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First I would like to welcome you to Amanda Blain’s Blog – a blog that is all about technology, video games, social media and geeky things!

Amanda Blain has demonstrated that you don’t need a Gold Record or a Television series to become one of the most talked about and well-liked personalities on the Internet. With an ever-growing base of followers across all social media channels, like Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest where several million people follow her thoughts and social media shares, she is a tour-de-force in many social and technical areas. She knows how to harness the power of your personal or business network and get them to act.

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A self-confessed Geek Girl, wrapped in an extrovert’s personality, she is CEO of Girlfriend Social(an online networking hub for women), a speaker, a consultant to companies looking for assistance with their social media presence, and an enabler to the multitudes of fans reading her posts every day.

She excels in social activities, community management, and passing along her experience to others with her solid reputation in social networking, technology, and monetization of online activity. She is an expert in all things Google Plus, and has been voted as the “Number 1 Hangout Personality” by the Google Plus community.

Amanda lives in Toronto, Canada but travels all over North America and beyond for work and offline networking.

Want to Know More About Amanda Blain and This Blog? Read on!

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