Anyone Play Quest For Glory the Video Game Series??

I still think this is the best game I've ever played. 4 – Shadows of Darkness specifically…. I heard there might be a kickstarter for it soon.. or something else cool from the creators..

"Igor: Well, not tomb bad! Ha ha, little graveyard humor there!" 😀

90's you had some good games. LOOK at those graphics for the early 90s!!! They don't make games like that today.

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Anyone Play Quest For Glory the Video Game Series??

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  1. Thomas Mims says

    absolutely! and I still play it randomly today! the 90's were an amazing time for gaming (and for me).

  2. Brandon Rouge says

    Quest for Glory V was my shit!

  3. Thomas Mims says

    BTW! Al Lowe with Sierra Games was a massive innovator!

  4. deus exMachina says

    nope sorry..  got a lot of other gamer stories if you're interested..

  5. Jesse J Farb says

    I played the 1st game, it had a good story. I always wondered if the sequels were any good.

  6. Paul Kennedy says

    The voices & music made this game…. anitra's dance was perfect for that town. 

  7. Mohd Aziz says

    U should try Guild War 2 it an awesome game & still can give the 90's feeling but with good HD graphics

  8. Billy Spelchan says

    No, but it is on my GOG wish list so eventually I will get around to it. 

  9. Amanda Blain says

    Don't those look HD to you + Mohd Aziz ? 😀 Look at all those colors! 😀

  10. Colin R says

    Very, very fond memories of this series. Though "The Neverhood" still holds the crown for most unique and memorable PC gaming experience for me!

  11. Karl Mueller says

    Awesome game. Played all the Sierra quest games.

  12. julio perez says

    me gustaría jugarlo..!!

  13. Chris Nelson says

    One of my favorites.

  14. Neal Beer says

    Never played that one, but I do love me some old school 1990s adventure games!! I actually had to buy "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers" off of GOG so I could play it again! Don't get me started on "Monkey Island"!!

  15. Brian Peters says

    Not in the Apple App Store. Doesn't exist. I sure miss my PC.

  16. Brandon Thompson says

    Can't beat those old school style adventure games.. They're awesome.

  17. Leo Deegan says

    No, but now I'm sad that I haven't

  18. Rana Amritanshu says

    You can use Nintendo 64 emulator to play Legend Of Zelda and Mario Kart and its Awesome as F*#k, cant beat that. Don't forget Captain Claw.

  19. Tara Tiger Brown says

    I played all of the Sierra Games!

  20. sam zéus says

    Ossum click

  21. Andrew Konietzky says

    That is one of the only Sierra series that I have NEVER played. I believe all the Sierra games are available on GOG.

  22. Jeff Jockisch says

    Torchlight II 🙂

  23. Rahsheen Porter says

    Agreed. That whole series holds a special place in my heart… Now I want to play it.

  24. akanksha karkhanis says


  25. Durba Chatterjee says

    Yes!!!! Best game ever for sure.

  26. pandya bhargav says


  27. Earnest Pettie says

    I miss Sierra Online

  28. Robinson Olivar, Jr says

    I remember playing those games together with Monkey Island series, Serious Sam and some others. Nostalgic! 😉

  29. Eshal Siddiqui says


  30. Daniel Patterson says

    Oh man I remember this. Countless hours jumping back and forth attacking something in a tree.

  31. john rambo says

    Nope!…more a FPS kinda guy.

  32. Raju Bharti says

    nice to work

  33. Rabeet Ahsan says

    I don't know what game is it but if it is an MMORPG then i might be interested and by the way have you ever played spiral knights its also on steam you should try it.

  34. green wood says

    thanks dear

  35. Matt Kiener says

    Anyone remember King's Quest?

  36. Adam Östergren says

    Recently bought the updated version of the entire Heroes Quest series. Good times.

  37. sam zéus says

    God of war 3 is betta

  38. vinod kadam says


  39. Brett McBride says

    I played them a lot in the late 80s. Particularly 1 and 2. Still playable on scummvm!

  40. bugagao marissa says


  41. Eric Hendrawan says


  42. Aj Zaad says


  43. Shannendoah Gallagher says

    I got stuck and couldn't pass the game. I wish I still had it so I could give it another go.

  44. Jan Krumnack says

    I like retro games! Terraria is very cool!

  45. Aj Zaad says


  46. Robert Killingsworth says

    Nope, I prefer the LucasArts games to Sierra.

  47. Ade Sunday says

    All games mentioned are good but mortal kombat 3 is the best

  48. Baby Kitten says

    wanna try that out!!!

  49. Hayes Starns says

    90's (enough said)

  50. goat whiteboyehst says

    yes they do

  51. Mohd Aziz says

    Well they do still u gotta try it know what I mean 🙂 Amanda

  52. John Atencio says

    Hell no!!

  53. John Atencio says

    MW3 is the game of today.

  54. andri coker says


  55. Justin Chin-You says

    This was so long ago!! – Loved this game!

  56. andri coker says

    I love that game..??

  57. Tu?n Nguy?n V?n says

    M?t ng??i ??y cá tính, ng??i ph? n? c?a Th? k? XXI
    B?n là m?u ng??i mà nhi?u b?n trai c?n có

  58. Adrian Alleyne says

    How do i play it?

  59. Joshua Mandell says

    Well, it looks pretty interesting, I like the way the graphics were drawn up.

  60. Jesse J Farb says

    You can still play most of these on the mac, just use dapplegray and dosbox to run the game's rom.

  61. Gregory Lindsey says

    I played it when it was Hero's Quest, before the makers of the Hero Quest board game threatened to sue.

  62. Shane Goodwin says

    Sierra pushed the limits with adventure games. I will back that statement up with one word… Phantasmagoria. 🙂

  63. Allen Hildebrandt says

    QFG was an amazing series, I grew up with the series…. there were a bunch of excellent series back then.  I still blame EA for destroying Origin, as there are no games like the Ultima Series any longer that deal with structured morality and… well, there's nothing like either Ultima or QFG any longer.

    EDIT: Also, Amanda, if you weren't aware, AGD Interactive did a remake of QFG 2, it's a free download at their website.

  64. Tim Baum says

    Back in the day…

  65. jandeson Santos says

    Voce e o maximo

  66. Tara Mulder says

    Aw, the Quest for Glory games were so cute, and addicting!  I may still have old floppies with it.

  67. Sebastjan Novak says

    Sierra games are the best…

  68. rana jabir says

    thank you

  69. rana jabir says

    ranajabir youtube

  70. rayani isenia says

    ???did not get nothing

  71. roselin bagder says


  72. ahsan arain says

    Nic picccc

  73. ahsan arain says

    Vasa gemss pic ha

  74. Brandon Rouge says

    Anyone remember King's Quest from the early 90's?

  75. Craigg Dye says

    How is it?

  76. Christopher Thesner says

    And I thought I was the only one. QfG4 was my fav as well. 5 was ……. different… Am I weird for trying to turn my garden into a replica of Eranna's Garden?

  77. Kevin Powers says

    I played it when it was still called Hero's Quest…. still my favorite series of all time.

  78. Cory Graham says

    My character got fatigued in that building many a time and could no climb back out

  79. Michael Cole says

    Just wanted to mention that the writers/game designers for Quest for Glory are about to start a Kickstarter for their next game on Oct 19.  If you loved QfG please check it out.  You can learn more at or Thank you!

  80. Daniel Rivera says

    1000 times YES

  81. shrinidhi nimbargi says


  82. Mark Andes says

    I still install 1 through 4 and play them all about once a year.

  83. Md.Nazmul Hasan says

    nice pic…

  84. ??? says


  85. Freitas cruz says

    Good morning! That's cool, when have lançameto please let me know, hugs

  86. Charles Amaliri says

    I did…ha ha #memories  

  87. Juan Carlos España Sanabria says

    Porque dices que es el mejor juego este.

  88. Amanda Blain says

    OMG… It just went on sale at……. it's like they saw my post… I just bought Quest for Glory 1 – 5 and Zork 1, 2, 3, 4 for 6$… DONE AND DONE… 😀

  89. Leo Deegan says

    No way

  90. carl miller says

    never played it, how is it?

  91. Nick Mull says

    "awww, nobody listen to Igor… ;( "

  92. ??? says


  93. Nirmalya Das says


  94. Amr Nabeel says

    I played part 1 "So You Want To Be A Hero" through part 4 "Shadows Of Darkness"

  95. tuan vu huynh says

    Mình ch?a ch?i bao gi?

  96. Jesse Moyer says

    i enjoyed disc world 1& 2, and blazing dragons as well back then

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