Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

Bill Gates Is Not the AntiChrist.

 If you haven’t seen the following image yet.. or heard about how Bill Gate and 5G is responsible for COVID-19. You will., Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

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Countless are discussing it on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Almost 5k of people have signed a petition against Bill Gates. It is important we understand the… uh.. argument of this group as misinformation continues to spread. So let’s break down the information you need to fight-the-good-fight against the latest round of COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

The Simplest Theory is Usually Right.

, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

I have a strong belief in life that the simplest solution is most likely the right one. Occam’s Razor theory. As I explore these ‘Plannedemic’ concepts with you, take a moment to realize that the simplest answer is – There is a new deadly virus spreading around the world and it is killing people. Full stop. I get there are some scary things in that image up there most people likely don’t deal with everyday like 5G, RFID, COVID-19. New tech is very scary to people. Virus killing people… also scary! EVIL BILL GATES… ? OMG!  This is going to require jumping around a bit. Grab your tin foil hat.

What Is This COVID-19, Bill Gates, 5G, ID2020, Vaccine ‘Theory’?

Bill Gates is supposedly the antichrist. He created COVID-19 and started it spreading around the world so he could launch his sinister plan of NEW WORLD ORDER DOMINATION. First step, is scaring us via fake news media and locking us down. FREEDOOOOOMS gone., Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained Then we can’t have cash anymore because of COVID-19 staying on it. Then Bill Gates will magically develop the vaccine. His vaccine will have a special new tracking device/tattoo in it that they inject into your skin. “The mark of the beast” – Revelation 13:16-17 –  It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”  (Can’t have conspiracy without some bible tie ins!) This tracking device will have your name, all your fancy new digital currency and it will constantly track and send all your information to uh, Bill Gates’s New World Order Headquarters via 5G evil Chinese technology? Profit! *insert evil Bill Gates like Mr Burns type laughter*

, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained


But Why?

Let’s just start with some fun, thought provoking questions…, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

If the purpose of the conspiracy is worldwide tracking of every human (to what end) via RFID, Tattoo, sending to 5G… What software is going to run this worldwide tracking? Who made it? Where is it located? USA? China? Greenland? Each country gets a license? Each country is responsible for its own? What happens when your cross borders and travel? How is your info being sent to the “Worldwide Tracking Forever Storage” (henceforth WTFS) where the software is?  We don’t actually, currently, have 5G working yet to send all this info. (more on that soon) Is it magically going through your RFID that has a range of .. ooo about 150 ft?  So I mean if we were going to do a virus/tracker/5G conspiracy, shouldn’t we have completed the roll out of 5G FIRST so it had better chances of picking up our signals every 150ft of movement? Poor planning New World Order. Poor Planning.  

The biggest  question that comes to mind here is… Why? Why do all this? What is the end goal and purpose of all the crazy amounts of violation of human rights. What’s the end goal of this New World Order?  Worldwide digital tracking of us all to uh… what? I mean Bill Gates is already the 2nd richest person in the world. It can’t be money. Assassinating us via RFID technology(obviously not possible) if we are non-compliant? What? Also this is a very complicated plan that would require INSANE amounts of work with Governments all around the world to pull off. Governments who can’t even agree on the most basic of things like climate change, who should have nuclear tech and where the borders of countries are. I digress. Like most conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths, there is tiny pieces of truth among the lies. Let’s break it down!

What is 5G Wireless Technology?

We need to start with the backbone of this sinister plan. 5G (Fifth Generation of W, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explainedireless Technology) is actually really cool, new technology.  5G will allow us to download and transfer on our cell phones and homes at speeds way, way faster than 3G or LTE. SUPER FAST. Like 10 Gigs of data in a few seconds! Like 100 times faster than your current speeds. Download an entire 2 hour 4k movie in less than 25 seconds. Never buffer again! WOWEE. I wrote about 5G in 2017 when I toured Intel’s self driving cars . 5G is needed for that too by the way.

5G is a new cell technology, so we need to change and add to the old 4G cell phone towers of the past. 5G is split into three spectrums, low (600-800MHZ) and mid (2.5-3.5GHz) and the new high millimeter (24-39Ghz) wave spectrum.  The high millimeter 5G signal can only go a very short distance so we need countless towers everywhere to make it work. Buildings, walls, rain, heck even leaves can block this high millimeter signal. High band 5G will need many, many towers all over the place to work. That isn’t so great, so part of 5G technology is the ability to instantly flip between them all and constantly be searching for the faster signal. No hiccups. Cool eh?

5G Radiation and Health Effects

Before you worry about 5G radiation or ‘What are 5G’s health effects on us?’…. Here is a nice picture that shows us where 5G sits on the electromagnetic ‘radiation’ spectrum.

Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

5G Vs a Sunburn

The type of radiation that we know is ‘harmful’ like Ultraviolet, is called IONIZING. It is way over there on the right side near 30PHz.  1 PHz = 1,000,000 GHz.  We know that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause damage to our skin with prolonged exposure. But we all also know that when you get a sunburn it doesn’t fry your brain or burn your kidney into bits. The human skin stops even most of these harmful UV rays without ever causing internal organ cancer issues. We all know this. 

5G is down there at the left,  NON-IONIZING side, with your current cell phone, TV, microwaves, monitors and Wifi signals. 5G is generally between 6GHz to 300GHz. Current 4G LTE is between 600MHz and 2.5 GHz. Verizon’s new high band sits at 28GHz to 39GHz. Most carriers will be in a similar 25-40GHz range. Remember, ultraviolet starts at 30,000,000GHz. A pretty massive jump from 39GHz. Even at these new higher wavelengths, it’s still very far from UV burns. Countless studies have been done showing these non-ionizing wavelengths can’t penetrate your skin, cause tumors or cancer. If you’re not afraid of your microwave, TV and cell phones, and like pretty much every human in North America you use these things everyday without popping out in blistery explosions… We are good. 

Like I mentioned, the 5G high signal is faster, but it doesn’t go very far. It is pretty weak. Complete high band 5G in North America is still quite a ways off. We are not there yet. It’s coming, but it’s not there. All the carriers in the USA  and Canada are behind. If they are advertising it, they are likely talking about a version of true 4G and not this brand new, high band 5G, yet they are publishing they have 5G. They do, but only that low or mid part of 5G. Look at the GHZ they are promising.  So again, pretty much everything that has been installed in North America IS NOT he new high millimeter (24-39Ghz) yet. That kind has only launched in very few select cities in North America, and usually only has a radius of a few blocks. So what we have in North America pretty much everywhere.. is the same amount we have from LTE. Do keep that in mind. 

What is the 5G Race?

, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

USA and many other nations have been concerned because China is farther along in this ‘5G race’.  What’s the 5G race you ask? The nations that have the fastest internet speeds will create companies who will come up with innovative awesome tech ahead of the countries that don’t. Technology for self driving cars, smart homes, smart cities, VR, transport logistics, healthcare, blockchain, smart factories. The list goes on. Just like when 4G LTE came out we started streaming video content on our phones like crazy, 5G will do the same for new technology advancements.

I’m not talking about making a smart toothbrush. I’m talking about entire cities not wasting one ounce of electricity. Cars causing next to no deaths again, easier more efficient and thus cheaper food production, water available to everyone in the world, transportation and shipping in ways we cant even dream of yet. It’s hard to talk about “the future of tech” because until you have it, you don’t realize how important it is.

Do we NEED 5G?

Well how about no more tv, no more internet, no more electricity in the house. Did we NEED these things? No. Did they change our lives in a million ways you can’t even fathom right now cause you’ve always had them? Yes. Future of tech is the same way.

Again, The USA is behind in getting their 5G setup. China launched their 5G network on Nov 1, 2019. Costs a user $18 a month for 30GB data and 500 minutes of voice chat.  Yes please. You’ve probably seen a bunch of stuff in the media talking about EVIL, HUAWEI, CHINESE 5G TECHNOLOGY over the last few years. Perhaps now you can figure out why conspiracy theories have circled them.  Huawei is one of the biggest 5G companies in the world.

Overall, 5G is a safe, awesome technology and we don’t even have the new, fastest parts of 5G actually working around the world yet. New is scary. Science is hard. Technology is confusing. It is much easier to simply think things are caused by a monster under the bed. Humans always have. 


COVID-19 Is not man made., Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

I’ve covered heavily already about the serious threat of COVID-19. I’m going to assume you believe the virus is real, and deadly. Worse than the flu. If you don’t yet or you just want a very detailed breakdown including COVID-19 history, medical papers and more. Go read that here.

Bill Gates is not the Antichrist

Why is Bill Gates getting the shaft here?  What purpose would Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world already, get from tracking access to everyone via illegal chip implants? Wouldn’t it have been easier for him to push some kinda illegal update via all Microsoft Windows computers and Xbox systems around the world? I mean if he’s just going to willy-nilly do insane crazy things. Then he could see what we type, control our banks and our everything we do on our computers! Or you know… World domination with a virus. Either or. 

In reality, Bill Gates is really one heck of an amazing person. He tried to repeatedly warn the USA for many years that a virus like COVID-19 was coming. No one listened. If you haven’t seen that 2015 Ted Talk video Gates did yet, Have a watch…..

Bill Gates has Donated a Total $45.5 billion to charity groups through his Foundation Since 1994

, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

Have you heard of the Giving Pledge? No? Cool. In 2010, Bill Gates came together with Warren Buffet and 40+ other of America’s wealthiest people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, George Lucas, David Rockefeller. They ALL committed to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes, either during their lifetimes or in their wills. Each person who agrees to join writes a letter. Here is Bill and Melinda Gates’s letter  A nice highlight quote.

Years ago, when we began to learn about global health, we were especially shocked to read that one highly preventable disease — rotavirus — was killing half a million children every year. Airplane crashes are always front-page news, yet here was a killer of half a million children every year, and most people couldn’t put a name to it, much less put a stop to it.

We have committed the vast majority of our assets to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help stop preventable deaths such as these, and to tear down other barriers to health and education that prevent people from making the very most of their lives. Our animating principle is that all lives have equal value. Put another way, it means that we believe every child deserves the chance to grow up, to dream and do big things.

Bill Gates has been involved in preventing diseases, world health groups, and vaccines for many years. It is his passion. He has pledged for over 10 years, to give his money away before he dies or after to such causes. It is easy to want to hate on that ‘1%’ who you think has so much more than you do. Anyone spreading that Bill Gate has created some kind of World Domination conspiracy for wealth after you’ve learned this piece of information? I am ashamed of you.

Quantum Dot Tattoos and RFID Tracking

medical records, micro needle 
After 12 weeks of being on the skin of rats, the dots looked like this:

Bill Gates did a reddit talk recently about creating a ” digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it”. That line is what started this whole thing. Really. Anyway some of the technology that has been discussed is a digital tracking quantum dot tattoo that could be scanned to see if you have had your vaccines. Basically a quantum dot is a tiny man-made crystal that when UV hits it it will show light. Quantum dots is old tech. You might even have a quantum dot TV in your living room.  You probably just haven’t heard about it in tattoo form before. Putting it in a COVID-19 vaccine would be a nice way to track who is up to date on a thing that could basically kill people if you don’t have it.

, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy ExplainedThere is also a different group called ID2020 which Bill Gates is also involved with (He’s a pretty charitable guy remember). Basically ID2020 wants every person on the planet to have a digital ID tied to you for life that you are in complete control of.  Is this so bad? A way to show your name, age and country you are from? You give up way more of your ‘privacy freedoms’ in this area to your cell phone and various internet companies you use every month.

You already HAVE a Digital ID

On that very important note, you already DO have a digital identity and you probably currently have very limited control over it. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Your Email and countless other places around the internet track your moves throughout the web. You have to jump through hoops on all of them to figure out your privacy settings.  Think of this ID2020 ID as a Google or Facebook login, but you can opt out of the ads, not let them use your picture,  remove your history, see which companies are access your data, ALL in one nice online location. That’s the concept idea behind ID2020. Sounds pretty cool to me folks. Sign me up. Most importantly, ID2020 hasn’t been attached to any quantum dot tattoo, and there are no quantum dot vaccine tattoos. And of course none of it ties to any COVID-19 vaccine because as well all know, they don’t exist yet. These are some pretty important points. None of it exists yet. None of these things are linked or currently discussed as being linked.   People linking these things are really grasping at straws. , Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

But What If we DID have a Digital Tracking ID You Controlled?

But since I have you here… Let’s explore for a moment IF this technology actually did get implemented as the conspiracy suggest? You have a mark on your arm that shows who you are. Every Sci-fi film ever has this concept in it. How about no lost ID ever again? Think of all the people who COULD benefit from this. Lost or kidnapped children, people with deadly medical allergies, refugees, homeless, dementia patients, voting for everyone, cold murder cases. Lots of things could be dealt with a lot better if this tech was in place, people! And beyond the basics, what if you could control WHAT information was shown on there? Just like editing your facebook profile. Add in your name, age and some drug and food allergies you have, remove your relationship status, and religion.  Some might not like this tech, and the debate is obviously still happening, but all technology doesn’t need to be some sinister EVIL TECHNOLOGY. I’m sure our grandfathers didn’t like registering and getting a driver’s license picture taken for the first time either.  Alas, these things are part of the progress of humanity.

, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

There is more conspiracy theories involving Johns Hopkin Center, Event 201, Africa, Abortions and frankly… I could post against these theories for days with all the versions. Maybe I’ll write a “Why people believe conspiracy theories” post instead at some point. 

Some Final Thoughts on This Coronavirus, Bill Gates, ID2020


Ok ok, If you don’t like any of those previous facts…

, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained

After all this, I’ve figured it out guys… The end game plan. 🙂

 … Bill Gates can finally do his email forward tracing program so he can finally send us all $1,000 we are owed from forwarding the chain email so long ago…. OR MAYBE THAT IS THE $1000 THE US GOVERNMENT IS GIVING TO EVERYONE AS PART OF THE STIMULUS! The plot thickens! 

Or I mean…  it could be there is a new deadly virus spreading around the world and it is killing people.

, Bill Gates, COVID-19, 5G and ID2020 Conspiracy Explained
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  1. Danny says

    Loved It!!! – Especially the graphic about the radiation levels. – Thank You for your research, Amanda

  2. Nicky says

    Sigh. Just look up China’s social credit score. They use 5G. They have facial recognition almost everywhere. No thanks.

    1. mary says

      IS it just the coincidence that Covid-19 spread across the globe at the beginning of 2020 and Project ID2020 have something in common, such as 2020?

      1. AmandaBlain says

        Yes it is in fact a coincidence! Amazing!

  3. Chuck says

    So good Amanda !

  4. David says

    Can you debunk the new “Out of the Shadows” documentary so we can all sleep better at night?

  5. Kyle James says

    5G is in the MICROWAVE range. I’m not sure living in a very-low-level microwave oven is such a good, healthy idea. What about those with metal pins inside their bodies? I’m sure it won’t be enough to make sparks or a potato explode, but just because we don’t have proof that it is harmful over the short term doesn’t mean that it’s not harmful. You’re making the same types of arguments Monsanto made about glyphosate. Was using the general population as glyphosate test subjects a good idea just because no one could prove it caused cancer? Because now we can. What would YOU say to those affected? Besides that, cell-phone radiation IS ALSO liked to cancer ( or is Scientific American not mainstream enough for you? We have evidence that cell phone radiation is directly linked to cancer and you want us to believe that the same radiation that makes eggs explode is safe? You’re delusional.

    1. AmandaBlain says


      Microwaves work by vibrating water, thus making heat.. not actually “cooking” food. Only water and only 1 cm within the surface. We all know microwaves can heat up things, but not change molecular structure. They don’t make your food… Radioactive… But I’m delusional? ?

      Scientific American is a good science paper… So what does the paper say? It points to the Rat study.

      “Still, evidence advanced by the studies shows prolonged exposure to even very low levels of RF radiation, perhaps by mechanisms other than heating that remain unknown, makes rats uniquely prone to a rare tumor called a schwannoma, which affects a type of neuron (or nerve cell) called a Schwann cell.”

      The same rat study talked about in detail on the Cancer page i linked…

      Scroll down to —>Does RF radiation cause cancer?
      Researchers use 2 main types of studies to try to determine if something might cause cancer.

      The animals were exposed over their entire bodies for about 9 hours a day, starting before birth and continuing for up to 2 years. The study found an increased risk of rare heart tumors called malignant schwannomas in the male rats exposed to RF radiation, as well as possible increased risks of certain types of tumors in the brain and adrenal glands. However, there was no clear increased risk among female rats or among male or female mice in the study. The male rats also lived longer than rats who were not exposed to RF radiation, for unclear reasons.

      So uh… what went on there? Besides the fact that we are not exposed to high levels all over our bodies our entire lives…. And we are not rats.. Something happened.. but did it have anything to do with the RF radiation? Especially when the female rats and all the mice had nothing? Most important?

      Heart schwannomas are exceedingly rare in humans; only a handful of cases have ever been documented in the medical literature.
      This is why most don’t support this study.

      Every other lab study animal around RF exposure has not shown results.

      Studies of people who may have been exposed to RF radiation at their jobs (such as people who work around or with radar equipment, those who service communication antennae, and radio operators) have found no clear increase in cancer risk.

      I would think the people one.. would matter more. Real life people out there exposed to more RF radiation. No cancer causing results.

      Could we have more testing? Yes. Sure. Always. But to stop progress because some rats in one setting showed something that almost never impacts humans?

      Science is scary and hard but man… The information is there for you to learn pumpkins???

      Cancer. org explains everything you need to know about Microwave vs radio vs cell towers… or is cancer. Org lying too??

  6. Zen says

    It’s because of this kind of delusional people like the owner of this blog that we as human race are f*cked up…. so I don’t have much hope anyway.

    Your article is a perfect picture of how ingenious sillynes can take over common sense and even sciense.

    Icarus myth at play here

    1. AmandaBlain says


      Thanks for your very thorough and detailed “Sciense” response.


  7. Leslie says

    Your actually only telling half truth here! It is obvious where you find your information! Or, more like DISINFORMATION! Either you really have no idea? what you talk about, or, your a SHILL for the kleptotechs feeding you lies and only half the real truth of 5G and a man who should be strung up for crimes against humanity with the tech industry, for harming and killing so many innocent people, Gates with his poison vaccines!

    You certainly don’t have to did very deep to get THE FACTS! GOOGLE WON’T HELP YOU FIND THEM!!! I feel bad for your kids, and how they will be effected for life from your sheer ignorance! Shameful to only have one eye open when repeating the official versions! You can line up for Billy G’s poison vaccines, that’s choice! I suggest you educate yourself fully, not just half way when repeating rhetoric! If you only look for what you want to hear, that is all you will find! DIG DEEPER! I included links form different sources, if you can’t bring yourself to see the truth in these liks, please don’t stop others from having that choice, by limiting what you tell them! I implore you to dig deeper, for even your own sake, you only make your self look ignorant when you don’t!

    1. AmandaBlain says

      Again.. thank you for your very thought provoking comment. I DUG PRETTY DEEP here… even if you didnt want to read it. 🙂 Others are fully free to go find whatever information they would like on the internet anywhere…

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