1. Patti Baker says

    Hahaha good idea…..:)…….laynblk………..ONE N ONLY

  2. Rznag Rmrod says

    I found some months ago a 3,5" harddrive with 10 megabytes in my cellar 🙂 Enough for 2 mp3 tracks 🙂

  3. Gregg Sakauye says

    Old cd/dvd cases are a good tool to remove spiders on the ceiling.  Nothing worse than going after one with toilet paper and having it drop and disappear.

  4. هادي العيساوي says


  5. Jonathan Moore says

    Makes me want a sandwich…


    Very good.. Amanda..

  7. Valentina Cirasola says

    Not very appealing, but for one time I guess it will do.

  8. Marlon Pagtakhan says


  9. Thorby Freeman says

    Thank you, Cloud!

  10. Kakaru Koireng says

    Hahaha You're very creative . Good idea

  11. WILMA NJ says

    that something a hospital will give you.

  12. Ron Grummer says

    But what if we don't like cloud computing?

  13. Thorby Freeman says

    There's a risk if the Cloud breaks, the world will stop spinning.

  14. nishi srivastava says


  15. stargoingslow Dawson says

    i am going to try that for lunch

  16. Feyzeddin Alpkıray says


  17. maria victoria says

    nice idea,,,,

  18. sikandar hayat says


  19. Jacklin Chen says


  20. Avadhoot Golwalkar says

    is it a cake stored into cd box ?

  21. Justin Evans says

    Love it! I have tons of those lying around. I'll have a donut holder, a bagel holder and my sandwich carrier!

  22. Andrew D'Albor says


  23. Jesse Diaz says

    I second that Brilliant!

  24. Faith Smith says

    its a bagel…wow.

  25. Angel Ortiz says

    BPA free? 🙂

  26. Marissa Hernandez says

    When my brother was 10, he found a small gecko and put it in a CD case (yayforrandomstory)… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Onwuka Ndubueze says

    Looking at the lettuce, I'd say it is a burger with a hole in the middle so sort of a bastard child of a burger in a bagel shape

  28. Allison Watkins says

    Wow 😛

  29. Kevin Marlin says

    Yeah a CF flash drive (actually many of them) has become my favorite.

  30. Patti Baker says

    Always+ Amanda Blain…….thanx for sharing……..ladynblk……..ONE N ONLY

  31. Marla Macmichael says

    Wonderful idea!

  32. elonteon white says

    That's a good idea  man im going to try that

  33. Victor Abbott says

    Burn a lot bun case,,, classic

  34. satish sajjanshetty says

    Hey Great Thought ….

  35. Ben Bestwick says


  36. Mert Taylor says


  37. El Mauro says


  38. Leah Chaffee says


  39. Victor Abbott says

     you take it out of the box first dude, i don;t know some people..

  40. Heiner Klostermann says

    When I tried to insert my sandwich into my computer's cd drive, it throwed it out with the message "Illegal device – bad taste".

  41. Jesse Allison says


  42. anica van zyl says

    lol Haaaa brillaint idea nice compact

  43. Sash Mishra says

    LMFAO that's pretty neat!

  44. gurpreet sarao says

    Conserving for whom ???

  45. Thomas Bruce says

    You young lady are a genius

  46. Kajča Tomáš says

    hehehe..good idea 😉

  47. Thomas Bruce says

    Heres the cool thing you can pack your kids lunch with something cool

  48. Sven Enterlein says

    Free side of toxic chemicals 😉

  49. Sadeer Al-Gailani says

    It's really a nice idea 😉

  50. crystal smilesunnearth says


  51. Suneeth Pulikkal says

    this will works

  52. Jesse Allison says

    I kinda wanna try it…

  53. Mike B says


  54. Elie Matta says

    Hahahaha that's awesome

  55. Nathan Lewis says

    that is a great idea note to self

  56. Austin Hargrove says


  57. Edgar Cervantes says

    Haha! Genius!

  58. Matthew Green says

    Lol yea

  59. Jamex Howlett says

    EPIC !!!!

  60. Noah Rance says

    Love it! It almost looks like it would really work. Hey did you all hear the black guy is back in the Presidents office and he won't leave for another 4 years! He does he think he is the President!?

  61. David Nkangi says

    I love it.

  62. Jesse Allison says


  63. Mukhtiar Ali says

    Amanda u very funny,good idea

  64. Victor Ray says

    I'm gonna try it!

  65. Tom Nijns says

    great idea, best way for a nerd to take his lunch to school 🙂

  66. Amir Moshfegh says


  67. Multimedical English says


  68. Souti Roy says


  69. Gerardo Daniel Elizondo Martínez says


  70. J.R. Olivero says


  71. Ria Deang says


  72. McKenzie Beeson says

    that  look good

  73. Dale Andrews says


  74. John Smith says


  75. Linda Angle says

    That's a cool idea

  76. Adad Elihu Barbosa Hernandez says

    lol, but it's a great idea

  77. Diego Bao says

    I don't like Cloud computing. What if I'm trying to access my files on a clear sky day?

  78. Renae Pillay says


  79. Pensador Louco says

    I used to keep my sandwich in old ide hard drive cases, but this is awesome. 8)

  80. Tim Cook says

    it never fails, whenever I throw away cd's from years gone by I end up needing the data off of them.

  81. promise Ihedirimadu says


  82. mustapha saida says

    this is good

  83. McKenzie Beeson says

    yep that is good

  84. Muhammad Adnan Hafeez says

    Like it

  85. Majeed Alam says


  86. Geoffrey Delorme says


  87. Ronald Dockery says

    Hell yes

  88. Yogesh Kumar Yadav says

    di chodai

  89. Ross J Meldrum says

    Actually that is very creative.

  90. Akshay Divate says

    Actually it's kind of funny…

  91. Maitham Kareem says


  92. shridhar hegde says

    The best idea ever thought for the CD cases

  93. Tiffany Le says


  94. Tomasz Kucza says

    I don't think that plastic is a type that is safe for food.

  95. shridhar hegde says


  96. Gardley WRIGHT says

    I will try it.

  97. sagir parkar says

    Awesome !!!!

  98. Mel S says

    Is it a microwave safe? 🙂

  99. Adrian Cardenas says

    dude me and my friends will try this at home.

  100. Seiji Tanaka says

    stolen from reddit

  101. hari krishna sharma says

    brillent use of cd box

  102. Alan Rimkeit says

    That is so cool.  A bagel sandwich case.  SWEET!

  103. brenda mghoi says

    totally awsome :))

  104. B. Josiah Sumner says

    I do this, I think a saw this same pic a few months ago. Yeah keeps it safe in my laptop bag and for the most part fresh. Just put sauce toppings in a separate container or you will need to buy a new bag and go hungry. : )

  105. Tyson Horsewell says

    My first ever hard disk was 20MB (not GB or TB!) that was about 20 years ago… That computer was 7 MHz (not GHz!)… how far we have come. Now can buy USB memory that is smaller, more reliable, more durable and can hold many times the size of a DVD.

    I would, personally, not like to leave the bagel waiting so long to eat it 😀

  106. Demion Hunter says


  107. Walt Karmolinski says


  108. Toyin Rotimi says

    creativity is the best idea

  109. Janelle West says

    lol rolo

  110. Stan Callinicos says

    um dosnt seem right

  111. Ronald Viveros says


  112. jewel jacob says

    hello toyin rotimi would u be friends with me

  113. Adeniji Seyi says


  114. Patrick Bareham says

    Rofl, very useful

  115. Rylee Goetz says


  116. trinity bateman says

    cream cheese

  117. Raynard Atkins says

    Why didnt I think of this?!lol

  118. ZHAID KHAN says

    please give me this cake,
    i like it,

  119. David Counsell says


  120. Hung Nguyen says

    Thanks to you Amanda Blain. I ' ve just spilled my coffee reading that.

  121. Joe Hardy says

    LOL! That's cool!

  122. Kailey Pittman says


  123. Les Middlestadt says

    Noooo! I'm out of bagels!

  124. ronnie sabaldan says

    No smell from its plastic after you stored your foods in it?

  125. Hector Gonzalez says

    waw realy? ill try that…

  126. stanzin tsela says


  127. Rodrigo Carriel says

    lol patent it before apple does!

  128. Mahale Rm says

    W ww.89

  129. kimberly bardwell says

    lol rodrigo

  130. farshid gholami says

    wow… but what did u do with the inner column of the spacer?

  131. niru prasad says


  132. Fabrice Kwitonda says


  133. Yousaf Haroon says


  134. Takala Tuifagalele says


  135. Elizabeth Martinez says


  136. Gerry C says

    I wonder if the CD case manufacturers will one day realize the many creative ways consumers actually use their somewhat flimsy containers. My biggest problem involves actually locating a CD case supplier/ manufacturer who sells those triple pack holders that house three or four musc CD's that are sold by those infomercial and mail order suppliers. These cases are NOT long lasting and the center sprockets seem to disintegrate over time. There should be a warranty on that.

  137. luis fernandes says

    Great idea. However, the plastic may not be food safe. You should double-check the number that identifies the type of plastic.

  138. tirso teodoro says

    do this  huaxxd kkkkkkk aauauaua mauor

  139. Neil Gauthreau says

    Call it an iBagle case and market it for the low, low price of $29.99!

  140. Cleopha Pair says


  141. elvis eko says


  142. Rohit rathour says


  143. gary rogers says

    Does this mean I will need to eat bagels fro the rest of my life.

  144. Luis Carranza says

    I want it….

  145. Ami Geva says



    good idea

  147. Eric Weber says

    Dishwasher safe?
    One word…. donut

  148. Richard Taylor says

    is that a bagel? or a doughnut?

  149. John Davis says
  150. Michael Styler says

    Good thinkin', Abe Lincoln! I hope my kids like the hole in the middle of their PB&J's tomorrow inside their trendy yet empty shell of an Apple IIe, floppy drive body. Who knew were were thinking green before we were green?

  151. Justin Michels says

    I still have some 6GB drives.  I sometimes wonder what I have on them.

  152. Arjun Gupta says


  153. Vivian Levine Juhasz says

    Whew.  Beautifully done.  The alternative was chilling.

  154. Atif Shaikh says

    Now tht's wht we call Reuse,Recycling,Inheritance,Overriding and Polymorphism…

  155. Jason Cummins says

    That's funny…..

  156. Alex Hall says


  157. Cresencio Cantu says

    What's a CD?

  158. Tyler Wilkes says


  159. Mubarak Alrashidi says

    LOL 😀

  160. Scott Stadler says

    best idea since sliced bread

  161. Austin Booth says

    Good idea

  162. joanna joson says


  163. Douglas McGhee says

    That's the perfect use! I might bring mine to work just for the comments.

  164. Neil Hazeltine says

    Great idea

  165. Alex Ulquiorra says

    damn it, i knew there was something strange about it..

  166. William Mc Cachern says

    Great idea recycle with a flare.

  167. Brian Ragain says

    lol COOL

  168. jehanzeb jaan says

    very cool

  169. Evan Closs says


  170. Hector Carranza says

    Innovative Spirit. "
    Wow?! "

  171. peter koenig says

    If you had a 100 disk case U & friend could do a Picnic

  172. Bratin Battacharji says


  173. Bratin Battacharji says


  174. Rudi Brits says

    hehe very clever

  175. bhwefk rwgwerg says

    That is an awesome idea!

  176. Amy Smith says

    Thats a good idea.

  177. Aaron Godson says


  178. Hasan Khan says

    good idea for saving money

  179. Melissa Wong says

    Nice onee

  180. Mikko Tyllinen says


  181. ayro lopes says

    very creative idea

  182. Sola Veritate says

    Nice! How many bites are in there?

  183. Dan Teodorescu says

    hahaha. that's so funny.

  184. jeremy huxter says

    maybe can sell hard drives for scrap gold

  185. Yifat Cohen says

    Awesome ! Now put some mold on top and no one will eat your lunch at work..

  186. molly burke says


  187. Bobby Mitchell says

    Lol nice!

  188. Rosalie Rodriguez says


  189. gabriel saguing says

    I want to do that too…genius

  190. Rebecca Hower says


  191. Ally Saddle says

    Or a donut…

  192. Homusk Sirmali says

    So nice pic

  193. Oscar Garcia says

    Well played madam

  194. Steve Zevallos says

    Hahaha!!! good one.

  195. Shlomo Levi says

    i sow it m.b year ago. so why litter on G+?

  196. Ruby Zammit says

    Lol good for storing food for a picnic. That will freak poeple our fro sure

  197. Emmanuel Pacamalan says


  198. Steve Marquis says

    I didn't

  199. Nathan Bankhead says

    seems legit

  200. Jay Mora says

    Nice, great way to re-use this…..

  201. Paulo Da Costa says

    not bad

  202. Sarabjit Singh says

    Very cute

  203. Gordon Young says

    I don't have any cases this short…

  204. Femi Adegbesan says

    You just invented a device to punch a hole in middle of a burger to create the burger-bagle or "burgle". Now lets go market the $1m product. Nice post 😉

  205. Zackary McNamara says

    That is genius! My life is complete! 🙂

  206. Dan Mazzone says

    That's ama-za-zing!

  207. Thomas Ramsay says

    I found a old 128mb USB drive in my closet

  208. Ruairí McClintock says


  209. Elliott Belardo says


  210. Azhar Abbas says


  211. Miguel Angel Diaz says

    magnifico y para un Donut mejor

  212. Al Pettman says

    Perfect idea.

  213. michael kuhn says


  214. Reza Sharifi says


  215. Shafa Abdul says

    omg so funny

  216. Emma Lachat says


  217. Amy Antone says

    Too freaken funny and very creative! I love it!

  218. Ikani S. says

    Don't be hard at work coding then stick your lunch into your computer's disk drive while you begin munching on a DVD.

  219. Joshua Davies says

    Amanda blain can be the next David blain. Quality

  220. Efua Hagan says


  221. Larry Morris says

    Great Idea.

  222. heidi stiklestad says

    ooooo kkkkk LOL

  223. kevin smith says

    Pmsl but excellent

  224. Tyler Silvera says

    Hahaha, I never thought about this! So many levels of awesome here

  225. alex Zai says

    Can express this in only a single word CREATIVE

  226. amar alkaapy says

    The focus is good

  227. William Bedard says

    Now that is just too awesome!

  228. GQ Keith says

    I want to eat it

  229. Dan Ricca says

    Nice one great idea

  230. Anthony Somes says

    The tall 200 cd capacity can be used for family outings

  231. wajid nazir says


  232. Santanu Gogoi says


  233. Joshua Stevens says

    Too funny! (And such a good idea too)

  234. Tony King says


  235. Sebastien Edwards says

    GIMMMEEEEE i is hungry…i didnt get lunhc v.v

  236. Tan T. says

    Great idea!  Thanks.

  237. Maria John says

    -Hahaha! Great idea 😛

  238. Richard barthel says

    Good idea

  239. Joyce mumo says

    awesome haha

  240. Kaustubh Patole says


  241. Patrick Burgess says

    Xxx. X. Xlzz x

  242. Nadia Saunee says

    lol great idea i guess!?!?

  243. Darko Runchev says

    hhehe 😀 nice idea

  244. Dhirender Yadav says


  245. Steven Jones says

    Is that a double-density bagel?

  246. Adam Lerner says

    I love it I think that's a great idea Amanda!

  247. Olivia Thomas says

    wow lol how funny

  248. salman Khan says

    Great job

  249. Michele Burnett says

    No a bad idea

  250. Michael Tamez says

    That awesome

  251. Emegha Emohare says


  252. Dillon Randall says


  253. alexis dougsen says

    omg awesome idea!

  254. Sunil Kumar says

    whatever people says…

  255. hilton Duff says

    I know right that is smart !!!!

  256. Faith Ho says

    hey, smart! I wish I've kept all those CD cases….a lot of them :((

  257. Sunil Kumar says

    whatever people says…

  258. Casey Jones says


  259. adel sharefian says

    thank you

  260. Jennifer Frenkel says


  261. Samuel Morris says


  262. Bill Hartzer says

    But are those really air-tight?

  263. Trent Jones says

    amazing idea

  264. Dale Leisenring says

    I use them as mini greenhouses for plant starters. Also use them as indoor plant pots, just make some airholes. You can see when a plant gets rootbound.

  265. Benjamin Brewster says

    Seems legit

  266. Jordan Smith says

    that is awsome.:)

  267. chandler shade says

    sounds like a good at first, but…

  268. Hugh Hasler says

    lol thats so smart i shouldve thought about doing that

  269. Adrian Martinez says

    I want a double-layer please…

  270. Andrew Butler says

    I like it!

  271. Vitaly Stockman says

    Don't do it! That plastic is not meant to be in contact with food, it might not be safe.

  272. Moriah Kemp says

    Woah, never thought to use it like that! Ah the amazing things you can do with food.

  273. McKenzie Beeson says


  274. Abigail Younge says


  275. Troy Campbell says


  276. Lisa parks says

    Very funny

  277. DANIEL JOSLYN says


  278. Joe Chapa says


  279. Humera Altaf says


  280. Chee Yang says


  281. Hazhir Khosha says


  282. mark gonzalez says


  283. oscar basel says


  284. Shrabean Singh says

    Very clever.

  285. Samantha Openshaw says

    HA HA HA awesome idea.

  286. David Bucknall says

    most excellent !

  287. Justin Verlander says

    i would never think of it

  288. vasant kumar says

    Not a good idea . The plastic used here is not a food grade material.careful !

  289. Maurice Hicks says

    Yummmmm. Bagel sandwich:)

  290. Amir Hassani says


  291. Mel M says


  292. Effy Stonem says

    haha lol

  293. messiah brown says


  294. Steve Scandrett says

    Wots all this?

  295. Micah S says

    hehehe 🙂

  296. Emmanuel Bracero says

    Hey guys go to youtube and type in Emmanuel Bracero and it will say i have many videos! Like and comment them!

  297. Amith Abraham says

    well that's ONE use…

  298. Redi Hoxhallari says


  299. Junius Morey says


  300. Joshua Blankenship says

    Nice! Lololol

  301. shushumna jella says

    I never would have thought of that!
    It is ingenious!!!

  302. Nizar Abi Dahr says

    I like that, waiting for your next discovert

  303. soarfreek yo says


  304. gabrielle schmidt says

    genious! 😛

  305. roel amonin says

    awesome stuff!

  306. Aurora Peterson says

    niceee haha

  307. Sophia Hage says

    AWESOME i think gonna try that!!!!!!! C:

  308. Robin Baby says

    j. .

  309. Leonardo Wood says

    school lunch boxes come to mind!

  310. Robin Baby says


  311. Adam Lundquist says

    Do people still have these?

  312. Amber Gold says

    I DO

  313. Ally Davis says

    luv it!

  314. selah French says


  315. Lee Kelly says

    Lol +Amanda Blain I almost find it as hard to find something to do with a CD these days too.

  316. Green Erick says


  317. Chris White says

    fu..fu….funny ha ha lo

  318. JR Szczygiel says


  319. Matt Washington says

    Extreme videos

  320. Eric Polsinelli says

    Just imagine the chemicals leaching out of that plastic. You know, there are certain things that food should never come in contact with.

  321. Imran Ali says


  322. Donna Harel says

    soooo funny

  323. Phelippo Santana says

    Thats the shittttt I love it…girl

  324. Andres Santiago says

    But is it safe for handling food? Not all plastic containers are created equal. Especially if made in china.

  325. shouku vengara says


  326. DAYLAN DOCKINS says

    looks good

  327. shadia nasrin says


  328. Ryan Ng says

    At last

  329. Nelson Grauer says

    Best use of these I have seen, too bad I recycled mine.

  330. Gothic Darks says


  331. Gothic Darks says


  332. SAMY PAUL says



  333. Wes Combs says

    Since when?

  334. Diego Montero says

    What a Beautiful Woman!!

  335. Christopher Royal says

    really super creativity idea, I'll follow it….

  336. kayden king says


  337. Zainab Wazir says

    It safe my money

  338. Hunter Hudson says


  339. Kaitlyn Hutchins says

    good idea

  340. Shaun Buckley says

    donut burger

  341. Saeid Dibaei says


  342. usman ali says


  343. Daniel Arzola says

    Pretty good. 🙂

  344. Natalie Matthew says

    Totally doing that!!

  345. Lee Lytle says

    Yep. You already know.

  346. Za Jefferson says

    that is smart imma try that

  347. Ariel Levites says


  348. Graeme Whyte says

    Good thinking!!

  349. Nishant Sarkar says

    That might actually work…

  350. Thomas Harrington says

    Pat Pending

  351. kerny LAGUERRE says


  352. Joshua Hamilton says

    i'm still rocking cassette tapes!

  353. Benjamin Jenne says

    now thats a good idea

  354. Raylene Waye says

    lol… i hope it doesn't leach any poisonous plastic chemicals into your food! fantastic idea though!

  355. Anthony Peak says

    Yum, BPAs

  356. Jerry Clark says

    Good idea also a little funny

  357. Mark Vanness says

    Out of the box it it's best…

  358. Hammad Amin says

    Creative mind, creative thinking…..

  359. John Ef says

    one use or another……

  360. Ava Johnson says

    ooohhhhhhhh nice

  361. jesson cerenio says


  362. lilly pural says

    lol love it

  363. Paria KM says

    lol…just through them out!!!

  364. Zoe Nelson says


  365. Nathan Gullison says

    simple yet brilliant!

  366. Harry Roberts says

    good idea!

  367. junwon kang says

    딱이네. ㅋㅋㅋ 기발해요

  368. maat delg says

    funny but smart

  369. Kharisma Alam says

    hahahahaha. creative

  370. Parvez Akkas says

    smart indeed. easily washable. environment friendly (less plastic in the landfills). this is brilliant.  🙂

  371. cody hargreaves says


  372. Natalie Christou says

    Haha very creative

  373. Dan Wilson says

    Of course!

  374. BigMon Van says

    seems legit

  375. Link Collier says


  376. jaimen mojukin says

    ya…the bread cake olso safe inside that cases….

  377. Jeffrey Thompson says

    Fresh idea.

  378. Landon Hughes says

    You ma'am, get yourself a +1

  379. Wai Kean Ong says

    You don't want to keep your burger in there. The slip agent from the plastic material will leach out into your food.

  380. Jorge Villegas says

    super util

  381. Rachitha Hathurusinghe says

    marvelous thinking.

  382. Robert Killingsworth says

    I hope you didn't just throw them away. I'm sure they'd be useful to someone.

    If nothing else the hard drives have awesome magnets in them.

  383. AMAN Sharma says


  384. Davood Tg says


  385. Manas Vimal says

    Is the case microwave ready !!!

  386. zahid shaikh says

    I like cd case

  387. Dusan Stojadinovic says

    Nice one 🙂

  388. Kim Rune Larsen says

    Do you feel there is something missing with your bagel? you cant store it…. Then my friend i got a great offer for you! The new bagel holder 2000 … Only 24.99! If you order 1 out of the 50 first you will get a cup, with this once of a lifetime bargain 😀 So pick up your phone… call 1-800-bagelholder2000 😛

  389. Ulka Islamli says

    That's must be delicious………

  390. Luis Cebamanos says


  391. Jitesh Bhalala says

    Nice use

  392. Carlene Matson says

    Great idea !!!

  393. kevin swithenbank says

    looks like something that comes out of a dogs ass . .or McDonalds .same thing i suppose.

  394. k.rajaram k.rajaram says

    nice, have a nice day.9842277846

  395. Gulfdirectory Middle East says


  396. Nelson T says

    Good one!

  397. Veronca Singleton says

    I love it, that ‘s so funny.

  398. soman Alpatta says

    Have a nice day all

  399. Rabina Ojha says

    technology may end up to brain to brain msg putting up chips onto everyone's mind… 🙂 🙂 (only my guess n imagination)

  400. Patrick M Greco says

    Love the idea LOL

  401. Jay Aurabind says

    That would be awesome! I could plug my pendrive directly to my brain and enjoy the movies in my personal projector (my own retina) 😛 🙂

  402. uttamkumar harsora says

    Nicre idea

  403. Jasna Čobović says

    good idea

  404. Christian Tobias says

    This is mind blasting

  405. Michael Madison says

    A bagelwhich!!! Sounds good

  406. aarti ghai says


  407. Mark Wolfskehl says

    Optical media is still the best choice if you want an offsite backup at the bank. Never know if the next box over has something magnetic.

  408. Mark Wolfskehl says

    Optical media is still the best choice if you want an offsite backup at the bank. Never know if the next box over has something magnetic.

  409. Tom DeHart says

    Not much worried about CD backups, my question – "when's lunch?" 😉

  410. Callixte Uwiringiyimana says


  411. Dev Jaiswal says

    Like u

  412. Dev Jaiswal says

    Like u

  413. amit parihar says

    hi………wow yammmmmmmmi

  414. Makenzie Bonner says

    This is genius!

  415. mostafa Ahmed says

    lol lol

  416. Sandeep sharma says


  417. nikolaj streetrod norway says

    haha pretty cool

  418. Michael Coles says

    now thats going green and recycling.

  419. Mark Schubert says

    I use it for some audiocables but this is far better.


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  421. nasser alawaimiri says

    i like to utilize it for keeping things ins-ted of  CDs

  422. Mc LOVIN says

    truly genius lol

  423. mesut sarı says

    suuuperrr :))))

  424. Kaitlyn Buckley says

    instant bagel sammich holder!

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  427. Ahmeh Madi says


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    Direct application.

  429. Валерий Филоненко says

    Direct application.

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