Debbie Edwards says

    Everyone has regrets about shoulda done this with my life ..to ease the Regret is to learn from those past mistakes…but most do not learn …so we all live with Regrets!! it's a fact of life.

  274. Aceblood Celestia says

    I have that feeling atm <:(

  275. Kurt Smith says

    Truth – thanks + Amanda Blain 

  276. Keith Gentles says

    Well said indeed …

  277. Bill Hartzer says

    I regret not sharing this already.

  278. Prince Hiten says


  279. Kennedy Hicks says

    that is very true

  280. Jens Larsen says

    Its matter of life!

  281. Jida Bhat says

    Regrets only…………

  282. Julie-Anne Chong says

    Have always been making one big change after another. Each time I move to live in a new country, it's always scary. Am about to move to another one soon. After so many times, is it still scary? Absolutely! But I don't want to look back, when on my deathbed, and think: what if…?

  283. Kennedy Taylor says

    that is true

  284. kawia aduku says

    This is highly inspiring, so true.

  285. Maria Parra says

    I agree.

  286. Anu Nattam says


  287. Jean-Pierre Pardo says

    Regrets is a sad thing-true, but if in case you made a bad decision.. Just don t look back for it s in the Holy Scriptures that once we have done something we shouldn t bother ourselves much with it. The present is important for it will be our tomorrow. Stay focus today and try not to make the same mistakes twice or more. We will always have a good chance to live a good life while we are still alive. Work on it, cultivate the soil with good deeds and you will reap a nice harvest.

  288. leah perez says

    That is soooooooo true

  289. Raiza Silva says

    Vive como piensas o terminaras pensando como vives..!

  290. Jackson Thomas says

    of evrything I done in the past, the regret seems to hunt my mind for years

  291. Christopher Rivera says

    bloody mary

  292. Jean-Pierre Pardo says

    Thankz for the +1 on my comment 🙂 happy week ahead!!

  293. Yu Far says

    Very true

  294. Zoe Collin says

    so true

  295. ????? ????d ???? says

    welll said…

  296. Cassie Chacon says

    that is very true.

  297. Bahman Salimi says

    hello nice to meet you

  298. Frank Cuenca says

    Regret doesn´t scare me

  299. babirye margret says

    i do believe it…

  300. kaylee smith says

    it does!

  301. amiraca goode says

    yes hello

  302. Cayleigh Jenkins says

    so true!

  303. Kenzi Davidson says

    Hi if you're a single man, and want a fun online relationship, message me.

    Love Kenzi

  304. Kafuku Kafuku says

    Yap, real niggah never scarier in life.

  305. Meagan Baldwin says

    Yeah im with that

  306. Mariah Barrows says

    thats true…..

  307. Loriann Cordero says

    Keep moving forward. As long as you are holding on to what you were yesterday, you are standing still.

  308. mauro muller says

    not always

  309. Tachina Johnson says

    Regret is so much more scarier than change. Well said.

  310. Carina Yeager says

    true chiz

  311. Debura Jianu says

    This is so appropriate for me today

  312. Carlos Gonzalez says

    You r so right

  313. Carlos Gonzalez says

    Yes last comment

  314. atul rawat says

    HI MISS HOW ARE you 

  315. mikayla hensen says


  316. Marie Sabado says

    yes .. live life too the fullest.. so you wont regret it at the end..

  317. Dahlia Robertson says


  318. Hafeez ullah says

    well said……..!

  319. Ody Mbegbu says

    OMG + Amanda Blain you have just been super inspirational. I really needed this.

  320. Charlize Pettit says


  321. Paul Harris says

    Time and space changes per second.  Not changing is un-natural.  To me, change is not scary.  Not changing is an abomination and a dissonance as we r saying the world is perfect when we could see it is not.

  322. alica cardona says


  323. Aalia Khan says

    Yes, the inability to change your past or your present, which is the result of it. Regret and guilt are the scariest monsters in one's life.

  324. Monika Ljubi?i? says

    + Amanda Blain Never regret about something you did, and never to regret for something you did not
    thx Amanda 🙂

  325. Kensy Dominic says

    Amanda but y is change d only constant think in nature?

  326. james jacobin says

    I regret it!

  327. john corcoran says

    Indeed it is. Scary everyone likes stability which pretty much means little change. You summed it up pretty well though, after all change is about the only that stays the same as it happens with every passing day

  328. Alicia Brooks says


  329. bertha bejar says

    So true I agree…….

  330. sandro oliva oliva says

    bela… mto bonita

  331. Kensy Dominic says

    If you want to make peace, don't talk to your friends, talk to your enemies.

  332. james jacobin says

    I regret never being loved!

  333. Evelyn Meyer says

    so very true!

  334. Jessica Rosete says

    sooo true

  335. Linda Armstrong says


  336. Sierra Hayes says

    hey + Jessica Rosete 

  337. Jada Rivera says

    true true true

  338. Aaron Taggart says

    So don't change, because you might regret it?

  339. Abarajithan Gnaneswaran says

    Very True… Never regret

  340. madison davis says

    so true

  341. Sulman Sohail says


  342. Lennon Patton says


  343. Madeline Grotelueschen says

    i do not regret anything:)

  344. Macey Miller says

    dat tis true

  345. Brian Tayes says

    True..gotta steal this

  346. Lilly Campbell says


  347. Arman Khan says

    yah yah

  348. Latoya Scarlett says

    Completely agree.

  349. Dawood Jan says

    me too dear.

  350. rain milne says

    id say

  351. Jess Gonzalez says

    So true

  352. prince thomas says

    I am not afraid of regret … I just hate it.
    Big changes – I am afraid of.
    Its the fear of the unknown.

  353. Stephany Hampton says

    Ike that's the real whole full truth

  354. Claire Sanders says

    I love this, someone once said to me that it's better to regret things you have done than regretting the things you never did but wanted to. Life is about learning, right until until the day we die but if we never try, we never learn.

  355. Shreyash Singh says

    lines seems to be great


    hola tienes unos ojos muy lindos…


    eres toda muy linda

  358. Ryleigh Terrill says

    i <3 this pic and its very very true

  359. Ameet Thete says


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  361. Serayah Jensen says

    this picture is totally true lol.

  362. Sirena Ferguson says

    so true

  363. Jena Marl says


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  365. Anoucheka Gangabissoon says


  366. Abhishek Nagrath says


  367. Zahra Shokuhi says

    completely true

  368. Layba Zaman says

    yup, like becoming a vegetarian, maybe it won't last 

  369. Christina Barrientos says


  370. lizzie whittle says

    100% true

  371. Megan Kerr says

    that is so true

  372. Stewart Deus says

    I'm in this regret time dear! its hell

  373. Maira Juarez says


  374. eimear nugent says

    That is so true because you can live with life changes but you cant live with regret!

  375. Savannah Oertle says

    time machine

  376. megan connors says

    so very true

  377. Dennis M says

    always question your motives

  378. Jackie Giles says

    SO TRUE!

  379. amira sleiman says

    so true !

  380. nuria sole says

    True!! I've never regreted the big changes in my life even when they didn't turn out my way…

  381. Denise Clarke says

    soo soo true

  382. kenneth grice says

    do something today that you are scared to do

  383. nuria sole says

    Don't worry Stewart,..you'll get out of it

  384. Andrea Romero says

    Definitely true

  385. Sanghamitra Ghosh says

    its true

  386. Rikin Soni says

    I am going to "REGRET" saying this but it is true.

  387. Savanna Fisher says

    hardly any feelings in this room loling right now

  388. Ariana Dick says


  389. Semaj Mcdonald says

    Lol rikin soni

  390. Maria John says

    -Yes! I agree! 🙂

  391. Nate Wright says

    What if you regret the change?

  392. Ayana Gilham says

    I concur

  393. Shelly Kurth says

    Very true.

  394. Jon Rawlinson says

    I regret reading this

  395. Jim Lawson says

    i agree with that

  396. Serenity Washington says

    me to

  397. Natasha Khan says


  398. Hosanna Danielle says

    get a life person

  399. Nisarg Vyas says


  400. Trinity Denzler says

    Ummmm ok?????????

  401. zoey appleseed says

    do true,regrets sucks…

  402. Izzy Luna says

    damm thats really true

  403. Gonçalo Silva says


  404. prophet boswell says


  405. Tori Price says

    love it

  406. Lushad Nusbaum says

    Making a big life change is scary.
    But, know whats even scarier?

    A dead man in the backseat of a car with a fly crawling on his eyeball.

    Turbulence on any airline.

    Sirens and search lights combined.

    Gunfire at night in bad neighborhoods.

    Car motor turning over but not starting, its getting dark and starting to rain.

    Jail door closing.

    Going around a sharp curve on the Pacific Coast Highway and the driver of your car has had a heart attack and died, and you're in the back seat.

    You are delivering mail and you are confronted with a Doberman with rabies growling low and showing teeth…you have no dog bones and he wants to bite your ass off.

    In a movie…which wire do you cut to stop the time bomb, the green or the blue.

    Mc Cain will win.

    Germans with submachine guns.

    Officers, in offices, being official.

    You fell through the ice in the creek and it carried you down stream, and now as you surface you realize there's a roof of ice.

  407. Sachin Agarwal says


  408. Milton Fox says

    So tTue

  409. Simone Foster says

    i'll try not to live in regret

  410. pio dal cin says


  411. Mahmood Bachh says


  412. Grant Lanning says

    Ms. Amanda, are you trying to tell us something here?

  413. Evelyn Bonilla says


  414. Ryan Trentler says

    That would seem to indicate that you have never regretted any of the changes you have made in your life……  

  415. sarah banks says

    story of my life

  416. Amna Al.mazruoi says

    I agree with u, even if u think or decide to chang sth in ur life it seems scary, wt if we really did!

  417. Kaili Shorey says

    oh ya

  418. meg wandeloski says

    very true

  419. Leann Cowan says

    thts right

  420. imMha Hanib says

    well, you're absolutely pretty right. you may say that i am on the both case of that. sometimes, i think to change, but the world seems not in my side at that time. and, after that, i'll regret everything i did.
    yeah, that's me.

    but i would like to change much. i know that it must be from my self, but… i don't know how?

    any suggestion?
    thank you for reading my bad story (^_^)

  421. Diane Turner says

    Little changes become big changes they all add up.

  422. Craig Lovell says

    Right on !!!!thx 4 sharing 🙂 so so true !!!

  423. Jaden Pickrel says

    you got that

  424. ????? says

    but I love "regret". It's also a part of my life. 🙂

  425. Maher Aleid says

    Omg changeing is scary

  426. Phillip Newton says


  427. Js Woo says

    That's why I resigned my job. 

  428. Joanne Kim says

    True true true

  429. Diane Turner says

    Regret makes use human, without it we'll all be psycho! LOL! But get real change is all around use! If it wasn't we would never have become human! So learn and regret if you want it's all apart of being human!

  430. Guile Nguy?n says

    You got that right !

  431. Heidi Shaw says


  432. ANAND SETH says

    HI i am anand  i licke to make friendship with you your are so nice

  433. Sanjuna Welimadagedara says


  434. Jessica K says

    So true

  435. Nik Busa says

    Well said.

  436. v?n l??ng tr?n says


  437. mauro muller says

    not always

  438. elynna chan says

    Nice to expect some change.

  439. Miro Prešov says


  440. Muhammad Zaka Ullah Khan says


  441. Barton Nelson says


  442. Marijan Oreškovi? says


  443. Praveen Vagrecha says

    Very True……

  444. ATIF KHAN says

    Change is the need of nature.

  445. abhilash yadav says


  446. Natalie Saliba says

    Oh snap

  447. Amouzou Kossivi Dodzi says

    truely true

  448. ????????? ???????? says


  449. ????????? ???????? says


  450. Ashogba Onome says

    Nice one!

  451. Bettina Ascaino says

    We won't survive without change….which is the only permanent thing, change

  452. Diane Turner says

    Change in reality is choice! You choose to do something or you don't. But every-time you make a choice, you make a change. You choose to try something new. You choose to get in shape. You choose a new hobby. You choose to cook something you've never cooked before. I can go on forever!

  453. surendra nath reddy karnati says


  454. surendra nath reddy karnati says

    hi young lady

  455. Willie Washington says

    Freddy Kruger's scarier

  456. Nethvan Davids says


  457. Jun Sun says

    What if you regret about the change you made? To me that is the scariest thing of all. 🙂

  458. Dario Gomez says


  459. Jagdish Chavda says


  460. haison nguyen says

    nice !

  461. kuldeep sharma says

    hi dear frends nice line

  462. Thay Pung says

    Whoever never regret of the change after changing it?

  463. ismail musa says


  464. Toni Stojanovski says

    Dreamed that life should be joy. I woke up and realized that life is effortless. I worked and i realized that the effort is joy.Tagore.

  465. fajar adhit says

    nice quote

  466. sam smart says

    very nise 

  467. Chris George says

    It's better to regret the things you have done rather than the things you haven't.

  468. chukwudi nworah says

    thats what law of natre says

  469. Diane Turner says

    I try to follow this way of thinking when it comes to change and if I do regret it I take responsibility for it, let it go and live my life!
    Henry James
    "It's time to start living the life you've imagined."
    "To practice magic is to bear the responsibility for having a vision, for we work magic by envisioning what we want to create."
    Ray Bradbury
    "First you jump off the cliff and you build your wings on the way down."
    Thomas Merton
    "Perhaps I am stronger than I think." William Shakespeare
    "We are such stuff as dreams are made on."
    Zimbabwe proverb
    "If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing."
    Vincent Van Gogh
    "If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," than by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

  470. ??????? ?????? says

    ??, ??? ? ???? 🙂

  471. Sai Krishna Sarma Gudipati says

    wow ! amanda is that ur own quote….if so ur a good philosopher

  472. Markuz Jon Barrios says

    True Story baby. I agree…
    Muy de acuerdo chica, el miedo a lo nuevo es tu peor enemigo :$

  473. Walter Buczak says

    Amanda, you are soo right!

  474. carlos xavier says


  475. Riaz Akhter says

    Very true

  476. Sofie Douglas says

    not getting stuck in regrete is is like pulling oneself out of a well!

  477. Sanelise Gogela says

    indeed is something that u cannot expect to happen,while the are things you expect to happen

  478. Edwin Echevarria says

    porque de tal manera amo Dios al mundo que a dado a su hijo unigenito para que todo aquel que en el cree no se pierda mas tenga vida eterna. no cres que esto es lindo? TOMALO EN CONSIDERACION DIOS TE AMA.  

  479. Delsiree Watson says


  480. Moses Adika says

    its true my friend.

  481. Moina Bharadwaj says

    itz true indeed Amanda.

  482. Lee Tyler says

    absolutely, Amanda.

  483. DICKSON NALAMI says

    That is it Amanda

  484. Ira Irani Rahman says

    its very good

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