1. Ricky Scampini says

    I bet you every one who reads this will try it!

  2. Jared Knight says


  3. Michael Kelava says

    Not this time, but when I first saw this… I did.. 😐

  4. Leo Diaz says

    Waka waka waka…

  5. Oliver Roos says

    Does this also work with a toe?

  6. Daniel Dunn says

    Wonder how many people tried this upon reading…I know i did.

  7. Mike Wood says

    lol awesome 😀

  8. Timothy Chung says

    cool sound

  9. Muhammad Jafri says

    depends on hw big is your ear 😀

  10. Muhammad Taha says

    ya dude cool sound

  11. Ralph Uy says


  12. Jorge Borba says

    Yes, I'm always trying to be happy

  13. thorsten janßen says

    haha 1^^11

  14. Justin Ellenbecker says

    Success! Everyone in my office is doing it now.

  15. Mike Williams says

    +1 if you actually tried it lol

  16. Ryan Blake says

    Lol! My girlfriend is trying it right now!

  17. andrea a says

    I did it, spent 5 minutes convincing my bf to do it too. Good morning!

  18. Darby Keene says

    Tried it. I admit it.

  19. Pramod Surve says

    oh really…

  20. Rob Kennedy says


  21. juan huaylla says

    LOL it works

  22. Rick Jones says


  23. KUMAR GAURAV says


  24. Dakota Johnson says


  25. Bucky O'Hair says

    I tried it, but all I got was this "evil laugh game over sound" 🙁

  26. Ray Ray says

    OH MY GOD! You are such a geek!
    I LOVE it! Hahahahaahahahaa!!!!!

  27. Jacob LaFon says

    it dose

  28. Munyaradzi Tavengwa says

    Yah whoa yes s s

  29. Butwhy Jz says

    Nice update!

  30. Kay Honig says

    😀 thanks for making me doing it and lol

  31. Andrew Orndorff says

    Yes, and gullible is written on the ceiling.

  32. joseph peppers says

    I am so amazed!!!!

  33. Harshit Singh says

    hell yeah it does

  34. Alice H. Dupre says

    It totally does.

  35. Victor lahti says

    ??? I do not think so?????????

  36. Alice H. Dupre says

    Maybe you didn't scratch it right?

  37. Victor lahti says

    I have never played It

  38. Zeefum Dajma says

    You're supposed to try it, retards. Read the "Admit it… You Tried It"

  39. Annamarie Strowder says

    lol so awsome

  40. Donna Devine says

    lol Of course i did!

  41. franz josef aguero says

    what a coool sound

  42. Sheikh Asif says

    That`s Right

  43. Jonathan Frazer says

    I'll admit, I did not try it. I had earphones on when I read it, so I had a little time to think before acting. 🙂

  44. Alice H. Dupre says

    I did try it and it does sound like pacman

  45. Alex Miranda says

    yes i did…lol

  46. Samuel Reece says

    How did they record that?

  47. Roger Phelps says

    Yeah, I did, Hate to admit it but true

  48. Eddie Mohan says

    I admit or deny nuthin!
    But, when no one's looking…
    I'm so trying this! 😉

  49. omar lara says

    yea gaming rules I like black ops for ps3 🙂

  50. Ammon Bingham says

    I like Halo for Xbox

  51. Kieran Kyle says

    I tride what the picure said its doesn't work

  52. Amanda Blain says

    Better try again… it works 🙂

  53. Maddie Sizemore says

    lol so true

  54. Nicole Clark says

    it workd

  55. Alexis Scott says

    Ha ha it kind of does! My friend can whistle so it sound like when Mario dies in super mario bros.

  56. Rahul Kapoor says

    Avery litle kid this is

  57. Giavonna Hillman says

    Wow, it does!

  58. Gierra Williams Young says


  59. Krisa Elliott-Deberry says

    haha XD

  60. Mateo Crueger-Monterroso says

    omg it works

  61. tessa fox says

    OMG!!! XD XD XD XD had everyone near me try it!

  62. Jason Husbands says

    omg ha!

  63. Jackson Grinnell says

    my god

  64. Jocelyn Hudgins says

    hahaha. just tried it.!

  65. cole schnitzer says

    lol so true

  66. Madison Dow says

    it works

  67. Connor Blank says


  68. Quinn Adams says

    Holy poop it works!

  69. Antonio Reyes says

    If you dig deep enough you might find fruit.

  70. Francisco Mendoza says

    I just did it. 🙂

  71. June Paben says


  72. Maddie Sizemore says


  73. Teddy Jemming says


  74. veronica blakey says


  75. Lisa Jane says

    SO TRUE!

  76. Pesach Steinberg says


  77. Chloe Rosario says

    soo kool

  78. Annamarie Strowder says

    lol it work

  79. Lydia Maher says


  80. Imari Marshall says


  81. Bari Roberts says

    thts soooo not tru

  82. Brooke Ln says

    I'm so gullible…

  83. Matthew Coleman says

    Damn it i did

  84. Shishir Rawoorkar says

    Pac Man….hmmm..

  85. Hannah Everest says

    hahha me to strange lol

  86. Hsefa Celebi says

    my f?rst play

  87. Jamin-Ben Prempeh says

    hahahha. 9ce one

  88. Yousef Alemiem says


  89. Soso Perez says

    hahaha i tried it it's real

  90. alyssa davis says

    hahahahahahahah LOL

  91. Clint Dille says


  92. Robert C Kalajian Jr says

    Wow…it really does.

  93. Yasmin Browning says

    it also sound very much like a chicken!!!!!!!! WHOWHOWHWHO

  94. Gessica Iadonisi says

    Hahaha it does!!!

  95. Seanne Casey says

    haha so funny!

  96. Emily Smith says

    lol it does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Griffin Payer says

    This made my day

  98. Cameron Silva says

    darn it. I told myself I wasnt going to try it. But the more you think about it, the more itchy your ear gets….. yes, it sounds like it…

  99. Elliot Schochet says

    +1 if you did it

  100. jasmine sublett says

    XD hahahaha that is SO true:)

  101. Jared Tracy says


  102. Bailey Mckendry says

    I have :3 !

  103. Julien Bryant says

    it is true

  104. Trevor White says


  105. Rodney Hall says

    It's true!! lol..

  106. Amanda Blain says

    yup… it seriously does… no trick here.. … try it 🙂

  107. David Armstrong says

    Wow, it's true!

  108. Frederick Lowe says

    +1'd. Also, ew.

  109. Gareth Robins says

    + Amanda Blain I can totally hear pac man when i do it, but was the laughing stock at the office as no one else could. I think the picture primed me. And my coworkers are just strange

  110. pat rick says

    haha ive just tried it now….kida does i'll have to root out my old pacman game now

  111. Jack Waller says


  112. Lauren Ehigiator says

    …..whoa it does sound like pac-man!

  113. LIZZIE MACD says


  114. Samuel McKee says


  115. Kaylee Thiels says

    🙂 hilarious i love it 🙂

  116. Cody Jones says

    what's pac-man?

  117. Wes Hammel says

    it does

  118. katie rupinski says

    its so weird but so true

  119. Aj Russo says


  120. jet adams says

    I did it and it did't work. 🙁

  121. Brian Darling says


  122. coral combs says

    it didnt work:(

  123. Ishaq Jaffar says

    Only in one ear…sigh!

  124. Angel Vazquez says

    I just tried!! LOL

  125. princess lian ramos says

    oh yeah just tried.

  126. Luis Rivas says

    Stop it! Sad people…

    If you put a finger in your nose it tastes of the sea hahaha

  127. Analiese Thomas says

    i triedd

  128. Jeremy Satlow says

    its true

  129. glenn telo says

    mee too

  130. Noorain Dobani says

    it does not work

  131. E S says

    Not really.

  132. Craig Miller says

    lets' hold this topic to ears and nose ONLY PLEASE

  133. Jeramie Forbes says

    Uhh yea i hear it

  134. Michaela Smith says

    are you kidding me?! 🙁

  135. Lexx Parkin says

    hi thats werid

  136. Grace Kang says

    definitely not… but i admit, i did try.

  137. Dmytro Titov says

    stupid rule.. or mb i've got wrong fingers or ears?

  138. Jesse Martinez says

    lol u guys r sick peolpe u need help lol

  139. Bobbi Hernandez says

    Way WAY funnny , and the toe comment .. gotta admit i havent laughed this hard in a long time, and the comments WOW .

  140. Oskar Dunklee says


  141. farzad afshar says

    yeah! that's wow full!!!!!!!!!

  142. Vicki Xie says

    +1 if you tried it…

  143. Mojos Army says

    And then the music started playing…

  144. Ashley Owens says

    That is just really random but I'll try it.

  145. Ana Khan says

    Pac man lives in our ears???

  146. Shaggy Kobain says

    Holy crap lol

  147. sammantha swaim says


  148. Geoffery Miller says

    How can you not try?

  149. Andrej Radoja says

    sooo true

  150. Harrison Goodreau says

    the fact that it really works is scary

  151. sione ofa says

    it kinda does

  152. Rebekah Pope says

    OMG IT DOES!!!!!

  153. Kristofer Knesek says


  154. India Groundwater says

    it works!

  155. Peter Jones says


  156. Kyle HYFR says

    yes i hav

  157. Josue Vasquez says

    i just got a finger nail full of ear wax. SUCKS! =(

  158. alex marin says

    Totally works.

  159. Ben Damschroder says

    it dose work

  160. Dillon Guerrero says

    i love doing that

  161. alexi baksh says

    ewwwww but didnt try it my friend did he said it dose

  162. Tolu Taiwo says

    so cool

  163. Natalie Parks says

    I never noticed that lol

  164. Gail Guyan says

    so it does!!! that made me lol!! 😀 x

  165. Helvio Pedreschi says


  166. karen salazar says

    its gross, but true

  167. Liana Zarvos says

    OH MY GOD.

  168. LAIDE KREEP says

    clean ears before attempting

  169. Vinny Houh says


  170. Vinoth Kumar says

    u r very great…………..

  171. Lucy Zermeno says

    OMG! No Way! its so true!

  172. luis guereca says

    so true

  173. destiney tucker says

    so true i wish i was pac-man

  174. Ariel Bouie says


  175. felix orozco says

    true story

  176. Sage Lucas says

    no way!!!!! that's so cool.

  177. Jordan Pham says

    oh wow

  178. isabelle wright says

    OMG! thats so cool! it does!

  179. Briana Rosney says

    That is soo wierd but it is true

  180. Gemma Hunt says

    No way didnt beleive that then I tried I does!! haha 😀

  181. Victor T says

    wow, cool

  182. Amber Ribuca says

    SO TRUE!!! 😀

  183. Tariq Dwekat says

    what is this sorcery

  184. Brendan McAleese says

    so that's where they got the sound effects from

  185. Hassan Hassan says


  186. Patrick McDonough says

    True that!

  187. Archie de Lara says


  188. david rossouw says

    it works!!! wow!

  189. richard pope says

    love it, too funny:) …& i think my jr high students will get a kick out of it too…thanks for sharing + Amanda Blain

  190. Denise Rodriguez says

    Ha, i did try it!

  191. Kaz Szydlo says

    How do I unsubscribe from random postings like this one?

  192. Parker Williams says

    haha, tried it!

  193. Max Booker says


  194. Kevin Pavon says

    lol ikr

  195. Felicia Stuebner says

    it kinda hurts but its true

  196. Martim Lobão says

    + Kaz Szydlo Adjust the quantity of posts you get from What's Hot here: https://plus.google.com/explore

  197. Tahjaelah Fearon says


  198. Rex Mirafuentes says

    that's true.

  199. Malcolm MacArthur says

    Ahh… good old times!

  200. Caleb Riley says

    wow its does sound like it O_O

  201. Yazmin Leon says

    i did try…lol

  202. Raymond Johnson says

    Lol how come I didn't hear the (dew dew dew) lol

  203. kyara estrada says

    that a cool pic

  204. Chloe Peters says

    Hey Yazmin Leon I did 2 lol

  205. Cole Zieff says

    it works better if you just took a shower

  206. Luke Trummer says


  207. Riley McQuivey says

    Haha i tried it!!!

  208. Jack Woodward says

    lolololol I think that's the sound of all our IQ's dropping

  209. Daniel May says

    lol me too awesome

  210. Tristan Curtis says

    Wow. I've lived my whole life without knowing that. THANK YOU!!!

  211. obumneme chibueze says

    dats is noting hahaha

  212. Darren Ha says


  213. John Ellis says

    dang it I missed my ear and poked my eye!

  214. Emily Lamia says


  215. Esmeralda Maldonado says


  216. Gabriel Stark says

    stinks for you

  217. Charles Mullen says

    Mind = blown

  218. Darius Carlton says

    LMAO… and it worked!

  219. Darius Carlton says

    It works!

  220. David Kim says


  221. Chandler newton says

    it sounds like pacman omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Nikki Cash says

    not really

  223. James Ngwai says

    Omg its true

  224. Naomi Tucker says


  225. Nikki Cash says


  226. Anthony D'Amico says

    OH MY GOD!!!!! IT DOES!!!

  227. Eric Karlene says

    Funny. I actually did it and it's true.

  228. Victoria Stars says

    it does !!!

  229. Christopher Caro says

    Sounds like the ocean to me…

  230. Jason Wyatt says

    just did it and I still can't believe it. Pac Man in ma' ear! LOL

  231. Matas Vaitkevicius says

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There's pac-dots in my ears!

  232. Austin Stack says

    Wow… It's true!

  233. Leo Shatokhin says

    I think I just destroyed some childhood memories.

  234. Luna Streitz says

    ahaa (:

  235. Alex Miller says

    How is this a rule?

  236. matt bedell says

    If you put your ear in a styrofoam cup, You can hear the o zone melting.

  237. Taylor McAuliffe says

    thats cool it really works!!!!

  238. Charley Jones says

    Oh damn, it's true!!!

  239. Anna Bowles says

    hahahahahhaahha it does 😛

  240. lauren amberger says

    ok really wierd but actually really funny

  241. Travis Green says

    I am still trying to figure out WHERE to scatch!

  242. Sofia Spadotto says

    + Alex Miller i couldn't agree more. But it does work!

  243. Daniel McLean says

    lol thats so cool

  244. Clara Rawlings says


  245. David Sirland says

    Haha! 🙂

  246. Ananya Pandey says


  247. Zamilla Lugg says

    it does not work well kinda

  248. Robert Bailey says

    hmmmm…. i dont get it…. it didnt sound like it to me…. i think its tryin to make u look stupid…. 🙂 lol

  249. Stuart Bail says

    Haaa! So true!

  250. Kenneth Schwickrath says

    Haha, am wondering how many people tried this as soon as they read it.

  251. Brandon Nagy says

    Wow thats stupid

  252. Noelle Iati says

    haha lol

  253. Mz-Rae Williams says

    lol its true

  254. Dominic Morris says


  255. Noelle Mullins says

    I even tried it

  256. Danielle Potter says


  257. Collie Petigree says

    pretty awesome

  258. Shiriley Garzon says

    OMG… my friend did it and now she won't stop LOL

  259. sandra beresford says

    Lol,that's made me chuckle 🙂

  260. Samantha Casey says

    Wow!!! It does!!!!

  261. Princess Navya says

    i realized im really gullible

  262. Nolan McCoy says

    HA! it actually does

  263. Natty Winslow says

    i am going to do that WHENEVER i have a seond to spare.

  264. Maurice Fannelli says

    Yes! I'll tell my son he can play pacman next time he's banned from his ipod lmfao. Well i think it's funny

  265. Jaime Fontanals says


  266. Scott Welliver says


  267. Victor Lugo says

    Not really….

  268. rayne gaffney says

    ya your right it does but check out my thing to you probaly wont because NO ONE LIKES ME

  269. Goodi Kaplan says

    yerp & if u taste it after – it taste like those dots. 'njoy!

  270. Noah bosen-urbanik says


  271. Jimmy Welsh says


  272. Simon Wilson says

    it so does.. how many people had to find out by doing it?

  273. jenn medendorp says

    I give it 2 snaps, a circle, and a high 5

  274. Prince Gonzalez says

    Wow that's cool… I guess

  275. Jacqui Nader says


  276. Mere Bear says


  277. Abdul Rehman Butt says

    my memories of pac man came back

  278. Rhylee Brown says


  279. Rosalie Elliott says

    Very interesting and very true. Nice little boredom buster tip! For a moment that is.

  280. jawwaad sabree says

    yall stupid but funny

  281. Kiyan Kiki says

    wow… thats so cool!!!! 😛 😛

  282. mini marti montenegro says

    that is so true!

  283. Isabella Beltrame says


  284. Angie Mejia says

    heheheh thts cool

  285. Ian Bernard says

    did not know that

  286. Gracie Gallagher says

    it does though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. jala rahmna says


  288. Nancy Acosta says

    lol i tried it…

  289. Laura Bartlett says

    wow i just did it and it did sound like pacman wow amazing

  290. Julie Mauldin says


  291. Sab Martin says


  292. sara villarreal says


  293. Jessica Lopez says

    lol i did try it

  294. RamanDeep Singh says

    i love you

  295. Ryan Sanderson says

    what sorcery is this?

  296. Jalen Colon says

    funny ha-ha

  297. Charlie Yeldham says

    LOL!!! IT WORKS!!!

  298. Maxwell wassili-johnson says

    lol funny

  299. Misha Maxwell says

    wow thats cool

  300. Earl Migriño says

    this is horribly true!

  301. Ciara Donegan says

    omg it works!

    comment #301, awesome

  302. wesley hawley says

    o wow your right

  303. jackson young says


  304. Carol Ayala says


  305. Justin Goupil says

    your right it does LOL

  306. Lizbeth Santiago says

    True And Your Right

  307. Peityn Springstead says


  308. Pablo Alva says


  309. Garrett James says


  310. Ryan Rodgers says

    I will as soon as I'm done listening to pantera.

  311. Nylah Coleman says

    sure does

  312. Jazmin Cortez says

    it does omg that is awesome

  313. Donovan Hale says

    wow thats surprisingly true

  314. Victor Loucks says

    tat is true!

  315. Hikaru Dunham says

    it works

  316. Mattia Nee says

    omg so true

  317. Shandy Floyd says

    Hah ha it does. Rofl

  318. Victor Loucks says

    i mean that is true!

  319. Alex Chen says


  320. Jeannie Kunkel says

    ha ha ha ha ikr

  321. Casey Rhodes says

    It does nothing. Wait. I put it up my butt. Let me try again.

  322. Ella Olechowski says

    yeah it totally does u feak

  323. Jedi Reyes says

    Wow! Thanks!

  324. Emily Clayburn says


  325. Jeff Theisen says

    I must not be doing it right. It just makes my ear bleed profusely.

  326. PZ Beatz says

    wow ….

  327. Gastromancy Wizard says

    Holy sh…

  328. abigail Unrau Woelk says


  329. Ryno Bolick says

    It does

  330. Renee Stenoien says

    lol! =)

  331. Gustavo de Freitas Caetano says

    Cooooool!! Hahahahahaha

  332. Charlotte Durkin says

    no i dont think so…

  333. matthias gast says


  334. Trish Schwartz says

    Umm is it bad if i tried this before i +1 it?

  335. mike wooldridge says

    Just tried it and…omg lol it so does

  336. Joshua Nikolai Smith says


  337. Eric Lovelock says

    That is both creepy and hilarious, I shall inform the media.

  338. Tabby Greene says


  339. Sir Mikal says

    LOL I just did that for like 10 min.

  340. Maia Marmour says


  341. Rodrigo Gonçalves de Oliveira says

    What kind of magic is this?

  342. Fallon Blanchet says

    OMG thats so cray i never knew???

  343. Beza Mersha says

    it didnt work! 🙁

  344. David R. Lyons says


  345. ali siyake says

    i like that game

  346. Mickey Martinez says


  347. Story Kizorsen says

    Magic!!!!! 😀

  348. immanuel ramsey says


  349. Robby Rice says


  350. Steven Bak says


  351. Stuart Hernandez says


  352. Jenna Kuzy says


  353. carter wasser says

    ha ha

  354. anthony gemma says


  355. Jon Maine says

    Yes, yes it does

  356. Brandon Hicks says

    Omg. SO TRUE!!! Go Gaming. And PACMAN!

  357. Jenna Hamre says

    its true

  358. Eddie Dugan says

    ur so right

  359. Rose Mary DiPalo says


  360. Sativa Starlite says


  361. Joshs Vocals says

    How many have tried this? Idk if I want to! Does it work??? Life has so many wounders!

  362. William T. Spears says

    IT DOES!!!!!

  363. Nick De Silva says

    Holy crap! It does!! – Mind blowing….

  364. Olivia Barrett says

    it didnt work for me!

  365. Jaden Kain says


  366. Brian Pember says

    I have never played Pac-Man. I need a post that says,'if you play Pac-Man it sound like when you put your finger in your ear and scratch!'

  367. David Kim says

    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!

  368. Emily Zimmer says

    it does lol

  369. Brittany Foster says


  370. Parker Swensrud says

    thats scary

  371. Karimah Boston says

    It's true!!!!

  372. Andrés Parraguirre says

    it really works hahahah (:


  373. Christine Caballero says

    I tried

  374. Ethan Chiu says


  375. ivan marpuez says


  376. Ajhermae White says


  377. Maggie clancy says

    Hahaha it works! 😀

    Im such a geek! :p

  378. Pelumi Ogunro says

    thats awesome

  379. Shawn Mahoney says

    That's soooo true!

  380. Vijaykumar Kumar says

    Story of pac-man

  381. Mark C says

    And if you try really hard you can reach your medula oblongata

  382. Erika Narimatsu says


  383. Amanda Kuo says

    I just tried this

  384. Ramona Joseph says

    wow nice game….sent one for me…ma email [email protected]

  385. Roderick Steiner says


  386. Tony Dalphonso says

    Huh! It does resemble that sound. How fun.

  387. Justin Spezowka says


  388. Arturo Chavez says


  389. josephine wills says

    i tried it. weird.

  390. Raine Reavis says


  391. Leah Kong says


  392. aymee moreno says


  393. Anna Corl says

    kool it workes

  394. Monica Guerrero says


  395. Karen Schwartz says

    Why yes, yes it does

  396. leo perez says


  397. Thomas Gamsjager says

    hehe its true… and here's to the weirdo's that actually did it.

  398. Aaron Rigney says


  399. Adam Leiter says

    haha, that's great 😀

  400. Ignatius Sands says

    It's true

  401. ian campuzano says

    yes it kinda does…..

  402. Shannah Mau says

    ew… i bet at least one person who read this post tried it for themselves.

  403. Kevin Zhang says

    dam, nice. a whole bunch of ear wax folowed after my finger after it was removed from my ear.

  404. alyssa azhley says


  405. Kyo Wakabayashi says

    Okay, okay…I tried it. Hey, I thought it was true!

  406. Emma McClain-Dunlap says


  407. Javier Gutierrez says

    ('< . . . o . . ) ''( . . .

  408. Kelsie Gish says

    Huh. Interesting.

  409. Danny Ventura says

    lol 🙂

  410. Edgardo Martínez says

    i did try it

  411. Anthony Tran says

    Mind… blown…

  412. Emma Verrill says

    omg so tru

  413. Larry Ray, jr says

    Waca Waca Waca Waca…..

  414. paul wong says

    thats pretty cool !!!

  415. Christian Osuntokun says

    You see as a head scientist in pacmology I would have to denounce this theory

    The true theory is the finger must be wetted with saliva for this to truly work

  416. Andrea Oranges says

    NO WAY.

  417. Glenn Jordan Garcia says


  418. ashley valdovinos says

    oh thats cool

  419. Dylan g says

    i believe everyone who has read this post has tried it. and it is true

  420. Janice Reid says


  421. Max Lanz says

    I don't see how this is a rule.

  422. John Franklin says

    Ha! That's awesome.

  423. Nino Chavez says

    Haha… I had to try it..

  424. Waseem Abbas says

    Hidden information came out of Pac-Man by…=)

  425. Agnes Liufau says

    Lol, Kool!

  426. Corey Namba says

    my god….it does

  427. jacy brown says


  428. De Dios Perez says

    damn that shit was freaky i try that and i hear him in my ear. now WTF is he doing in my ear?

  429. Gracie Anastasi says

    Haha I tried it! It's so true!!

  430. lieuhiel malabas says


  431. John Edwards says

    How many did this to see?

  432. Daniel Hood says

    Hahahahahaha. Of course. Had to try.

  433. Teresa Gordon says

    it really do just tried lol!

  434. Justin Howell says

    it's true…

  435. Ray Zzy says

    OMG I Luv that!!!

  436. Cody Renner says

    thats weird

  437. Alonso Bonilla says

    its true

  438. justin major says

    omg it works!!!

  439. Madison Macloud says

    I had to try this….. O//////O

  440. Whitney Schoenberger says

    Okay thats odd

  441. Dane Carstens says

    hahahaha, this is just too funny

  442. Karan Chaphekar says

    thats cool

  443. Mariza Jimenez says

    It totally does!!! haha!

  444. Nestor Montelongo says

    Lol just tired this and it's true!

  445. Lily Soza says

    wow thats so cool and i just try it weird

  446. Anicia Vasquez says

    I did I totally tried it

  447. Gavin Stowers says

    LOL…..What's odd is people at work looking at me laughing with my finger in my ear…

  448. Sharnique Seidel says

    Thats grose

  449. Alvin Seville says

    I did! Weird a lil'

  450. Mia Isom says

    I have not done that bfor……. yet

  451. Lyon Marlu Apostol says

    I tried it 😛

  452. Dhanya Venugopal says

    ohh this is how its name came……..lol

  453. Maddie Barrett says

    omg it does!!! 🙂

  454. Roger Vasquez says

    hahahahahhahahahaha IT WORKS!

  455. Garrett Cramer says


  456. Jonathan Austin says


  457. JP Pancioli says

    Surprisingly it actually does

  458. John smith says

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  459. emma fretton says

    Funny u can't help it you have to try it lol

  460. Kodi Briner says

    How many of you just tried!? I did! It really does. Haha.

  461. Ben Ark says

    I tried it

  462. Rhode Aamoumour says


  463. Rebecca Johnson says

    it works!!!!!!!

  464. Leah Hoffman says

    wow i just did it good one

  465. Tracy Kendrick says

    I tried it; who thinks it really works?

  466. Pranav Janjam says

    i dont

  467. Akanksha Phadnis says

    so good

  468. therese lillis says

    It sound like wicko/wacko,…….

  469. Diamond Rieselman says


  470. dan listen says

    yes way!!!!!

  471. kalmet avin says

    i dont think so

  472. Mike Wright says

    Ok so it does, now what do I do with the yellow pellet on my finger. 🙂

  473. Eli Alderink says

    lick it! psych:P

  474. David Gorman says

    Umm, oh, well thats nice.. :/

  475. Yuki Sohma says


  476. Angelo Evans II says


  477. Indigo Jackson says

    So true just now tried it!

  478. Daniel Cruz says

    Hahahahahahaa.. that one got me.. hahaha

  479. Sara Stuart says

    omg now i feel so stupid!! hahahahaha!!!!

  480. Ashley Williams says

    😉 lol

  481. Cesar Nikko Caharian says

    This is crazy! hhaha

  482. suleman ahmed says

    i tried it now

  483. Tyler Justyn says

    I laughed. Would have laughed harder if it didn't work and we all looked like idiots with our fingers in our ears.

  484. Gracie Wee says

    whoa cool

  485. Gracie Wee says

    even though i didnt try it i thought
    that was cool

  486. Camara & Company says


  487. Simon Seville says

    It works 😀

  488. Pinakin Makodiya says


  489. Felipe Gamaliel Montiel Corona says

    Abosolutely true, Awesome!!!

  490. Jack Sinkovitz says


  491. Ridzuan Shah Haikal says


  492. Bos Eriko Reyes says

    I actually followed it. O.O

  493. gullapalli chetana says

    waste game

  494. Raju Chauhan says

    I like pac-man

  495. Sergio Navarrete Suárez says

    If not, call your physician right away.

  496. nileema k.s says

    oh my fav game

  497. Paulina Amado says

    Ahh! It sure does! lol

  498. Carlos Iván Rodríguez says

    Oh well, I admit it! And it's true. Ha ha ha!

  499. Debashis Dewan says

    Pac-Man sctratches his ear to often

  500. Chloe Rosario says


  501. Willow Manger says

    So true!
    Well in my ear…

  502. aman puniya says


  503. Mohammad Mahdi Mahsuli says

    looool! :))

  504. Timothy Chung says

    LoLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did u get it any way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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