1. lotus cirilo says

    for real? 90% ~O.o~

  2. Chad W Darroch says

    I can't believe it. That's insane!

  3. Lee Clarke says

    Wow, I can't imagine not using ctrl+f to "read" a page… It is crazy.

  4. Richard Ho says

    I use ctrl-f probably 20 times per day..

  5. Brenda Curtis says

    I'm in that 90! but now I know 🙂

  6. Gord McLeod says

    There are many days I can easily say I use ctrl-f 20 times an HOUR. It boggles the mind that people don't know about it… wow.

  7. Stacie Nuss says

    I might use ctrl F more then my mouse! Crazy!!!

  8. Sean Clarke says

    I've never used ctrl-f, the only shortcuts I use are ctrl-c and ctrl-v, everything else (including cut/paste sometime) I do with the mouse. But that aside, I almost never use the find function even with the mouse. Why would I? Surely its better to read the content?

    Then again I am also the person that reads every comment or post on a forum before posting my own thoughts. It bugs me when I see people that just post without reading and understanding all the comments that have already been made.

  9. Stacie Nuss says

    I use it alot at work for searching documents. Or if I'm researching something and want to get to that point.

  10. Darin Ferraro says

    F is used daily to find text on a page in Chrome, and in code editing. Could not live without F. Im a big CV guy tho.

  11. . Shannara says

    I doubt that guess. Based off of sampling, over 90 percent of literate computer users know of Ctrl-F. Its the illiterate computer users who don't know .lol

  12. Brenda Curtis says

    yeah, someday I am actually going to learn how to use this damn thing! lol!

  13. Brett Bjornsen says

    my question is, of that 90%, how many of them know where the any key is…

  14. Sean Clarke says

    I'm a very computer literate person, I just don't use keyboard shortcuts. The modern UI is designed to be used with a mouse and the only time I use the keyboard is to type.

  15. Gord McLeod says

    + Sean Clarke, I often have to edit 60+ page documents. For me, Ctrl-F is an absolute necessity. I can get things done in about 30 seconds that would otherwise take hours or even days.

  16. Sean Clarke says

    + Gord McLeod Yes I'm sure you and other people have excellent reasons for using it. I'm just surprised that people are so shocked to hear other people don't use it that often. If I'm editing a document, depending on the type of edits I might use find/replace. I'm more likely to read the document and edit when I get to an error, so still not use the find command. Different strokes as they say 🙂

  17. michael nelson says

    i honestly dident know there was a ctrl+F.. seriously i dident

  18. Gabriel Guzman says

    I gave up on people when witnessing someone go to google.com to google " http://www.google.com"

  19. Sue Muscate says

    Control + F. Who knew? You do now…! Rejoice in the CTRL + F thingy!

  20. Celina Lane says

    LOVE Ctrl+F

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