1. Amanda Blain says

    Can't seem to find a video clip of this on you tube… but here it is on funny or die.. 🙂 http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/80a71ef8cb/more-cowbell

  2. Ashlan Nathens says

    …I did love Colonel Angus skit as well – oh the things they got away with..:)

  3. Daniel Ybarra says

    Oh, yes! More cowbell!

  4. Jim McCloskey says

    We put our pants on the same way. Only, I go and make gold records.

  5. Harold Fisher says

    aah ha ha ha…1 ringy dingy…2 ringy dingy…3 ringy dingy…ha ha ha…gotta luv it…

  6. Lisa Miller says

    I do that.  This is when I shaved my head, be prepared.

  7. Harold Fisher says

    oh yrah…Lilly Thomlin as the operator on Roin and Martin's Laugh In…good show…

  8. Kevin Bowie says

    I have this shirt! Good times, GOOD TIMES!!

  9. Eddie Mohan says

    They don't make episodes like this no more… 🙁

  10. Aidan Engberg says

    Ahahaha!!!! "I've got a huge headache and the only cure is more cowbell!"

  11. md joy says

    goood boy

  12. Kevin Bowie says

    I put my pants on one leg at a time but when I do, I make gold records.

  13. Jeff Hudson says

    Schweddy balls. By far the best skit.

  14. Jared Davies says

    "Dick in the box" made me howl but other than that there are very few new ones that do.

  15. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    Samurai Deli and the Land Shark skits are better.

  16. Citizen Dave says

    "Alfalfa Sings"

  17. Lisa Miller says

    Oh, Lord, I forgot about Land Shark.  Need Land Shark!

  18. Michael Dennis says

    That was so funny

  19. Lisa Miller says

    Eddie murphy – Saturday Night Live.- Buckwheat

  20. Jared Davies says

    Matt Foley was my favorite character of all time on SNL. I miss Chris Farley huge!!!! Loved ya big guy!!!!

  21. Christian Moore says

    Bassomatic 76!

  22. Louis Foussard says

    Love it!

  23. salvadour love says


  24. Justin White says

     I'm on a Mothin f%%kin' boat is awesome as well

  25. Ricky Rkay says


  26. marissa rivera says


  27. Nicholas Kelly says

    Band member: "If music legend Bruce Dickinson wants more cowbell….."
    Bruce: "Say it, baby!"
    Band Member:"…we should..pause to regain comprosure probably give him more cowbell!"
    Bruce: "SAY IT BABY!

  28. kh?i tr?n says


  29. Zackery Billings says

    Best Skit Ever!!!!

  30. Leo Hernandez says

    i actually have this shirt lol

  31. Paul Lewis says

    My favorite too.

  32. Teodoro Franco says

    This Guy is hilarious! In every comical and even some serious roles he makes me laugh!

  33. Benedict Corpuz says

    I played with a cowbell earlier today.

  34. Tim Durben says

    Funny! Down by the river is a classic too. Chris Farley was a good motivational speaker.

  35. Thomas Townsend says

    He is one of my most fav actors!

  36. Sadu Seefoo says

    XD will ferrel… 😀

  37. Thomas Townsend says

    Will is amazing.. I meant serious actors who are funny naturally like Walkin…

  38. Sadu Seefoo says

    I was just commenting on the post, because he was playing the cowbell…

  39. Thomas Townsend says

    oh. cool.

  40. Mohd Ashraf Khan says

    Hi Amanda…want to be your friend….do you…

  41. chuks daniel says

    I am happy to be in the world and ruling the earth, so let us heal the world.

  42. Dan Williams says

    You said it!!

  43. Leo Deegan says

    Gotta love it

  44. Alonza Burns says


  45. Hayes Starns says

    They had that clip on YouTube for the longest. I also went searching for that same skit a day ago and couldn't find except an extremely poor quality one. Which is fine by me I'll take what I can get haha I love that skit!!

  46. Juan Agudelo says

    I remember that one, that was great!!

  47. Michael Dennis says

    Do any remember "Gird Your Loins!" Joe Biden on the campaign trail I think he was in Pennsylvania That was a funny skit.

  48. Alonza Burns says

    Stone Face Christopher Walken!  This skit had me in stitches.  I especially like that you can see him laughing through the window.

  49. Helen Swartzfager says


  50. Michael Dennis says

    Wait, what is that I hear?  Is it? is it? Yes it's more cowbell. Now if I can get Michael Bolton to give us some cow bell. life would be complete Here is a copy cat live performance of the cowbell skit I'm still looking for a good quality video of the real one  the audience seemed to have a great time. http://youtu.be/PXRHnV8NwOU

  51. Michael Dennis says

    Here's one fro Mediacafe.com, but the quality is poor
    The sound however is very good  http://www.metacafe.com/watch/5644656/more_cowbell/

  52. Edward D. Elliott says

    Oh Yeah!!!  Need more COW BELL!!!

  53. Russell Pennwright says

    One of the best skits ever seen on t.v.

  54. D Bucarile says

    Haha! Awesome

  55. elynna chan says

    Wooowoo! Wonderful

  56. ???? says

    don't get

  57. elynna chan says

    don't understand

  58. alex reyes says


  59. Felipe Perez says

    That guy is not Travolta

  60. Fifi Potter says

    Yes mine too, Will Ferrell makes it…

  61. elynna chan says

    What fever? Can't get it!

  62. Brad Scharf says

    Great skit. Almost as funny as when "Colonel Angus" came to visit. Christopher Walken has to be the all-time funniest guest ever to appear on SNL

  63. Fifi Potter says

    yes he is hilarious…

  64. Michael Dennis says

    I also loved him as "The Continental" My wild eyed little doe

  65. Fifi Potter says

    lol yes that was hilarious…

  66. Emmanuel Mbulaheni says

    helo friend

  67. Felipe Perez says

    In the photo Christopher Walken, irony!!!

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