1. Tamer Ziady says

    Why did you share. I just killed one here and now I cannot sleep!

  2. Dirk Talamasca says

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Run Away!!

  3. Amanda Blain says

    Because + Tamer Ziady I just killed one here… and now I cannot sleep 🙂

  4. Geli Heimann says

    Nasty! hate those things, too!!

  5. Carlos Oller says

    Lol.. Yesterday I killed one!!

  6. Ross Hall says


  7. Ayham Allan says

    ?? ???? …!!!???

  8. MinJong Seong says


  9. Dirk Talamasca says

    You are all killers!

  10. Tamer Ziady says

    I guess it is true; misery loves company. Now I am crawling and hanging with you folks all night! 😛

  11. Jeremy Hall says


  12. sabari nath says

    you found it in your house Amanda…?

  13. Amanda Blain says

    Yup.. they are common in houses in the spring… but the legs… ugh.. and they move so fast.. ugh ugh ugh 😛

  14. Barua Chhoton says

    so denger animal…………………

  15. sabari nath says

    hahaha… you must ran out of your house after that… are you sitting in the garden now 😉

  16. Jun Tendek says

    ya araaaaa.,.,. penemuan baru yo

  17. Anneke Dubash says

    Accckkkk! Have to mute!

  18. Cameron Silva says

    thats like some freaky canadian Centipede or something. I've never seen one like that before. The ones we have in hawaii are brown and have short legs.

  19. Dolidh Young says

    Run awaaaaaaaaay! Or get a sweeping brush and sweep it out of the house? *shudder*

  20. Luis Grillo says

    ive never seen one like this.

  21. Simon Sebbage says

    Ugh. That thing looks evil!

  22. Richar Woo says


  23. Gian Carlo Suazo says

    what the heck is that?

  24. Pradeep Kumar says

    Surprisingly you r scared of such little bugs , do u know, that bug is in love with you !!

  25. Lee Keels says

    Found one in my kitchen two nights ago….squealed like a girl.

  26. Sinem Çiftci says

    30 ayak buuuu 🙂 10 aya?? hala geli?memi? 😀

  27. Jeremy Hall says

    Ugh. It's only a couple million years of evolution. I just watched Avatar again tonight so…Ugh…respect these little guys as much as you can. It is not a contest. They just want to survive. Ugh.

  28. Jaka Toleng says

    I like this animal … nice ..

  29. George Rapko says

    How did you get it to pose for the picture?

  30. Shuaib khan says

    Yummy ;D

  31. John Mitchell says

    Amanda, I'm so glad I've never seen such a thing out here in Alberta.
    All we get is the normal smaller regular brown centipedes.
    I like insects, but I wouldn't like that roaming about my house!
    If it was here I'd catch it (hope it don't catch me) and my kids would love it.

  32. Shan Hacking says

    Thats bad, Yikes!

  33. Jaka Toleng says

    if not good at cooking?

  34. lukwago tony says

    looks lilke some

  35. Amit Kumar says


  36. Sanjay Gupta says

    these r found here in india2…they love cool environ.

  37. Brian Roberts says

    Cool Pic =]

  38. Tamra Bryan says

    It's so gross and yet fascinating at the same time. Look at the stripes on those legs and their segments. /shudder It needs to find its own house – far, far away from yours.

  39. Sanya Rajan says

    In 1902, C.L. Marlatt, an entomologist with the United States Department of Agriculture wrote in Circular #48 – The House Centipede: "It may often be seen darting across floors with great speed, occasionally stopping suddenly and remaining absolutely motionless, presently to resume its rapid movements, often darting directly at inmates of the house, particularly women, evidently with a desire to conceal itself beneath their dresses, and thus creating much consternation."

  40. ??? says


  41. Karen Gaza says

    This photo gives me the gooosies! Yikes!

  42. Kenneth Bentum says

    dont run…you can keep it as a pet ………………………nice

  43. Rithu Vidhasini says

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Mohammad Hasan says


  45. sirinun homniyom says


  46. Ashish MIshra says

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  47. Rene BERNHARD says

    Oh, what an ugly creature. 🙂

  48. rungtiwa chokchai says


  49. Kenneth Bentum says

    who wants to keep it as a pet?

  50. Nobilangelo Ceramalus says

    Somewhere on Google+ For Bugs there is a post from a House Centipede complaining: 'Amanda Blain You Scare Me To Death!'

    'A thing with only two legs,' it is screaming. 'Ugh … especially waking up and finding her in my bathroom…'

    'Ugh. I'm currently in "itchy humans are near me" mode.'

  51. Tuan Le says

    can i eat it ? 🙂

  52. Kenneth Bentum says

    yes you can eat it with tomato ketchup….taste good

  53. ??? says


  54. Sundaboy Calmz says


  55. behnood kiassati says

    No Way

  56. Antonio Lee says

    it's actually kind of cute..

  57. parviz nouri says

    Beautiful and colorful

  58. Bell Baby says


  59. Yamujala Rishita says


  60. Fitriani Yuniar says


  61. Andrew Lee says

    I hate this!!!

  62. Sakchai Tejavej says

    Aiii Yahhh 30 legs bug

  63. donica holdeman says

    ok, my spine just wiggled on my back and my hair on my neck is poking out………..yeck!!!!!

  64. Stevany Faza says

    Aaargh..What the hell is that?:-o> freakin thing ,,i hate it ..yuck my skin itchy…hurry call 911 ,bug buster come on baby

  65. Bell Baby says


  66. arshath zameek says


  67. Gabriela Anghel says

    Imagine that the soul of one of your children or a close one is moved in one of that creature. That is only a matter of appearance and prejudicial mind. Kafka, Albert Camus and some Buddhist readings about "equanimity" and developing an "equanimous mind" made me to imagine that. Then, I was able to look in a different way to that being. There is still a long way to be able to act, feel, based on that knowledge 🙂

  68. Masab Umair says

    yes, i like this because it is one of the creation of God.

  69. M. Andrew Sprong says

    They are good are good at catching and eating mosquitoes and small flies.

  70. abu marouane insanova says


  71. Kian Merati says

    very dangerous. I have something to make them run a way.!!!!

  72. Max James says

    oh, thanks for this post. After that I read about them, and found out that this insects are very useful for house, they kill all other insects (like flies, beetles) and really not dangerous for people. So I won't be longer kill them.
    But still… they're horrid)

  73. abu marouane insanova says


  74. Nouhad A says

    Thanks, now I'm certain there are 3 of these behind the door waiting for the opportune moment

  75. Grant Lewis says

    I friggin hate these things almost as much as spiders…no, wait….I DO hate these things just as much as spiders!

  76. anitta fajjary says


  77. ria angelei says

    Ughh. Saw one tonight in my bathroom. GROSS. SMASHED IT.

  78. Amanda Blain says

    Wow…these things are pretty common.. look how many people saw one tonight 🙂

  79. Ranjith Am says

    Except the appearance, most of them are eally harmless.



  81. anitta fajjary says

    hhaha :)?

  82. Fisikal suger rankin says


  83. anitta fajjary says




  85. anitta fajjary says


  86. M. Andrew Sprong says

    I've seen centipedes you couldn't crush with your foot, and could catch and eat mice. These guys are lightweights in comparison.



  88. Shoshe Hosan says



    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Run Away!!

  90. FAT?H CIRIK says

    what is this?where did bugs come from?

  91. Kian Merati says

    did u really kill one of them amanda?

  92. Roberto Abd El Rahman says

    scientific name: Scutigera coleoptrata; no problem with it.. it's absolutely not dangerous if you are not a mosquito :-))) (it eates mosquitos).
    It's also named (in italy) "madama fortuna" = lucky lady

  93. anitta fajjary says

    obviously does not really :-/
    I actually do not understand. hhehe

  94. ??? says


  95. indu barla says

    wow! saw this kind of 1st time.. usually i see they kinda black. eww.. so creepy!!

  96. Avinash Folks says

    Which desert u got this creature

  97. Mohamed Kurdi says

    if you take a quick glance while scrolling down the page, you will think it is an eye

  98. waqar ahmad says

    its horrible

  99. Allen St. John says

    if it naturally has less then two or more then four legs… I consider it evil and must kill it…


    eeeeeeee?EEEEEEEEEEEE whats that ? spider ? *yuck to death *

  101. Hatem Mahmoud says

    this creature was in the bathroom mmmmm

  102. Jordan Gill says

    That is one awesome lookin' many legs of a sodapiller!

  103. Al Clarke says

    I don't get how this guy is going to eat a mosquito…

  104. Phuong Tran Ngoc says

    what is this :O

  105. Christopher B says

    Those are quick little buggers. I have them as well. They like cool damp areas, like crawl spaces.

  106. Tuan Le says

    look like good taste

  107. zac nunn says

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF IS THAT THING

  108. imtiaz immi says


  109. Jason Blanchard says

    When we moved to GA, we discovered the house centipede and it scared the bejeezus out of my wife. I informed her that their mission is to eat spiders, so she reluctantly allows them to live when one appears.

  110. martha gilreath says

    ohhhh no!!!!!! set that thing on fire and then go to war with it like that dude from the movie aracnaphopbia did!

  111. Gabriela Anghel says

    Imagine that the mind-soul of one of your close one (someone that you love) is moved in one of that creature. It is only a matter of appearance and prejudicial mind. Reading Kafka- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Metamorphosis for changed, different appearances, Albert Camus for looking alike and still be criminalized and killed for mental-psychic differences and some ideas about "equanimity" or developing an "equanimous mind"; made me now to imagine that. I was able then to look in a different way to that Being. It is still a long way to be able to act-feel, based on that knowledge. I bet artificial intelligence (robots) would not have problems understanding, balancing feeling and acting for a symbiotic life of all species, based on gathered knowledge and reasoning.:-)

  112. olivia ferreira says


  113. Priya Jain says

    I am scared

  114. asim shafi says

    OOhhh ReaLLy

  115. asim shafi says


  116. om Shiva says


  117. Sarah Franklin says

    Kill it with fire?
    I don't think we have those in the UK (fingers crossed).

  118. yasin sahodo says

    are this bug attack you on bathroom ? actually there is many bugs in my town, and it's beautiffull. Maybe it's because of didn't harmony of nature.

  119. Shafeeq Ahmad says

    Looking dager…

  120. Joel Wir?mu Pauling says

    House centipede… they are good, eat other bugs..

  121. MOLY CHERIAN says

    yes yes dis is very danger——–

  122. rocky gado says

    holy cow. that's one terrible centipede. :/

  123. Javed Iqbal says

    Where does this insect exist and what size is it?

  124. Denny Sanders says

    Centipedes and wasps…..I kill them on sight. I know it's wrong. Maybe it's an innate,primal response.

  125. Patrick Stones says

    looks interesting, not that I want anywhere near me though

  126. Fernando Vazquez says

    Ugh, I hate these things! They pop up all the time here in the outskirts of Chicago! They are creepy!

  127. Kyla Lett says


  128. John Palmer says

    Aw, poor little guy, did you get a glass and some card and catch him? Just put him at the end of your garden and tell him off.

    I must admit however that I've never seen a bug like that before, we don't have bugs like that in the UK I don't think, at least I've never seen one.


  129. Elijah Gonzalez says

    Scutigera coleoptrata I usually get about 3 or 4 a month here in Philadelphia. They are pretty common and nasty.

  130. Mason Dorkapus says


  131. ram kishan jangra says


  132. selen ovayolu says


  133. Hannah Adams says

    So Gross!!!

  134. Emma Yowell says

    awww!! <3

  135. Chris Leonard says

    ITS SO CUTE!!!

  136. SHAAN XI says

    No way…you found this in your house…eek….insect invasion. If we got those here I'd faint.:P

  137. Joherlyn Servacio says

    scary legs are thorns

  138. Naveed Iqbal says

    nice looking but I'm afraid

  139. Shendel Mendel says

    the legs are at least 4 inch, so u can reach yourself and do yourself

  140. Asher Craig says

    It perhaps has a very noble purpose give it a chance!

  141. namash singh says

    aaaaaaaaawww!!!! its so scaryy!

  142. Lizzy Thompson says

    (throwing up)

  143. Sill Simply says

    no, no, no..scary. Do not like!

  144. Jeff Hintz says


  145. MOHAMMED SANI says


  146. Irene Tapial says


  147. Robert Smith says

    That is an amazing creature. I wonder what it's life is like.

  148. nick c says


  149. Poonam Yadav says


  150. Sheena Ogilvie says

    Quite amazing to look at, but wouldn't want to meet one…

  151. sharon sloan says

    wasn't itchy before….

  152. Ruttledge Roland J. says

    …and there's one, right behind you

  153. Sushmitha Narayan says

    itchy not nice

  154. Marco Vanasco says

    Itchy bug mode on?

  155. Chris Morales says

    I hate these little buggers but they do kill other creepy crawlies that I am sure you would not like either.

  156. Matthew Clark says

    it looks cool but scary at the same time

  157. tammy mohamed says


  158. adams planet says

    It's my first time to see that!! different centipede???

  159. Ivan Martinez says

    + Amanda Blain I'll trade you the centipedes for the mosquitos we get down here in Florida, they bite :/

  160. Dpac Shakur says

    Blargh! I have those and they like my bathtub! :/

  161. Harry chahal says

    Nice pic dear…

  162. Raven Compton says

    Makes me itch

  163. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    just the other day had one in my shower pretty big

  164. Glenn Grey says

    Hi Amanda…when you see this insect ever…a little 'humor' will help your issue…like…Knock Knock…who's there/…Santa/…Santa who/…Centipede all over the Christmas tree… ; – )

  165. Davion F says

    More like a spiderpede

  166. Taylor Banks says

    That is, without a doubt, the scariest looking centipede I've ever seen.

  167. Nick Markwell says

    I agree with + Davion F. Spiderpede.

  168. Ian McNeill says

    i remember seeing those things in my house years ago. those things move fast and when you see them bolt by you you want to kill it with fire!

  169. Fábio Neves says

    kill him!

  170. BOBY GEE says

    i have nver dat see day, b4 ,in life

  171. Elisanna Hernandez says


  172. Alliiee Jeetaaiimmee says

    miam :3

  173. mercy miles says

    its appearance may not matter bt what matters is its dangerous part of life!

  174. Stacy S says

    just let your sink with the disposal drip (Anti-Frozen Pipes Drip) and in the morning turn on the disposal. They are attracted to the moisture.

  175. Damelza Aung says

    amazing :O

  176. Christopher Munnings says

    that's mess up right their.

  177. Eric Ochy says

    So scary

  178. gregorio martinez says

    hello amanda

  179. Idris Guerbuez says

    u r lucky that this guy didn't sting u…

  180. Phiroz M says

    you gave me goose bumps ehehe

  181. khawaja danish says


  182. Chris Perez says

    My wife and daughter hate these things! I don't blame them. When I first moved to PA and saw these, they gave me nightmares. But I was only 9. Anyways, these bugs are one of the good guys… 😉 They eat other bugs. So they're really keeping down the bug population in your home =D



  184. Amar deep says

    rare species in india,.,.

  185. James Cannon says

    I have the same unwanted guest!

  186. Lisa Bimmerz says

    That's pretty creepy looking + Amanda Blain – but if I had to, I'd choose this over all the damn spiders that linger about throughout my house. ^shudder^

  187. Xhamira D. says

    On my way home yesterday there was an ugly spider on my windshield…on the inside! Ugh…Had creepy crawlies the rest of the night.

  188. Angela Resseguie says

    I have had these things in my shower before…they are really fast and SUPER creepy because they have such long legs and look like a spider…I didn't know they ate other bugs…may have to consider just relocating them instead of demolishing them

  189. Maraba Lwatingu says

    this is an environmenta matter…………………………. imargin some one saying the same about u

  190. Paul Heller says

    I find these now and then stuck in the bathroom sink, and I relocate them outside (grab 'em with a wadded-up tissue). I'm sure they pop right back inside but aside from being really creepy looking they're harmless and they do eat nastier buglets.

  191. Rebecca Schofield says

    Bleck. I don't like things like this either! Now I'm in "Itchy bugs are on me" mode, too…..

  192. Gökhan TOPALO?LU says

    This is not forty feet…

  193. Brandon Lashaway says

    ur dirty

  194. Aaron Brown says

    We have these in Pennsylvania too, I have a rather overgrown yard so I get a lot of different bugs that find their way into my home. I see these on a regular basis, good thing about them is they eat other bugs, much like a spider. While neither is on my, "I would like to invite over for tea" list, they are not on my "crush you with a paper towel" list. They do more good then harm, and by harm, I mean only to my psyche!

  195. rasel feni says

    What is this…

  196. Dan McGuire says

    Gross. I've managed to kill about 7 of these guys. Creepy and verrry fast. You have to kill them in the first strike or they're gone(then they come back to plot and watch you sleep).

  197. yousif hussain says


  198. Gonzaloc Mansilla says


  199. ???? says


  200. Rico Rivera says

    Now as bad as the centipedes here in hawaii…

  201. Gatto NineNineNine says


  202. Amanda Blain says

    I find these to be worse than spiders…. its all those crazy legs UGH! I'm still not recovered.

  203. maqsud malick says


  204. Christopher Thesner says

    ooooh heeeeelll to the noooo!
    Its deffinitely leggs that make a spider scary.

  205. Lila Carey says

    if i saw that thing i think i would cry!

  206. Ed Luke says

    I take it that's a close-up. If I saw that in my room, I reckon I'd be getting the shotgun out…

  207. Otis Ritch says

    The brown recluse spider is the one to watch out for

  208. Mya Thompson says


  209. anitta fajjary says


  210. Narendra Kumar Sain says


  211. raju patil says

    i love it ilove you

  212. Diego Mapa says

    centeped? am sure its piosonous.

  213. Gabriela Anghel says

    Are you sure it's centipede? Weren't they supposed to be a little more fuzzy and with smaller and fewer legs? What about millipedes?

  214. Siegfried Peters says

    was ist dann denn ???,.

  215. Roberto Abd El Rahman says



  216. Jay Holtvluwer says

    We call those 'earwigs' in michigan

  217. Zakria Khan says

    What is this?

  218. lukwago tony says

    this is the wirdest creature

  219. Devin Moore says

    let me point out the picture is pretty much life size. these things are beasts.

  220. Evelise Belli Godoi Carlim says

    will want a hot fuck

  221. Evelise Belli Godoi Carlim says

    will want a hot fuck

  222. PrEm KeNi says

    hahahahah wats dat?

  223. Adinath Kengar says

    It is really scaring ……

  224. Dishita Sen says

    im gonna be feeling like somethings crawling up my leg for 45 mins now….

  225. Azhar Khan says

    kakroj hai na

  226. waqas jutt says


  227. sneha sneha says


  228. omair iqbal says

    i wish you were my friend

  229. Maureen Douman says

    Gross………..In the bathroom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eygh

  230. Felipe Perez says

    Clean the bathroom, beauty!

  231. Amit Kumar says

    amanda blain your looking very smart

  232. galib sarikaya says


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